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August 6, 2022 5:00 am

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August 6, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- The first 5 minutes were dealing with technical issues.--2- Matt talks about his recent studies on the Trinity.--3- Does free will have anything to do with our salvation---4- Can you explain John 6-70- Is -devil- the right word---5- If you just give to people, is that the same thing as tithing- Is the 10 percent tithe to the church obligatory---6- When we die, are we immediately in the presence of the Lord---7- How do James 1-13 and Genesis 22-1 fit together- If God does not tempt anyone, how could He have tempted Abraham---8- Matt discusses the similarities between Isaac and Jesus' sacrifices.--9- How do I explain to a JW the meaning of the word -worship- in regard to Jesus.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions at 770-7276 annulus to match look live.

I hope you are going to enjoy the show to the Lord has worked very okay.

So there you go. I was driving a tractor. I got up early and went to the mountains and help your friend out go drove a tractor regarding about really high trim trees and stuff like that so that was my day. Give back, rested in the Bible study tonight. Finished the chapter of James chapter 2, I put the notes up if you're interested in checking out the Bible study for the night. All you gotta do is escorting a car Bible studies going to come, Bible studies, outdoor/dual currency I think will get to their or disco word is you go check it out for the long haul beep announcing your children may not the radio but do you show tonight.

Would we do our Bible study online also okay to. We have field lines.

Why don't you give me a call 877-207-2276… Timberline.

Let's get to Dave from North Carolina so hey Dave, welcome you on the air yet. Michael called will lift your head understand the Savior is not a very good connection, but I try to get okay ever. You it's very difficult understand you talk about Judas rights and Jesus calling him a devil's Mike that right yeah they called them one of your novel that I will novel rendering could you tell you what you need to call back okay because the connection is just that bad. I want to hear what you say but it's just it's a bad connection. Okay to call back right okay I'll back you know it's bad can't understand you. So go ahead and call back and hopefully was good, there connection. Let's get to Alberto from Georgia hey Alberto, welcome them, running her okay I'm giving myself all went to bed, connection, or to be asked okay since you will okay will know we have two connections in a row that are bad to lead me to something here. Kees is it bad on your end are no okay I'm talking to my lips… Going on, hold on, I'm talking to the Keith.

He's a producer and now I'm typing to him behind the scenes here, one know if it's a connection problem therein could lead to bad connections all at once. He's going to try and restart the complex okay so he could try that which legally to lose you. So call back it out in about a minute okay three apologize, but there's something on the on I rent I okay alright so that looks like that's what that is and also is been with him to so restart my comics also are you credit okay now good to think about stuff because it makes you I don't look at the wrong button or something like that.

Alright, alright not happen just a little tech issues ever known.

And we just work on bargaining life so that sounds interesting and keep listening and hopefully will get more callers coming in little bits and match look live among us will tell you that we do stay on the air by your support. If you are willing, would you please consider supporting us at five dollars a month is all. Yes, we want to be able to continue this work of ministry, and to serve the Lord and we do need support to do that if you could consider helping us out. That would be awesome. So all you do is dial when you just go to car R/C a RM box O RG, and if you do that, so you can Anderson for five dollars a month is not very much and I hope that you would consider that perfectly right now minute reboot, Mike, Rex, you should be up by now, and I'm up and so: alright. We are ready to reset 877-207-2276 as I have told you already I'm working on a really big article where the biggest loser worked on and still not done with just a little bit of time today and hope to finish the night before the Bible study or tomorrow for sure. I've been going through. I don't even know versus hundred and 30 some odd verses in the Bible that deal with the mentioning the father the son, the Holy Spirit, all that kind of stuff relationship and everything that is there with that and it's been an interesting study for me. You know, for someone like myself who enjoys finding out how God works what he says relationships because I really do believe very seriously. Very sincerely, I really do believe the Bible is engineered. I believe it is every word it's there and everywhere.

That's not there of you, like Jesus Christ in Christ Jesus. I believe those are there for a reason and that we can find them out. I like to do word studies.

I like to look and see how to see how God communicates to us in the things that he teaches us through these patterns at multiple just don't even think of looking me. I think they are fascinating and so was one of things I'm I've gone through and I'm learning quite a bit from that's right.

Praise God.

Okay, now let's give it a shot. Let's see how it is Kyle from North Carolina, Kyle, are you there.

You know what we may be having a problem here.

I can't hear Kyle might be him to go to next caller. Let's try James.

James, can you hear me James. Alright, that sounds good okay so now interesting stuff. So what's up man what he got. But I you don't believe in free will had anything to do. If salvation is that correct notes not correct.

All you do believe that course we choose God, but he enables us to be able to do in the faith that we have really is our faith grants. We believe with grants.

We make that choice.

We do, but I don't really know if we hear the gospel don't we humble ourselves before God hearing it and then pending. He gives us great oh so then, are you saying that God's grace is depend on your goodness. Now it depending on you humble himself before him in faith anyway. But faith family of Detroit, so you're saying that God will give grace to your goodness executor sign now yes all you admit you know good health, admitting you're no good, no humble yourself is a good thing right is not humble yourself a good meeting admitting the truth is I didn't ask if it's admitting the truth. I asked is it a good thing as last is humbling yourself before God. A good thing. What I think it is thought okay so let me ask another question is humbling.

I is humbling yourself before God. A good thing that you do not think Good Friday could okay so used, then you're saying that by the goodness that you do before God in your humbling then based on that God now gives you grace. Now I'm going because God said humble yourself for God in the Bible any office that they give grace to the humble. And it also said he thought the you have to come to me like a little child, and humble yourself and you to humbling yourself this. You know I talk to people and when they do that it is verbal carpet bombed things out of context.

It doesn't do anything you see humble cells in the presence of the Lord. He will exalt you. James chapter 4 he's arty speaking to believers and unbelievers seek little of every body know he's not know he's not James himself seems as if excuse me, let me read Jim Zion servant of God and the Lord Jesus Christ to the 12 tribes were dispersed abroad greetings consider it all joy, my brother, when you encounter various trials. He's talking to those who are already believers in God humbly felt like a Lugano dude dude, you're doing something that's very typical of a lot of people to have discussions with you make a statement. I put in context you ignore what I say I'm going to something else. If you continue to have Skilling Fox was going ask you. I never said we don't have a choice. You are not listening you're not blistering, I got I met you.

Okay okay are you saying then that an unbeliever can humble himself God gave him the gospel that the word of God and the power they were shy and aims to James J. James. James.

James. James you are not answering my questions. You're thinking what if I asked you a question are you going to actually answer the question. The question here are other test you would test you just what's toothless to war. Okay so I know you could answer a quick question directly. Now is there in the first think you're not me putting James. Is there any verse of the Bible that says an unbeliever can humble himself. You are wavering when you're born around the Lieberman guy. Not to humble yourself and you grant you great. Is there any verse this is what I'm calling you on you, so don't patronize you.

You are ignoring the question that I repeatedly ask you this is why I have to back up to 2+2 = 4, to see if you are able to answer a question directly. I directly then ask you another question and then you again dismissed it. I ask you is there a verse in the Bible it says an unbeliever can humble himself. That's the question where Bible grant okay will just move along because I'm to get frustrated with him because he's pretty typical. Sorry folks, but he's pretty typical of those who are brainwashed and nothing is not a Christian, but I met a lot of people who claimed to be Christians and they probably are, who can't think and don't want to go through the can think critically left to say that what they don't want to go through and answer direct questions and the problem is you have to answer a direct question what's the answer we help you folks is the reverse of the Bible that says in the liver can humble himself. No, so we have to go and look at what the Scripture says, but he doesn't want to do that he doesn't want to face with the word of God says and submit his theological perspective to the Scriptures. He said if you do a certain thing, then God's grace is comes upon you, so you thing an unbeliever does a good thing of humbling himself in God's grace is a response to his is humbling were present in the Bible.

It's not there in the Bible.

This is called humanist theology its humanism. It is woven into a lot of people's ideas about Scripture and what God ought to be, because they believe the blog conservative nightgown your hard ask permission and it's just unfortunate that which you have been marketable direct question was after mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show. I hope the choppiness is done. I don't know the job is going out over the year, but one person made a comment inside of our stream your feet everything is said to her to PSA's with the was choppy messed up audio that was making become office was angry with that guy.

What was negative. The guy was just frustrated and he wouldn't just have a decent conversation, and so anyway one homework try to work his problems because it might be a lien might be the Internet and for those who are listening online trying to figure that one out working on it like this one regular live in this right now. Let's get to. Let's see, let's get today from Greensboro a Dave okay now you back online but he okay we got meant okay. I hope you can hear me okay now much better, much better.

Okay, good, good. John 672 good about much of the new 12 and one of you with the devil. When I met both of the word devil I only think of Satan but yet I know Judas was there with site group.

When he entered into a book. When Jesus called them a devil can direct the correct rendering about Scripture at that point because if anything, the law center. Can you explain that to many look at the Greek is a devil in the word is Diablo's youth. That's what it means wisdom and what he's doing.

Jesus just saying that you are a devil, there is someone we call the devil. We definitely have that in its ceiling to search for the devil and that's a definite person for you of your father the devil, and 844 so it Diablo loss is, it can be addressed to the devil but also a double and it's a false accuser. You are a devil, a false accuser and one who falsely accuses and divides people without any reason. He is in accuser a slanderer disperses him ring through a lexicon analyzes the words looks. Satan is called by that name because originally he accused or slander God in paradise thing averse to the increase of man's knowledge and happiness so that we have the children of the devil is well your father the devil, Johnny 44 so what kind such as the term and the use of the with the definite article the specific one and without the definite article, like a devil that is just one among many accuser think that way is that could be given to anyone who does against the will of God who is warring against God. Okay, now that I said better warring against God.

That's different than anybody you don't like you and I could make a mistake and go against God's will and something this makes a devil but your for you is in warring against and yeah someone who is warring against God is a devil note we don't say he's a devil.

The sensor treated being with horns and wings and ghetto claws on his fingers and things like that but it's in the more generic sense that the word is used okay so far. Look at that, for example, the word devil which in Greek is devil loss and its 1228 and the concordance so 1228. It occurs 37 times in the New Testament. And so it's the devil occurs many times I'm scanning through's were talking while and then what is you is a double. John 670 and schemes of the devil all interesting interesting look at that wax interesting women must likewise be dignified, not malicious gossips and that's the word Diablo's that is that it interesting to learn something and let's see older women like whoa that is really interesting. Why would you say it. That's interesting. The snare of the devil. In second Timothy 226 and in second Timothy 33 and the context here, this screw okay for men will be lovers of self. This is an difficult times to come. Lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant reminder to submit its appearance, ungrateful, unholy, unloving on our irreconcilable, malicious gossips and that's the word Diablo's this is interesting stuff. I like this convinced learn and then verse seven. Women already read that one in verse 11. Women must not be dignified, not malicious gossip. So it looks like malicious gossips is how it's translated. Also, Titus not only get this older women likewise are to reverently behavior, not malicious gossips. That's another one.

All this is fun stuff I could learn there is the devil, the devil, the devil goes on so we have a devil we have the devil we have malicious gossips and that's with the word devil us can mean which is consistent with the idea that is in accuser, the devil was in accuser, did God really say he's accusing God of of of of unrighteousness and not being honest in various things was accuser so that's interesting, malicious gossips and then the word is I love studying stuff like this door to Gore is so accuser and on youth revolution of a little accuser slanderer the devil synonym and that's a different word in Greek love to think I enjoy the stuff people enjoy watching sports like a look at the word is used, yet it is so accuser is a defense to such a success won't get stuck. He said I will give you a hearing after your accusers arrive. Also, getting order for them to Marriage Pretoria Miss X2 .325 16 I didn't answer them. It is not the customer. The Romans to hand over any man before the accused meets is accuser face-to-face, so anyway interesting stuff.

So I just learned this Diablo's can mean malicious gossip as well as the devil, but it can also mean a devil. And that's how Jesus was referencing Judas in John 670 that I myself choose you. The 12 anyone of you is a devil in accuser, a false witness is basically saying you got got a good bet a lot of many people are like Pharaoh who resisted God who warred against God's man in all good word of God right we get the word word value and the velocities were diabolical guys diabolical evil in his heart and intention accuser malicious gossip seeking to harm someone else that's diabolical and so this is going to be assigned to them cited to the devil. We call him see the world is changed by the word, apologetics may submit defense will as I would be up a delegate apology means to say you're sorry Mike admitting guilt for the words change over time as like okay what that was our identity stuff like that.

I just want like good stuff we write back after these messages. Man's leg why call 77077 back to the show. Let's get on with the laws crystal from Ohio and Crystal Scooby welcome hi okay so what you got question about writing. Only God that get 10% of your income to the church. I my question if I can believe the leave or have if you can give to people yourself but that they considered tithing alright so you will not obligated to, tied to the New Testament is not a law but you have to keep II say that people don't have to tithe your free to ties. It's different because there is a sense in which we ought to support the work of ministry being Christian. If you don't do that.

You're the one losing in that in a supporting ministry work, then you're saying that what God does through people is not worth supporting this obvious problem's were free to assess where we want to ties so your second question, so to say that you can ties to the church we try 10%, 20%, 1% or don't type it all is between you and God. And I like to save your free to support ministry. It's a good idea to do that because of me for supporting what God wants it to be done in the world.

It just takes tithing in support, and it does say the new test. When you do this, we tried so is talking about what Christians are doing because their faith and their works match that. But with I got what your stent is not an obligation is to keep you safe or not, but we should we should talk if we should help okay now you have to try to church well with you. Going to a church that got millions of dollars in the bank and your neighbor across the street can't pay rent and you see this I have no problem saying Lord of the ties. By doing this by giving it to someone who needs help because it's possible the church to 1° and in the church helps distributed among the widows and orphans, the needy, I don't see a problem personally saying to the Lord. I'm going to help so-and-so. I don't have a problem with current file I tell you I know you are very Mark Mike off will think you hope the Lord blesses you okay thank you okay I like it was crystal was like okay, let's try Zach from Gastonia, North Carolina. Zach will here on the air. Thank you Matt. Quick question then I have a problem with my brother where art over, there are we in the presence of the Lord that my opinion and what I've read in the Bible interpret that that no your body the wrath late until Lord come back and work will be resurrected and money killed in a car wreck in my pictures been really bad and I wanted to support her and felt that way, we all believe that he they know no, that's not like I wanted your interpretation and I went back to Scripture with you that you don't halt, and he felt the God that it will be impaired in the day that you will be with brothers does know that it's not the thing that I don't know if I could get their opinion on what your you know, you ready and that it is jamming up in the thing up.

Okay you have to go ahead. I'll talk. I was wondering I would not record your answer. They alright okay nope it's okay I guess you and you better.

It's okay alright so okay so what happens when we die second clinches 58. We are of good courage, I say and prefer rather to be absent from the body and to be at home with the Lord so that tells us that when we die were absent from the body and also we are at home with the Lord so it does not mean that we go into a state of soul sleep that's what you're friend are better talking about, that the soul goes into soul sleep, it just the body dies and the soul is either nonexistent, which is heresy or the soul is just not active and that's heresy.

And this is why at both of those are heresy because Jesus has two natures, divine nature and a human nature. So when he physically died.

If a person wants to say that when a human being dies, then his soul ceases to have any action any work anything or just a sleep unconscious, then it must also be true of the human nature of Christ, but that would mean that during the interim period before his resurrection in those three days that Jesus was no longer Jesus because it would mean then that the attributes of humanity were not being ascribed to the person of Christ because you see Jesus has two natures, divine nature and human nature. This is called the hypostatic union. Also, the attributes of both natures are ascribed to the single person that's called the communication of the properties so Jesus says I that's the person I am thirsty. He says I will be with you always, even to the end of the earth, so the same person I is claiming the attributes of humanity and divinity.

If the soul the human soul, so to speak with you in spirit just ceases to exist and that is destroyed, the person of Christ is destroyed. If they say, on the other hand it's was not ceased to exist. Just a sleep then there is no attribution on those characteristics of the human nature to the person of Christ because they're not active because you see what they say about soul sleep is you don't, your unconscious you not doing anything I ask about what's going on in this in the state of unconsciousness is any energy beings expended in the afterlife. You just don't exist.

What's the answer we are asleep words that commit because sleep is only described the physical body when it talks about sleep in reference to a human being at death because the body residing in a horizontal position, eyes closed in death. Looks like you're asleep and it's a metaphor of way, the way of the Lord speaks of those were sleep in Christ and these are really alive because when you're asleep, you're still alive using are not dead. You continue to exist, but people unfortunately have been said let me your unconscious know it doesn't mean you're unconscious because unconsciousness is characteristic of the physical not of the spiritual wall so if there good to say that the human being goes into a state of unconsciousness then is no activation. The participation of the attributes of the human sense to Christ as a person that would be denying the.

The communication of the property for the doctrine called the commuter car to if you will not and this will be a heresy because it affects the very nature of the attributes of who Christ is a full person so that doctrine that your better teaching is heretical and easily repented of and it's not true. Now not only that, I will just take things 58 could be absent from the body is to be home with the Lord's, and currently is 12 two through four. I know a man in Christ who 14 years ago, whether in the body or I do not know or out of the body I do not know God knows such a man was caught up to the third heaven. Now what Paul is teaching us is simple.

If you think it's possible that some could be inside your body outside your body that we sang.

Second Corinthians 12 two through four. And such a one was caught up into the to the third heaven and Jewish cosmologies are three heavens. The first heaven is where the air and the trees are the clouds. The second is with a star. The sun is stuff like that Sgt. sent and the third is the dwelling place of God.

I do not know God knows such a man was caught up to the third heaven and I know how such a man, whether in the body are a part of the body I do not know God knows was caught up in the paradise and heard inexpressible words which a man is not permitted to speak so he was conscious, separate from his body in the afterlife right there in the presence of God in prayer in the heavily third heaven. So this problem so people think was Paul stoned and I hit it and then the near-death experience or some people think that we don't know for sure, but so you know, so, so it is teaching here is very simple it's possible to have your soul. Your spirit not exist in your body and to be someplace else and to be conscious in it afterwards second 2012 two through four of the doctrine idea that this also sleep is refuted by Scripture and anybody host, which should leave it abandoned it, and repent of. Okay, there you go read better is gone or not that helps bring about time to get a break on appeared a few seconds there, he's gone. I hope that helps you know God is a standard of truth, not us. Put Jesus in the middle of it and then see what happens your teachings that we would Christ all right, folks, three open lines 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic take my call and got a question for you by thinking I don't like to participate in genuine heart. Where I'm reading this wrong though. I'm sorry I provide me knowledge that the however they come from birth. As one can gain 113 which that God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he anyone in the other earth 21 where that came to pass after the things that God it Abraham I'm just carry how I'm you know how I should interpret what is to be $20 I can write an answer to that is badger out.

That is usually what I say. So I get my friends a steady for you jerk and then again so this I collect when my friends once he saw about a car accident.

He was in. You know something happened and is it easier to get out looking like a Lovejoy neck and stuck all right so testing and tempting can have different ranges of meaning, so you know, I forget, for example, I have no interest in sports, so you could tempt me and say hey you want to go to the Super Bowl.

Not really get like that even though 0 yard line seats. I have no idea of seriously that's how little I know about sports as ocher and though I take whatever I'm not tempted you tempting me, but I'm not tempted.

There's an external thing but is not an internal temptation less one sense in which centers temptation can occur. I think in Psalm 106, the tempted God in the wilderness but is not tempted those attempting now when you want to do apologetics. I recommend that you do is not use the King James, the King James is good as it was his archaic and need to be polished red recommend you do is use a more modern translation like the NASB is as God tested Abraham the ESV says tested the King James, 1900, though, assist, tempt, so let's just work with the idea of tempt is it true that God would tempt Abraham, Melissa C, what's the semantic range that can be used of the word protect Sophia to do this right now I'm looking in the Hebrew word is 52, 54, to do my little trick I do live okay 52, 54, and it occurs interesting 36 times down the NASB so so has God tried to take for himself a nation it's used there. You shall not put the Lord your God to the test and you as you tested him at at Masa during the 616 venture.

It's used as testing testing proved try to go in and probably find the same thing in the King James Bible's and see what it says I'll do that right now. King James and hundred and it says tempt prove a say tempted prove this adventure prove prove a come to essay to commune while interested tempting in the tempted God in their hearts. This is Psalm 7818. So has different meanings in different contexts.

Okay alright so we know that God is not of his own action tempt someone into sin. We know that's a fact.

So when we see the word you tempted. It could also mean as the word has a range of meaning of semantic domain that could be as the NASB and ESV say is testing is tempting you out, not in a way to sin. But for you to discover what you're made of and this is how the work to be used in the full somatic domain even in the King James version, but more accurate translations NASB, ESV, we see the word testing Abraham.

They tested what here's another question that why would he do that because God already knows to God already knows what Abraham's faith.

This God knows all things perfectly, so wisely testing Abraham people suddenly Chloe tested Abraham to learn that Ms. God is know everything. Give me a break. He's testing Abraham to improve his faith. As James talks about the testing of our faith, and that works and faith go together and that through the tempted not to work the temptations but the testing of our trials. Our faith is perfected and this is what's going on here with Abraham particular because what happens next. In the context and the tempting the testing of him is the offering of his son Isaac that there is no temptation in a sinful way that God's offering to him because he knows that Abraham already believe in already was trust he knows all things. He adored adored that sweet ordained all things, so it cannot be that God is testing him for God to learn, and it certainly is not the case. It is tempting him in an issue of sin. Therefore, the testing is the best understanding and is so that the faith of Abraham can be manifested and we can learn from it as well.

That is going on okay right answer. I really appreciate that you know via my buddy Garrett with me every day in your work. You're gonna say with testing Abraham… About really appreciate it! Okay, before you go before you go read the rest of the chapter and go to 24 because God says to Abraham particular only begotten son.

I wait a minute. Abraham already had another son. He had Ishmael for 13 years earlier, but don't think you're only begotten son, Isaac offered on a hill right to sit with you to Jesus was offered on a hill. He was only begotten both Jesus and Isaac took a donkey to the place of sacrifice is the substance of 22 three. Abraham rose early in the morning and saddled his donkey took to his young men with them and two men went with them. As it says how many people went with Jesus up on the hill to man on the right one. The left three day journey for Isaac Graham and Isaac to get to the place of sacrifice and Jesus was in the great three days Isaac carried wood on his back up the hill to sense Abram took the wood of the burnt offering and laid it on Isaac his son John 1917 and Jesus therefore went out, bearing his own cross, and wood on his back and when Isaac said dad where's the sacrifice, God will provide for himself the lamb Genesis 22 eight. Both sons were offered on wood's aunt Arent was caught in the thicket of thorns did not offer Isaac for real. He was on there ready to stop and they got around can't think of thorns and Jesus bore a crown of thorns to symbol the curse and God says to Genesis 2217 to multiply your seed as a start of the heaven and we are the offspring in the generic sense the seed of God in his offspring by adoption.

It's as Abraham went down does not say that Isaac went down. The text uses in a remnant down the hint is Jesus is not come down from the cross. Just get a servant. The servant says get a bride for the son and the servant is Eliezer who's the helper it's a bride for the sun and Holy Spirit is a bride for the sun. We are the bride and the bride was over little virgin and we are grandma jealous.

Sigmund is living to frying jealous for you in a godly jealousy for patrol do list one husband so the Christ represent you as a pure virgin and the servant offer 10 gifts of the bride with Isaac and at the well, which is the same well in Genesis, screaming in John four when Jesus talked to the woman at the well five husbands, and I drink very well as a matter fact five husbands and were five departures by Israel in certain times to serve false gods is five represents that, and 10 gifts over the bride and her 10 charismatic gifts given to the church. 10 you see it was for our benefit as well that God tested Abraham that Abraham's faith would be perfected and that we would learn that everything points to Jesus Christ. Ultimately that's what's going on God's not introducing sin to him.

He's testing him, perfecting him teaching him and informing us at the same time, a man I will write a letter. God bless. Alright I got what you think it you to think like alright, this gets her last call if you still there Junior, California where I used to live faith Junior welcome to going magic that quick question. Phil is a coworker talking and he worshiped the word worship when it mentioned about faith not only then can it way back in.

We been going back and forth and basically told me that that word can also be translated at obedient obeisance. He unceasingly told Jackie. He told me that if I were to go to the Strong's concordance. I will find it there and basically it's just a matter what it if you believe that the Trinitarian Trinitarian to translate that worship her as someone who is it translated and obedient by that they could translate either way back correct answer. This is correct which are just I go to the Jehovah's Witness yet he doesn't attend anymore, but I have social Jehovah's Witness. Now when you can do is go to my website on the Jehovah's Witnesses in a written article on this very topic okay and of the New World translation and crossconnect it's right there and you can go and you could look this up on, struggled quickly because work but I did time to fix the table next table looking better.

So what I've done is let's see the WordPress Conoco occurs 55 times in the watchtower kingdom and in linear of those 5515 are in reference to Jesus with 40 use of others. 27% of the usage is of Jesus and not a single reference is translated as worship, even though in reference to the devil, demons and idols that do translated as worship.

If the stub doesn't demonstrate their bias than what does he see what they do is they it's right there it's right there.

I did work okay so in reference to Jesus. It's all obeisance in reference to God. They say worship, but they also say worship in reference to the devil and I'm looking and also generic idols is used of stand that's easy can see it and also in the of an angel. So so who's the one whose bias asked showing okay, you show him I alright that's what I do is I love this stuff.

Okay thereafter the proof). Appreciated Ryan, are you going to let me know what happened you for that article, the a look at this this big boy see what he says all right okay without alright brother event will God bless. Okay. All right. It was Junior from California hey you know this is kind of stuff I like to do in research and these kind of things come in handy is a good example of how studying God's word and see how God uses words is really poor attendance with the cults do with them as well. All not good. Alright everybody there's a music may the Lord bless you and I asked in his name.

You be blessed greatly. This night of grace and hopefully will talk you tomorrow. Graham powered by the Truth Network

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