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July 26, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 26, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Why don't Catholics preach the gospel---2- Was Jesus afraid to die---3- Why are there so many translations of Psalm 138-2- What does that verse mean---4- What does it mean in Hosea that -my people will perish for lack of knowledge----5- Should I be at a church that seems to be leaning toward baptism as necessary for salvation---6- How do you use technology to find biblical truth---7- Matt reads hate-mail.--8- Does Revelation 3-16 mean you can lose your salvation- If not, then what does it mean-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research ministry found you have questions of our Bible doctrines. There is a max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 pairs.

Matt slick welcome to the show.

It is me Matt slick will be having a good time. A good date much Friday and if you want to give Nicole all you do was dial 877-207-2276 really to do and that's what you call so that we often do hate mail on Friday usually will say that little bit here. We got a call coming in the tonight I can. I see opportunity tonight. So there's an air B&B next door to me and so when her cat was missing. I went over next door to cut your back and we got talking and the guys are a oneness pastor for the costal church pastor really got talking and he's told me that at a certain church. The next diversity. This can be a certain gentleman, David Bernard, who is a top one in the sky in the country. I want to go.

I want to discuss with him the opportunity to have a debate and say hey just politely challenge you to a debate on oneness versus trend and looking to see if I can get there in time.

It should be says in the evening Thursday evening Friday evenings.

So for the radio show Michael down and spent some time down there.

The thing I had to try to figure things out will see what happens without that to me is exciting see that that's exciting okay I like the Stuff and I know I got issues. As my wife says anyway. Oh, it's okay. So there you go to pray for me about that. If you want alright so we have the four lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 and you can zip me, let's get to Alberto from George Eichelberger. Welcome you are on the here why oh Roman Catholic church member got religion based on work in a way, why is not a Christian and not the goal is not to preach the gospel, not at all. The goal with them is the promotion of of the true church the Catholic Church if they start having people just preach the gospel like Sargon, save, and not necessarily have to go to the Roman Catholic Church. So that's why think a little too horny right man.

Why did you pick up the hallway that didn't sleep. She said that be nice?

And here's another thing, if the papacy is true and if the Catholics have all this authority to be able to distribute the graces earned by Mary and the saints and Jesus and the treasury of merit that's inhabited one we just started ministering to everybody just units from existing incident requiring having to go to church their church go to sacraments to get it would just administer this basic question so things are set up now doesn't have to be set at the Bible says that when the questions on the creature had been out the worldly people lie. I but yet Catholic Church equipment being played in the world. I like that even curriculum. I yet if I a minute out at night, holding all our airplane but you know they don't know. I can but I Catholic Church, though you like many people have. I do.

I remember seeing a picture of of either in the docs you also need one recently where the pomp the money that's there all the grand attire and the golden shares and all the stuff that they sit in my goodness me this thought is just if I was a preacher to church, said against preacher and he said that with a golden chair. It's actually goldplated. We want you to sit in itself sit in that sit there and give me a stool or something down with the congregation to be sitting up there with some golden thing on I know preach the gospel in that's up.

I so understand, think of you looking disclaim that for themselves hide.

I just got to. But hey, when you when your churchy entity is more important in Christianity than that. That is in excess of people with white liquid Bible.

Ill follow Wallace Woodley biblically illiterate. Why because her biblically literate when things have notices I will teach people teaching theology. Not that you have to have a degree in big thick glasses and and every sermons about theology books when I do teach theology and I inserted in the Bible studies into preaching people unanimously all over the place.

As a thank you thank you thank you they don't hear this kind of stuff they want to hear this can affect last night Bible study taught all we talk about everything little bit and I could really hear this kind of stuff anymore.

Do you think a note and not boasting I'm better than anybody else because it's a lot of good pastors out there, but I'm guessing it is just a famine there. The Christian churches dumbed down they don't teach advanced theology didn't teach trinitarianism hypostatic union committee because you injure much of justification betrays you propitiation how they relate they need to be taught need to be repeatedly taught all over the place. But the truth of God's work, but hearing though they don't let church social hall only members of been there 3040 way more me. It don't act like right at 921 in the garage. They also hope I get there I'll get out and I know not know they have no insurance agent you United Methodist United Methodist yet yeah that's what United Methodist is basically occult. It's cultic to say this apostate United Methodist UMC bad news. Okay buddy all right. Thank you, Gregory, Matt, Rick and runabout, snacks, all right, let's get to Nelson for Bakersfield Nelson from the hot Bakersfield city. I do what is how hot it is. Lucas is 100 hundred 11 right now that I'm guessing I'm not sure you're inside check to see that will be quick to move the couple with with you that writing.and then again you center you free today. Note yet with the right with public will correct telephone group row. The wooden give them will Hebrews 415 of the temptation mine then elected was afraid within the meaning you wouldn't throw in the father know you could be afraid, and still trust someone you don't like say to go through surgery and doctors excellent. The nurses are excellent.

The, the hospital's excellent and you trust him involuntarily walking in for surgery in your freight at the same time are certainly compatible know I've I've had to have things done and been afraid gone in and got it taken care of just just the nature of being human.

I don't see any reason why Jesus would not have been afraid.

I could say I could think of a reason or subjected connect a few dots. I think normally speaking, he didn't want to go to the crucifixion is painful, was horrible and it was a bit of fear in anticipation there is nothing new. Anyway, my will be done. I believe in February that birth alone human and divine nature. At one time was you – how it is with personhood of Christ and who he is so unique in the garden. He did not want to have to go through Winston to go through.

Why don't because it's painful, and that were real quick. Gordon or I and the new American citizen would verses that 2222 new 44 and being in agony he was praying fervently the word is out in the so using now is a tiny ongoing media is the work for agony. Let's see this use is referred trembling excitement and anxiety produced by fear or tension before wrestling match or a fight in the New Testament. It is used to noting that the fear which draws back and flees the fear which trembles in the face of the issue, yet continues on in the end, to the end and current okay liquid. Thank you Michelle bless all right, it was Bakersfield.

Let's go to Gabriel from Maryland take a real welcome here. I sure about all 138 verse and that very end that the health several different translation which kind of conflict with each other. Okay well so Psalm 138 verse two.

I will bow down your holy temple and give thanks to your name for your loving kindness and your truth for you have magnified your word, according to all your name okay and doing so the question what exactly is being lied about the other, though I'm pretty certain that and give thanks your name is a reference to cheetah being the name. Certainly I don't know okay careful distance insert things automatically go to the context because it's possible, but you see the present will give you thanks with all my heart I will sing praises to you before the gods I will doubt others there's a brickle that will be right back after the break tackles again okay and will will I hung up on him and he called back okay.

My bad buddy my bed right back after these messages to open lines 877-207-2276 Van Slyke why call 770-7276 back to the show. My apologies for the guy highways hope would he call back during the break I hung up on hitting it so happens every noun purpose, but the hope will call back we can get to him. All right, let's get on the phones.

Then with a Leon from you totally unwelcome on earbud are all right and we got okay my question what the Lord okay that's an interesting problem so well I was going on.

So let's get if notified 10 seconds or so and on strike this get back on your C squared capably under their arm little bit of noise problem there. Are we gonna or character error error lack of knowledge. Okay so the question okay I like what I like people like her error is just the proverbial statement with your ignorance you don't have proper knowledge of things you can be destroyed if you don't know. For example, in a very basic level. You don't know that a glass contains water you drink it is poison you drink at your lack of knowledge can destroy their this is a simple support but it is for lack of knowledge and the true things of God.

For example, in what God requires of us can lead to destruction by not knowing what he wants and what he wants is for us to come to Christ and trust in Christ so stuff like that all or nothing. You didn't take well you got hurt by just dance its wide variety of things I wouldn't say that it's a means only one little thing, it's really mean eternal damnation. It could mean physical health becoming financial ruin, but in the context is talking about the priesthood. I believe let's see if I fall that no one offer reproof, for your people are lot are like those who contend with the priest so you will stumble by day and the prophet will also stumble with you by night. I will destroy your mother.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge because you rejected knowledge, I will also reject you from being my priest so it's an interesting statements, lack of knowledge of what God requires and apparently in the context it looks like there there lack of knowledge was willful on purpose, and people can remain on purpose.

They can deny the truth of God's word is to not only the work to remain ignorant. Okay and the problems can be big for you absolutely.

It's important to study and read that word and Christians need to study and read.

Absolutely they do you YouTube complex.

Thanks all right, let's get to the check is has been from Cleveland Ohio have been welcome your near hello. Third, thank you for taking my call on the problem and we got Mike question is in regard to the church of Christ in baptismal regeneration. My family and I recently attended a church that started the church for five or six months now.

They seemed legit, very small church on but I later found out that they were previously a Church of Christ may change their name so I had died confronted the pastor privately him and I kinda had a discussion on it and he seemed a little hesitant, but he more of more or less landed on a saved by grace through faith alone in Christ alone. You know it at least made me feel that way until I attended a Bible study over and we and admit the discussion came to believe that after 238 and there is the you guys particularly were really heavy on baptismal regeneration as a necessity for salvation and I you know. Thank you, your ministry, and I mothered you that I've been able to listen to. I really camped out on I'm remembering right. It was Romans 51 and they really can get around. I got my name, point of this Highway five, and struggling to find a good biblical church, but with good fellowship that doesn't want number of congregants and that the pastor think the kind of land both ways on the topic like yes Lord stated by great faith, but he's also favoring the baptismal he had them giving you any devotional is you ask him very pointed question. Is it the case that baptism is to subdue the is baptism necessary for salvation. The site is it or is it not necessary for salvation. He needs to be able to give a direct answer yes or no, of course, baptism necessary for salvation and a Church of Christ is basically occult so he needs to be a very deep clear on his response. You said you asked about right after I did.

I happen numerous times in the first couple of time you kind of gave a long and the want to be rude about my I care about it right okay so what was his answer on the Telus customer's get to it.

What did he say with the answer. After right after I prep them for quite define that it is not very okay.

Then things would ask him. I think you should ask is is okay for people to Bible studies to teach that baptism is necessary for salvation.

Okay, ask him, because if the case is yes it's okay will then he is a major problem. If he says no cytokines on Natalie, he considered them brother yet. I get the way I look at it that you are officially believing that type of document you cannot be a brother. My right or wrong. If you correct. If you believe that you have to be baptized in water in order to be forgiven of your sins, then normally speaking, you're not a regenerate person you are adding a requirement to salvation very very bad. Have you ever there that involved Campbellite someone print off a paper on the Campbellite restoration order that sound familiar, yet the Campbellite duration is now that have a common bond of common ancestry okay but it is ready to go okay so measure God bless a fault to well after the break. Back on His message that I call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show person is Jennifer Raleigh, North Carolina with Janet. Welcome your near okay yes I can sicken out better out here anyway.

I have a comment I don't think you can okay yes I have echoed something. I'm aware that the comment I was going to make led them in regard to your hate mail in your love mail will like to hear from love mail I say that with a caution that I think a lot of time love milk.

I felt like people are worshiping you or something. I want to hear that would be it. You hearing how your program has changed people's lives by converting to Christianity because of indoor marriage is been restored something specific will be great to hear well that people email me about that too, for that but also for you, for that puts the particular thing I you know what that would be like that where that thing at the word actively made it different and thank them now. I like email for the Fitbit account to keep the human body like that part of it but I love mail because I like what Christ is actually doing to you you on how the Jan with you. Sometimes people do not love milk the it's just not as funds to hate me think it's just, wow, and I like wheat okay. All right. We both know what I like about a video out. I did want to say that you know hopefully sometime in the future you'll find a really good love mail on this well here, and that I could. It sounds a little narcissistic to do with those like all hear how great I am his home in Mendocino and on the kind of stuff I and so I'm always a little bit reticent medicine for that. But you know and I could see my people might want to actually hear that kind of good stuff. I like to hate mail like this get a big kick out of people called in and make a talk about Scripture or something that you pulled out of the Scripture that made it different unit prayed to God praise and I have your physical endings come on you exactly what my question really is use technology to find biblical truth, but I know you like typing like you're talking and doing something else kind of stuff know I have a lot of resources at my beck and call.

I have fantastic metal program call log costs.

I just have okay have fun looking browsers. For example, I have with the call that I think is called the bookmarks bar and I have hundreds of bookmarks and I have them categorize in folders and subfolders so I can go I can on talking like I can go to my karmic thing I click on the car bookmarks in my browser which I use Firefox. Most more have dropbox early church fathers of evolution I helpful on homosexuality Infusionsoft Islam new episode information Roman Catholicism. While sacred taxes are just, I'm skipping a lot of stuff that I have these things, I just click on sacred text on Mormons on school I was assigned to Christianity. Double science Institute STA stuff. I just have I I'm very organized in my outlines are very organized and when I teach Bible study. What I do is I provide literally outlines from verse I have all the verses in a chapter and then I put them into a Word document and then I use the outline future to go after each verse and I indent and I go in and draw commentary.

I put Greek in there. I will show point cross references and so the people. My Bible study.

For example, they have the exact same notes I do is go through and expand so I like to be very organized, very slowly stick to do this. So what you do like what you use when a caller called me in and you don't really have information you.

I look up something real quick just depends so I'm use Firefox mostly because Firefox has the ability in the search bar hasn't little segment that you can activate so that when you type something in it stays there.

I hate HATE the stupid features of the web browsers of action like what is a Trinity in the search bar. It goes to that URL. Any good. And now that what you typed in is gone now you can type it in every single time you want to research and I love that and so I use Firefox the most civil rights-will stay there and click on various things and it works so in very particular about attire about research. My God, he typing doing that, I got the looking up something but when I doing it actually went to type a lot it is. I have an Excel spreadsheet and I keep records of the URL for Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and then the timestamps of what topics are spoken about, and I keep records of that one month year with you guys so that I can put them up on the current website with links and provide so people can look were actually looking all I want to start getting people who can extract audio from the radio show and cannot get back to being selected put it at this.

Here's an answer to this first mention of that don't know I'm always at I'm always active.

And yet when I except for mowing the lawn. This allowed I can't listen I think often populist exists in lectures or debates or whatever one shopping or whatever. Today I didn't shop and I just multitask a lot. They question and hope you have a really good weekend Friday happy Friday. Have a week will you too. Hope you have a good weekend. Also, down and out populated yellowcake gate.

I like a blessed to know well from Virginia lost a well and I asked her she's in the chat sometimes and I*so the question with letters not in the alphabet during Christmas, Noel, what is it ice roll-on that went let's see we have a couple minutes till the break. Nobody waiting I say that means it's time for something and so because I love hate mail on Friday for those we don't know. So let's see let's see let's see hate mail and wacko mail actually see, here's the sum of the wacko category is the world is quickly discovering that the second coming of Christ is already here on earth but also data all I read that last week.

That's right its atomic body man. I just love that one. Sorry, but that was it was good. I really really enjoyed that. You know his body's good change but here is here is a very good email very good hate mail and Shiites praise this one because it is succinct. It's written WITH major yelling and it is to the point and it says you are a colossal elite. Now that's awesome to see you read through a whole bunch of stuff to get to the point because sometimes going the web you read these articles you know it was a Trinity and five hours later they finally tell you what it is with this person obviously knows how to get the thoughts across.

I praise that person you are a colossal see that's how you do it. That is how you do it all right, here's this is the wacko one.

I am writing to you as I'm writing to all of religious denominations to inform you of my presence is awesome on our earth. I am here under the name of your God as the last judgment. I asked I was asked to list… I was asked by your God to save the child and its earth, and to bring those responsible for this evil to their judgment day and of your historical treasonable alliance with the evil that the blood of God's children laid claim as their own God's earth, your betrayal of thou faith for privilege and title corrupt souls of God's truth falls profits not good sentences. What they had said, oh, come on you to submit her insults, pay folks 877-207-2276] please to Matt Flynn why call 770727 writable and welcome to the show five open lines of you want to give me a call on this 877-207-2276 all right since nobody is calling on Friday think the pick of the woman you hate milk. While this may mail let's see, here's another one. Wow you guys are really stupid. You obviously haven't read the Bible or you have no ears to hear. Have you not read about the day, all those believers fell.

Also, Paul makes mention of people who left the faith it's trash like you all.

You can see my face.

I am so smiling just nothingness. It's trash like you who the devil fooled LOL why would the Bible mention about this send to believers about what I thought that Christians read the Bible. That's it's it's a statement, but what the? It should be.

I thought that Krista drew the Bible should know it. I thought Christians read the Bible? So you gotta do that with. Why would God mention this in the Bible when the world does read the Bible you know what is he talking about. This is like come on you know what he says also. Who does Christ criticize Revelation the church is you idiots is also a man I love the stuff is awesome okay wow how the devil got you fooled house said he gets his business information phone number 001 if I was ever on trial for something to bring up my show season. We left the stuff you can't trust up he's got problems, that's for sure.

I would place of liberty bed okay. Okay good bit of the role.

If you are not a Roman Catholic you are in a cult or at least you are a hero tick. According to Rome will that's nice succinct and to the point that you let's see how what this one. I have written a book that will pull put all religions right it will and all social ills and put everything on the right path. This is the true knowledge and path of Jesus. It is not religion a sales stunt or am I seeking followers. This is fact-based and no one can or will argue with this conflict since when can or will argue though they can't but they also want.

I've attached a PDF and I opened it for the break and it's full of multicolored fonts and different sizes. It's like oh my goodness, you know, like you wrote it after after that look like monkeys wrote it. You don't really… I've attached a PDF copy you can join, you can join for a second below and one will be sent there is no book like this it is free with no strings in the world needs this knowledge while that is awesome. Thank you for sure now. All right, so I will just one silly wrote your intelligence toward Mormonism is sadly lacking.

There is a way to know the truth, but you are obviously afraid of taking it well here we go. I formally challenge the best Mormon apologist defender of Mormonism to public debate. Let's do it all go to Salt Lake City. No only a few hours away. I'll drive over there will the public debate you know Mr. what Bill McKeever withheld Eric Johnson okay have at this. Your name is slick. How very appropriate.

That's good.

See, not that I haven't had my name that's my real name. For those who don't know slick is my real name is Matt slick and you know some people make fun of my name that hit so they don't know that your real name so anyway slow fun okay.

Is anybody that believes God would punish and torturous creations like you do is whacked over by the way you're judging. Not good when a minute so he said, but what you're judging that's not good but yet anybody says, anyone who would believe that is whacked and he's judging so you know it's like I could just sit there and talk to the guy got you realize you just did what you're accusing me of doing what so okay let's see man is along antelope. I want to shortlist along with good morning CV shortlist. All these are more lengthy. I was doing some thinking that the laws of energy and thought.

Where does electricity our body go when we die. Is it possible goes into another human animal trio, etc. I know thermal goals and becomes heat and chemical energy state. Just like an animal so I'm focusing on election is understand the conservation of energy it makes sense that I'm not sure it's kind of impossible. You his meniscus isn't bending. Hey, let's get to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome you on air like you Matt sure in the Lord and the Lord's prayer not part little commentary on that same and do not leave this is Dick Foreman's way of speaking to leaders into that, but deliver some people say don't we just turn to God leads are out of our way. He directs our paths now could he lead us indirectly to temptation. One, the IE could in the sense that I would let this happen to you your walking you're talking God doesn't put a roadblock of your path bonuses do not lead us into temptation means that these were from the action of the leading and so cannot because not leave us in any temptation is an attempt anybody is just to a phrase applicable phrase that's all. And lead us not into temptation, which is the tallest of the okay. I cannot you welcome Roger. Okay, let's get to Elijah from Pennsylvania leisure welcome you on here I'm doing okay man hanging her for you liquid on verbally know a lot of people might hurt like it, the proof that you can lose your salvation where you are lukewarm, and neither hot or cold out of my mouth.

The law of going on here talking to the church of lunacy. I've been there accidentally left saying that that's a bit of the locations in and remember walking in the ruins and among the buildings and stuff is really interesting, but to to the angel of the church at Laodicea right message to the angel okay. The man, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation. God says this I know your deeds was talking to the church. Your deed you need to hire cold. I wish that you would be hot or cold sink sink.

Look make a decision make a choice to the church as a whole and its position of what's what were doing is talking about because Laodicea is is like a place like Ephesus and Pergamum. It's a location and many people in the church and the candlestick that was the angel of that church and so the warning is to believe the scenes look you think lukewarm because it was a whelps hot and cold streams and things like that. And I've been in the area and uptight and incredibly beautiful sites near their some white salt.

I don't what it is element is but it's quite heavy bluish pools of water and are just fantastic to look at financing them, and remember we are talking about stuff and there's the issue of the lukewarm water command wasn't good for anything you needed hot water or cold water. But this lukewarm stuff. This didn't serve any purpose, so it's reflecting geographical phenomenon in the area be hot or cold. If you don'tyou enter my mouth just what he saying and your friends to say that I made you lose your salvation and I would say so. Spitting out of your mouth made you lose your salvation is noticing you believe there I will get you out of my mouth thing you out of the body of Christ. So his mouth is the body Christ will make no different parts of the body and got you spitting out means is the body Christ spit you out of my mouth and at that meeting. So now the amount I'd ask him something.

I do this people so you're saying that we sent you in my mouth and begin your salvation now can you show me word means you lose your salvation.

When the phrase I'll spit you out of my mouth does it mean if he doesn't spit you out of his mouth to meet your saved. Is this what you're saying is very symbolic and you'd be careful when people go to Revelation and use very symbolic language to make hard-core doctrinal case and do this like to say so let me ask you, are you hot or cold, which is hot or cold.

What you say one hot hot means good and Colby's bad or is it vice versa. Which one is the right one. So you will be hot or cold.

So which one are you will kind of thing.

There day hot here. The a lot of people what they are there on fire. Yeah, I know this is that it just when you start asking people questions, but the text they assert mean something citable does it mean assuming that what you was admitting and I didn't like his are you hot or cold. The steak which was the right one to be the ones the wrong one to be so which are you what I don't know your lukewarm water cold.

So so what are you so tell me what you hot is it whatever they say it was able to write one to me is this: exegetical fun because they don't know they're doing the reading of the text. Something is not there they mean is this means you lose your salvation. To say that in you to cross reference it was John 637 to 40 were Jesus is the will of the father is that he lose none. Synergies can lose people what we talk about what is this mean here's a mean salvation or is it referring to the Laodicean church as a position. It's called by God and that the church as a whole need to make a decision whether to do and if he doesn't hate you only rudest candlestick from you to remove your authority or position in the church is means individuals is to the church as a whole. The covenantal aspect so you know okay so there's an RA manhole that help Elijah plus what you a photo. Enjoy the show by his graceful back on you tomorrow. Tomorrow, Monday. That is great weekend and I will see you will talk to you. Have a great -1 will touch him on the government by another program powered by the Truth Network

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