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June 16, 2022 4:53 pm

Matt Slick Live

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June 16, 2022 4:53 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What discusses the essentials of the Christian faith.--2- Did Adam and Eve spiritually die after the fall---3- Can you defend the deity of Christ as an essential doctrine---4- How is Jesus a man like you and me, now in eternity---5- Is it possible to lose your salvation-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is it apologetic to research what is found alive in our Bible doctrine.

Why show slick as my real name), you look like if you want to give you call folks as usual longer to do was dial 772072276 and if your newbie like us are especially Christian apologetics show what I do is it your questions with the Bible but the Bible about Mormonism, just as witnesses criticize unity behind Islam. Theism everything politics talk about logically talk about quantum physics have been a study that lately. I got developing a theory based on the Copenhagen opening theory, interpretation, and I probably just demonstrate how little I know about and so working on that and working on a novel finishing up halfway through finishing up editing my first novel, and I am thinking about a new plot for the second novel and I got this good idea to tell you when I'm telling it's a good idea. I think potential of awesome and so unnaturally excited about that when I get into that and people arrest me to write sequels to atheistic and I need to continue my series apologetics and stuff like that targeted videos going. We have five open lines. What you call 877207227601 of the things I do is a porch. His porch is of course to teach biblical theology, and it just occurred to me that I need to give you guys a lesson on what the essentials of the Christian faith are what makes a a belief.

Christian or not Christian, and there are variations of things we call essentials and non-essentials nonessentials.

There's a word for body offer on the offer deals with things like is the rapture pre-tribulation or post-tribulation is audio for if you believe the one no big deal if you believe the course on Saturday or Sunday.

That's fine. You believe in the continuation of the gifts or you don't believe in the continuation of the gift that's fine too. Big deal. So what I've done this many times over the years, but I do is I go through and over the years right you have said in the Bible reading. I started taking notes and taking notes on what were the with the essentials of the Christian faith according to Scripture, according what you know any hints about what the Bible said what the Bible says is is essential and I worked on I've been working on for years and it's not like eight hours a day of research on this every day.

It's like all young for much later. You know what might fit over here and slowly do excuse me is give a lesson on what are the essentials of the Christian faith according according to the to the Scriptures and I got six of them now, I'll explain something. Also the second here but what I mean is this is the fence that if you're outside this fence, you no longer talking Christian theology. If you're inside the fence of these doctrines you're inside of Christianity on the other thing is that only go through what I call primary and secondary essentials. Primary essentials are the verses that are explicitly stated as being essential.

There's actually a warning in the statement and the secondary essentials are essentials of the Christian faith. But there's no warning attached to it, you'll see what I'm saying when I get here and have even gone in and done a primary nonessentials and secondary nonessentials that the homeowner study because it should I break things up into the category but I want to get through this public essentials of the Christian faith.

This will be due this year.

This is a primary Jesus is still both God and man. Now we know that John 11 verse 14. In the beginning was the word word was with God, etc. flesh of the verse that makes us a primary is in John 824 therefore I said to you that you will die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am, you will die in your sins to the CSO warning. It's a statement with a warning. Unless you believe that I am dying in years so to the primary essential because it has a statement attached to it with a warning. Now another one second. When Jesus rose from the dead, physically the same body as Jesus prophesied his own resurrection in John 219 to 20. But Paul says and if Christ has not been raised for our preaching is in vain. Your faith also was in vain.

So she was a warning if he's not been raised for everything. It is useless you know so wide why preach white to each of these if he did not rise from the dead, and so that's a second part of the primary second essential salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone know I've recently been challenged to organize the details to date on faith works and stuff like that and I'll be use the same kind of information is on the website or talk about this with Catholics and and stuff all false religions all false religions and works to salvation. Romans 328 us as we maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law of justification is a legal declaration of righteousness. Romans 51 says having therefore been justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ and will he go to Galatians 3 is really addressing one into place in three persons went to you foolish Galatians was bewitched you before whose eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. This is the only thing I want to find out from you. Did you receive the spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith. Now here's where the essential nature comes and this is in Romans 5124 it was for freedom that Christ set us free.

Therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery. Behold, I pulsate. If you receive circumcision.

Christ will be no benefit to you and unpack. This is a little bit. Circumcision was a symbol of the law of doing anything and says if you take, you can circumcise Christ to be of no benefit because what you're saying is you know Christ. He did as his work on the cross but I need to do something within it's either all of your trust in Christ, torts, and not all of your trust in Christ, he says, and I testify get everyone who receives circumcision that is under obligation to keep the whole you been severed and noticed upon severed and circumcision you have been severed from Christ.

The horsey can be justified by law you fallen from grace. Solicit interesting verse and is a warning in) of what the gospel is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus court of Scriptures are less defined in verses 51 to 4th, but in Galatians 189 here's the warning, just like the previous one receives circumcision Christ be of no benefit. There's a warning here's a warning.

Galatians 189 but even if we are an angel from heaven, should preach to a gospel contrary to what you preached you let them be accursed. Here's a warning. If you pick a different gospel accursed when what is that gospel now that's a topic because Mormons don't have children with us don't have the Muslims don't have the Roman Catholics don't have the Eastern Orthodox don't have Lotta groups.

They don't have the gospel they think they have the gospel potato they think is just an affirmation of the death bell resurrection of Christ, they think that's all it is not so fast, but nevertheless, if the pre-different gospel precursors number five.

There's only one God and all existence is accessed 20 verse three you shall have no other gods before me is a 4310 you are my witnesses, declares the Lord, and my servant whom I have chosen so that you may enter believe actually what is says there is Yahweh your my witnesses declares Yahweh or Jehovah, and my servant to my chosen so that you may know and believe me understand that I am he. Before me. There was no God formed to be no no one after me is no God from performing the government will know that's interesting and goes on the first and last is no God besides me and he says I know of none have not declared to the warning is in excess 20 because he says if you have a false God then if you don't serve the true God. Bill Hill visited nuclear on you and your generations pass as a warning here.

Check this one out.

This is this is a must be born again. Truly, truly, I say to you, unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God. They had to be born again in order to the kingdom of God. Warning, this is what Jesus is flattered that one think this year last year like you know what is right. There is a warning unless you're born-again you will see the kingdom of God. So those are called the primary essential center six. I wonder if this can be more than some say that John 14 six is a primary but it's not why we get to it later. Now six is a number of man man was great on the sixth day and so's" at six never meant and so I wonder just I'm just thinking out loud. Wonder because her six primary essentials is it so concomitant with the issue of the six deliberate man with man salvation. I just wonder if those are the something God has woven into the Scriptures. I don't know what to do was get into the secondary essentials are still essential in the Christian faith. But there's no warning attached to it due to the seller to get this God exists is a Trinity of persons father-son Holy Spirit, and so there is no warning, is attached to this that you must believe in one God in three simultaneous cultural persons.

Nothing like that in Scripture exists, but we know the Trinity is true and it if you deny the Trinity, the biblical doctrine of the Trinity.

We can't call you a Christian and warming state goddess regards the Trinity.

Three. God's you know that there out the jewels would deny the Trinity Muslims another Trinity so don't have a true God. And so Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary. That's the nature of the incarnation right there. Nothing says thou shalt believe in the virgin birth or else Pablo but we know that we really can't defend the deity of Christ is both God and man.

Without that that incarnation of being born of the virgin so to secondary essential, but it still essential area in this what Jesus is the only way to God the father John 14 six recess. Either way, the truth of life. Nobody comes with father but by me and so associate might be a warning that no one comes to him through me. I could put that in the primary because of that you just can't come to the father but by me. Doesn't quite satisfy what I think is the warning condition, but it is very least it's a secondary essential yet understand and know Jesus.

The only way to God. You can't get a father work was a good Christ as Jesus has come to me and so I don't is what's on the border of essentials versus nonessentials primary centers.

Thanks, Mike my categorizations on the only one accidentally is come up with this. I don't know of any other theologian or apologist has come up with the idea breaking essentials up in the primaries, and secondary. I am the only one who does that and but I explained why I do it and I think it's really helpful for us to do that. And in this if you're interested in following this, you can just go to car need to look up doctrine.

Table and listed there even have which groups deny what and so you can check them out and essential a there's a break if you want to give a call. I want you all. That's 877-0776 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave girl in England.

Welcome. I cannot find it mob buffalo work and what they read. That day, what transpired in the guard. That's not true. Well, it all depends.

We always have to define our terms so we define our terms, then we can say it happened or did not happen when you think from what you've heard, what is spiritual death. Well, not enough Bible nowhere. The phrase has to take the I understand the phrase is not there. Okay, but the word Trinity is not there either, but the concept is there. So what do you understand to be the definition of spiritual death was we mean what we think means that we can say okay I okay well if they Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, no David.

They were all walking through and they believe God is in day care think we pray to God at the God nest egg Holy Spirit from the define what this define for me what spiritual death unit is well-meaning, more people like they are like that but really they went okay listen listen listen wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. I keep asking the same question, what is the definition of spiritual death.

What does it mean because we don't know how to. I never looked at it and I looked up okay I am out Bible okay what would you think it means scariest is no big deal. Would you think it means.

They died that day I got it. Glad glad I got it, they mean by it. What's the term mean that they say this is people often will hear a term and they just work with the term as though they think that both people understand it the same way you find it all very often say to what we mean by that term. Please death define it so I know on the same page so someone come up to me and say what is spiritual death. Exit welders different possibilities of what it could mean what context is used. Who's using it. That's what I'm psycho. The term isn't in Scripture aware of that year they were separated from God. But does that mean to be separated from God.

You see, would solicit with us and got a hold on you to be separated from God in hell. You could be separated from God in fellowship you don't, you have broken your fellowship with God and your under discipline. You could still be a Christian it could be used that way spiritual death you I wouldn't generally use it that way but so people could use it that way missing is right.

You always have to define your terms all okay when I worded it spiritual death. But God cannot. Here's the thing I tell people this is what you do when you want to have theological discussions is remember three things. First, define your terms number one number two. Use the terms in sentences three you Scripture and logic to validate or invalidate the sentences simple. Define your terms first. So when I debate someone is able to debate a Mormon, potentially on the salvation we had to have salvation defined because of salvation. Mormonism can mean forgiveness of sins and also mean universal resurrection. So what if I were to do a debate I would say no. What you have to do. For example, due to be to have your sins forgiven and that kind of things is little more narrow and at wait. The topic is is more defined and so you get more to the point it is.

It's as simple as defining terms is necessary debated so many so many people over the years that I've learned a justified or term is not a trap. It's just what you mean by that. We discussed so would ask him spiritually that you will in the chart people in and I found like that and I'm open about Marie Bill again. I'm looking at a rat. I looked at will. The bed I couldn't find it. Then I had to answer is where they will they will what is a beam of thought was a be to be specially dead.

It would sound like it means or in a state of damnation did not regenerate that could be a definition if that's what they means you okay, so you're not saved or not regenerate right to say spiritually dead now has to be defined. Most Christians I talk to are not used to me asking them to define your terms, please, and I'll write them down 40 think this means we think that makes a number 40 my theology. I was so to speak, impromptu, debating a guy who hates reformed theology just hates like a rabid dog and he said essential recent grace is stupid. So why did I figured he did know what it meant and I didn't ask for definition right away to a white stupid. This is all because Abijah can't resist the grace of God in new people do it all time. I knew he did understand what he was talking about and that you were sensitive to the definition system to me and reform still feels it means and I gave it the definition that's what makes and he said no it's not a yes it does. It's always necessary to define terms always define terms okay, forget that first line talk to so we mean by that and get a specific right not regenerate regeneration is anything is the thing that God does to us where he makes his born again. John 33 through eight mixes new creature segment is 517 were indwelt by the Lord God. He lives in us. John 1423 were granted faith. Philippians 129 a grand repentance second Timothy 229 it's a package deal and regeneration. The change in us were made alive were were dead in our lives we work against God. Now with God. We were under judgment and were no longer under judgment. We didn't have the Holy Spirit dwelling is now.

We do have the Holy Spirit indwelling. Okay what don't you write no God regenerate like know if you know what angle know regeneration is an action upon us and in us speaking a bunch of words doesn't have the power to change us.

God reaches into us and changes us. That's what regeneration is not just a formula not just a sentence of a long call back another time. Okay they folks three open lines may call 877-2276 right back with Anthony that Michael Matt's Y call 770-777-2076 Anthony from Virginia and welcome your on your listening here until Christian doctrines and you're talking about the deity of Christ and what I understand of facial mean you do not believe it.

You are accursed and cannot achieve salvation when you agree with that. You know a person must believe that Jesus Christ is God now can you defend that where it states in the Bible that one must believe that in order to be saved. This Jesus is less you believe that I handled diner since 2024 and Johnny, 58, he says, before Abraham was, I am nothing To Throw at Him. The Next Mentioning of Stoning Is in John 10 3234 I and the Father Wanted Pickup Sounds Again to Throw at Him. He Said Many Good Works, the Father of Sonia Which of These Are You Stoning before Nestling for Good Work for You Big Man Nick Is about to Be God. The Pharisees Understood That Jesus Christ Is Claiming to Be God. The Only Place You Can Go to for Them to Reclaim the Divine Name Was. He Said, before Abraham Was, I Am and Not Sure Jeff Was Going on with That Because You Say Wait a Minute. Anyway Me Is That It Would Be Hot Own the Septuagint Translation of the Extra 314 from the Greek Wheezes. I Am the Being One of the Still Lit the Greek Is Equivalent to IM There Curious Are Not Sure Because We Talked about As Being the Messiah to Some Degree inside of That and Then He Moves on to before Bram Was. I Am Now Is Being Clear. So Jesus Is Legibly That I Am You'll Die in Your Sins. And We Know That That Is Essential in Some Translations Have the Word Heat in the Italics and I Don't Translate It That Way Because of the State.

He Will Toss It Says Go a Me Present Active Indicative First Person Singular. Which Means I Am and That's All It Is. There's No He and so I Don't Believe That He Is 30 Million.

Italics I Think People Are, They Inserted a Little Bit so I Just Read for the Greek Actually Literally Assessed. So When She Says in John 858 Four Event Was, I Am They Know He's Claimed to Be God. That's What's Going on. I Jesus Christ Is God in Flesh or Your Christian Well What You Said so. John 822 Mask Equipment Is Do You Believe Jesus Is God in Flesh.

I Don't Know. I Don't Have No Energy. Believe Take Take a Minute or A Few Seconds and Ask Yourself What You Believe and Then Suit Your Answers. So What You Believe, Probably Not. But I Will Using an Ion Christian United Christian. That's What I'm Actually Here to Discuss with You Is Whether This Is a Requirement for Christian I Just Gave It to You from Scripture by Can I Make I Make an Argument That What You Said Are in John 824 I Know That There Are Varying Interpretations of What How to Translate That and Then Then I and IV of the King James They Put the Word He There, but Another Interpretation Translations. They Don't Put the Word He There so I Think the Fact That Some Translations Put the Eating Area Signifies That It's Not Clear Here That You Claiming to Be God and Father, All Right, I'll Toss the Work He Is Not There. If You Want to See This like Spanish You Know,, Comay and Clement Is Doing CCR It Eats Is Third Person Singular Present Active Indicative Third Person Singular so in Language like Spanish the Nouns or the Verbs Conjugate, but They Have the Same Word That Is He and She. And yet, in Its Form.

That's How It Is in the Greek It's the Same Thing the Same Thing in English We Don't Do That. He Eats She Eats It Eats, He, She or It Is Third Person Singular. So If He Were to Say He Is. It Would Be the Third Person Singular of the Verb a Me, but It's Not.

It's First Person Singular. I and so Is As I Am.

That's the Literal Translation. He Is What so I Just Tell You with the Literal Greek Is the Land Trying a Grand All That Trail but No Go Ahead, so in John 824 He Says Lets You Believe That I Am and He Is in the Italics in the NASB, Which Means It's Not There in the Original, but It Can Be Used To Be an Implication or Implied, That It's There I Can Explain More Greek to You, but That's What's Going on There Doesn't Need to Be There. I Band Everything I Know the Work He Is Not There and Greek What My Point Is That You As a Proof of What of Your Position Where It Unclear What It Exactly Being That They Are in the Fact That They Are Different Translations. The Group That No One Know the so Jesus Has Been from Him Was, I Am the One to Kill Them for That. Why Not It at the Different Part of the Conversation or You Name Why Did He Want to Want to Kill Him When He Says before Him Him Was That I Am the Same Phrase Used on the 24th. Why Would He Want to Kill Him Will You Know That Part of the Conversation Are You Talking about How He Saw Abraham and That You Are Confused Why You Said That an Donkey Roll Internally That Mean I like It When It Could It Could Appear That He Is Claiming to Be God Bearer, but It Could Also Mean Something Else. And so You and John 10 John 1030 on the Father One to Pick up Stones Again to Throw at Him and Want to Kill Him Again and Then He Asked Him Why and He Said Could You Claiming to Be God to Tell Me What Was It He Said That Would Make Them Think Is Claiming to Be God's Go Look at That You Could Help Me out Here, Johnny John John to John. John 1030 I and the Father Are One Okay with That Upset Them so Much. What about John 1030 That Is Such a Strong Statement That They Want to Kill Him. All You Know I Am the Father of One Could Be Interpreted in Metaphysical Manner, Not Fairly Revocation That Will Add You to My Right. I Would Really Appreciate That. That's Good.

I'm Glad You Agree with Me Now When I Guess Yes You Did Know That I Live on. It Just Said I'm Trying to Just Interpreting Your Words the Way I Want Them to Be Eternal.

Not Now. I'm Doing Are Not Interpreting the Again. There You Go You Know Why I like to Call Him Tell Me How Right I Am Appreciate That This Could Hire Your Your Putting Words in My Mouth That Is Interpreting Our Say If It's Just a Metaphysical Interpretation, Possibilities and Anything Goes.

Why Jews Want to Kill Him for Saying for Him Saying I'm the Father Are One. Why Would They Want Touching. And What's He Saying in That Statement. Well, They Did Interpret That Him That You Interpret and Tuesday That He Was Claiming to Be God, but That Doesn't Mean That's Another Fairly What He Was Saying.

Do You Agree with the Pharisees That Is Not God I Would Say I Would Think Is Not Not Equal to the Father Create You Not Only One, Not the Greater Is Only One God.

They Said You May Make Yourself to Be God You Agree with the Pharisees That He's Not God Because They Did the Height Is Going to Want to Kill the Site. So, Do You Agree with the Pharisees of Jesus Is Not God I Would Have To Say That There Be More Evident That EE Is God, I Mean Need to Hear. There Is Question. Do You Agree with the Pharisees That Jesus Is Not God to Not Be As It Is Not Right.

They Know They Also I Dream Is God. Also He Got I Yeah I'm Agreeing with the Bear on Every Guy That I Gotcha See Agree with the Pharisees That He's Not God. The Pharisees Who Failed to Understand Who He Was, What He Was Doing Well. If I Eat If You Feel That They Claim to Be Guy Is Still It May Not Be a Requirement for a Christian Because It Is There. Well in Their Other Enzyme Mirrored in the Getting Was the Word Word Was with God the Word Was God's Word Became Flesh and Dwelt among Us. We Beheld His Glory, That's God in Flesh. That's Jesus. He Says Lets You Believe That I Handled Dying Your Sins for Him Was IM I and the Father Are One. He's Claiming It Clearly You Have To Warn You If You're Not Mad at You, You Were Not a Believer, You Are Not Regenerate You Are Not a Christian If and May It Not Happen, but If Your Diet You Just Go to Hell Because You Have Denied the Only True about God in Christ. I Will Go to Hell for Not Believing That God for Denying He Is God in Flesh and I'm Not. My Question Was Are You Proving That That Is What Will Happen and He Proved Educated Claim to Be God He Doesn't Say That All a Guy for Not Will Go to Hell for Eternity for Not Believing He Says Lets You Believe That I Am Dying You Deny the IM You Get a Break so I Called Back Again to Repent and Pray to Jesus You Get to Love, Mike Left the Break We Write That Post Mats like Why Call 77077 Charismatic Slave Back Everyone Want to Give Me a Call through Open Lines 877072276.

Let's Get to Michael from North Carolina. Michael Welcome Your on Your Report.

Praying for the Last Caller Holy Spirit Revealed to Him That Jesus Is God, but the Reason I Am Law Calling Is the Work.

Radio Network through Everything Years Ago Have Been Listening to Your Program and Think You're One of the Great Apologist Doing This Now, but I Heard You Relate a Story Years Ago. You Are a Small Church. I Think in the Mountains and You Heard a and and Message of the Gospel That Made You a in Your Word, Something to That Effect Your Crew Quivering Mass of Emotions Did Not Fully Realize Out Of Appreciate What Jesus Paid for Us and Not I'm Just Telling You That That Happened Me A Lot That's Good No Presence of God Wish It Would Happen like I Need Reminders. It Would It Would Good Good Worship Music and a Good Gospel Message That That's What Happened Me in Church and I'm Glad It Happened to You and Happens to You and I'm Glad It Happened. Me, I Love Good Worship Presence of the Lord Does Just a Wonder Goodness It's Good That You Used To Work with Us to All You Yelled and Marketing Their What a Great Guy. What a What a Godly Part. Yes, Stu Is a Great Guy Respect for Him and I Would Be Listening or Not. I Know… Every Now and Then but I'd Say This behind His Back to.

He's a Good Guy. The Alternate Text That We Both and I Could Tell People Every Now and Then.

I Know That They Can Get More Moolah for the Timeslot That I'm in Right Now and He Has so Just Told Me I Got a Bit of a History Battle That Tell the Story Some Time to Be Having Him Come on Even but yet He's He's Arranged for Me to Be Able to Be on the Air. We Want More Stations Will Be to Have the Money and He Doesn't Have It Either and but yet He Needless to Say, You Have Made Them More Than Once and Is a Godly Man and Watch the Kingdom of God Proclaimed so Keep up the Great War That Two Men Got Less Appreciated They Get with All Right, Michael, God Bless Man Okay Thanks All Right. It Was Michael from North Carolina. We Have Four Open Lines You Want to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276 Let's Go to Martin from Virginia Martin Welcome Home. I Met Doug but Thought. What Will the Program on Work Hard We Try Your Now I Hear You All Are Looking or Everyday I. What Good Today You Started with the You Have a Question It and Wanted It," It.and and and I Think We Kind of Butted at One and I Think I Want You Look Very.I Man like You Will Not Not the Case I See Is Just Yes He's a Man like You and I Is in a Glorified Body Has a Complete Human Nature.

Just like You and I Was Glorified, but Is Not a Follower nor My Chart for Glorified Body Is Not Finally Monitor Right Not Fallen so You like Us in One Sense and Not Sit Another Go in and One Cent Grout like Us Because We Won't Die but Can't I Get Yeah but Will You and I Get You and I Yeah Give Blessed Because He Did Die, but in His Present State to Consent Die. We Can Gastro and He Has Two Natures, like I Got It Done It like You Are Not Right and Not Get a Haircut. One Thing I Don't Know but Probably Not Time-Consuming.

You Know I Had a Row You Write on My I Haven't Been Having Hereinafter That You Are and What Probably Not You Write so That in One Sense That It's Not the Same Body but It Was Absolute What That Network Artifact for Brawl All the That Covered the Second Question Was Sort of the Generating the Nature of Felt Very Once Saved Always. It Is Possible to Lose Yourself for You with You or or or or New York. Your Best Friend Lose Their Salvation. Is That Possible, Even If You Quoted Scripture That Is Not the Scriptures As Possible Is a Single Verses That You Can Lose Your Salvation That a Single One of the Heaven, You Could Be Allowed Limit Remotely.

We Will, and How Could You Be in Heaven As a Sinner. What I and You Got a Crack Crew. I Think Scripture in Matt with Jesus's Pocket.

The Site Is All about the Unforgivable Steno of I Don't Think It Is a Course through the Holy Spirit.Matthew 12 2232 Limits Dick Saying That the Holy Spirit and Adjusted His Miracles by the Power of the Devil, That's What It Is Right but You Did Say That That's an Unforgivable Can a Christian Commitment Not Know What Was What You Committed What Kind of a Question Is That What the Question, What Would You Commit to Stay out. I Don't Don't Don't Hold on Hold on Don't Ask Question. I Kinda Find It Just to Be a Little Bit Honest If a Little Bit Insulting You Know Don't Believe You Mean It That Way, but Could Come Look at Your Picture What Your Current Case. I Don't like to Wait Hold on, Hold on.

I Don't like Talking about Those Things in That Term Don't Even Try and Get Me Close to Even Talk about It like That Right. Goodbye I'm Not to Put up with.

Sorry. All Right, Let's Get to Get to Reggie from Watford, North Carolina. Reggie Welcome You on Here Okay I Can See All the Words I Can Spell the Words of the That Not a Problem You Have Your Hand up in Time. The People Whatever Whether They're Volunteering Taken What Ever with Them at the Back Right People Don't Think This Don't Believe They Need to Get More Active Commit Weight Federally Think That You and I Know It and I We Get People to Sell That in Mind, That Might Please You Call I Know My Life. My Theory I Got the Plot of the Holy Ghost of the Trinity and I Love Jesus Christ so Much. Goodbye Everything Is a Little Girl and I Knew That He Was You, but the Major I Get to Make Your Way and the Girl That Was What I Believe and Not but yet I Knew the Blindly Created I Get Some People Think That Is at the Computer Them. I Think That Time Is of the Earth.

World You Be Safe and yet Nothing God Was God in the Terms of Being Perfect and yet You Have a Question Related to This like I Get the Guy Suffered Right along with an Effort, but We Are Hurting What Your Question Is Right People. Why Do People Question after 15 Feet of Christ Is the Man and God As the Creator and I Tell People That the One That Takes You Have a Specific for Me since Half Kinda Understand so When the Telegram Got No Choice. My First Choice Keith Vanessa Muslims Overwriting on Audio.

Please Eighth of Seven Audio Original That Happened Last for 20, I Guess It's Him, Tease Him about It Later.

Okay, so What Was the What Was Your Actual Question Is Got No Choice As to My Chores. We Were Here and Stuff You Can Bounce off This Case, I Had That Happen. I Just Wanted Would like People Now and Then When They Say Will Peggy You Know God God Jesus Is the Son of God. Try This out at Try This. So the CEC so Was a Term Son of God Me Always Ask Questions Asking to Define Terms I Told People This Thousands of Times. Always Ask What You Mean by That Phrase and Sometimes Also Listen to God Me She's Not God. Okay, so That the Term Son of God Me She's Not God Is a Term Son of Man Is Not Man. I Will Write. I Can't. I Love It When I When I Finally Came Back to My Husband That He Did Not There.

I Felt at the Time People Thinking about Thinking like My 23 and My Husband Would like to Meet Eric and I Do Believe They Yoke Together in the Faith and What Your Question, but I'm Leaving like They're Not Leaving God Thank You God.

Every Care and Quite an Simple Thing That My World and I Had I Actually Met. Technically, God Is Not in Every Church Get That so You Know, Yeah, about That in the Mormon Church Is Not in the Jobs. What Is Not in All. There's a Music Venue Were Decided Time Okay Okay Everybody, Sorry about That. We Had a Time of the Lord Bless You and by His Grace Back on Here Tomorrow. I Hope You Have Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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