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June 11, 2022 5:00 am

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June 11, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discusses his newest article on the social Trinity.--2- Can you clarify Revelation 18-23- Where is that happening in the timeline or is it pre-mil, post-mil, etc.---3- What can I do to resist the mark of the beast---4- A caller discussed the economy and the possibility of the second amendment being removed.--5- Aren't more Christians getting involved with government because of all that's going on- Shouldn't that make a difference-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more why Lorenz is called responding to your questions and show it is me Matt slick match would live if the show is like my real name.

All right, which referred he would want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 1-772-072-2765 open lines of difficult. All right, so let you guys know that you patriot on the picture and video last night and on the dirt on apologetics approach using various questions over that actually work on it some more. Make an article in trying to video. I think were finally ready for me to believe videos again will see how that works so hopefully that'll turn out nicely and if you want to do.

Well I guess I give me call. I want to hear from you. 877-207-2276 and today I release and article what is the social Trinity and I did a bit of research on this unit of the Trinity doctrine is really important doctrine elements.

I went in and did some analysis and some stuff like this. There's actually well with a big deal….Some people think the Trinity is three with a three persons. The mean three centers of consciousness and the three centers of consciousness are like three parts of God.

Their whole comprises God and the problem with that is that it implies polytheism and it just waives the listener from understanding and accepting what is called divine simplicity. So there's some issues there and the written article on that note really necessary when you get to this level of theology most little need to worry about it when you get this little theology truly important to understand a lot of particulars and be able to deal with the issues that interrelate with electric paresis and divine simplicity and so very paresis is the intra-dwelling of each member of the Godhead with the others and so it's a Erica Reddick dwelling up.

Erica Reddick will be a cognate of Parikh paresis and it's like you don't answer to so much theology and reading up on the stuff in a motel you just so much stuff to have to study. I continue to study and continue to work on stuff by the way, I'm on chapter 10 of my my first novel and rewriting it and then Susan done with it on a jump in and work on the second, although I written four chapters a lot of people and asked me not to complete that that and so to work on that and I'm going to ancillary gone to customers on real joy in writing signed joint writing fiction then something soothing about this kind of fun to make things happen, so to speak on paper so that's fun. Okay will you go and if you be so kind as to consider supporting us all you do is go to what we house is five dollars a month. We asked that because well we do need to stay on the air and with the sport missionaries keep the lights on for the hosting of this website. All kind of stuff and I know the economy is getting tougher. A lot of people in this and for us as well so I just been thinking Manas five dollars a month. It's really nothing and don't forget the thousand people to do that then we can cover our bills and I manifest my wife because she's the one who does all the records and she can tell me if she will she's listening right now she can tell me what the goal we go start with a thousand. I don't know how many people signed up and we have had people do that. So there you go. All you gotta do is go to Stonington and all information correct… Could get the phones with Michelle Worley. We just lost in the topic.

I want you to call back. That's an important topic by the destruction of our country, I'm interested in the topic and we have four lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Paul for Virginia Paul welcome you on the revelation revelation makes three.

Talk about blind you. I would like to wear in the brain called the rail rebid, but I wanted to know where revelation 823 secondarily, but… Do that when the time so when the wares revolution 18 and that's a good question. I would say to in the future. Now, tongue-in-cheek answer, but you know people exhibits for premillennial post-millennial, millennial, and when that might work. Some say but with different views, some exact sure what you're asking, though. Okay, clarify will be good with recently I had ended with a prominent cell phone company where they more or less forced me to upgrade my current divide, and I was with this. I was five. Because I didn't need to think double bond and my phone with big cut off and I had called the code that I wanted to keep my current but finally will be guided to Memorial day May 31 date that we are not doing that again today at 9 PM but will be cut off that you have no other. So I went out how I lost your phone. My current phone was on the phone I had before May 31. I had had it for nearly 7 years, all right. And I was getting conflict in your probation, computer repair, independent where they work. Got that I don't bother telling that really and I had a previous conversation with other people about whether a marketing thing felony about but if people will notice what's going on there actually giving away their pushing the soapbox that they're giving away so I chose the iPhone 11 because the iPhone 11.5 so I was able to get the phone for free but my question is how far or how does a Christian go because on this very same state yesterday. They were discussing China's rollout of digital currency, 20, 21 question is you. You are right and middle. The question and then you stopped with the question is are going into the topic so well, which I'm question is how are all the lack of a better word does a Christian go to the market to be an pedigree to be tricked into receiving okay okay will not have anything you're asking a lot of different things. So try to focus here so how far into a system you go before something the mark of the beast before your involved with it out are godly Christian go before it becomes the mark of the beast okay and first first first thing first thing is first thing is we have to know the mark of the beast was to know and sleep my different theories, but with the mark of the beast is the mark of the beast is literally something the right hand in the four head which seems to be the case, then getting a new phone doesn't constitute the mark of the beast is not right market for four head or hand.

Okay you are probably not a wearable wearable by I'm not think it isn't just think what the Scriptures tell us is that it's a mark on the four head or the right hand and that's what it says and so something like… Doing possibly I don't know if this is another Angel third would follow them safe, loud voice. If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives a mark of four head or on his hand. Also drink of the one of the wrath of God. So what is that Mark is not just a good question, is literally a tattoo of 666 is a microchip. I don't know because technology goes in all quantum chip may be maybe not. I can't tell you right and so rollout of digital currency China in April, 20, 2120 cutting and the Federal Reserve is also according very think they both so I guess I'm trying to maybe determine the possible you know the phone with me because they example of what I've got to get candidates Christian the bog, but he would state that all depends if a Christian is aware that it's the mark of Satan then know if he's not aware may be. I think with the Bible talking about are those who willingly do it to worship the beast is image and receive the mark of his four head in his hand, those who received both. They are intending that it be something that the they participated in order by himself and are submitted to the antichrist so that is what my thinking to be okay in my case that I could have I got went a different carrier and and the picture that went on for several months while I was with that thing until finally they know either get or will cutting off your service at so you believe that big tech will be involved in the bog of the beat. I don't know I just don't know because I don't know what the mark of the beast is exactly and without that, I don't know. I can tell you I can only say it might be this, it might be that and that's August 2, 2013 outweigh Christian all because I'm hearing say that it possible for a Christian if they don't the world of buying and selling, and possibly at some point take on something that is the bog that they may not know the Bible by Stan Christian, or of a person takes on the bog of the big hill yeah and it seems really context this is a willing and worshipful act of submission to the antichrist. What if someone forces you takes you to lock you up and force of the doing the whole document every photographic after these messages, please mass Y call 77077 charismatic show three open line. There are right okay so where were we the beast.

I originally read about Revelation 1823. Related also concerned about the market be greatly like my question that possible and correct or it might be possible missing. It is because I don't know exactly what the mark is in the condition. Therefore, I can't say what it is or isn't. I can only see the possibilities we can look at using logic excellent single And there all I get the final follow-up. Concerned that the world that I was coerced into great was forced to buy the bone at QR code problem and I'm concerned to help.

For a Christian go with it… Doing anymore with the because it's taking me toward the mark of the beat. I can't think it is too general a question and see how far we go okay. We need to resist as much as possible the work of evil in the world and its increasing rapport ran a cultural war in this country. For example, and with the rise in the evil face of socialism in which is communism lights in the death that it brings depression and brings were moving. I don't know how to tell you it's bad for taking the call.

Sure, no problem, goblins all right, folks. What you may call three open lines 877202276 it's Michelle from Raleigh, North Carolina show welcome bar and I get I get connected, but my question I would first need to you last night and he gave me a little thinking on this radio station you can mention my motion of notable yeah okay and why Schilling nicely have I told Carol, my friend. Check it out and they like. They couldn't believe Allen's in LA client is made and I get to light. Thank you all yell minor lot bordered by the other.

Why the gas pipe because all done intentional journey deliberately courses so I can bring it on right, of course, I don't believe in the concentration and say there against the law there open nothing.

The borders and shifting people. My flights are still doing it through the night if different parts of the country. They shut down the oil production and then make us dependent upon external places of sources, then the cost of gasoline and diesel rises, which affects everything else because all the product that white so what happens is people get so desperate that with they'll do is they will settle for a cure with the left doesn't the strategy thesis antithesis they bring to bear a crisis that they create drives then what they do is they propose of a solution that by the time they do were ready for a solution, but it is so bad they make themselves look good. They gain power. Furthermore, you'll notice that when the things that's happening is now buying the chump. He has stated that the. The Second Amendment isn't absolute. Now there's more and more talk with the Second Amendment and her people want to repeal it. Once you repeal the Second Amendment, the first amendment is next Wednesday so you can have the first segment is no nothing to stop him from doing the first memo with his freedom of speech still have power over your hands and will have power over your words. This is what's bad on them working there working at this is why the conservatives need to be extremely united and extremely active, and they need to stop what's going on now, I've been telling people this in different levels, different degrees of assaying it for years and that you are the a couple years ago that the more I have a licking year will everything will dynamic ecologies radioed only 47 not hear my cat anyway you I really like you been paying. I really do. Unfortunately, I could tell the world. I know that is true. I know that is the logical happening in front of continue to happen and continue to get worse unless we stand up and say no more.

And it needs to have already been done.

The Christian church. I say that people think I'm just that Mr. pessimist, the Christian church has been weakened severely. They're not teaching biblical theology don't lie like that kind and they have with them but I don't want to know what what are you they would okay appreciate that. I don't God bless you brother couple of something you because what she said I want to continue with is not a little bit longer.

Just a little bit what I think you been wondering about is know I'm it appears as though such pessimist in so many ways because I talk about things like this and it does get people down after a while, trying to be pessimist. I'm just saying we have to sound the alarm and those of us and put her in public places we need to sound the alarm and the Christian church need to be united the Christian church is repent of its own sanity to be united in the teaching of Jesus Christ and needs to foundational. He takes the doctor the Trinity the imputation of our sin to Christ.

Justification by faith and trust in him and it needs to be united against unrighteousness and it doesn't need to be teaching interest is not should not be teaching just get into your Sunday morning huddle and you be fine.

Just pray. Hopefully the rapture will take you out of here because God is in control.

He's a blonder blood location server Jesus and it is good be fine won't let anything happen to you. That's a bunch of who we it's a lot of crud because that's not what the scripture teachings of Jesus at pick up your cross daily and follow after me.

If you pick up your cross daily and follow after me you're not worthy of me and he says things I get worse and worse and worse. But there are always oases whenever people stand up in righteousness things and we don't know, hence coming but for now we can make do that. Let the leftists control over our lives. Jesus was right and wrong because they have a leg to stand on and they will only oppress us further right back after mass Y770776 charismatic back to the show after the break was coveting over galaxies the fold.

I love tech guy was good he was talking early about tech and I'm a tech nerd.

I love tech stuff.

I just do. And I'm on my phone so much I want to get one of those things eventually but for now, but how far do we go well. Always keep your eyes open and don't let technology slowly rule units were things you have been careful about also is let you know tonight's into enough hours will be on the nuts I just entry questions. This it's like this of you to two and half hours and if you're interested in checking it out, go to the Condon report/calendar page/calendar and it'll give the information there.

What's going on that big John just let you know that if you're interested in learning a new platform and maybe getting into more conversations. That's another place. Let's get to Glenn from northern Italy when we lost land now African lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to yes Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina Chuck, welcome yet, Matt, Matt, I think one they're doing, where they knowingly note by data all the illegal alien and New York, where I want to go it demoralized is more like look, if you wanted to take over a country or destroy the country. What is some the things you do, you would want this schools to teach a political social system in contradiction to what the country already teaches in this you would want an influx of foreigners by the millions who come in and overtake that country who don't believe in how the country ought to be run in their socialist society, you would get into the media and you would have the media start pushing varying things you would want to have the economy be strained because when people's livelihoods and their homes and their food is threatened.

People will fold instead of wanting to fight and say we've had enough of this people get tired because after a while, think about if this economy continues the way it is an ethic I went shopping today, Jerry went shopping today and I'm finding myself not wanting to get anything because it's so expensive, so getting a bind less and less which happening is psychological, emotional, fear of buying too much because of how much is going to cost, go get gas for him not to drive as much. So the economy slows down, and that causes a trickle-down effect to spiral effect where the economy gets worse and worse then what you do is you. You spend billions of dollars by just printing more money and that causes inflation to rise the people get so weakened they get so there's so tired of it until just almost go with anything just to get their security or safety back in regularity. So the left is I believe organizing and working towards that end, and furthermore they don't believe in the Constitution you think about this the left advocates using violence and all you gotta do is watch the TV and when they would go out for example and protest in front of the federal judges houses. That's against the law and then our government does not import government does not enforce that law. And so what they're doing is encouraging people to break the law, but it's against what they think might be conservatives. But when conservatives do anything of it of the same value.

Anyway, since they're the ones brought up on charges. This means that we can't trust our government, we can trust the feds we can trust the judicial system anymore.

This means people are getting more and more afraid, more more worried this is what's happening in the country of their thankful and resentful.

Uncle Mike that's right I'm so left that are sent.

The left creates the problem and then punishes others to gain power. So you hear about all the gun violence that's going on. Why is it going on with the left wants to do is put a Band-Aid on the symptoms, so the problem now are the weapons and the support of the weapons is the Constitution and Bill of Rights Second Amendment. So that's gonna come under attack more and more.

Once they justify getting rid of that or modifying that in their in power because they had every command of the country. They've done what they've done.

I don't trust the my. I don't trust the voting system. I don't just my opinion. I'm trying out a great result works so that you can't trust what's going on if they retain power. If, for example, in November, you find out that the Democrats gain more and more offices than you know that that the whole system is crashing down.

You can't trust what's going on because the polls all across the board are against the Democrats because of what they do and the problems that the cause they've removed God out of our out of our schools God out of our culture God out of our games God out of our politics God out of everything and it causes problems whenever he starts doing what's right in your own eyes. They're the ones who fomented this problem and then when things get bad they blamed the conservative seats.

Your idea of guns that cause the problem.

There lies a friend there are hypocrites and they need to be voted out of office and when conservatives move what they do is peacefully protested don't want to break the law, but the left as they can break the law and what they do is that they have the attitude of war because war means you disregard what is ethical in order to destroy your opponent you disregard you want to cause them harm you docs people you say here's the the addresses of all the people's homes of the conservatives knowing that puts them at risk, but that's what the left does because they don't care about fairness, they don't care about truth. They care about their agenda because of been brainwashed and this is what were up against their United and we are not and if we don't get united and fight him one way or another that they take over and they are going to oppress us all the more. And that's a fact is also a map all the white now they have no eternal life not like gaining power.

Well, you and your authority. You sold me on your method that you wanted to bring more people like right how you think of doctrinal and not but I believe in following our way.

I like that but I can't backfire a couple thousand more today little hard to mouse with little good anyway, what I want that I can write you again. But that's what I wanted to write like that bright.

I got at the open heart and mind and the heart of the gospel to be saved and what I hope and I just had a nice time with the Lord. Praise the Lord for how wonderful he is the you know.

I went out to be with the Lord, for whatever reason, you know, I mean, you know like dark dark. We have a great no, that's all that's all the case right now we are having to deal with the real life situations. Right now we know were going to go be with the Lord what he says occupy until he returns. That means keep busy with the things you're supposed to be doing our mandated by God to be involved in politics in our society and everything, but unfortunately the false teachers that are too prevalent in our pulpits have pacified the Christians of the point of apathy and weakness so that the only thing they're concerned about is feeling good and appealing to the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus who doesn't want anything bad to happen to you and because of this kind of idiocy that's going on.

You know what that's why we have teachers like Joel O'Steen who were so successful. Joyce Meyer, Kenneth all yes they are. The thing is, it's the because it's because of the failure of the Christian church, and in particular Christian men to stand up against unrighteousness in the church, as well as outside the church.

If there not to do it in the church not to do it outside because they don't have that sense of righteousness they need to study the word McDonough needs. They don't need to remind your wives or girlfriends with her children but yelled.

Good on her knees over that word and say Lord, teach me guide me and tell me how to be a man after your heart. Just go to first Corinthians 1613 stand firm in the faith, act like men strong okay what is love at the less I posted right back after mass Y call 770727 back to the show.

I'm sure 2%. What I just said. Also, I'm eyes will go full bore and say I think you should watch 2000 mules go find it, you'll be deceived by the voting system and what happened, and of 2000 mules while it's still legal for lines 877-207-2276 Gary from Utah. Welcome yeah I'm doing I'm doing. I don't want to give you a quick update.

While get ready get ready to head out shortly.

But you got to get out of there found. I don't know if you're aware there is what I keep in touch with is that conservative guy who beat all that life actually and innovate. They don't have any agenda but the truth publicly, but even getting the video.different sort knowing that the going on in the world right now is actually imploding on the left going in every way there linking and in the right burden is really converted by include born, uniting the opposite I've heard, and I have heard more more people are entering into the lower levels of government, and they plan to work themselves up through the ranks over the years as conservative voice.

I actually know someone personally who is doing that in the local area and I totally support that and we need to be involved and need to I'm I'm with it.

The Christians need to be united that I seek. Over the years I I've just been exposed to so much of Christianity in credenza churches. I got so many memories of inadequacy and and failures on my part, but also in areas it doesn't need to exist in the church were fragmented and we can make a such a huge difference. We are powerful as Christians, we are powerfully the Lord Jesus Christ. We are so powerful is what it means.

The enemy wants is divided discouraged and weak but all we could do a site you know what, with enough and stand up first kneel down then stand you how. But here's a yeah would you say it in November. The midterm elections. All of a sudden the Democrats start getting more and more power you think well looking and let a lot of people that I've been trying to really rate the right from I would answer like that I mean the but I will know if regular course. Let me have been greatly know that but also they think that in 35 but they accordingly think through what and counting. They've updated the voter integrity log of the make, didn't do on a light, but they were not updated the now to make the heart of the chief of everybody on pump, including people to be dealt with. This is why the flood in the country with the with illegals is that they can this again vote it's it's it is.

It's remarkable at the depths in the extent that people who are evil. Want to control what they'll do care about true yeah yeah its total market from cultural market like that for his cultural Marxism that said good phrase I'm using is yet looking at Matt when my therapy for the Dr. David Jeremiah. I love at me as one of the one of the sermons on socialism so it went all the way back to the early part of it like Landon and Mark than the other thought when I get the like.

Anyway, at the end of the day and in the firm and everything was biblically supported.

I love it talked about everything that in Islam. They give them communism any of them. They all hate Christians, they hate Christianity they hate the truth of what Christ and for the total opposite. Though somebody can claim to be born again believer and yet the supporting that none of them because it's an oxymoron enough to pull God you can't be saved in support that stuff. There's no way I'm with you twice in the radio. I do not understand how anybody can claim to be a Christian and being a member of the Democratic Party when the data credit party supports homosexuality and abortion, and social. Yet all of these are in Scripture. And yet people vote not because of their understanding of truth.

But because of something else may be to get a handout I don't know but I'm telling you, I am blown away that this is the kind of how can Christians not only that do not yet know that I was really all good are trying to compute that there is no God is going to generate and Mark can fix we don't know about you generally know that but they're trying to make it more and supporting everything that you know K churches, which we know that up to date. After writing on change toward him like a listing an old hymn that has nothing to agenda, but I must imply that they don't try to teach that it would not hurt to let him elude everything they can try to pollute a man a woman and it's not a gender thing right. It is, in fact, I think it just popped in my mind is to watch the movie documentary by a woman. She did call the red pill the red pill yeah it's fine if you seen it, I would recommend it's I've watched it twice on my lap again. She's a feminist who sorted doing research on the problem with men, and then found a minute there's a lot of wait a minute. It's really stacked against men in the attack of men and culture in which was really interesting. Also recommend this Desousa's 2000 mules. Yeah, here's the thing that I just said what I said today on the on here on the radio and it goes into a YouTube and I bet you that that I'll be suspended from YouTube for the show she does not reach Gwen if he was becoming a warning or something. Maybe you never know how Minuteman they wanted to destroy maritime we know that God's timing. I hope it rather than later to a lot of Christians don't know this but if you read through Psalms. Their worship songs to God and many of the Psalms are imprecatory, which means that the psalmist is saying God destroyed them yet about yeah actually worshipful songs before God, yeah, contain imprecations we can do the same thing. Now people might be shocked saying you want people to be harmed. Know I'm not.

We pray for their salvation.

That's what I pray for Nancy, but Lord if they are of such hearts that their wickedness is what is controlling that and deal with them according to their wickedness so that they might rock to repentance. That's how I pray that you owe them an accord on okay the only favorite thumb. Psalms 50 verses 20 through 22, and also Psalm 37 verse 20 yeah, let's say you sit and speak against your brother, you slander your own mother son these things you have done.

I have kept silent, you thought that I was just like you to prove you and state the case in order before your eyes. That's it. That's implication I will reprove you to get you gentlemen 3720 mystical inversions. The 21st. Gratuitous, he says not consider this you forget God or I will tear you in pieces and never enough to deliver okay on site somewhat 23,000 I managed an elegant smoke but but the wicked will perish in the Lord will be like at Lori the pastors and vanish like smoke vanish away. Nick is on the wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives for those blessed by him will inherit the land with those cursed by him will be cut off that not only don't you know the Bible well there so many you can point out any one of the scariest one. If you're not, they were saved, but I think for though the repairs think they think about was that Revelation 1917 through 20. But what did happen to them with the giant bird of the sky will is also prophecy notice about these creatures that come forth and things like discussion yeah them no longer is there is lot on five is an precatory song and a lot of people don't know it says this in verse four of Psalm five for you are not a God who takes pleasure in wickedness.

No evil dwells with you and the bow shall, shall not stand before your eyes.

You hate all who knew iniquity, you destroy those who speak falsehood. The Lord abhors the managing bloodshed and deceit while you don't I sing a this all talk about this all the time. You know not Jesus. Of course it's about just just come on you know we as Christians have to have the whole counsel of God, but I think Christian and was to find I do.

I'm really complaining. Right through. I think that a certified letter people to become feminized if they're trying to enable things that are wrong on on 77. It is beautiful thing in these great but we say men are getting standardized, that's what you really are talking right yet because of the left that something you know they look at all. You not only my new tick-tock at all. I don't do that, you know, though, and prayer little bit God. We go through every post reach an El Camino to believe that they try out a brand Apple and we, as Christians, we have great power, we will be can do. We say Lord.

Yet you please change this country you change me to change my church would you make us more like you ask just use me what you think what you want. If everybody's praying this, the Holy Spirit went to Elsa's will and start moving his people in a coordinated effort. Do this do this it will take time. Would you be praying and not be praying Lord give me out here.

The pretrip elation rapture because it's getting so bad I just want to go through it. That's not what he says X.

No recall going to get out of here but God, I mean, I believe that the ability of the credit, and all of them were gone. That quick after the dendrite and complaint become thinner and all of the low know people he thought we would. I'm okay with that. I too am hoping pretrip raptures. True but open yeah.

I'm hoping and they say pray for pre-prepare proposed. I just think the church is been weakened through week preaching because people will attend at lunch and will ties where strengths and responsibility of of Christian adults is is required per the words of New Testament revelation. There to having taught has 70 and weakness and don't do anything that's never the message okay know that I just make disciples of all nations in process go out they went out to buy two they went out people tied people supported people prayed they thought it was still furious to get that gospel message to everybody. It was critical 90 more critical anymore. Something else's got. I know we got a go but against the big boss man hey folks, there you go. Have a favorite enjoyable show. Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow and I will talk to the member of the tonight you are teaching question, for 4/calendar another program powered by the Truth Network

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