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June 9, 2022 7:11 pm

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June 9, 2022 7:11 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- How do those who believe in infant baptism connect baptism with circumcision---2- Did Jesus come to create a new religion---3- Does Jesus fulfilling the law mean we no longer have to keep it---4- A caller wanted to debate whether or not you could lose your salvation.--5- How is it fair for the woman to have to marry the rapist in Deuteronomy 22-28-29-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more maps. What why Grimes is called responding to your questions met with Clive for the newbies is my real name. Okay, if you want to give me a call to do was dial 877-207-2276 with nice staff meeting today and enjoyed that and let's let you know before you behave this Friday love-hate mail on Friday.

Sometimes we want to let you know we still nearby. Your generous support and generous support will be something like five dollars a month you can think of. Maybe.

Well help us out little bit that be great.

All you gotta do is go to the right hand side actually just go to console easily oversold site. and you can set for five dollars a month. That will be huge be helpful. So there you go. All right, now what we do on Fridays, a lot of time as I hate mail and I like it's and so people tell me that like it's a legitimate mail Friday and if you want to watch watch this like to do this is my office, but you can watch by going to doing all this. on the homepage of the right hand side is the use you picture me in his radio thing and click on that and you click on a link that opens up after you get another page you can watch watch on YouTube and you can comment in YouTube and things like that and so Charlie and Laura and I are inside a stream yard.

We can see everything that you say you type is fed into two. Something else is fed in the video stream yard thinks we can respond to type in at least all right it's all right let's see summary things going on all right you jump in the goods.

I did get and usually they prompt some good discussions.

Usually let's see now this one says concerning women in industry any good thing that is not the norm would be fought against women in ministry is one of those things in these last days living ministry and church in evangelism have exploded in spite of intense opposition.

The prophet Joel saw this great explosion. So Joel so Joel was the one who saw women ministry expanding while, and its beginning was at Pentecost, all really at Pentecost women were not silent but speak with tongues just like the men don't conform a proper creek judgment told you the person you send.

Unfortunately, no people can understand what a government polyp also clearly says he does not allow limited future exercise authority over member the ring sound for Adam was first created.

First Timothy 212 or 13 elders are also pastors are also elders.

First Timothy 517 and Titus chapter 3 or one 1:10 in first Timothy three. It says requirements of elders are to be men of 11 man about my husband of one wife. Women can't fit that so and here we go one more time. I'm just going offer this if you want to debate beyond on the topic because the what does the Bible support women pastors and elders if you want do a formal public debate like in your church and we can have it filmed of life. I'm open, I'm open let's let's do it. Does the Bible support women pastors and elders neglected to and this is the umpteenth time I've offered a challenge in 17 years of radio and guess how many times people have offered to take up the challenge.

In 17 years radio zero.

Why do you think that may be because they know I returned to Scripture and say can you please explain this and then they won't be able to. And then what I would do is look under their feet and see if you got the pipe In the Bible under underfoot just to make their perspective so stand. Let's see if Peter and his they found Paul running hard understand how could people today whose heart are packed with prejudice and biases against women. Understanding is writing. One thing is administered Christ as the head of the church, not the mortal mailman that God chooses people according to his own sovereign will. God calls anointed powers a church recognizes things so this person doesn't understand my blushing teachers on this topic and as is often the case, I get emails like that on the topic, don't go to the verses that other Scriptures you need to in order to address the issue didn't go that it is ignorable what would you do that. Okay, let's say there's another one I have not read to. This will not seek wow all we go. Thank you for your reply.

Apparently someone replied, a bride truth hinges on Scripture in Zechariah concerning the Autry lampstand etc. and Scriptures in Malachi concerning the coming of Elijah during the last days. Here are several main points. Apparently this guy is going to list out the main points that are there in the book of Zechariah and seek. So Satan is the head of Christianity is what he writes interesting. Judas had a governmental office of Elijah which was transferred to Satan.

Interesting, yes. You cannot return it unless Elijah prepares the way Naylor is this man whom John Yahweh has called to bring forth these truths. All cool.

A guy named Naylor is chosen by Yahweh himself to bring forth these truths. Naylor while home is equipped the body of Christ will not ascend alive. Only the bride hell is a real place of cleansing but not forever only for an age, all people have a place in the kingdom of heaven according to the tabernacle model.

There's so much more that can be accessed on YouTube. I one things I noticed is when people make statements like this, there's no exegesis is no scriptural reference representation.

This is the versus is this notice this verse let you know this what it says here it's very very infrequently that you will have or haven't all right is one more you do not know the truth. A very stupid person to write such corrupt about God's word. I feel so sorry for you.

An unlearned okay you got it instead of cracking up because it is called the unlearned but can't construct a sentence of I feel so sorry for you, an unlearned. So you're unlearned Matt you're so unlearned. Let me to be your tell you your unlearned while I can even use grammar properly. The way giga says God will come down hard on you. If not now, but will at the judgment for your actions. You need to study Hebrew and Greek in in department.

I feel you have some kind of hated. I feel you have some kind of hate in your brain. What the poet is about as we left I asked you get a kick out of this stuff by goodness loss along the mailman. I tell you good some stuff here please stop your pure insanity. Maybe do some research about how religion came to be instead of putting your your faith in a block because books that teach anything are outdated and on top of everyone that everyone knows about Jesus, blah, blah. We all know about your holy book, which which plagiarized off the hundred hundreds of older stories like the book of Gilgamesh stop forcing yourself to other people who know I don't care. This guy has no clue about what reality is best for me. All I ask. My goodness, all he asked for as a Wiccan index is acceptance like however accepted Christians invading my life in my space right never tried spreading like religion. I would have so many of you angry hate driven, mindless kid: this is I would have so many of you angry hate driven, mindless monkeys, so that pretty good, but pretty alike that I stopped being a Baptist for my mother's side and adopted my father's wicked faith. After realizing Christians are mostly hypocritical, mindless idiots unable to actually learn about their faith, as opposed to blindly follow click with every word.

Some pretty new yet still irrelevant book says I saw more hatred on exhibits in your church than the most fully fully filled school you run around telling people what they're doing is wrong and what you should be like all is even more sinister that sin is fun. I enjoy hate and joy all right function for the lines which you may call 877-207-2276. Let's get to a from Kansas City. Dave welcome here.

Thank you sir. Thank you Matt where I've ended up kind of unit, box them, reformed Baptist, but I don't care about the mode of baptism. I just believe in believers baptism.

You help me out with connecting circumcision and baptism like that. Do as a little problem with doing that.

Sure sure okay so if you were to go to for example you would go to Romans 411 it says, and he talked about Abraham received the sign of circumcision, a seal of the righteousness of faith which he had while uncircumcised, so circumcision was a sign of something he possessed. Paul says XI okay, no big deal. Now if we go to Genesis chapter 12 verse three God says to Abraham, and I will bless those who bless you, and will curse those who curse you and in you all the families of the earth will be blessed with so far. Okay so Then the sign of that covenant promise is circumcision.

He says this is my covenant, which you will keep between me and your descendents after you. Every male among you shall be circumcised. That's Genesis 1710, so the sign of the Abraham a covenant is circumcision right correct okay now I read you a Genesis 12 three. It says in you all the nations shall be blessed. Now let's go to Galatians 38 Paul says the Scripture foreseeing that God would justify the Gentiles by faith, preached the gospel beforehand to Abraham, saying all the nations be blessed in you right now.

So Paul calls the Abraham the promise which is that covenant because of the gospel so we have to ask the question, is the Abraham a covenant still in effect. Yeah okay and a network. So far I will. It's it.

He calls it the gospel and well we know that the Abraham a covenant is still in effect because the Gentiles are blessed in you all the nation shall be blessed right now go to Colossians 2 are in verse 11 you in him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, and the removal of the body, the flesh of the circumcision of Christ, having been buried with him in baptism, so Paul doesn't equate but you relate circumcision with baptism and he says certain religion says yes circumcision is such a seal of the faith you already had a bigger problem for the feudal Baptist view, but we get to that and then he relates it to circumcision is so that the point would be that if the same Abraham covenant is still the fact then what's the covenant sign and we have Rachel's hey folks for the lines give a call 87720 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave lines what you give me a call 772. Dave is still there absolutely are that it was a Cummaquid control. There's more but would you think, well, you know I was in it. Church that would have expected. It may will study on the waters that divide unit we went into this, but eventually it came down. They believe it. Believe that the covenant is continued on the Philippian jailer baptizes all household. There was a covenant of baptizing everybody into the body of Christ, and I just couldn't connect it.I just said all didn't baptize every time Paul talks about circumcised or somebody like Titus, he said no. He could have brought that up. At that point that a gentleman you know these are the baptism and replace circumcision, but he didn't know he didn't say replace guide to so you know it relates a guy. Now you but here's the thing. Here's a question from the other side so to speak. When covenant is a fact on agreement between two or more writers and teachers to do child dedications the doing baby yeah I know that because no I do get if they do the menu covenant, then we have to ask where is the covenant sign because what they're doing. They do baby dedication is there making a covenant and they ignore the biblical pattern of the covenant sign so I know I know that churches throughout the ages it done that Lutheran churches, Catholic light, I mean it will unlock the other and anyway you will personally I from infant baptism but not for salvation. Okay I ferment under the non-insinuation of the Abraham a covenant that is the blessing of the gospel and the children can be included in the covenant. It doesn't save them and I look at covenantal that I never had.

I said if you like that. There's nothing in the Bible it says in infants baptize so you know what it's up to the parents and their personal opinion about that and about.

I'm more like you currently eat it anyway. My problem, my problem is that I cannot connect covenant that certain point, you know, so that's what makes merely eat it and that would be a whole other issue for it last night.night but the point is that that the Paul doesn't seem to make them when he has the chance well naming circumcision.

The baptism correct. I mean at all had Titus at the Jerusalem Council is that I'm not going to circumcise a guy what's different is the tablet you can see what he could have known is not an issue. The Jerusalem Council in acts 15 was dealing with legalism and the Jews that their and so it was an initial baptism had to do with the circumcision issue so as not to offend certain June rent things like that so it wasn't about that is not necessary to connect those to their well I mean it could have said at that point time gentleman I baptize you understand and fulfill you know of revelation to them, but eat a dozen a stock short every time I think he does but anyway I won't belabor the point but thank you go.thanks okay I will gobble estate specialist. I arrived for the blind, to give me a call 87720722774 to Sherry next is lunacy in the chatters and gentlemen, baptized by Jesus is his nickname is called the show a few times and this guy says that water baptism stopped after John and without a doubt I proved this week and here I proved that water baptism continued in next 1044 through 48, when Peter said get water for baptism. This is proof so it would I find interesting is that when when someone sees what the Scriptures clearly teach and continues to reject it.

Can they truly be a Christian. Just a question for the lines 877-207-2276 Sherry welcome here on here hello share going to do that voice Sherry said that Jerry not here and you don't door clicked there we go now yeah now I hear you sure you got it. Now if you can show me that the Messiah comes. What are you thinking you were you breaking up so that Jesus come to create a new religion, including Christianity, yet he didn't come to create a new religion came to fulfill the Old Testament law to do the will of the father to atone for our sins to complete well to fulfill means that when it prophesies something about him. He came to fulfill the prophecy okay go get he found a lot of you don't keep him longer know he fulfill the law according to the prophecies requirements of him being the Messiah under the law would offer a sacrifice at a certain time and place and with his death. According to Hebrews 813 and he was 952 16 then the law of the Old Testament law is abrogated that were under the new covenant that Scripture I've contacted each of Birmingham. That night I not that allowing no longer valid that I say the law was no longer valid.

Something about being aggravated get you a Scripture that I believe that you have taken out of context while cross-linking the masking what verses that I quote context I quoted the references to what was it really God. No one will ultimately burst for so about this about this. For this reason Jesus is the mediator of the new covenant so that since a death has taken place with redemption of the transgressions that were committed on the first covenant.

Those who have been called and received the promise of the eternal inheritance for where a covenant is there must of necessity be the death of the one who made it so make their eternal, but he didn't get a new lock can you coordinate why you're making a lot of statements are not proving you to saying something which church to go to the house which church which church to come I don't follow you, Sheila. Oh, and who is Yeshua and I checked mean that that's Jesus Sheila Nagy, then why does a say in Matthew 121 you shall call his name Jesus B minor ecology and got five Hellenized Persian hitman because no current kind Scripture whatever name get Dodge either his name and only thing you sure Cindy would learn all you had Hebrew yet okay that's good. What's a gimbal letter on anyone hold on. I think it would love to hear a folks should get interesting.

77207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. Let's see, Sherry, are you still there hello share, regrouping on so you say the name of Jesus is not Jesus even though they said it so the name Jesus or Jesus occurs over 900 times in the New Testament are they all wrong word drive work when and where will originate yet what language was the New Testament written either in Hebrew wow you have any any evidence that it was all written in Hebrew.

You know, if you don't you look up Simco Matthew so far not having to scroll to hold on to the hold on hold on so I checked out the Josephus information is not in reference to the entire New Testament so you're saying all of the original Hebrew new testament documents are lost regarding yet. What I learned lately haven't been out there and and who burned them people I can't remember who I just thought at the center of the manuscripts that were copied by the Jews sacred documents of the Hebrews, which would in the diaspora in the 60s when the Jews scattered all through the training area and it would've taken varying copies to different areas. All of those were also obtained and destroyed right. I am not certain on that issue because I just thought of the kind of feel okay so I don't use it so it's a limited district. I just asked a simple question because they would've written all you're saying it's all the New Testament documents are 27 books remit in Hebrew, and then there during the diaspora, which is when Nero was with me when Rome came in and kicked rear on Jerusalem.

Then the Jews were scattered to call the dispersion of diaspora they would've taken these Hebrew documents with them all over the place and it would've already had them copy because of her sacred documents in the Christian Hebrews it all over the Mediterranean. And so, somehow, all of those original Hebrew copies early times were all burnt.

They've got them all and burned up right and replaced them with Greek right now. I did not find out what what what about the margin of use you what what lineage working more to it sure was a Hebrew.

Thanks for talking with the Greek Greek and try to get you to demonstrate that other New Testament documents were written in Hebrew and since you said they were all burned. Then I'm trying to say how do you know they're all burned because they would've been dispersed throughout the Mediterranean area. That means someone had to go get them all find them all and burn up with it and I ended I have to. So then how does the who wrote the Greek equivalents Greek to follow you as you have gone on around sound that include Paul Follett, you II just got he was a Roman.

Did he speak Greek may have meant that he was okay so so that all of these, the apostles, and when it says Paul wrote Galatians, then somebody else translated from the Hebrew into the Greek and then burn the Hebrew right now I'm down on that and I let you out okay okay Sobieski is Jesus God in flesh.

If you are looking for the word of the living word the light of the world and the misconduct the better question is Jesus God in flesh. There had never been Jesus payment you elect the workmate flashed looking for at her like a well is the word made flesh, God in flesh, yet so this person that you call Yeshua this you have to. I don't see it word for word made flesh name. Do you want to: what's the name you want to: main issue are you okay so does Yeshua have two natures, a divine nature and human nature might so the answer is yes or no. He has two natures divine and human dinner yes or no. It does have that right now right hand in a semi and neophyte we are waiting.

I tell you what it maybe if if if I would ask the same question slowly you would answer this the actual question to ask is that the grant know you not answer my question.

I said is Jesus right now. People Yeshua right now. Does he have two natures, both divine and human. Right now yes or no and interest of mine in the flesh. Okay I say I didn't ask did he ascend in the flesh I said, does he right now have two natures, divine nature and human nature looking very okay so the answer is yes.look at Mattel Sherry. It shouldn't take you this long to answer simple question. I shouldn't have to ask the same question over and over Explanation, I think aunt Betty Niemi. We need bonds has been like if I forget the law, and is now a fanfare about excuse me, I didn't ask for an exclamation.

I just asked for simple answer to a simple question. So this is what you said, here's a good. Now this you can pontificate a little bit on. So, what must you do to have your sins forgiven and and believe that you hear it or figure out our effort eat our Savior conquer our thank working out if okay so if I worship on Sunday. Is that acceptable you keep. I asked if I worship on Sunday.

Is that acceptable you can worship any day of the week. It commanded okay so I can worship on Sunday. If I want right you keep okay yes and no.

So I can worship what I date correct that the commandment not a big applicant you have to keep the Sabbath to be saved. We are told that you love me.

We you will keep my commandments that I would like to get you up if anyone that they love God and that one is a liar and that you could not first John Johnson 41 John 21st for you so messy question. You have to keep the Sabbath to be saved. I would imagine it qualification yet. If you cannot get the bank so the answer is a solid interest.

Yes, you have to keep the Sabbath to be safe. Okay, keep the secular through okay. Can you follow me. What else you have to do to keep yourself saved or will build a dam and little No longer able to hold on, hold, and obey the commandments.

Okay commandments. How many of them are there to give me 338 you shall have no other gods before me. You cannot bring to run the name of Yahweh your God and and you shall not commit adultery.

Every month okay so but you can also Sabbath is in there.

You keep the Sabbath right before keep the Sabbath you can commit adultery and and stuff to be saved so I assume you can lose your salvation right you tell me what one Corinthians 9 through 12 is talking to young believers or not talk about the believers so it's good so you can lose your salvation.

Is that correct you can okay so you keep it by how good you are and how you obey the law, you keep it by simply living your life as a Kadosh part okay so so then you keep your salvation with God by your obedience to the law, the commandments okay so how's that working for you how to how you doing are you keeping all the commandments, looking at Michael's auditing is still not not keeping them as a single 25 doesn't say that tell you to obey all of it. Everything you are you I can get that you have to say to the best of your belly doesn't wire you all try to text what the weight Eve did talking to the devil. When just slip off offered the word of all for the word of God to make it fit.

Why did you just do that. I didn't get it at what why I asked you a question I asked you if you keep the commands you said you're trying to get a free care and heartbreak to look back on them and will take I want you to think keeping them or is it not the case that you're keeping them it's either yes, you already know you're not in the level level infection, perfection see how you're doing with that read that folks that I call 7707 fun in the chat room. All right, Sherry, are you still there sure would you say that Yeshua is the standard of moral perfection. Okay, do you keep the law on the same level as Yeshua I'm not a perfect individual and what do you keep the light on the same level as Yeshua my ability do you keep the law on the same level as Yeshua. I keep him on the back of my ability to I am not the Messiah or the board make a living.

So I do not income like all-around line make his hearing. Hold on, hold, is it the case that you keep the law. The level of Yeshua or is it not the case that you keep the law on the level of Yeshua which I can't get law on the level of each like a living so answer is no, you don't.

All right, so you don't keep the law perfectly. But Jesus did and it trying to be Yeshua and you're trying to be right before God by keeping the law on John. Great work are one 54,000 but you he says and do the McCoy 726 cursed is he who does not confirm the words of law, but doing them in all that he will will say amen and we know the following to 1918.

Leviticus 1918, you shall love love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Are you loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Yet okay so the answer is no, you're not good you're not doing on lovely Jesus. Are you if you will like them, looking for any but a perfect man okay I'm not not listening, not listening you're not keeping the law on the level of Jesus took us about a minute to get you in the law says that you're supposed to obey it due to number 27, 26, the law says you're supposed to love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength.

I'm asking you is it the case that you are loving the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. Are you back at my no no no you don't say yes I am. To the best of my ability because that's not even true. That's a lie.

You don't do it to the of your ability. Yet you didn't because we are not hiding you are lower. I'll show you how it bought earlier I got lying because there's always something more you can do to honor God and love him even more than you always are. You are because otherwise you're saying you're keeping on the level of Jesus giving Yeshua, which you said you're not.

That means you're not doing with all your heart, soul, mind and strength easier. Trying which means you're not doing it.

Which means you condemn yourself to your own state of damnation by your arm law and is correct because you're not a Christian, you're right.

I probably need a knock on Christianity. You don't have, you are you are lost. Just inform Imad, but you don't have your sins forgiven because you do here you dare to add your works to the blood of Christ in you, yeah John. Romans 323 we maintain in man is justified by faith apart from the works of the law Romans for five the one who does not work but believes in him will justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness.

Romans 51. Having therefore been justified by faith. For the Bible says that justification is the declaration of righteousness by faith without any works of the law due to Galatians chapter 3 is one, two and three in Galatians 5 versus 12345.

You can read those you can see that anyone who taken for the law represented by the circumcision is then cursed and doesn't have salvation. According to Paul the apostle is teaching right there. There is you don't know the context. Excuse me you don't set Scripture against Scripture right. Not contradict the traffic to clear your mind about why I didn't know Sherry, your occultist, I sorry I don't believe no you don't get not merely you might like to further things.

So I said when I would not already committed adultery with her in her saying that you have to keep your salvation, your forgiveness compliance with the law which you admit you're not keeping you coming you finally do not like eat it all.

Not there any thank you making whatever they want live their life the way they have a 40 minute Yahweh that their state's reference. Your guy was a lot worse.

No I did not first content 69. Don't you know that the unrighteous will not sound like can want to thank you Bob.

Please let me finish. The unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God.

Do not be deceived into fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, etc. as were some of you as were not anymore. Now, what makes you talk about Capex chair cherry not be don't listen to the word of God you tramp got under your feet not making the word of God. You have to just jump in and alter it and change it, and in your pride you say you can keep the law sufficiently to get your salvation with the infinitely holy God of the universe that Mormons teach. That's with the Roman Catholics to set the Jehovah's Witnesses to know this now. Yes, it is they do. I was studying them and I don't think my pilot that you don't.

You don't listen. They do the same thing. They add words to salvation. No, I'm not work. I'm telling you what Scripture is that what is revelation revelation can well you're jumping a lot of Judy jump all over the place of a person that just jumps all over the place generally is as a person who doesn't think very logically or critically you're jumping all over the place and try like you say things one verse at a time have to ask you the same question multiple times to get you to get an answer.

You keep changing the word of God. You keep challenge. I know I ask, and so I'm trying to get your attention that you're not acknowledging we could move along control the time. Folks, we got a car whitened and obviously she doesn't have all her positive litter box.

Let's go to Matt from Wisconsin met welcome. You're on your bike in every yes I can. Yes, I can okay okay got so I became familiar with you. Not very long ago like I think like outdoor so okay and I thought I saw a couple of your debate one with the one you had with our involved one with honey and another with a gentleman whose name I don't remember but the topic was on the morality of the God of the Bible and you an atheist, so that I am actually and so is not, as I understand it, but you you client for get your morality from the God of the Bible. Yes. So I have a question that pertains to a certain passage and the book of Deuteronomy before going to that I don't I don't know very much about you, but do you have a daughter, be careful, yes it so the best the data? Here in Deuteronomy chapter 22 verse 28 the 29th have had a drink using listing. Sorry to me to catch up rudely, but if it's are some bad stuff there. If she gets so accosted physically by a guy that is going to pay money etc. okay, it had just this country polite organized. They are audit tonight and I have extra though given that Into the what you that if you know the mountain her demand goes up and pay the father 50 shekels, and that they are married and I can't divorce and so that is the decree from the God which you claim your morality from so the question I if you found out that your own daughter was the thing happen to her and the man who did it and I was in the man who did it and you and made you the equivalent of 50 shekels of silver.

Would you give him a blessing to marry your daughter, of course not, why not, because if a guy came to my door and this is the case. I called the police on him and prosecute him. Why ready.

There's something called ethnocentricity. This is what you're committing here. You're failing to understand the culture of the time. It's one thing I'll explain what's going on there that another thing is you're presupposing in your atheism. If you have a universal value of morals by which you can then judge this got a strict Christianity.

You may not like it you can't do an external critique because in external critique means you have to have a set of morals that are universal that are applicable to the situation to which the Christian must adhere within to have an actual critique by which you can justify universal morals is nothing you can do from an atheist spectacle is one problem.

If you go to an internal critique, which is what you trying to do or you may want to do that like I do is give you the culture and sit with the culture was in the times to understand in that culture. For a woman to lose her virginity in the a certain manner was to forfeit her right of marriage because nobody would want.

I don't mean to be derogatory for the ladies, but this is how they would think of it should be damaged goods. So in that culture. A woman who could no fault of her own was accosted that way was, so to speak, damaged goods and lot largely the men would not want to marry her so she then would not have someone as a family to take care of her and the progeny blessing of children so because they didn't have jails back then in the Jewish culture.

The man who did this was enforced to marry her and he could not divorce.

Take care, responsibility, and we may say now I wouldn't do that right.

I wouldn't do that now. But that's what it was back then. If you want to say it was wrong back then you have to come up with a standard by which you could say that it is wrong, not just that you don't like it okay, but why would God give different rules for different people. I mean if he can command you can if you're not where if he can command you to not wear different fabric if he can command not look at a woman with lot. Why couldn't he command people against the amino woman is raped against her will and is forced to marry someone against her will, and it doesn't say forced were almost at a time and learn about this what Gus was let go discusses more with you, but it didn't say that. And if you want to read the touch was not good hold on Rosado time here. I'm just telling you that it doesn't say what you said and force her but not read it up it was. I gobbled it was his obligation to do that if he didn't do that well.

There was problems with them socially say why would God say that they do not know because the culture was different. The situation was radically different. That's why you were at a time seriously. Call him next week.

Okay there is you had studied universals and how you can round morals C. Anti-moral realist or a moral realist vote real time.

The Lord bless you hope and joy that God's grace better next week.

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