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June 2, 2022 5:00 am

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June 2, 2022 5:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt discussed his newest articles released on CARM.--2- Can you explain Haggai 2-23 in regard to Jesus' genealogy---3- Matt comments on the recent school shooting.--4- What do we do with the idea, as a Christian, who says -I don't care whose in the White House. I'm for king Jesus.---5- What do you think and understand about the Lutheran idea of baptismal regeneration---6- What Bible reading plan would you recommend---7- What is the big deal whether baptism is done by sprinkling or emersion-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is thought a lot more questions about Bible doctrine why Rimes is called responding to your questions and look much like clockwork or having a good time up at a good weekend opening worked out for you and oh by God's grace here. We are all right.

We have no callers waiting right now if you want to give me a call who called you to do is dial 772072276.

All right tonight to be doing a little bit of a thing in Spanish on my Spanish is okay but not as good as it needs to be so good a friend who is a police officer in a major city who does work in his spare time against false cult groups and so while he now be doing some chatting. He's speaking literally will course down the Spanish little, but doing that I might put that link up on the web on condo/calendar may be will to see how that goes. And if you want to give me a call like a set forth in lines now 877-207-2276. Today I released a couple of articles and one is on how to do apologetics with unbelievers. Another one is if God is on the benevolent and released to the weekend God exists because and one on the Granville Sharp rule so often busy next three days I've written four articles. The Granville Sharp rule really interesting rule and son Titus 213 is a computer 11 show the DT of Christ and of God exists because that's it.

The title and I explained that if people want to know why I think God is on the benevolent or something that the atheist safe got on the benevolent watcher suffering in the world and the Severn article about that because they often asked that question is a crucial is on the benevolent.

What is it mean worship Scripture does it mean that he's he doesn't have justice does have mercy. These are all of one thing that we can talk about in the other article I wrote doing. Believe it or not, with the how I've been observing a lot of Christians were doing apologetics on the web. Some of them are quite rude, condescending, showing little patience and I been telling them directly and indirectly that they need to be more biblical in their approaches with the with the unbelievers will see how that goes.

So I wrote an article about that. How to help thought we practice apologetics with unbelievers.

I really do try and be patient with him and gentlest Bible says and put that in there and went to the slaughter stuff happen you know a lot of stuff happening so good stuff all right, all right, all right. When we get on the air with Ray from. I will rate welcome your on the air was first thrown Lenny through Marion and 23 was signet ring with on him and it terrified was referred you shed any light on the issue here is so there two genealogies when Joseph went to Mary and it's the magic and I is one curse to the just the genealogy of Joseph so the biological line is through Mary, the legal line is through Jack and I and the curse was directly on a direct descendent will Jesus is not a direct descendent biologically, but he did retain the legal obligations with that so that's that's a solution there is that biological descendents. He was to marry the legal was through an essentially goes through Joseph and Jeff and I was in that genealogy okay I agree and that recognize every three like that that would Lord that God refers, though, that wouldn't necessarily bend though any longer.

I wasn't sure how what you thought about that really thought about the issue of remove the curse what verse is that in Scripture.

When I got 2223 I did little to accuse rentable/LTL my servant to clear the Lord will make you look a signet ring are chosen well, I don't see that as being a what you said there buses now bring down the NAF in the comment and that you and everything that was it. Jack and I ran down the plate and authority and that was remove the check and see no that's not what I've heard, but enough is what it is I'm always learning new stuff so as okay. At last, Burson Haggai okay find out and see what the lineage is and if that's qualified in their I don't know if that's correct, but I'll check it out. I can never have time right what RMA got lost right. Thanks a lot and we have four lines if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 is good through to from Raleigh, North Carolina Rudolph, welcome your near yet you like what black and black Democrat will not quit flat black Democrat will grant full they don't a lot and everything to get the black.

The question is what Democrats don't vote. What no I know that you know will cause a lot of Democratic that they have to die with Democrat Amy or anything like you asking are you asking why it's a Blacks voting for Democrats and know now I would make why I think that a lot of black people that they think that dear Democrat, that is what will you that he liked the program and things like question, Jacob. Okay I why you think Democrat cannot bow for Republican God publican or I don't know what to do or don't. I don't know all of them to tell you if they do or don't statistically they don't generally I think the Republican Party is is un-American and I think it's socialistic.

I think the Democrats and a lot of the rhinos are doing harm to our country and our Constitution and our trip to the Constitution underfoot is what I believe I will think like Matt, Matt, I'm black and not be back alive. The thing is that the name of the of you with that thing that the Republican Democrat that what the roof all work that thing for the black sure where you're going with this, follow you, you so much for the sensei okay if you question don't try and direct an answer to the specific question that we are going with all this.

I think my quick because I know how to tell you what what what lengths you thing about writing. I don't get getting a specific question, then call me back in and to ask a specific question you all right right but it sounds a little rough around hey we have five open lines going to be called wide open 877-207-2276 you know I been doing a lot of thinking about the condition of our country little bit of a commentary so there was a shooting at the school in Texas and then with what I do is get rid of the guns and then Biden. I'm sorry but he's just not mentally with it kind of obvious, but noticing that 9 mm is too big of a caliber to have it it's it's only talking about but what I see is my opinion is that the leftists have gotten control of our country and they've ruined our country, they have removed God out of everything that they can say have instituted liberal agendas like promo, sexuality, pro-abortion, socialist principles, heavy taxation, they are subject to not even know why.

Both are subject to this so this save the earth right now thing the dirt is dying ridiculous. We duty to care of our resources, but they use this to gain power and so when things get really bad. They pass laws to cover the problems they created. So think about this the guns that that are in our country.

There were what I understand statistically more people on the guns 50 years ago and do now, but there weren't these these mass shootings going into schools is not considered. The problem, it's society. Society is caving in on itself. The morals are gone. God is no longer there. The vacuum left by removing God has resulted in so many bad things happening and then what do the leftists do to solve the problems that they've created will he punish those who are law-abiding. This is their way this with the leftist of this with the Democrats to and just so you know I don't support Republicans either the Republican I'm a constitutionalist of the Constitution is to be of help and and really understood and defended is a great document. Not perfect because people are perfect with the minute but nevertheless this will this be done and I just don't it's going bad for you to call five open line, think 772072276 electronic Canada maps like why call 77077 back to the show before the break commission Canada to does propose a national freeze on gun ownership can buy sell trade do anything it just one step further to towards totalitarianism as the part when the people in power. Fear the the possession of guns doing remove the guns because then the people can't rise up and save had enough of this and use different excuses or to get this done with a they say on one hand they don't listen to on the other. They say they want to save lives looked statistically people for more people are saved by the possession of guns in self-defense then are killed in these shootings and so if their concern is to save lives, then logic would demand that they equip more people with guns, such as logic or to not do that because the politically correct if everyone has guns. Everyone's equal and what we finding of because of varying morons who lack and shoot people up.

Then the governments respond by taking away the guns of the law-abiding. This is ludicrous. It's idiotic and stupid.

What Canada is doing now you know I think the dictator behave like one.

He is going to knock start confiscating the guns and you know it'll happen. And as you know the saying goes on credit rolls downhill and so is gonna come the United States next to try. It was good to careful folks. The second amendment is for the protection of the people against the government, as well as self protection. This white was instituted the second amendment was instituted because they the populace wanted to make sure that the government could not come in with its weaponry and take over and then force the people to do what they wanted to do second and it was for this self-defense against tyranny that what was for only ask you tyranny approaching. Let's get to Rosman Bossman from Ohio. Welcome younger was talking I've got a question I was listening. So to this point and I thought okay for blonde want to see if I can get through Matt, what do we do, how do we handle our pass-throughs who say I don't care who's in the White House. I 14 Jesus and then everybody in the in the room you know shout hallelujah and I met in class stupid to say like it is as stupid as I don't care who's in control. Yeah so what if it's a communist atheist who hates Christianity and wants to close all churches, but I don't care who's in control. I don't care who's over us.

Why should we be concerned with the secularists who promote homosexuality, who promote transgender's who promotes socialism who want to confiscate our rights. Why should we be worried about that because we have Jesus go years on the throne and you know what God who's always been on the throne. Often, would send in a foreign nation to destroy Israel and take them. That's right because because the leaders in Israel were not obeying God and the people of God were not that which must be doing so when it is if a pastor gets up there and says I don't worry about it. I'm not concerned about we don't need to be concerned about.

It doesn't matter that's wrong. It's flat-out wrong. The get go out the list.

We had the listener in that room. Matt, what do we do you go talk to the pastor is safe. Why are you telling us not to be concerned about the unbelievers who hate God, who work ruling over us. Why would that not be a concern. Some quote from Pastor Charles Finney you'll indulge me, are you familiar it was called. The church must speak about politics or there will be no God-given freedom.

Have you heard of that that nobody's like this, the church must become politics or there won't be a church that typically work after Charles Finney said seven years ago and I sent it to a dear brother of mine for his review and he he text me back. Great quote and I said not only to the great quote but it's the convicting one because Charles Finney just goes to ride in Matt and said I'll just quote one of the lines. If there is a decay of conscience, but is responsible for any goes all the way down to the fog. Our government becomes corrupt and falls away.

The carpet is responsible for it and I thought wow that's that's the hint of that is is not responsible until something bad happens. Now we are responsible now before something bad happens.

Preaching the truth and Christians need to be involved in politics need to be involved in government involved in schools.

We need to be the light in the salt in the world but the unbelievers will look what's happening around us look with the unbelievers are doing their letting criminals go loose and then calling mom's who protest about the transgender stupidity is being forced under kindergartners first second third graders throats and there there being called terrorists. This is always saying it's insane. This is what the unbelievers do and to say we shouldn't be involved with that is ludicrous stupidity. We of course are to be involved with it. If someone enters home and have some in the home committing adultery or going out and stealing and you find out then you need to be dressed. You can't escape it's okay is not my concerned your corsets are concerned. Jesus will take care of it by Using people. That's what he does would let some people are going with people want to hear what Christians want to do is find an excuse to do nothing. They want to find an excuse to lay the cross down and set they wanted wow find an excuse to do nothing. If we Christians were to be united in this country and not with violence but to say we've had enough of this done and protest gather in the streets and do do the peaceful protests and I mean all over the place and we are done with this, it will change society. But what Christians do they look to the blonde hair, black, location server, Jesus dressed in a woman's nightgown standing at the door of your sovereign heart asking permission for you to let them in, so that he can pretrip rapture you adhere to get to worry about it because Jesus is on the throne.

Don't worry about anything and yet what happens is our world is becoming more and more pagan. And so Jesus called us to be the disciple makers and to be the balance on world. The unbelievers are going to do it and so every pastor should be concerned about this system is gonna preach every day. But every pastor should be concerned about this is good. We all that was written by the great dialogue by the great Mark all were out on the body after the break Kayla to hear the folks if you're blind would give me a call 877-207-2276 max Y77077 back to the show Bossman fill their wrongful cries on the throne. Obviously he is in the hearts and minds of of the Christians Christians 12 jumps out at me. Matt said verse 27 now you are the body of Christ members so Christ is our pass-throughs on the quote I don't care who's in the White House. If we are the body of Christ, shouldn't we be doing and we can have so greatly spoken out about political and not disconnected.

Matt Mojica was never one to see what he confronted the issue of Herod and Pontius Pilate and Caesar.the centurion. He did not rebuke to go do your job well so you politics is what he came for it came to be a sin sacrifice, but what were supposed to do is make disciples of all nations, and if the Christians in this country who work so populous and powerful have given up so much. Then it's our fault and got about four and holds out hope that quote I and I keep thinking we as Christians keep keeping God on the ethereal claimant. You will note all call us to think of but not below.

I get it, but we should be the body of Christ, not 1212 smart call from Kathy ground thing that we are the body while his arms reaching wire while his word and I will metal it is a whole has dropped the cross and left it behind us an amazing as a whole lots of Christians who are working daily in their lives to follow Christ, but as a whole other church is an effective and needs to be some change regular route that they converted concert right and accomplish a pharmacological to give me a call 877-207-2276 before getting mixed colors until your that we need to watch out for the political system is control his desire for control of the more control it breasts from you, the more control it gets and will want to. The more you give it the more it wants the more you give, the less you have, the less you have less freedom you have that so this is we did watch out for. Think of of this with political party is seeking to gain control and gain power to lessen your control is in your power that you watch out for this is simple as that of the repeated which political candidate party. Whatever doesn't matter is moving or preaching or teaching to gain power in the state and lessen power from you and that's what you gotta watch for. Listen to that but the moving to remove your rights and get and give them to the state that will then control you. Why is it important China China is a controlled state and we are not yet moving towards it.

So was China doing with Christianity. Well, did you know this what's happening regularly is China's now closing churches, Christian churches closing them, requiring pastors that are extent in other areas to huge country requiring pastors to preach patriotism, which is loyal to the Communist Party. That's what it's requiring pastors to preach for the pulpit schools in China have been brainwashing children to think that Christianity is an evil cult.

I get this, the, the Communist Party has begun a tenure program to rewrite the Bible and for example this is been leaked. The woman caught in adultery where Jesus forgives her to go and sin no more, and the communist Bible when everyone went out Jesus stoned at the woman, himself, and said I'll am also a center so when people say will try to too far removed when I get that bad, really, how do you know if things go the way they are a far worse command.

The giga stop at your church thing to stop at your own home coming. This is the nature of oppression. Study history don't look at pretrip rapture looking to get out.

It'll be fine. Don't worry about it.

That's the wrong at attitude to have is a sinful attic attitude actively. The pretrip rapture, but to be disregarding our responsibility now to pick up the cross daily and march forward make disciples of all nations don't use the pretrip rapture as an excuse to let the world go bad that's able to get out of it. See the thing is that when the unbelievers get control history tells us what happens and if you don't know what happens signifying this that's I'm a read from an article on car is religion. The number one cause of war which something.

Atheists always say Stalin, Stalin, nonreligious dictator using control using control of Russia 42 million people died as a result of his work of his killing people, executing them, put them in prison going after ministers going after Christians going after the intellectual elite. He was in control and when he was in control 42 million died in the 1900s. That's a tongue 38 million people in China, Adolf Hitler, 21 million people. Chang Kai-shek 10 million Vladimir Lenin 4 million, and it goes on one quote here is almost 170 million men, women and children have been shot being tortured, knifed, burned, starved, frozen, crushed or worked to death buried alive, drowned, bombed or killed in any other of a myriad of ways governments have inflicted death on an armed helpless citizens and foreigners the dead could be conceivably as high as 36 million people. It is though our species has been devastated by a modern black plague indeed has the discipline power matcher.

When people get empower then they become oppressive and as Christians we are to realize our flesh and blood.

It is not the issue its powers and principalities of reward with how many think that maybe when such people get into such great controllers on demonic influence with this is something we as Christians have to entertain went to think about, and it is time and has been time for us to pick up the cross daily and follow Christ raise up children for the glory of God to get involved in politics in writing in movies and schools and teaching the unbelievers are now in control of all those things and look what's happening. It's simple, which I responsibility raise children make them godly.

That's we can and make disciples support ministries that witness support legal lawsuits and groups ACL J that works to defend our rights, support the preaching of the gospel is what to do another things simple. Oracle called to do is get ejected from Wisconsin Jacob welcome here.

I was wondering about the Lutheran feel about all week and I well I went to Lutheran college. My bachelors degree from LC MS college Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, and what I understood. Children with a bit of confusion that I had with them and that's my recollection.

I said that his ex opera apparat, but doing it is done that is Latin that the child thus baptized is in a state of salvation and I never could accept that I I do believe in the baptism of Dr. that I believe it is a covenant site. We dedicate a child signed the covenant is biblical that coincides but not this issue of of by the baptism with the headship of the fit of the father, the family and the church authority that therefore the child is considered saved and it actually is.

And that's what I understood.

I remember thinking this make any sense how to get and I was never satisfied with the answers. So if I were to talk to an LC MS person now about that. I would ask more pointed questions for the next generation and I have that over the years, and their answers are in not very clear lesson folks. Therefore the mind what you give me a call 77207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave back with Jake Jacob Frederick's relatively okay go ahead with what God though they are totally, but they also believe that I that sourcing the baptism is the instrument of face imputation but that's not stated to be the case in Scripture. God grants that we believe the goods 129 and Psalm 2260 to make you believe what I my mother's breast.

So this issue of faith is a minute come from God. No, I won't say that God cannot give faith an infant. I just don't know enough to Melissa yes or no to that God is God and he says it's the supreme one, but I don't see there's hospital system as being legitimate because we are doing is reciting you by the instrument is done, ex opera opera is what it is doing by the instrument by the practice by the ritual by whatever this accomplished and that's a problem probably will we carry work for adult how does what in Lutheran is my dog in the Lutheran view of whatever members are justified by faith and the are to be baptized as a proof or demonstration of the faith of the already have never found anything contrary to that when I went to the Lutheran college and just so you know it's him very top Lutheran theologians in the college so I could learn from some good ones. But that's what I understand what I was hearing went back about that God is always offering the great that because they don't believe in gray and that great to be rejected and that's why there's so many that are baptized at 10 o'clock and irresistible grace means that you can resist God's regenerative work and you so I can misapply death. There teacher when I understand it to be as sacerdotal is that the the ritual itself brings a movement of God's grace into a person by the ritual itself, and that to me is to close to sorcery that you do a certain thing and you get a spiritual result that I that I was getting nervous when I hear stuff like okay right there, or you wondering they believe in my mouth that believe in universal problem felt, how do you compare there with form of the limit the power of the atoning work we limit the scope that's what the differences and so though it's been a long time since I had discussions with Lutherans, knowledgeable Lutherans about the nature and extent of the atonement they do hold to fly.

Remember to do hold to the carious legals of the tuition atonement they just my opinion are weak theologically on it as I member that when I was there and called them everything they don't have their stuff together their two Catholic and they just haven't gone far enough away so there inconsistent and I had many discussions with people with the responses will be to understand this will be believe we they move on like this make any sense you're contradicting yourself. And so will you that I member okay but think they think a lot of it like how well I don't understand how that really compatible will get them on the air with me in the sea with a particularly teach because what you're saying may not be exactly what they teach and so we would need someone who was an LC MS theology. For example, are Wisconsin citizens, or whatever it is, who are knowledgeable and say this is our our position and then we could have a little discussion okay. It like that, that's what I call her so I want to go to the callers okay buddy okay okay now that I guess it would. I'd like to do that are finally going to your video well okay you can respond, but you know I've I've seen responses to my videos and they misrepresent what I say often. And then when they try give up with a call difficult response likely missing points here it's SYC all the time so you never respond and respond them in back and forth. I can do that but have him call in the call sometime okay are the all right is the longest get to Duane from North Carolina. Welcome you are on the air sure quite quite near the eight gray dolomite Babylon eyelet a lot of one year Bible reading plan that I looked up your website is one of their and wanting to admit and what I do have to warn you of a you a laptop or anything, but you work that he Bible to probably 15, just 234 chapters a day to be done here.

That's if you give one day off a week, but he reads basically 3.2 three quarter something little static, it just reads the but basically three chapters a day seven days a week and almost finished the entire Bible to read for a day.

Good couple days off 345 Newsweek off of a month off.

You can read it. That's all just just answer four chapters a day so that I may be reading at once and they all want to do something like that. He wants you to read one book in the Genesis 1 book in Isaiah 01 chapter it is in Isaiah one chapter in Matthew and chapter enrollments just keep a record so that you go through read this retreat through or read two chapters the Old Testament to chapters in the New Testament worked three chapters in the old and one chapter. The new when everyone is fine. Kind of like that's what I would read I just go straight through it and you know I could do it again with Jennifer Wells and do it again to do 3 to 4 chapters a day depending how much you read okay okay alright God bless this get to Vicki from North Carolina.

Vicki welcome you are on the air on all rights to the right thing at all other money I missing something, and what it is, is that a lot of thought that baptism only can be by immersion into do it any other way is not being biblical so they will have a conniption fit. If you try and save by sprinkling are pouring even though biblically I can defend the position that Jesus was was so sprinkled is baptism not immersed, or the very least port upon so don't make sense because just read with the Scriptures teach so I remember when I was first studying this.

I I came to the to the issue with the belief that baptism meant immersion and so I start studying and it took a couple three years but I came to the conclusion note is not the case. It can mean it, but not just that I have plenty of references on that. In fact, let's see if you go to harm that orchestra Kundera group/cuts for the cut-and-paste stuff and if you go down that you'll see outlines the new section I added on that page in the bottom of there is baptism and what I did was I put forth their the actual outlines about 80% of what I actually use in Microsoft Word when I do debates when I do teachings members everything that I have my notes there, just publish these and people can go through and see there's no commentary it's country that's right your little but is an outline like baptism, the Greek immersion Washington sprinkling cleanse and washing baptism of tribulation washings, how it's used pouring the Holy Spirit is always poured about upon us and that's the baptism of the Holy Spirit, but it's always spoken of as being a pouring it into the notes right there not to write their people in the looking at their go check the stuff in the so that way they can make their own light. I your for the most part yes but you know is long as it's with in the issue of either sprinkling which is how it was done in the Old Testament a lot the pouring because he does is in act 15 that to John the Baptist, baptized with water, and Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit. If baptism means immersed is not how it works.

It has to be pouring the Holy Spirit poured next to 28, for example. So it is just a note there sprinkling, pouring, and immersion which are how Baptist BPT the roots is use this cognates in our New Testament so I would say that this inserted the hearts important. That's not the. The only thing I would not recognize baptism if they were used motor oil or something like that you get really ridiculous here, but the idea here is, is that within what you do for the desert you know and you want to pursue must be baptized and say they don't think of you live because her dying of thirst out there plane crash. Whatever someone preaches against slaves baptize what is baptized in her so no water. What you do I will think God can condemn the water in all of the situation so yeah we need to be gracious here gracious, which I think is no, I don't really have about half a minute left to go ahead and bring me a lot of time.

Like normal landing gear I do that I do that frequently something yeah there's really gotta go call them tomorrow talks more about sorry will run out of time will bless ride a focus for the Lord bless you by his grace were dwelling there tomorrow across the blessed another program powered by the Truth Network

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