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May 6, 2022 3:00 am

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May 6, 2022 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What do you think of the possible supreme court decision---2- Is cremation ok---3- Do you think we can see the world once we are with the Lord after we've died- --4- What do you think the mark of the beast actually is---5- Can someone be a pastor who was divorced in the past---6- How does John 17-3 work with the Trinity---7- Does -in the name of- mean by the authority or power of the person being named---8- Where in Scripture does it say that we go to heaven when we die-

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Why is knowledge is a lot more you and other callers. All you do, dial 877-207-2276 when her friend, give me a call be great and let's see what we just to run on the phones and get to know Cameron from Nampa he Cameron a buddy. I don't hello I calling. Oh well, you, your sidewalk in my notable original Cameron appointment you walking are you inside no way I'm driving home already. Okay what I can find a call in celebration of the early leak is invited to drink port looking like they're going to strike down Roe V Wade waited while it not going to make important legal it would pave the way so that they if they go to make baby murder illegal awesome awesome awesome you heard about that.

It's not official will see what happens. But people are up in arms because the baby killers want to go to destroy human life on different chat systems that the stop is coming up and try to get in one with a didn't have time to get into it because so 20 people had to be talking but it's a big topic and you have written a lot about it, talking about it is just praise God you don't praise God but Galbraith want to kill the unborn for their own convenience and in the stamina on the moral high horse that they have the right of robotic water telling you to get go to the code vaccination. That's right, hypocrites and come up. I called Bill about day the Lord or that yes I hope it happens. I hope the remove it and you don't. Maybe because her blessing this country if folks are doing things that are godly instead of ungodly and then we can stop this promotion of homosexuality. LGBT Q stuff in the school store kindergartners. Yeah, that's what I'm hoping for at least I toward God instead of in obvious rebellion right on this rebellion in the left is having a meltdown over twitter and they don't think that the left is really interesting. The far left is the are tolerant only of their own view letter accusing others of being intolerant and their hypocrisy is is just carried around in a little red wagon behind them and they throw stupidity out as though it's brilliant rational thought they could. They are so full of hypocrisy and lies, and I'm hoping I'm hoping that it goes all the way and I just was there because I'll tell you the right to privacy does not mean you can kill your life talk yet you got the right murder and what out to get a call up what is that we didn't want anything anything human like an when you're going to violently strike that lighted what what what what you call that other than murder.

Within LCL you know life doesn't begin at conception and continues a conception. Incidentally and I human life is right there things needed for for that is). I've argued logic with some a lot of abortion reports over the years and they don't have her, but very good answers at all.

They don't start cross-examining them falls apart.

It does Goodman let it be said, I don't work is that it A good I got up work at a normal night that we are good to go to my house and clean up the hustle for you if you get a fairly joke. Okay, well hopefully not letting that happen around that's right you let me know when this could happen after everybody already calculator sounds good. All right, as can refer to mine. His good guy is good and let's see you get through the lines 877207276 Joe from Ohio Angel looking year. They met this video for all or a question about cremation. As I walked the walk with the Lord, it started how it's perceived in the Baptist Christian church. You know my big thing when it comes to the rapture of the dead in Christ will rise first. And how is that when my physical body on. I know when you go to heaven. It doesn't you know your spirit will go to heaven.

I know it just your I'm just kind of want to get closure on the whole cremation because just filming on that. I greatly appreciate. There is no difference between cremation effectively and a person who, with died at sea 2000 years ago and is body was consumed by the elements of the predators in the starfish and crabs bodies gone information. The bodies gone. People who are dead in the grave.

Nothing left of their bones and submit sometimes over fossilized there gone, God can certainly reconstruct however way he does. Our bodies and that's the issue.

The it's our personhood that has continuity. The essence of what we are. That can be placed in a resurrected body, not a problem. God can do that and he we will do that cremation is not un-biblical. It is not a sin to be cremated, cremated, no big deal, and so is Fars rapture goes in first Thessalonians 416 future fivers to talks about when Jesus ascends a sense descends from heaven with a shout. The last trumpet, the dead in Christ rise first. This means the resurrection that they who have died and gone on be with him will be then united with their physical bodies and then those who are alive and remain that will happen to them and then we'll all go up whoever we them will all go to be with the Lord in heaven, and will forever have our glorified resurrected bodies great and one more question that like my grandma like she doing the works of the Lord right now right.

She got his land and made right the works of the Lord forever passed on yet theft on okay what you know and she probably the only person violently can ever feel like that I feel like it and had you known me like 100% like I because of how she lived her life in Christ and the commitment to everything she did always erotically balder outcry and you know how that you have people that they all looking down at the above a block. I don't believe that I believe she's busy working for the Lord is bright, working really working for doing his work. I don't really like always what I know people say physical is admitting words in Scripture. Lord I don't like the work I mean I get, I just mean glorifying the Lord's end is conscious and she's with the diffuser Christmas is with the Lord and not a problem and enjoying his fellowship in residence and and the wing patiently for me to join her about right.

You believe we can look down at the world as we can't leave it from heaven. You believe that that the end were in that kind of state.

No, I don't either look downright think about it, you know, I live in a house. I can see across the house. I could see across the street and much further than that. You know who's out walking over there so people to be looking down all their friends all over the place simultaneously that it is no different parts of the country.

I just don't like it just took nothing the Scripture says a lot so I like to say that one is looking down on this way you know I understand the sentiment, knowing that I don't worry about it, and no sir. Great thank you Matt you're welcome so call back anytime to blunder yeah I will for ever called into the doctor on 43 years old. I would think them for years and years and years and I've never had really the called youth though and you know I I think about it when I'm at work I'm like I need to call Matt in and talk about that. I often thought about cremation because I know it just your body.

It is your physical body you know your spirit is what does the heaven and without. I just wanted to get your thought on it because I value your though I think the judge was a good okay good looks at that.

Anyway, I will call again all right joke of lesbian okay thanks I post what you may call 877-207-2276 is will also remind you that we have three online schools are doing to check amounts to his and you I just don't like doing this like a start on this more often is just let you know that we still nearby your donations.

That's how it works.

You know, so if you would like to show you want me to stay on the air like it then. Please consider supporting the whole bunch. Just go to car better. Org/donate and you can set up we like give us a little bit even just on a monthly basis that really helps us make plans to budget. We know what's coming in, but one time or multiple of recurring is fine. You don't just come the report/20 okay alright let's jump on with Alberto from George Alberto El Camino near anything.

I think my question is about a market update if they think. I think Mark and the weak numerical number is not convenient. What about that live you know the 666 is the number of the beast with it means is that when you write a word in Greek. You are also writing numbers and so the word has a numeric value of the word for Jesus, which is Jesus's 888 word for fish exposed as numeric value of 1224 so the name of the antichrist will come up with 6666 is the number of man because man was created on the sixth day and that it's a mockery of the Trinity and it's is what it is. As of this mark could it would literally be the numbers 666. It could be.

Could be something else could be the mark of his name is the name is six minutes, Bob number from total mark in the great I doubt it.

But it's possible we don't know exactly what it is. But on the right hand the Fort and some think is a spiritual mark but not a physical mark. Some think it's a physical things but both so there's just a lot of conjecture and what it is. But if someone comes along and says do a we want to put a mark she can buy and sell it on your forehead or your right hand is a no thank you and then you learn how to survive without my selling because you want to come work okay. Being here that yeah what about I hope the right.

I don't believe they are but I certainly hope they are seen Scripture people to escape tribulation to go through. That's how it always is through it and well. If Americans were to get out of it. The real all right have felt striven for but not what you call 877-2076 will be right back. Mass Y770776 charismatic slave. Everyone wanted me a call.

We have four lines I want to hear from you do is dial 877207276 and we can talk all right. It's good to Stephen from Greensburg. He welcoming on here [all for charter color from it with me like my question is in regards to qualification for pastor typically where it states in the Bible that the pastor must be the husband of one wife no issue with women pastors all my flesh. We will have no litigation women pastors you say it's okay to be when investors know absolutely not okay good okay absolutely not good for exactly that it get it right monthly that to qualify, you must be the husband of one wife, I've never met a woman that qualified to be the husband of one wife. There were my question is in regards to a pastoral candidate that in divorced in the past that where I pastor first thing is having them.

Let's talk some questions because we interviewed multiple candidate Mobley interviewed multiple candidate and several of them have been married in the past divorced but one in particular was married at a young age, before they became a born-again believer that ended in divorce by the end remarried got saved after they were on their second marriage have been faithful to that spouse over 20 years and then they got saved, and then they felt called to the ministry because they were married and divorced as an unbeliever, are they biblically disqualified from serving as pastor even though that trick took place when they were a nonbeliever some stuff okay. Says chapter 1 verse five to appoint elders, verse six, if any man is above reproach, the husband of one wife, having children who believe now what if he's not married it's never been married and divorced the Texas husband of one wife. How can you be a pastor and after having children plural. I guess you have more than one child. Okay SB husband means is getting married and have at least two children now what you do. Having present tense two children and a mental may not happen, but his wife and children died in a car accident now is single.

The Bible says is going to husband of one wife, having children to believe or what if you have a husband and wife Christians a raise her children and godly ways and then they will buy the house.

Let's say five, 10 years after leaving the house to become unbelievers now have children who believe what is disqualified. How literal do we take things out.

Some people it was a matter you really can't do that and then also say when McAfee pastors and elders.

And yes I can because there's more argument there, but were talking specifically about the issue of that so there are differences of opinions that that arise in this condition. So how I look at exiles give my opinion what I've seen, Scripture I'll tell you their people disagree with me so it does save a man's above reproach, the husband of one wife, it would.

It is saying the Greek is on her music and I cussed and it means a man or a husband of one woman or and it generally is a husband of one wife. That's how it's to be, we could say he holds to the position of having one wife in that culture.

At the time you got married very early, often with arranged marriages as it was presumed that they could be married very early age to have one wife doesn't say you can have multiple wives, one after the other, but of one wife that's present tense. So what you do if a husband has a wife and she dies and emerge another woman.

Now, as does your husband of one wife while in one sense, yes another. Since no. So of course I was a hasty sparkly qualify to be a pastor. You humans had a second wife with both his wife die and he is 1/3 wife will is not disqualified. What if she can't have children or he can't have children and he's a husband is a good godly man can you be pastor. I don't see the reason why could not. So what were doing for looking at this were looking at as being a normative thing, but when the Petco pastors and elders of the litter topic folks a great I just mean other things having to go to first of the 517 cross-reference was to contribute to 12 and 13 freshman all the stuff. At any rate, so now we have to do this now. We talk about the situation. His a couple was married a man was married is an unbeliever who divorces his wife whatever reason, will, and it actually is.

This actually matters to some people.

Did she commit adultery, and he was trying to be good and she left him some say well he's disqualified. Even then, some say that is not disqualified within what he do if he divorced her on biblically while that he's disqualified. How far do we go with this. So here's my principle that my principal is this, that what Paul is doing is giving us the normative explanation of man to be pastors, they are to hold having one wife or be one of one wife, at least at a time. If they have children to be believers. That's it. It doesn't say anything about what they did is an unbeliever on Jesus of a Nepal said his previous life as Saul. He counted all of it is loss is gone, it's gone well.

If I were on the committee hiring a pastor at a church found out that he was divorced in his pre-Christian life. In my opinion. Okay you know what it was. Sin is taken away in the cross of Christ. Have you been since then I have a problem with if he was a Christian man and his wife left him would not repent. She sought reconciliation and to no fault of his own nothings perfect, but no fault of his own. She left him that I would say he's not disqualified from ministry because he was doing was honorable to God. She's the one who left because the Bible says of unbeliever. Don't let him go and so he just has a Lafayette fault that this perspective seven. When would you do if he was a Christian now assert no changes. He's a Christian and he divorces his wife and biblically this is like her. That's it done, I'd say he's disqualified.

At that point that Ray would drop a line run in that folder yet trying to get clarification because we have of six or seven candidates we've interviewed nothing so far only one not have a divorce. Her previous marriage in the background while which is been eye-opening for me what you do if someone marries someone to keep her in the United States doesn't consummate it just doesn't, as a favor to somebody run then you legally divorces that person that that's it is at that disqualify you all kinds of scenarios that talk are the things that right exactly but for some of the limp brake lever: want to hear your thoughts and luckily everyone here thought okay I faithful to fulfill lines. I want to give me a call with the bottom of the hour, 877272276 McCauley, Rebecca Van Slyke why call 770776 charismatic slave all right for open lines of what you give me a call if you want 877-207-2276 McCauley can talk with Québec on the phone with Steve Greensboro hasty book. All right, where were we will update about that in regards to a previous marriage. I think your family very very helpful.

The main the main source of disagreement between members of our past name some of our members paying the cause of a merit in their path automatically out of the candidate and I did with that I want to be through faithful to your work. As far as proper qualification, but I also begin going to carefully what happened before in your life work became a born-again believer that they end up in the path of what has your life been since you became a born-again bowler right what what your life now that we're I think that helps to really clarify my position with the paving card. Some of the candidate will media you two things to think about okay one is the principle of erring on the side of grace rather than law is just a principal it sounds good. It sounds right. We continue to for, but we want to be gracious going to gracious and and first Corinthians 7 $0.15. Yet if the unbelieving one leaves let them leave the brother or the sister is not under bondage in such cases.

But God has called us to peace. If that is set in Oxford within 715 not under bondage will then if that means that a person left a spouse let her spend in a spell. She left her spouse.

The other one is not under bondage is freed. So if that's of free thing that happens I think that it can be taken over into the issue of person who was divorced, for whatever reason whatever reason, but you don't. The unbelieving lease. This cantilever leaves commit adultery will repent. Whatever the reason is worth the Christian partner has tried to reconcile the other one leaves but to their sin and rebellion, then I Would Say Ct. in Scripture, we can make the case that are not under bondage and are free to be a pastor right there and is not a sin like the woman that will just like the one below it outgoing than normal. Go within the that's right.

But again, that will something else to look for the reference that God issued a written certificate of divorce to Israel so that she divorce is not automatically sinful, and that's a principal. It's really important not all divorce is sinful for the offended party if it's not always sinful for the offended party and why would they be held responsible for someone else's sin in that case, they're not guilty of it so you kind of the point you're one of the point made was.

So if we were to allow that candidate command.

There is a position of doing marital counseling that could be a stumbling block. Why will again I I've learned many more.

Think of my life. Thank that I might think that it right. You could have a pastor would need to be known at the end of the Congressman is no this is a situation of the of the divorce and we elders of the church of come together and said they've accepted that it was an under it was when he was an unbeliever. It's covered in the blood of Christ, etc. and you move on from there and then I could see him counseling someone and he says yeah I know what I know what it does. I can tell you how bad it is, who will listen. We don't have to be perfect, but we do need to be above reproach will above reproach means you're not the one at the very least, you are not the one doing this so that the bad sin. The cause of the divorce. Again I sink not one person perfect and never makes mistakes. Don't talk with you so easily.

Don't this case he's he's innocent victim. I knew a woman here in the area who whose husband was committing adultery and he didn't repent. She worked to reconcile the marriage and to go to counseling and to work it and he refused to repent, and she came to me and she said what why do he doesn't want to repent of this and I said well you have gone through your steps you need to go through and you've done what it was right before God, you're free to divorce because he is unrepentant and continuing in his rebellion against God, even as God issued a writ of divorce to guess Israel for its spiritual adultery is done and I said, keep a record of everything so that you can when you go to the elders and then a godly man I knew your later asked me about herds what you know about her. I said let me tell you she's divorced, etc. etc. etc. this is how I like and I went through with is the process with her and everything I said she's a good godly woman and she make a great wife for you. So I had that was me. I had no problem with an iron.

Montville that he was qualified for.

You think it, because unfortunately for him, why left him for a dog or woman with an effort that he attempted to birthday. He told her to go to counseling with biblical counseling and you then and in a medically or if you want your the one difficult to initiate that I'm not. I'm committed to making monomeric work, whatever that headache. She refused, repent, and therefore you know they became divorce that he felt that we don't qualified. I would say he is still qualified to be a restaurant, yet it is without end and his church to work with them and now you is a very very strong leak in the church and serve the Lord okay will that really helps to clarify and I will make health but I did Corinthian that will be should never contain setting 15 715 is worth looking at comparing and remember also Aaron set a grace ball is a principal God is gracious to us.

He requires of us love and sacrifice and forgiveness is what he's done with us the legality of law keeping. Nothing shouldn't. It's okay to sin. There's a principal who chose to us to be short within reason paren but good numbers that stop right, all right, let's get to John from only one who we lost maybe is ruptured.

Let's see Randy from contact a ready welcoming on here. There are no think with all the other day about that but you the question I don't know why you don't call and I get what John three lightning lean more towards the board by what Trinitarian where it had calling father, the one true God. There must think you can do ask is Jesus God in flesh… And you can say okay one of them is you got in flesh to say yes so if the fathers only true God, and you, Jesus, God are using is a false God is just a thought because it brings up conversation, it brings up the point of what's going on when he says he only true God, because of the fathers only true God, then who's speaking because it is God in flesh is that some of them say I and our discussion with the one the sky. Today's matter for for the radio show with and who who's talking is it that human nature of God, of Christ talking another divine nature because of it. That's the case that you deny the true incarnation and hyper stasis and in union problems so I think ask questions because really mean what's going on.

That's one way to approach it. This is a conversation but also what I do is also also okay so because it says that that the fathers only true God. It means Jesus is not God one. This is a know he is the father okay will after the vertical show. Okay, so hold the folks please say 23 open lines 877-2077 60 right back after these messages is mass Y call 77077 charismatic/stay on the air by your support. So if you're interested in keeping the show on the air. Please consider supporting us good karma toward all information is right there. Let's get back to Randy from Kentucky.

Granny Schiller if there alright so as I was saying with the issue of the only true God and that I asked him is Jesus God to say yes most of the site.

Yes, course and it is either false God.

If you have someone else to fathers only true God know he is the father will then why is it that in two verses later, he says father, glorify me with the glory I had with you so we are doing to look at the context nursing. You don't want this person you want to say Jesus is the father because of only the God the father is the true God. And yet Jesus just two verses later says glorify other he's talking to the father.

So if he's talking to the father then who is doing the talking to the father. Is it the father talking to the father that makes no sense. If he says well it's the flesh talking to the father. That's what some say just the flesh then is not the divine aspects of the flesh, then he sang within the flesh, the human nature, and glory with God before the foundation of the world that doesn't make any sense. So you start asking questions of the text you run into problems from their understanding where they're saying the fathers only true God and Jesus has to be that father. It doesn't make sense them.

Furthermore, you find out that the Jews spoke sometimes in ways that well literally work accurate.

For example, in Revelation 1912 it says of Jesus, his eyes are a flame of fire, and on his head are many diagrams and he has a name written on him which no one knows except himself. This is speaking of Jesus will that would mean in God the father doesn't know the name but that's not the case, why is it saying it that way or what about Jude for ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ living the father daughter master Lord, the one that's in Québec and see with that that Jesus is the father will if he's the father then how could Jesus say glorify with the glory I had with you before the foundation of the world.

How could he have that existence as Jesus before he was Jesus. You see how we start working with with her sign it falls apart. It just falls apart and so the answer is this he was under the law. Galatians 44 as was such a debate on the law and for little while made lower than the angels. Hebrews 29 and being under the law to have someone he would pray to call God because he was man under that law and in so doing, he called the fathers only true God, but he was not negating his own deity was essentially true, as if there's no other.

Because there is no other God is not saying he is not divine or not God and that one is in Québec and see what that means is the father and you go back in this loop. I talked about where John 17 five and a who Jesus was and stuff like that so that helps or not, but to go like I was talking about there in John one more name is Michael say this shows that there is only one God. How can you ignore the very God exactly great if you pretend it's not there at my work, but it is there. Try this. This is also really good. I think I use this literally today.

John 637 through 40. John 637 through 40 and I'll say to them. Is it because he says all the father gives me clues.

The me is the father is Jesus, the Holy Spirit is on this task who witness it was Jesus. Okay will come to me.

So although father gives me that present tense. So now Jesus, whom you say is the father in flesh is saying all the father gives me that makes sense to say that he's the father who gives himself with no no no Matt he's Jesus the person the human say okay so it's so you say okay all the father gives me this Jesus to their separate their distinct does Jesus have a will. This is all the father gives me will come to me and when it comes master Noah cast out for I can have enough to do my will. My own well with the will of him was sent me so wait a minute now you've already admitted that the father the son are simultaneously existing and he says as is Jesus. Not my own will but your will will him you sent me.

How is it that he sent from heaven. If it's the human aspect or Jesus hasn't work because Europe that implies a Jesus existed in the preexistence it in in heaven with the father. If that's the case, then you have two distinct persons you can have any oneness. If you say it's only the human nature talking, wait a minute. You're saying then that it wasn't the divine aspect talking because he says I can never haven't. That's what that's divine aspect and have had him do this literally all of father gives me, especially human nature talking will come to me that's the human nature, and that all who come to me, the human nature. I will not cast out collects the divine nature, for I Jesus can have an elastic divine nature. So I the divine nature can never have enough to do my will is the human nature, but the will of him was sent me the father usually himself, who sent me, which is at the human nature divine or demonic you certain you take this you just start putting in the words what they say which each nature any just falls apart. They look bad does not make any sense from their perspective is about what John 637 through 44 ClickBank purity after Holland two people wake up at Belfast we got you now people like I was the digital advice I got. What in the name of the Bible or person like in the name of the father spirit can that in the name of licensing in the authority of the power like if I came in the name of Matt let in your car in the night give you certain authority, or if my kids come in my name they have my authority to fill the family you know what yes and go to ask for seven for that is the answer is are exactly correct and the support that is and ask for seven they're asking the disciples by what power or in what name have you done this. Then Peter felt the spirit said in the name of Jesus to let it be known blah blah blah. That's what it means exactly correct. That's the scriptural support for ask for seven okay okay thank you letter of credit you welcome but God bless right let's get to Todd from California Todd welcome you near I Matt how are you I'm doing fine by God's grace we got buddy so I'm curious where they meet actually have it easy for the sure we know that Jesus and into heaven, and that's acts 19 through 11. He ascended into heaven, and that's talk with 1/3 heaven words he went into the heavens okay in second Corinthians 58 says to be absent from the body is death is to be at home with the Lord to measure with him in heaven. So it's on the logic principle of the law proper inference. If a equals B and B equals C then a equals C.

So if Jesus is in heaven.

And when he will be with him.

Then we go to heaven or the red record all three in order for right yes because those who died in the face after the crucifixion of Christ.

Go to be with the Lord in heaven and when he returns, will return with him to be resurrected, united, their glorified bodies prefers Cadiz 1535 to 40 type XLV and then those who are still alive and remain on their still be glorified without having expert staff ascended to heaven when remote urban and why would because some people think that what it was is because before the crucifixion of Christ. People want a ring that's talk about and ask John Luca Luke 16 nine through Luke, goodness, Luke 16, Luke five scored 100 times though. The vibrant glitches of all get it English the fifth. It's a story of Lazarus in Richmond. Luke 69 3111 to thank you for getting offered up anyway so that's was going on and it looks like because before the crucifixion, the, the temple has been cleansed in the celestial heaven and the atonement had occurred.

So therefore nobody can go to heaven and so were the theories is that at the resurrection. Jesus then or before the resurrection of the crucifixion. He went and made proclamation to the spirits in prison and led captive a host of captives and cross reference to the letter.

Ephesians chapter 4 verses eight through 11 and first Peter three 6017 and 18 in his daily enrichment. Lazarus is Luke 1619 through 31.

Okay well I appreciate Thank you very much all right hope you accept its okay good work that he and I okay call back we'll talk tomorrow you are okay okay right let's get to John from Raleigh, North Carolina John, welcome here.

Thank you Sergeant Major. Thank you for your company. Your Bible study team standardize the YouTube so we could find them for their better place to organize, but has linked to the Bible study left and I think I'm still trying to find the last line and the way that got it.

I don't know but because of you all onto other got even though I say mad like Bible study and I and by the way, both April 29, 2020 1 AM April 29, 2022 used the Trinity goes that I don't have failed or failed.

I don't have Facebook because I refuse to is there a better way to get to do because you said this because something else in the back my mind will do is changed not change but all through the Bible studies page. A modified and updated to the print is material so that you go to Bible study. Space what you do, just go to study. Okay see Bible-study and dose to the forward to Bible studies page of a list of stuff that doesn't affix that and what you can do this on the left-hand side is just go to the Bible on the navigation and then go to Bible studies and that will give the secondary look page and I'll create a section in error of past Bible studies like that and over there. It is asserted that the Christian Trinitarian God examined in depth that's on the Bible studies page and then we were not put the link for the actual video and I didn't do that but those are all my notes on my notes for the teaching of the Trinity and doing better.

There was a lot there like to know if I think of anything that always ironically people failed to judge you read it. I got blessed. Let me know if you for your tomorrow may fall short of time. The Lord bless you by his grace only back on your tomorrow. Have a great network

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