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April 29, 2022 6:58 pm

Matt Slick Live

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April 29, 2022 6:58 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Does the human soul exist forever, even in the past---2- Matt further discusses the question of the soul.--3- Doesn't 1 Corinthians 15-50-51 disprove the pre-tribulation rapture---4- Are Christians supposed to still read the Old Testament---5- A caller wanted to try and prove a pre-tribulation rapture.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research was found alive born you have questions about Bible doctrines. Matt what why branches are called to respond to your questions at 877207276 pairs. Matt slick wrote unwelcome. Oh we match look okay let's see it's April 20, 2022.

If you will recall all you do is dial 877-207-2276 Nelms could give you heads up. I spent several hours this morning working on the preparation for the study only be teaching tonight here and the it's on the doctrine of the Trinity and my last me sooner this year opened up and see how many words is in it in the opening paragraph just the one paragraph that's got one tooth 345 headings six headings uniqueness of God to see unity of God nature of God, unity and diversity of God in creation of God.

Aside from those wording words the paragraph C is a goodness 70 that's that's what the Scripture reference in Scripture references. See how many how many words it is itself I will look at exactly 500.

That's with headings shall be teaching on that going through the uniqueness of God and to be broadcast tonight so you can go check it out. So I think calendar convert/counter the links will be there. I spent some time also working on the video feed for that. I think you got it fixed. We'll see what happens tonight able to attest beforehand. I think that's about it so only getting on hold all wow man when it was wonder how many people are yawning. After I say don't you. Oh well, let's see.

Laura's not going and looking at her no she is not generally if we have people we watch in and video here instream yard but also goes out to Facebook and it goes out to see Facebook sicko actually going to twitter today I put a twitter account and so I'm hoping it's going to work.

I don't know what I did. If it's working. So something will come twitter Matt slick twitter SEVIS feed and I don't even know.

I just did some stuff eclectic and here we are so black and okay forgive me call you for open lines 877206 Scott Anthony from Virginia Anthony welcome your nearby government.

Matt what you what you that the human soul eternally. In what sense like it. The human soul that every human has this at all times eternally. You mean it's always existed forever. Even in the past.

Yes no course well. The Bible teaches that the soul of Jesus, or what to me.

This goal is a person existed for all eternity. In the past, correct, no time did not exist at all times. You said the person is always existed one person of Jesus Christ has two distinct natures did not always exist that union occurred 2000 years ago so I'm just going off you. Your precise words we just okay to be precise with your wording you know or maybe being either divine nature and divine person existed for all eternity correct divine nature's eternal correct.

There was a pre-existing student to at least see the third being these again. I want you to listen when you use terms you have to be specific so Jesus has two natures right divine and human okay with me. Are you yet that's what this expense with our position is okay to natures that union of the divine and human nature occurred 2000 years ago.

So when you say the person of Jesus, by definition, you're talking about that union. If you say the person of Jesus is eternal. That's not correct because the union did not occur eternally in the back past it occurred 2000 yeah okay I write are not claiming that but there was some sort of preevent and bodily things I say is is Jesus, he would say some sort of okay so it if you don't understand it is you address questions we say some sort of well-written and political sense, ontological sense would know that before the bodily incarnation. I don't the element controversially because you not understanding what you are saying you even understand her position and tell it to you again. Jesus, by definition, has two distinct natures that occurred at his conception and in the womb of Mary. That's when the incarnation began with the two natures in one person say Jesus you're talking about one person with two natures when you use the word Jesus okay okay so divine nature and all eternity is correct that correct yes divine nature okay is existing data will yet he had a whale.

He had a conflict lately now and how you can do something you've introduced the incarnation and the two natures which it deals with these out. I syllogism you've also introduced the idea of the word being eternal when you say he had a will. So now I don't know which you're referring to the father the son and the Holy Ghost of the fine had always existed.

I again I'm shocked even a point of argument will should be something you called up before you don't affirm orthodoxy to be very precise with you because you don't understand the thank you question what I really think at that point, all I'm doing is affirming reformed theological perspective of the Trinity and not even trying to argue against unjust time that was that the time tell you when you say Jesus you're talking about the two distinct natures. If you want to see the divine nature's eternal that's fine.

You say the divine nature's eternal correct that human nature is not eternal in the past tense. Okay, so when it went great. When the sun was pre-existing. He was conscious and aware had a will and all that. Correct the divine aspect of the design word.

The word yes okay so there was a pre-existing to the incarnation of Jesus that is clear that non sequitur. So what you need to say is the divine nature of Christ preexisted and was eternal. Okay stand to reason then that perhaps there is a eternal appetite to other humans as well their soul.

Likewise, could no I when I because were not God incarnate by there could be some sort of pre-existing consciousness or will know that preceded our earthly incarnation you would would you know it's not for this in the long okay send the thing the Scripture teaches in incarnate human preexistence. Mormons teach that with the wrong you would acknowledge a very active are are being met. Continued on after death, right though, so there is counsel after death, eternal in the light resting from now on sense, yes will come front of it began when were born just a thing called and then becomes either two seasons as a soul is produced by the human call population that the coming together in the formation of the zygote and all the kind of stuff in the souls produced there.

Another theory we don't know what the truth is that a theory as it proceeds from the father of the human father come down through will not just theory, but the Bible and then preclude the possibility of the creative early certain fathers is is so the Bible does not teach that we had a preexistence okay since we began, we came into existence and stuff and says work God for this in the womb is when he made us in the womb. There is no programs. I yes and we are to be formed in that with the body. This is how God made Adam when he formed Adam.

He breathed into them the breath of life became a spirit man right there alive. That's how he began. It does not say Adam had a preexistence.

His life began. Then when God breathed into his soul and his flesh.

We will call it came alive.

Okay well you for the Bible doesn't teach the pre-good. All that I put in the Bible doesn't teach again the Bible they bring in the little either what you agree with that is tied to their anything.

Still, I will. I just told you you you call in an anomaly to continue to call stuff like that but you tend not to hear.

And you know I'll say something and then you tend to ignore it and go on with something else.

So the Lord God formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living being. So that's when it occurred, nothing is there about a preexistence because of her was a preexistence of Adam as a human being that he wouldn't say that the man became a living being.

Well their metaphorical description of the soul animating the body, one for hangers. They kind of think you got back to see my camera. I know Jim hears Greg getting Gregory's RSA thing. Are you the II. So what yeah you respond to the notion that God breathed a soul into automated language describing how Laura is nice God. I agree Laura's nice Charlie about the why would you say that you are you denying the Bible. Can you metaphorical language like that Osler are aware that when you start introducing metaphor this and that, in order to make a change to what you want to save nor disfigure presuppositions that if I do the same thing with your vocabulary is not permitted. Look, you need to repent of your false doctrines in your false teachings of trying to show you I tell you what the Scripture actually says. And instead of going with what it says. You want metaphorical.

Now oh metaphorical than what you're saying is metaphorical. I can interpret your words anyway. I want why do you deny God because the underlying rest is you do you suppress the truth of God in unrighteousness. Lemanski was Jesus Christ God in flesh. I didn't call to discuss just asking a question. Is Jesus Christ God in flesh. No, not in a thin fabric on theologians so you so you you deny who Christ really is the time of informing you okay now I've asked asked her to question and if you have another one that's fine trying to get you to be specific and understand what it is you're criticizing because no offense meant when you called it many times and failed to understand. You don't seem to want to learn what people need to hear how the conversation here, the folk refill for my 20 to be calling 772072276 right back Matt slick.

Why call 770776 charismatic slave back to the show through line 20 McCauley 77207 Becky Anthony Anthony welcome back on the air wrap up our conversation. So when you say the Bible preclude the possibility the previous failure you referred to Janet that the only place where you see that possibility being refuted.

Are there other places. What would you think is trying to find out.

I don't I'll think of convincing fighting that can be interpreted to include the possibility of preexistence of the soul and why you want preexistence of the soul because it makes sense if the soul is eternal. That means it know it exists after we die with it would make sense to think about the goods before we dive or live okay so it's incoherent for you to say that the souls are eternal. In the past tense show you why. So how many roughly we have you any idea of how many billions of souls you to guess wild guess hundred million hundred Natalie at least one per person for every person who is existed probably… 100 L theory happened on a fairly consider the hundred billion people live on the earth. I've heard that number… Pickett took 10 Billy does make a difference.

Billions of souls have eternal existed in heaven right okay what yeah files the aroma that okay you as you probably have any dispute you have any information on that any source of information on what you mean information will use making it up. He does believe it because it just felt like it today. What's the rational well justification for your assertion that billions of souls, human souls have pretty existed eternally again. I believe the soul is eternal and I will entail existing before and after that you like that I saw it just might would all just yeah I got that what justifies your opinion. Are you arbitrary you just decided to believe it or is there a rational real well in for it.

What's the reason why don't I can't hide. I scientifically demonstrated an age of science, like for me. I did not say scientifically you continue not to hear me.

I did not say scientifically, I said what's the reason you have what's the reason I believe if something every if something is eternal. That means it has existed into eternity past and eternity future that is the definition of eternal outlook. I'm asking you why. On what basis what's the reason that you will affirm that there are billions of human souls that if eternally existed in the past. What's your reason for that because if a person has a soul became a person and eternal. You just you can hear you can't think you're not listening because it is the term I don't think you not listening okay you focus okay focus right now, crack your knuckles and take deep breaths. You know I loosen your shoulders go okay focus okay, ready, why do you believe there are billions of eternal souls in the past that, from eternity past, what's the reason you proclaim that is being true. What's the reason why I hereby would you agree every person has a soul.

Yes, every human person yes okay in my MIA believe the soul is eat every soul that apart every person has all the soul is eternal and eternal.

No, you don't want. You don't get it do you need to stop results. I'd ahead you to start thinking here. You say it's eternal I got that why say it's eternal. What's the reason you say thing in their eternal it immaterial doesn't depend on the physical existence doesn't perish with the physical body.

So now you're saying that this souls are transcendent that they're not depend upon the physical realm and or the time related issues and somehow they have eternal existence so that each of these souls have a mind that would be okay. So is there a guy is regard yet.

So then Cheryl got equal to God right because their eternal and not dependent upon the realm which means they all also like God are transcendent. If you assign transcendence to a being, you're saying it's not limited by space or time. Now you have billions of transcendent beings, not limited by space and time. What's the difference between them and God. In that case, since he is not limited by space and time. A lot of things I know I did not equate them to God in any mean in one thing, dive in and listen to Gary Hunter and Allie, if I do not listen listen, you said there transcendent beings.

Transcendence means not dependent upon space or time not restricted by space and time that these are noncontingent.

That means they have noncontingent seat, which is what God has that has transcendence, which is what God has that is not depend upon space and time which is what God has and is eternal in the past was what God has so what's the difference between them in this world of yours between them and God. The God create well did God create them. I would take God at God have dominion over them where they do not have dominion over God also is in other words, start a sentence not transcendent in that they are dependent of their eternal someone else's okay just tell you you can't think these things through question how you justify the universality of the abstract principles of the laws of logic from your worldview with universal minds out there, are eternal.

How is there not unites them.

What is the abstract principle that unites them as being these universal, transcendent minds before I body I don't believe in the universality of the laws of logic or the AV ranking analogous on sleep/ideal day loosely set the laws of logic are not universe now right yes it does in your world unfettered was it because you can have the lot identity always been true love non-contradiction might work in the extended middle might or might not work well there.

They're not the little live in a tent like a lot tiddlywinks but not a lot of science or art your you're not actually allowing me to explain my lettuce heck are you still allow me to joke you know you got some issues there.

No, I don't care what kind of clothes you wear. If you if you'd like me to explain my position. I will be auto when a minute so you want to you want to be logical while denying the universality of the laws of logic which you have no basis for you to try and speak rationally which presupposes universality laws of logic, the transcendental nature in order for you to be able to assert something is universally true and you can define the universality of them use it or not true. What area or anything that is universal. You are you a walking contradiction. You can't even understand the issue of the one in the mini in the transcendent nature of the particular's minds. What is the unifying principle behind what is now not allow me to explain my he has just does not fit folks for the lines 877-207-2276 max Y call 770776. Here is Matt's leg back to the show. Let's started on here here with Claudia right forget the number of African lines 20776 to get into a concept or because again I would waiting right now want to talk about something I want you understand what I'm talking is called numerous times and he doesn't learn he doesn't listen and blessing us up believe everything I say but he doesn't stand correction is happened many many many times as is called government over many months and gets exasperated with someone just refuses to listen, there's an issue called the one in the many. When I asked was, was if there are no billions of of independent souls persons that I'm asking what unites them together. If they don't have an origin is called the issue of the one in the many. For example, you can have 10 chairs in a room.

Let's say their green chairs and so we would have 10 particular chairs that share a quality of green nests and chair this what unites them logically.

We could look and say well that's because her chairs. I got we understand they are 10 particular manifestations of the concept. If you did take one of those chairs and burn it, destroy it is no longer chair does the quality of chair this disappear answer is no because chair this is not dependent on any particular chair. It's a quality not limited to the particular manifestation.

So we have many particulars, then how are they united with one another.

If the abstract idea that identifies them is not embedded in them because it was embedded to be removed and the quality would be lessened, but that can't be what's chair was destroyed. Furthermore, what's the issue that shows there's congruence between them.

If they're unrelated in the particular manifestations what is the overarching thing that unites them. But if you say it's chair nests.

What is the idea of chairing this come from because abstract object. It it's not something to take a picture of you could take a picture of manifestations are particular instances of it like read that you take a picture of red in different places all of your house over your city if you were to destroy something that is read and the redness is gone.

Redness itself is not gone. Redness itself is not destroyed. How then do the particular manifestations that have the attributes of the quality.

How are they united among different objects that are even of the same type. This is very serious discussions that philosophers have had free centuries and centuries do with universal concepts solved in the doctrine of the Trinity because of the Trinity. There's one in many when we ask what is the ultimate is the one abstract ideal or is it the many particular manifestations because in secularism. It's one or the other but they don't have a worldview by which the one in the many are congruent with each other, but that does have actuality in the concept of the doctrine of the Trinity, where God is one being and three particular persons so therefore we can say in Christian thought that God provides necessary preconditions to account for these things we talked about this. We talk about this to unbelievers. For example, in the discussion I had recently with an atheist.

I said let's say you and I are in a chair sitting on a bench in the park and we see a robber attack a woman kicker knock her down, get her purse and he gets away. That's an injustice, and he ought to be punished and a year later were on the other side of the world is sitting in a park bench and the same thing happens there in the same condition woman is injured personal and gets away. It's also an injustice. But the thing is, the particular instances of that injustice they manifest in different times in different places and yet the quality of it being an injustice has a universal aspect and we could not, or should have intentionality if that's the case, how does someone say that both of those acts at different times in different places both have the same property to the same value of an injustice.

The injustice is the concept were dealing with that.

It's a universal but has particular manifestations.

We recognized him. So what is the ultimate. Is it the injustice is at the concept in mind out there and that's the ultimate it's the greatest thing that must exist in order for the particular manifestations to exist or is it the particulars were these two instances occur and then we conclude that there is a universal something out there but then that means there has to be a universal thing that concludes before that and it gets in the circularity and redundancy ad infinitum. I know for a lot of people. That really blows people's minds waiver.

This is a very important topic and it comes up more and more debates and discussions and up trying to get into the lower level with this guy but he is the least doing. I'm sorry but he doesn't study the sex was good to Ray from Iowa Ray welcome your on the air brother a I'm studying here in first Corinthians 1551 to 52 and I believe that the pre-tribulation rapture, basically because that's what I was told, but like you I don't believe in adding more 51 first 1551 says behold, I show you a mystery.

We should not all sleep, but I'll be change in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump. So in order for pre-tribulation rapture to be true, there would have to be millions upon millions of people die in their bodies would have to be left behind because bird that flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom of God to hold so there will help you term flesh and blood is not the same as flesh and bones because Jesus is John not met in Luke 24, 39, a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see I have flesh and blood is used as a kind of afraid to designate sinfulness and failure, and things like that and also Victoria help for real sense. So that's what he saying there okay so you know about that right yeah okay okay though. Though the pre-tribulation rapture as our thinking. Couldn't really happen because we don't get our new body until the last trumpet down right around though. Therefore there could be a disaster in millions upon millions of people die, but that wouldn't be the rapture that would be those people just dying the order. Here's go to first Thessalonians 4 says he'll do send with the voice of the archangel to trumpet of God. We know that's also the last trumpet because when it says the dead in Christ will rise first.

We who are alive are mutually cutting together. That's the rapture and that in first Thessalonians, 1552.

It would even hike the last trumpet will sound, the data be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. So what's he saying the same thing sort with the return of Christ is when the last trumpet occurs because a social distance from heaven with a shout of some people will say it's a partial return. There's no partial return of Scripture. And I thinking about that. How would our flesh and bone design and what we can enter into heaven know which translation will have her in his body enter their wheat know you can be in heaven without your physical body segment is 58 be happy if the bodies behold, the Lord second Corinthians 12 two through four. I know met with her in the body or the body do not know that such a mascot of the third heaven. That's the very presence of God in the third heaven.

Well, you know, a lot of those movies that were on show get people to appear in your body" left behind in that a lot of people have thought of her image of the net can't be correct if you let me throw this out with you if the dead in Christ rise first, and then we are rapture with some of what is left is rapture, which is what it says a process holdings for 16 to check if 60 17th and first visiting 2050 252 within her zone butter thing to throw in the mix. In Matthew 1330 the wheat and the tares, because the first ones gathered before the good harvest. The first ones gathered on the wicked are the yeah how does that happen if a pretrip rapture is not. Also, in my opinion refutes most millennialism hold on what I think folks will see this thing all the stuff we write back after these messages. Mats like why call 770727. Here's Matt's leg feel there really is still there, here alright so co-authored by the break. No big deal today and answered enough to know. Hopefully you like working out with Eric watching the left behind movie which are not correct. By no means but they think the key to most people think about the pre-tribulation rapture that people body, everything would appear. I believe that there can be in heaven before, but what we do with the last body they generally get our peers over if you die right now. Your body dies and decays your soul goes with the Lord at the time of the return of Christ.

We reviewed reunited with our bodies. God re-creates remakes. What are you going to call it bond resurrection got the job but a lot of people don't on pre-tribulation rapture excitement body and everything 00 at the curtain behind rapture Internet at the rapture.

What is going to happen is her body translate will be transfigured into the new bodies in Little Rock to be with the Lord correct, but not the pre-tribulation .3 from pretrip user particular affect I would looking at that prove that that can happen at that time.

I don't think you found the logic of their position properly, they would teeter that the rapture can occur and that people who have died are up there with the Lord when he comes back that the dead in Christ. Those who died before hand reunited with the glorified resurrection bodies, and then make it rapture that happens of them to. That's all okay already. Thank you. I have a good day you two disc tonight from California need welcome Rory Matt going to going again yeah yeah I'm I like all the more you learn the burger brand-new just over the total about the old man told me there is not that much of the older know you're not old deleted bear read the and our children. I couldn't agree with them. I could not agree with nothing Samuel the entire Bible we should read below. You told him right our character because girl but more than 10 Commandments are more than your memory and the proper three people you probably have already been helpful in the new that I believe that you practically wanted bogey didn't word where the radio got the regular dog and he was more you have a question though. Have another question. Yet all of my question that we should read all the entire Bible. Yet yes we should read both this we should just simple should read as all God give us all the Scriptures old and New Testament are very are there any arbiter anywhere they write God like regular threadbare going to have like that we shouldn't worry about any mistakes or entity okay are a lot. You have a good one. You two can come plus jobs was Nathan California listed to Darrell from Virginia general welcome year are you today I'm fine. We got never good. Well I don't have time to wrap all this, we don't have the time.

I did think you're so Friday and the work rejected the Trinity in your argument. Following you know how people called upon the Lord, all spoke of those who call upon the Lord -related correlation, and I just want to throw out there and I've day. Well, 41, 42 and 45 I think the Lord that I am the first and then in Revelation 1 Jesus that I am the first objection you know he pretty much said that he would embrace the turn all if that could be shown. People who say that no they don't. I've I've defended the Trinity for decades and I talked to so many people and not a single one has said, who has said, although the trend if you can show to be the Bible and I show it on that mastitis does work they do say it's this lipservice. The board made up her mind through effective intelligence yelled so all outgoing and in that another quick question regards to the rep you brought up all the weed in the tear in the implication was that the wicked would be taken for as added okay and that's an argument that you're presenting against the rapture right now. I guess rapture for the rapture. I'm just saying that Jesus says the time of the harvest of first ones gathered with tears.

That's what it's that's what he said to just work that into the rapture because the wheat gathered that's the harvest time, which is the most people agree and I do it's the rapture because what it says and she seems relieved that it'll be at the end of the age will send forth his angels and gather out of his kingdom all stumbling block. Okay, so no it's not because at work that's all fitting into the preacher rapture has worked at Thompson well is looking back into a pretrip rapture because that would be in relation to the Lord's return at the end of regulation where two men are gathered, one taking wanted left let me ask you this, where, when he lay her leg in and wanted love wicked bacon with right now. Right in and that got the sheep and goats to take place at the end as opposed to so basically we wouldn't correlate those teachings with pre-tribulation rapture all you did mention thank second Corinthians 5 where you have a question you seem to be running out to teach on Mike.

Chris was going on.Nardi@who would you know your your view on the wheat in the tear in the taking of the wicked first so the primary just of the covenant. The question is, you know, why would you not make up make that correlation to the return of Christ at the end of the tribulation you live are you pretrip rapture. All at okay okay okay so you have any question you have any verses that show pretrip rapture anything Scripture about it. Now I know that that's have any verses you Scripture.

Chapter 20 Revelation 1 relation. What about Revelation 20. Okay so important. Five.

I believe it is told that all can look at it as the rep the rest of the dead lived not for thousand year rapture talk of millennial stuff here so yeah this is the point. Okay, hold on, hold on, generally general.

I'm asking you have any verses that show pretrip rapture is that when asking what well you know all of the normal person that are you for okay but your you're not listening to you not listen to the point. One of the thing. One of the thing that will be what is the point to the what we fear resurrection at the end.

At the beginning of that thousand year weekly people who I who are not resurrected right and so were told that that getting price and those that are alive are all fractured at the same time right here. So here is you believe Jesus comes back twice, I believe that he come back at the end of the tribulation and beginning in relation to see return at the beginning of the tribulation to come-I Beverly you the rapture as a return. I viewed that as the war gathering all believer shortening why does he say that the wicked are the first ones gathered when he does that leave us or are gathered a defect in the pre-tribulation rapture of the way.

When we went to me if you can sense that I don't think so.

If you say that the wicked are judge later. Why is it that the judge before the pretrip weather taken before the pre-tribulation rapture so I quickly when Christ returns at the end of the tribulation.

They went there I don't know know know know it says Jesus is there taken is the harvester taken to a place of destruction earned it's judgment that happens before the pre-tribulation rapture that couldn't happen before the pre-tribulation rapture. From your perspective and end of the no you at all yet as to why the effort resurrection.

We how many resurrections do you have 34 there are several other the resurrection of the rapture.

There, the resurrection you Scripture for for these disciplines. I've I've talked to people about him and when they show me the Scriptures.

It read in the context doesn't work. It's it, but where where you come in debated hundreds of times cycling Allied.

I like your show a lot and I'm glad you know you I'm not trying to be, you know anything thing that I've click the link to your reasoning and you know you're still in your hello right before me know you were talking to him about the rapture of the guy right for the last and your theirs.

You were using what you call back tomorrow.

Continue to tell you what I mean your best pretrip rapture versus and let's talk about tomorrow… Saying okay well I don't do it tomorrow okay will try next week. The are have already folks the Lord bless you Bible study tonight to later another program powered by the Truth Network

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