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March 31, 2022 6:24 pm

Matt Slick Live

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March 31, 2022 6:24 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Our church is supporting missionaries who are going to Texas to specifically help immigrants with paperwork coming into the country. Is that acceptable---2- Matt discusses the democratic party.--3- Can a born-again Christian fall into legalism and what does that look like---4- What is the gift of tongues---5- Are Ezekiel 39-17-20, Revelation 19-17-20, Psalm 37-20, all connected---6- Are we still in God's image now that we have sinned---7- Is it legalistic to say that to be saved you must obey God's will-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a lot more you 7601 to know what would dudes strip online here.

I hope you guys log which written up there so will tackler to suck but look what you call 877-207-2276 literature when one gets to school and from Ohio Englishman.

Welcome around here you so I got a quick question so we husband-and-wife mercenary to come toward Kirk this past Sunday and the pastor bought them up on stage will going to support things to the couple to the congregant and the interesting thing was, Matt was their mission field was McAllen Texas light on the okay okay okay and I talked to him that a little while after because they will know they were outside in the vestibule and all the congregant could medium and dear couple and are basically common way saying to them, brother, sister.

I'm just concerned.

They claim that the cold down there and this was their mission to help these were the words we are going to be helping with the paperwork for these immigrants coming into Texas and some of them. The man said from Ukraine, but most of them were from Uganda and Matt as a Christian. But as a patriot second. I had to question our brother arrived.

I honestly believe that she is a brother in Christ and his dear wife sweetly. I couldn't give my face thumbs up and I thought I want to call Matt slick because you want to help them. I yeah breaking the law stupid government is encouraging, and Christians are essentially supporting lawbreaking in order to help. That was my thought Matt. That was my thought entered the crystal and other Christian didn't mention the words I'm sorry brother I can't remember the exact verbiage, but is words when he was on the stage, introducing himself in the mission.

The cortical mission. He did say that we would be partnering with the government, you know, my problem is that I am so disgusted with our government and I cannot separate my disgust with the mercy answers standard point. I think Biden is the worst president ever can easily brought up on charges he needs to be impeached. I don't trust the Democratic Party. I believe it's evil certainly is a horrible party based on racism and lies and they are flooding our country illegally to governments. After doing this than flying illegals around the country and I know why I mentioned that the cup that I mentioned that Mary is no Highland. We've seen it literally. I met again with a couple you said you know I don't trust our government and personally I believe our country can fail. I'm a pessimist in this realistic, I think I can implode. We have people in control who undermine the Constitution, who make decrees by fiat, without going to the proper channels who break the laws give this disgusts me because we have such a great country we have people in power who hate the Constitution and hate our country and then they do this and increases didn't end basically clean up the mess by helping the people who come in illegally.

To do this is it's a I don't know what to do if I were there so needed water given water to help, but I'm not get it.

I would just as just as soon safe. Don't close the border and you guys are on your own. You will get back to where you came from. We can't take and everybody is like a house.

How many people you taken into your house until it becomes overcrowded don't work anymore is like that and what people say all you don't care about it. Yes I do, but we can't take in every body we can't with the leftist wacko more sewer open office who are socialists. I'm so disgusted I need to be impeached, and Kemal Harris is such a them harassment on the world world stage.

You know it's just I don't do. I can't even separated. That's how disgusted I am with everything.

So what we do as Christians. So it's a good no. Based on what he was saying like this was a large church would be support as missionary. He and his wife is missionaries an object when I think of traditional missionary it's you know taking them the message of the good news of Jesus Christ to all the parts of the world that that may not know it yet or establishing a good foundational church where the locals can attend and get godly as this second Timothy teaches the ways of godliness but there there was that God's bringing the harvest to talk to that effect and I like questioning just my God as though I did that I got sworn at that sort of assume because there in the church all the space that it is by the pastor brothers is rezoned so so-and-so in the going down the McAllen Texas and I was just like hot and everything in me. Matt said I need to talk to this brother and sister, so I did and I ended up holding up pretty much all… III apologize the couple.

I said you may have had other people because by the time I got done questioning them and actually knowing and putting scenarios and from the vestibule church was empty just honestly say have a bit but I felt bad but one of the things I mentioned to them was is how what about the law enforcement and in the authorities how are they receiving you to do that. Are they okay with it, and his response was, is that we have people that that are, to my knowledge, he said, are in contact with the local authorities. I said because Gov. DeSantis has offered to send his own state patrol people in his own Floridians to help guard the border to help the border patrol guard the bottom of textbook and and so forth and I said what about the churches that these people also in the countries going from should we just pray for those churches to meet the spiritual needs of these people that's coming at and I hit him with a couple things and and also that I got sort of you know, just nice answers, you know, kind of church year to be what I call Turkey had the answers because we were just out of the storm were in church Sunday morning. Everybody's knives advised that the best face on and I cut through that actually and I just couldn't sit well I guess and I called another brother. My brother Mark and Anastas take on it. He goes yeah I just opened up that discussion at lunch with my friend he has a core ministry that he helps with his friend Nixon's cars and he says that subject will loose talk at lunch today.

The very person at the okay so and his take was I don't know either. I don't know either. I don't know how to call it because we kinda concluded that business team going to be aiding and abetting the legality I couldn't support them because I'm confused about it support something if I understand all the issues and have thoughts and through one of things I would ask him is what you think of CRT were thick black lives matter, I would just ask him because it looks like it's moving this social gospel which is which is increasing in the Christian churches, which is infiltrating what I'm concerned about that. Infiltrating the Southern Baptist Church and infect him to stop recommending anybody or the Baptist Church. Now because of some recent information I got. But it's it is but it's bad so I couldn't support them. I certainly would help someone used to working on the house her registering patients and I speak in Spanish to do all that and the commitment and they could tell her illegals and just try to survive and blame, but with the government itself is. This was really interesting opening of the borders letting was committed so that they get socialist votes to get themselves in power effect when it done Herman to read some of the Democratic Party, which is it's an evil party. It is flat-out evil.

No Christian should be at the Democrat effect on the Republican either, but it is an evil party. I did research on some information but the thing is, we do I I'm not there. Since this is the suddenly the government is working with churches, and then you know if the church ought to say hey we can we can have this all separation of church and state. But when the church could be used to the benefit of the government of the leftist government they can use it so this is a all my God is a problem. I don't know you know I I'm not for breaking the law on for legal immigration, not illegal immigration answer supporting illegal immigration except I can't, I can help you get will support you. If you're out there encouraging the people to break the law of our country to do that. I brought up the Catholic Church that was allowing these refugees if you will recall not following them them into the contractors.

You know that that's going to draw even more if they see the church on the other side and they say all go to the church people will are we now becoming part of the aiding of illegality and Kiki Connor responded in a very general way. I think I had a sort of like I wasn't expecting this kind of communication. When we came to the church but Matt, I mean I'm a watchman and I'm forewarn order and I'm waiting for someone to say will Bossman with with grace. There is no wall.

You know, were no longer under law were under grace. I'm afraid that there's going to Christmas is going to try to twist those scriptures that are totally not in context with what we talk about you allowing you think that all I alright here folks are like that. If you want to give a call if I apply for 7720 history Democratic Republic is Y call 77077 pairs nicely 7207 so we all as Christians are to be aware of what's going on and a lot of people think that the separation between church and state. That is not biblical. We as Christians are to be involved in the state and we are not to let unbelievers rule because when they do the surpassing laws in favor of homosexuality, abortion, teaching orientation issues to you to first second third graders things like this. This is not what we want as Christians.

Nevertheless, some here's a bit of the history of the Democratic Republican person parties in United States in 1830 Democratic Pres. Andrew Jackson creates the Indian removal act that forced indigenous people to leave their homelands called the Trail of tears so Democratic Pres. Andrew Jackson did this 1957.

In the case of Scott versus Sanford.

The court ruled that slaves aren't citizens, they are property.

The seven justices voting in favor were Democrats. The two who dissented were Republicans. In 18 6011 slave states seceded from the Union Democrat start the Civil War in 1863, Republican Pres. Abraham Lincoln signs the emancipation the Mets base hall Emancipation Proclamation into law in 1865. Republicans past the 13th amendment that permanently outlaw slavery in 1865 consent of Confederate veterans founded the KKK to oppose Republican Party's integration of Blacks its first grand wizard was a Democrat named Nathan Bedford Forrest, 1968 Republicans past the 15th amendment giving Blacks the right to vote no grandma Democrat supported in 1869 Rick reconstruction and the Democrats reestablished white supremacy in the South with Jim Crow laws that legalized segregation. Democrats did not 1872. Republicans elected the first African American Senators Republican 1878, Republican Sen. Erin Sgt. introduces the 19th amendment to give women the right to vote the Democrat-controlled Congress voted out in 1939. Democrats and KKK cover girl Margaret Sanger created the Negro project and Planned Parenthood to call the black population, and finally a few 64, the Republican-controlled Congress passes that the 1964 Civil Rights Act as an extension of the Republicans activity 760 Civil Rights Act Democratic senators filibustered the bill for record 75 days notice more information folks now on the Republican I'm not a Democrat on the constitutionalist, but I missed this tell you Democrats do something they say they're not there to help you.

There not they are full of lies and oppression and suppression and I believe is my opinion that the credit parties needle party and it's just a disgrace to America Republican Party now is a much better the rhinos Republicans in name only.

They certainly don't have any guts and stand up for righteousness infect to find too many people in the government doing that anymore. Why because the Christians aren't in government real Christians, not the social justice Christians, not those who say that the gospel is just a death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ for your sins need to have people believe in that gospel message. No, the social gospel messages. We must, as Christians, as a primary motive primary goal is undue poverty and unemployment and pollution and gun control. These things need to be taken care of and this thing we tell you folks a social gospel is a false gospel. I'm not saying that Christians are not supposed to work for varying things like getting rid of drug addiction and pollution and unemployment. The Christians are also supposed working to outlaw Moses that this would just outlaw abortion and to not have the promotion of homosexuality.

LGBT Q will let stuff in our schools and in various places. It's it's an issue of evil folks it's against the nature of God's against the proclamation revelation of God's word when I say things like this is a lot of Christians get nervous you mean stand up for truth. And if you pick up your cross daily and follow Christ are not worthy of just Jesus said and you are supposed to bill to do this kind of thing soaks the social drop gospel. However, is rooted in what is called the critical race theory.

My It's CRT examines racism in a culture and then seeks to relates all things. Explain all things, including everything in society based on race as it relates to Rick so employment, education of being able to have loans to get houses social status of things like this all of it is based on race, critical race theory presupposes that everybody will base the whites are racist and I've seen comments from white people entering videos and things like this. I did know was a racist like I guess I'm a racist because I'm one of a racist. Let me tell you, racist, white guy, racist, when I do want to to push his equality among all people, because Ron made an image of God but CRT causes the thing that it's seeking to get rid of.

So I saw a meme meme, but a poster from Home Depot in an employment or in the lives of the employees room in a Home Depot in Canada. Okay remember all of that and I got it someplace and it was it said it was a memo on the wall.

It was a thing of all is said leave your white privilege or un-package. Your white privilege and your privilege of Christianity was lit rid was written there to and someone took a phone photo of it and dispersed us a look at this this kind of idiocy which I folks, this is a problem. This is replacing the moral truth of Christ, the moral truth now is critical race theory that racism is within culture and with all people except for plaques against minorities SCS impression I got in that white privilege and white fragility needs to be abolished and its racist at its core is like black lives matter is racist, critical race theory is the view that the law and legal institutions are inherently racist and that race itself to being biologically grounded in natural is is a socially constructed concept that is used by white people. To further economic and political interests at the expense of people of color from the website is not a critical race theory is a movement that challenges the ability of conventional legal strategies to deliver social and economic justice specifically calls for legal process that take into consideration. Race is a nexus like other words folks, there's music what you call five open lines 877207 mass like why call 77077. I do care about is truth and what truth promoted more and more lately I find that relativism emotionalism is the norm. We are not allowed to think were not allowed to have critical thought and exchange of ideas. The left will censor you. I don't believe in true or not. I trust this CNN, MSNBC, I watch Joe Tucker Carlson watch Fox but even then okay let's check with they have to say and I'm finding a few to so few things are shaped things are there but not like the CNN and MSNBC veteran of the site and it just is this what I believe. I don't trust the media. I don't trust the news. I don't trust him.

I don't trust him and trust the government to trust the FBI.

Think about that in my just spiritist, no. But when you look around you see thing and you realize that it governmental movements are being with an iced against conservatives against people hold the Constitution and you start realizing that the CNN, MSNBC, ABC, or just spokespeople for the leftist Democratic Party, which is an evil party for this is promoted throughout the years is just the process. They twist they they lie. I'm not saying that everybody on the on the on the right is good, but I've not as a researcher I collect information like I can research now tell you I wouldn't trust the government. Sorry it's pretty pessimistic. So my saying this, look him telling you folks, you need to do is be praying for our country and I am seriously praying for country to be revival in the upper echelons of the government. If you start seeing what is good and start suppressing what is evil and getting rid of this.

We need a major move in our government.

If it continues this way were going to collapse as a country are already talking about moving there are hints about the idea of different countries want to move off of the American dollar is a standard that happens, our economy will collapse. See the left. They just think printing money. Taxing everybody as a solution and then when others complain, then there vilified accused of being racist whenever that means now knows what and I'm just saddened you the Bible says the last days love of many will grow cold and lies will increase the focus is part of what I believe is coming.

Natalie was to get a better house that for pessimistic pessimistic outlook. I do believe however that as Christians we can make some huge changes we need to be doing is what I teach is what I believe there you go about that Noel from Virginia Dell Computer on here. I have thought and care break away. Yes, absolutely with regular great for born-again Christians trying to do things to please God in order to stay saved is a very strong form of legalism that you must do ABC in order to be right with God's that he's happy with you that are certainly this issue please God by doing right. But if it becomes the means by which we please got a set of Christ in us. That's a problem if anyone says, hey, you're to be right with God. You can go see R-rated movies like aliens and he can't do that you can't listen to this music or that music seminar to be right before God.

Legalism, things like that as many forms of it and they occur in churches where you got it where the right clothing or you are ostracized supported legalism as well. It's it's all over the place earlier outline. You wouldn't recommend Baptist Church any longer and you can elaborate on that yes they are moving towards social justice heavily and I found some stuff recently that just shocked me is so bad that actually thought of finding out more information. Good documentation developing a website for new website on a sign flying out to the SBC convention stand out from the sign that social justice idiocy and hope there's a lot more would be good documentation on it but a guy can't recommend this.

The Baptist Church now. I can't recommend the assembly is a God, I can't recommend the Nazarene church.

I just can't recommend heresies are creeping little by little and I talk what little like a what color carpet heresy know no other pastors and elders to lose your salvation you keep. By being good social justice infiltration into the churches so that that replaces the gospel of Christ, things like that does wrong. My question sure real fast when you know I've been kind of talking over your view of the gift that time and I and on both factor spectrum and wanted to get a clear understanding on you. I believe in all charismatic gifts including tongues are normative, but there certainly so possible perspectives 17 says were not select any charisma while waiting for the return of Christ speaking to the church policy to the church there. So I believe that the charismatic gifts are for us today.

I don't believe in jumping down the aisles and significant chandeliers all speak in tongues want to believe that this biblical little methodology is very church setting.

Generally speaking, or next to evangelism setting where this kind of thing can happen that we discussed what that means. What what is tongues, but those are the kinds of things and people to interpret and if they don't dinner.but Hooker see people are so engrossed in emotionalism and experience that the will sometime take the Bible and ticket down the aisle as there are some most somersaults because they wanted experience more than they want the truth of God, they think their spirituality is based on experience and that's not true. We need to have the word of God is the very advent member being like very very no need to fear attached recommend like okay no it's okay, really it is going to do that we should feel in touch just needs to be governed by God's word.

That's all no problem with that.

Actually Florida Scriptures talk about experiencing God and fellowship with the Lord first contents 19 and there were to experience absolutely can't be a regular thing in the Christian life experience sure we experience in him and fellowship and conviction in that intimacy during prayer.

Sometimes you just he just knows there absolutely those are wonderful. I was just talk about the excesses in the charismatic movement the wackiness that comes on that's that's the bad stuff. No rest of that sure as long as is governed by Scripture.

No problem. Okay. ) Another question that I should hold to the colors white mocha got blessed call gang tomorrow okay all right okay I okay all right let's get to Monty from North Carolina. Monty welcome you to my brother on you to got blessed appreciate that this is a cover letter. I took the greatly these 45, the goals for overtaking America. About 58 years ago those comparisons. Then I went and I compared all of Scripture and everything falls into line with your doctors phase that going back today or tomorrow will be my preference.

Today but everything is falling into line in this country is indeed in great peril. I agree with you 100% of so everything that you have been saying is indeed in line with Scripture, and as it relates to prophecies filled with more or less just a comment versus a? Brother.

It's getting bad. God bless you. God bless you.

All right, there's some pressing kind of talk you say the lines 8772072577077 charismatic slave all right hanging in there was nobody you a lot less than three different versus the other day and some of Christian video.

One of them is you feel the 3917 20 local Revelation 1939, which when you easily 917.

What was with 39 DF 3917 through 20. Okay the flush and then you'll eat the fat glutted you look like my table okay and then also Revelation chapter 19 verse 17 through 19.

I believe religion what no 1917 through 19th Sunday the sun birds sing the rich supper of God, the flesh of the Kings have the same kind of thing you okay and then the last one was Psalm 3720 Psalm 3720. Strickland knows and wants what it was but always 139.0 cubic of the you on your talk about and you're right about the PRT thing and how thank you been putting a lot of basically black. The front of the against anybody would not black and all the stuff you're pointing out the Archean. I was raised within itself. Well all the people are told God I weekly the haters of the truth that this would be the first of a talk about the faith that they don't get paid if they don't get born again and it doomed the future of the look I will be doing to them in the believe that they thinking that the night away. But you know we are praising him for dinner again for a rude awakening. Though since is to convert the world not become connected through conflict with one other thing I would imagine she could one day we rented time was the other one and Graham left wedding to Jeff Taft about that, about how cheap she comes on the Truth Network fairly clear a lot and she natural pastor. No, I'm not thinking of born again, she could be, but I think it's like you said in the mirror so before that she would be in error. Basically she's a pastor she's wrong yeah you know and learn how many women you run into you got out on their scores are likely a few years I've been fueling pastors in a few times I've asked them to discuss it with me every one of them refuses with the exception everyone refuses and it's really interesting. I don't think they don't want to be biblical in that respect.

And I think it's a shame for women to be pastors. No person, it's a shame for men and I think we also need to have more men like me saying nothing at an early example we need more men speaking the truth lovingly signaled position you are incorrect and need to repent. That's what you said yeah serving on Utah last week and took with you in Utah County Sunday, but I guess you're out there for a few days to get a grant without the paperwork will be in Oz with Bill McKeever, Eric Johnson, Terry Johnson, to churn and you know that is all great folks was sought. Luke, Wayne and Laura Anderson and the guy name Ray and Rudy were great folks within net increase in the word of the degrees, if next list listening and they can you're okay with will definitely come out more greatly given the truth of people do neither. The current member exchange the truth or a lie, and at every turn.

We know that yellow line down while churches limit could then speak.

I'd love to be that angle, Tonya Brown, can you define what a woman it allows you got mad and live in a world people comfortable speaking to Alexis and if you click well you know it's got to come by the comforter right away any moment.

I'm okay with that tomorrow. I'm okay with that. But take it up in the rapture going with those who have been thinking appreciate your accomplishment right let's get to Tony from Virginia Tony welcome your day good at, what are you going all right hanging in there and we got 20 quick question. First of that the holder thing that you laid out in charge of a publican party and the Democratic Party with that I mean that laid out anywhere in the think manner like you gave it all is that much on your website. The post office website yet, but I think women do is because I talked about today working tonight and tomorrow and release its documentation. My resources where it is to consent and is also recommend a documentary called the red pill and it's about how men are disposable in the it's a black woman of all things, talks about the Democratic Party was right. First was exposed to how had it is and please understand I'm not a Republican. I don't believe I don't but I had no idea how horrible the Democratic Party us was our study and you, American American map that came up vote Democrat voted like a believer now, but I bought Bill Clinton.

I was thinking you know because you get to think about you play fact though `I would learn that when an intelligent ring eligible when I was born again baby carrot cake.

My perspective is what God ought. Mama granted the Republican Party is also where they need to be. But as far as the obvious things we know that the Democratic Party is renovated out of the biblical path that was though yet, but I appreciate that if you could get that information out there. I would love to have it all and bad about not causing people in general as evangelistic evangelicals or whatever you may be stop trying to argue politics are not any Uganda family general stop trying to argue politics because you take them away from Christ. I try to write an adult. Change them out like he did me the difficult but in argue politics that would be a fit told told not to talk about the art and you mentioned as far as you know you promoted love because you all y'all made in God and it I better have a question about that so mom my reading and study, and then his mom, when I saw that Adam was created at an evil crate created in God when they when they stand in the for nature came in as admin a part of optic and then in chapter 5 that Adam created some odd children abducted only in so I fear that it may describe the image of God was that pure innocent in list form a chart adamantly and then when Mendes then after that they could no longer produce the after the kind that that they God intended for them to produce quickly after their image, and after that like that because they were in the image and likeness of God so that that's what I'm saying that there's no discussion of the image of God will judge that he could beautiful attributes that God loves.

We can look at each we can hate God thinks we can think okay this intervention self-awareness. This character that's without me. And then all the colors of people in the Heights and makeup are all derived out of adamantly okay but not about color and got love like the actual inherent characteristic of God right though I'm not not trying to say color at all overhyped whenever you know any of that. But when out when I look at it not be that no God created adamantly and eat them. They were entered image, but when they chose to disobey God.

They took on a nature echoed God is not been filled. After that that I defend The father. They Adam bought for food. Applicant called so best account of where you know that because I think you're mixing some things up there as per the discussion with the people waiting and I that's okay but just saying it's it's it is a lot there okay okay that's out you have, thought about it that I will try to get glared at arguable perspective about so you can get more time to ask because I'm not just visual getting and I think it's a long time to unpack this talk with okay right now. God bless God bless you about our good. This gets Anthony from Virginia Anthony welcoming on the air balance. What Noel was asking earlier when she about legalism is legalistic to say that in order to be paid. We must obey God will in one sense, yes, and since no bail God's will to come to Christ. That's with that I get safe but you don't obey God's will. He doesn't want anybody to send what we can do that we don't stop sitting in order to become Christians which is different senses of how that is understood right to say that in order to be saved. We must essentially stop thinning or stop desiring to stand that legalism will it we shouldst we should stop sending and we should stop desiring to simple, direct, true, about a month.thinning for what reason. In order to be in a saving relationship with Christ in God and God. That's heresy. Must stop sign in order to be right right really saving relationship with God is impossible. No one would ever be saved. Ever. The Bible teaches….Thinning yet we must stop thinning can you stop sitting. I believe it is theoretically possible for someone cannot thinning so then if it's theoretically possible for some of the stuff sitting that need to theoretically possible for someone to keep the law on the same level as Jesus did right correct okay so do you think you can keep the law the same level as Jesus himself theoretically, someone might be able to do that, no, no, no, not being of either you you you.

Do you believe you can keep the law on the same level as Jesus meets your purity and heart. Do you do you think you can do that.

I really like to keep it level to be saved, yet all how okay you need to pat yourself on the back because your arrogance and your pride are just so sick you cannot possibly be considered a Christian you die will not to apply that is not just Darlene and me listening, I'm telling you give a false gospel, you cannot keep the law you cannot keep it in the level of Jesus. You cannot keep your salvation by your goodness.

It's a false gospel were satellite in the Bible. We talked the fire. The Bible, what about adopting them. If we can do it. Show me verse two levers were to stop sending be perfect.

Therefore, as your father is perfect in heaven. Matthew five €48.

In the context starts in verse 43 which talks about the ring signing on the good and the bad, and that you love everyone equally.

Therefore be perfect your father in heaven is perfect so that didn't work out another one.

Well, there say that they have a Merry work you have another work word faith is used in the Bible many times actually entail defensive obedience, not just intellectual assent.

I talk about all the time. I asked you for versus interview with one of the context we just don't have it.

I would love to speak more to you. I loaded you call back tomorrow because I want to just like your false gospel pointing to the true gospel will have time call back tomorrow. Say in Paul. I'm very interested in your topic covert vaccine to the Lord bless you all my great another program powered by the Truth Network

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