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March 22, 2022 5:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 22, 2022 5:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Matt reads hate-mail.--2- Should you question your salvation if you don't really feel strong conviction of sin---3- What is the right church authority---4- Does the fruit of the Spirit flow from the love of God specifically---5- What are your thoughts on revival as a whole- Do you think national revival could happen---6- Can you explain Romans 16-1- Was Phoebe a deacon-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research was found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why, if I want to be called upon characters Marjorie 2022 Sokoto's were listening later on.

It is all right now. Look at what he would call Chris 877-207-2276 and is often the case with Friday's I do hate mail the beginning, and people start calling it something to give you opportunity.

This is my email. I have even checked them out today to see what they are» just read something here because, as you often abridgment the point of commenting on other sex you know what's going on this versus is too bad you're not so slick with the Scriptures now just so you guys know you don't love my last name earlier slick and the birth certificate, etc. as a catheter came across your silly website. Hello, people do that a lot but that's is silly, but does get a kick out of your silly website.

I thought to myself poor misled little man this is good stuff. I like condescension with people talking to me when you write me stuff like that. He was on. He said he has absolutely no idea what he is rambling on about all try and be charitable and show him the error of his ways. This is awesome I love stuff like this your first premise is that Jesus did not actually mean what he said to be taken literally reference to the Eucharist. You know what is fact.

I didn't discuss it with this with this topic last night on the Eucharist and on others, and so so what I like to talk is going on on political discourse and we got talking and he was telling me that Eucharist is this the body and blood is what Jesus said would you decide is it yeah I do real studies adored enemies adored. Yes, he is a door and what is a literal door guy. Yes, he's a literal door so give a door knob and hinges anyway so I have an interesting time with that I brought something up see here's the thing about the Catholic view of the Eucharist, and as they say that it is actually the body and blood of Christ to sacrifice body and blood of Christ actually drink the blood in the body of Christ. The site will here's a problem with that. In Leviticus 1714 is a command that the Jews are not to drink the blood of in the flesh. Simple, don't drink the blood of any flash so I was asking this guy said K. Was Jesus asking the disciples to break the law and you know what we didn't update. They finally after a bit of him and hawing it is stuff you came back and he said well you could look said to got he's got a good delivery want.

This is a common response have gotten from Catholics on that see you to everyone or Hill six it's the new covenant in Hebrews 813, he was 915 through 16.

The new covenant is instituted with the death of Christ.

So this is under the old covenant, and so therefore were you saying that Jesus was asking them to violate the law and he actually had to say yes while so in order for these guys to hold or false views they have to get Jesus breaking the law of God which ultimately is sent and reported out and in the gutter. Call me names English in with the critic in the hate mail.

Here goes on and says well since his words are pretty darn straightforward and clear. It appears that the burden of proof is on you to explain otherwise why Justin and also I asked this guy Isabella.

I asked myself so long. Jesus is a man right when you offered the sacrifice yes okay and so you give the bread that Britt was his body. So, do you know of any case where human bodies in more than one place at a time of silence and don't think these things throw don't think he sinks early so we believe what he said when he said that in remembrance of me didn't say eat it as though it's his body, but eat it and do it and when you do it would, in remembrance of what he did because it represents his body. That's all this going on and I said your weak argument is going to email your weak argument that he often spoken theories of language is certainly not proof that what he had said to the disciples of the lesson was merely symbolic language and I guess it was symbolically because that's what it was symbolic because you wouldn't be asking the disciples to violate Levitical law. It's simple. All right.

And next sealants the guards is the long email from your elders this week that will try one more while you post absolute garbage about the Catholic Church as a student of comparative religions.

I've researched the RCC patristic writers, and none of them loosed without malice, vindictiveness and hostility that is evident in your writings against this church. The folks over tell you that is good. She that's a good one is well written. I'm looking the punctuation is perfect is good punctuation uses commerce properly is will Don I thought I that I like this was good as a student of comparative religions, I researched the RCC patristic writers, and none of them loosed the good word loosed without malice, vindictiveness and hostility and is evident in your writing to get the church on honors, no malice, no vindictive the hostilities of the Roman Catholic Church is not a true he says why this hatred. I hate the Roman Catholic theology because at least equal to eternal damnation. He goes on, who are you to point fingers when God did not appoint you as his divine profit to be divine profit in order to read the word and say hey is not what it teaches students of misdirection on his part. Well, he was up there on the ladder of excellence, but he just dropped on a whole wrong. He says that he is on. Do you have credentials like Moses did to walk on water well so Moses had credentials.

I don't really have credentials. I didn't think he did. Apparently Moses walked on water, so I'm thinking that this Roman Catholic guy or this person was a student of comparative religion doesn't really study the Bible very much it was on or week or the gifts of infallibility like Peter had.

Have infallibility had to make binding decisions for the early church in his leadership role noted work like that. I did notice don't own you don't and you will try to explain away the papacy and enthroned yourself as an individual Pope. I will you know I always like it when people tell me the stuff this what you're trying to do here to try and throw yourself. I was talking to somebody and I live wouldn't win the people debating in front to debase discussions, you know, Areva points in the site you know you know what you believe. I know you believe it. Your let you know what I believe in you and you know that I'm lying. These people think it whacked I'm each witness you know it's like drinking too much. Distilled waters take the nutrients out of their cerebellum's drink additional watering like me. That explains a lot to see the latest count of individual popes who have established their own Protestant since cults and sects offshoots of nondenominational churches since the reformers decided to go solo with her newly minted invented solos is 43,973 wow really that's how we see individual popes. There are 43,073 popes, wealthy calls and popes is good. Which would you fall what you speak to that. Why don't you speak to that staggering denominational division religion.

I do speak about it, and it's a shame it is but that unite in the essentials and Rob have divisions of the essentials. He goes on and says Dr. list chaos that came from each individual trip in Scripture's own authority against the Bible's conjunction that the Bible doesn't say that this guy couldn't argue with me.

From what paperback if he was swinging with click close on your why don't you address the barks of the church in acts. I do the graphic church fails instead of assuming your religion has a true church of Christ. It does, how can it when there is so much denominational squabbling over scriptural interpretation and doctrinal confusion. Remember, Paul the apostle said in Romans 14 that we are allowed to have differences of opinions it doesn't mean were not Christians groups hardhat Romans 14, it gets in the way people say things like this on the RCC is the longest surviving oldest and largest Christian institution in the world.

That's not Christians, not as properties. United government governance liturgy and worship the sacraments doctrine of apostolic origin which is not true and resplendent.

Not many people use that word as a good work resplendent in prophetic gifts of the first-class miracles in every century. While there are plenty of news sources, redactional international media and ancient writings from the objective sources and carry stories of such heroic giants of virtue who left all behind to follow Christ modern examples are butter Teresa widely but increases in hell myself, I doubt that dumping mean but she she followed official Roman Catholic theology. She's not a Christian, Dr. Damien, the leper priest okay with that guy is there astounding work amongst the most forgotten rock to the world and capture the hearts of even the most hardened anti-Catholic know they did good stuff in the human level help and keep on knocking that doesn't mean they go to heaven because of NYC. He goes on, and he says he usually as Mother Teresa said she didn't have to preach Christ. Those who rent though she rescued the gutters and okay whatever raft you need to nourish your soul with the things of God is of the rotten fruit was divided even reformers so you mean disbelieve in God's word what it says not going.

Don was written was that what you mean. That's why I don't believe the Eucharist is when we were the papacy is when only the Roman Catholic Church equitably leading works of salvation you so little time. Some Jersey all right folks are going to call forth in lines 877-207-2276 is Mike from rolling go live your heart to understand.

You look closer to the phone or something you okay better know Lucy would you go see what happens. That's much better.

All right sweetie, ugly white background.

I heard way the Lord. Now it all right your great where it might die right. Never way or is always faithful and like lack of feelings of being dictated) five. What's your question so what I need a questionnaire, what was your question I want to know something wrong. The father right know what he would get a break like you do view my Mike is to signify the question what you want to ask in an effort to broadcast the question will jump as they know they folks realize it would give me a call 87720727 essentially write back mass Y call 770776 is a remnants which a question are from my life but that's all right no wrong.

Your heart understand. Is it wrong to follow Christ and what it is the right right God without you concert your so hard understand I'm sorry, but for me it's very difficult.

Are you asking about your life is. She's wanting a better Christianity because she's not feeling conviction of sin is that it okay sorry is breaking up of my in a little bit that's what's difficult. So I think it can understand your sorry hold on let me just gonna jump in and try to answer this a little bit because people don't feel conviction of sin that that's a serious concern for a Christian we should feel conviction of sin. If a Christian is not feeling conviction of sin. There could be several reasons. One is not really Christian, but that's generally not the case. We talk about someone who worried about it because so is not saved. Really, it just doesn't make you sensitive gonna worry about it there's always a possibility that they've committed enough sins. If there hardened by it and so that there under it kind of a judgment is another thing.

Another option is well you know they're just emotionally talkative people so I'm saying this. Some people are so emotionally involved with themselves in life that they kind of turn it off in order for self protection because the summit was more emotional than others, and they have to come to hide their motion to guard themselves. That could be one of the ways of not feeling things. It could also be that the Holy Spirit is is taking the per let that person have some things without feeling a conviction. So much so that something greater can be be taught to the perception holders click get you back on the second Mike is another possibility. It could be that the person is feeling conviction but doesn't recognize it because conviction can be in different ways. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking.

Conviction means you feel this horribleness and you will that is a form of conviction, but another form of conviction is why am I not feeling conviction that the conviction feet.

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin and he can heat bring us into righteousness. If a Christian is saying you know what I don't feel as much of the guilt is much as I need to. I think I should. That's the work of the Holy Spirit convicting, and so what I would recommend it. I recommend is that people in that situation wanted to just pray and say Lord, you know, I don't know I might not not feeling enough. I think maybe I should, but am I right or am I making a mountain out of a mole hill in my doing something that I think is wrong is not really wrong in my feeling conviction tell me from doing something that's wrong. Let me know, so feel conviction about it that I know was wrong because sometimes people won't do something wrong but I think it's wrong.

They don't feel conviction. Good stuff. Spirit working on his themselves and so this thing about subjective experience in a conviction is not so easy to deal with. So what I say to people in your life situation is pray and ask God to give her more sensitive heart and to know what the truth is about issues and whatnot.

She should be convicted and also to realize that such a thing in her heart is a form of conviction so she is experiencing is not in some of the way she thinks she might need to okay Mike is an accent okay thank you Greg you're welcome.

Hope that helps us either listening to Sheila's Okay is she smiling, in another car about all the car. All right, well, what's her first name and okay hi door, if that's okay. Robert summer that we sent you okay thank you hey summer. I'm waving at you, how you doing you doing I know you're smiling okay. The Lord loves you and he will never leave you and don't worry about what you feel. Focus on what the truth of God's word is and you find that sometimes in the dry season at the Lord is working in another way. So ask him to reveal what he's doing in your heart and you already feel conviction. It's true okay okay there you go, summer a Mike godless buddy that okay God bless.

It was the goodbye they folks here for open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 José from New York, New York, North Carolina, welcome your on their are you fine you. I live I get back go to church but I am backing out locally here.

I feel a lot of women have taken on the role that leaders around here and all bummed about that great get something and then the reading of chapter 8 concerning Manning, Philip and unit look to you by him in and he was baptized. My question about all that have to do with get a measure with the right work authority again. Sorry to you and with the right church authority system is visited yet and it's with a male or males who are in a leadership position not females. Women are not supposed to pastors nor are they supposed the elders or this mostly deacons and ONCE more, but I will not challenge. I know that North Carolina get these calls must align this kind of topic comes up that area. So if there's a church out there series of churches that would like me to come out and politely come to the church and have an evening would do a Q&A and I teach on this. We have a discussion with someone from an opposing view of the very willing and eager to do something like that to get through this issue because this is a very important issue because within pastors and helpers are going to help in the demise in the fall into apostasy of the Christian church, and if that is the case, I can connect the dots on this and I know this topic and would love to build teach Teddy. What is going they folks will further my 7276 max Y7707 all right, so this is a really important topic will dealings with it in different context, different venues that a single person is ever accepted my challenge to debate on this issue and the reason I believe that because a notice go to Scripture and they don't have any standing for Scripture like that effective emeralds go to work. The word of God letting it violence of the word of God and that the position held.

I was on a chassis today. I would jump in a room full of women and it was prophetess so-and-so and pastor. So it's always women and I want to ask question on the biblical position and authority was afraid if I would run anything out. They kicked me out and I find I think is right. It's very true. I never sing a video also much women and a man went in and literally asked him, you can't be to limit settlement after your neck with you Patrick were to Scripture. They physically hit him. They physically have it waving what hurting him. But you know they were smacking him and hit that you know and push them like this is a real rebellion going on in women in this area and its balance by the rebellion of men who were allowing it to occur is a serious problem I can make a strong case work, but nevertheless what's the proper set up for church this so you know I pastors might fall to Melbourne, etc. first Timothy 517 talks about the elders who will rule welcome double honor, especially those who work hard at preaching and teaching. So by default. Pastor is an elder Paul says he does not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over man in sin church context if we talk about, but remain silent and not because Adam was first created. This is not a cultural thing to the authority structure thing. What is authority structure elders are over the congregation and they have deacons who are under the authority of the elders and that's it that's out works. The word elder is present new terrace and hence you Get Presbyterianism Present New Ter., Presbyterianism, and that is elder rule in some churches you have one elder and some will have more than one elder. If you have one elder because it's a small congregation that can happen. It's Presbyterian is elder rule. That's the nature of it and we have more than one elder it's just Presbyterian is elder rule is what it is and generally how we have things here's one elder is, the senior one is the main pastor teacher that kind of stuff.

That's what you also look for You. I great thing you Mike. I waved a very long time and I'm trying to get back I am writing. Here I went in.

I heard little don't mention about I heard more about other ethical thing to church it would like to do the woman pastor teaching about cheap sheet with everything this guy got back I see there's an example of the site is not is not okay now you typing what I think Rex is an illustration of unbelief as an illustration of failure in the world and human philosophy and human wisdom use unbelievers as is an example of what needs to be corrected.

This so much heresy. So as I write to look but yeah, look at it. I try, there are some good Baptist churches around even though some of the Baptist Church company going S. Had Not Way.

Stay way from Assemblies of God stay with the Nazarene group.

They're going to leftist Calvary Chapel is is not performed. That's okay, at least you get expositional teaching you will get this compromise correct and so you can grow their evangelical free is still pretty good to try stuff like that.

I I will pick them up. Yeah, you know it's unfortunate, but it's in the Bible prophesies apostasy to come in second Thessalonians 2.

That means that within Protestantism, apostasy is coming and the fact is that there are a lot of false teachers that are and that within pastors women elders party apostasy. The fact that men are allowing as part of the apostasy of teaching the idiocy of New Age idiots just just I was afterwards, but can't be allowed in the pulpit should never happen. Most people don't know the doctrine most of the pastors and elders in the situation like that don't know they're doing or talking about and the congregation is even less latest latest puts her finger in the air switch with wind blowing and follow the direction and of the men in the Christian church need to stand up and start acting like men Christian men who teach the truth and politely lovingly correct those in her.

That's what Lisa begun. So if I think you met Karen Leslie F.

Oakley and gentlemen as much as there are women pastors and elders is a representation of how poorly men are doing in the church so more within pastors and their the worse it is that men are performing men to understand that spiritual responsibility I do marriage counseling until people told him that this is what you like it or not, you're the head of the house he to act like if you don't like it that's too bad.

That's your responsibility. When Adam and Eve were in the garden and they both send a pre-incarnate Christ came to the man and said, were you insight evilly be done to take you to the dungeon of the man where are you addressed a man first and sin entered the world through one man. Romans 512, and even those she was in the world and Eve sin for Adam, but sin and work through Adam. This is proof biblically that the male is the one who has was called federal headship the leadership position and authority in the spiritual realm because of Christ. Because Jesus is God in flesh who has an authority and he's male and he's called the last Adam first 1545 I think it is.

And so we as the as his representatives in the home are to live is Christ did and were to overturn the doctrinal tables of the heretics and we are to stand on truth.

This is why am politely saying it again. I'll be glad to fly out to any church out there. North Carolina and do some Q&A on all kinds of topics in teach and debate on this issue of the pastors and elders from God's word. The debate does the Bible support women pastors and elders interest know it does not. The question then becomes, why are women doing this and why they in rebellion against the word of God.

Why know why because the fruit looked good. The fruit seemed like it was good to touch the fruit she saw looks good it looks think is good for them to teach the lights to their eyes, desirable for positions them to be in sleep.

Take it and this is what's going on in limine to step down, and if the men don't step up that's their fault. Ladies that the church fall let men stand up if you treat them like children still behave like children get treated like men of the behave like men, but I'll take him a while, but they'll step up so don't step in when men will get a job done. Let it fall let it fail within reason of course, especially the church if no one gets up on a Sunday to preach because rooms are not preaching his men's job and no man gets up and does it. It's a shame to all the men it is social to be men stand up for truth. Don't sit Chuck North Carolina Woody Guthrie. Yes, not ours. Does Murthy forgiveness right Ruth long-suffering John note of the spirit below from the love of God in yesterday mainly the love of God start just as fine, or just closely break your is not sleeps a lot people make this mistake and is because our English the word fruit and singular and plural but in Greek it's one fruit. The fruit of the spirit. The single fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace mission kinds so yeah mercy comes from God. Grace comes from God is the one who is the standard of all righteousness.

He not only is the necessary precondition for intelligibility is also source of truth, love, mercy, hold on right back after these messages, please state why call 77077 sourcing on that things come from God. We only know mercy because God shows us mercy really know love because God's love. He's the standard of what these things are that's how we learn with the come from God, you got me right now on that but I was thinking they all come from the love of God, but they come from God because below come from God, mercy… Etc. yeah I got it now. Not sure everybody got the spray the Lord for the work you do you not keep your mind sharp and everything is well. Praise the Lord for the work is for my mind being sharp… And my wife would disagree with you. It's okay, he got a one of those rollers. When you get out on how much you will is down, her health is not that good physical associate can't blackmail site ahead anymore, which I really liked what she does or does the armpits. I love those now she's just me. Look, I get the Outlook will get that drunk" buyout battle. Yeah well already let you know you love her. Everything a good map by the board or how they align.

God bless and write all right, let's get to see Alex in Florida hey Alex, welcome is no money in Internet and her and Chad allowed out okay. Daniel Rappaport and Andrew sue said loser Andrew didn't know what you meant to be filed no jive and talk to you that you yeah I know better. I thought you called Marshall is doing so okay.

We yeah your question, I want your thoughts and revival like genuine revival happened in that country like email great awakening revival while survive. You know like being stirred up, especially to get close to the end. I just feel the churches know disconnected and fractured that I I'm starting to not I'm starting to be discouraged from happening out what your thoughts on revival at the whole, and I just like to know your thoughts on orders of revival that need to be addressed. Personal revival in a person's life family at the local church that expands out but as far as national revival. It certainly can. If God ordains it and God sent the Spirit, the things people need to start with themselves and be humble before God and seek revival. Then in the will of God more accurately will then pray according to God's will. It might not be that he desires a revival to happen any particular country.

People might say that's not true, but it's always possible because God even prevented Paul from going to preach the gospel in certain area. He had a reason.

So that's why say people need to be in prayer and say Lord use me and send me teach me but Lord can we have a revival. Can this nation be awake and this certainly biblical, prayer, and it could happen. I think it would happen if Frank could happen yet your thoughts are.

Because the lack of prayer not so much the fracturing of the church in fighting and fighting more the lack of prayer you and I think that might might be and I don't know I'm just wondering. I just think a prayer is something that is, the church needs to be doing a lot more and I believe the Christian church in America has failed miserably because it's going downhill. And Christians aren't in politics there not an education and not in the media.

Why because Christians have let the unbelievers rule and all these important areas and so that's not obedience that is disobedience to God because God says that all areas of life are under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and so by default, all areas belong to the Lordship of Jesus, and we as Christians need to step in as his representatives to help foster and promote that Lordship. That's why we need as Christians and doctors Christians as Pollock, politicians, and Christians as movie actors and things like that and they need to be supported. This would need to happen and when this happened yeah will Caesar like salt like light in the world but is darkness is creeping in, because the Christians aren't doing. Yeah, I thought. In our unreformed theory or not. So you know where what we have are our doctrine. Now, but in the Reformed Church are just so much division in fighting your printer, you better marker quite like that that there always been such divisiveness and not hacking and brother. No, not united in always been like that but now I thought well not so sure know what you mean because for the most part all the people I know who Reformed Church 43 the stable of like mind so I'm not exactly sure. You just privy to something I'm not privy to law. I mean I get a lot from them on my lot of theological fighting like the way it should be a great gin beat unit. Yeah that that's I'm talking and I'm not.

I'm like you, I'm not a full summary form.

I'm not so iconic in the you think more clear perspective. The that's more what I'm talking about. I feel like revival you got solid brother to believe in good doctrine, but maybe they're not praying and are just not uniting and having Eric try toward others that might not agree with you.

It's really possible I know to say periodically that we Calvinists have godly doctrinal box don't want to let amount and to be careful that we don't elevate our reformed theology which is so biblical and so concise and so's income consistent internally and I've been defending for 30 years and it's it's wonderful but their people don't understand it's and stuff like that. That's another issue, but we as a freedom to be good reformed individuals representing Christ, then shouldn't we also have a six point in the five points and should be the love of God. We should have that that love of God be part of what were teaching and patience and kindness and tolerance and things like that yes we want doctrinal purity, but we need to also have the doctrine of love is something that is included in our flower tulip needs to happen yelling.

We need to be programmed in first Corinthians 13. We can ignore that dialogue will end up becoming like a claim prevalently in a stock without extra golfing care and energy is in John 1335 by this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. You know, most brother and I know her reformed mandate great great guys and gals, very loving, but sometimes they don't agree for the most pressing to be pretty good but maybe just know so I don't. So now Merrill even if accurate, yet accurate, maybe get different circle, but it will your advice becoming a kind of frustrated to be an example of patience and kindness. Be an example of the best you can. You know I'm doing a lot of debates impromptu discussions and various chat rooms and more and more trying this patient and loving as I can I fail but I it's deftly been a change in me because I would represent Christ because I'm representing Jesus.

If I want to get huffy finally get in a bad tone with somebody new patient that are not representing him the way supposed and we all Christians deeded to this is classes for five and six second Timothy 224, 25 talks about the so something we need to do this okay right here. Yeah God I appreciate that man yeah right good. Thanks. Thought Bob and the show writer.

I figured fighting sharing the gospel on crime and other all right, let's get to Patrick in Charlotte North Carolina. Patrick welcome hello Matt, I have a question about the deacon woman in Romans 16 one.

If you read it in the NIV, yes, Phoebe. She was a deacon right well the word deacon means servant. There's an office of that servant in the church, which is to be held by men, not by women.

Just as there are elders who are also females, but doesn't mean that there elders in the church because the work to be using different context. That's all that's going on okay okay I told her, according, you cannot. You cannot be an elder or less. Your children are believers is actual yes a personal question. Do you have you ever met a elder. I've been a pastor consistent pastor so pastors can have children that are unbelievers will and what you're asking. The Bible says that there to have children who believe that with this talk about normative conditions good with you have one child.

This has children and so is it being literal in the sense of how many know and what you do if a pastor has some bouncy triplets and are two years old are the believers we can say they are right. Consider not so what about that when you do if a man's a pastor and then his children move out of the house, the longer your own life and then 10 years later, they become one becomes a non-Christian now as he suddenly disqualified because his children who left the house 10 years later became unbelievers. These are questions I get to discuss and cost effective but are actually protected our day when their children. Protections are already saved in God's eyes. No say that the text is not the issue of district, I'm telling you that that people who say this if you got it.

Think through it. What is it mean what does it mean does it mean children under your household who are believers does it mean about that show adult children who make their own choices of the left the home that was how many pastors are out there would not be pastors if their adult children, 30, 40 years old say I'm leaving trash anymore. What sorry that the pastor father across the country a thousand miles away suddenly has to step down kissing wallops actually one thing and every situation around. Like you said about Mother Teresa you know that she wasn't a Christian, you know, you must told her I said she's as hell I said is she a friend official Roman Catholic theology and she's in town, something they went out for number one question was is not show. Sorry, Elizabeth, North Carolina Zach rock Arkansas mind is racing back on your another program powered by the Truth Network

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