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March 9, 2022 6:50 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 9, 2022 6:50 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What does 1 Corinthians 3-16-17 mean when it talks about destroying God's temple---2- Can dead saints appear to us today- Didn't Moses appear to Jesus---3- Is Jesus an Apostle---4- Is the Textus Receptus an ancient text from a manuscript someone found---5- If God created man and woman together in Genesis 1-27-28, how can he create Adam apart from Eve in Genesis 2-7---6- What's going on with the saints raise up from their grave right after Jesus' resurrection---7- In John 12, when Mary anoints Jesus, was it for his burial---8- Can someone who holds to annihilationism be saved---9- A flat earth can have four corners, how can a globe earth have that---10- Should a Christian be eager to die because of their enthusiasm to meet Jesus---11- Why did God kill the firstborn sons of Egypt during the Exodus---12- Why is Isaac called God's only son when Abraham also had Ishmael-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is a lot more you or just work watch absent here for fiction again T-shirt on his T-shirt Tuesday so well dressed casually and do well if you want to join me, all you do is give me a call. We can talk about Bible talk about politics could talk but I'll come to stuff the questions on justification, the dictation propitiation Trinity hypostatic union commuter car to do my tum economic Trinity ontological Trinity propitiation Mormonism. Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam, Eastern orthodoxy, atheism, evolution logic, you oppose the Colts all kinds of stuff. Talk you want to give me a call.

That's all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 so when we dig up on the phone here and let's get to see Kim from rural Hall I think is North Carolina welcoming on here.

317 K when it got your body talking about but it is talking about your nephew. 15 versus 19 and 27 versus 1523 when you file the heart without the but well listen what it says right there in its own context. First, do you not know that you are a temple of God and that the spirit of God dwells in you, so you talking about your body, the spirit of God is in you your your soul, your spirit, but what we are commanded to destroy the temple of God will destroy him for the temple, God is holy and what is and is what you are know there's a sense I think you could say that the other subdue with a heart issue but also think it has with the physical body and that we are responsible to take care of her physical bodies as well. And if you going to be a glutton. Gotta destroy you.

You let your gluttony kill you think it's okay. But even if we body by law to remake the new heart as an is in the beating chest was a spiritual heart to think like well but if you if you don't qualify new equipment is not I'm not clear on what you mean by a spiritual heart.

They follow the Lord. I don't use that term. One thing I'm familiar with his work. The Roman Catholics say they love the immaculate heart of Mary and the sin against immaculate heart of Mary stupidity. Not sure what you mean know about the spirit, heart or something that is guiding the Bible right.

I wouldn't say so. That is only that my soul is in my body and God is in me. So using my body as well about five going to unify the Bible. Why would think that I didn't do it doesn't say this will be difficult. We have to kind of guess educated guesses, but there are things that you don't want to do that will defile God if you are supposedly a Christian and you fornicating your first is five.

Gotta kill you.

Gotta take you over give your lead to the destruction of your flesh for the two shall be saved.

So it seems to me that there are certain sins. The more grievous sins that a Christian can commit that going to come out living in and five Pacific such things as living in fornication and see him sentenced specifically because I know there's a lot of Christians to call themselves Christians in their living in sin with her boyfriend and girlfriend got married and they think that that's okay because I love going to get married. I was going tell you flat out you are aimed sinful rub belly and against God. If you are in such a place. You claim to be a Christian you go to church or living in such sin, then you're lucky. God hasn't taken you out his mercy and his grace are keeping you there live in a repentant fall line and to follow him/his little bit of a warning for people out there. We had to take this very seriously where the temple of God, so this mean we don't have M&Ms every now and then. Or really can't watch the movie aliens which I like things like that is just me and be careful what is were taking into orbit physical bodies and as well is our spiritual aspect what you're doing want to participate in these of darkness. Okay, okay, but one of not what you take into it will come from the heart.

That was about but you correct so that it be like. You've defile the spiritual automate is not what you get to the bottom with tribute to the God he will know… I hear from you and destroys the temple of God, and it seems to be implying that it's the physical body to speculate on this… I'm not saying it's not spiritual at all, but I'm saying is that it certainly looks like it's physical but it could also have spiritual connotations to so don't say to only one, but in my opinion.

From looking at what it said, saying I do not know that you are a temple of God, the Spirit of God dwells in you.

Talking to people who are walking around if any man destroy the temple of God, God will destroy him and what is that mean does it mean gluttony doesn't mean fornication doesn't mean being lazy I had. I don't know in modern parlance might be alcoholism and drug abuse.

But then again, if it's a spiritual aspect, you destroy the temple of God. How do we destroy our heart and God will destroy you what it is he saying that you lose your salvation is good, destroy you, just doesn't fit this to me this is a spiritual thing. I think it deals with physical okay but if it weekly to well I wouldn't say that because I haven't looked at the context immediately in a while. Normally speaking, it's it is speaking to the Corinthians that the Corinthians have unbelievers in the church as well as believers have Jews in all kinds of people's I would save only talking to the believers okay okay what about you back up YouTube accomplice arrived this get to Julie from Tennessee Julie welcome here. How are you I'm okay I have never though I'm crazy because I've never heard your shell before but I dialed the number to ask the question okay you never heard that that's all right now. That's okay no not a problem but have you been my website. Though Just curious.

CAR and I don't like looking at your very okay.

So you see me sitting in a chair leaving 15 seconds and the cup serving :-) I got that little doubt have the volume down. Anyway now something very curious what happened in my people, and I'm waiting out on and I'm not sure where you are in the care are you charismatic are you Pentecostal are you are you more on liturgical. I'm very, very, very, biblically minded, very serious person who holds to reformed theology, Leninism, and the continuation of the charismatic gifts as long as are subject to the final authority. The word of God. Okay many years, I contacted you are talking by name slick so you be careful will see well I curious thing happened on, you know who Bob Joan… Mark okay what they were.

I get pretty good" profit in the charismatic napalm apparently passed away and up they Tell them infect me in passing that pastor said that he had spoken Kitty to in the flash they been dead and I look if the person that black and then they proceeded to fit one in Kentucky that he will greatly and I said you're right because there dad and then faith that the alliance that that's that. Well on something about Angel and God that you think you the Mount of Transfiguration as their Scripture. Well, he gained most of the many my thinking earned no why people come back to earth okay will be addressing much of this that pastor is disqualified from being a pantry is a step he cannot discern truth from error and he couldn't exegete his way out of a wet paper bag. So Matthew 17 is a Transfiguration Moses allies represent the law and the prophets and their bearing witness of Christ because of the Scriptures do their witness of Jesus. John 539 Jesus says in the Scriptures you search the Scriptures because in them you think you have eternal life.

But as these of their witness of me.

So what he was doing in the Transfiguration for the benefit of the apostles was for the representatives of the Old Testament law and prophets of their bearing witness of Christ doesn't mean that's profit Bob can be seen by pastor or whatever here today talking the flesh. Furthermore, that's called occultism. I called I called another person, and I kept thinking, witchcraft. This is witchcraft and he will. I'm sorry you disagree with me but that's your opinion and to quickly take Scripture, Scripture, Scripture always ask for Scripture you tell these guys. You show me the word of God with this is possible that he may go to aquifer for symbol 28 with which of Endor were sent Samuel Cook comes back that's because I was silent. That's a work that was under witchcraft.

There are so many people you hurry before so popular little blast. There are so many heretics of false teachers in the Christian church today and the couple ballroom called missiles, prophets and apostles part of them and a name when the claimant a blab in the gravid new apostolic Reformation apostles to date all the stuff and lovable and we can get in in touch with them and all you gotta do is go to their graves and grave soaking or we can have communion with him and you all the studies called sorcery to be a break please hold on that okay go subscription on all the call faith right that governs that's just one open line you call 877073276 max Y call 77077 charismatic slave women. Are you listening on the radio up there well what they are all up and down the East Coast and then also in Ohio and in Florida Florida.

I mean you touch and go select limit see your listings had not been put to do together.

Okay look what you want for our US yes I am an FM radio on the Truth Network only got more home, but the cash it's money, right okay okay you ready for some Scriptures I'm ready.

I got my parent on the comment right arm at Deuteronomy 12 right" that would consult thanks S this report not in there. Is it when you enter the land God gives you shall not learn to imitate the detestable things of those nations and witchcraft sorcery when cast spells or medium or spiritus or one who calls up the dead. So this is a serious thing to do that, incidentally, Roman Catholics do this all the time with her Saints Mary the call of the dead, trying to contact him. What it means to call up the dead is to actually try and have them manifest to you and it can happen in the sense of familiar spirits or demonic forces that imitate the other loved ones from before and the radio show up and asked that I felt when I told her I didn't hold them up appeared to them. Apparently apparently different, not public knowledge that when I told the other that I had heard that the information you could love that what you want to know about that but wait a minute when you hear great new pellet on the mountain so the fact that he didn't want to how anybody or help me in the fact that you don't want to talk to me that it held that, you know it's wrong yet when dead people start appearing to you. You can ask questions you have to ask, you know, so his verse with how you know is really the person you know, because the Bible says a test. All the spirits did this so-called pastor test the spirit. As the spirit witness by the physician was to confess Jesus Christ is God in flesh, Lord God, the cross to roast the dead to Tessa spiritus for John forces order to save.

Oh, he appeared to me I bet you if I were to contact or be have a discussion with some like to find that there are cold doors that of an open individual so learn that in the know in the charismatic church and then trajectory gone way off. Where right now the reason because they don't submit themselves to the final authority of God's word. They want to experience and this is heresy here in the New Testament we have in Luke 1619 to 31. We have Lazarus and the rich men who died and the rich man is in agony and Lazarus as they are doing okay and it says that Abraham Hagan okay go back one people and he says in verse 26 Abraham says besides all this, between us is there's a great chasm fixed so that those who wish to come over from here you will be not be able to, and not to cross over there to us. Some might say will that's between in the afterlife. In those places of the Crossover, but the idea here is that the dead. They're not able to move out of the realm they don't do that first table 28.

We have an exception. It was allowed and went in Matthew 17 with Transfiguration, but that's a prophetic thing for the ministry and witness to Christ because by two witnesses or something established.

Jesus had a witness of himself in the God the father but also with Moses represents since the law and Elijah represents the of the prophets that they bear witness of him.

That's what it was going on there.

When I asked her to try out if God were talking God on the American motor.

I did not want to talk to Michael so he can be real careful about the stuff okay and I will I would just automatically say that pastors disqualified from speak about and and you know in common.

The charismatic church. If that there is no accountability. They don't have the final authority of God) elders there women pastors and elders. I don't believe the word of God to do all kinds of stuff that's on biblical and so they are a I apostle to themselves a bishop to themselves and authority to themselves yet so there are only looking for the vibrator now vibrating yachting care.

I might when you're ready, charismatic evangelical, a lot of times as you get older you kinda craved more liturgical and the opposite can happen, but I'm moving away away from it because I'm just tired of the celebrity had the cool worship leader Lebanon path. There is a gigantic mega church in and tell you manager Scott if you want to really learn and grow your faith start studying reformed theology. I got a little bit about what guide to get young at a university university reform in Virginia look on saying that that'll help you lots okay and I'm reformed very, very reform but I also from the charismatic gifts, but I don't swing from chandeliers and don't go out there great soaking and contact the dead either your things in a happen.

This could be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit recorded the limits of the boundaries and proclamations of the word of God. That's it. Yet again, Carl and then match up at the infallible word of God.

So that's another thing happening in the charismatic People think I got it bigger than the event the Bible and stupidity abstruse to unity in the Bible, which means Jesus is talking to me. I don't to be submitted to the word of God. These are apostates in the making apostates as teachers in the making, and I just rebuke them and you know it just kill us, the idiocy to get this out of the book of second Marana cults for the Gartner file.

If everybody were the Lord everybody in your experience (that is, an and enter dandy get trajectory. Get off at it on a the SUV will be hosting a thing in early April on the problems of the positive confession movement in the new apostolic Reformation for setting it up and I'll be hosting it gathers a lot of problems and answer lack And after that I was kind okay okay front will be. Got a call her so we got it going okay okay okay goblets okay will lie all right. Let's get to Moodle from Raleigh, North Carolina the North Pole. Not sure which of this before.

Whatever way you they all live in your guy and you would use your cry thing out. You would think the right and I didn't know anything yet you write the number Hebrews 3, verse one, which I'll read after the break because that's what he calls Jesus apostles a whole lot of folks, please state to after the break. Mass Y. Call 77077 charismatic/welcome back to the shoulder line when you can call 877-2276 Rudolph you still there. Alright, so how is Jesus and apostle. It's easy of the word apostle means sent one Greek office double. We know that Jesus was sent by the father. For example, John 639 uses you can do the will, the one who sent him. In John 2021 Jesus is peace be to you as a father has sent me, I also send you. What's interesting about Hebrews 31 where it says this. Therefore, holy brother, and partakers of the heavenly calling, consider Jesus, the apostle and high priest of our confession.

What's the confession is who Jesus is and the truth of of what God has done and in the Greek it says the apostle and high priest with the definite article the is covering both apostle and high priest so the kind of relate. It is in his ultimate meet at your ship as a high priest, so he's an apostle is the one who sent by the father to accomplish the will of the father.

He's also the high priest after Orla Keswick, which is why I was baptized and in those two things by the one definite article the we see the single person who holds that the data couplets of legacy offices. But that couplet of of actualities. There is the apostle, in the sense that he was sent to you has the authority he is the one of the father gave the charge to do the okay okay I really thank you you work there are other God bless.

All right, let's get to from Georgia will come younger, but that question probably say that the manuscript and for printed form. Mostly when we hiked up, I can but I can understand you try to get okay.

This conclusion hundred dollars say got her head that the actual printed it and protect on the different types of printed 6% is done by state colleges had it stalked and we go to waste time, he just compiled different texts and committed me to copy this was called the Texas receptionist received text at the gym stranded on it. That's all it is on okay so okay that people not knowing your indoor work arrest listed. That's right, Rudy Rodriguez thinking right hand guy just actually just was study that was recently big squeak behind you. What is that squeak squeak no fan I get you something is too hard.

My, I'm sensitive to it. But if others are driving on the road and hearing squeaks. They may start looking around the car and be distracted but only distracting, but so what. So doing, that's what that is a Tetris notice of this is done by Rasmussen complot compiled different tech articles on hold but if I talk to get rid of that squeak and so he compiled different manuscripts that he had access to at the time in the produce was called the Texas receptionist is.

That's all it is not that big a deal in the King James was translated out of that. But however since that time. Older manuscripts have been discovered and so after my throat there and so we have even more relaxing at this point more better texts. That's that we can have a more accurate translation on some areas Texas receptors is fine but there are just a few areas with textual variation we need to examine and then when they have older manuscripts he discover what the solutions are etc. etc. that's when you want to go with the in my opinion, like the NASB is a translational critical vertical tobacco okay. Also on all translated to go to the other on the wildlife that looked like the Joel witness you currently both world the bad are many of you a lot of time is measured to be my formal translation I sent you. It seems to be is just what's the equivalent, and there are different ways of translating Scripture he knows I say uses example in Spanish. You know to say I'm hungry and we gonna put on hold because you that squeak going out in Spanish to say I'm hungry as you think laundry but literally that is. II have hunger. So do you translate how literally do you translate this the sentence or to translate actually is written to written to interpret is spoken to his spoken people don't know that it was written you think of Albany with that is literally translated as is. I I have hungry. I have hunger truly and what you could also translated as I am hungry. We could also translated is I'm hungry which ones are accurate. There all accurate. One is very literal and one is more dynamic of what it is actually trying to convey.

They both all of them accomplish. It is just to what degree do you want what literalists that's the issue there. Okay, help a little. So basically modern translated copy will stay well. Certain burgers are amazing but at work make it never them at first light right after centuries later Colette right that's the basic argument is that people like the King James, don't realize is had plenty of time to put on hold for the for the copyists because I've been an expert on some time to go over all this, but my studies have shown that something will happen is that people will write in the margins. A slight correction or comment that very often as a scribe would do that you might be a problem with the word roof leak that came off a piece of the parchments of the like that are papyrus and they would mark right in the marginal little comment a little word whatever it is to correct or to clarify and sometimes people will hundred or two years hundred went 120 years later within include that marginal writing as part of original text, and so the more time you have is this kind of process goes on the more time you have the potential for certain things to be added in, and hence the Texas receptors which understand what translated or developed out of roughly 5th, six to €700 from the 500 600 so hurt your documents, but we discovered to badger do the stuff on the way of the column with a week with older manuscripts have been discovered since then and the general rule is the older manuscripts and more accurate to little findings manuscript that don't have as marginal little notation, which are few and far between, and so they know what the original is in the King James people clumsily know the King James and the English is inspired and you guys are just going with the pagan thing you're talking about. So this is the kind of issue that goes on.

I hope that helps. Okay, but there are a big man but God bless. Okay, let's get to Thomas from Kentucky. Thomas welcoming on here creating beautiful about Kentucky I got a couple quick story today and help me out one versus 27, 28, and how does that compare to Genesis 27 looks like Scott is creating man and woman in one 2728 and ended yet to is evidence creating Adam is just the Genesis 1 is more detailed in Genesis 2, which is called recoup the recapitulation of short version that's always going on okay. Thank you for that now. Another quick one. Matthew 20 might even tie into your previous call of the young lady that called it that the charismatic stopped. Matthew 2752 53. Haven't read this recollection of the event under my crucifixion in any of the other Gospels. This particular event about it.

Matt 2752 53 says that the graves were opened up. No you about it.

My question is exactly what I don't really understand who these people were what the purpose of this was, well, I don't don't know who they were or what the purpose was say who they were, but does say many bodies of the saints would fall asleep were raised so it looks like those who had were were true believers in the true living God, and they were resurrected and they enter the holy city. Many an enforcement is 15, Paul recounts look at the same event and I was this 500 people were raised, so I like to study the number for that, but it looks like it's back to the station of the future resurrection of Christ is guaranteed by his death think it is breakable that after the break we went from line 87720722 mass Y call 77077 alright so Richter don't know if I answer your question sufficiently anymore.

He would ask her or everyone out there. I took about a year ago and it I immediately found out who it represented by congressional district by state legislature and so on. And not just imploring people just they have to get involved because you have going on today legislature as far as what they're trying to pass that laws are what they're trying to get rid into law. I mean I can save Kentucky is in pretty good shape.

This legislative session.

They've got a bet you there. Get up go to hands-on thing is so using people. He more balls in politics, which I totally agree with Christian should do the absolutely yeah you got it because I be up there you are there trying to push Kentucky the gay conversion very slippery slope. As far as the cards it would affect the church but that thank goodness and Kentucky rehab. You know, we have a democratic government okay okay gotcha gotcha so you praise God we do apologetics or I totally agree with you that we need to be involved in politics. We absolutely do. I'm with you and I totally affirm that okay that all right you two gutless let's get to sample Wisconsin. The way the half hour.

Sammy still there all okay welcome your on your current remark.

Now, all while will do better to go see what and Don L not marry barrio it might be the case but you see what it does say six days before Passover. There's a certain ceremony comes in. Now we don't know if she understood what was going on and what I like to say this point is women in the Bible often got it before. The guys did. Who Jesus was and they just heard different voice so to speak. So it is certainly possible that she was doing that, but I didn't notice that is so they had made a supper there. Martha was serving but Lazarus was one of those reclining at the table with them, or to convert a costly perfume and lard and are noted, the feet of Jesus wiped his feet with her hair that is is really profound statement because in the culture. A woman without her hair down in public, which he did it right there in front of others and felt comfortable and to do that to anoint him generally that the feet were very filthy when you went into a house of service will be the one who would wash them and of the guest and so when Nicodemus didn't have Jesus feet washing woman came illiterate and I hair down there was an insult to Christ but here we have her doing this so it's at the very least it's a blessing upon the Lord Jesus. It could also be an anointing for a burial but his burial was in for quite a while, but it does say you know that in the next context. Jesus Iscariot was what is Judas betrayed him. So you know it could be that that's what it was okay didn't know Trey gave it crap. Many I don't believe he knew that right away and not just say to say no this is it in. In Luke, John 11 earlier was Mary who anointed the Lord with ointment and want to be with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick so this is anointed and also there are some hints of things that we can't say for sure. GO ahead on I wrote it down to grab her number will call you and earn an early November. Truly a 1 mile east of an aisle. Yes, you can be a Christian and hold to annihilation is the role annihilation as a means when a person dies, he is, or doesn't exist or goes the soul sleep, but ultimately going to eternal torment. She's annihilated doesn't exist anymore.

I've written over 180 articles literally related to annihilation. This AND it's not true. Annihilation is not a true teaching crack okay okay I my front yard question.

Real live assets that are not, but we got a call race but could not collect tomorrow is right there, okay arrival. God bless. Okay I'll call back tomorrow okay by all right is good to Patrick Charlotte Mr. Leonard Thatcher welcome here in one do not write what you got. I think I've got an image of the Bible version of the circle or corners. If you look up the image of the company. The faith of the compass. You'll see 1/3 full just trying my question is how can you show a four corners on a global or you can't.

So are you a flat you hold to the font I kind of believe it because if a cop: hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on, hold okay, I just asked if you hold to it.

I don't need an explanation of why I don't have much patience. I just want a few berries or have much patience with his doing with flatter first try to be strength training a little bit to be patient because I just think it's a waste of time. I think that people miss read the Scriptures with it and cause unnecessary division and ridicule on the name of Christ because of the rep longer.

It is open okay okay okay okay okay okay I got you, you just try to convince me okay holistic is the art. As the sun and the moon are they above the earth. The flat earth in a dome. No, I don't want to talk. I want to talk about the okay were done okay this does. Let's talk about what to teach, not going with that with go to Steve from Virginia Steve welcome you on the air aim at under all right, we got buddy that's up a thank you for your service to the body and got great hike on Matt. He's born-again Christian. You married and that he is a lot of time counted like how he can't wait to die with that. He had a believer and think that there that you them get really bad bad guy gets really upset because it sounds like Matt just want to die and them. The husband least is your stress and your wife out. Don't you love her and it's not how you live or die, will skip all let him listen and recall in what we were talking but he did call me for a minute if you want what you want my phone back to ear and not doing all right, although I say by that, I okay so the husband supposed to protect his wife and guard his wife not stress her out.

My wife is a political wing of the other topic so you supposed to hard your wife if your wife ends up crying because usually I want to die like it is she staying with this guy's a Christian. At least he wants to die is is what Christianity leads to you could be harming her spiritual relationship with Christ, if she even has one look man, you're supposed to be protectors and guard guardians of your wife to some degree. You know that that not a sinner hopefully hopeless.

But that's one of her jobs. You don't want to do something. This can a stressor route and she's crying, don't keep saying in this manager bought your wife. You know I don't do what I do with my wife. I walk about hundred kitchen standard futures. What don't do that.

That's fun. But Eric was so careful okay so don't do that for us is walking the hundred kitchen all right. It's good to Betty from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Betty welcome around here. Michael and I have a question finally watched the movie God for God thinking so I'm biblical but you went over and they are there Angel killed the firstborn son.

And why was it the firstborn and not quite because Jesus is the firstborn and was pointing to the sacrifice of Christ pointing to write a monthly server two 196 and complete the house your room on the service of Allah. But if you are prevented from completing it, send an offering for sacrifice, such as making may find you can ask your Muslim hub husband safe wise Bibles of Eliza Krohn talk about sacrificing their island answer okay right this is more places the seat there were 10 plagues because there were basically 10 gods in Egypt and Pharaoh was considered a God and so the true God destroyed his firstborn showing she's not the sovereign. Our God is and it is a type of of sacrifice because it's related to the blood that was of the Lamb from the doorpost in the juvenile's homes so that the angel of death would pass by or pass over. Hence, Passover Passover, that house so that when the blood of the lamb was on the door. All who entered through the door. Jesus is the door would be saved and if the firstborn had gone in. They would've done would've not died. Now if you killed all of the offspring. Then your whole generations wiped out. That's not what he wanted someone to do firstborn got the message across.

Plus it has a typology of ribs in the firstborn of Christ as it relates to the blood of the Lamb who was the door you pass through him to be saved okay okay great, quick question.

You sure can I okay record when Abraham Lincoln instructed to backup my only thought. I think in my have let me jump in okay so was 13 years earlier that Ishmael was born with Hagar and God didn't recognize him.

He recognized Isaac because he's the Isaac is a son of the promise. I'd recommend you do is to my website and look up typology typology and you will see that a rim Isaac, and the servants are is the representation of the Trinity and that Isaac was offered the same village is offered on. Years later, there were out of time to call me back tomorrow about the outcome. Hey folks, we are out of time. The Lord bless you back on their long, another program powered by the Truth Network

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