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March 1, 2022 4:00 am

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March 1, 2022 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Isn't the Bible saying in Genesis that the moon produces it's own light---2- A caller wanted to continue the conversation regarding the Bible's discussion of the moon and the attacks used against Christianity.--3- What are some ways demons can impact your life- Can they manipulate objects---4- How does using a Ouija board before I became a Christian affect me---5- Matt discusses the occult.--6- How can you know if you're experiencing natural or demonic depression-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is a lot more you why time the Lord blesses the show today who tell you which portion always got so much to do with her at the last second. But hey, look at five open lines. What you call 877-207-2276 are going to watch you do is go to current landlord/owner change that to the link on the homepage that looks few minutes we can watch the YouTube aspect or just go to YouTube and type in cardboard to the site. There are also in Facebook Facebook. The Mets karma org it's all good. I watch there. All right hey look, five open lines which give you call 877-207-2276 and for those of you who are new this listening new. This is a Christian apologetics show what we do with the Christian faith of your questions of the Bible. Logic scriptures versus doctrines all kind of stuff. All you do is give me a call we can blab this for long time. Hopefully, hopefully that answers the judge of that scripture all right turn it down you go, but if some switches and things like that.

That's all right.

So there you go. Hey give me call it mere for open lines now 877-207-2276 and tonight on clubhouse. I plan on on (or joining a room and discussing either Unitarianism and its failure and were also baptism and that what is baptism is necessary for salvation and the and what baptism leaves for things like that. Something about working on that in no tonight on clubhouse and opening the room to check on that because a lot of people have to know what the particulars are not developing an argument against Unitarianism, which I think is very solid, very good. I used it and the modification of it tonight are using on a debate I had with a well-known Muslim apologist, and he was unable to answer it on the problem of God being one person some new information would get on with that and also of course you should. Baptism is baptism necessary for salvation know it's not in the here's another thing is was baptism by sprinkling by pouring work was it by immersion. Now some people. Most people that I talk to say it has to be by immersion and I will make the case if I talk about it tonight. Not necessarily. It might be by pouring and I've got some verses in context together and show from the context where I think we can make a case for pouring and also sprinkling that's right, sprinkling of personally my opinion is Jesus was sprinkled not immersed in the support of Levitical law. I think it a fulfilled Levitical law.

Though my right. I think I am going to be wrong I could be wrong and so hopeless and I will have discussion on that. Maybe even the radio.

If you call me up and you have questions you can talk with that as well so it took you all right for floodlights 877-207-2276 fiscal year with Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina. Welcome your leader. There doing alright. I'm heading out of Outlook net again. God may like for me that went great and I left the airport were not filled. Yes, how how okay will I think he one like one reflector that they might be waiting. Wallace is talking about all do is just talking about this on and the moon is a light is not reflective.

It is a light yet.

It's a light we can see the sidebars are like planets or lights, but they reflect so it's not a big deal is just no way the Bible is talking about. So is the moonlight. Yes, so is it a source of light as if it's generating light through nuclear fission fusion and fission. No, that's not the Bible talk about their now the Bible is not saying that alone produces light out of its own means. The way the sun does is just recalling it a light because it is a light for you. There there light. Yes no not. It is like it's light so he created greater and a lesser light right he made two great lights, the great light to govern the day and the lesser light to govern the night made the stars also.

That's always going on but not a lot a lot of people make that reflective restaurant. There is not things like yeah I agree that's not the purpose of the text to demonstrate that it's a light source, the same way the sun is is not doing okay.

If understand is more going on in Genesis and the first creative days, then you might realize. Now, there's definitely a sequential order accreted light in the day to separation of the waters above and below. Day three the dry land day for the sun and stars day five the water creatures and birds, and a six cattle, creeping things a man now. The thing is that there's a relationship between day one and day for so it's like 123 and then 456 where one and four are kinda paralleled two and five are kinda paralleled in three and six because they wanted for there's light day one, but there's the sun and moon and the stars on day four.

So if you can see that but to think that the parallel the sun and in light on day two and a five on day two of the waters in the five you also have waters day three and six. You have five dry land. Day three pregnancy plants and then you have CDs and plants. Excuse me and then you also have a day six cattle and creeping things, which is on dry land and is called a framework hypothesis on the nuts thing ever. I believe in it. I just think there is a relationship is is worth noting okay so though it glad the water from solo order or how that you think that my opinion is that there was a lot of water vapor in the atmosphere and I understand that pilots can be on a bright sunny day with no clouds in the sky and just fly through a lot of water in the air and what happens is is as fun is mostly down and what happens is that the they get drenched in water is good drenched so it could happen like that.

Okay, it's not a big deal is a lot of water vapor. Plus, there's something I've read were pterodactyls of all things, can't fly in our atmosphere at present.

Thickness of atmosphere is too light you need heavier and thicker atmosphere and so one of the theater. The there is going around is that before the flood, make a backup of living together.

So God created everything and put man on the earth in six days. All right. And so one of the theories is that the reason the dinosaurs existed is because the light reflection, refraction of the sun occurred around the atmosphere, which had a lot of water vapor in it so much so that you would not see the sun that was like a cloud like a messed up in the air as one of the theories and just and then when photosynthesis starts occurring is that God creates the other plants. The photosynthetic effect plus the cosmic rays of the atmosphere, cause it to to look dry up or to clear up but also notice that there's no mention of rain until the time the flood salon the theories is that there was no rain on the earth, but the refraction in the heavy moist atmosphere caused the earth to never be completely dark. Even the far side of the earth when the cells on the other side. It is refractive light and so is like dusk or dusk is dark, but not really dark and so therefore the plants could grow huge and reptiles could grow it really is because was also temperate and temperature. It was just an average temperature of that would get cold. All of the planet which this would theoretically explain why the reptiles as we plants were there and after the flood, and all went away.

Then we have the seasons and stuff like that. Something to an axial tilt and some other stuff and then we get into calendar changes in seven of two BCs mother stuff. So anyway, these are is a lot of people who speculated about these kind of things on the biblical manuscripts, biblical evidence and rock to do is read them and say here's one theory is not three things ridiculous all the same. I can repeat it. But if it's there succeeds we some plausibility about, you know, here we go take a look at it we don't. That helps or not, but but there you go, but it thing you little time and it's I was correct. Even as Christians. They do that they will tell you the ways of the world and they use Lord's name in vain. Okay, good.

What had been every acting ballots all right back only that's okay.

Call back the big deal right all right but it got us all right. Okay so that was Rudolph and that we have lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 really quickly, but the issue of using Lord's name in vain that God's name is and his title Lord God Jesus and Christ should always and only be used in a reverential way. Never in the next exclamation of surprise or anger. It should never be used like that of Christians. If you could participate in that urine sin is repentance that you need to only use God's name is titles attributes in a reverential way, he is God Almighty, the holy one. So there you go. You can call if any, will talk about that. Please do 877-207-2276 Martin from Virginia. Welcome around here for a guide for treatment strip you in your study. Backing up a little bit about you too light and all my sure if your smokers are maybe 10 years ago modern physics engine fully W. Your point about it.

It's very reasonable very logical and it's tough to get through but it makes it make the religious Bible and got you got elated out but not that there be light. The Big Bang work work like light but then the tubelike on the reference like that you will say is is is is reference relative proximity to the earth that he felt if all the lines. Call 877207227 say I call 77077772072276 let's go to Martin Martin Stiller we got along like I we know when you are writing a book and have it out all the moon was a light that was all granite today interpretation to attack a good night work that might outer start to like not like there was a light anybody goes hunting at night.

All full moon reasons why this much more active deductible more let you do just like them. They fail, here's a concept master question explain something as a bat bird is a vetiver bar with the mammal but it flies like a bird is a you have heard others like a bird it out like a work like a bird's is a bat, a bird well are all birds mammal okay yes you question is a bat, a bird is right is okay with what that is all right entered its interest. No okay so people criticize the Bible because the Bible calls batch birds within ACC. The batch is not a bird. Therefore the Bible can be trusted because it's an error with her doing it is imposing modern definitions upon an ancient text to exam if I do find a bird is anything that fluid had two wings and was of that size and character in the is perfectly accurate. According to the definition that they had at the time, so let another great one day today. Not really talk about them right now is a different topic that others get that's different topic, so when he talks about the issue of light. They are using it in the term that they defined it is as and when people today say was not the proper form of like the official but approved the other color. That's not the correct way. We don't look at at the old way.

In light of the new definitions they had their own vent with the underside of the context if they were defined lightest those things in the sky like that by definition is what it is we can impose our definite was upon them. This, it would can say about it is not a bird in modern parlance, when they used it descriptively.

The way they did and that's fine you yet with the length of when it was written in the terminology of what so it's not an error. And so, as far as the day goes and be careful about the stuff read. I asked about the book I'm looking for a book I've heard about that. I don't what it is I don't know the author, so can't find it and it deals with the issue of relativity and so apparently some physicists repent. Remember this have done some analysis on the expansion of the universe and the relationship of time on the surface of the earth versus outside in the further out you go the more accelerated time looks and so there's a relationship between the six days and longer periods outside and both are the same through this from different perspectives because of relativity and so I'm trying to find that information is I'm I've heard about it before radio shows and I was driving PRI was toted around so that I had not acquitted good physics and religion book every every checkmark on the q. week yet got a good library science you type book. I love science I want to be a marine biologist was growing up and took all the science I did all the sign stuff in high school was in took so much that I was exempt from any mass and science courses in college just enough sickening night so I tried it I would go bring biology or university order or configure I will write up I went around when accounting it will get. This is a brag I met Shockley still about that is that it won't work.

I hope out the Queen Mary California opened up. I have I've lost it. I think the number eight ticket 00008 was it 81 on board in line etc. the Queen Mary open up as Museum and Jaco Stowe was there and I got his autograph so hard work is no just have the autograph letter written to me by George to Kate Sulu from Star Trek as he will be personally so little brag stuff you know you I think the more you undermine that I go to the book God… Permit the affiant in the good that McGurk there's lots of monitors things out there that people expect of you. One thing I know, though, the more science I study the more I find out that the Bible is correct is absolutely the Bible is correct yes not possible for life just won't respond and form spontaneously any place in the entire universe.

Mathematics is against we going to that The idea of you are yet insert lyric DNA or coat. It is noted know where anywhere anywhere we look, there is no where I'm told that's not intelligently, intelligently, I must correct it.

No talking to an atheist last night on the chat thing and this atheist guy we're discussing the issue. The universals and intelligence of the laws of logic and he I said laws of logic don't occur in nature know they don't hurt in chemical reactions that were talked about trying to refute the issue of materialism as a relates to the physical brain is a cold with Property dualism is a big highfalutin stuff and this guy got up and said yes you do see things in chemical reactions and wide reactions are computers together intelligently designed and so they least they always hurt themselves when they trying refute the idea of materialism. Assault is a problem and then in they invoke intelligently designed computers to save all that my letters until design because of citing to intelligent design theory which is why does intelligently divide your blog like outline write someone so everybody will think you got all right, all right okay if Oaks pharmacological you call 877-207-2276 chemical from let's get on with Noel Virginia will welcome you on here. We check check yes we had to check what now what way can light and can name Jack because of the ways divas can affect you in your life is you start voting is as a socialist or communist is one of the things we are thinking true Dowling in Canada is doing what's right is another way. Oh folks. You stay tuned. I think 77207276 the right back. I call 77077 back to the show. Looking for open lines way to get McCall to mimic a modern dock 877-207-2276.

All right, so you will know what ways might force can influence you and can they move objects and things like that heckle those they can often cause depression in the in the Bible we see that they have strengths.

If there if your persons possessed us on a Christian, though great strength and sometimes knowledge of the normally have.

Generally it's in the nonbeliever demonic influences move people away from the truth of God towards hatred towards God's condemnation towards things about in a Christian context, they can make your life a little bit inconvenient because I hope contribute to depression, I should say and they can also influenced by their people who do bad things and they can affect you as well. Kenny is a influenced physical objects yes they can write and so but this is not very common and there are plenty of stories all the world of objects moving doors slamming windows opening opening various things. I understand sometimes it's the wind, but there are plenty of documented instances around the world where serious movements are happening objects moving.

I've talked to people about one eyewitness.

I talked to one on one, said that that his house was just say haunted. I guess you could say and he said that he and his family were a group of this house was very very used to it.

Not that it was okay but these at one time you're sitting there watching TV and object just moved and hovered in front move for the other side of the of the room.

They all watched and then they just kept watching TV because they were used to.

It and the house had been visited by parent psychologists.

It was with Southern California for the top ones in the in the world or the country should say so many right it could happen and go and stuff I've seen on his back involved in the occult.

I've seen lights move seems most of that like granulating countdown when older now. I can ask Castel yes it's important question if I can ask how old you are and 20 long after shall take out my voice okay and ask you when these things happen. How old were you when they happened roughly yes okay because a lot of times with the petition, with women in their early 20s like teens. There are manifestations of this kind of physical contact activity, etc. with my morning nothing happened you get out of the Mormon situation.

As you can because mom is Christian.

It's an a door open to the occult because their false doctrines and stuff that but what you can do you get saved you go to a church you talk to the elders of the church. Specifically you talk to the elders of the church about this. You tell them these things and used to tell me you need prayer and ask if it's possible for one or two to help with one to to come over the same time.

Whatever else is gone and you're there you don't want a man and you alone together in a house together with two elders, worn out the can anoint the house and/or the rule at least that you're in stuff like that. Okay so now it's a serious thing. Mormonism is a dork at the humongous door to the occult and there are, I am inclined it very hard and are you married to you marital married okay issue is your husband a Christian thing okay so there's reason I'm asking is, there's a hierarchical structure spiritually by the father the son Jesus husband, the wife, the children and so generally what you need is the husband to be involved with this and be praying if he's not really Christian.

The elders are the ones I need to go to anyway and it extended, but you have the authority, even as a as a Christian woman is that woman doesn't Do anything but you have the authority to Christian to be able to anoint prey to the house invoke the name of Jesus in combat to the demonic manifestation of of phone Mormonism to finish our okay if one more thing, if you really were thrown down. If youth did you feel a physical hand movement pressure upon you without you physically felt now not ground down not far from okay well it was going make sure that the markets and slide off of something that just dropped but tonight you'll know you can tell if something is thrown versus just falls and so it's up to you. You know I don't really like like were situation on the wall and barely things like that.

I mean, like where they can manipulate the counted not really the can, but it's requires or has been more door opening to the cold for demonic influences to come through. I went down after you remember I was involved. The uncle before he became a Christian.

So seen things had séances seen objects move those of the Sharif ask what you do when you get bored before how well your everything is in crisis is clean is so it's all gone but one of things you can do is just say Lord I did this before. It is when you know I renounce it and I know you covering it to its taking care of that. I just want you know I just do inexorably and that's all that's that's all you do, you have to worry about it because which boards are doors of the occult and you did that I divorced and set so you know I got much worse that my Elko days and when I do I just renounced all of it became a Christian I just did a number dismissed-do what I just did. I just went through a list of everything you can think of and to the Lord. All this was sin renounce the name of Jesus and governed by the name of Christ and that's it is move forward.

From then on.

Didn't worry about because greater is he that is in you that he's it's in the world. Thank you. Okay, sounds good. Okay okay and God bless.

All right.

Okay. And so the first diverse focus first on 44 from God, little children, and have overcome them, because greater is he a greater is he who is in you than he who is in the world. If you have had a occult dealing's done things the past that bad, but now you are Christian you have to understand greater is the one who's in you Jesus Christ than he who is in the world, the enemy of the gospel doesn't mean that it is to be perfect, but it does mean you can trust in Christ, you need to do that by faith sometimes is appropriate to trust God beyond your ability to understand sickly because of who he is because faith is only as good as you put in your goal is to just to faith use the word faith and treated to a verb to faith, which means to exercise faith and trust in him because of who he is.

This is something that God wants you to do live right back up his messages for Velarde 772072276 McCall, Matt Y.

Call 770776 only lost a restaurant will be waiting for to give McCall that we talk about the issue of the cult that a lot of people have been involved with this in her youth because he got a call is waiting right else, maybe go through this little biblical you can call 87720722760 back before us saved me types of stories before I was even born. My mom said that she would start having these dreams about a man coming to her in her sleep and he was dressed in a certain pattern and she would come, he would come to her and should be so terrified she'd wake up from her sleep that she would have my dad who could not see this figure but in the sleep he would come to her and she wake up she watches he would walk to the wall for the bed and to stand there and stare at her and my question to her IQ which is a genius lush motor driver was and she knows she should we talk about it and she said that there was no drugs, no alcohol know this. Know that was all just switches on this one for a few years and then I was born in Dutchess. The last time that that that he appeared was remembering right was when he came and she woke up and watched him this time walk over the crib was in a crib in the room and the watch to watch me the crib standing in the wall, sending half on the wall.

Just watch me and then look at my dad and my dad talked with beer and turn the light on and disappeared and that was it and sold years later when I'm in the cult I would do things like séances and the comments he tried to contact the dead, and I got the point recklessly or is just isolate a memory of seeing an aura once of the woman that was so profound I can still see it is just so profound and there was it was a glowing 1 to 2 inch kind of a of a halo around your entire body and I watched it is fully cognizant and I've never done drugs my life and didn't have the whole evening alcoholics ultimately 20s. I just in there to drink it just didn't care what the sleep deprivation nomads was nothing there was Mrs. in the time of my life and doing occult things séances try to contact the dead to go tilting and other stuff and so I tried astral projection. I tried other things as well and so I could never do the astral projection. I asked a friend of mine to to come over my house after projection to verify this, that he could and he told me later that he was not able to do that that one particular night when I asked him, because there was a figure man who was preventing it from entering into her house and he described the man the same way my mom and I hadn't told him or anybody else about this figure because I just embarrassed I didn't know if was legitimate and want to say anything about this and so I just didn't and is what he told the guy was just like any described imperfectly a black hat, long sleeve shirt rolled up the elbows, black slacks, black shoes and understanding and would not let them commit the how did he know this very same thing. That's us on what is a list of quickly once in the séances of things like that so bold like move across the room and heard my name being called out of five, and the darkness by a female voice was very interesting things.

I remember once singing a cross materialize in midair. We had with the witness. We saw the exact same thing you'll cross the blue light materialize now. People don't feel believing that you say automated is mental you can imagine the like is it whatever you want. I know what I saw and I'm not given to follow follow the crowd. I got a follower still photograph and never did drugs never did know that alcohol wasn't drunk was anything with the sleep deprivation. I saw the stuff and some my friends were involved for a couple three years on this issue.

Sometimes they may be secured after several were doing occult stuff and I think started opening up door started opening and or some other things that were certain curves of intervention on the radio but connections and only that for that. For now, but so things are changing your mental attitude starts changing your belief systems are changing get affected and start looking for the things of darkness. I remember very clearly being attracted to things of darkness and is getting more and more involved with it and there were associated things with darkness that became appealing.

Now move move ahead a little bit of time and when I got saved.

That's quite a story in itself is incredible presence of the Lord Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit. This incredible powerful experience immediately as in immediately.

The draw towards the Colts and towards things of darkness, was absolutely completely gone and were actually repulsive was a night and day difference because when you're unregenerate. What power you want control you want influence you want security security often is best maintained by you yourself trying to be in control of her situation, your food, your job, your money you whatever you want security because you need to make it happen yourself and sometimes people, particularly in youth because they don't have jobs yet are really out of their own things are up in the air at their brains are still developing. And so they turn to the cult because it's an attempt well, to be entertained for wanting to see what will happen for another, but also to influence control over their lives and even the lives of others, and instead of looking towards Christ. They look at themselves and look towards the cult, and in so doing doors open up in my talk about doors in the area of the occult.

Those are the kind of things you can have doors opened up by doing Ouija boards by doing table tilted by pendulum swinging by a chakra balancing you to do it by attempting that the privacy astral projection, like crystal gazing things like this. There's lots of ways open the doors and as Christians will participate in those things if you ever were involved in those things now your question, I think it's a good idea just to talk to the Lord Jesus renounce all those things.

This confess that the move on and you're done. But, though there are demonic forces there are real things out there. People think it's a joke. But no, it's real and I've had experiences also grants is all subjective. I've had experiences of very profound demonic presence very profound, and all I can tell you is that I was aware of its existence, and this was after is involved in Christian ministry and of my roommate and I were involved together named Dave and we were going out to a sloppy ministry. We were setting up booths and onset passing out literature, preaching the gospel and things like that and some are trying to witness and that something would happen and he told me once that a couple weeks prior to me telling him something that one forces and presence and was really just terrifying. It was terrifying to the crack of my Lord and I told him about this he said two weeks prior to that he had a nightmare where he was able to breathe suffocating and he said that he was.

He woke up he was tangled up in the sheets and I said okay and he says no you don't understand uses is that I was so tangled up in their it was as though I have been wrapped super tightly in them.

He said he was having trouble breathing. That's how tightly he was in these sheets looking 20 minutes for him to get out so we were doing stuff like this right at work tackling the occult.

And here's another story. The stuff real is of habit so Dave and I are at the Anaheim convention center which is it literally across the street from Disneyland to look for Street thing for years and years and so we went to the Buddhist convention is so Dave is sitting to my right and we are watching the Buddhists do their chatting to two demonic forces, and they don't know that they are but they are and so were sitting worked a couple hundred feet awakens a huge convention center there on one side of the convention was a hole filled up assist a few hundred people there and we were at the far end women respectfully were causing problems and I noticed that my arms of forearm started tingling significant think I get the willies. And after a few minutes I realized something. Think this feels like their fingers, fingers, pressures of fingerlings on my forearms. And if that's what Pelican both connect if you write surfing attention to it of anointment.

There is actual pressure is like if you would take your hand to put on your forearm and you feel pressure. That's what it felt like I turned to Dave agents anything other than you feel anything and he said to me you be like hands holding your arms down. He felt the same thing. We just end up leaving when you're involved in the Colts. There are things that can affect you and when you're trying to refute false theological systems, Mormon shelves with us as Roman Catholicism and Islam are called things that demonic forces now you don't think the company come after you get other stories, but the mechanics of theirs. It's real close my pass.

This is why when people call upon the show unfamiliar with stuff because I used to be involved in it and by God's grace I'm saved out of it, repented, and here we are. Now let's get to Monique from North Carolina Valley caught a break… But that likely cons. I'd like to take your white brother brother Gary goddaughter whenever he got talking important that your question going back to you at the discretion of the demonic thing I brought Part after the young lady that that is how you determine I situation where anybody would pretty much be like they have to labor get dialysis but can't find what I know) that you did). No charge home with is a real big problem is there a way I pray that you know because I am by myself so much you could just now topic to topic and soak my followed you every forgot it's okay, remember I got to that's all right you really how do you think a lot. I know that the open door. But how can you explain how likely that it is your human eye pain in the home and what it demonic about it and not the word will it's difficult to know I always look for naturalistic explanations. First of some is depressed or having problems you know are that you have a medical problem. Maybe the biggest sleeping there's an allergy problem that they have the right allies. It always look for those in only after all of those have been exhausted. Then do I consider something spiritual okay okay and what I've been doing infinitely very hard on die out your blood. I guess what my dad that I unexpected you know a lot because my walk straight all of the thing and then isolate no you know I don't know what you read your word, yes. Read your word and more evenly with the word all right, sorry folks, there you go. Then the shoulder back on tomorrow so have a great evening.

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