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February 22, 2022 3:00 pm

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February 22, 2022 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- What did Jesus mean when He said- -before Abraham was, I am----2- Should someone leave a church because there is no evangelism---3- Why can't you be a virtual pastor with a virtual church---4- Did God the Father turn His back on the Son on the cross-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is thought a lot why Grimes is called responding to your questions. If you want to give me a call is 87720776 I want to hear from you. Give me a call if five open lines wide open and all in all let's see tonight I went up to sublevel three all started three hours from now 730 my time which is 930 Eastern time, and it planned to do a little study on eschatology and want to do.

People asked to go to Philippians using. Could you do eschatology the eschatology so if you're interested in a view that I hold which is so interesting to teach through them to go through better 24 republics from Luke 17, Matthew 13 second Thessalonians to show some stuff he made me take one to two hours started to go through everything and explain stuff like I'm holding to NICU nicely. Take with a grain of salt because Paul estimates looking to be careful but I'll be doing it not also us spreading that so for her free putty to be cursed by your watch and I'm doing on probably on YouTube as well.

Not slick YouTube YouTube and also on the current Facebook shall be doing those will figure out a swatch and get information out there so there you go there you go there you go. You have follow for lines, not when you call 877-207-2276 and I will see today is the 17th and I just now am updating the link information on websites. If you watch me do the show as I usually say it's incredibly exciting you're watching me just talk so that sounds good to me when I participated in on the website the right hand side to see slick lives.

Click on that link for the stuff you can click watch and chat room and it's really cool that's a good thing this is so not to get with me. Who cares some great people in the room. We have a Lissy Ellie is in there and Robert is from Romania. I think Laura Vicki, we have the other to come in and usually is 3040 people and we become the national community. All right, having said all of that. So number again 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Mitchell from Charlotte, North Carolina, Mitchell, welcome here on what he got. What you whatever anything more about this one. I am on him yet before me was I am going to kill him for saying that no why would I want to kill him for saying that, because in Exodus 314 Moses was at the burning bush and Moses was talking to God and he said yes to what your name will you only tell something when he says God says I am that I am thus you shall say to the sons of Israel. I am has sent me to you.

So Jesus said in John 1924 he said, unless you believe that I am you will dine your sense and then a few verses later in John 856. He says Abraham rejoiced to see my day and he saw it and was glad.

They said you got your 50 years old and you see Abraham's has truly truly seen you before Abraham was, I am in a pickup stone throw at him, but he hid himself so this is going on Jesus was claiming to be the I am okay right by doubling all right. Also, folks doubt that's interesting what people did get that they rejoin a 58 and before him him was, I am the one kill check this out.

There's no mentioning of anyone wanting to stone Jesus told a piece of something just two chapters later, John 1030 I and the father are one and just pick up stones again to stone him. He said will what you want to kill me and they said because you being a man make yourself out to be God.

So what was he saying that was causing them to think that well if you go to realize is I the father are one. There is a very interesting verse six of four is called the Shema here oh Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. The word one. There is a cod and it means a unit that can composed of things where it got achieved means just one thing like one pencil. But you he is a is a bunch of one bunch of apples.

One bunch of bananas that kind of thing us in the Lord is one like one composite unit of thing and so it's my opinion that when Jesus is the father. One that he was alluding to the Shema was claiming that title for himself and so you would come for that as well. That's what I believe Laura from Raleigh, North Carolina Laura, welcome. I'm doing all right hanging in there. All the going on what has been going on for lack here, all in their administration currently have. Unfortunately it be deleted now being helpfully being taken down and eat what part of Revelation.

Evolution just talks about various things but if you're talking tickly issues in America. What's happening in the carotid comments, there guy, I wouldn't tell you exactly where an expert in Revelation, but okay. Let's touch the Antichrist, as does Thessalonians with reasonable apostasy of talking about this tonight.

The matter fell out regularly not right and I called it, about two years. So here's a what do you been what's all well. They lay there you shall and I am now I go to my cabdriver friend of mine possibly work.

Check out night out. I think a lot yes I'm to be doing eschatology and something else of its doing. In fact, if you want to help me out just throw this out is just last night started to begin a list of my list of things and the list has to do with your talking about the government corruption and things like that and out like because last night I was in the chat room and started talking about this and I couldn't believe I just talk about it in more and more people are asking and I realize I need to get more documentation and so one of the things is you like the government requiring vaccinations for citizens yet encouraging illegals to end by the thousands were not vaccinated while Val by letting her own laws than flying those same illegals into our country under cover of night by bringing out an hour ago you are that her character and make a name alcohol club massage causes wobbly on and on and on. Yes, Eli is exactly right and list the list here of blood 20 things with code vaccines are dangerous to something. Are you back getting air acquired, John oh yeah, I also I got one database. Valid never get it again. Click okay. Good. Good nonetheless. A little help cannot help but there's too much information or too much evidence to show that there are excellent people and I regularly I can tell people who walk them through. I might do that show people and watch what I can on the video, I can show them how to go to the CDC website and mineral reports off the CDC. It's easy to do but does all kinds of stuff in the corruption of the banks urging the banks to cancel conservative their financial accounts teaching educate was that Ron oh yeah and then socialism is being taught in their schools defund the police while releasing criminals of leftist policies that encourage cross counts rapid drug abuse. Voter fraud evidence is this coming out that the Dems are Caroline Stewart, leftist okay well because the plot because not everything, but they don't care, and agile wholeness is that I'm putting together to show we're in bad shape. The countries in bad shape and then I'll talk with an article got anywhere but a lot of it came to start all the yes it is all kind last year, yes, but cannot find your campaign on we're having tonight talking about tonight. Love you Cindy 20 $20 bill, you see that I can okay guess what you do is just go on.

I'll put on Carmen Facebook tonight at*930, from time to go to Facebook Facebook and just think of client work Facebook and right now Facebook RTR CAR M.O can we tell you my view of end times is not the common one is not the popular one. I now directly every night for 2014 overlap that I called all his offer eschatology, depressed eschatology now entering something killing Carmen thinkers (yes.Carmen this is Facebook actually it's of course/car and go to work CAR okay not Long CAR to get to the cardboard Facebook and they know that if you go there right now. You'll see me sitting in my chair my blue shirt my headset with a talk on me okay I got it I really get impatient with people but I don't blame you, and I write I thought I really didn't regularly.

I try not to get impatient with people people to live) you know that I figured out that character can one be left mentally and out the clock or my wife called and I think you mom holding up other people so all I will God bless you my friend my brother helplessly it looks so yeah teacher there's a joy when I did the thing to get tell you right now but I normally don't wear T-shirts with my wife and this is a really nice certain color on me. It was his new because it's nice so there you go.

Joanne has in the chat room and the folks going to be calling 77207276 just tonight it will be teaching this ecology is the call 77 mass Y call 7707 back to the show McCall 8776 Brandon let's go Brandon with somebody is really the devil before never my projector so we got them work friend really been struggling with that request.

Should you consider leaving her on the bait that there is a band with an endearing little back story. She joined her church over a year ago like you slowly losing the fire to thug her pastor. Why want to go with that they could possibly go out to serve the community at the church and ways to get people into the church their small congregation maybe about 20 people. Three more. The other class members over the last two years so far effort that the death of the government shut down everything given as to why you can't do this. That usually small numbers. They pray for growth every Wednesday book.

She suggestively they can actually do think she thought it good idea but that she shut down there.

They never follow the letter would be greatly to sleep. That's what I told her you know the churches job. The job the pastors to the cryptic. Do you have members of the church there for the work of ministry. Go to Ephesians chapter 4 go over this because this is with John the pastors to do. Ephesians 4 in verse 11 and he asked Jesus to some as apostles of the prophets of his evangelist and some as pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry to the building of the body of Christ.

So this is what they're supposed to do is the pastor equipping the saints for the work of service to the goal of building the body of Christ.

Now, technically, we say what was evangelism and that well since Jesus said got make disciples of all nations that we know that that is part of the work of service is not to say that every single church has always been evangelizing some time to just doesn't work in my head about the blue hairs and a distal go door to door you really might do something different a different way and that's okay but if they thought she said you know if they're praying for evangelism frame for the expansion of the thick of the church and they don't do thing to do that problem and actually reminds me of a church I served them where they asked me what we do to get more people in want and really no doubt stop playing organ music. I said, the organs you Herman funeral parlors and horror movies okay.

Don't go play organ music in your him swell mix of hillbillies was a moderate so people don't listen to him THAT I would date with their ideal evangelism was open the door, teach perfection and hopefully the unbelievers will come in and that way they aren't inconvenienced of the go. Do we think people get used to being comfortable. So this act was happy with this lease church to sink nothing and wonder. Yeah like coffee in the morning. I like to get people there shouted down bank with a minute you mean something as simple as having coffee at the church to get people in and they said no right right you know you make no MG that but yeah okay while yeah I figure yeah like a food donation box on time and like like pulling teeth to get them to do like that you know, if I were pastor again and someone came up to me and I knew them well enough to cheer Mitchell the gentle that kind of stuff.

They said I have an idea we had a church building this and I'm thinking about this idea when you think opening up the church in the mornings to have coffee your free coffee for people to come in with Alyssa baby have a study you don't see a woman of woman's group Isaac Yala sounds good to me and Alyssa we can do a range and if it doesn't work out to Chico speculative couple three months.

It it just flopped. Okay, that's all right. No sweat, but praise God you don't do it. I'd love people like that of my congregation. How you they're very lucky to have Herbert yeah you are MG hello yes I'm looking let's write used to pain evangelist to left of the coven, but my question then is what can we do it MG I like you are good today. She is the more people like her. It was that like because as of the trouble with the could have a thing the church had a perfect how to make sandwiches with that. I like the idea of the stairway say that's a joke.

The long running gag because there years ago when her daughters were very young, were watching veggie tales, I forget which one but so did Quist Queen Esther would've the doctor got kicked out of the kingdom because you would make working a sandwich and I said, by what I see my wife's rotor footnote go. Did you see that you got a big city which is so you don't the stupid baby of my last dog have, like a mother get a cupcake so so ever said this to Cody right as it does you know I like joke around heads as people say to be utilities a bit, just dig yourself will shovel you know it.

So of so when I was at the other radio station five, seven years ago and someone called up and said what's the woman's job in the church board.

I just ask that which is the producers a late you will soon drive me to see. Do I joke around and she's glittering through the glass at me that I said what those are described bigger to the everybody's listed just what this is your face right stupid fun. So if I like a stupid fun get my thoughts go off of her coffee make their profit slip. That's right, if my wife listen right now she's just as unitary goes again so well is what you do you know his guys are supposed to be a little bit of noxious. That just keeps her wives interested. See if I got my wife that I look like a bag log rolled down the hill you know and so should good looking woman and so the little I can win her was by being obnoxious and irritating and and activating two things women, all women have the bewilder filter and the mother against the drive well so I will get you more of Dr.'s right effective. Forget my book which is all I look at Amazon how to woo and win women by being obnoxious jerk with real title that has a test to see how obnoxious you are and how was your delegate if you pass both. That gives you two years.

It's awful. It's either call 877 207 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely back that I was shared with you before the break or back online so I give me a call for lines 877-207-2276. All you gotta do is give a call if open lines all right is good to John from North Carolina, John, welcome around here.

I will all wanted why can't you be a virtual tour.

Why can't you have a virtual church will is a virtual church really church because generally a church is when you have communion. Baptism and things like that and elders involved in the thing is like for example someone yesterday spent some time working on a tract for two tracks for Nigeria. I spend time polishing my apologetics approaches talking to atheists which I did for couple of hours today and and I also am working on my eschatology lesson for tonight so when the pastor people want to call and they want to talk for long. Time is not knocking that is just I have so much to do and so you will set Melissa said you got a lot of your wife in the morning you yeah you the tables have one really pastor again. I would, under certain I go to see this. I would under one condition. If men around me and with men around me would do all of the everything else work in all I could do was preach and teach and occasionally counsel, then I could do it but they do all the other work because I'm just too busy and a bit self-critical all try to soak Shepherd. No radio personality in New York.

I year and 1/4 under review. The one who wrote the story doesn't narrate your nightlife like it online. Why when you your feet so animated I love it if you like listening to radio show back in the also you sound just like when you when you start with little although caricatures that you do well if I say to my own horn here but believe it or not. Got very serious. Theologically, I do the beta do very intellectual stuff, but I goof around a lot and people just don't know that on radio that's okay like my friends come over for Bible study tonight.

I'm insulting them right away.

I just jump right in and I go for it and they don't feel loved. If I'm not insulted so well and I threatened us a look next to my preach, I'm using you as an example of total depravity and only love that stuff so that lot of fun. I do, I have a good sense of humor to I do I will say that and I'm about okay what Christian soldier a Pfc. latrine cleaner will start drill Sgt. yeah I have been called the cold, a gunslinger with the Bible. Okay, we call that with those confronted with a drill sergeant.

Maybe yeah, I would like very very heartfelt overwhelmed about. I hope that I leave three and have it but being able or more worse being able to be there this break will deserve it. So they can please you know you know the Lord Jesus. What he's done great so that we are saved by his grace and kept by his grace and it's only by his grace we forget to enter into his presence and enjoy the blessing of salvation forever, and he gets all the glory. I certainly hope a lot of evening go heartfelt. Sometimes I wonder if it because I'm out of love or concern joy or not because I'm not because of the thing. Will let me tell you something about help you out. Well I got some things that atrociously bad, but here's a verse that I think this is apropos is Romans 621 is my favorite verses. Therefore, what benefit you, then deriving from the things of which are now ashamed for the echo of those things is death, and I love that and because is true. So I am ashamed of my past, but blessed in the present and so I don't look back.

Like lots wife, except sometimes to be thankful for what I'm saved.

But don't look back and dwell in that but look forward to the cross and move that way and realize that from the foundation of the universe that Jesus decided to save me, even though he knew everything about me. So I sent you brother.

Okay, what was your wife. She is a murder although she's doing better. She has a 22, much as let me talk about it too much on your but she's got is a brain knows you know people generally noxious of the Kremlin where connective tissue disorder along with osteoporosis and she has because of that so bad that she has fractures here and there in her bones and she's healing up from the from that inconvenience. And so she's just dealing with the Hutton and she's a good woman, except for Testament, but she's she's a good woman in the ships will get weekly tester.

Everywhere we test for blood tests and you know for this goes on. I want to get her on the air. She hates the idea of public speaking and that she's she's great. We had her on really wants years ago. She left about one of our daughters and jetting on the earth, but I want her to come on here because I want her to talk about what she's going through and talk about her faith in the Lord because there is a lot of people who don't have a voice like I do and who are going through great trauma great difficulties and to hear from someone who is in the middle of it and is praising God. I think it will be very helpful for encouraging from so try to get some okay all right welcome, but will God bless already felt that nobody would get you what you may call 877-207-2276 or earlier. I was saying you know if you want you can email me at and you can email me about some of things going on in our country because I want to do an article that's listing some of the things how bad things are and how our country is on the decline and it is on the decline is because of the leftist policies if they would just of the get out of our pockets and get out of our homes and get out of there is stupidity the left other destroying a country than to blame everybody else. This is the idiocy in this lecture go up there in Canada. You know this addict type dictator suspending all other laws and declaring martial law. I think this can solve problems not he created problems.

Now you want to make more problems and I just I get so sick and tired of the idiocy of the government leaders. So if you have things like this particular instance will get a list of stock in the government requiring vaccines for citizens yet encouraging legal to enter by the thousands flying them around governmental force vaccines or you lose your job or have Alta Russia gates with with trump how the media went after him so badly, enters no evidence and then nothing to do over trump, but that you did that and on Hillary's being exposed for ignoring the hypocrisy stuff like this bunch more stuff like this for the heart of our country and its where I will plan to call 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave of the article to give McCall all you have to do 772-0227 687-720-7276. All right, this get to Tommy from Utah Tommy welcome you on here hello hello you nearly got think you ate idea. I don't have a question about the Trinity good on my understanding about that and I don't have a question about what Christ done for us brought you have a question of if the Trinity is always try you, God.

When Christ is on the cross that my God, my God, why have you for second and I've hurt everyone preaches that God literally turned it back on the thought, but how can that be if the triune God is always one well I'm with you I think you promise that he turned his back on the sun because the Scripture doesn't say that and so I want to say that one of your preachers they will disable.

That means you got to respect what were to say doesn't mean or you show my God I got ready for cycling means got to hurt the father to his back on Jesus words at and what does it mean to turn his back on Jesus, I still see that in Scripture. I don't think it's a good thing this for people to say because they don't would it mean just like say God's eyes at a time when I asked him what was it mean I don't know what he signed up for right now we do know that he was quoting Psalm 22 verse one right general okay so Psalm 22. It's a messianic Psalm, and it contains the issue of the crucifixion, which is prophesied a thousand years before Christ is born. Psalm 22, so he at the very least, is alluding to that. Now remember, Jesus has two natures, a divine nature and human nature and the attributes of both natures are scrubbed single person called the communication of the properties for the one person would say I am hungry I am thirsty and I be with you always.

So he's claiming human attributes and divine attributes. So in Luke 2242 Jesus is not my will but your will be done because he didn't want to go to the crucifixion.

It was a horrible ordeal and he knew it was coming, yet he voluntarily went through it and he did not want to go through a criticized there's any way for this to the house that night. The thing is if you think about it. He knew from eternity that this is original when you pass, why would he then pray if there's any way because in the attribution of humanity just want to go through this in the attributes of humanity are scrubbed with a single person is want to go through it, but he also knows the same time.

Nevertheless, not my will but your well he knows from eternity. The will of the father is a Jesus do this, the sun would do this, so also my God my God why you forsaken me in this kind of context I look at this.

I know right away. It's a prophetic pronouncement fulfilling prophecies calling attention to himself in the Old Testament what it points to Christ, but will be saved, forsaken me.

Well, God the father.

How can the God the father forsake the sun, it cannot be in the ontological essence of the Trinity where the nature of of all the members of the Godhead are one in essence, there cannot be any division that would violate the nature of God himself cannot be any ontological separation, but since Jesus became sensitive. 521 divorce in his body and across first Peter 224. Some theologians wonder if there was a, say this carefully. A disruption in the fellowship with within the Godhead. If the disk a disruption in the fellowship. It does not mean it was a disruption in the ontological Trinity middleman in the fellowship sense because Jesus became central. Some wonder if there was some kind of kind of an effect see that but I'm not going to go that way, like a lean that way I think was going on is his Wrist nails in his wrists, nails in his feet or a nail in his feet.

His guts out and even beat his back is ripped open a crown of thorns and I think what he's doing is is actually vocalizing the agony of the situation. Lexa got you forsaken me but he knows God is not for second discusses all never leave your for sake you think it's so 10 five I think is talk about us as people and obviously it applies to the sun as well so I think was going on.

This is my opinion. Having said all this, I think what he was primarily doing this plea to himself in Scripture to see John 539 search the Scriptures because in the give eternal life that is delivered with the Simi and so when he was saying this he was primarily pointing to the Scriptures and I think he was just exemplifying the situation that he was in and quoting Scripture, but how much of the Scripture is a hyperbole is an exaggeration as the Jewish way of speaking in all the world came to the door.

Okay why you forsaken me this kind of of exaggeration that sometimes would happen is I can't help but wonder if there might be some of that in their when I look at all of this. I think there's probably little bit of exaggeration because that's the Jewish mind. Truly, truly, truly, I say to you, you know Jesus is our only Lord and Master Jude for you that he is a name which no one knows except himself. Revelation 1912 says there are certain things that are stated but cannot be believed as being absolutely literal because that's how the Jewish thinking was, and it carries with it a meaning deeper often what the literal meaning is so into you forsaken. Well in one sense we could say that he was forsaken because he didn't want to go to the crucifixion is going through it. On the other hand, he submitted to the will of the father.

Luke 2240 200 and is quoting Scripture pointing to himself about what it is fulfilling the word of God and the eternal plan of God. So I think all of this is mixed up in that statement okay okay now I have about so you that one explanation you gave so that the kind how I see it is that God cannot look on any Senate defeat God that you may then how could you look upon it fully. Our sale yet seatbelt when it says you even issue/2 people in funny life. You know that this Habakkuk, I think what he means he can look upon me and what about the other people who were evil does not look at him will is nothing is look at them but is generally saying is, he doesn't look upon its with evil without considering it's it's evilness. He certainly aware of what evil is so talk about is holiness and when Jesus became sin in our behalf. Some think that because of some like that that verse that what he step saying there is the stock looking at it when a minute looking at him and so wasn't mean does it will turn his back with what what what is it been seat. This is a difficult verse, and I don't like and I don't like to say too much about it because it doesn't tell us what it means. I think the proper thing to do was say here 2345 possible explanations is probably level of truth in all of them. We need to be careful not to raise any one above another, and say this is how it must be understood. That's the care of the sorry ring at night because like been thinking about it quite a while.

Last week I heard Irma literature say that exact thing God turned backů And really that really got me what he is doing. That's what I've always heard about people always preach the thing I would ask someone said to me is a okay what is it mean he turned his back on the sun means if I turn my back on a friend means I'm deserting my friend I going to do with my friend as I was having with the father the son could turn her back on two people say things but I saved. I asked visit me what you mean by that. I'm not mad and not trying to corner them a missing does it mean asking the question and generally they don't know it'll say it within my question is what are you saying if you don't know yeah thing while I you really help me out.

I I see a lot clearer.

I mean, I know that it comes from two I really put a lot into something. 22.

I really think made that but I appreciate your time and what you do. When I listen to you as often as I can I learn so much of you think God for people like you to teach me more.

Well, you know you're welcome, but the Lord gets the glory, because he's just use the broken vessel just a broken vessel that and so I can relate just praise God is called in when I don't try yet he can use this in spite of herself scanty yes you told the story recently because nobody waiting so no only a couple minutes left my number.

I talked to a guy years and years and years and years ago. He told me that 15 years earlier. From then that I was talking to him and said something so profound that it changed his life really what it was. I said, and he told me an account of what was I due member.

This it was so insignificant that I was shock as it that change your life with that told me was that God was the one who was working that's all that's in the event one work sometime but I got they've dedicate they thought 56. I evangelized every good talk to God about everyone about God sometime only one word thought that I made the think God will lay out for you if you asking to show you who minister to you anyway, no I tell people God is looking necessarily for the experts with all degrees is looking for people who are willing to be used and indistinct care is just use me were we women do. It could be tying someone's shoe when there I can't really bend over too well. You say praise God to help you and you walk away and you don't know that phrase could echo in some conditions that God has raised. We just don't know and what we should do is still just a live I think 2442 live by faith and trust that God can use us and will use us and move forward well every everyday thought uses you every day walk.

While every day. When I say. You like this.

If God's going to use someone like me that it must be pretty bad out there so this trip is going to use the you better you go I will let you all right, it was hard for me it's already time to bless you biweekly tonight on eschatology that the behind of the present apology on Facebook carbon.

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