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February 14, 2022 6:30 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 14, 2022 6:30 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- The black Hebrew Israelite movement.--2- The authority structure behind the sacred, secular and cults.--3- The deception of the current government.--4- Matt reads hate mail.--5- If God foresees who will choose Him, they why would Christ die for everyone---6- Is the return of Christ the only biblical prophecy not yet fulfilled---7- Where do people get the idea of a pre-trib rapture- Doesn't the pre-trib view cause a problem for the 144,000---8- Why isn't the word Jehovah in the Bible-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick's Top 6
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is knowledge is a lot more questions about why you called Matt slick and today broadcasters is February 9, 2022 and if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is like 772072276 less boarded at spell CAR room. That's the Christian apologetics research ministry on the Internet which has had an update. It had. I think hundred 40 million visitors is quite a bit. So praise God for that you want to join us on the area? So Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam of Roman Catholicism and Eastern orthodoxy. You oppose the cold seeking Christian doctrine of evolution. You can call if we can talk then remind me have been doing a study on Black Hebrews like stuff was really finding out as is call themselves Hebrew Israelites, but that BHI is the more common term and tell you I'm on; clubhouse Anderson BHI people there and so I've been having conversations with them periodically than laying low because I'm still learning about it.

That's how I know everything and so what I do is I collect information, take notes, and so far my notes on the earlier version of this are just five pages long and nothing that my love and that's nothing.

And so there are different groups and want to do is get the generic understanding of all of them, which I'm getting it. And then there are different groups groups GMS GOC see there's the ISU PK there, surrounded all got a young cover young others the use of Kari and what to do is go through these subgroups of the Hebrews like movement and find out what particular things they affirm and deny them to them in a table and list out those things so that people can see what is and what I found is interesting about the not get this cited conversation about we go with the some of them, some you know what group put up with a lot of factions in the black Hebrew Israelite group which teaches which teaches that the Trinity is false. Jesus is not God and flush and that the black people. The true Israelites and white people are the Edomites and are cursed and that most of them teach what I've heard so far is that when the consummation of the ages occurs that white people will either be enslaved and really badly treated, or some say enslaved. Not badly treated, and some say this be servants of all of the black people who are the true Israelites in my opinion is a racist organization that takes Scripture and it out of context. So every now and then I will meet individuals that are rather obstreperous that happened this morning.

I was a chat room and this this guy an atheist guy destructive and demanding making demands you have to answer this way.

That is what I want as I look at any calls be named disc swearing. I know I'm a talk by Seo. Now the BHI people I met weren't swearing okay and for the most part they're pretty respectful, tell you they were strained in their respectfulness.

They were strained.

It was easy to see what they wanted to do with dominate control asked the questions and demand. I answer according to what they want and he would do it politely, whether demanding and you… Try to be nice there very very headstrong. It was difficult to have conversations with them and I got the point of where it when they would interrupt they would route demanding after this we went to traumatic it probably just a bit difficult to look left about 1/2 hours to look some a public figure survival radio show and I the website with a lot of visitors talking about here I am talking about.

I told was it you are going be my representative what BHI is and will you be talking about is how rude you are, how demanding I knew mentioning it. If you guys are polite to say if you are patient on this say that if you're demanding rude don't listen and are insulting to say that to and it actually caused them to calm down a little bit and start to have decent conversation because he didn't like the idea of them representing the group and not doing it properly. When I said that they have to toned their act down a bit limber able to have a better conversation, but it didn't last very the thing about people who are given over to an ideology is the everything else must be submissive to the ideology with Black Hebrews like Roman Catholicism, Eastern orthodoxy, atheism, evolution is a matter what it is. It's an ideology now some people say like Muslim to say that they serve. All will actually serve Allah and his Prophet because that's what the Carozza's Allah and his Prophet of Allah and his apostle and so all of them out behind it is raised up there as far as importance not as equal to all of it right up there for you better follow him. And so it's a attitude you have to have about a law and and Mohammed and is not about Jesus, and in Catholicism is not about Jesus is not married to about the authority of the church Eastern orthodoxy to buy the authority of the church and Mary also but not about Jesus, say Jesus without a doubt Jesus we get these groups like the BHI don't mention Jesus but he's not the central issue whenever you have a group that uses an idle ideological precept as their go to as their ultimate whether it's Mohammed and his Prophet, or it is the Eastern Orthodox Church or its black Hebrew Israelites theology that the Blacks are the superior race and that whites are inferior whenever you have some like this. Everything else has to be submitted to that kind of ideology is a matter what it is you could have a secularist who was a leftist who is a Marxist socialist, then in that case, socialism, Marxism becomes the ideology under which everything else must fit and therefore lying is permitted. Deceptions are permitted unless thing everyone of them are liars and deceive, but I just think in those kinds of things.

Those things are permitted and many groups we don't want that we want to have that idea that truth is something that is submissive to an ideological perspective because that's what a lot of groups teach. We don't want that this is not right and so I've actually been working on something often on and I've been comparing the sacred secular and the cults. I'm still working on this.

I have a table not yet released. It really serve for articles within days of each of the where I compare them because I'm seeing the same kind of stuff happening in politics and our government is happening in cults the biblical on the talk about what I am doing and looking at this grid right now you Guys can see it but I'm looking and it says I have three columns sacred secular in cults sacred is this Christianity in the centrality of Christ and his word secular materialism evolution in cults. They always have church organization church authority know what is the ultimate in the three groups in the sacred ultimate is, of course, God, and we would say Christ is Jesus God in flesh, and the secular, the ultimate authority is materialism evolution and a political structure in cults.

It's church organization authority so only one of them has Christ as the center and secularism. It's an abstract ideology known as evolution combined with political power political laws in cults. It's also an ideology and political power that's resting in an ecclesiastical organization that in the sacred human government is not the ultimate authority in the secular. It is the ultimate authority and with cults.

The human government is not the ultimate authority. The hierarchical structure hiring skinny hierarchical structure of authority in the sacred is is Scripture in set the secularist governmental leaders. Supposedly the Constitution but it isn't because are submitting the Constitution that her preferences.

We know as having America and in cults. It's church leadership profits apostles and/or tradition. No focus would interpret things in and that's the sacred Christianity interpretation is based on the Scripture itself.

Scripture interprets Scripture in the secular lawyers and such. Interpret the law judges in the cults, the church organization. Punishment is in the Christian worldview is from discipline from God and eternal judgment in the secularist fines, jails, restrictions, counseling, and in cults of six communication threat of eternal judgment, etc. okay here's the thing in other categories want talk about here with the cults and how they are similar to some issues in the sacred secular when it comes to rationality in both groups the secular and the cults. The rational thinking is subservient to the overarching organization. The organizational structure above them with her big government rate church structure rationality must be submitted to that in Christianity submitted to God's word and where we are privileged to go look at it for ourselves and see what is and in the sacred man is fallen, but in the secular room realm. Now not a good or bad, and in the cults.

Some say man is good associate man is bad, but they basically say man is basically good and secularism. They don't officially say that we are good or bad, but there's a lot of laws to handle those people were bad but that's an interesting expand on and what's truth will in Christianity. Truth is defined as that which is revealed from God found in Scripture, but in the secular realm. Truth is defined by societal decree, governmental decree, so therefore there is no absolute truth. That's with danger is as if truth is not absolute, then morals are not absolute, and your rights are not absolute, and with the cults.

Truth is defined by what the organizational hierarchical structure it says is true that the cults will say they believe in Scriptures, but the cults interpret the Scriptures.

The cults have the authority over the Scriptures tell you what it really means so they're the ones in control of truth and immorality in the sacred Christian worldview is based on the character of God and therefore it does not change because God does not change but in the secular troop morality skews me is based on governmental decree and social decrease of morality is, they can change and so too with the cults, God's character is interpreted by the church authority depending on modern times. Mormonism, for example, God gets there at their God is these new revelations that kinda coincide with political necessity and the same thing happened in the juvenile's watchtower Bible and tract Society is well documented in both cases so called all the way 77 Matt Flynn why call 77077 showed on this is weird or have any callers waiting right now is what you call 877-207-2276 don't carry Ludwig's and in the chat room said that if they can change truth then they can manipulate the people exactly correct. This is why secularism does not want the absence of God's existence.

If the absolutes of God's existence are there.

Then there is a right and there is a wrong.

But if truth is pliable and not absolute, then truth can be whatever you wanted to be an generally people who just want truth to be what it wants to be are those who don't mind oppressing other things. Doesn't matter say, truth is whatever we want to be so who cares what the rights of those who are underneath us and under our power to you to be controlled by what's in or what's out and all people are going to control to some degree of what is in them.I believe in honesty. If I were a politician. I couldn't lie to them if I making campaign promises. I can only say I would.

I promise to try to do this and this.

A consent going to. I'm not God. But politicians will say things that they have no intentions of ever keeping because they want to line use deception to get into office. Why they don't matter to God. The answer to themselves.

And when people who were in power answer to themselves. They don't answer to you. If the answer to God, then the answer to him and are to be careful with her to do with the essay is why Christians need to be involved in politics and because Christians have not been involved in politics is news. What must we need to be. This is why America is going. We don't out the outhouse because those who are in power don't believe in absolute truth.

They don't believe in and of morality. They don't look at Biden. Let's go Brandon type subject to the producer phone problems to this callers commitment, although things the old show because of the new music is not there you go is not the old show is as of February at nights come on, give me call folks able to stick with the old Ms. which can elect better and subject McCall arrival. It's live by February 9, 2022 right now is life. Alright, so, so no like Biden is the example I have no respect for him. I'm sorry I don't I don't have respect for anybody who's two-faced hypocritical and lies and when this man who is in office, and I have my doubts about the legitimacy but that's another topic he's in office and then he says one thing and does another.

The next problem. If he says everybody's force revaccinated and then lets unvaccinated people come in and then distributes those people at our expense into our country.

That's hypocrisy that means we can't trust what he says.

That means he's lying publicly because he's saying one thing on purpose and doing another. On purpose. We call that deception you trust him like that, but you can't listen to the news guys and gals, and I think they will miss something in the complaining of it it it a better job than I ever could, but I think there's one thing they miss. They miss labeling what it really is and what the motivation with the dangers are seat. I wish that you have been on the air an interview sometimes and I talked about the theological, ethical issues of the positions at the left is holding to nothing. The right cancer and make mistakes and certainly it can. I'm not a direct Democrat or Republican on the constitutionalist but the thing is when you have people who say one thing and do another. It means they can't be trusted because it means they're lying to you purposely if they are in power and their lying to you purposely.

Then can you trust them.

No, should we trust them know we should not and if they're working towards the same goal. Using deception to get to that goal.

What is that goal will be.

Now, with the goal is with these leftist moron wackos is to turn our country into a socialist regime. Socialism means less power for the people more powerful, more powerful, the government and so since that's the case they don't believe in the rights of individuals with the rights of the state. That means the state giveth and the state taketh away. That means the state is the ultimate authority not God because God is not the ultimate authority in their hearts and their minds they don't have absolutes. Therefore, they can serve their own flexural desires and whoever's pulling the puppetmaster strings and so we can see that what they're doing by looking at the whole picture. They're pushing towards towards socialism, pushing towards the reduction of our rights they're pushing towards the control of our our minds, our emotions, they are saying they don't want us to have the freedom of speech was disagrees with them. So the repressive these things to be brought out and Lou and they need to be labeled like a pin the tail on the donkey. It needs to be pinned on these donkeys for what it is that they are that they are liars and their hypocrites.

They cannot be trusted and that they need to be removed from office and never ever be allowed to hold office again. We need people who were in office who are people of integrity. But the problem with that is to get people of integrity in their the swamp will jump all over me try and drown because so many people in the swamp are corrupt. One of things I've noticed is that when you go to the secular news media outlets that they often repeat the exact same phraseology, not Tucker Carlson II don't agree to release us our vectors, had my wife a few times when he said to me unless the correct and it was drawn improper inference that I've said that more than once, but hate what Haley has done many times for his team has done is shown how these liberal outlets will say the exact same phrase over and over and over and over again. Why is that, where's the independent thought, it's not there. What is there is the lockstep March 2 an agenda when everybody says the same thing. It means people are thinking when all of the leftist point to one direction. One thing they're being manipulated and controlled by something else. This is obvious. This is how cults work.

When a cult is existing in a church situation on land or on air on CM polluter is that you they do this they want everyone to say the same thing to address the same way. To believe the same stuff and if you don't you're ostracized or kicked out of their penalties for this is the same thing that's happening in our secular society is behaving in a manner familiar with cults in that they want. These leaders want their people who follow them to be in submission cults often have is called control markers control markers can be found as such things as haircuts, speech patterns, dress patterns, behaviors, patterns, and certain things you say certain way. The same thing occurs with with control markers where the mask get your passport get in line. Don't say anything contrary to the status quo or which politically correct. We are the ones who decide what you're supposed to say to get sake of their wages up there saying that she wants a lot of my so-called wedding life McCall 877207 mass Y call 77077 I was in a coma because mentor taught me everything so pretty footed is a pretty good comments in there to get her interested in joining us all you do is go to on Facebook and you can check out what is what I call it. This is God. So what you will know yet which we are our life. We did use about changes in music and we went back to the old thing. It just I just like to better the authors better never to do and so today is the intellectual courses every ninth 2022 30 McCall 87720722767 originate milk as I like hate mail is a middle of the week, why not. And we don't do it on Fridays but was waiting I want to give a much pontifications I think is what I meant to do is to liberty milk. I enjoy it. For those they don't know hate mail is hate mail. They rightly they hate me and I here's one here for idiotic shorts and quick answer. It would be best for you to support gay rights. If you do not support it. Rather take down the online content and keep your views private so Dion said that I don't have the right to disapprove of gay-rights and arthritic because gay rights under gay-rights of the extra privileges they get based on sexual behavior and so it's best to say why it's best just is what she says so.

Okay, take down what you have the words I don't like what you say take it down. This is what the left does they think they should say some like you know I don't agree with your opinion. You have the right to say about agree with you.

This is why now they state.

I don't want you to be able to voice your opinion. This is the left is a silence, others parts they want freedom for themselves with anybody else about this some dozen calls coming and look at three more these, you are very wrong about Pastor Arnold Murray of shepherds Chapel. Shame on you for posting your likely blank opinion God sees all remember that I pray for you.

Please do but to super chapels whacked and I like this one, though this was good. This is short and sweet as is. Hello, I just have one thing to say to you according to your view of the Joyce Meyer ministry out of my way.

Satan. But to me that is awesome. Okay, so I quote Joyce Meyer heresies where she says Jesus stopping the son of God.

He's a first born again man and that she is revelation knowledge and that the demons were literally on Jesus and hello and he just stupidity and false thinking out in Scripture and not expose these. I document from her writings or statements everything an individual's word is it's it's false teaching of history to repent and yet the person says this I just have one thing to say to you according to your view of the Joyce Meyer ministry out of my ways, say 10 that's God that see that's how it should be done uttered by Nicholas. I find generally speaking, the men write better insults and the guys been girls why the girls will more flowery, don't get to the point is much the guys of notice to the right of point out of the way Satan same quick and easy and quick and slick as efficient so I appreciate that with out too bad that the guy doesn't think but that's okay because he did not swing this but I like the record got let's get to Randall from West Virginia rental looking on your buddy I married all of the right and in their 40 or equipment I won't fight it. Women are not always more flowery than meeting and I want I worked with a lot of women affect all body melt fire her in my life. All you it's better when women do that. It would really help that society is getting women reacting like men that that that this wants to be a lower women and winners would delegate out and they had that presence and you and he has had a femininity and and everything and they need to keep that it's powerful. It's wonderful when they start behaving like men. Things are going yet. It really made it there women out like that, more so than man. You know what I get to hear him say something. I was in a chat room about a year ago. And these women this jet roof potty mouth filth in this filth and that as I said on purpose, alchemy, women don't act like ladies in civics foul mouth you should heard the banshee attack on me by these women and I'm telling you all just sat back and just listed is pretty awesome enough like five minutes and I said if I was able to get so they said I still think you should should act more like good women is that of foul mouth. The guys that are five minutes so it was entertaining. It would go ahead okay. My mama, but I'm old Bob point out in a win for all back more than any group that I'm no but now the hangup remote. The is the limited time and you know I was out of talking about the pay lately. Like other. If I believe Mike the people that they attack limited the time not let them down on my neck stand. But the minute but they believe that God looked down through time and thing to do would be state and do what I don't believe that I believe God chosen the late if I believe, like bait. And and wing and God knew all of the day and it wasn't on the day given their all that but they were correct and why was the staff for every body.

Even using them on even using their own lot. I've used that argument against you in the eye and it got with a actually that nonlocal Bible book or we don't have but a couple and and he filed the that the book our current been a and 80 of the Gantz that eight against cabinet and he also told me if if the calendar were right about God. The name of Mike saw the monster and he knew that I have the rebuking is this ignorance yeah me I say so madly messy question.

Did Jesus pay for their sins and reasons, as he is a young okay and what is the go to hell if other sins are paid for right so who's now monster. You say he's paid for all their sins or sins are therefore paid for it is so good help with. That's not right this minute I got a monster what you do that.

What you and God picked out some people say that they didn't give everybody an than that would be right and I bought about Israel before Christ came. Why that was the body.

The only cute Israel, not everybody fine thing working in the Old Testament and the Duke than the contract that I got had all work, but now let's get out and you know they'll say is not right for God to do that and I Alaska excuse me, can you show where you get this universal truth principal that tells you how God spoke to be.

I want to know about God would never do that and I will never serve a God like that. So you have your own eye system of righteousness that would you judge would… I not do that is a radically arrogant Eric and the say it didn't even think twice about it man away from him because lightning bolt now. It didn't matter what I think it Bible. That's right that's right Buddy you are so smart and you say smart things in the chat room to get out there about an hour. Colors would have full lines. Now they thought it was a is.

It was also okay looking buddy deep enough right off I arrived on it is good to carry from voice he carried my know you tell me place in our mantra and remember that it's frustrating because I resorted people target number Who's Who but anyway I'm fine how your wife. Let's just say she's having some more struggles even more. You question in my spirit and more about your life. Oh she's wonderful she's beautiful she's bad taste in men. She's doing with and she's a good man is best.

This characteristic is what real because you right back after that. Matt, like why call 77077 charismatic slave back to the show. 720 carry welcome back here where I go to church doing Hebrew and returning for his bride gets mentioned as an unfulfilled profit that still happen, and it has me wondering, are there other properties that have not been fulfilled. There is not just the one note the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem has to occur then the invasion of thought from the east to the 2 million man army.

The witnesses have to occur at the sacrifice in the temple have to occur in a Christ has to arrive etc. etc. and then the Lord overturns several prophecies that are still there that that was my question. Thank you. Right. So what church you go to for can ask place you know, Eagle Christian, I go to Calgary by them all. And now that Eagle Christian and have you been my Bible study is one of them met their current yeah yeah I think I chatted with either once or twice and then I'll know Pastor chat on anything you think at his church for coaching on black print more. That's when he was at the well, but I think there before you been there. Now I teach a Bible study my house so that you on Thursdays. But as I can remember because I don't remember too many people because I get inundated with people. I feel bad about that. Remember, people template is. That's all I you would recognize me talk my daughter Abby little bit to and I need to call and they don't promote Baptist churches on the radio show which I don't mean to bash Baptist churches need to clarify that but I was having a bad hand with legalism outline and just come a lot of strange things going on so anyway that needed that juncture memory so never daughter of Dr. King and we are having a lot of conversations in some studies but yet I think that yeah I write you have learned so much from you. You challenged me thinking that and it was stretched me for a long time now. It's all become clear because all of that manipulation.

You cut right through it.

So I say you welcome and people often say that the first listening.

They don't like it they keep listening to them that Scripture was right there and then it comes together. Later on, and I like that you praise God now your Bible at eight that in person or is it for notes in-person and virtual okay and I want one more time. Okay. All right. We put on the godless weekly. I do that I was a Mondo on Thursday nights. I just put the camera on me and teach with people who over the house and it's you can find it on Facebook on man kind that are Facebook Facebook page. Think of several things. Once there, all right, let's get to Ralph my way right welcome brother a story about the rap theater and hundred and 44,000. Originally I used to believe that in the world happened that God would judge everybody and that the yet didn't know about the rap German. Somewhere along the line guy… About the rapture and I thought it was going to happen. You and all pre-trim don't believe that anymore. I'm trying to start a little bit more. I got people that believe that but I'm not finding any scripture gone under anybody that talked about it side-by-side with like what you believe in comparing the mean poster rapture right well prepared by what I am not pre-by hundred and where they're coming from and I'm not finding anything right expelled though they have it darling out the link you can go to K KK check Mr. Hughes preacher bliss rapture very knowledgeable, very godly man, he passed away recently.

They probably have books there that would give information on okay now what the problem for the hundred 44,000 witnesses. The pretrip rapture God, believe in doing previa the current essay that with they would say why is someone would believe they will say is that if with 4000 male, virgin Jews that become during this ablation. After the pretrip rapture will say that they become the witnesses over the world. Mother thinks that I am no there there Jews that the Lord anoint this and they start speaking of him not okay okay they would say I write a lot of wandering after work on anything out there and make that kind and make your proved it not be so. Well, that's another topic measured check okay horse K horse K if you want to see some pretrip rapture support all information if there I think okay already. Thank you very much. You will about biscuits and Nate tumbled to the drop date from California. They welcome on the air. How are you well and everyone on the family.

Thank you. I know about the names of Jehovah there. There are Christian Bible, but no birthday aren't doing and thumb Bible that the apologetic Bible okay and have the name Jehovah that having IT always would you want to know what I want to know why you were Jehovah is just an English eyes very loose pronunciation of the skull. The tetra graviton yield a latte or light H.

W. H. Yahweh and Yahweh don't have a J sound, someone somehow wrote Jehovah, or just a JH WHO like that and became Jehovah. That's all this just a very loose translation is pronunciation of the original of the deal will then will reveal a big deal all day. Yahweh know that it's for the Jewish just you and I say Yahweh. Also, the Lord and that's what I'll do.

Also, Jehovah went on the Jehovah's Witnesses, but now used by me and I wrote would you say Yahweh noisy Jehovah, because I don't need to introduce something this good to sidetrack him. I just know I'll pass it Bible. I apologize I'd buy the youth led you, Yahweh. Yahweh about to update you called. I think the Jews was Judah know that he would really like that I would if I thought it would you like to say the Lord I do not is how it's really kind done in the Greek Gorgias would say the Lord and leave it at that. Got a lot of a lot about several main math one last question we get solids like 100 times we get to them okay will call back okay because without God left. I understand about that, but thanks all right this get to a more from North Carolina more welcome you neglect quality I see I get help. I hear what the change in the beginning about socially sound and everything you think is really no yes.

Giving you get to the point that that elemental I get what you myself is going to ask you is going to that America would not last that long because of the socially shown in yellow all right and answered believe that is going yes it will turn into Venezuela because the socialist system when they start ticking when your guns articulate your rights and then start having the government controlled everything just leads to oppression. It always does.

That's his reason for saving the yeah I know I know but I guided about the American people make that to I wake up in exchange. All of these mindset know this output.

If each of the reporting they should.

They should also I recommend everybody go on the web and look up preamble to the United States Constitution. The preamble United States preamble and read it because I'm leaving really showing we do are showing have a lot though have a lot good. Good. I do recommend people you might correct yet I think you might and I got glacial nap. You could continue your program for long long time. God bless. Also, after the preamble, read the Declaration of Independence case read both of those and we should read them the Declaration of Independence. Let's get to Danny from Richmond Denny welcome around here it automatically thank you for your patent with working with Abbott thought that the I don't know a partially not anything direct for your patient worked with me on establishing truth is, but… Really isn't that further proof because of what we come up that you think that that's about it.

Another thing that you like a great crib and all that stuff and I think from a Baptist Church one moment I'll bet that the church in legalism and one of the things that I think my mind on that that Baptist Church was whether pretrip book) and out, it became became a way out ain't great crib postscript with the cultivate client in the Baptist Church.

Not that it was promoting.

I was exactly where voting pretrip but that I was the I was the boat trip are thin and that the faith and I had Betty and that that that that they could you postscript thing with real and at the end of the class directly at who, even with the Denver Post crib now because at that there you know that argument pretty compelling and at that Baptist Church nobody is going along with it being a possibility scan I want to start listening time to time and I was in a debate years ago. Years and years and years and years ago on pretrip are supposed trip and occasionally quickly.

We had to help as postscript with to help. The preacher was with her arguments with approval yeah because there were so bad we did and that even then we had to be careful how badly we would attack them because all right less than they both started our back with the old music were blessed by his grace back on there tomorrow.

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