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February 7, 2022 10:58 pm

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February 7, 2022 10:58 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1-. Was it wrong for slaves to run away from their masters---2-. Is it biblical to abolish all forms of slavery---3-. How do you respond to extreme dispensationalists who believe that Jesus and Paul had different gospels---4-. Does the Bible support a flat Earth position---5-. Why do pastors say that those who have committed blasphemy of the Holy Spirit would not be concerned about having done so---6-. Was water baptism abolished after John the Baptist-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. It's mostly why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research management found online car and when you have questions about why goals are responding to your questions at 77072276 is Matt slick look of the show match look and believe in life on the lessee of February 3, 2022 a week. What would happen was not on Monday in the not-too-distant ones that had a problem near the station. There's a give her the news. It was a factory or something plant something maybe Rachel type of him was going on in there to do a mandatory evacuation area. So to date on the radio and so here we are today, which is live February 3, 2022 and tomorrow I will be off because after the memorial service at the funeral and so I'll be doing that is to cutting it too close to the radio time. I probably have enough time to get back and get back in time to make in Russia tugs not to worry about it so I look going to be on again doing the showing and Lord willing, get back on their own when the to take care of everything work out Rachel's had a fertilizer plant exploded caught fire. Sorry not expel cut fire evacuation and that's why we were out for couple of days. Not a big deal, but that's what works so well there you go. Hey folks, what you call you to do is dial 877-207-2276 and don't hear from you. We have four lines right now. I was little. You guys know that lately it's been happening a lot.

I'm like I discussed a lot of stuff with a lot of people are going to bring chat rooms and bring venues off the radio and the people just far questions at me. People gathering and stuff and it's a privilege to be able to do that last night and spent two hours doing of hours with Eastern Orthodox people talking about salvation. They are so bent on damning themselves by adding their works to salvation is really about. One of the guys that I was there I got this note from him. I ask you what this does is this correct is correct. Is this God keeps granting you salvation if you continue to believe and do good works, to the best of your ability continue to grant you salvation legitimate work so heresy and its demonic documents. Because it's a legal definition that was the accident. Today I spent some time interesting questions on other stuff another venue and clubhouse.

I do that a lot too. So what are you pal talk clubhouse and discord and one which was a way to put on the current website and on but I'm on venue on check and elicit their adjusted so people like to do and some don't deny Bible study of the playing lots of light live on the shore and go to probably go to flip it start to flip its luster. People first day back for the year list they say hey we were told we would ever do that if we do Q&A but if not then I will look it's a good book book all right okay three open lines which you may call 877-207-2276 is the Jacob from Wisconsin Jacob welcome your on here.

According to the 5 o'clock we quite what law a runaway Carolyn okay so go so that involved in the underground railroad they were in the long answer, but runaway sheet with happened in America in 1800s was was called chattel slavery with actual person himself was owned as property that's not how it wasn't in the times in Rome: when the Roman Empire was there were different levels of slavery as well. There different kinds in the Bible not chattel and what Paul is doing is saying look stable your acts in the station that you read the slaves of the time could be masters of household except for the man.

The father they could were in charge of children were considered tutors there were often very respected.

So the idea of leaving was a socioeconomic issue as well. When a slave was beaten in the Old Testament economy, he was not to be the he was, not to be punished like that and if he was punished and hurt than the slave owner would face penalty. Furthermore, slaves if they were just property in the chattel sense was with 1800s was then it would not be the case that they would be returned because the Bible says to return property but slaves were not to be returned if they had escape their bad masters so they were considered property and that sense of the different kind of a thing. Okay I like her way if they look good lately and Kate would have been better if they would've not ran away.

They were good. Well, they don't treat good nutrient is treated well. It just depends you see some slaves on all the good of the sniper Bible study. Some slaves were slaves by choice redo like they would want to stay with the mattress household. There were even considered a member of the household to some degree. So just depends on the situation like that would happen just critics of the Bible to say slavery, they think of 1800 slavery. America that's what it automatically wasn't the only kind that's it. And they don't know they have stunned stuff like that. Okay well right all the abolition of all slavery you said, but God will know. Is there something in Rome at the time of Christ there were something like 25% of all the population was in slavery. What if the apostles and Jesus said all you slaves just leave it would've been an economic collapse, and the result would've been famine and plague, and all kinds of stuff so you know let's say hypothetically that is recorded that Jesus told all the slaves to leave they did and it wasn't an and Rome recorded an economic collapse. People become in the fog. Why would Jesus do that if he knew that was can happen, they would complain about what you see is just Windows.

There hello well according and 23 talk about being late finding. We had talked about. I don't know because I just submitted think about and talk about to see the presence system is working in the biblical system when you did something wrong like that.

You were to pay back think was four times what you caught it and have presence not in the in the Old Testament sets in Rome they did. So if someone were to signify with Amanda and injure him, so he couldn't work in the field, then the sentence would be keys to go replace that man in the field and work and produce so that the family doesn't suffer know what we would put them in jail. Well, okay, you put them in jail and the man is still suffering the family suffering and all societies go to pay for this. There are inequities and problems with this kind of a system and I think all people who were out below doesn't batch me outside no. I think sometimes when you go to keep people off the street if they should be in prison and they should be out in all serial murders and things like that but normally speaking, you took care of what you did your responsible for your actions and you make restitution.

That's the principle that needs to be. I believe instituted yet. I agree with the biblical live, how think we know a lot better but I do think that prisons are warranted for people who have this done so you can't let them out because I can escape and do it do it again. They have to be incarcerated but for those who went out people like absolutely.

The Bible does talk about executing them yet so you know it it's what it is in number 13 talks about the power of the sword. The state has a powerful sword IM for capital punishment to be used sparingly for appropriate crimes for serial murderers. I think they belong or the Bible talks about kidnappers early, put to death. Also so you know from that with the problem with a lot of slavery going on.

They were involved in mapping. Yes, they were that's right but you know who. Okay, logical.

Don't know if this the directory black slave owners in America in the 1800s, and there were actually I think 200,100 200,000 white slaves from I think it was like Scotland's area that contribute to reading the article a long time ago. No way to know that also who caught the slaves in Africa think about you guys are in shape being there out there living in the tough land you don't survive out there. If your week know the elderly. Of course, but they were taken care of. I remember reading articles where a lot of the black people their native regular called would chase down a lot of other ones catch them and sell them.

They would often do this by getting rid of the problem people and to give him to the slavers and the things right or wrong to think this is part of history and and you know it was the whole thing was wrong and should never have happened as far as I'm concerned, those people who captured and kidnapped the people in Africa to make him slaves here in America. They should have been hung should have been dealt with patient been executed because they are doing exactly the wrong thing in the Scriptures talk about taught the execution of such people with harsh, but that's what is this the Islamic that were in there bowing, no way am I I would not be surprised it was Islam still promotes slavery. To this day there's lots of slaves in Islamic countries. To this day, and is part of Islamic culture the hadith that it would your right hand possesses.

So what Mohammed taught was that if you go in battle and you destroy the enemy. You can take the spoil along with their women is called what your right hand possesses so they were allowed to take them as slaves and they were treated often pretty well and sometimes pretty badly with muscles evil people all over the place a lot of more pretty decent but they still promoted slavery and they still do because Mohammed the greatest of all the people blah blah blah and the hadith are different levels of hadith and the sake hadith are the best ones that are most reliable teaches and advocate what I understand number quickly.

The, the promotion of slavery, among other things okay to go but there's the more that you people waiting so they will call back. That was Jacob from Wisconsin.

Good questions if you call all you have to do is dial 877207276 it's mats like why thinking a call 77207276. Here is Matt slick back to the show through on 72072276 also Arnold you think the new intro music ultra music if you like that to think it's so entertaining a nice variety, or if you want the old stuff back to what you think you can email me Let me know if you are looking to trade for North Carolina trade welcome you on here. I forgot you don't do all right hanging intermittent. Would you want drought for our church or alarming beginning of your shutter. What is so large they should only all my golf cart water plant that got better. Will I live in Idaho but the churches in Winston-Salem in North Carolina.

What I understand my make sure that is not a work like that of the trail and the line for that one, trying to control is a work plan my own material all letters. I don't so I wanted to make sure what not know the one in your area actually did some research all not got the name of it all about, but when I did research on my and Teresa Blondell saw no wild son-in-law you make sure you got it so it's not too far from prison.

Apparently, and the North East of Wake Forest and the truest field.

Smith Reynolds airport pits to the west might all go there is A Lot Less Would You Know All I Think People You I Think He's out There I'm with You. Get Worse. I Will Write Every Spot Right Now. God Loves All Right Hey Folks for Going to Give Me a Call 877-207-2276 Day from Atlanta, Georgia. Welcome and Got It Going, but It's Going When You Thought My Brother and I Want Primarily You. They're Coming from the Confessional Framework and and Got Going.

Problematic Doctrine of the Real Thing Primarily.

I'm Not Sure How You Know You You Yeah Okay Katie Only Thing to Be One That's Whacked One Thing It's like the Biggest Thing I'm Trying to Work with Them around Jesus and Paul Having Two Different Gospel.

Ask These Guys Mid Asked Dispensational List Asked Mid Asked Is Mid Asked the Book of Acts Mid Asked and Some of Them Say That Is a Division between the Gospels and That of the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Paul and Other Different Is Not True at All These People What They Do Is They Have an Agenda in the Bible Has To Fit into Their Agenda. They Do Not Have All Their Theological Pause in the Litter Box and Left to Displease You Find Displease I: and Refund Because They Don't Have A Lot Of Answers to Some of the Difficult Questions of Scripture Focusing A Lot on Ironically the Transition from Right around the End of the Gospel to You in the Book of the Epistles of Paul and That Some like Mid Exposition with Their Legalistic and Had a Deal Is with Him 10 Years Ago so It's Vague Legalistic King James Only.

If You Don't Use the King James or Not True. Yet, to Keep Certain Laws in Order to Be Saved from Love to Come Talk to Them. I Love Talking to People like That. I Am Not Normal. I Enjoy Talking to People Who Don't Make Sense and I Talked to a Guided Day and He Was a Flat Earth or Leave That There Was a Dome of Glass over the Entire Earth at the North Pole Is in the Middle and That There Was a Magnifying Glass for Real on the Dome That the Sun Underside Could Shine through Really Well Yeah but They're Not Planted Shall We Do a Stuff like That, You Say Okay to Back Away from You Because I Don't Want Crazy to Know to Get on the Wheel or Do You Just People at It. You Tell Them Something They Don't They Don't Think in One of the Things Is Called Non-Falsifiability to Hear Something of the Teacher Principal to the Back of Your Head Non-Falsifiability Music You Believe Something That Cannot Be Falsified. So Years Ago in San Diego. The Heaven's Gate Cult. They Said Applegate Said That There Will Hale-Bopp, Help Upcoming There Was a UFO. On the Other Side of the Comet and Was Coming to Take Them Away and in Order to Meet the Comet. They All Had to Commit Suicide so They Did Was Big News All of the Nation and the World. I Was Actually Interviewed on TV Back Then on in San Diego and We Went through It Cult Is Blessed and Non-False and Not Falsifiability Noted a Proven False. How You Got There the Other Side of Hale-Bopp Comet to See If There's Any without You Do That You Can't so They Have a Belief System That Can't Be Shown to Be False.

Generally Speaking, with a Belief System Is Nonfalsifiable. It Doesn't Rest in Reality so I like to Do with the Asked Dispensational Is People's Sake. This Is What Falsifiability Is Falsifiability Music to Be Demonstrated to Be False. One Way or Another. For Example, Christianity Can Be Falsified by Producing the Body of Christ. If You Can Produce the Body the Grave the Bones of Jesus for Real. The Christianity Is Not True for Jesus. Paul Said It Is Not Race Our Faith Is in Vain to Its Falsifiable Because It Occurred in Real Time.

So I Asked Displease Alaska Others a Question What Must Be the Case for Your Position to Not Be True, They Can't Answer the Question Because Nonfalsifiable the Words They're Submitting to an Agenda, Not the Factual Truth and Everything Is Interpreted in Light of the Whole of the Breaking Folks for Whom I Will Call 877207276 It's Mats like Why Thinking a Call 877207276.

Here Is Matt Slick Give Call to Do Was Dialing 772-072-2764. Plans Give a Call and We Can Talk. Let's Get Back on the Air with the Day from Atlanta. Stiller All Right, Diane's Lady Answered Little Bit of Dental to Something Else. With the Help Yeah I Love the Idea Ability with That Radical. If You Walk through with the Work. One Thing We Were Timeout When Paul Called the First Member of the Doctrine of Great Body of Believers Everyone before Him Was under Act under like a Cloudy Work Smart As You Think It Doesn't Work. Take What You Do Is Is a Google Luke 11 Nine 214 Luke 11 9 to 14 and What It Says Never Read It.

Look at Me. Luke 1118 Nine through 14 2011 Luke 18 Starting Verse Nine and He Jesus Told This Parable to Some Who Trusted in Themselves That They Were Righteous and the Others with Contempt to Men with the Temple to Pray Affairs to the Task at Her. The Pharisees Did Was Bring This to Himself God. I Think You Not like Other. It's like the Other People, Swindlers, Unjust, Adulterers Even like This Tax Cover I Fast Twice a Week I Pay Tithes of All That I Get the Tax Collector, Standing Some Distance Away, Was Even Unwilling to Lift up His Eyes to Heaven, but Was Beating His Breast, and God Be Merciful to Me the Center to Center for This Minute Tell You When Dino's House Justified so What I Would Do Is I Have This in Your Back Pocket and I Was Talking to a Dispute like This When These Men Expedite. I Think so You Say Paul Was Teaching Justification by Faith in Jesus Was Teaching Justification by Works and Fix Right so You Will and I Love to Tell about This Verse This Prick of the Ask Him Questions and Say What What F You Have Someone You Know Just What Cries out to God and and and Just Asks for Forgiveness. Just Trust in Him Will You Say It Is Good to Have the Good Works to Be Saved As I'm Doing Them, Setting Them up in Thickness of Look As Good at It You Known in the Paul Thing Know He Does Okay I Agree with You It's Good What about Back in the Old Covenant. No Jesus Time Says Yeah and You Got. Then Why Did Jesus Tell Us This Man Who Did No Good Works Was Justified and the Word Is Justified to the Jesus Tonsillitis Ring Jesus See You Read Other Other Blog about When They Go to This Verse That the Great Reminder Is Good and Plus Good Enrollment and Be Paul What Paul Says in Romans of Romans 4125 the Tickly Verse Three Says Abraham Believed God Was Credited As Righteousness.

Now That's a Quote from the Old Testament. I Forget Where. Let Me Check Really Fast.

There Is, and so It Is from Genesis 15, Six so That's the Old Testament. So Here We Have Justification by Belief. Paul Said That Meant Back There.

Why Would You Say It's a Work System Will Because They Do Follow the Law.

But the Law Is Love. God Livered Neighbor with Jesus Is a Thoughtful Thing.

But Paul Says That His Justification Abraham Was by Faith. So, Please Explain How They Work Together.

Yeah, You Can Really Take the Elevator Fall to Almost Any Level and Apparently Jean That I Would Anything at All That God Obviously Believes Well, Paul Said Abraham Was Justified by Faith Be Justified by Faith and Works Than Wise to Say by Faith. Then He Goes on to Say Two Verses Later to the One Who Does Not Work but Believes in Him Justifies the Ungodly, His Faith Is Credited As Righteousness. And He Cites Abraham As an Example of That. Please Explain That Mr. Dispute Okay All Right Get That Way You That and That Your Unit in Talking to Him.

It Sure Don't Need to Go to Get There You Go, I Be Glad to Talk to These Guys. I like Jumping into the Shark Tank with a Bunch of Myth Asked Dispensational Is What I Have To Do Though at the Sink.

What Are Your Premises. What Are Your Basic Things That Me Asking for Clarification. I'm Taking Lots of Notes and Why People Are Listening. Call Matt When You Rip Them up. I Got a Find of the Believed First and Then Ask Questions and Then Learning Then and Apply Scripture to Talk. You Help All Right but Goblin Okay All Right Hey Folks, What You May Call All You Do Is Dial 877-207-2276 Call before the Lines 877-207-2276 Difficult but Good to Anonymous Senators, a Name from North Carolina Welcoming on Your Will and A Lot Of You Breaking up A Lot, I Will What You Do A Lot Of the Lost Hope That There Are You I'm Still Here We Had, but They Are Doing That Group Letter You Have To Ask Him Exactly What Verse They're Talking about and If They Say That Is Talked with the Firmament You're Going to the King James the Nursing the Firmament Is a Solids Dome above the Flat Earth. When the Questions I Asked Flat Earth Versus II Asked Him the Sun and the Moon Give a Slight Correct They Say Yes. Where Are the Sun and the Moon in Your Model Are the below the Dome Embedded in the Dome or above the Dome from and This Is What I Want to Ask Because What They Tell Me Is Good Govern How I Asked the Next Question and If They Say and 99% Will Say It's underneath the Dome and the Orbit around Each Other and They Are underneath of the Dome and They Show Their Son There Is Okay Will Then Why Is It We Can See Both the Sun and the Moon during the Day but We Can't See the Sun at Night If It's Just above Us from That Angle.

Everybody on the Planet You Go to See the Sun, Which Is Still Burning. So How Can the Conceited Night Just Basic Question like That out on Your Thing A Lot and yet There Are yet They Do and Because the Firmament Can Mean Different Things Though, and That's the Problem Is I Just Wish People Would Start Stop Doing What They Do.

So Many Times They Take a Word They Think It Means One Thing and That's All It Can Mean so Therefore It Means That It's the Dome Will Then Let's Work with It Because You Can See It Doesn't Mean the Dome.

Yes It Does. Let Us Work with What Your Model Is Please Click Where the Sun, the Moon Just Ask Him Sometimes I Got into This Discussion Sometimes Will Say Will the Sun and Moon Are Embedded in the Dome and Revolves Okay so the Does That They Should Still Still Be Able to See the Sun at the Nighttime. Then They Have To Say This on the Spotlight with This Make Any Sense to Tackle That I've Had Some Say the Sun Orbits outside the Dome and Actually Goes down outside the Edge of the Earth to the Underside Income That the Other Side, Which Is Why We See It Done in One Side of the Underside of the Earth, and Also Okay so Is Gravity Something That Exists Now That's an Interesting Discussion with Them Is A Lot Of Title Say No It Doesn't, Then Will How to Get Out Of Say What Right All Their Right and It's That These Guys Are, They Don't Have Altered the Base of His Argument with Both the Frontal Lobes Tied behind Her Back. So Elsie Looked If the Sun Is Going down Its Initial Buoyancy Is It's Going to Increase Its Speed or Is It State a Constant Speed around Both Sides of the Earth. Then at the Same out Well. Constant Speed Comes a How Do You Know That. Just Ask, How Do You Know You Don't See It, You Don't Know Just Guessing My Supposed to Trust You and Your Guessing If They Say That the Mass of the Sun Does Have Gravitational Effect Will Than If That's the Case, As It Approaches the Edge It Should Accelerate As It Comes up Riverside Initiative Decelerated Because of the Gravitational Force, but You'll See That All These Issues Hold on Break Folks for the Lodge. When He Didn't Call Much 7207 It's Matt Slick Live Calls at 877207276. Here Is Matt Slick Five [1772072276 Qubec on Your with What Was from Work in Line with Your Back on Your so We Talk about Some Different Stuff That You Want to Add Something Rascally We Can Talk Lamentably Waiting on a Life and How Is Your Point of View about About It and I Went down the Rabbit Hole You Know More Myth about Market Just One Note Your Your Opinion of Me Flat Earth's Conspiratorial Lists. They Don't Look at Science. The Facts Normally Consider the Scriptures in Totality. The Grid for Firmament in Hebrews.

Ricky and Occurs in Different Places Different Ways. Generally Speaking, It Means a Hammered out Piece of Metal Will Ask Him What the Dome Is Can's Comprised of and Why Does He Say It's a Dome White Is Excited to Go to the Bible, Then You Can Ask Is That This Is the Dome Round like a Disk Asking a Question I Would If He Says Yes It around. Why Do You Say It's Round the Circle of the Earth. It Talks about Think That, but It Also Says the Four Corners of the Earth in Isaiah 1112 so I Ask Which One Is Correct, the Circle or the Corners.

If They Say the Corners Something Was Able to Want to Do with the Circles If They Say the Circle so Wanted to Go with the Corners.

This Is a Corners of It. If He Says Was Just a Metaphor with Height of the Circle the Earth Is the Metaphor Now with Frampton's Is Your Picking and Choosing an Outcome and Ask Him Also. What Can Demonstrate Your Position to Be False. Show Me What Is It Is or Anything or Any Way to Show That Is False like You Get for the Space Shuttle He Got 30s a Look. The Earth Really Is an Oblate Spheroid with a Do It Would Be. They Did a Hologram in Front of of Something in and What I Want to Know to What Level Their Believability Is Testable, As I Don't Have Any Testability. Re: Falsifiability Basically It's What the Cults Do Cults the Same Manner That Online Are the What I Would Do Is Is I Didn't Do This Is My Brother.

Once We Said Some Stuff That Just Didn't Make Any Sense Close to Him and He's Facing Me, and I Looked, I Moved My Head over Towards His Right Ear Is Looking at Right Here to Put My Hand on the Other Side. The Other Ear and Wave My Hand Announces to See If I Could See Light Coming through and He You Called Me a Name for It Makes Brenda Nessa but Are Still Look the Same Kind of Things like Dude What Is up with You. You Don't Believe Any of the Facts and the Evidence There's the Parallax Effect about How the Planets around Us, and Stars Actually Move According to an Orbit That We Have That Surround the Sun If the Sun Is up above Us. How Can We Have the Parallax Effect Know These Guys Just Don't Think These Things through and There It Got Some Agenda There What and If the Earth Is Flat within.

Shouldn't People Be Able to See the Tall Post-Mountain All the Way across the Flat Earth Should but No They Don't Matter's Mist in the Air Really Give Me All This Excuses I Tested This All Are All the People in NASA All the Airline Pilots Are All That the Geographers Are They All in This Conspiracy to Make the Earth around It. If You Can Have a Civil Yeah Why for What When You Have a Conspiracy You and I Could Get Our Act Together and Say the Same Story about Something, but We Had 20 People to Make Sure Buddy Has the Right Kind of Answer for the Right Kind of Stuff and All Possibilities. We Had 100 People to That Got Even More of a Problem Now Were Talking Tens of Thousands below the World Who Apparently Are in All All This.

Why, for What Reason and How Do You Know That They Are and Why Would They Be Doing This and How Do You Find out That This Is the Case, and Why Would They Just Take A Few of the Sick Pay. If It's a Fake. I Was in NASA. I'm an Astronaut I Saw That It Doesn't Happen, You'll Hear a Report like This You Know Flat. Every Thursday Know It's like to Walk into Walls Too Much and in the Planar Body Else. It's Just, Han of the Earth Are over. I Know People. One Argument with Me about Flatterers. I Asked Him A Few Questions I Can Answer the Needs Good Preaching and It Is No and the Need to Say and in the so I Asked Him Is Mars a Sphere Yes Is Venus Is Fear Is the Son Sphere You Hope Will Say Yes Line Is the Earth Flat Were Gravity Come from What's underneath the Earth. You Are the Ice Caps on on the Edge of the World, Keeping Everything in It Is This What You Believe. What Evidence Do You Have for This Ludicrous Again to Get to Get Some's Conspiracy Stuff to Look. I Think There's a Conspiracy of People like You and You're All in This Conspiracy Together to Waste Other People's Time Matter What We Say You Want to Argue about It. I Think It's a Big Conspiracy and You Are in It. Yeah Because You Talk like That You Do It You Are Doing Exactly What the Conspiracists Would Do Have People Argue Waste Energy and Time on Flat Earth You're Part of the Flatterers Conspiracy to Cause Division in the World so She Was a Mother with Her Guilt Right You Too May God Bless Right Flatterers Stuff You Leaks All Right, Let's Get to Chris from Durham, North Carolina Chris, Welcome to Call Her.

Yes, I Can What You Meant. I Know That Your Lack Color That You Could.

I Briefly Watched Your Video on Black Knee.

He Figured That They Would like.

They Would Lose All the Spiritual Concern Biblical Answers for Why That Is Really Going Why You Wouldn't Care. In John 16, Eight Is a Conclusion That We Would Have the Spirit, When He Comes, Will Conflict Convict the World concerning Sin and Righteousness and Judgment Taken Six Convicts the World and Part of This Is for the Judgment upon Them to Commit Blessed Holy Spirit Is No Hope of Forgiveness. Then We Just Add A+ B We Get See, We Say Well It Does Not Make Sense to Say Then That the Spirit Would Continue to Convict Them in Their Sin. That's It. It's a General Technological Necessity, but That's the General Idea Why. Technically Speaking, Is Not Logically Necessary. The Holy Spirit Could Be Continuing to Convict Them Even Though Will Never Be Forgiven Because It's Further Judgment upon the Messerli Possibility Okay Are All Thank You, and Your Definition One. Thank You. That's What the Bible Says That to Me and You You That's What It Is 12 2232 Jesus Casting out Demons and They Said You're Going with How the Devil He Says Hey Leslie Get the Holy Spirit Let You Forgiven. That's What He Calls It. In Response, with a Set That's Gotta Be What It Is I Was Pretty Easily Get Some like Modern Day People Doing Here at Work, Other Profit like All Good Example to Write Pretty Much Gave It. Well, That's the Debates.

Is It Only Be Committed by People Back down about Jesus or Could Be Committed by People Now Who Would Say That about Jesus. That's the Thing Somewhat Extrapolated to Say Anything. Were You Blasting Holy Spirit Is Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit Will That's What the Phrase Means. But Is It Required from Biblical Revelation. That's the Question I Think with Says What It Says Is Saying That Jesus's Miracles Part of the Devil. And That's What Blessed Are the Holy Spirit Is Because Jesus Was Baptized to Entering the Priesthood after the Order of Melchizedek and the Holy Spirit Came upon Him and Anointed Him. It Looks like He Was Doing His Miracles from That Point on, by the Power of the Holy Spirit. It Looks like That's the Case, Which Is Probably Why He Said That's Because I Whispered Not Be Forgiven Okay Are I Better Do It, Handing Them over to a Reprobate Mind like You Should Make That Reprobate.

That's No That's in Reference to the Sexually Mature Impurity of Roma Chapter Once Our Reading of Romans 118 and You'll See There's Judgment or Reason in the Judgment. There's a Sin and Ejectment Sin and the Judgment. The Reason for the Judgment. And with That Contact with 26 2228 of Romans One Versus Mixed up. Romans 126 28 Is Talking about Get Been Given over Right Then and There. Reprobate Mind Because of Their Sexual Impurity. All Right Miracle I Got a May God Bless Right Let's Get to Jenny from North Carolina. Let's Not Get to Danny from North Carolina. Let's Go over to Roger from North Carolina. Roger Welcome You on Here All Right Hangnail We Got Our Guy Talking to You Current on the Internet and He Would Plant That about Three Bad Okay Baptism God's Baptism of Water Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the Regenerated Baptism of Fire with Hail Yes Baptism of Fire. He Can Baptize with the Holy Spirit and with Fire That Seems to Be the Case. Before I Could Also Be Judgment in the Also Could Be Disciplined for the Most Part Yes I Would Agree to the Baptism of John The Baptist Was a Baptism of Jesus That Was under the Old Testament Requirement of Law. There's a Baptism That We Christians Going to Trinitarian Baptism.

There's Actually a Better Totally Baptism of Fire and See Baptism of Fire and That's the past It Was Going to Be Some Pretty Bad Stuff for the Sake of Christ. Why Brought It up Because He Was Praying That We Believe That the Bad Month. John Hathaway Is Now You Know When Your Bad Guys Always. Your Bad Guys like My God Is Generated with the Baptism You Would Bring in the Reason Why You Thing and That Everything Will It's Not Net 30 Get Baptized, You Know. Through John's Baptism of Water in the Lutheran Come Back What You Will Get Baptized, You Can Be Going Back Yeah I Know, Going Back and Forth but I've Never Heard My Favorite. John's Baptism Got Away with Effective Knowledge.

So He Fan I'm Safe to Think along the Lutheran Going Back What You Don't Get That out There That Do Not Me, Ever Hurt You. Yeah, Yeah, He's Not.

I Believe You Got All Man, Would You Talk Once More. You Know What, I'm Not Going Tomorrow Looks to Be on Call Back Monday We Can Talk More about Baptism Is about Is about That Evokes the Lord Bless You by His Grace on Monday. Tomorrow I Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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