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January 31, 2022 7:56 pm

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January 31, 2022 7:56 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Topics include---1- Anthony from Virginia called to continue the week-long conversation regarding knowledge and God.--2- Are you saying that an atheist can't believe a concept such as addition---3- What do you do if you have a disagreement with a well-respected pastor, like David Jeremiah---4- Are there different degrees of sin---5- Is it okay for a Christian to marry someone who was sexually immoral before coming a Christian---6- Are King James Onlyists true Christians- Is it okay to be involved in that type of congregation---7- How can I best witness to a Muslim---8- Did Jesus have a sin nature---9- What does it mean to store up treasures in heaven- How does that relate to tithing---10- Who are the beasts, dragon, antichrist, and false prophet in Revelation---11- Matt ends the show by reading hate mail.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is why you have questions about search for the general 20 or 2022. What would you recall older dude was dialing 772-072-2761. Thank you for listening. We appreciate it if you are interested in watching the show, which means me sitting here at my desk and headset on and all that kind of stuff. Then I got up to you to do is just go to car C and you can watch the shoulders a link on on the right-hand side says Matt slick life and all you do is go there to watch what we do have people in the chat room is associated with that and a lot of people really enjoy that.

We have a lot of good conversation there as well so will fellowship all right want to give me a call. All you have to do is always to do is dial heats 72072276 and the something that you hate mail on Friday submittal to some today for little bit slow. If you like hate mail call up and say hey you hate mail people enjoy apparently hate will not be good to take because of how I react to it. I get a kick out of it and I really do all right when we judge upon the phones.

Let's get back with Anthony from Virginia Anthony will commute on the air.

Hey Matt, are having about why all knowledge must ultimately be grounded to think of the Christian Trinitarian God you appeal to the transcendent of what you referred to with abstraction and that they're basically not dependent on the human mind. You respond to someone who could start that abstractions are simply concepts generated by the not mine based on observation, the reality that there is no application for the claim that they are universal but stupid to talk about health health say why this is not universal abstract thoughts is ridiculously giggly show you something of hopes due to three birds with one stone here so you familiar with the laws logical. The law excluded middle statements, literature falls differently without you. Okay so I'm talking to you true okay I'm I live in Madagascar are false. I'm on the moon falls on 6 feet tall true. Okay, so statements are true or false number and ask you is this statement that I'm to give you true or false.

You ready okay. It is always wrong for anyone to torture babies a death merely for the personal pleasure true. The idea of abstractions like Calumet and you would do you think that I don't have that I am in this conversation before.

Of course I have a minute go in here and show it to you, killing 23 birds with one stone. So is this statement true or false, is always wrong for everyone, or anyone everyone to torture babies a death merely for the personal pleasure is a statement true or is it false, why would fade true okay so if you say is true.

When we say it is always wrong for everyone you're saying is a universal moral obligation to everyone right. I believe I believe that you believe that is a universal moral obligation to everyone right.

I believe that I believe that I do believe the answer is yes, you do what your believing is that there's a universal abstract principle. This app towards everyone right yeah right right now how you ground that universe love abstract concept because if you design if you just leave on yourself about yourself. That's okay business that was on about yourself but everybody everywhere all the time.

This meat is universal in place and in time and you are affirming its truth value huddled around that that the moral law. I think of the different moral law, and in abstraction in any Dragon is the morals are abstractions. Thou shalt not covet well.

You shall not that it Anthony about and why would anybody Anthony morals are abstractions because they occur in the mind. You don't find a moral under a rock.

You don't take a picture of it. You can't wait that it doesn't detract okay. It's not a full ultimately outrunning a moral is that God would punish for doing something like that.

Anthony that you and your right hand for the face. Okay side had buddy I want you to listen your different main your document you really want to like it you can always leave what I want to have a real conversation with you.

Okay, so trying to have a conversation with them at his goodness to disrespect me stop whining. Here's the thing, trying to get him to understand a concept he does one understand the concept is the same problem I have with atheists is a whole we get to this message and try to kill two birds with one stone.

This is exactly what I'm trying to do a show that is a universal moral absolute, universal moral absolute is an abstract principle abstractions do not occur on on grows and with seeds of the packet you don't freeze him you don't way that they're not properties of the physical world. That's the point going over this with him before he continues to argue he doesn't want to listen. They are not properties of the physical realm. You don't extract moral obligation. In truth, of looking at rocks or seeing how tall a tree is looking at the perihelion of the planet. You don't do that, therefore they are not so to speak, of the physical world, not proper. The physical world.

Since there statements that describe a moral action. Therefore, they are abstractions.

They are abstract entities to have a universal quality, which is what he said I'm doing is showing him there's a universal moral truth but is a universal moral truth is still a universal truth which has an abstract quality in an abstract essence. So how then do does anybody have a universal moral truth, particularly in this context. How do you have that how do you have an abstract principle and abstract truth which occurs in the mind how you have it be universally true, always, everywhere, all the times what he asserted is is the case how you have it in an atheistic materialistic worldview, you can't. You can't justify it. You can't bridge the gap between is an article that is our problem. Something is white hot. You do it based on what is so because I'm trolling trying to show him you listen because I'm trying to show him as a universal abstract principle. The question then becomes how do you justify a universal abstract principle and in the case of morality what you're saying is, how do I ask is how do you justify that there's a moral obligation based upon a universal abstraction that everybody is obligated to submit to. That's the ultimate question he doesn't want to listen. I've already refuted the idea that is properly the universe is something we observe. I talked to him about the issue of morality. He wants to go and forget that the idea of universal principles are still the same when I'm doing a showing of the universal principles are moral through universal principles are true to close to us for the question ought you believe that 2+2 is four is the necessity of leaving 2+2 = 4. A moral obligation and the answer is yes, it is because 2+2 = 4 is grounded in the mind of God and everything that God does is proper and true, and morally correct. Therefore, you morally are obligated to believe 2+2 = 4, and atheists will deny that the title or want, but I can ask them why is it that you ought to believe any moral truth. Why is it you ought to believe in the logical truth then to go to consequentialism pragmatism and say what the consequences work, but that's not an ought is just an issue of pragmatism than other doing is saying that there try to bridge the is ought barrier to try to say will is that you ought what you get hurt.

Why is that bad because it just is why because you say so. So we do with atheists are asking these questions when they start positing a possible answer. I dissected their answer and show that it doesn't work and continue to do this repeatedly, and would always happens is they go in circles. The reason they go in circles is because are chasing their own tails. They don't see the truth is they don't want to see what the truth is because they don't rest there truth in God, who is the ultimate they want to find an ultimate apart from God. They want to find how to +2 equals four, and while we are derived not believe it based upon secularist ideas, but then they can't ground them because they can't defend universal moral principles because universal morals and universal ought something like this are abstractions. How do you account for an abstraction that universal and carries in an ought with it. Both logical, necessary and moral because statements have those qualities to them. This letter discussion, so I've had this discussion countless times you guys can tell and unfortunately Anthony is not interested in really understanding the issue.

I spent a lot of time with them and maybe we'll do it again sometime.

But so much heresy, so little time is good to Rick from High Point, North Carolina welcoming on the bike you are you going doing all right little frustrated with the illogic of unbelievers. I can, I do have a question.

Atheists would disagree that 2+2 = 4, 1080s would disagree on the methodology of grounding saloon explain something with grounding is okay in a physical way is like I'm sitting in my chair while why I chair here with grounds it in its existence well because somebody made it will make them well you know the mom and dad would they come from Eagle back and he will back you back and you see what grounds it because if you get to say, that will I signature whether the chairs here and you stop your nap not asking the difficult questions you dislike what was stop here at this level, but there's the wise in here, here, what's the purpose of the chair how to come about because someone designed it. What's the purpose of the design. Where did they come from that have this ability is called the, the ultimacy of grounding difficult ultimacy of grounding, where as things come from, how do you know when we talk to atheists. We talk to people about epistemological issues about knowing things they're not able to ground their knowledge what they will say is his rationalism and empiricism they want to go into metaethics. They want to go and to varying things of Platonic norms. They postulate all kinds of potentials and they begged the question in the process that you know that so they're not able to ultimately ground, what with the ultimately believe in is not to say they can't ground or believe that 2+2 is four so they can believe it, but they can't ground why it's true. That's the problem. This is what the issue is okay about that except Bill now you one of the greatest but will figure out how I will offer another undulating one. Okay not all say.

Also, my doctor every day with your mouth starts when doll died Mundell. Those that know you murder Iago dental conflict and that the intervals often different than you know you get what you're starting at all what they say. You agree to give diverse situations I have a photo be right back after these messages mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely. All the go would all routers use a little time Rick from hockey point will combat what you all right for the event. No how can you help out with about you area a kind of announcer would I say will come when I disagree with it and panel discussions and likely than the baptism. For example, and a lot of people don't.

I believe it for covenant reasons, not for salvation was a covenant of the covenant theologians were often time will be up there with people dispensational okay and so the question might come in's from the audience say for examples. It happened so what your stance on baptism and people will laugh because they know on the loan covenant analyst.

In this respect. And so the other day like my three panelists and won a gold into than me and so that the first two will you don't do the reasons why it doesn't work. Stop biblical hold that no site on Mike muffin for friends relatively soon, and I'll say something like well when you guys want a serious Bible study to learn the truth.

Let me know when we can have a discussion in the meantime this of these guys over here and you know it is meant as a jabber friendly jab and that's how it can handle stuff and just have fun because is not really little book but but I went out I was talking about when doll gave your mouth guys will yield for the year than you. I'll talk about it if you and they'll know much about the biology you want them and yelled it that you agree your analogy would be alive and that will be well it depends. It's on a debatable issue. Then, on the can worry about it.

Okay, say that when a difference is online if they were similar and I for example, callousness, heresy, and I'm on the panel with him on discussing the look and say you shouldn't say that it's not a heresy, and if you want you want to discuss with the publicly later we can do that will challenge a right then and there, because at that something that happened. Let's do it politely, but I would do that and and safety of her to have unity in the body of Christ. But if it's in essentials we unify for the nonessentials initial tolerance.

We should not condemn each other or others positions. That way I don't agree with Arminianism.

I do not agree with that.

I think it's got lots of problems but I have a million friends I grew up in church, you know what they love Jesus and that's what's important. So in those kind worry about it now.not want from an upgrade on cognitive going to God and in prayer event get back on. You know what your kind, but now that almost at roof level. Do you not know. I don't think is meant as a humorous way of saying not thinking clearly is not clicking clearly and secularly. But it's his problem. I've use it several times with him.

They repeatedly have said to him a look, you're not listening you're not hearing it. I didn't say that. How many times have I said that that guy like her nose know where you got here. If I get a call. You guys are a skull several times during the week that's fine but repeated. I said no that's at our lawyer no.

Yes, exactly. People who are not in that room were hearing this, I want you to type that could take 23 seconds-is that not the case. Have I not said this numerous times with him. It's not what I said you don't you not hearing and so it was only after like a 10 minute conversation when I would know is not it. If I said look like 340 adjusted you're right habited SLAC was upside the head. You know, because lipids like Kaman, you know, and Vicki says you will try the times as she sat so nervous about. Also it's it's their ego element Greylock area of America all met as a group of ignoring a family going about. There are different degrees of sin and it would depend on which one to in each context to kind of lean towards an idea of what might be worse or not. It's very subjective. There is no list exceed the Jesus to say he who condemns me signal, but the sub has the greater sin. So there are greater sentence so murdering is not as bad as stealing a paperclip okay okay perfect Ingres, okay right already know while Mary and I'm not marvel at what I will okay and I found out more.

But Matt and I know I know all there no problem if you go okay now thought of gravel method that I know I Fernando I don't know okay got mail but God great with that mom thousand 300 on noted outgo Bittner nonbillable I knew now snack up as backups, sin of omission is not doing what she should do in a committee dazzling. What he did is laid up right about that. They'll explain the ability to limit I love you if you know you should tell the truth about something in a certain situation. You don't get the sin of omission. But if you purposely lie that's a sin of commission. Why okay going, I direct that all of the ring, but with the devil and we get a good lie but you get the now I know it, but he look you and I would be friends of the H.

K. I could tell right so you go that is likely that Buddy Gubler Smith writes hey listen the phones with birth don't from Georgia Hibbard welcoming on the good thing about then letting a picture but the pure moral live guide to good measure. But what they are present at the left overcome people because if you prayer for critical equipment so pure, morally but then and people come to surgical aquatic vermiculite exploits are well closet to or no. So when I'm in the Christian.

Consult your former marriage led them out the leftovers for somebody who left on the world that he had to that pure only know I don't understand everything that had payable to Grayson Libby peeped through a morning gradually but then people in the world if they but that a previous lifestyle permit and help exploit their Christian okay now what newness it has applications of memory.

Somebody know that I miss Alice okay was a private placement medical equipment so here they ran at the company been that the sailors you know a person, male or female who's promiscuous you might call a seven mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely now we get Alberto okay so okay right here okay I do type something to her missionary in Malawi who decided could make the meeting okay so we do it so that's it is matter with this matter. Promiscuous and a very promiscuous and then get married are then become a Christian. Is it okay for Christian is been pure to marry someone like that yes okay and the reason is because the blood of Christ washes away that sin and cleanses them.

If that person says as I like to quote Romans 621 would benefit were you then deriving of the things which are now ashamed for the outcome of those things is death to the people. The Christian dowsing. I am ashamed of what I did is all sin. It's all gone and then I think I get married that's okay and I actually know very well. I know a couple more that is exactly the case.


So if there is a fairly G discloses no amount on the part where that's like you and will you get into leftovers from Jos left dollars leftovers can it's just way to say it okay so if you ordinary woman who well around but now she's been a Christian for five years and then escape yourself pure before the Lord. Okay fine you move forward.

Those things are behind you.

Things are but dung those things are gone forward okay okay and that you are chaotic than that Christ gave them a positive one. If there comes a gripe likely have the cookbook that they talk talk on without so much with some dinner when they come to Christ. Not bad, but when a Christian father Christians all there is a great week with because they contain no better. They claim the name of Christ and they've defamed the name of Christ, therefore there sin you could say is even greater.

And how can you trust someone who has been cleanses trusted in Christ and then goes against him. That means they can't really you can really be trusted. That's why when I do marriage Will follow this lead. What is commonly yes I got that when I do marriage counseling premarital counseling to to perform the wedding ceremony. I tell the couple and I've counseled well over 30 couples okay that if you mess around. Then we postpone the wedding a year. What year I will do the wedding is going to make sure you're walking with Christ and he's more important to you. If there are issues in his ways, and there's things but it's okay to marry someone who's promiscuous and is repented as a come up become a Christian. Okay, that's fine. Nothing against the critical of anything and a lot here. He got my figuring out a way where you have a late letting it take me Alberto that we topic was now listen, you talk about all kinds of stuff was all different issues. Okay, so right okay okay okay but I really like about all right, all right overlook a blood pressure godlessness get to Justin from Kentucky. Justin welcome around here, but I am glad that I had to report out. I have forwarded ability of a particular race, have a church group have the ministers and affect the research in the middle that and then after dinner Laura Morey third Eric came again only Baptist congregation so with your viewpoint on that, again, that believe how would you with your parts that situation below the kick the legs out without offending people and fulfill the teams he hasn't really been King James only people believe the King James in the English is inspired of God and that it's even more correct than the Greek people and that in all Eskimo symbols and does that mean that all other translations in the world should be translated out. Of the 611 English King James Bible. The German should be added that English bureaucrats are asking the questions and often they cancel Scott a question, because it does make sense to say yes and they often are very committed to King James only, and is the way the truth of life and all other Bibles are corrupted. Marriage is subject to a corrupt Bible etc. etc. so you have to work with individuals and is very difficult and takes a lot of time there often and whacked with some King James only certain really levelheaded site this week was before the King James think is the best and if you don't you want that's okay that's fine just depends you have any length of your website is a question that I can make you right behind with go to Carmen look up the King James only section written by going okay. Good stuff that I will you three guys waiting but really fast with you.

I also work with a brief over night. You and ride really close at that guy at United standpoint he know that number four and heavy about making a bleeding and you today heavily fact the is not you. Let me that he did not want here, the God you what you do is you befriend him become his friend were you do things together and get in the sense of the culture fellowship is far more important than sometimes in some cultures religious talking and in some Muslim countries, couches are more important than the TVs you come in. You have to sit in the couches and you have fellowship and talk and then you're allowed to have Mercer's conversations. After a period of time. You could also say hey want to go to your to your mosque go check it out and eventually he'll start asking questions.

The door interpreting okay. Raymond out right.

Justin got bless you to Matt from North Carolina. Matt welcome. Nobody on the volume and I cannot write running in it are we gonna jaded head to negative. Yes, it did have a sin nature, no. He did not fall, with no sin.

Adam fell and those in him felt, whom he represented.

As for 2015 22, Romans 519 but the theory is that sin is transferred down through the mail was no mail and so Jesus by patronage patronage ancestry and so the signature is not there. He did not have a sin nature okay. I think thank my operation I met published okay. And for both as a reference for that function of Deuteronomy 17 one. You shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God in Oxford sheep, which is a blemish or any defect that is detestable to the Lord your God.

So if Jesus had of sin nature that would be a defect with all right, let's get to see this is Gary. Gary welcome Rainier buddy. I met you not I was a born-again Christian about the coming month. Now good and I was one yeah yeah great man. After great about it. You know might my question is, is about with giving to God like your church or things like that. I know you will you start with 10% you can so my thing is what real quick is not part of the pastor cell what that point in the Bible where God says you story you know it's you, store you, you, so your good equal to fruits and things in heaven help me understand element that I yeah reward is in heaven and you're are storing up treasures in heaven okay and passionate essay.

So this is your tithing that are storing up treasures in heaven, and I never said that not about you on it failed at that. I know I been. I've never sought the earth that you have okay now the truth is decent theology. Okay, hold on life after hearing your tithing law has really bad mass like why call 770727 pairs nicely, but right in their all right yeah what about tithing.

Okay, that's what you know treasures and fruits in heaven right it that of talk is is Adam, that's okay.

It's all right okay gay so look Matthew 617 start reading but when you fast you go without food.

Anoint your head and wash your face so your fasting will not be noticed by men but your father was in secret your father who sees in was done in secret will reward you stripper yourself credit on earth, where moth and rust destroy, etc. you will. The funny thing is about. That is talk about fasting a lot of times you will see all he wants torture treasures in heaven, then you have to type.

There's a truth to that, but is also an error in it since the soap in Romans that all go this quickly going to memorize all this, but Romans 66 Roman 68, it says you're crucified with Christ and you died with Christ. Romans seven forces.

He was the height is freed from the law. The law says tied you're not under the law, because you died to the law in Christ. You don't have to type unit do you do any tithing okay not obligated to what I tell people is your free time you're free to at the time. How do I give money so there's more cementless sometimes I help others. Sometimes not convinced this because I'm free to serve God if it's a requirement that the problem is requirement a legalistic sense. Now we have the issue of the heart Say I have $100 bill. I go to the tithe box I put it to its I know I gotcha yesterday to Julie you do have the heart development. I note that I know Right now I have. I think the money you and I bought some people meals that are identical given food arguments people cash that the that the L Baggett by cold here in Ohio on right.

I'm not doing that night. I know God watching but I'm not. I like to do it. I know now that Mike I don't want to pass up an opportunity that I can so sick and I don't have to write you got it. If if you me take $100 bill put in the tithe box and we hate doing it is no reward in heaven if we say hey I get to put a whole dollar I was dollar today put a dollar and Lord think it's like out there.

It is a reward in heaven right I got yeah I got in family would church you don't look your argument. You know you given your local church.

You know I got ago. I'm single and nonwhite on Lord to guide me to the right one. On that note it is posted on your you're supposed to not try to convert right but back yourself up with believers right right. Here's the thing I'm waiting on new believers waiting on that other guy's advice for your right your new believer, and hopefully find a good godly woman and you know how I understand that you want to be nice-looking and nice and etc. etc. right to activate this word is now a lot of times what young men will do is say the prey. Lord I let Kevin know if it's okay Lord, how to be nice-looking and good body and level because were guys and love you and be good with children and things like that and looking for that Lord. Amen thank you.

What should a prayer more important that that it would be this Lord, make me the man you want me to be for the woman that you have for me Because looks fade bodies fade and then your so to speak. Stuck with this woman never been in a derogatory sense with the reality is like okay now in that they want to woman love the Lord more. This is your love you that that's that's right, there would also ask God to change your so that you are a good man for her. That's that's what you write.

Most not at them and it makes perfect sense that perfect that which I wish I did on the Valley got married we American godly woman. Oh she's a godly woman, absolutely. I see that without hesitation.

She's a very godly woman.

Her taste in men is horrible but other than that she's a good woman.

While I have a year 35 years, been married. All God were 35 hours she's a good woman. She loves the Lord. We've lost a child. We've gone bankrupt.

She's got medical profits of the was he when I mean she's got some serious ones. She really and there's is been a lot of issues and her faith is never waned in the Lord never asked is not based on any of that or how nice I am around.

If I have might get my abs back baby show likely better again. Yeah, she's committed to Christ because his commitment here as I manically spent on it yeah you got well coming if you are waiver you will waiver utterly much you are done already as possible. I had to waive waiver. I just cannot well because a manner that is impossible because I love my Lord more than I love my wife.

I'm never going to send him of you know what, and come into you know what the feeling I got after I was elected as prayer and you never get now the truck I feel that all the unit weight is off my shoulders and you know you just feel like that all week. And like not feel like I'm just on youngest. You know, I'm just so happy and yellow lately characters with your hand in the Bible was Jesus as well were Jesus spoke when he was baptized as he comes out of water and that the like that that the effect of the dump resting on him.

Yes man I had taken yeah real quick. I was outside of the hotel. It was just me. I was meeting a doctor there. There is two doctors and I wasn't praying or anything. I had not come to Christ or later I found that I needed this doctor say my life and he did say my life with the surgery. But if you don't get quite a lengthy story, but what I felt when I turned and looked through the glass of the hotel I had seen that Dr. and all simultaneously. I had that feeling, and it just I had this feeling of just focusing on this Dr. space and I had met with him about 1/2 hour after that.

It is quite a you know I really don't tell too many people about it, but looking back on it I come to now I had no idea at the time it actually silenced me so want to share that with you today you are experiencing things in a new way with a new light. You see more and more of these things is what is Christian so good for you. I voted yeah great I think a lot of people to go work. I got grace hotel after he got couple all right this get to Jennifer from Mount Airy, North Carolina Jennifer looking on here you hi, mildly incarcerated and relaxation. Take a shower every day googling question recently came back and found God.

Time for a long time. He will need to ask you who are all of a people are taking in Revelation about out-of-pocket gagging.

Okay anything I like lightning that I will end up talking about going to go that's the question there's debate on this. Now normally I would say that. Don't tell me that's it.

What's his name and say hi.

You know, but because I done prison ministry for nine years.

You don't tell people names things like that so she knows who it is I say hey buddy how you doing all right so you smiling right neck and tail so the thing is there's an debate on who the beast Antichrist. Another Dragon is a devil and some say the beast and the Antichrist are the same with the false prophet is someone who bears witness of the Antichrist. Some say the antichrist as an individual and the beast is a church or governmental organization and the false prophets, another individual so and then there's some say that the B cell unit right Antichrist are interchangeable. Which one is it not exactly sure. All right, Jennifer Just all right so you have up to three minutes left and on the hate mail.

We got nobody waiting and I love this email and people in the chat rooms and they'll hate mail. Do something so I already left and here's how this one hate mail starts off literally start off this way. I am not surprised they switch I am not surprised. That's that's us as we start off with look. So I am not surprised.

What surprises me is that you people think a minute sound like I'm not surprised. What surprises me is anyone surprised. So what you say. What surprises you is you know it's like when people talk to me like that was staring out.

Is there some gear slippage of clutch is working right upstairs. Something is not right, I'm not surprised, surprises me is what surprises me is that you people profess to be on the side of Christ, we do but whistle and really try to tell it as it is in the Bible is considered offensive seek what is that me tell it as it is or what is that mean you know some of that to be able to look at is okay.

What is example but they don't do it, but when we do it.we have made it will tell me what it is you talk about what it is you will tell me that you know don't really don't know what I'm not followed the ghosts of course it is offensive that this is a nonsensical thing.

I am not surprised.

What surprises me is that you people profess to be in the side of Christ. But when someone really tries to tell it as it is in the Bible is considered offensive.

Of course it's offensive missed something here that you did that I miss something. You cannot preach the gospel without someone taking offense will you how I get that in my case, even car professing Christians take offense. Okay you people are hypocrites. What will you do that you believe the way. Might you be accountable to the Lord is a lot buddy they false.

Have a great weekend great weekend by his grace back on later on Monday, another program powered by the Truth Network

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