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Matt Slick Live (Guest Host Luke Wayne)

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick
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January 12, 2022 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live (Guest Host Luke Wayne)

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 12, 2022 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with guest host Luke Wayne LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How does the punishment fit the crime in Deuteronomy 25-11-12---2- Is there a way to know the exact date of the second coming based on Daniel 9- Are the rapture and the resurrection two separate events---3- Why do bad things happen to good people or why isn't suffering in proportion to your sin---4- Do you think there's any issue with the language app Babel---5- Is it being a good steward to be involved in politics---6- Is it okay to preach to politicians---7- A caller wanted to continue to discuss John 9 and suffering as Christians.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Why is it apologetic to research what is log on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine that maps what why branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 here's Matt slick good afternoon everybody live.

I am not Matt slick I will be posting this week filling in for Matt who we've been able to talk into taking so much deserved will earn time off.

I am Luke Wayne I work with

The Christian apologetics and research ministry, and worked with that as of this month for six years tell.

Car and so it is a honor to be on here with you guys and have a chance to answer some your questions today and so you can reach us good lines are open and you can call in at 87760 old constables and just enjoying so much research to do so, will he look at what you call I want to hear from 877072276 only hear from you. Recall okay and let's see, let's say we got a lot of stuff going on here in our Friday meeting last week as I asked before asking again if you be so kind as to consider praying for the missionaries we have in Africa they would really appreciate it if you would.

They definitely need that prayer spell you that if you wish let you know. You know what we have for open lines give me call 87772276 and the let's see let's see seven 9890 Dave Van from YouTube on my car videos thing at a second infraction of the stuff of the radio we got in a few Skype guys helping me how she got city would realize he's study, "which is exactly what I need and I need quotes that support covert vaccines in her sleep support information that counters, and in both of her documented why the disparity and so he's helping me get those. I think he's a check so I'm joining that last night had a impromptu discussion with someone in the Eastern Orthodox Church. He was one of the most difficult people to deal with ever encountered this guy would speak at 80 miles an hour in throat and stuff that okay there connected apologize for that is my first time doing my radio so you guys can be patient with me. Forgive me.

I'm not so not sure where exactly I got disconnected but let's just go ahead and go right to the phone get to you guys call so got a call from Brad from badger on the air, but your question so I got my question is in regard to Deuteronomy 25 verses 11 through 12 credit come to an understanding of what this is far as I get kind of punishment getting the crime I get in the example here and trying to be I get. I don't know how familiar are you on a passage Deuteronomy 25 verses 11 and 12. So if men get into a fight with one another in the life of one intervenes to rescue her husband from the grip of his opponent by reaching out and seizing his genitals.

You shall cut off her hand over to talk about okay and your your question is whether that punishment is fair in that circumstance just right. Something about. I'd read about you being the only instance in the Old Testament where I got it was you know there was maiming call, or greatly not be able to name somebody and more as is try to get bigger out and I noticed a note noticed this to you or not but I looked into this trying to make it come to an understanding because I get and Hebrew word for hand. That was the other two words that were used for hand and it's not the same work that were used to wonder back me something out ours. Maybe in reference to something else going that puzzled me. I guess more likely to figure it out and especially when there's I get the word and is not used for keys to different heart you know two different word and maybe in relation to object and maybe try to tie it in with with Jesus, you know, saying, you know, obviously your right hand causes you to then cut it off from you. Obviously we know that doesn't mean literally did not at any application or not okay on the pool and the Hebrew now take a look at what you're talking about their and I admittedly have not studied the deeper background of this passage before so, but I will do the best I can for you here so. I think one of them. I think the word I think when you know and she put out her hand. I think that one word or cut off her and I think that different word that you didn't know that I made the significance of that stuff that made it different. I guess you know what you think it reading it in English to where maybe it meant I just was just gone. Okay: that it is an interesting question. I see what you see where we are, I I don't know as far as whether the two different Hebrew words whether there is a major significance, or whether synonyms archer with overlapping meaning or just being I have to admit my ignorance here and say that I can't speak with authority on who but I see what you're saying that's that's worth looking into.

After after the show. That's probably something I will look into and maybe later this week follow-up on if I find anything interesting about that, but for now just taking the passage at face value. Well rubs up against our modern sensibilities of punishment should be doled out in this case strike striking someone wounding someone in a way that would damage a man's genitals make it remove all generations from his family audit, especially in ancient Israelite culture where the land in your clan, your offspring, your family inheritance. So much of the law is concerned with all of that and so committing a crime that would potentially in this man's line. If you haven't had to any children yet to inherit and carry on his family and his clients ownership of land. It would be a very serious crime and so that the punishment would also be serious, doesn't fit our modern cultural sensibilities, but I do when we try to put ourselves in the context of the time. And, and the purpose of many of these laws and carefully preserving the lines of the Jewish people to bring forth the Messiah and all of the things we understand that it really is a more serious crime that might strike so I think this is one of those cases where yes it's worth studying some of the nuances of the work.

I will do that but in the meantime we let God be God and if he declares that this was the just punishment for the crime. That's not that's why we have to yeah my cultural sensibilities to what the word got know I totally understand that that makes sense.

I get also kind of maybe thinking I like to know you not underweight with Jesus that you know where you know a clear example of where you not calling people literally take your eye out and stopping a dry out and know what.

I also using that you know if that could be a parallel bars. I definitely you know there's some parallel in the language there and I think there's times in the law when it talks about overnight, tooth for tooth, hand for hand as being a general statement for justice in the case case law here in Deuteronomy 25 seems to be very specific and literal and so I buy impulse without further study would be to say that this was describing a literal physical again. I like to study these things deeper and can be very open to be being shown wrong on there but as I look at the context it seems to be describing a very literal physical circumstance, and I think the punishment here is probably literal and was because of the seriousness of the specific very specific crime and this and this one case. Sure this is not goal this is not the typical punishment that was just thrown out all over the place for all kinds of crimes and the Mosaic law that there is something.

Your belt the weight of this crime. Okay I got kind of like with nagging what just kind of you know, think about a comparison of the like like that you know and obviously no got cut of Scripture is not got it but my dad managed this portly spark something like that. You know I am not trying to say that in any way you think about that.

Like like Islam, you know. Just try to hear what you think and the is important to remember that one again the context are very different on these very specific circumstance in the Mosaic covenant and only this one crime versus just being in Islamic law meted out for a wide variety of crimes in very different circumstances. But Islamic law allows stoning in certain circumstances, but we wouldn't take that and then they will therefore laws about stoning must be wrong because it so there might be times where Islam will take a legitimate biblical punishment and apply it wrong and apply it in cultures and contexts and places and situations where it doesn't belong, but that doesn't mean we throw out every single instance where that punishment may have been a legitimate and just application is more like yeah I know I just don't.

I don't think that well in understand you noted, you know the yet just as learning know I appreciate very much like you said, there's a lot a lot of the questions a lot of details of what you pointed out that I still have to look so it's it's definitely an area that we can all learn and grow and so I will legitimately be looking into these things more afterwards but I hope this is the starting point. Something to think about for you as you well. Working with a break right now. Thank you very much for talking to you and going back again why call 770776.

Welcome back. Once again I am not met Flicka Luke Wayne I work with Matt, the Christian apologetics and research Ministry will be with you guys this week and eager to take your question. So let's get right back to the phones will go to Michael in Salt Lake City hello Michael, you're on the air gone going well well what your can you hear me. So my question second coming of Christ and so I was looking into a little bit and I was watching the video and how you can know the exact day of the second coming and the bird. No man knows the day or the hour is referring to the resurrection and the rapture and the other two and about 70 weeks of Daniel and how media calendar and how the 70 weeks of Daniel are about to be fulfilled and were entering into the last meeting year, which Doc and the last meeting year beginning here in June and so they're saying that according to the calendar that cried to come back 2029 and they have an exact date. I'm just wondering is that you cannot down rapture, and resurrection of that event. Okay, great question, so Daniel nine passage is not is not laid out to bring us to the second coming of Christ and in fact it is a astoundingly precise prophecy that brings us to the coming of Christ. We got an article on this. You could If you look at those Daniel 924 through 27, predicted the coming of Jesus and it it shows that the Messiah was predicted to come at precisely the time. But Jesus came and so when we let let it speak is what it really is. It's a powerful evidence for the truth of the gospel. The truth of the Christian faith. Unfortunately a lot of people tried to twist it into something it's not, usually to create the kind of data setting eschatological perspectives that you're talking about but no Daniel nine does not give us an exact day and the when Jesus no one knows the day or the hour when he elsewhere says that it's going to come apart. Come upon the world, like a thief doesn't have to be you like a thief because you can be living lightly and ready for it. Not because you can know the exact date that all of these things are are stated clearly we are not going to know Jesus told parables about the servants left behind to care for the household want because the ideas the Masters going to come at a time that you're not expecting, therefore, be prepared to leave the gospel live for Christ be unashamed when he comes purpose of all of these passages that we don't know what it's going to happen and so the Shimada calendar stuff. This isn't the first time a false teacher used that set a date and we passed all states conduct that approach to trying to set up a precise date for the coming of Christ has failed over and over again and I this is going to be the one guy who finally got it right. That's simply not what this passage is for or what the. The Shimada week cycles in the Jewish festival calendar for people who don't know what that is no there's no there's no basis and using that to pin down the day of Jesus. Okay so the 70 weeks of Daniel are just pointing towards his triumphal entry was dark when charting happened right yet they point forward to him coming to Jerusalem. It talks about him filling the filling sacrifice all of the things that Jesus came and did our precisely predicted through the 70 weeks.

So again yeah a few you can look at the details of that argument as a whole a lot of things to discuss. And it better be on what we can do an assortment of short radio call like that start I get if you go to and look up.

We got an article that lays those things out. All written by one of my colleagues who laid out very carefully. Well that's doing and I definitely would encourage you to go look at and that's a much more proper and edifying way to look at this passage that the kind of speculation that a lot of you troopers and false teachers will unfortunately do okay on your all right okay Mike you to you to that was Michael in Salt Lake City.

Now let's let's go to Alberto in Georgia a little Alberto you're on the air there might call my questionnaire that why do Christians like Christian book Christian quote this phrase why bad things happen to good people. When Jesus said in Matthew 711 and Luke 1113, you'll be able to get your children called good matters. Yeah that's that's not the right way to phrase it that things happen to good people like to be charitable to Christians who might say it that way.

I think what they're trying to say is, why do bad things happen to people all we look at their lives seem to be cleaner and living better in a lot of ways and then there are people who seem to be committing sin that don't have the same bad things happen to them. Why is sin, not in proportion to your all right as the bad things that happen in life not in proportion to your degree of Or something like that.

But I don't think to be charitable, but those Christians are trying to say that the work we go to righteous people agree with you that is the right way to say why do bad things happen to good people because other than Christ. There are no good people. Your your you are correct on that but again I think people who use that phrase are using it more colloquially than not talking about truly righteous. We want because the consequences of that is certainly true in the sense that has brought our suffering into the world, and yet it is true that sometimes sin is not in direct proportion suffering is not a direct portion to our sinfulness on another break for quickly.

Alberto talk about the all right, all right. Okay guys will be right back with you to finish Alberto's question about suffering right after the spring. Why call 770776.

Welcome for those just joining us.

Luke Wayne work with Netflix Christian apologetics and research ministry filling in for Matt this week and will be excited to be taking your call. So let's get back to Alberto, Georgia. All right, Alberto, so we were talking about. So we went we were talking about this issue of sin and suffering and agreeing that there there are no good people that human sin is why there is suffering in the world but it is important to recognize what Jesus warned people about and that is, for example, he talked about when the tower of Sloan fell on some men and there were people saying that all that terrible thing happened to them because they are more sinful than everyone else. And Jesus said no left something happened to you as well so we should not look at the suffering of others and say that that proves that they are more recent goal or worst of the rest.

Similarly, I myself by my wife was born blind to my children and so John nine is a passage that is always been extremely meaningful and helpful to us. When Jesus and his disciples were walking in the sea man who was born blind, and the like will ask why this man born blind was it his parents as them that's going on with this when Jesus responds. It was neither his nor his parents sin, but that the glory of God may be shown through and so is he was a grown man by this point he'd lived Jesus doesn't up healing course prior to that he had lived his whole life as a blind man in a culture where that rose today. We have so many accessible things with Waylon Kane travel land and infrastructure that make make life for a blind person much much easier. Back then, as we see with this man.

He was, he was left to beg he didn't have those opportunities. It was a life of hardship for this man right up until that point where he was held. Why did he have to go through all of that it wasn't punishment for anything he went through all of that so that the glory of God could be shown and my wife and my children hold onto that truth and so it is true that the only reason there's any suffering in the world is because of sin, but sin isn't always in our suffering isn't always in proportion to our individual sinfulness and sometimes we suffer for reasons other than a direct consequence of our sin or even the direct consequence of the sins of those around us that even though yes that suffering exists because there sin of the world. And when Christ consummates his kingdom there will be no more suffering no more tears, no more sickness no more death. In the meantime, there are times where that suffering is in our life, not because we are being punished for support for any specific sin, but instead because God is using that suffering to bring about his glory, and a greater good and my family takes great comfort in that. I think all believers should take great comfort in knowing God's sovereign plan even in our individual suffering that help you Alberto. A lot of people bring so absolutely you are right there a lot of problem no problem Alberto, okay will talk to you later. All right, that was Alberto from Georgia. We are now going to Jamaal in North Carolina tomorrow your on their email will very good to their good, but not good mesh liquid would beautifully have a question click okay to talk about the sea. There is a language called Babel and you know people have to learn languages will have that name similar name of the tower ball, one quick question if there's anything to the download. I haven't I haven't looked that specific language up before my assumption would be its name to that because that's where the languages originally come from human language began. The reason we all speak different languages is because of the tower of Babel and serve the secular company on nothing at the Christian group that I have anything I don't know. I look up yet but they're probably drawing on that story. And so to the language learning so a look at them real quick. Do you know is it a religiously affiliated thinkers adjuster language learning app. Yeah so might my guess is it's just just a clever clever play borrowing from the biblical story that whether the founders of the company take it seriously or not. That truth is, historically, that is where the diversity of human language stems from and so yeah I don't think the name Babel would would inherently discredit the Afro Christian steers, I can't comment on the quality of the applet never looked at it will be "all you need to get involved in gold.

Daily operations of daily life got good control of the questioning looks of next week before about getting involved in politics, but her crippled year, but in general limiting control will marketing my responses.

No more a limited amount of knowledge will go. We are to be good stewards, but possible. Yet there is certainly nothing in Scripture that would Christians from being directly involved in the political process and been living in a Republic that utilizes democratic processes and a lot of its political functions. There is there's a good and Christians having our our our voice in those issues.

So I certainly wouldn't agree with the idea that Christians should stay out of politics entirely. I think there is that there can be a lovely way of doing for out of doing politics that we should certainly avoid. There is the fixation on politics over the things of the gospel that we can be tempted to fall into and so I would understand cautions in that direction. But no, I certainly wouldn't say that we should be uninvolved with their unjust laws. Christians who know the word of God ought to be proclaiming the unrighteousness of those laws and calling our elected officials to repentance and in a place where were free to run for office Christians who are so-called and have the opportunity to do so. Locally state-level reason federally get involved in the process.

By all means it's not an obligation for every single Christian to get a consultant in politics as is humanly possible that can be a distraction from Bob from other godly games, but I certainly believe that there are unrighteous laws and Christians should not remain silent in the face of the of of wickedness, including wickedness carried out by politicians and representatives your question yeah you heard Scripture calls out to the Bible, you gotta like they will hear the Bible that you know you can gain decent politics good life. No overall getting the kind of bubble bucket.

The use that argument well off the top of my head I don't have one simple proof text, but I would just look at the entire trust of the Bible that we be say we take the new New Testament. For simplicity, we could obviously point to godly kings and wicked kings of the Old Testament and of the prophets were sent to rebuke those kings and call them to righteousness when they were leading the people wickedly New Testament clearly shows a context but you could say all right will that's kingdoms of Israel, things like that. The theocratic government were in a very different context today. Well, if we look at the New Testament we still see John the Baptist calling out Herod because of his sexual immorality.

We see the apostle Paul testifying before King Rieke hope that answers your question but I think the whole bottle of Scripture shows the partitions are not exempt from Christian preaching and we possibly involved in calling them to righteousness the hell that you brought mats like why call 770776\201 and for those who are just joining us, my name is Luke Wayne I'm filling in for Matt slick this week who we have been able to return to finally taking some well-earned type box out this week.

I'll be with you, answer your questions. We do have an open line so you can call in at 877-207-2276 with your questions. We would love to take those so meantime, let's get back to the phone David in Virginia.

David, you are on the air. Hi, I don't have a question reason I'm calling is I heard part of your conversation with Alberto. I believe about why do bad things happen to good people and answer you believe the apostle Matthew recorded this. I'm in the car. I couldn't pull up my Bible but I think he recorded Jesus healing a blind man who had been a bagger was blind, who had been blind from birth, and Jesus talked about John chapter 9.

We talked talked about that very passage you want for the subject. Yeah well that the question because Jesus said his disciples afterwards. Why did was this man, why was it because he said under his parents and the man was born blind. He could send in the womb.

I don't think maybe it's possible that Jesus answer. He said he was blind so that I could heal him and bring glory called when the blind man went to were Jesus said to go to wash your face. He was walking around in some of the people there said aren't you the goblets blonde and they said no way meant can't be you and he said yes, I'm the one that was gone.

A man healed me.

His name is Jesus, and they asked him well where he and he said I don't know but that brought God the glory doesn't make sense. Absolutely, absolutely. And that again we can't swing that to Fort. We can't swing that to store the other way and say that no suffering happens at the chastisement or punishment for sent the biblically.

Certainly there are situations where people work people are suffering because of their sin and the right response to that is to repent. But Jesus in that and several other situations.

To make it very clear that suffering is not always a direct response to specific consent of the person who suffering generally against the reason that suffering is in the world will yeah absolutely in the what God created perfect or created imperfect world, but the Adam and Eve and their disobedience brought sin into and that started the denigration of the world and and we have free will. I can get in the car and go to fast in her. There's all kinds of ways. Bad things can happen.

And of course God is in control of, but I just think that it is interesting that Jesus would say you know I took something bad here and turned it into glory. And how was go when I read that one hallelujah that just fit the way that God took something bad, and turned it into glory. But it says the reason he was born blind, so that God could could be glorified and so you God is right on. God is God, it was God's sovereign will that man be born blind so that God could be glorified through it is not even say will will that's the same for every person whose blind will know will be apostle Paul was blind to a very different process profit in acts 1313 instruct blind very different reason. Still and so New Testament shows us that these instances of affliction and suffering have different causes. There's no one simple answer to why do bad things happen that will we will God governing the creation and governing very and he had numerous reasons for believers and unbelievers alike to go through the things the things that we do part of our suffering.

Learn is is to make a better day.

There's a better way of things for who are Christian better for us than the Old Testament saints who had to sacrifice animal and had to do different things.

This is better for us because our faith is not in something we do. Our faith is in Jesus and when we are reborn. He comes into and he's with and our faith is turns its us to have his faith, which is better than the St. in the Old Testament state where they were given credit for. Abraham was given credit for his obedience and for his faith and a lot of other instances where they were given credit for. But we have Jesus in faith) faith is not worthy of anything that would Jesus have his faith, and that what we've earned. Our faith doesn't earn or merit anything that we put our faith.

We put our trust in Jesus is perfect righteousness. What he has done on behalf of all who believe. And so, so, yes, it's not that our faith itself merits or earn something, but our trust in Christ. The ultimate example of someone suffering not for their own sin.

Jesus did nothing deserving of the cross. But he took our punishment stood in our place that that we are due he he he took the punishment for all repent and believe all who put their true Christ, solely and completely with the empty hand of faith in Jesus Christ and the ultimate picture of suffering turned into glory, is that God God uses suffering in our lives. But God himself, the eternal son of God, the second person of the Trinity very word of God stepped out of heaven took on flesh lived human life. All of our hunger and suffering and weariness and want all the things that tempt us to sin.

He faced it with out live this life we could never live in that Lillian in light of our suffering, our suffering not only makes sense and finds its context. But one day will all be wiped away if we put our trust completely in his ultimate suffering on the cross for us.

So thank you. For your thoughts and can bring about things I all right okay that was. That was David from Virginia now were going to Harry from Virginia where you are on the air when (okay, so we got about five minutes left and Michelle and so you don't think I want to spend a little bit more time as we as we close out on on this subject.

One of the great subjects that transcends culture time and place. Is this question of human suffering and so as we talked about already on the show today.

First and foremost sin entered suffering into the world because of sin, death and forms and sickness and affliction and all of our hardship came because we rebelled against God and creation groans awaiting the day of the consummation of what Christ has already perfectly accomplished on the cross but will bring about in that fruition on the day on the day of his triumphant return when he sets this world right punishes wickedness forever raises his people from the dead and brings about the consummation of his kingdom.

But in the meantime we live in a world of suffering and not suffering doesn't always make sense to us and our Bible, Job and Ecclesiastes and wrestle with these questions prophets like Habakkuk don't understand these things and and and wrestle with what it is that God's doing and they all push us back to the same reality the same truth of the same answer that we can't always know the exact reasons for the specific suffering that we hear someone else is going through, but we can't know the character of God. We know that God is in control and that he has a good and glorious reason for why he allows that even brings about the suffering this side of eternity in this sinful fallen sick world and when we don't understand the reason for a specific suffering a specific instance of pain and affliction, we can rest in the very character of God himself, trusting him resting in him through it, knowing that in the end, even if he never reveals to me why some specific thing happened.

I know he is and I know his reasons are good and I can turn to him grow in my faith through that we are given some reasons why believers who are striving to to follow God to rest in the gospel to to cling to the cross, yet still have suffering in our lives and I go back over and over again to passages like James chapter 1 that says that if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. Most people stop there and just think, okay, I pray for wisdom, God gives me wisdom to read the rest of the passage to see how got you. With this says that he does so through that suffering that we are not reminded we are to when we ask receive the instruction he'll give us through the trials and troubles. The tribulation brings them and that's what we rest at the time we have for today.

I hope this is fitted edifying time for you guys. We look forward to taking your calls again tomorrow. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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