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January 12, 2022 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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January 12, 2022 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses what it means to make disciples and how glorifying God should be our ultimate purpose.--2- How do you deal with people who say to live for now and just enjoy life---3- Can you explain Galatians 5-1- Does that mean you can lose your salvation---4- I know someone who says that the Bible has been translated wrong in regard to the deity of Christ. What resources can I give to her to combat that issue---5- Can the word -god- ever refer to earthly authorities-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president Mr. apologetics research was found alive as hard as I warned you have questions of our Bible doctrines look January might be mingled with a little bit under the weather is coming down select the show so if you wanted to call all you do is dial 77207227 slick same as always I want to hear from you so give me a call so we can talk alright so I got a call today about usual baptism, and maybe that person will call and we can discuss the issue. Baptism is necessary for salvation of your answer courses know it's not a lot of false teachers out there say that it is but it is not necessary for salvation. You should be baptized but is not the thing that makes us right before God. It's her faith in Christ used to select a topic worth discussing. We had a meeting today also harm on social media stuff and I'll tell you, there's a lot to learn. I can hear you fix that in the audio.

There's a lot to elect to cover in the issue of social social media with complex and we had a big meeting today and it went a lot longer than I thought it was going to go which is fine, but so what would you be doing in carbs trying to trying to relate to two people in different levels of waste. You know the Bible says make disciples of all nations and to do that we had to do is reach out in all cultures and times in different ways and a lot of people get stuck in their ways and they said no I'm only witness this way or Mulligan to teach this way when something I think some portion. I think it will be should be doing as Christians is adapting the best we can without compromising the word of God and so getting into avenues like tick-tock and LinkedIn, Instagram, and others which you trying to make inroads in there to try get the gospel presented.

You know, it's one thing to become an ex-president is watching on TV little bit today to break relaxed is watching some guy play the piano in the knocking pill playing the piano I think is great but I start thinking would be something I want to do is learn how to master the piano intimate enters no because in my view, just me. I want to do whatever I can to further the kingdom of God. And so I'd rather personally spend time learning apologetics, learning, theology, learning, various things over to answer questions and find ways to spread that gospel message out there.

Let's just me messing minds the right one. Yours isn't as untouchable playing the piano can glorify God.

A very great way they can minister to people with that. That's fine. No problem. Prescott is just that since some of us have different callings of different things and that's what was on my mind is think about that. Just more and more one serve God and want to do what he wants. As I my 60s now pushing 70.

Here a few years of I want to be able to do more more for him something to get you looked up harm this ministry in prayer is over, talk about what kind of things to do today is matter fact bluntly given the Brautigan way. Give me a call at eight 772-072-2765 called five open lines of the was waiting right now I want you to call me so were talking about different things to reach out one of them is to do short videos answering questions in the fund Instagram and use hashtags and trying reach out and any and every venue that I can in fact for Christmas my wife going that her husband is a tech nerd got me an oculus that's the OCU L US for those who don't know that it is. It's a big headset that was a big thing for the eyes and the answer to these virtual worlds, and so I got hooked up to my computer and so I went down and first time. That was yesterday.

I went into some Christian chat rooms are out there virtual room and oh I was great wanted to be a rumor. A lot of unbelievers were and so tried to witness to them appropriately and stuff is just her. There is just a way to witness my opinion anywhere and everywhere under the right circumstances, leaving open heart surgery on somebody you don't want to witness the nurse next to you. Generally speaking, you want to do whatever he can to do your job should I think us Christians were obligated to reach out as I'm reminded of Matthew the commission of Jesus and go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you, hello, I'm with you always, even to the end of the age and that that that's commission the great commission, 22, 20 I think this equity my heart a lot more likely past few years. What's the purpose of our living is their ultimate purpose. Other multiple purposes only know we can we can desire to have a family and raise God's children and be productive in society. These are all good godly things to do there but ultimately we make disciples of all nations. This is what Jesus said, the last thing he says, but the 11 disciples proceeded to Galilee, to the mountain which Jesus had designated when they saw him they worshiped him. Some are doubtful. And Jesus came up and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the father the son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you. And low.

I'm with you always, even to the end. So that's what Jesus told us to do.

He did not tell us nothing he doesn't want to believe that Telus raise big families, big built skyscrapers go to the moon didn't say that but he did say make disciples of all nations, when he said this, he was saying this to those disciples and of course it's a commission to all of us Christians who all over the world and all times and in all cultures, and so in the situation that we are find yourselves to be. We are to make disciples of everybody everywhere and we can.

A disciple is not someone who's just aware, but someone who's following you want them to follow Jesus that we wanted to pose as Christians to have people follow him, that we should be praying for that we should ask God to use us for that as well.

We need to follow him in the great commission.

Again, I'm not knocking with other things, of course, we are sometimes making disciples of all nations means to build farms irrigation systems etc. in order to give to those people the things they need along with the spiritual needs that they have, but that's been on my mind a lot this particulars I get older is recently turned 65 think the associate that with that and come with no bite. My death is approaching no enter into the Lord's presence. I want to serve him as much as I can now be in shape and think clearly expand the opportunities to witness and to teach. This is something that God wants us to do not hear something about that tell you if you look at those versus the last three verses of the book of Matthew the last three verses of the book of Matthew, you look at and you take them seriously doesn't mean you have to drop everything and go to the corner start yelling at people drive-by about Jesus you don't do that, but the idea of implementing this in the way that God would want you to. I firmly believe that if you seek to do exactly what God told you to do that. He'll bless you, say the blessing to be with lots of money flowing out of the heavens.

Some positive confession wackos will teach God wants you healthy and wealthy but always good making disciples of all nations can mean adopting poverty and living with people who don't know the gospel who don't have much and there been many missionaries over the world throughout history have done gone to foreign nations risked life and limb safety and health.

Many have died in the process, and many of been successful in the process.

But to make disciples is something that we are called to we can do it in our homes and work we could do it in different ways and we ought to do it, we ought to gear our hearts or minds for the ultimate purpose of glorify the Lord God to carry out the great commission, a Christ has given to us as followers and how we do that, that's to be tough. Anyway, it's just something so were were reaching out ways maybe try get a seminar going in Salt Lake City next two months will you be trying to do online seminars as well try to reach out difference social media outlets and do what we can in order to reach out all right just just just thinking out loud.

Now look of callers here in the meticulous calls but I will let you know that next week you have one of the Carmen employees love the Carmen staffers Luke Wayne he's gonna be doing the radio show and he'll be doing it for all next week, and this is for the purpose of discipling and increasing Carmen's ability to reach out.

We want everybody to depend upon me for all kind of stuff. Luke is a great guy and enjoying good answers any interest things differently in different way than I do.

We we see almost died almost everything and that these fine you disagree with me on things. That's fine but he's got a lot of good information and so when you say your questions for him as well.

As we know here today, but also be patient with them and next week, but Saint Luke wrote some of the articles on Carmen's, and the like which are doing appreciate you and things like that.

He's easily I'm sure he's a little nervous about doing this for the first day, when I sat down to do radio 17 years ago and radio studio and sat down with the microphone to me and I do in our it was not exactly the easiest thing, especially since the calls and come in because it was the first to hate people like who is this guy was going on.

It was tough, but that's how it is you I was nervous but took about 20 minutes and then I just felt at home felt comfortable that the big building radio try get my wife on radio to do things such as great radio voice and a good way to presence is quite gifted and it actually and she just refuses and so I want more sandwiches and smooching.

I can't push that with her stuff.

All right hey give me a call through the lines 877-207-2276 Claudio Whelchel be running her are good herein up your arm about working for your two way. That way you will not Claudio. Sorry. That was every day to only 7707 mass Y77077 Claudio walk back on here okay I read all died not be up about. All about, a lot old in your blood under Lady Gaga love you what you can do a thought about that God is already mocked by Gordon Diane whatever you're gone for the Waldo you want to got bad for you or erythritol. I don't believe that is very good fiber being that this all started okay so so when I encounter people who say that kind of thing I say so selfish to just enjoy yourself because it's about yourself because there's no real consequences in the afterlife. It's about what you want and so that that's your opinion that your attitude right and try get understanding, selfish and in support. Enjoy yourself you muddled about yourself.

So is my silly help others not to why I help others of you just gonna die does make a difference want you to do something that would agree is wrong and then use go have one with just work with them and that and show that the position really is some problems but one of the things I'll also say to them is what how do you know that there's nothing after death. You disbelieve it on what you base this your own experience. But you got experience the afterlife. So you have no idea what it is you just think it is insane.

It is probably bit so you can enjoy your self and what you want yourself because your selfish motorway or something I'll say yes. There's only two possibilities for you after death existence or nonexistence like two possibilities you will continue to exist or is not the case that will continue to exist. If you stop to me existing you'll never know it but the only thing you could know is continuation of existence. You would never know anything else you don't know if that's the case what you gotta worry about is continuing not continuing. That's a real possibility, especially since Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and he warned us about what's in the afterlife of the gospel that kind of stuff.

Does that help you in your life who brought it up the dark about but go about buying them everything at that Roberto Hobgood on about…… God love about you know already have or will I test people who deny God's existence always. But a lot of people who just know I just got existence of an afterlife do so because I want to serve themselves through inflectional desires and wants their own sense. They don't want to be accountable in an afterlife would mean, there's a consequence, so soon as you usually do to do now. All right.

And then we talked with about you welcome welcome I bless Claudio come less all right.

You make all those all you do is dial 87720722764 open lines. I'm dragging a little bit because I'm fighting something just called and what happens I get does not want to hear him do it coincidentally works out because next week, Luke, Wayne will be filling in for me. He's on the current staff, and he'll be doing the radio show for five whole days well acquainted and he'll do a good job at confidence. If you want to give McCall all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 is good to Winfield both summoned from Winnfield North Carolina just luckily running her matter what you a little tired to be honest, but then there so we got there, my name is okay) okay so you meant so I'm struggling with Galatians 5 okay why and basically there that you have been severed from Christ or you up at what you have fallen from grace without the way I interpreted the correct but the main all grade by Amit Bennett, John John will camp what Whitley make you happy fall from something you don't have, that's not what the text to say grace is the unmerited favor of God and God is gracious to everybody is gracious to the unbelievers because they're allowed to enjoy the sun and the rain and families and safety and food enjoyment and attainment. So God is gracious to them in that way certainly asked Matthew 540 248, there's the kind of gracious move, but the God has upon those whom are believers. That's a saving grace saving movement of God. But was it mean here to be fallen from grace doesn't mean that they were saved and without a word about looking. I'm not listening to the time you wanted. Kayden also said no you write no you are justified by law. You have fallen from grace via a command that there I am at the point we would say that while you know what you try to be drunk bye-bye the lawn I think I comprehend what I'm asking. The unedited if they're seeking justified by the law of the Christians know while I think the way I read it again. I meet I'm reading at work. Audit maybe you would Crichton and now there being there being there being 55, now let's do this.

Let's look at the context of the text okay so Galatians 51.

It was for freedom that Christ set us free. Therefore keep standing firm. Do not be subject again to yoke of slavery.

But he's writing to the Galatian church master question is every person in the Galatian church born again Christian oats are not probably not a lot of unbelievers mixed up in their okay people are going through rituals and laws Jewish how mass Y call 77077 charismatic/still there.

Alright alright so we were go to the text and verse by verse.

So we are ready when it was for freedom that Christ set us free.

Therefore keep standing firm. Do not be subject again to look slavery. Behold, I pulsate. If you receive circumcision Christ be of no benefit to you.

This means that in Galatia there were Jews who had heard the message of the truth were saying all this is good that you have a circumcised back under the law. They don't understand the gospel yet because they wanted to write so they bailed out dark. Margaret thing that I'll yet they want the Gentiles to become circumcised to call the Judaizers right and so the Judaizers are the ones saying this is why you need to be circumcised there giving a defense tried to convict people and convince people about getting circumcised and Paul is trying to work with them as he says in Galatians 3 wrote one you foolish Galatians was bewitched you before his eyes Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified. This is your thing you want to find out from you. Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law or by hearing with faith. Are you so foolish. Having begun by the Spirit, are you not be perfect by the flesh. So Paul is trying to tell people know this justification by faith, not justification bite in the ceremony that you do, even if it's a ceremony commanded by God in the Old Testament covenant actually he says Dr. I testify get every minute receive circumcision. Now you under obligation to keep the whole law.

They don't understand. He's teaching is correcting it. You could have a you have somebody who's received Christ back then I would get circumcised and I think the guy do that to be right with God. This may not saved means are ignorant. It could mean an essay depending on a few things in apartment awareness, but the idea here is a way to minute. I could hear them.

It was like a circumcised as he said to and then Paul comes along, says no no no you can't do that could save an egg is trying, I get it now. It just me, you know he he suddenly became saved. The ideas faith in Christ that people can be saved at different levels of ignorance. Nothing is okay to be ignorant. God is very gracious. You could have people in the mixture of the Galatian church, believers and unbelievers and he's speaking generically's writings then generically scatters to speak generically. Everyone receive circumcision is under obligation to keep the whole law shall convince you can't do that. He says you've been severed from Christ.

I noticed words severed in relationship to circumcision gets upon. That's what is talking about right now and it says you are seeking justified by the law. Now wait a minute Christians. True Christians don't seek to be justified by the they're not true believers might crop on the neck, right there and ferment, do not get the weight seems like an again, maybe I'm reading it will immediately like some of them were were were doing the correct thing. They believe in faith and now they may be contacting all way to think maybe I need to get back what is her saying there there ignorant and/or confused, thinking they got to do something to be right with God and Paul saying what is for freedom that Christ set us free keep standing in that don't go back to old laws.

These counts writing them for rapid crime you have fallen from grace. That point can you welcome great not what it says you fall from grace. So I'm I would ask is it possible to fall from grace is as you have fallen from grace for you about go one day only state not truth. What were some say fallen from grace means your saved was to be next is a great spirit not validated.

No not know right now that no no I nothing was not I'm saying where's essay in the Bible that the phrase means what people are assuming it means I'm just saying show it to me in Scripture show me in the Scripture where the phrase fall from grace means your saved but it doesn't mean you are saved as me or not St. Vincent show it to me because we need Scripture to interpret Scripture, it's that that's the Principe so is La Mesa. What major flush of salvation were to say that you thought that Mises would grace is a salvation well. Salvation is a gracious act, but so is the grace of God to let the unbeliever have a life of peace and love. That's also gracious because grace is unmerited favor that happens to everybody by God's that's not what you mean here that's the question you fall from grace not mean that those who are like great great great great for not exactly a? That's the right question to ask. And because of this context, we can't know for sure because it says you been severed from Christ. What does he mean you're in Christ because why would use words severed with some people say it's the severed from Christ. That means you've lost your salvation no longer in Christ, but it is the Savior severed from being in Christ because being in Christ, as the federal headship severed from Christ is that mean in an unnatural to be difficult. What is it mean people read into things so quickly. They all it means you got your salvation were were to say that what is it mean to be severed from Christ. I have to ask the question what I would do is look at that word in Greek, which is Greek 2673 and I would go do a word study on sale God uses it to 673 and it occurs 27×3 country country and I see how does it. I was at work. How does God use it is I would have the look is there another word. I was a case used in the same kind of context to see the similarity of thought. This is how we do hermeneutics that the interpretation we'll just assume it means something particularly when it says you're seeking to be justified by the law will a minute is a serious question.

Since when is any Christian ever seeking to be justified by his works. It just doesn't add up, so this is a tough verse you've been severed from Christ if you speaking generally to a bunch of people as believers and unbelievers who been severed from Christ you're supposed to be walking with them.

You're supposed to be enjoying his presence we been severed because you receive circumcision severed circumcision is a direct upon basically be justified or not you fall from grace.

A look at verse 12. I wish that those were troubling you would even mutilate themselves. That's what he says mutilate themselves and you know exactly what you say right is there troubling you. He saying there are Judaizers, who were troubling you trying to get you to go back under the law. He was severed from Christ, you who are seeking to justify the law is not the Christians as the Jews, they follow from that gracious movement of God upon them to reveal to him, to them who the Messiah really was, but they have of abandoned the truth of the Messiah and justification by faith, and have gone back to the law, demonstrating that they were never safe to begin with. First John 219 they went out from us, because they never were of us if they had been of us, they would've remained okay is more is you see was going on about go you from the Christian believe that they could there validate that a call back something that what no. The thing is when people tell me that they can lose your salvation. The center Christians assume cable. Can you give me a list of the things that I do to keep yourself right with God, and I have my hands Michael laptop for my keyboard. Please tell me. Well, you know you can do this. This is to give me three or four things you believe good to good.

Too bad you know it whenever it is so all your saved by your know about my faith that works faith that works they play this game. The Bible says were justified by faith without the works of the law from 328.

What is it does not work but believes in him justifies in godliness, faith is credited as righteousness. So that's what a true Christmas rooms for five dissident so that's a true Christian is the source of Sigma justified by the law are not saved. The Judaizers, who are trying to influence the Galatians who don't know any better and Paul is he strong with them. Just as Jesus was strong whitewashed subsectors, your vipers, your father the devil, Paul right but believe that some of the delivery to the right to have folks after mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave wrap this up on this so I mean my left. I work quite all right. One thing though, validate, believe they can grow their company mean not a net automatically right but it would mean that if they thought that the achieve four maintain salvation through your goodness and cooperation with a lot of people might be driving on the road thinking what to say was one thing if you believe you can lose your salvation doesn't mean that a Christian but it would mean you're not a Christian or inner incredible error. If UT that you are goodness of doing what's right keeps you saved. If that's the case, and legal. That's a false gospel yeah why not made it not what I know you know I like the only thing I've known around the butt loud.

Struggling with this.

We know that's for example John six or seven, 240 Jesus is to lose nonlocal fathers of all that he's given him, he will lose none in recent flash stage is always of will. The father John 830 so just can't lose any simple so another Galatian iPhone or license 54 is not talking about eternal security is talking about the Judaizers seeking to put it back on the law and Paul putting them in their place and 70 was severed from Christ, God, and you fall from grace you are seeking to be saved by what you do how good you are, etc. those are always those are obviously false believers correct or not okay but I appreciated okay I will I will hate God bless. All right, let's get to Erin from Washington Erin welcome you on here at what I can bring a breaking up what started as a you're breaking up and I understand you I cannot understand okay what time okay yeah Aaron. I can't understand you want to call back okay look it's right back on.

Okay, call back to get better. Cannot arrive buddy okay okay let's get to Doreen from San Marco's California hey guess what Doreen I to live in Escondido right there at the 78 I know that we know each other personally, I think your cult clap. II know I pending your cult laughed at me like that materially relevant service together and try to remember. Wow, you still dollars for tomorrow's yeah was that after 917 hours will and is not Canada. San Marcus is not in select your beautiful wife for me. Oh yes you got a beautiful I now fail. I had a quick bite and drought.

And when you think the gal right now online about he is. He denies being in United Pentecostal see the denies the deity of Christ because Anton and I give her all the Scriptures like you taught me well in your cult laughed. Matt and that what I'm looking for. She claimed that Scripture has been translated improperly in regard the deity of Christ. If there is any resources that I and her nine of resource that that she's obviously looking at the top my head.

I don't know any resources to do with Jesus. You have of translation. That was the source theological seminary right there in Escondido is is a place you can go to and asked where the professors they would have information in books in the library and young people Greek. So translation is different so a lot of people do is they think that it's up. They have a hobbyhorse the wrong you don't want to get off it and care about facts.

That's often the case would kind Bible and salicylates translated incredibly to translate means for my language to another language so you can go on play in Spanish. As I I have hunger as a literal translation we just say I'm hungry and so that's that.

Actually, that's a scalded interpretation because it's spoken. Translation is written to one written language.

Another, and so the for example, the Greek New Testament is in Greek and is translated directly from those documents into English and those documents are highly repetitive and thousands of copies of all around so that they know that they are the match. So it's not an issue is are they reliable just because they are not an issue of are the accurate. They are as noninitial translation as it can translate for me I had for after the Greek in college and in some right and so I can tell you is what it says she's not mean she speaking out of incredible ignorance and hungry.

I think you now. Which are you going to not let actually going in the reformed Baptist Church right okay yeah II missed San Diego for so long no hundred Idaho, my wife and we just we ceases something must San Diego Corona. You know the birds and that the seminary few times look in the interested member families want to send Marcus a lot that's friends out there and stuff so it's good that were here were still hanging in here. I strong. Fear fell yeah yeah you new life is getting a job like Matt did that Hank agreement of three. You're welcome to do that you think the yeah this jacket it. Six it with facts and they don't understand. Okay right think that correct. Regardless, all right, this could back to Erin.

Let's see if Aaron still there. Erin regular all much better, much better. All right, so my question is to determine God, the Bible cannot be referring to judges earthly authority. Yes, Elohim is used in different senses and Jesus quotes on 8260 are God's mistake of the Pharisees addresses them with that phrase in the John 830 John 1033 34 yeah it in a Nick abusive of different beings of this could be different people empowering diverse things. It has a wide variety of meanings and if you suggest I love her so that I think Phyllis will ask you what would profit the question of just curious.

Well, I'm a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Okay, okay, let me ask ask ask a question certain what's your ultimate source of truth and authority to search question your ultimate source of truth and authority ultimate.

I believe that I Lord of God which constructed of three sources with truth. The Scriptures obviously the Holy Ghost church. Okay so you three ultimates we can't have three documents. This is logically impossible without the author be in alignment will let you understand they can't all be ultimate is only one ultimate thing. If you if you have multiple ultimates you don't have any ultimate you don't have any final authority.

See this the problem. What's your ultimate authority is at your church is in Scripture is that God what is library argument three right bearings and directions are not the same thing as an ultimate source of authority in the spiritual sense or talk about different categories. The issue here is truth is the Mormon church. True is justice with a true prophet will innovate article the Mormon church is the Bible's practice of our strength translated will translation means from one written language letter written language and consciousness are that the book of Mormon is most critical to the on earth is churchgoing, page 461. He said that so he's casting doubt on the word of God so the words of Scriptures. The Bible is ultimate authority is what is your ultimate authority is what Justice Smith said in the LDS Church of the prophet right.

I agree with I'm not I'm not your typical Lynn.

What's your old authority.

What is your ultimate authority. Well, I think what it comes down to personal revelation ultimately okay so you're some form of the winter due to well in alignment with the Scriptures and the description of the more molar are not trick trusted to be trusted to be corrected. So you go with the Joseph Smith translation, but I don't everything work that I would be no one not identify you can recognize through writers. I write you how to recognize truth proof of the spirit. Excessive fruit in the singular car process so you know is not fruits plural the for the spirit to spirit is only recognized if Jesus Christ gives them to you as John 1426 John 1526 but you have to have the right Jesus. Would you agree well I would. I would know what the right you all that that's a good question. That's a good issue with the Jesus of the Bible's prayed to directly to you. Pray to Jesus to pray to the white agreement for Craig to your father in heaven.

John six John and the 12th becomes Outlook 11 because he was under the log license for for me for little while more than the Angels. Hebrews 29 so good to follow the law. That's why he did that but is also pray to and John 1414 and also go to first contains 12 call upon the name of the Lord Jesus to phrase the Old Testament call upon the name of Yahweh, which is attributed to Christ in a printing center pray to Christ, so implausible. I never pray to the father in the name of Christ. Yes you can but I was in a Tums line going so quickly. Unfortunately, the thing is, Jesus in the Bible's prayed to the true Jesus's prayed to you can't do that in your theology is because you have the true Christ and because you have the true Christ the true Christ is not revealing the true spirit you. That's why you bear witness of things are false. If you have the true Christ. So I quickly spoke about how you and we are call back next week. Outlook knows Mormonism really well and I know it really well out in two weeks call back. We have discussed, these are the Samantha was 1240 powered by the Truth Network

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