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Standing Firm in Your Liberty

In Touch / Charles Stanley
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June 22, 2022 12:00 am

Standing Firm in Your Liberty

In Touch / Charles Stanley

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June 22, 2022 12:00 am

Instead of living in the bondage of law, submit to God's will as you walk in faith.

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Mountains to the end not Catholic child and family Wednesday 22nd feel of his children is independent in our behavior that only our relationship to him learn to stand firm in your liberty.

Today's lesson from Galatians chapter 5 when you and I will say we were saved by the grace of God that is God reached down seeing desperate sinners.

As we were giving us the truth.

We responded by faith, which he gave to us and we were say the Bible says you and I have been justified declared righteous in chapters 4 and five pieces you are not declared righteous by keeping the law, you are declared righteous by the grace of God through faith, so that everything you and I have ever received came to Oz about what through faith. It came to us by the gift of God's grace through faith we responded in faith so that you are not as believers cannot boast of one single solitary thing.

What can you boast of the noticeably. The only thing you and I can boast of is that we are in Christ Jesus which is the gift of God of grace. Everything we have everything we are. Everything will ever have is the gift of God so that once you are not living in that grace began to add tempted by self effort to keep ourselves there. Yet God's approval get other people's approval.

We just wasted our time and what we're doing is we're reverting to the same thing that he was warning these Galatian Christians about now. What you noticed with three things. First of all, if a person is saved by the grace of God and then they resort back to trying to get God's approval several things that happened in the first thing that happens is we lose their liberty. If I resort back to what God freed me from that. I lose my liberty. We are liberated to live freely in but issues a warning first voices stand fast, that is stand very firm. Therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has already made you free because if we do not stand firm in our liberty. What will happen. We will begin to drift and what is it that God liberated us from what was the bondage of the law keeping the law self effort doing my best getting approval.

He says I'm liberated you from and he's is having liberated you from that pieces I have placed you in the realm of liberty and freedom so that if I drift back, living by faith I drift back into slavery and self effort and no longer pay these as members. He says having been liberated by the grace of God through faith we are to walk by faith, he says, stand firm in the freedom in the liberty wherewith Christ has freed you and liberated you from the self effort, and he says that life is a life of faith. Now what is it that we had before we had freedom.

He says beforehand. If you notice what he says here he says, lest you be entangled again with the yoke of bondage that you know what you is that heavy wooden peas that they placed upon two oxen are plowing. For example, keep their heads down, keep them in submission now yoke speaks of bondage and service. He says no don't allow yourself to get back there where you were. I'm not talking about before you resave the street before you say I'm talking about. Even after you were say before you learn to live in Christ Jesus by faith trusting him to be all up to meet all your needs. Every moment everything before that, he says, you were entangled in the bondage in the yoke of the law. He says don't allow that to happen yourself again and he says there's another yoke. The other yoke is the open. Jesus told that he says come to me all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I'll give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart, and you shall find rest of your so teases my yoke is easy and my burden is light.

The yoke of the law had burned down the people of God.

Jesus said get out from under that you'll take my yoke upon you, my yoke is easy, because you see the yoke of the law or living up to the expectation of the law was breaking the spirit of the people of God, he says, but my yoke is easy and where is the yoke of the burden of expectation living up to the law or living up to rules and regulations will burn you down pieces, the yoke of Jesus Christ is simply a submission to his will and his way which does not burden them.

It simply is a yoke of submission and service volunteer.

Notice what he said. He says if we resort back to our whole lifestyle of self effort. He says we're going to lose our liberty. We are going to abandon our freedom.

You know what he says if you go back to chapter 4, he was talking about the acting like children is what happens or what when a child of God begins to experience the liberty that is, I was in Christ Jesus, and we go back to self effort in living up the regulations and rules and that getting in the straits of watching to see other people think about you know it's like it's like an adult. Getting back into the career is exactly what it's like speaking maybe language, dad, dad, that's all right. When you are one year of age of nine months of age, but when you become bored and you start talking about mama there that your your urine drug that's exactly what he's talking about the look he says beginning in verse two behold called city you did. You be circumcised pressure. Probably nothing to give a little background is what was happening.

These Judaizers income of the Galatian churches as an ornament you going to be a full-fledged Christian accept Jesus Christ as your Savior but you gotta keep the law, and one of the major facets of keeping the law is circumcision. So here's what he said both that I sent you that if you be circumcised pressure profit you nothing now he says if you drift back into the old way you can lose your liberty back in bondage. Second is says you going to lose your well and notice what he says.

He says behold, I say to you that if you be circumcised and that is they were contemplating that I hadn't gotten that far yet. They were contemplating going back to the ordinance of circumcision teases if you do that Jesus Christ shall profit you nothing he says Christ isn't going to give you any rewards is not a profit you one thing for Gentile believers to resort to circumcision third verse three I testify again to you to every man that is circumcised that he is a benefit of the whole law. He's is a look if you consider circumcision.

Not only must you keep that product, you gotta keep the whole thing is for people. Suppose you. I drove home tonight. You know where to get home so you just drive out on the bed. Red light is out a lot. I'm just going home the bottom of the bigger so three blocks down the street you see that big blue light so the policeman pulls you over and he's realizing use another officer. First, never been in jail. I pay my income tax I pay my rent you list about 10 things you do while he's writing up Dick and you tell them all the things that you have done right and that has absolutely no effect upon it all because you have violated the law which says when the light is red. You must remain on this side so you see what Paul is saying is that he says look if you resort to circumcision to please God. You gotta keep the whole law, and he says you know you came because your father's couldn't. There's no way to keep the law.

He says you'll be down in verse four. Christ has become of no effect on the server you are just about all he says look if you go back up your site that you have been declared righteous and acquitted of all sin.

By keeping the law. He's is first of all, you know it won't work because he spent all chapter 3 and four declaring that a man can't be justified can be declared righteous by keeping the law because he can't keep. He says if you do that he says your fallen from grace. Now what in the world is the media by Paula from grace numbers at does he mean the fact that your ballroom grace that you have lost your salvation that is not what he believes. Don't ever let anybody tell you that's what that means because there's no way for it to me.

Paul has never given the slightest hint in four solid chapters, two of which are absolute, totally doctrinal not want him has he given that it is an impossibility falling from the security in Christ. What is it me is what he means. He says not here for you have been saved by the grace of God in you been liberated and free. So you living by faith day by day and walking in the grace of God and he's is the work of the Holy Spirit in your life which he emphasizes the law in the latter part of this chapter. In chapter 6 what he begins to do here in chapter 5 is to remind them that their life is a life in the spirit that walking by faith and walking for the grace of God and Master Kristin think about this. You are saved by grace through faith +1 nothing.

So I'm asking to watch this what'd you do to be saved except receive what God had not one solitary single thing it's all growing.

Since all of what he's done for you. Nothing of what you got about yourself except respond to God and walking on the platform and on the plane of grace.

What we know we living by faith receiving what God gives day by day, moment, he says if you resort to keeping the law and trying to live up to all these expectations what you can other pieces what you've done as you have catapulted down from grace to a lower level teases you phone from grace. Verse five for we through the Spirit wait for the hope of righteousness. Probably what is he talking teases in our life is a life of the right. Listen, he's not talking about the righteousness of Christ and salvation. He's talking about the righteousness that is ours in daily living. He says that is the work of the Spirit in our life. And if we live under the listen and this is so true.

How many of God's people feel guilty all the time because they didn't do this and they didn't do that and they wanted God heard what they said if he's mark down what they thought that's not the way for God's people… He loves you just know what you are you saying is he satisfied the way, then say that I said he loves you just the way the are you are and he's in the process of conforming you into his likeness are listed with Paulson verse six for in Jesus Christ. The circumcision abated anything on circumcision, but this is say anything lately which work is my love teases a man can be circumcised as night. One difference before God is making holiness, making spiritual, keeping the law does not make amends Richard because he can keep certain parts of it, but that's all he says is so that is the very thing that really says here not only a few resort back to living under the law and trying to keep the law and rules and regulations and doing all these things Jesus not only lose your freedom not only lose your wealth in Christ Jesus you teases you not to lose your salvation comes by grace but you going to lose you going to lose the race that you want to look if you will, in verse seven, you did run well who did hinder you that you should not obey the truth, this persuasion come about of him. The call is what happened when he says here hinder the Lord hinder here means to cut into to his what he say he says when the race began. You trusted Jesus Christ as your Savior. You are in your lane and you are running the race. Well he said but who is it cut out of his and cut into your lane pumping you out and detouring you and causing you to lose the rights he says who is it that's cut into your path and cause you to get off. I could ask the same question about some Christians on no who start out right and somebody just cloaks them and legalism. Does your church do this.

Does your church allow this. Does your church allow this is your church do this when they get through and you think what you don't mind that maybe I'm not doing enough. Let me ask is how much can you do to get say can do anything else.

How much of this. How much can you do to get righteous you can do anything else because your clothes with the righteousness of Jesus Christ, which he says in Romans chapter 5 is a gift from God. And what about you to see is this God wants us to living a liberated free life motivated to righteous living in righteous service, not because of what he will approve or disapprove up but because of what he is and and any other motivational brother will not last long alliance and prove that is some folks is that yeah I will do that I will serve mentor was that I think I want to cut out you know why the motivation is not proper when you think about what Almighty God is provided for you every single one of those will be chomping at the bit cannot do in service to God not to get God's approval. But because I love him so dearly. I will do something in the name of Jesus. You see, spirituality has nothing to do with doing this and doing that refusing to this is a lot of folks who don't smoke, drink, run around gamble they can aim for anything just like this. They don't lick, and they will tell you they don't do those. And the truth is the worst thing of all is puffed up, God says a whole lot more against private those against drinking organs gambling on some of the Izzy we can judge each of the spirituality. God doesn't want us trying to measure Asperger about what we do. We know that is who we are in the Hillman Christ in us and he says no unit run. Well, that is, you start out right but who cut in on your path and is caused you to depart from the truth. This persuasion, not of him. The college that is those who are attempting you to resort back to your old way, he's letting come from God. Listen a little 1111 that the Holland now you remember that all the Scriptures.


Our yeast is always spoken and an evil man, a little sin will spread unless it is stopped. You just get one. The wrong attitude going in somebody talking and gossiping unless it stop it spread and what he's saying that these Galatian Christians is this, he says, a little arrow it when you start mixing up missing all little bit along with a hole in the grace before long you got a hole in the law and not much great. That's what we would have to be careful in our influence on the people that their influence is good in this you and are to live by simple faith. I've said that over and over and over again hoping that every time I say it, somebody will catch on the what I mean. I watch this on the close I got two choices.

If I live over here under the expectation either others or myself have placed upon myself if I live under that, then what is the focus of my attention. The focus of my attention all the regulations in the room.

The focus of my attention all the people that have those expectations. On the other hand, if I'm living a free and liberated life. I have the privilege of focusing my attention upon Jesus Christ's and you and will become like what we focus our attention. That's why God doesn't want us in bondage to rules and regulations, and expectations. And you gotta keep an account he just wants our focus upon him, and if I'm looking to him. He's going to guide you to make the right decision. If I'm looking at him. He's going to show me whether some need that he wants to be through me.

If I'm looking to him.

I can know that in every circumstance about what to do in the right way at the right time, but if I am worried and full of consternation over who please have a please living up to this.

Why failure. Why can I do this while the other, you know, that is, it is a self-centered life over against a Christ and the ultimate reason God doesn't want us living under the law is because we become self centered individuals. He wants us Christ send and then we are big story is God. Citizens of the kingdom. Thank you for listening to standing firm in your liberty. If you like to know more about Charles Stanley in touch ministries that my back after the presentation of Pentax ministry in Atlanta

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