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December 24, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 24, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What do you think about fasting for medical issues---2- What does Daniel 11-35 mean---3- Should I forgive someone even if they are not repentant---4- What started you in apologetics and witnessing---5- Do I need to be re-baptized if I was originally in the Church of Christ-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network.

Why is log on why Grimes is called responding to your questions and like okay now we are having a matching end of your matching funds drive for the month of December and all you do is get a car that works CAR you can donate stuff there and you could do by mail a few boxes at the bottom of the page and you can also do it by solving a puzzle delete we use the matching funds drive within a year to really help because it does make a difference.

The first of the year is always tough for us financially with the all the missionaries and insurance stuff because there are people who threaten to sue and be ready for that because what I do is talk about cults and things like that. We have thought we were able to find a church, believe it or not.

The other stuff liability this and that, you know, just a basic stuff and so we may want to hear your alright so if Oracle lines 877776 and the alright so what was it about the phone. Here's good to Mark from Florida Mark welcome you on marked down from the end of the day we were talking and they show a call back but I would say here to go to question. It was something interesting that happened to me that I went there about a month ago and you mentioned about you are having issues with diabetes. I am, I actually ran into this problem and I I was having symptoms showing the having diarrhea like that and talk to doctors, nothing like that. I actually she kicked and I found the answer in Scripture. Now I'm not telling you to go and do that. Yeah I honestly got. I went ahead and nothing to do this but it worked for me. So do your research first.

But I resorted to fat and is going now. I went ahead and started laughing and I go right into it a go. You three, two, three, four days without eating.

I did intermittent fasting.

At first, and then I built myself up doing it to the point where I could do a four day and I got checked out and not only did my issue with diabetes oh away my blood pressure went down. Also the great things happen and searching found found it is customary in the Bible and did research outside of that through online and I don't do your research and might actually be something to help climate help me out a lot because there's a book called God's chosen fast and is decades old, but it's really good, and yet I have discussed research tissue fasting intermittent fasting really good for you. It really yeah I went ahead and there was in the situation were in fact I didn't want to spend money on going to jam your buying expensive health, good thing that you, the economic climate right now warned being careful obviously and I said what what I do and that is free and it believe it or not for me was the most effective. It fixed the diabetic situation for me.

I did the research and done scientific studies on it and found that your body goes into a mode that's cooktop that you were actually take what's stored in your body and use it for energy cleans up your arteries cleans up a lot of bad things are causing diabetes in your liver and a lot of research on this method, you had a lot of know about this because it all started from the Bible and will better with them. Then God's true strength actually began like form of intermittent fasting and that I have a wonky schedule. I go to bed at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Just how I'm built is how it works and I had a have a tech counting the snack it at like 11 o'clock which three are to forget a bit but did know what I was doing a signal 9 o'clock you know as five hours and so I want to do is get to 8 o'clock and then see the go to 7 o'clock where it's a longer period of time. That's it before the end of this fasting that so trying to get his ways of fasting people don't know that. But to talk about this fasting we give up only one meal a day's fasting where you do only juices are fasting when you you eat certain things like vegetables only.

There's a different kind of nonsense. Fasting is in no food but there are studies that show that that by juicing was studied a juicing thing for 28 days nothing but juices was veggies and fruit mixed in. At certain times, people would do stuff and everybody had significant medical health improvement so there's something about and one thing about fasting I know is good is is are so many chemicals in her body that are from the ground and the plants. In fact, give me think about lust after the book I read a while back called the plant paradox.

Very interesting that the plant paradox and it had a quote in their and I exactly the culprit was along the lines of the FDA. Whoever was an official group said that our soil is depleted and the plants don't have the nutrients that I use to it went on like this for full paragraph talk about how bad things are and yeah, that's right, and is within the next page, goggles.

It was like Matthew 27. This was written, and oh my goodness it shows you help is gotten even from then to now, and so fasting gives your body the opportunity to take all those toxins and flush them but also what happens.

Maybe you experienced this is a good headache and dizziness. Bad taste in your mouth you feel that under the weather like you have a head cold, but you don't for updates and his excursion today exactly 1st today I had to build myself up to it might start out week by week first 18 hours going to 20 for the next week and eventually I got four days for now. Sorry five days actually and amen I handed it and the first two days that you get headaches when he doing a longer one but I felt sorry afterwords my way down everything. Yes he considers you and your winter target stronger to time I was in the Congress a motorbike. The student in the process. Yes, I think it it it it did it like exercising your willpower on you know you exercise or muscle they get stronger, your willpower, my willpower got stronger and I can do this I can really conquer other things that I did actually conquered some other bad habits and even simple ones to not to get into anything, but it worked and that you know that that book will wear them. The Bible is Sachs mind because is interesting nobody's waiting for calls so do us again when you asked.

It is the phrase when you fast. That's Matthew 617 you when you fasten your head and wash your face so your fasting will not be noticed by man. And so there's this phrase and it occurs in Jesus's is one who says that when you fast, so he's not saying if when you do this because it was in the culture. Believe it or not it was kind of expected thing to do.

Nothing your neighbor would get in trouble if you didn't do it, but they did this kind of thing. In fact, Matthew 616 your fasting etc. on your fasting but I like the stuff I you know I even took them into account to I didn't let me doing it become a burden on others. So it taught me how to control my my temperament control. My mood is sound mind that put specular testing it makes me wonder how 40 days, our Lord, to five days of the left for me will they say most of that is seven days was years and years.

23 years ago and after the holiday first two or three days. I want to start eating carpet as it was looking good to me and then about day all of a sudden the cravings went away. The lightheadedness went away and I was feeling better and better as dropping weight bang bang a pound a day easily and I decided to go back off on the fast.

Just as I decided to but you can go. The average human male body. Adult body can go 40 days without food without any damage being done with that much storage stored in their bodies in Jesus 40 days. The average length. I just wanted to throw that out there good.

Maybe company considered work for me and maybe work for you and it will cost you nothing now and it'll do a lot of good it did a lot of good for me. You got it in the past they know you can do it now.

Yeah about a year or so ago and four days and it didn't go well for me so here's negatively the heroes is not medical advice or make your decisions in the body, but you would like that it is. That's right what you did is a right way, you can write out a little bit longer. How does it work, how do you react to it. What is it feel like, and is to be discomfort because you're hungry, but you can always just drink water and just try water and sometimes put lemon juice or vinegar in the water got a whole bunch of vinegar but apple cider vinegar with mother little capsule and that with some lemon and it really helps to enters all kind of stuff you work into it slowly right but I did speculated, and I really want to want to visit and not if you have a physical job you be careful because you can if you don't have the energy or physical job like lifting pallets all day. You can't fast so there's as if there's a kind of fast and when God's chosen fast is a good book for that. I'm glad you brought that all people respect I maybe think of why you know I don't yell God had you known the Jews do this it it it it did some really good health but no and that help sustain a nation to bring our our Lord and Savior.

You know that is now by choosing to have him spell for Bob getting a getting theological so I that I could see how he cares about so much and that he sustained the nation by giving health advice so much love for God bless thank you Matt give some thought, maybe it will help you. I will think I will ask Sandy I go to the doctor you talk about stuff and figure things out just on that side of diabetic, now it's really disturbing. As it turned 65 on one day the next day I found out in August on. That's that are sent diabetes now so you just getting older and have to now I felt the same way to when I when I found out the same thing two months ago. Started September for me. I want to fix it but what I thought you call. I like the member advice yourself. Dr. they fall right back after mass Y call 77077 back to the show were having fun in the video aspect of the show, but is held up something on the camera, the people cannot figure with it is a sprig for keeping the Anglican and the crampons for shoes for walking in the snow that's all some people what it's we have for you in the chat if you want to know you'll check it out all you do is go to the car titled website CAR in that orgy and the homepage. I think the working on that window go to Facebook Facebook evidence to me with this get to Nelson from Baker still a Nelson welcome. Happy belated birthday brother they met. Thank you buddy appreciate it. I called yesterday that are I don't remember the question of the day yesterday, but I was going to book of Daniel and his got my attention.

All that well I don't know what it means in order to bring it to your attention.

In verse 35 Daniel 11 did not, can you read that in conflict that's all great out of the EEOC, but I know that I have a new American standard Linnell Seawell is looking at verse 3533 says of those with insight among the people give understanding and will follow consenting to the many to so many that Israel is called the many lights yet, they will fall by sword and by flame of my captivity and plunder for many days now when they fall in the grand little help in many will join them in hypocrisy. Some of the those who have insight will follow in order to refine purging and make them pure till the end time because it is still to come. At the appointed time. Okay, so whatever will come attention with refined like I thought about when to give the verse that the 30 think we talked about the other thing about the antichrist and if it is the tribulation rehear or well what is in a crisis. And the king will do as he pleases will exalt and magnify himself above every god and will speak monstrous things against the God of gods, and he will prosper until the indignation is finished for that which is decreed will well okay yeah totally off topic because the decreed I've gotta memorize this verse address because are people who say that God's decrees of God will never decreed evil in and they don't understand what decree means, but there it is right there they decrees the indignation and things like that Fenwick is a good verse more is learned from Scripture anyway, it looks like it's over.

Of the purification is the discipline because fire purifies and when it is in order to refine purge and make them pure until the end time is deep into persecution and difficulties, purifies us.

I don't like that it does it does.

I need a lot of your financial so that's a David Yep coffee good about them all the will was written in the year the Donovan flow purified while like so is this you without all of the Macomb met in the morning to you and the ESV says that some of the wise shall stumble so that they may be refined, purified and made quite until the time of the end Ford still awaits the appointed time sound scary T-shirt and some of the wise shall stumble so that they be refined, purified to be quite until the time of the end for it still awaits the appointed time and without T-shirt yeah I think has to do with the extent of my bitterness tribulation.

You know that the refining none of the people of God because that implies a list that were still here. From looking at it might not. If we really look at examine it might just get that wrong but it's a it's a tough one for me.

My head butted contextually does seem to be comfortable living tribulation because it talks about the one in the next versus the cassette windows. The indignation the others blasphemous things, probably the antichrist in order to run it by you living to mourn your yeah and my spirit. Yeah, I guess for something. One thing to talk is my spirit when you're sleeping. I wish I had the ability really listening over and in my sleep. I know you guys know to do that but you know the plus disgruntled and slow down so having to make decisions and choices on what I can and can't do.

Hate to say it but that's just how it is with the Lord to glorify and on the job. I try to change my ab to abs and I started a new routine. I think it's right on you and wanted a diet thing I do get in shape. My wife needs me to be around and I also note to take care of her because of her elfish health issues, but I want to be run as long as possible to serve God and his kingdom, and you have an astute mind to do that and so I discovered this with about fasting for I laid off sugar, no M&Ms, no you don't take this redacted little things always run the house and and I'll tell you within 34 days. My mind cleared up, so I am not on with sugar levels right God have run like what good it up there with you maybe. Can you send one of your articles but in the translation. I call it the translation in Genesis 18 verse three is one of the Lord appeared to Abraham and three as the three men and an and in and the new King James Army NAHB for Lord Abraham ran to God and kneel down for the Lord is their version yeah and butted in their version of Jehovah contradicting in their own Bible and on trash because then and Exodus 6 verse three Jehovah said that that he didn't of was known Abraham, Isaac by that name is nothing you have that already your own versions of that office.

Nothing will quit.

It is that you give up and yes it is will be moving over to Matt slick live YouTube and were still in the process of moving things over, but if you go to YouTube and look up Matt slick locus to find it and worse to should still be on the harm YouTube one right now. Switch over by on January okay go plus okay that both Matt slick live call 77077 pairs nicely. Hello click hello I am doing really well actually I don't think calling your when your covert pulmonary fibrosis, but overall doing well sugar sugar.

What a difference well a put me into a coma. So I'm best not to venture anyway I got to question one answer for why what it should I forgive somebody even though they're not repentant and I believe I know the answer to Daniel. His friend Mike. This absolutely not. I know, but I respected Geico now would like listen to lectures rigorously got it.

Consumers in Colossians Colossians 3. Forgive as you have been forgiven and Jesus forgave us all of our sins and where to emulate Christ. And so we are to forgive people, even if you don't repent. That's it for the wonderfully simple but that but the response I got was what does God forgive, if you don't repent like that, but I'm not God and God bless. Forgive us our sins and repent of that may sound wrong.

A lot of people not saying it's okay to send their decisions that we don't even know we sent and we don't repent. Hopefully and then her sins committed that we forget we've done which can happen and we don't repent of them, so to speak, and so yeah God does forgive us of our sins. And yes, we are obligated forgive people and is not always easy to do that is not always a good thing. You know that gradual killed person gradually I would say that I know that's for me and try to find Ephesians 4. Yes, this is Ephesians 431 this is the forgiveness, let all bitterness and wrath and anger and slander be put away from you, along with all malice of the kind with one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you. Just Ephesians 431 32. Here's a thing bitterness, wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you so this is interesting bitterness.

So someone wrongs. 61 wrongs me whether they really did or didn't. I perceive it as as a wrong song. I hold a grudge against my better. Well if I don't forgive the bitterness will take root and grow into anger, wrath and anger and eventually moves into slander and if it's not put away, it could lead to depend. It was either pretty levelheaded and when it will kill somebody because they got insulted. But the thing is I bitterness leads to wrath would leave and anger with slander and it increases and what happens is as our heart becomes hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, then we abide in that bitterness and it becomes our master, we can't hear the voice of God. And so this is why says, be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving each other, just as God in Christ also has forgiven you, so that's the standard Christ, not whether or not that person wronged me, and I have to make sure that person pays the difference between forgiving and so to speak, forgetting because you know he comes into my house and robs me and do not I finna forgiving him. I'm not can invite them back in. You know, under normal certified answers in the kind of thing. But the idea of forgiveness and this would need to be done so okay I would write that I got that that that answer I would like way you know Mike you should know that already with what what's wrong with you Michael for the other one is. Why shouldn't the rush of why shouldn't. Why shouldn't.

Why shouldn't women be in position of leadership. I think I know because because I'm not. What makes yeah I definitely agree with that but this is where you start poking the bear's net fees after I don't the people who don't believe Scripture don't want to submit this is themselves Scripture course while so my wife please know I can relate what had I know when you start hi it seems like women are very very some women are very offended when you start talk about. I will talk at the 40. When you start talking about the fact that men are to be in a position of leadership. And we need to block it out right. You are absolutely correct. Women get offended that the Bible says that my responses so they can to God you like my problem is you have to deal with it before God and in your rebellion against God obviously is white is what you in a position hopefully is how you throw fuel on the fire but she's right will give course women could be right courseware that that would hundred women leadership in the church that Elders right masters or deacons – were talking about. And when asked ruckus. Of course they can. My wife is guided except for taste in men. She's got some pretty good thoughts and some good stuff and so I listened I yeah I need to remind my wife that shot really. Will probably not get his men.

Most of the don't to my opinion wow my wife was back in the day she still is nice looking man she was and why was she with me, know I did just proved to me that the she can be trusted. You know, because her project can answer that. So I've always been suspicious of her ever since. He said I do okay and get you. I don't have the judgment so I don't know what I do with her will be to discuss the financial issues, do financial this or that.

I talked to her and tears of things. It is one of the examples I'll talk to her. I have an idea, and when he was as a safe because sometimes she'll say something that I hadn't thought of. And it's good and it is often change my mind about something, because she has out is in a different area that is no problem I can should be a pastor. No should be an elder no, I don't care what anybody's likes and doesn't like as the Scripture says this means you can't instruct or teach. She's a good woman, except for her taste in men, though, and I believe with them is referred to in the feminine in the because I was and has a lot to say, all while our merit outline middle trail is already well I'll be down there know what you are. I think you arrived in on what you do glorify God bless likes to see the solid flood folks ladies are laughing all right. Oh, here's a joke I heard you know you know why women who why do men die sooner than women in marriages. Men don't live as long as women do.

Why, because of married women cited. I told that's what she chuckled. She thought it was funny anyway like jokes like that this flooded all the guys to so about a chauvinist function was flooded all right with schedule more from North Carolina more welcome you on here about yesterday and I and I shall but I what this is about. I got the big debate okay what I call I got out that I come from the Philippines. I got 30 years. I just didn't get it. Never a good 93 I like being the lineup and everything is everywhere with all that about Russian employees but not the way you… I went bless you that you want you be obligated start the asking that I also feeling leading that way. I asked my apartment, but I did not that many years ago, but it's just like it's gotten me that I want to be like living Bible college which are which we have regular folks, we have a line 877207 mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely with out you don't double matching fund drive for the month of December year and all you do is go to anything you donate five dollars, one dollar $100.

As a matter of the matched and also to be doubled so appreciative because we certainly needed to beginning of each year will be paid missionaries over the world and insurance next week to care for school for ministry. All right, a more tobacco case with your question buddy. Of the day and I had a lot of biking today but life with your question. So what what you what what point in your life that is what you what, like you mean like starting apologetics, patient which started me in a plan, but being beings, but that's what it was like it was once they get you know that I can tell you want to tell you I can tell you so. A friend of mine named Chuck spine.

He's in the room here. He read me a quote.

We had met like one week earlier at a Bible study 1979 to 1980, and when I do, say, 1980 and he read your quote and this is the quote that he read me God is in the still small voice that always affidavits indictments is all of the devil. All corruption come on you prosecutors are false where as all hell will boil over your burning mountain drilled on her love for I will come out on the top.

At last I wanted most of the never ending man had. I'm the only man that is ever been able to keep the whole church together since the days of Adam, a large majority. The hole that stood by me. These are Paul, John, Peter nor Jesus ever did it. I boast that no man ever did such a work, as I and it infuriated me and I said I ripped the paper out of his hand and I said who said this and I wasn't in apologetics I wasn't doing anything. I was just at a Bible study and checking things out and I said who said this and he said, Joseph Smith said will who's that he's the founder of Mormonism and I said will Mormons are Christians, but he is not from sameness and he looked to be said no. Mormons are not Christians. Of course they are.

He's another not so why not pay storytelling to teach God for their planet and goddess wife, and salvation by works, what and so I got upset. I said I wanted to get this information.

He told me as a Bible study was going to but taught at a certain place in your quest for this healing actually and I said I want to go. This is a Friday night or I think it was the Bible say that he introduced us to me. We exchange phone numbers and by Saturday morning. I didn't want to go Sunday morning. I wasn't planning on going Monday morning I wasn't planning on going Tuesday morning was not planning on going to the study of care and he called me up. He said are you going I said yes and why did I just do us both to go and I went I've been studying ever since. So that's what got me into a massacre. You like the next pastor got a big debate I what I write a lot about will I'm I'm next pastor matching divinity from Westminster theological seminary and the doing apologetics since 1980 and my website since 1995 and I've had the sites had 140 million visitors in the doing radio for 17 years written nine books so good luck debates boasting missing.

This is what I Lord has done. I like words that that's not me. This is about getting what I need help quickly to be glad that I decided I might knows what is it like I want something more that I kind of let me call as I want to go to colonist but would tell you something okay I would tell you something if you want to get into apologetics you're asking for trouble because of the word of the digestive you can learn a great deal and you have to have your heart scraped from the inside out. God will deal with you.

God will teach you. God will put upon you and it has to be something that is in you that you desire to do because it's a long lonely road. I have been threatened with death. Ivan swatted, I've been threatened with lawsuits. I've been kicked out of churches because of some of things I've taught and said because sometimes Christians are just whacked I've been I've had Mormons of threatened me. I've been physically assaulted. I've had Satan to say the want to kill me and my family.

We had the FBI involved in stuff and so this is the kind of thing that apologetics can lead to when you defend the faith you going after the enemy not just reacting and waiting till he comes to you. I go after.

This is not easy to do. It's very difficult to do and it is something that you have yet to learn all kinds of stuff yet ever critical mind build a river a lot of stuff so I tell people if you want to be an apologist you're asking for trouble, but you better be prepared and you better be ready for God to change you, because it's going to come and it won't be easy.

All right about that Michael, you're welcome buddy. God bless and God bless you. Okay, let's get to see Adam from Arkansas sideways along the young year.I met, I got a question I would not target God background chart that I was saved the big target ophthalmic type ballast that celebrate recovery law. I know that God barely to us on because I got into the acknowledge that the sovereign over my salvation while I keep fighting with tort across Nike quantity go I paint 20. This is leading we don't pay for the sins of our father yeah you had the context of Romans Romans 512 through 21 and how Latinate kingdom where will we were made sinners and I know you written in the air yet, but nothing is work written in Aris passive indicative taught me that Dr. love that they they don't want acknowledge that while now that I may not biblically sound.

It is a Calvinist mining start, I love that about mop my pastorate hermano. Coming up to bite on is not what you are with your question though. Okay, you can bring it under color. Hey what made I'm getting right back because because they got it back out of me doesn't hold to follow payday is that appropriate for me to know to be rebaptized is dictated nasty. This is the faith alone so that was he okay this is complicated so he was saying that is to to do good works to be saved, yet I believe it will break the right graph so I can unluckily get into the depths of the theology of the, the issue of what baptism is and who is the ultimate author of that which is God. An atheist could baptize you in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit and it's a legitimate baptism. Baptism is not made valid or invalid in in a Trinitarian sense by the baptizer so we can make this the statement I committed to the argument that even though the Church of Christ, heretic that baptism is valid. However what I like to say is that theologically people can understand this, but in the heartfelt sense they're not comfortable with it and so they can understand, but I just I just want to get baptized again. Make sure. I think that that's okay. Even though the Bible says one faith, one Lord, one baptism, I don't think think it necessitates only one act of baptism is permitted so I think that if you want to get baptized in the proper sense outside the Church of Christ.

I I'm for it. I would do it again I would be rebaptized.

But if you to say I think he liked theologically was still valid, even those heretic I was okay. No problem, right thank you very much my sweetie to do a market rebaptized every every time I think might get baptized.

A baby about the thought of payday thought, help to be rebaptized good before your conscience before God and God's not punish you and blame you if this somehow was wrong.

I believe it is even alive. Satan believe it is a bit is Bentley so punish right you're trying to honor him and that's what the issue is her right buddy… God bless trouble about okay is good to Jason from Arizona. Jason welcome you on your buddy name that you created sure I question a lot of commentary on typically Romans 1129 about the gift of God are your revocable and most of the commentary that I were reading, math, or saying you know that the flight did you got planned for the Jewish nation in public like they were trying to rob me of as a Christian light of what about eternal life of the free gift that like they're omitting that you know I eternal is in your revocable and Romans 1129 will eternal life is spoken of as work record charisma, which is 623 for the free gift of God is eternal life giver gift is to respond word for gifts here and get the calling of God are your revocable and Romans 1129 is also charisma.

So salvation is a charismatic gift and it's a revocable, I think is a good verse for eternal security.

God will not revoke that gift that are different levels of gifting have been quickly running at a time was called the sign gifts and the general gifts sign get speaking in tongues and things like that. People say that those ended with the completion of the Canon and I don't agree with that. Now they could be right. I don't believe they are being corrected, but I just don't see that as being biblical and okay my disfellowshipped myself from somebody holds that position so come back, go ahead better omitting internal commentary.

All that like you like they're not taking it as a Christian for them tell their why are they doing that you think a little money commentary that yeah has presuppositions in the Army for the present additional betting.

So for example when you go to first Corinthians 13 when it says the perfect comes in verse 10, the partially on the way they see the perfect means the completion of the Bible, but is never used in that way in the Bible and so they have the presuppositions and don't argue the rest of it.

In light of the presupposition. I don't do that. I disable what is not going to try to get into it but I have a way of looking at it was a sale as of how the words are useless to the business that commentaries have their ways of doing it as well is what is for me.

It would be illogical to omit eternal life. They know the plan is tomorrow to go stargazing real life.

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