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December 23, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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December 23, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses his debate on limited atonement -and the comments he has received afterward---2- Can only men be pastors---3- Would you be in a church that had women leaders---4- Is it wrong for a church to take a loan from a bank to expand their buildings---5- What do you think of liberation theology---6- A caller comments on the limited atonement debate.--7- A caller challenges Matt's stance on women pastors.--8- What do you think of Ravi Zacharias---9- Is it being ashamed of the gospel to do the religious exemption to not take the vaccine-

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Why is knowledge is a lot more boy what a day for me to float busy stuff like this sometimes catches up to you and you have so much luck will so highly going to McCall.

All you do is violate 772-072-2760 will hear from you. Give me a call love your if your newbie to show you're not sure what this is about Christian apologetics. The defense establishment of the Christian faith.

So here's after questions, lots of questions and I hope you want to call up and get some of the questions answered. If you have questions. That's what we want you to do questions about the Bible, evolution, UFOs, apostolic succession, Roman Catholicism, Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses Islam all kind of stuff we talk about here doing that for long long time so hope you can enjoy that. All right, now I just want to give you a heads up that doing an end of year matching funds drive for the end of your matching funds drive.

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So if you were to sign up for $50 and will become 150 is matched. If you already signed up for a recurring donation stay the same. But if you add anything to what you up at a couple dollars or $5.10.

Whatever it is, then, that you up will be matched and so we are trying to make ends meet.

The Lord provides and the beginning of the year is always tough for us because we gotta pay all the missionaries and we have to pay insurance and things like this is how it works so well were looking to that. If you have any questions or comments or anything that are difficult.

Please all you do is to contact us at is that you do and I hope you will do that so that we can Glavine and all kind of stuff like that. So there you go.

All right now. Okay what else was there something else or something else in 20 think what it is or something else know you obviously the debate last night to debate on on limited atonement and if you watched ask anyone make any comments please call up the offer to give me call me to talk love to hear from you about that. I thought it went well was very polite and the guys a Christian. He just didn't agree with me on that view and that's okay that's all right.

And so what I did was so I just I cannot did what I thought was biblical and and he did what he thought was biblical cordial is very comfortable and I hope that you if you watch it you enjoyed it and please could you McCall was interesting is watching, reviewed it a little bit watch that the text that people will text and I'm telling you there so many haters out there, there's just full of hatred and immigrants there supposed to be Christians and are full of mockery and condemnation in order tell you something when I was some talking about Prof. Sumner Prof. today about something find this love yes and this is a verse that Jesus said to go to Matthew 2412 here is a verse that I thought was really interesting because what what happened is that they asked him when were the ends of the signed least the end and things like that and he gets up list of of issues.

I said because Lawless's is increased. Most people's love will grow cold.

Most people's love will grow cold and I'm sitting here thinking about that and I told the professor my old professor is great guy and I said I said you used to think that was about unbelievers and now I'm starting to think more and more it's about believers and he responded with something very interesting. He said he said as you know that he's got Sgt. neighbors and that it he surprised to find out that sometimes is is atheist neighbors will treat him better than his Christian brethren and I know that one and I know that it is the case. I know that Christians are getting confident and I told myself it is because of the of the work I do and I get into controversial topics and a lot of Christians come out and just just full of hatred effect after the show last night after the debate would hereinafter show and some guys come in and they start telling the told me about how they don't send any more. And the and I went to the Robidoux blog about the reverse room. John 834 Jesus says if you commit sin, or the slave sent and he said see you commit; occasionally goes look your status and then way way make the Greek says here is a participle form of the practice and continuing he said I'm not interested in the Greek I'm interested what it actually says the idiocy was just incredible, and the lack of love the lack of compassion. These are people who postpone Christ.

Anyway, I just, I think it's interesting. I think it's so's it's really spectacularly interesting. In fact, is one guy got on and an episode of talk talk and only said he said that he doesn't send Melissa do keep the law on the level of Jesus. He said yes and then I was pressing about something else and I said to you so want to live better and he aptly said if I lie.

It's not a sin. What so July. If you commit you like it's okay gotta sending S medicine were done is about.

So this is the kind of stuff that I deal with next and the so-called Christians but to iterate their ego. I want to do what is to become a heads up A1 hear from you if you heard if you if you did watch the show watch debate last night.

Curious about your comments so please give me call if you want. I like that. Alright so we have four open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 I forgot to mention that.

So if you want donates all you do is go to and all the information needed need is there. Remember, were doing matching matching your end of funds drive and the Christmas of talk about the will get to the caller.

Let's get to Aaron from North Carolina, Aaron welcome you here and excited and around or chart.

Yes, I thank okay you say why Bible says okay go to see you all right now what this is Institute. First Timothy three Robidoux is read with the word of God says and people getting baby below the surprised by what I read the whole thing here so you can see was going on and others who are responding to Be true, but it is true this is. First Timothy 32 an overseer that's a Greek word Episcopal switch with word Bishop and overseer and must be above reproach, the husband of one wife, the husband of one wife.

That's what it says and woman can't be that the goes on and says down verse eight it says of deacons likewise must be men of dignity, not double minded or addicted wine, etc. these men must first also be tested. Deacons must be husbands of only one wife. So that's verse 12 of Titus chapter 1st Timothy three and select it as it said because it says that the heart women are and I'm not in the Darlington all that they can. If you are not the vacant point would you even be in a church that when I'm taken what I would do is I would go to the pastor and the elders and sick, look what it says you're in first Timothy three and I saved the elders I go to the elders first when I would do is this had set them up because I want to react quickly and then get your butt. It says let's see yes and Titus one verse five.

For this reason I left you in Crete this is Paul talking to Titus that you would set in order what remained in appoint elders in every city, as I directed you name leave a man above reproach, the husband of one wife that's on their Greek on their NIOSH good night guys husband one wife husband of one wife. That's what it says that I'd ask. So women can't be elders right it's a that's correct.

Good not go back to Titus chapter 3 and say deacons must be husbands of one wife, Mrs. undress me us good night because the slight variation on the same word on their undress. So it says the same thing so can women be deacons dalliance with a sigh and then if there is a well we don't care about that okay will I hear watch me back on the church watch I'm testing my feet as I back out of the church.

That's what you know I'm leaving because you guys are not submitting to the word of God. I can trust you. Okay that they're Not sure it wrong for a chart to take a lion out with the bank to expand their building. I can say yes I can say no because I don't know all the circumstances, the church might have.

Let's say for example the tornadoes in Nebraska and the church was growing and want to reach out and bank comes and says look will offer you a loan at 1% and will even help you out here so you can rebuild the church would have a good thing baby the elders and the need to get together and talk and see if the thing see the people would have enough money to fund the rebuilding of the church. While there rebuilding their own homes. So you see it's not so easy to say yes or no, we don't want to just have somebody some church in the middle of the megalopolis in and say hey… Add on… Another something was by that building over there and will got it and make it a bigger church volatility to be involved and see what happens itself not so easy. I like the idea of not borrowing money, but significantly raised from within the church. I think that's the best way normally speaking okay okay right now like I have a great night you to fix a lot all right three open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 Anthony from Kansas.

Welcome Anthony here on the error we got are you doing that I'm doing all right hanging in there.

Yeah. Anyway, I Aaron two. Here in the book. I guys like you say that your individual thread to conduct the oh maybe the argument basically that that there are parallels between how we treat the earth of the planet the way we treat women and treat people of color like fracture in control of my brown body that that and avoiding taking enough that your stay in.

The last thing you said, but this guy was talking about how we treat women, people of color in the first and was the last sentence you said there what I told you I will be saying say what is 77 mass like why call 7707 is nicely back to the show. We have one open line 772072276. All right, let's get back on your with Anthony. Okay, I think that that's a continue. Yes your peck on the air all okay okay well it was the Anglo liberation theology regular Christianity back and goals older worldview. But I'm all but she was making parallels between our treatment of the environment. Our treatment of women in treatment of people of color about the treatment of white people know she's prejudicial and the and considers prejudice against my people as well from people so you just ask.

She's just not interested in talking about talk treatment should be from all perspectives are there no you think you might be made on it and that's a bunch of crap I get so sick and tired of this is just one of the ways of destroying our culture and trying to destroy masculinity the idea that masculinity is evil, bad not to be trusted and dangerous. The patriarchal system is is pejorative because men are the ones in charge can trust men is an attack and it's sickening. And so to say this that we Christian men need to act like Christian men enter different ways effectively manifested but enforcement in 1613 be on the alert stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.

How did Jesus act as a man. We men need to emulate him and what he did was he didn't put up with crud and he spoke the truth. He treated all people equally treated them lovingly. The Pharisees are the ones who he rebuked for the false religious system teaching and he taught any for gave this about me to do and this is something a lot of people don't know about that. He led and he led by teaching and going and he had followers who went after him.

He was a leader and mentor supposed to be leaders respond to emulate Jesus and so this is what were called to do the Christian church doesn't mean we put one around on fire hair and maybe sandwich woman that's nothing like that and Jesus also laid his life down for the bride and where to do that for our wives as well and treat women honorably and with respect and honor. This needs to happen in the Christian church and the idiocy that's going on in the world is an attack on masculinity particular the white culture because it's the white males who largely built this country is not to say that the Blacks and the Chinese are no whoever or whatever all the others were involved with advancing, but it can understand that the great majority the people are white and they did a great deal of work in this country and got it where it is not good bad and the ugly. It's all there.

But the idea here is that white masculinity is now the thing to be attacked, and the patriarchy is going to be attacked along with Christianity because Christianity teaches that Jesus was a male and that wives are to submit to their husbands, but that submission is not obedience. It means submission willingly, willingly, the way they would do that with her with the Lord who is leaving this is was going to be out of seminar on this but nevertheless that's what's going on and that woman sounds like she's full of of woke idiocy is what sounds like to me so far. Here I think American American on American arm and start talking that way because even though black people been occurring in America yet airbrushed yet we put the environment destroyed many feet. Yeah, I think that kind of you like being used to not to God to turn people away from the get great progress that we've made this country the incredible progress you Blacks were treated so badly in the early part of the century. In the 1800s. They work effect and that that's not the case anymore. Now that you are so much difference that's occurred, we should rejoice in we should rejoice that women are even freer than they were before. We should rejoice in that. Who's the one who's pushing these things is like saying all all the white males are against all the rights for women and Blacks and Asians and whenever only themselves. This is what the implication is in its stupidity. It's idiocy is not the case.

I live in Idaho there's like two or 3% over 97% is like that white people here in Idaho and you know but I'll tell you this, the non-whitefish people we encounter them don't care when Col. we did all we care about is look at a person are you. That's what Richard said no are you conservative are you liberal, you Christian you not. We don't care what color your business. Not everything you guys like that all the country just book a person.

That's what we want to know that's how should people who are no but you are a total climate. They would become the climate change and Mary are people doing that because I have hardly any ghetto air all the climate change yet skeptical to what's happening.

It is think about this.

Climate change is being used along with the oppression of the whites in order to reconstruct our country and push socialism meant to get control that's it and woke.

This is assisting that along with BLM BLM is a horrible organization. I did research on early on and they teach stuffing and promote that that is so incredibly ungodly. It is just like a white supremacy group that's that's antichrist, willingly financed those extremes and were just because you're black doesn't mean you can't be prejudicial. So that's the thing that everybody has problems. Everybody is the same sinners and what we hide behind or hide under. In order to make ourselves feel better about who we are, at the expense of others is that of standing up and doing what to do with ourselves and be better citizens and help others.

That's were supposed to be doing with the enemy gets into causes division and caused dissension and anger and by doing that the left can come in and so more discord and great gain more control to leave open the borders. Let the illegals come in to be supporting socialistic, they let the evil Camilla the drugs is coming over that's happening a lot. They are biting the branded administration is basically equipped our enemy with the billions of dollars in weaponry.

Inflation money is going out of style versus having harmony trust found a bag of left right back after I call 770770 bill.

I don't think it will really answer the question or collage report. I think you try to get across that event that all 613 command nailed to the cross. So were no longer under that law will you log great for me. I don't want to put words in his mouth, but I think that 20 get across the verse I thought was the consistencies and he thought through the consistency of my position but I was cordial and he was a pastor so praise God we just disagree this issue when it was very nice. The after show was interesting. I got attacked again. You think I should send out to posters of me with darts so the people can get it out of your system. Be nice if instruments looking to throw darts at any got one will you was on the bait left to go by what to write. The ductwork that another guy that really got it we were backed out of the guide come up the yeah you know I've got see the list people few people who have sent me. See three shirts three different T-shirts so much heresy, so little time. So you know they get on these hobby horses and then what they do is they believe one point they interpret all of everything else in life that one thing, and this is what causes him to be so whacked they don't have a whole holistic understanding of Scripture like that one guy when he went took me to John 834 student were Jesus is if you commit sin, or the slave of sin. I told him in the Greek is a participle sheet means and ING's and it's an ongoing action. That's what he's talking about the participation in the biting. You're not a Christian Eucharist US in Center City. He did want to hear it. Now it says if you commit a sin your slate of said Jefferson met the nearest euro slave of sin is like dude, you're not listening and said here's what the Greeks as I don't want to hear about the Greek. I wonder what it says it just I just said your ignorance and your arrogance are just astounding because I work quickly Greek, with a gap or supper it out. I did little time with people. Okay, what's the verb, it may mean what is it you know what's the word out of hospital topic and what's with the knowledge of the genitive distinction is will you learn this in the first couple of weeks. If you've taken Greek so it was pretty good and arrogant. Biblically illiterate is almost an auditor idle at the bow to think that that Johnny 2430 for the way they interpreted not weight actually is is pretty bad. It was the debate ended and the guy though the debater he was great. He was a delight to got a lot of great many what you know you left your there's more to it. You will think this is five-point is not is a great deal more is very very very deep theology and some of the most spiritual people in the history of our country and reflect As well as in Europe, so anyway that's that's no big deal, but the what that Bible teachers are what about 55 I think so. I think you are so intelligent and and obviously will learn when you say stuff like that oh so true about. That's what that guy's an exception if you got problems that now. Dining slick.

You can trust our RMN goblins. All right, that was Bill from California was good to tell you your line of women in the pulpit, which I would love to talk about talked about Lissy Ron from Ohio Ron welcome you on here you doing very good. All right, just busy. Okay good day. A really good story testimony, but it's really cool okay yeah okay fast. I live in Ohio I live in Ohio about three years ago I went to Ohio State. Will God sent me to Ohio State football game to pray with people okay so there is people on crutches and we are God would have any doing healing prayers with these people.

I walk up to this gentleman I today like a free prayer. He says no.

He reaches out a hand to shake my hand. He says I want to give you one of the pastor I'm like wow and 90,000 people right okay so keep this in mind, Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River correct okay so he says wait a second, as we are about to part ways because I just got back from Israel.

He said he reached in his pocket and he pulled up the stones anything here you can have one. Hello, thank you God and he says wait a minute I got something else in my pocket any reaches in his pocket he pulled out a vial of water from the Jordan River cool 90,000 people. God sent me over there to pray with people okay and 90,000 people here I end up God puts me with this guy Jill Gilani had to be the only guy there and 90,000 that had a vial of water. Jordan River right you can line, praise God.

Yes, it was a God moment for sure. So anyway he proceeded to baptize me.

You know, through Jesus with this with this water during River deported on is a cool people might deported in my hands and I wiped my face after he said the prayer and I felt like I felt like just know even more weight came off my shoulders. You know I just felt like so my doctor just floated right away. Is that cool yet he has 9000 in Israel to and brought back some of the stones that did not cry out and was in the Georgia little bit, but it's a wonderful place to go is actually awesome probably not going to get there early if you know anything with God, anything is possible and probably not get there.

I am a Jew for Jesus Harry Osborne in a Jewish family. Now I have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Ray's neck. I was raised minute or two you have a question. Yeah okay so I went to church with this lady. She said hey, my church and check it out when I was there was a lady that was given the message and I'm like okay well it would delete any in the body of Christ. There is no man woman you all young black or white, were all just one member of the body of Christ. So to me that then that's okay. If this one of the get up here and give a wrong and give a message. I'm not much will probably at least that is incorrect. You do is you went to Galatians 328. If either Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, nor male nor female. No one in Christ male or female is okay for such okay for me to be a pastor know it's not that verse in Galatians 328 is about salvation is not about okay in the pulpit and the issue being in the pulpit is it's not for women is for men and need to step up and do their okay okay yeah and you change the words that you believe like I do this but the Holy Spirit man yeah I see you repeat what she was saying okay okay I'm getting enough okay so well. He said that though hello what I'm saying is use of snow and I know that's what I know. That's what I said that's she called the holy leader.

It okay okay the Holy Spirit is a person not not a human being the person in the sea a lot of sense and not a right. Yet, in the sense of nonpersonal okay yeah I know that she called and she could Holy Spirit him and I like waited you just took the Lord, you change the words of the Bible right there. It says he Bible in the King James version. It refers to the whole wilderness, and you know it's 2000 and I can tell you this okay is like Spanish. The you conjugate a verb if he sheet and it are all one form, we distinguish okay them in English and Greek at the same thing.

So you have to okay I know yes that's correct. And yet know what it is by the context. And so the Holy Spirit will be in the not master okay okay that was really sorry I was a partner I got for later lines less right back after mass Y call 77077 pairs nicely back matching fund raising drive so/we really depend on the other your thing because it helps us for the beginning of the payout a lot of money for the missionaries and for insurance at this life with with ministry. All right, let's get to a more from north Carolina welcome you on the air you show now know like that and I like it, love it that link it reminds me of what a boat behind me Obama guy the way I Zechariah you have a he was very good communicator yet he's very computer computer and then he was found to be have been some events in so again, yet he was good teacher but he was found to be in some pretty bad sent Africa but yet he was a good very good communicator. I really by about. I'm out what I like that show what I so and and now the height of the light in a drunken goal and I can come to the kite a I like it.

500 feet debated so many people that I can recall the old records now, but the past couple years but I just been debate. A lot of people out. Mark uncle. We happily get moment saying white and they but anyway I guess when WII have no say what you're doing. I lady, but you doing and that that that you get the date said you very much appreciated. God bless couple that they glancing closer praise God are listed to Mark from Florida Mark welcome you here meant that I don't do all right hanging in there early so you know the situation.

My work there and without saying certain things I could get black or anything like that.

I had their offering a opportunity for religious exemption or the grandpa Joe's cough syrup and yanking the physicians right exactly. I'm taking the position that they don't really need have any right now my religion nor my medical history and I would agree. My question about doubt that my trading alignment being shamed in my face when I do that that the perception of of others when I say that will produce you can control the perception of others. You need to do for God first and then try and be a good witness to others as well so love you a lot uncoated and some other things on the website.

Of course, and aggression information but religious exemption thing and I got a letter for that. You can print it up the lot of vaccines. Let's just say are developed using aborted fetal material and we talked about this yesterday.

Things are. I don't want to benefit from that. And so it's a religious thing and I think that if that's your conviction you should let them know what is in it which was conviction for an atheist you can do religious conviction so I don't have a problem with something wealthy of a religious extending a religious exemption. That's okay. I would have no problem with and so yeah it's right in the Christian this that I don't want to participate in this or that if they say will you lose your job you know any to face the issues consequences and hold that and this is what's happening in our totalitarian government that does becoming totalitarian people and what totalitarianism is this where the government is a complete and total control of everything and what they do is they try and move us along toward submission in every way they can. This was happening now and so masks are necessary when you have a pandemic. But when the pandemics past like it has been. They continue to force you to wear much control marker and controlling people and forcing them. You can't have folk advice seller eat or drink, or move until you have your passport papers your papers or papers and was a coyote system. This is the problem with little that is been used to control on the guess vaccines are. I don't have a problem. I know people have gotten the job is alarmingly applicable could be religious exemption. It felt bitter control marker beat you will marker in it and another fell throughout. It might be my it might be is like a woke saying is being I think being used to give her the people in the military so that the ones where I stop over will do whatever they're told and then they can turn on the population that's what I'm worried about so conniving. Basically, anything can be used as a control marker having dealt so much with the Colts for years.

One of the marks of the person in occult is the lack of critical thinking and the lack of the right to examine what the leadership says and to be heard in this agreement by that same leader leadership in wind subculture work so Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses criticize, etc. you're supposed to submit to the leadership they know more there in position and if you question, then you are punished. This is how it is.

So in Christianity through question okay will is talk about in the San Francisco but in Colts they do this to punish you for resisting the authority above them. If you set so sure about this and this is what's happening in our society. The people in control.

The few that they are, who are usually millionaires and were out of touch with the average Joe are the ones who are trying to punish people who don't get to jabbed you do your own thing. Just wondering why that is why that is punishment going to try to write my brain around why because it will think it's cause you to fear that you'll do what they want time. That's what it is. It's an issue of fear and control. Fear is what these control sodas news media do you know this omicron they date skeptics see the XE in Greek and honest because I believe because the Chinese leaders name is it ski and so there's a very quick similarity there so they are appeasing the Chinese which is in is so bad, it just enrages me. This cave is so they nothing at all. Omicron, which apparently is pretty benign, but know now that you have new lockdowns. It's more control the more people get used to control the more they will become controlled and then they will just say yes I'll give up my weapons.

Yes I'll give up my rights. Yes I'll give up everything and then when the state gets in control. It will then confiscate all private property for the betterment of everybody else to get rid of white supremacy and inequality because you gotta have equity for everybody in the state will tell you what is equitable and that's Venezuela is what happened to Venezuela religious freedom, religious freedom is almost always suppressed in a socialistic totalitarian regime. So trying to do absolutely.

This is why the Christians need to be very aware what's going on and the pastors need to be speaking about this from the pulpit.

They need to be aware of it need to be addressing this and we need to resist socialism.

Socialism is not biblical. And I could teach and preach on what is biblical there there's there biblical things.

There and the so anyway biblical models and its capitalism.

Believe it or not, but not even raping and pillaging the land. You know it is right and it the idea within that is to care for others. The gleaning thing in the Old Testament theirs considering others to be.

Will you love them and things like that and so that's close to half of what people are not Christians. What happens is they have benefited from the foundation laid by so many Christians within our history that were woven into the Constitution and Bill of Rights which are derived data Scriptures and Puritans people notice the history didn't tell you this anymore.

They don't want people know this and so I get rid of that but the building on the foundation that was laid by biblical principles by the founding fathers of our country. And then there kicking them out and they don't wanting to do with it and they want to remake everything according when they want it was not socialism that made America great, was not socialism is capitalism with its problems because people are sinners is not a social system that make something right in asserting the social stuff is it removes individuality and you have to be part of the group and causes groupthink. And if you don't step in line with groupthink that your punished publicly to stop others from stepping out of line was happening all it right away, but I appreciate you helping out with that answer yes lame out before I go I just I heard last week that is off the topic that your struggling are having issues with prediabetes and now maybe I'll start are you are you doing Friday and I like my 6.7 you once you've selected is very low.

I can probably fix it with diet and some other stuff going overlying fight I just went through this situation actually does reasonably could have all also think your show and I was in the in the same situation as having something I and Delaware back here tomorrow. Powered by the Truth Network

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