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December 13, 2021 4:49 pm

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December 13, 2021 4:49 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can people go from hell to heaven---2- Is it wrong to call a biblical figure like David -holy----3- Are the rapture and the second coming the same event---4- Is the millenium in Revelation 20 literal or figurative---5- Why did God say that God say that Adam and Eve would die the day they ate the fruit---6- Do all the people who died before Jesus have the chance to hear the gospel after death---7- How do dinosaurs fit into the Bible-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine why Ramsey is called responding to your questions and 19 born in December so I was 100 and let's see today use 1210 20 wanted what you recall all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276. All right, boy, before you get on to the error with the with the call to tell you something. We had a meeting this morning our guy in Nigeria was an attempt on his life and peace in hiding and what you pray for him. His name is Moses, so let people know you're in there that Nigerian Christians are under attack by the Muslims of the world base was ignoring its Christianity is under attack restricting murdered all of the place in the secular media didn't care about laws.

Christians are being killed. That's okay, and the soul he heard gunfire and three nights ago and he, his wife had to flee on the back with her family and during hiding and will he went back again afterwards with the bad guys left and were AK-47 shells around the area and stuff so it turns out that the article that I wrote on Christians right of self-defense. He has been submitting that two different churches different places of 40,000 copies. He said today been distributed by one pastor who I just got the got it and printed it up. He's distributed thousands and thousands and the Muslims don't like it and so they have him marked and going after the urologist look to ask that you lift him up, lift them up in prayer with his family that he would be delivered from being martyred and that that imprecatory speaking that the unbelievers would be dealt with appropriately. Now we wanted to come to face. That's what they want what we want. We escort you can save so as well.

Look this up because it's a serious issue and you're the worst I've been persecuted is threatened with death, and swatted car followed things like that people tell me to kill me various persecutions I shut the website down legal actions have had different things over the years and people just don't like what I say and he took it upon themselves to make corrections because they are the ones who think that they know what's right and wrong. If you like. That is dangerous and when you get a religion like Islam where that is the case is even more dangerous. The hadith which is a deed in the sink of Mohammed teach that Mohammed killed a lot of people who were against Islam and Mohammed is supposed to be the one that they emulate in the Quran, in particular answering nine talks about killing unbelievers and its hat is happening. Muslims are killing Christians of all of the world. You'd think that those who you know in America. Here who don't like a Christian satyr on the file think you think that they would do is is trying war against those who are actually taking up arms and killing villagers and killing them. Men, women and children in different parts of the world, particularly in Nigeria. I know it's also happening in India as well or plot places where this is happening and so Moses is now he has to move to a different part of Nigeria altogether and window fundraiser for him because we don't have the funds and no fundraiser thing just help him with moving costs, which is a few hundred dollars.

So there you go want to give you guys a heads up on that and there you go. So add new perspective so others that it also. We are now we are going to video on a monastic life. Big leaving will be doing the radio video on car videos, but there couple each property in the month of Florida. Matt slick life. We can dedicate that just to the radio show and all that kind of stuff. If you're interested in following exactly where that is.

You can go to car veteran/Matt slick life all one word. And if you do that it'll take you to a page on that page you cannot see the links where you can click on things and watch the video you see things is not a big deal, and so were asking people to go to subscribe over there and that's really moving to you and watch the show. Watch me sit in my chair in the office and do that that sounds interesting. Also, we are having an end of year fundraising campaign which means that if you donate $20. We have someone who will match the 20 and so your 20 becomes 40 or 10 becomes 20 in all you do is go to combat org CAR M.O are and you can you can check things out there.

You know/donate actually and also I forgot to mention is that you can also send it when you want to the PO Box and the PO Box at the very bottom of every page PO Box 1353, Nampa, ID 83653 and so there is everything that he needs), and we appreciate your help and those of you who are newbies to the show preachers Rosetta for money. No I don't. I rarely ask your sister and mother December each year I let people know the matching funds drive and people can do no publicity for years will can tell you I just honored us with money. I trust God, but we let people know what we do matching funds.

All right, so there you go, and the karma is now been access to hundred and 48 million times goes about once every two or three weeks or so.

All right. I think that's it. So we have for Vermont if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the Kemper North Carolina Kim, welcome your on their program called natural without law both I get and the APA you love the freedom I feel he went directly about the demographic between having noisy could you write that this blank biblically. If it just doesn't work. You're correct she was 927 says that's says it's plenty demented. I once after this comes judgment. There is no way to get prayed out of something the Roman Catholics will take umbrage what I'm saying in purgatory and indulgences with pay money and get people out of purgatory by praying for them and paying money and things like that. But that's just all false doctrine, and so said Roth guy who interviewed a person said that obviously the person from different flat out said Roth. You have me come on the show. We can talk about this time of the biblical position is not that with people's experiences tell them, but I knew that thank you program okay you think it I have not heard it could be that he just interviewed someone who is saying that and it doesn't mean he approved of it, but I don't know all the nano you have to leave it because of the URL you check it out. Good expos on him and see what his position is so looking at a website and was seeking to find out who he is. What a statement of faith is and do analysis.

I got so much to do a debate on Monday night, or suffer to be doing next interesting week for me but nevertheless okay all right thank you RMA goblins money. All right, let's get to Jamaal from North Carolina right after the number 877-207-2276 Jamaal welcome your on your Matt slick are you doing all right hanging in there hanging in there.

Be a good deal of awkward about your and thought that the skylight going off Harley-Davidson and it. Holding and Michael is a really good right call holding David David's holy son write what we should say. Holy David Cooper not only David's son. Yeah, that's where lighthearted like that on the whole Harley-Davidson Harley-Davidson oh I get it. It's just a play on onward. I understand you as a big deal. I wouldn't word it like that I would do just because it's kind clever because it might yield misleading but you know it's okay Harley-Davidson III get it soon. You know, it would be. I wouldn't think too much about it now.

Jesus just got it supplied. I get things at the deal lighthearted, but the like before you know you don't do anything misleading. You know my mind like a small bite of my blackout will be holy, all will get there other holy people in all that long, small yeah I appreciate that answer and you like to get that shirt you I wouldn't wear it because of the confusion and the careful yeah, but I'm trying to be too legalistic about stuff you know that that's all I saw was like okay I will think remote Mac look about you.

Merry Christmas to you all you love you too many things like pollution all right is Jamaal from North Carolina. Functionally blind if you want to get on the phone and get in line.

All you do is dial 877-207-2276 David Selleck city. Welcome your on here Matt David Squires here. I talked to you, probably about 1/2 ago about bad Theology you talked a lot about once taken one flapped out the wicked, so I'm wondering regarding the rapture and that docking coming of age. They'll understand them and they'll accuse that part of bad. You are you same same or different words and doctrines taught by case of the rapture is us being caught up and by tourist that's in for Sicilies for 16 fibers to but the second coming of Christ crisis is returned to the question is how those events relate to each other and they do relate so I believe are simultaneous or have been very close within an hour to three, four day a few seconds are not, but very close okay interesting and mad. So when felt in your will on my back before will doubt the near. May not be about the near time while their different views three mill on Mill Post Mill three Mills says work before the literal thousand year reign of Christ on Mills says that the millennium is a figurative period of time and that were in it now and in Post Mill says that the future preaching of the gospel will convert the world and so you break the hold on a phrase we have of what you call 87720776 Matt slick. Why call 770-7776. All right David for installing solar array to integrate quicker loss to flow their night and typing some stuff in the room so you another question can get back into it. You were talking about Lonnie all about bigger cabin if you can address that we all know that I are just want to know the time when the right case so they do is go to Revelation 21 talks with the thousand years on the nasty question as you go through okay. Nessie was literal and figurative right ready and I saw an angel coming down from heaven, literal or figurative. I would say look would to holding the key of the abyss, literal and figurative figure okay and a great chain in his hand, literal or figurative also figured I would agree laid hold of the Dragon little or figurative figurative, the serpent of old little or figurative figurative verifying that all yeah yeah it did is I say I don't I go that when literal because it was a serpent in the garden so I would gladly do it without tearing up. Okay, who is the devil and Satan, literal or figurative O okay and bounding for thousand years. Literal or figurative, that the average of a LKI. So maybe it is right I need is not the point. I'm just trying to make is that in the context it's it's figurative and literal usage and what people do sometimes technology just means literal and I all this, it will how do you know and his siblings were to Cigna it just means figurative will. How do you know because the questionnaire if both ways. We can't say I think we can you know to be fair, we can't say oh it's only this one, but we can say that the thousand years is used in this case within a figurative context but does necessitate that it's likely figurative literal effect of this unmet hesitate, right now, when we when we do look at the phrase a thousand years, it happened that was weird to Q never saw the semi Bible program and left that little thing right there.

All right, I can't talk about that matter. I dislike and so, do a back search thousand years. Okay so second Peter 38 says this but do not let this one fact escape your notice. Beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day left that's figurative definitive usage okay and so let's go back and even if an event was a thousand years, twice, does not enjoy good things is Ecclesiastes 66 that's a figurative usage also for thousand years in your site are like yesterday when it passes by a Psalm 90 verse four. So those are the only usages I could find and And 60,000 hills, I think, is one by a thousand hills see can't find it doesn't matter.

So the pointer to make is that the word that longer-term thousand years certainly seems to be used figuratively in the Bible and that's how I seen it and it's like saying you know the guys can deliver a couple billion years was that mean we don't know drives a large I so so there's that now.

Also, according to the premillennial view. It says that Satan will be bound during the millennium literal thousand years right. I well here we go now to throw this out big I'm not dying this hill only know if you don't believe like I do get Megan on the can.

It is, but to this is what what I saw and reading in Matthew 12 2232 and it talks thereabouts. Jesus casting out demons and he says in verse 29 because of the Pharisees are so you're doing it by the power that the evil one. They also both the mass of the demons know how can NG he says, how can anyone enter the strong man's house and carry office property but exorcisms unless he first binds the strong and the nuclear's house so sick but a minute and then he talked about but binding Satan certainly seems to be binding Satan to talk to the devil. If Satan is in verse in verse 26 of Satan.

Satan is divided against himself. If I by Beelzebub cast out demons need to find out who Beelzebub is. If it's another word for word Jesus goodness leg and repent of that slip of the tongue is looking at things at once. I hate when I do that now and then another name for the devil and so I'm doing is so buildable needs to meet the prince of the demons and when I do a bit of research on it to find out what it is and it seems to be referring to Satan, Lord of the flies or Lord of the manure pile. It was used against Jesus and by his enemies and Matthew 1025 buildable spoken so he waited. Okay there we got week as a resource to do that but the thing is if here's the thing.

If during the millennium, Satan is bound and it looks like Satan was bound at the time of Christ, then the M.

The implication is that the big the ability begin to make sense right is right now. Here's unable to think about. I like doing this with people messing them up like a mess them up.

They lose sleep and then they safe the harder I talked to Matt slick on the radio. He made sense and I don't want them to what I like, like, it would seem a very dry get okay so you don't know if they want to slap you work or give you a hug giggled about how I know they wanted flat me most of the time.

I teach middle and high school and felt that open to new information from Any like gauntlets okay so there's this phrase you know two men in the field was taken was left. And people say that's the rapture right yeah I'm now you If you thought that we walked through together, loud for him. I called you because that's not really don't know now that I think bring that up is because the ones were taken of the wickedness of the context as I don't even Matthew 13 here's the thing, because it says in Matthew 1330. The parable of the wheat and tares, and so we stir up the day your tears, and Jesus is no way till the time of the harvest will say to the harvesters first gather up the tares. The first was gathered of the wicked not the good. That's what Jesus says in Matthew 1330 I first saw this, like what ever what I any church on any program. This incident took two years before I went public with I believe it. So when that his reason bring this up when he interprets this. He says in verse 40 the tares of the king our God, gathered up and burned with fire, so shall be the end of the age. Verse 41 the Son of Man will send forth his angels will gather out of his kingdom all the stumbling blocks with her to convert his king is now this is to read back after these messages I call 77077 you call all you do is dial 877207227604 plans give me a call and is give you heads up that the bottom of the hour were doing an end of year matching funds drive to the month of December so if you want to help us out anything you donate will be adult it out and if you do that which I do right now. I believe that all the information you need right there, is there and also the bottom of the page is the PO Box you sent seven, PO Box 2 loans postmarked by the 31st of right as he was easy, quick and slick all right forth in lines 877-207-2276.

All right look back. Thank you so quick? I know you have another call it competent, not in the meantime is very good rule of thumb that we can you help determine figurative versus L okay, I understand that my semilog test managed storage unit was a little afraid of December 20 don't build a verse attached with the paperclip.

It's a very negative side I can help you.

That was no just tough it is no but this appendices he think God will cover us with his wings. That's obviously figurative and there is a mother hen you know that's figurative, but I did.

I knife and I know that's actually the profit of the skull. The apodictic law and the context of that is in the what's called blood revenge, where say I punch you in the nose and break your nose, your brother punches me not have three teeth. My brother comes breaks his arm. The other brother come to break our legs and neck.

Submit a war going on. And so, skull, blood revenge, the escalation so and I for now. I had tooth for tooth was to keep it equal.

It wasn't that people were forgiving because he parked, but the issue was that that it was no more than this, so that was in a sense very literal this just a little bit of competitor all for the time I met a family knocked my teeth out that I can correct ATTORNEY and we had between energy I have on right to come in my family that's a different story, my family out your we have works I played here, based in math background yet.

I do hope attract my dad wrote quite so I've been through.

Now few times I grew up in yellow Leventhal like now well we drive new Idaho alternate be great to catch up with you coffee out of the park they can beer occasionally may be up there. The problem is something in moderation right.

Of course you is first so no problems is that we know. I was right. But here's what I really appreciate all you do great great teaching that much okay. Bless rightist date from Salt Lake City. We have no callers waiting right now. So if you want give me call now's the time. 877207226 and were tied with his eschatology stuff, you know what want you to know that a lot of people thought a lot of things and I'm not saying I'm right and they're wrong now. I hope I'm wrong. Actually I really do a number to say that I really do want to write about this because my view is different than most every else's view that I know that because it callers want to do is just explaining a little something explain a little something. Let's even do this in memory Genesis 217 would tell you something now the Bible says in first 2015 22 in Adam all die. That means Adam represented all people.

In Romans 519 says through his transgression. The many were made sinners, so we were made sinners by Adam's transgression. When God is talking to Adam now. It doesn't say the specifically that I lean towards this that when God was talking to Adam he was talking to them specifically but also, I suspect, to all mankind, who Adam represented because he represented everybody getting to that time. And God said to Adam, but from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat from it you will surely die so fast. People time will the data that Adam ate the fruit any die they say will know silicone got a letter I trick question.

Chris's all time will he didn't die what he said he would. What's your problem and then they try try getting understand that the issue is their understanding of what it means in that day in that day you will die. She, Adam and Eve did die that day. They did is just that the manifestation of that death took a few hundred years in physical form because their genetics are perfect. What perfect really good now, if it's the case that God was talking to Adam and that in the day that you eat, you shall surely die without Romans 623 says the wages of sin is death. All right, so when I was doing some study and let's see when you find the version I think it's in Rome.

In Matthew 24 the soft top my head so to find stuff. No fussy will be saved. Let's will be saved okay so Matthew 24 is very interesting and find this word says it can go through it because Jesus is to talking to the crowd and is teaching May 24. He came out of the temple and he said the talking.

He said you not see these things Jesus is truly a slave you not one stone will here be left upon another, which not be torn down in the ass and once a sign of your coming and the end of the age. He talks about false Christ's and false prophets and things like that and the issue here is that there is to find a Bible verse that says no flesh will be saved and is in the context of the return of Christ with you, 24, 22, I believe it is unless those days be cut short.

No life would have been saved with for the sake of the elect those days will be cut short unless those days had been cut short.

No life be saved humbly but still like to have salvation in the sense of damnation I think was going on is that he says in verse 15. Read this is interesting stuff. Therefore when you see the abomination of desolation which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place. Then let those who are in Judea flee the mountains whoever's on the housetop must not go down to get the things that are in his house this is. This made us very fast. You see this you just run Jesus time you get out of there.

It is gonna hit the fan. He goes on, whoever's in the field must not turn back to get his cloak. But woe to those who are pregnant and those who are nursing babies in those days, but pray that your flight will not be in winter or on the Sabbath. For then she reported there shall be great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world or tell now, nor ever will be, unless those days be cut short. No flesh will be saved the life of the site for the sake of the elect those days of the cut short. It was sent you. There's Christ I don't believe in false Christ. As will rise this evening so when I was looking at this verse 24, 22 those days because short and the life be sleep. I can't help but wonder if there's a connection between Genesis 217, the day that you eat of the fruit you will die and Romans 623. The wages of sin is death, and that at this time mankind will have been working so hard against God that he will bring itself to the place of destruction and that Jesus is going to stop. He's gonna come back and stop what's happening otherwise there will be complete destruction. So I lean towards the idea that the beginning of the end was when Adam fell, and that ever since then, the end times have been coming and that the fruit of Adam's rebellion is definitely to him, but of all of mankind in physical and spiritual sense. No course of the elect are saved out of that, but I suspect that what's going to happen is things are gets so bad that mankind could to destroy itself. And before that happens. Christ comes back in for a gigantic celestial I told you so, so that's what I'm looking accident for I think the threshold to I lean towards efficiency.

What you think of that think they give McCall he wants all right is good to go from Indiana. I got welcoming on the year. How would you about. You know what I'm saying earlier about about either you break the bad timing okay okay okay all right as they both arise I got this message is 727577077 from Indiana a dog will quote Scripture, terrible at memorizing Scripture rightly know the Bible pretty good. Like you know what the disciples and everybody in the world is supposed to be able to. One of the truth we should either cry now in the Old Testament the people that God would think I'm garnering to get the team to meet you until I got in the habit. I didn't know if you needed the Old Testament saints in the Old Testament people do new people and guiding the one that what the hell, or you get a chance to listen to Jesus and be yet another chance to be saved by Jesus would probably happens you that I kind of leaned towards Dina's hill again the issue is that those who die before Christ looks like they went to paradise those who died in face of the coming Messiah trusting in the Lord God with the level of understanding that they had that what God had revealed at the time so says Abraham was justified by faith.

Romans 43 is but his justification wasn't because of his faith in God, but he didn't know who the Messiah was so she justified what he saved.

Yes, he was so were the series is is is referenced by Jesus in Mark and Luke 1619 to 31 with Lazarus and the rich man story, not a parable story first name and Lazarus and they went to this place and there was a good place bad place. One place had firemen one wasn't present at all's good paradise. So the theory that I lean towards is that those who died in expectation of the coming Messiah, trusting the true living God when they died. They went to that holding place, but they could not ascend into heaven yet because the sacrifice of Christ had not yet occurred.

So after Jesus had been a sacrifice as it says in Ephesians 4 I think it is eight know why. Therefore, when he ascended on high, he led captive a host of captives and gave gifts to men. So, some think that that means that he went to the place of paradise and didn't preach the gospel so they could get saved but informed them about why they're going to be saved with a arsonist position is in Christ, and he's the Messiah.

And so it says in first Peter 318 for Christ also died for sins once for all, the just for the unjust, so that he might bring to us to God, having been put to death in the flesh were being made alive in the spirit in which also he went and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison who was disobedient, when the patient is a God get waiting, the days of Noah, so it looks like what happened is he went to the bad place and spoke and said this is why you're here in bed Jake. This is why you're in trouble. So this is where the theories that during the three days before his death and resurrection.

She went to Paradise took those people who would died in faith and in heaven informed the disobedience and that spiritual prison. This is why you're in trouble and then was resurrected and was in heaven later.

Okay okay yeah yeah I know dinner somewhere. I could pinpoint it. Appreciate your healthcare welcome.

Now that's that's just a theory, and I lean towards that. But that doesn't mean I'm actually right but that that's just barely correct and I'll probably review on our okay works for me. I okay I appreciate you that if you appreciate that not like you and God bless. All right, let's see, let's get to Kevin from Ohio Lee Kevin welcome your on the air, Mike would you that what about not allow the Lord relate to other people about dinosaur in their relationship, but the LBM around to get a little clear emotional pulmonologist go to Job Job 2141, excuse me, and it talks about a creature who can strip off his outer armor who can come within his double male who can open the doors of his face around his teeth. There's terror. He sneezes flash forth light out of his mouth go burning torches sparks of fire leapt forth out of his knocking go smoke from a boiling pot burning ashes. His breath kindles coals when he raised himself up the mighty fear because the crashing there bewildered sword that reaches him cannot avail, nor the spirit of the dark or the javelin regards, iron a straw bronze is rotten wood.

The arrow cannot make him flee. Sling stones are turned in the stubble for him. Clubs are regarded as stubble.

He laughs at the rattling of the javelin.

He makes the depths boil like a pot behind him.

He makes a week to shine.

That's Job of 41 and you can read through that and it looks like a water-based creature right there. I probably don't see a problem and if you were to go to. Let's see in Job 40 Georgia 40 behold now is behold but he must behold now, his strength is in his loins and his power in the muscles of his belly. He bends his tail like a cedar which is a big tree the sins of his thighs are knit together his bones are tubes of bronzes limbs are like bars of iron is first of the ways of God from the mountainous Arctic bringing food in the base of the field, so he goes on and on and on and it looks he might be a land-based dinosaur so there's no problem with dinosaurs being described a joke. Okay, old. Around the same time a lobby taking place that correct yes and that was written in the book of Job is so you know is an extremely old book, which I think is the oldest book written because the Hebrew is extremely old now. Just so you know in, but biomolecular characteristics and protein sequences of the Cambrian Hydro store of the candidiasis by science magazine. They found cropped scientists have discovered soft fresh looking tissue and dinosaur remains were purportedly at 80 million years old. These protein-based tissue structures are not expected to survive more than tens of thousands of years due to the natural break down large molecular chains so when amendment. How can you have the soft tissue in their DNA. Soft tissue in bones 80 million years old. That's another thing you did it. If the world can't beat no. 80 million years old being somewhere around like the other day 2020. The 30,000 years old at all. Most probably letting off now think they have Bob live over like like a falcon year absolutely.

Yes, there oh yeah, they found a booth so you don't man-made boots of the 1700 1800s with the human femur and it with your foot bone and it fossil.

I remember reading a story about the minors down a couple hundred feet or something like that. 100 feet underground chipping with her acts is not a rock fell down in their path and underground under their tunnel and it broke open and a frog was in it, and after a while the frog started moving down there. There's a lot of stuff people just don't know. But here's the thing. Scientists have their way of filtering out those things that don't suit their their net asset to preconceived ideas. Not clear thought or a clear on dinosaurs live because they is pastors generally are not apologists who study these kinds of things pastors generally. I've been up after you got this meeting that meeting that this counseling session a counseling session you put up this fire that firing a proper wedding prep for a funeral in their busy and so studying these particular things isn't the priority not knocking them at it it to customer should do and so apologists like myself, to do those things they have to do so I can answer the questions like that and so no, they generally just don't have time to study, but they need to know and to provide answers to the pulpit number tell you if our pastor again. You can rest assured I be teaching all kind of stuff in the pulpit and we talk about UFOs I talk about dinosaurs I talk about mathematics in the Big Bang when it was appropriate and I would give them information that have handouts say let's get equipped because the sermon is supposed to be informative, instructional, correctional, and relational delete. Thank you so very much for that you have appreciate you not filter goblets. Appreciate have a great weekend. Okay on banking they thought let you guys know that. So the second week it looks like of January would take an entire week off with the infamous Luke. Wayne worked with her sister beefs subbing for me during that week on the radio old. It'll be good so give more on that later. Let's get to Rozier from North Carolina. Roger welcome your on their net doing okay more hanging in there, but the company my question. So in the New Testament pretty clear that manner didn't last. And I can't believe they can come to faith until God regenerates them right right wall is that the same for the Old Testament spirit hasn't come down yet or how does that was the condition of man is due to the fall and so the people in the Old Testament as well as the New Testament are under Adam and Adam all die for just 1522, so they had the same nature that we do fall in nature and the New Testament describes more details about the ability and disability of the fallen nature and so they had the same issue.

Jesus is you cannot come to him and that's been granted to you for the father. John 665 so anybody who come to Christ, whether prophetically in that there hoping for the Messiah or looking back at the Messiah can only do so because God is greater than movement to the so I know that would be like in our God of the remainder are genuine. All that will happen.

People that come to faith everybody can write you us just to eat God's will gives us a new heart. He causes us to be born again. First Peter 13 were not born again of her own will. John 113 God's one who does this people understand the extent and nature of our fallenness and our sinfulness before the infinitely holy God the way of humanism is to elevate us and save on my free will means that I can choose God itself to me in my wisdom and my ability and my sinfulness. This is a humanistic philosophy that's propagated all throughout pulpits across America and it did understand if the danger and the severity of sin and its effect and that reminds me, I heard something on TV of moat something they preached what they gave something about Jesus is loving Jesus is this, and it even preached that were sinners, we need we need of redemption from our sin and I put it but my wife is at this with a missed and it's often the case that people don't deal with the issue of our own sinfulness, but it's necessary to discuss the consequences of that sin and the necessity of trusting in Christ with redemptive work and escape simple judgment that's coming from God. Okay, that that may not only that the starting point.

If you don't know that you have a major problem.

You can't do anything about it Then there really was not a call back okay I think Greg or Greg from North Carolina Monday and I will ask Wayne what that meant the cultural context of the wedding feast and that it will make sense for Greg God bless hey folks, another program powered by the Truth Network

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