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October 28, 2021 4:00 am

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October 28, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What are the ramifications or consequences spiritually of a church's members with a female pastor---2- Have you read the book Christian Muslim dialogue---3- Do Christians go through any type of judgment when Christ returns---4- What is the biblical doctrine regarding Mary, sin, and her virginity---5- A caller wanted to disagree regarding women pastors, citing Galatians 3-28.--6- What should the church's standpoint be on the vaccine mandate---7- While Jesus was being crucified, did he still have control over the universe -holding it together-, etc-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine why Grimes is called responding to your questions and know.

Yes, today 25th is the 26th anniversary of the corn website I started 26 years ago today and is had no electrical middle check of all the numbers, fingertips and scope of the file, so will you.

26 years ago today. We got missionaries in Columbia now and Brazil and Turkey in Africa and will praise God.

And so we have had new visitors to the site of hundred 47,922,490 947 million visitors page views.

That means one person could going to look at 23 pages page uses 228 million and the number of people who've returned. That means they come back. They've spent time on the site and they hung around and looked around is 80,470,041 so 80 million people that this is different people from different computer. That's how you metric like different computers IP addresses. How about that 80 million returning visitors and 26 years today so that's just a happy birthday and the congratulations you and stuff like There You Go. You May Call. We Have Three Open Lines 877-207-2276. Let's Just Jump onto Get to Benjamin from Charlotte North Carolina Benefit Welcome on Here. I Don't Do All Right Hanging in There Man What He Got from the Very Walk Okay When Witness for an On-Campus Something FEMA Roads.

Anyway, We Got a Question First Question I Looked at the Church. You Know after I Know Are All Too Well, but I Know Each Other and There Today Message and Discipline to One of the Ramifications You're Actually a Female Pastor. Any Bible You Don't about What the Consequence Sin Worship Sin. It's a Sentencing Because Paul the Apostle Says That He Gives Instructions on How to Behave in the Household of God, and That's in First Timothy 315. The Previous Chapter He Says He Does Not Allow a Woman to Teach or Exercise Authority over Men to Remain Silent for Adam Was First Created and Also in First Timothy Three Says the Elders and the Deacons along with the Elders Because Bishops in Titus Chapter 1 in First Timothy Three Must Be Men of One Life Was One Wife, and so This Woman Pastor Is in Rebellion against the Word of God and All Who Were Sitting under Her Are Participating in Her Rebellion Flameout. It States and You Know What's on the Just Say This Again If Anybody Wants to Debate Me on This Publicly a Public Formal Moderated Debate Films Put on Live One Debate Me on This. Let's Debate Okay You Know for the Scriptures of the Bible Support the Idea of Having Women and Elders Will Just That the Topic and You Might Want to Get on It.

I Been Offering This Now for about on the Radio about 17 Years and Haven't Had Any Takers yet I Want. Why Is That Why You Think That You so Billy and I Were It Is Again. What a Cop or the People and They Go to Church That Hardened Hearts Refusal the Rebellion against God. There the Elders Are Supposed to Be Able to Teach Eric of Sound Doctrine Refute Error 11. The Bible Clearly Tells Us That a Woman Is Not to Teach or Exercise Authority for Man for Adam Was First Created. That Is Not a Cultural Thing When You Go to First Timothy Three What Paul the Apostle Says in Verse 15 Is a Case of Delayed I Want I'm Writing to Let You Know How One Ought to Conduct Himself in the Household of God, Which Is the Church of the Living God. That's What He Says in First Timothy 315 First Timothy 350 and Here's What He Says in First Timothy Three to an Overseer Must Be above Reproach, the Husband of One Life Okay As Would Assess Overseers.

The Greek Word Piscopo's and Deacons Must like Might Likewise Be Men of Dignity, Not Double Minded, Not Double Tongued and Then As It Must Be These Men Must Be First Tested and This Is Women Must Likewise Be Dignified, Not Malicious Gossips That's Tied up Top to a Fertility Three Number Go to Titus One Starts off in Verse Five I Left You an Increase to Appoint Elders in Every City, As I Directed You the Word Elders Is in the Greek Presbyter Roy Roos and It's It Is the Accusative Masculine Which Made Us a Great Dog and Protect so There's a Thing It Says If Any Man Is above Reproach, the Husband of One Wife, Having Children to Believe This Is for the Overseer Westward, a Piscopo Loss Again. So the Overseer and the Elder Basically the Same Thing in There to Be the Husband of One Wife Has Woman Fit That Just That Simple Thing I Got Out Of Bed I Befit an Interest They Don't.

So in My Research, 80% of the Churches and Denominations That Adopt Women Pastors within Two Generations of Sort Approving of Homosexuality so This Is My Document… They Are Going to the Church. I Talked with Patrick before and This Is the Same or at the Time of the Reaction I Got I've Seen Them, and Pastors Don't and You Know You Wanted – Oh, Yes, Yes, I Said Well You Know I Started the Bible and and I Was One If You like to Have a Discussion on the Biblical Stance of Women As Nesters, Pastors and They Immediately Sake Not Interested in Talking to You Just As Fast. Even If I Say with the Scriptures Tell You to Give Me an Answer. First Peter 315.

They Don't Want Anything to Do with It. I'll Tell You Why Because They Know That I Would Quote the Scriptures That Speak against What They're Doing against It. They Wanting to Do with It Because They're in Rebellion against God and His Word in This Area yet. My Question Though Your and You Write an Open Door to Allowing Thinker.

Contrary to Work with Will of God by You Having Melissa Is Not the Place Now Is a Theological Reason for This As Well. Some Expanded Little More Because I Wanted to Think the Call This the Chauvinist Quality Was Just the Chauvinist Is People I Could Judge Him the One Who Were You Who Are You to Say What Is Right Is Wrong and Can Be Done and Can't Be Done. I've Had People Say What Paul Was Wrong. I Am Serious Is Women Who Talk Paul Was Wrong. You're Very Arrogant.

They Don't like Me, and on the on the Topic. You Are so Rude Your Intolerant Your Right I Am Intolerant of Not Being Rude to Speak Truthfully Don't like the Truth and They Beta When You Do with This. They Do Not like When I Confront and I Confront the Man I Went to a Local Church Here. Teach about Something, but I Went to a Local Church and Had Women Elders and I and the Pastors Is a Pattern. I Had a Meeting and I Wasn't Aggressive but It Doesn't Mean I Just Know You. Give Me an Answer and It Would Be so Here You Are. He Gave Me the Best Defense He Could from Scripture. I Answered It Very Easily and Then Went to the Scriptures. He Ignored That Speak and Contract Contradiction to What He Said Said Here's What It Says.

Just like a Red US Is House a Woman to Be the Husband of One Wife. How's That Work and He Said Well We Desiccant We Just Disagree the Words I Know What It Says but I'm Not Going to Submit to What It Says Because We Just Can I Disagree Now That Person Qualified to Be an Elder No Now Adam and Eve Were in the Garden. Okay Take a Little Theology Here Because Paul Says It Is Not Allowing Will Never Read This You Know That a Theological Reason Why This Is the Case Is Not Just As Simple As People like to Say and so Adam and Eve Were in the Garden and Eve Sinned. First, She Then Gave the Fruit to Paul to Adam and Then He Sent and so Yeah I'm Looking at Something Else like Typing It so She Send First She Gave the Fruit to Adam. Then He Sent but the Bible Says in Romans 512 That Sin Entered the World through Adam. Not through Eve. Even Though She Send First and When They Were Hiding the Pre-Incarnate Jesus Came and Said to the Man Where Are You He Didn't Address the Woman at First, I Get It Later, but First of the Map.

Where Are You, Because He Was the Wanted Spiritual Authority and Control.

And Paul Says Effectively to 12 and 13. I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach or Exercise Authority over Memo to Remain Quiet Were Quite As Husky and It Means to Keep It down Doesn't Mean to Be Absolute Silent Disputes Don't Keep It down. Okay, for It Was Adam Was First Created and Then Eve. So He's Tying It into the Traded Order That in First Timothy 212 and 13 in the Next Chapter He Says Is Giving Instruction on How to Behold Him to Behave in a Household.I People Say No Paul. This Was a Writer. Whatever Idiots I'm Sorry but You're Going Because the Word of God. How You Do Now.

Why Does Adult Wife Is Adam Have That That Representative Authority to Because It Says, Romans 512.

Sin Entered the World through Adam Will Enter through One Man Because He Represented Us in Romans 519 through His Transgressions of Many That Everybody Were Made Sinners by What He Did to Hear Is Passive Indicative and so He Did This Right Now.

Jesus Is Called the Last at First in 1556, I Think It Is the Signal 5045. The Last Adam. He Represented His People Is Called Representation. If People Did Not Hide.

Adam Represented Us and Had That Authority to Do so They Have To Deny That Jesus Had the Authority to Represent Us. This Is Theological.

It's Based Ultimately the Work of Christ, Which Is Why Adam Was a Representative and Any Covenants, and God Made a Covenant with Adam and All People in Adam, This Is Theology That Never Taught by from Pulpits Well Hitting Different but You Know I Never Hear Him and on and so They Are in Rebellion and They Need to Repent.

Women Pastors and Women Elders You to Step down and Tell the Men to Stand up and Do Their Jobs. Men Need to Start Doing It and If Things Don't Get Done in the Church. Women Then Don't Let Them Get Done. Just Let It Go, but the Men Finally Get Going Get off Their Lazy Rivers Us Are Doing Something.

Don't Tell Them, Let Them Get Underway, Nag Nag Nag, Don't Do That If You Know the Door Is Not Open Because a Woman Would Normally Doing It with Everything They Can Certainly Do That but My Point Is You Know What Men Need to Stand up and Start Being a Christian Minister Standing in the Word of God's Sake, This Is What It Says and I'm Standing from My Lord and My Savior Jesus Christ and What Others Think That's What I'm Doing. That's the Kind of Man We Need in This World. Okay One American Pride Went Back Know Anyone Else. Now I Do.

I Know Others Who Would Say the Same Thing and Would Be Able to Debate a Very Easily. I'm Just More the Public Figure Than They Are.

But There Are Those Who Do That and It Is Good There out There, but Women Pastors and Elders and Again All Debate I Wanted to Be a Woman on This I Would Loved. I Would Love It Is a Love It's What Mary That's What I'd like. I Got Issues I You Go All Right. All Right. They Falsely Right That We Have about You Applies like You Make All Join in the May Have 87720 Max Y77077 Charismatic Slave Going to Sorry I Got Distracted by Read Was Going on on the Call This Thing a Keith He's Listening Quickly Call This Thing for You, Rick Stack. I Guess Okay for All the Calls Come in Agreeable All Right Let's See As We Call It Okay Says Yes He's All Right. Keith Is a Great Guy. We Talk before the Show Much Every Single Time except When He Is Lazy and Takes a Day off and Do Something Important. I Think His Wife to the Doctor You'll Stuff like That and I Tease Him about What He's Good Guy and Wait. Let's See, Let's Get to Rudolph from Raleigh, North Carolina on Their Yes I Can Hello Yes I Hear You Okay a Bit about What You You Will Call Dialogue. You Know Not Read It That I Know Here What It Is, Who the Participants Are but I Can Never Thought My Head but yet Is It an Attempt for You Trying to Convert You Okay but I Know It by Now.

He Doesn't Understand Is on Hold on Hold so That I Would Do If I Were You. As I Go to Carmen CRM.O Are the and Go to the Cut-And-Paste Section.

Look at the Stuff on Islam and in. There Are Quotes from the Quran That Tell the Muslims to Go to the Christians and Ask Them What the Truth Is I Have a Document. If the Bible Is Corrupted. Why Is It That Allah Is Telling Muslims to Go to the Christians and Ask Questions.

The Documentation of the Chronister Can Ask Right, the We Want to Focus on Is How Residents Forgiven Our Sins Forgiven and Well That Do A Lot. I Never Have A Lot Of When I Never Go to Book All Then I'll Call Phil. I Know I Know What You Do but That Still When They Attend When They Attacked Paul to Go to Exchequer Nine Were Jesus Called Paul and Told Him to Do Would Be His Messenger As It Was Jesus Wrong Here Real Simple, so the Information Is on Karma Have Maybe over Hundred Articles Are Written on Islam. But There's There to Check It out and Could Go Online to Get Books Answers to Islam and I Just Had Responded Authors so Much Good Stuff out There. Okay Okay Okay Quit Your Prayer.

How Right Yeah I'm a Calvinist. Yes, Right Now I Don't Think You Believe It, but I Will Have You Been to Three Credo Leaking Okay Guy, Calvinist Believe That Everyone Have To Go to Great White Throne Good.

Yeah, That's a Proper Doctor Did Is Mr. Calvinist or Not the That That the Judgment of Our Works, but Not the Judgment of Our Salvation Is Particularly Great White Throne That This but Are Several Judgments We Go through Judgment of Our Works, Not for Salvation That That's the Right Right Right yet You Ever Passed Out Of the Judgment That's Correct Which Believe in Salvation or Grace the Right Yeah Not Sure Which Was Which Exited Good There Some Conflicting Information of What I've Seen, or Are Ways to Understand It Differently but Said No Calvinist Don't Believe That Working the Face of Judgment for Salvation That Was That Was Accrued by Jesus on the Cross and the Would Calvinist Believe Is That Jesus Paid the Sin Debt at the Cross That It Would. That's What Was Canceled and so Colossians 214, and That We God Grants That We Believe Footage 129 When We Are Justified by Faith. Romans 51. We Trust in Him. That's It. Okay Long, 21, Make Sure Call Me Thank You Okay Arrive at Goblet What All Right, All Right, Let's Get to Nathan from Virginia Nathan. Luckily on the Air. Matt Got a Question for You Jerk. Though They under the Contact Talking to a Catholic All and They They Assert That Mary Looked Free from Original Plan Had a Birth Either from Original Thing.

What Is the Proper Doctrine on That Mary Was a Means of the Catholic Version or the Little Version the Biblical Version Because the Intake When They Brought It up like I'm Not Sure How to Enter.

I Have Let It.

Matthew 125 Joseph Captured Virgin until Jesus Was Born. That's What It Says. I Would Think Tanks with All Due Associate with the Word until over Other Places Means This so Therefore in That Context over Here Is What It Means.

So It's Called Illegitimate Totality Transfer to the Glare and so This Issue so That Sensors Conceived in Sin Is Called Immaculate Conception, Not That Jesus Was Conceived in Sin, but That She Was Because She Had to Be the, the God Bearer, so She Had to Be a Sinless and so I Just Asked Him Initially That the Scripture or Is It Say That She Had a Sinless Site. In Fact, She Says in a Rejoice in God My Savior. Luke 147. Within Those Again. That Means That She She Was Kept from Original Sin so and Then You Know They Did Have Their Answers Were Not Good Ones, but They Have Answers and Then I Go in, Because They're Elevating Mary over Jesus and in What I Do Is I Start Reading What They Say about Mary. Official Documents of the Catholic Church.

All My Goodness It's Bad… Bookmark Referent. When Carmen's the Ball.

I Got My? I Know She You Need. Human and Divine Will Be. I'm Get My Thoughts on It. When I Originally Thought It Was Well Jesus Is Not in Adam's Three Original for the US Federal Headship of from the Father Rat from Adam There You Go, That That Seems to Be an Answer. Theologically, He Had No Biological Father so He Wasn't Counted in That Way so the Theologians Have Theorized, We Don't Know Theorized That the Sin Nature Is Passed down to the Father or the Federal Headship to the Father and Then It's the Product of Fallenness so There's to Be No so Not Because the Bible Doesn't Tell Us We Can't We Can Figure That One out. But Jesus Had His so to Speak.

Father Is God the Father.

So It Was Not about As Muslims Think You Know God That She Had Relation by Mormons to Teach to Make Sense. I Arrived at Goblet What They Will Be Right Back after This Might Talk to a Guy about the over to This Post Will Be Right Back after the Mass Y Call 770727 Charismatic Slave Back to the Show Scott Winston-Salem North Carolina. Scott Welcome. I Agree with You concerning the Leadership Role Oral Role, the Radio on Your Dog Gentlemen, I Know You Know I Think of Galatians 328 Talk about Now. Neither Jew or Greek, Slave nor Think Just Because I'm Thinking I Doesn't Not Believe That the Word of God to Finish Her Sentence. Just Because Something the Bible.

It Doesn't Mean Just Because That's Something the Bible Doesn't Mean That the Properly I'm Not like the First Galatians 328. When You Finish Your Sentence. Just Because It's in the Bible Has a Crying and Crying. I'm Trying to All Right Okay There Is Neither Jew nor Greek, Slave nor Free Slave Kind on the Fact That We Can Honestly in Yes Is Correct. In the End, Hermeneutics, Context Is Everything and What Is Going on Here. Galatians 328 Is Is Not about Women Pastors and Elders or Church Authority. It's about Salvation in Christ through Christ and of the Context Is about a Tutor As Was a Cultural Thing to Get into Explain in Your Clothes with Christ. It Has To Do with the Cultural Thing of Tutors in the Home with Brazen Children and Then When the Children Graduated and Given a New Robe and Were Clothed with Major Graduates of the Law Points Us to That Verse 24. That's Why Scissors Either Jew nor Greek, and so You Can't Apply That to Pastoral Stuff Because the Bible Specifically Says a Woman Is Not to Teach or Exercise Authority Government so What You're Doing with Hundreds of Unintentionally Ascending Scripture Can Scripture Are Are There Okay Are There Birthday Better in the Bible That You Know Maybe for a Particular Era. It Was Written in the Context for Those Individual People. Of Course Sometimes We Read Scripture We Read the Scripture Want to Make Application through Our American Times Are Right and Is Correct for the Lead As I Might Just Drive My Desire Okay and on This with Paul the Apostle Says, but I Do Not Align with a Woman to Teach Riches Has Authority over Me Being Quiet for Adam Was First Created and Then He Said He's Tying It to the Created Order Right Was Not Cultural His Death. I Don't Believe It Is Okay so As Not to Teach Rick Sent Authority over Men Right Missing the Church Context Is the Next Chapter, Such As Giving Instruction How to Behave in the Household of God, so He's Talking Specifically about Church Leadership and Stuff like That. He Said That the Law Woman to Teach, Rick Sent Authority for Men That Your Context Because Adam Was First Created. So It's Not Cultural Wasn't Right and Not Your Pleasure. Adam Was First Created. That's the Created Order by God Almighty Paul the Apostle Is Tying It to Him What God Did. It's Not a Cultural Thing Is the Created Order. God Cleared Adam and Then Eve. And When Sin Entered in the World You Are Going Well.

I Think If We Want to Debate and I Hope That It Would Be in a Restorative. You Cannot Not There No More That Should I Do Believe Equation on the Talk about Quality Yes but You Can Understand There's This Really Bad Word like Don't like Is Called Context. Okay, I Know.

Galatians 328 Very Well and I Have an Article on It but Look, You Have To Understand That This Was Says in Verse 23.

But before Faith Came, We Were Kept in Custody under the Law Being Shot up to the Faith Which Was Later to Be Revealed. Therefore the Law Has Become Our Tutor to Lead Us to Christ, so That We May Be Justified by Faith, but Salvation but Now That Faith Is, No Longer under a Tutor for Your All Sons of God through Faith in Christ Jesus for All Who Were Baptized in the Tri-Tip Closures Filled with Christ There Is Neither Jew nor Greek nor Slave nor Free, nor Neither Male nor Female, Your Old One in Christ Is Not about Church Order. It's about Salvation. So If You Would Take It and Apply It over to Another Verse in Your You're Just Violating Scripture Remind You Why That Argued over Paul and Another Brother Want to Believe That There Had to Be a Physical Circumcision Together Believe That It Was a Circumcision of the Heart.

Paul Talked about Surgical the Heightened Yes. In Romans Two 2029, 30.

That's a True Circumcision, but the ABC You're Doing, You Go to Church with a Woman Pastor. Do You Got Time to Get She's in Rebellion against God's Work and You Could Politely Tell Her As a Guy in a Radio Loved Invite and or I Would Fly out to Where She Is a Choice to Debate Me Publicly and in the Church and Have a Discussion Go through This. No Problem Is Not a Mean Thing, I'm a Nice Guy. This Is Important Because Males Are and Are Failing to Do Their Jobs. And When Women Step in the Place of Where a Man Is He Has All the More Reason to Do Nothing, and 80% of the Denominations and Churches That I've Ever Researched on This Issue within Two Generations of of Affirming Women Pastors and Elders within Two Generations 80% Start Adopting Pro-Homosexual Stuff, Let Me Ask You Question.

Just Curious.

Is Homosexuality a Sin. As We Think Is an Assembly. The Scripture Is Clear on a Man Should Not Be with a Man. It Was a Woman by Character.

Okay Good As When Paul Clearly Says I Do Not Allow a Woman to Teach or Exercise Authority over Men but Remain Silent for Adam Was First Created. Is That Clear Were Not Clear. I Really Don't Want Yes I Really Don't. I Hear Here's Why I Don't I Don't Know. I Know I'm All You Want to Name a Gentleman and Apologetic That You Not of All the People That Christ Chose to Reveal That He Was Risen from It That It Was Women of Christ When I but If They Don't Have Validity Efficient Teach Efficient Preach Efficient Proclaim, Then Why Did God Allow or Choose Women There. The Resurrection and Could Because I Will. That's the He Did That but It Doesn't Mean They Could Be Preachers and Teachers. Because Paul Clearly Tells Us so Repeatedly. We Are Trying to Do Is Ignore with the Scriptures Clearly Teach If I Would Go to Titus Chapter 1. This Is What the Pastoral Epistles. This Is What Paul Says No Pastor Is Automatically an Elder. That's First Timothy 517 but Notice What He Says. For This Reason I Left You in Crete, That You Should Set in Order What Remains and Appoint Elders in Every City, As I Directed You Name with a Man Is above Reproach, the Husband of One Wife. How Does a Woman Pastor B, Husband of One Wife.

Yet When That Gentleman I Was Thinking about God Will Autograph or You Find a Wife.

I Think Somebody Hasn't Found a White Does That Mean That God Favors Not on Them and They Haven't Found Good Thank You Not Answering My Question.

Can You Not Answer the Question Okay so Scott What You're Doing Is You Resisting Me This Pastorally Okay Resisting the Word of Truth Because You Have a Sensation in the Feelings and You Want to Subject the Word of God to What You Think Is Right and Try to Show You That When You Went to Galatians 328 That You Took It Out Of Context and You Try to Apply It to Read to Contradict a Very Clear Pl. in Scripture.

When I tell you pulses I don't allow this, you see one of his clear and yet when you go to Galatians 328 you noted in male nor female.

You know, Jew or Greek were all one in Christ USACE very clear it means to be with pastors is not even talking about that.

So what's happening is not trying to get on you here just want you to understand what you're doing, so not active okay is your subjecting the word of God to your feelings and you have a feeling, an ideal woman. Pastors okay it's not I formally officially offered. The challenge for the umpteenth time of the regular 7017 years.

Keep offering. Let's debate it was have a public debate and nobody takes me up on the body right on that. The only one there. Lots of people who would be glad to debate this is to know what that means, let's go you give me your best arguments and I'll give you the my best arguments. Let's see, let's see what the Scripture says, but you see, they don't want to do this because they'll lose because that's what the Scriptures teach okay they will be a part of it and they know they'll lose and so they continue to rebel against God's right okay people, is that all right calling a photo be right back after these messages is the man's Y call 77077 charismatic slave Bosque from Dayton Ohio near we talked a little earlier, my dear friend Mark about my Muslim friend by going around the other colors are called out more information and I will be getting you. Those are publishers names are on so I've been busy. That's what I want to get to the publishers of the airport. My friend said Matt, I want to ask this in the light of current condition here in United States of America.

What should the Christian and war good churches. They can't be on how pick a topic Matt, the code Matt vaccine mandate as opposed to what Paul has written to us in Romans 13 the men. A lot of Christians don't even know that there were other Titus spoken of obeying the government as did Peter and they always focus on Romans 13, 12 love. I would love your take on that what we submit to the government in light of coded mass where you have to you at all that I ever does not have the federal government does not have the authority for the Constitution to mandate what we put into our bodies its own address of authoritarian thing so they don't have that right. Because the news media is leftist because so many people are weak minded that standing up with the Constitution says with his people swore to uphold are not doing it because a socialist or moving in a takeover. And with that comes the issue of loss of freedom. So this is disputed as co-as a Christian, Matt, what should our response be what you could always start. We always obey the government unless the government contradicts Scripture. The Bible teaches government wise.

It teaches that we are not to adopt socialist it's not a difficult position and the biblical position is that looking.

We have a representative form of government out of Exodus 18 self-governance out of Romans eight of the Matthew 18 private property rights. Exodus Diablo Scriptures at all on love those are the intrinsically that we don't just go to See ARM and type in what is socialist and if the bottom of the knuckle. This ribeye written to someone with her mother while back, you can just go there and read and it's listed in the principles of liberty and freedom capitalist principles witnessing witnesses and a fair trial. This is not what the left wants and so we have to resist biblically that Arisa visit socialism because socialism ultimately is a confiscation. It's a form of stealing that's legal. And this is a problem wound it at socialism as it is communism light and then people don't idolize the that is socialism and power increases the bureaucracy around it and within it increases, which means in order to gain power and keep power they have to restrict power from the individuals and so they always confiscate guns from the population because of the confiscate guns and weapons than they can control and this is just how it work like what happened in Australia which happening in Australia, which is it back to penal colony expended acid medicine evidence, so the court that the Christian in the right to contact his congresspeople and editors is local and governments school board date legislatures and run for politics and preachers should be mentioning the stuff in the pulpit when it's appropriate.

Not every day throughout the math that's a powerful statement sir while as a biblical statement on all areas of theology are all areas of life are under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

All areas geniuses give to Caesar what is Caesar's East. He didn't say don't do anything with politics.

It's the and the fact that the Christians have bought into this. Why that separation of church and state means that we can even talk about the public where they get off who wears a secular state giving us the right to speak or not speak the truth, the pulpit and the people who submit to let all that goes well guarded. So things are the ones who submit to that our weaklings they need to stand up and black man and speak the truth not be afraid to speak the truth while and say what needs to be said and face the consequently ask you this yet.

Dave 5013 things that things like that.

The main reason brother that focus will not even close that we are not just what I run a 501(c)(3) organization. Look what I'm saying on the radio. You should invite vote for them. I should not have voted for him is he's a wannabe commie who is proud that homosexual and pro-abortion as prosocial as Christians don't have a right to now clear. I would say it out. I promise I get there you go you like to take my my family is very airport that would just as it set up on your pulpit.

Though mass would now know I'm I am behind you. This is my real yet. This is my pulpit. I preach and teach here and doing it for years and years and years and I'll say it in and we have got to resist the socialist movement in the liberalism of the of the our society are going rigidly to mess it up. We knew it was in a godly way with violence. We need to do it by voting and if you get people Christians in offices and we need to vote in block. We make sure that we can trust our elections there. So I see I'm not a Christian who sits on the Christian who believes in going out and make disciples of all nations and resisting evil that's what I do brother all Christian should do that to somebody that depend on the capacity I got stuck on the date cozied up to be be talking about tomorrow the next day that it is good to be shocking.

I have a document all of their website okay. I want to beat it should be shocking.

I found over the weekend, when verified, so that I find that it it's not released yet but you go to Carn that are correct. I scolded and see what's there to release of information, probably tomorrow.

I'll talk to people about a chicken it's in the store that you referred to my question was what it socialism correct what is was on dollar will check it out okay. I okay you so much that have a great evenings or less. All right, let's get to Paul from Virginia. If you still there for 36 minutes.

Everybody is there. I'm here sorry for long white man would have. We can hold in my golf today. I would like to know that I can tell you and your Lutherans about a book that I thought that it would October 19 in the global creditor are the prey by Peter R. Breggin, MD with his wife Ginger Ross Breggin and their introductions in the book.

I figured this would help you in your research stated only figure that you're doing concerning coverage 19 overnight shot with this book, 19 and the global creditor right by Dr. Peter Bragg got towards her introductions as a book by Peter a Bacall of Elizabeth leave the lab and Vladimir the leak out all of the doctors and I've only started reading the book is about 400 pages long. Just permitting the beginning of it and going through different parts of it.

All of this really plan over the last several years and according to this book. If it's true that we are being lied to about everything like I now trust this documentary proof from purveyors of being lied to about the effectiveness of the vaccines will I would really really like you to read this book and maybe have I met you interview people sometimes on your program but what they are saying. Some of these people that are speaking out about this is that those that have chosen you received this shot.

I will call it a as I did in my case that I had out the head of a Catch-22 and that's what I've seen this as being accountable way Catch-22 in my circumstance I was doing 527 and I had to MD tell me that they thought I should get this booster and I went and got it and I was in the emergency room that by death in 183/109 blood pressure within five day my breathing J my breathing J within five days that I started having back pain thoracic back pain, but I think Don have been through my own research to figure out what I see myself to what concerning one of things I want to do is collect anecdotes storage personal stories I've been asking people sit them to and I'll put a section up were just people stories. This is not proof of anything. This is their story is all do, and if people couldn't.

If you want to put your name or not name or contact info or not.

Contact info.

You know I will edit anything but either way what would happen to me I will.

I don't think I would ever elected yet because it I have not been painted.

September 27 that I've been on a merry-go-round of Dr. try to figure out what life because I think this claim five Laura finding out that's how taken the vaccine reactivates a lot of problems. There's lots of accounts of this and all of you know I'm release probably get a release of information the next 24 hours on something I found on affairs and the action decent. I'll even teach people in their how to go and get the same information from the official site to the great people would think that book really alarming now they alternate golf, but is it really high level and it got inside you I'm I bought it while you're talking right so much. I got a lot of check out. I got a gun and also unreported truths is good to anybody.

God bless. Right you folks all it's scary Alberta from Georgia Burrell we want, but it's a good magistrate, no logic is what you may not care about well-behaved included backbeat and that we feel it can control the whole universe. Granite animals dull element in a whole and visible round.

If the goal is that anything can answer in a manner I can't answer and that the reason I can't answer is because were almost at a time, and the topic areas that it will get into multiple because there are some serious issues talk about under what it might for the nature of being under the law, and having emptied himself, we have to discuss these possibilities what it might mean without knowing exactly with me.

We can answer the questions accurately and meets can't say for sure like to put it but there certainly is there's attributes that are necessary to being divine, and yet it says he was operating it was. He emptied himself. So, to what extent does he emptied himself, and yet retain his divine attributes with a discussed these things and it just gets complicate things. So I would have a good simple answer for you okay okay all right for your cover letter for Chris from North Carolina called Marcon about Mary, Jesus said, I would love the Lord bless you everybody by his grace. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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