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October 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 25, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses a recent conversation he had with a follower of Eastern Orthodoxy.--2- Are you familiar with deliverance ministries---3- I heard from an atheist that they have found gases and isotopes in glaciers that show the earth is older than the Bible says. How can we deal with that argument---4- Does the treaty of Trippoli in 1796 prove that America was not a Christian nation- Why didn't the constitution acknowledge Christ---5- How was Cain supposed to not sin or master his sin or the woman caught in adultery, if they didn't have the Spirit of God in them- Does that mean they had the ability not to sin anymore---6- How do I explain to my 4-year-old about how Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit---7- Doesn't John 3-16 negate Calvinism-

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For The missionaries that we have in Africa That we'd really appreciate that if you would they definitely need that that prayer and we just value that if you would By the way, just let you know, you know, we have open lines. Give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six and Let's see. Let's see of So I'm on a 90-day bait a 90-day ban from YouTube on my karm videos They got a second infraction because I mentioned COVID stuff over the radio We've got an atheist guy and the guy's helping me out. He doesn't he doesn't even realize it. He's He's sending me quotes, which is exactly what I need and I need quotes that support COVID vaccines and I need support The information that that counters and both of them are documented. Well, why the disparity and so he's helping me get the other side He's a you know, he's just a jackboot But so I'm enjoying in that and last night. I had a an impromptu discussion with someone in the Eastern Orthodox Church And I'm gonna tell you He was one of the most difficult people to deal with have ever encountered this guy would speak at 80 miles an hour and throw in stuff at At just you know, I call it verbal carpet buying and we spent about three hours going at it I meant and I asked him a simple question He'd go on for two minutes and I mean just shoving stuff, you know into the air all these words and then say Can you answer that? Oh, you can't you refuted aren't you maybe like who are you?

And this is how it went for a while and then the you know, he Oh Eastern Orthodox cronies came into the chat room It started insulting me I'm telling you man, you know You think that if they belong to the true church that they would be you know, be nice But but they weren't full of mockery and condemnation and something really interesting happened. Now. This is a point I want to make is that We were having this discussion and you know, my I'm it's been like three hours.

Actually. I'm like, I gotta go to bed, you know, and So I said I need to go it's been three hours. Oh you're chick and you're running, you know, it just insults and this guy Said at the last minute. He said something really interesting He said that I'm not a Christian Because I don't belong to the true church That salvation has to be found in the Eastern Orthodox Church and I thought that was really revealing because he said it only in the Eastern Orthodox Church is there salvation? Mm-hmm.

And so what that told me was that salvation is tied up with his church And he was telling me the church has all authority to interpret scripture the church and its councils It's seven ecumenical councils throughout history were inspired and infallible and whatever they say is true, I Mean, wow, there was just so much You know heresy it was just it was like a heresy fest. It was impressive So anyway, there you go, and it was interesting stuff. So Once you give me a call eight seven seven two zero seven two two Seven six. Let's get to let's see Mike from Iowa. Hey Mike.

Welcome. You're on the air Yes, sir. I have a I have a question about Mm-hmm Deliverance ministries, okay I don't want to mention a specific person, but I have a friend of mine who's been a Brother for years and years and years and just contacted me and and said that he had prepaid to have Deliverance get-together with this individual and it has returned Prepaid prepaid so he's paying to be delivered from what? I Don't know for sure and I need to give him a call and find out what's going on with him I'm very familiar with The individual who he's contacted because I was one of his followers Financially for quite some time and then realized that was being duped Far as I'm concerned I was being duped Okay, so um All Right, so Wow All right deliverance ministry people generally are charlatans and They generally Cause more problems than they they solve one of the techniques and you can verify if you went this far into it, but one of the techniques that they'll do is ask you to Confess your sins of your youth the last of all kinds of questions And you have to do this in your youth you do that your youth who hasn't done something stupid or new you know I mean stupid And okay there you go that that's why you did such-as-such on this day. This is why you have the demon of attached to you and so now what you have to do is You have to confess this so let's go through this I'll lay hands on you somebody lay hands on you And they'll pray over you and then you say you have to come on confess it confess it come on You can do it you can you know and they whip you up into emotions and a whole bit and then confess more What else have you done and what happens is you end up confessing all kinds of personal stuff because of the emotional?

High let's just say and then when they leave You come just slamming down. You know the high just leaves you come tumbling down, and then you think What I just tell this guy or girl And now they have control over you because they have information And you feel vulnerable and and now you're afraid, but if you don't comply with more what they say You could get in trouble because now they could go to the church this person refused to blah blah blah when I was helping them And it could be I'll come very very manipulative very very bad Yeah, you you actually have I did do a search on the farm page, and you actually have an article about the farm Mm-hmm and I was I Don't know but the person that was considered the Cult expert is the individual that is being contacted To do this deliverance thing. I just don't understand somebody That's a that's a follower of Christ meeting deliverance from I Don't know demons. I mean, I guess I didn't know that they could be possessed I thought they were possessed by Christ yes, they can't be possessed by demonic forces Would you be willing to have your friend give me a call?

Absolutely I sure would I Definitely, I will definitely do that. I think that would be a great thing I just know that he's prepaid it I was gonna ask him if he could get a refund, but I didn't want to burst this bubble yet I want to burst his bubble at all actually your friend well it may be necessary to do that because by not okay it could be causing more problems and Okay, because let me just say that this kind of stuff they leave body parts everywhere they go and Yeah So people are often This Can lead to things like suicide depression It could actually open them up to further problems manipulation control You know let me tell you something if someone called me up and said look man I think I've got a demonic oppression I got a good demonic this or that see where the hell I mean I mean on my private phone You know and I say look okay. Tell me some more what happened when you're you know What do you think caused this let's review your life a little bit? You know I think I'm not asking for details unless you want to give them to me I never repeat them to anybody you know, but did you get we involved with this or that don't you know this basic stuff people? Oh, yeah, I wasn't okay all right And I'll say well. I said you know I'd open the door.

We got to close the door. You know and stuff like this I never say I need money In fact I know I was really surprised In fact when I do marriage counseling, which I've done for decades. I refuse to take any money. I won't take any money I'm not saying that people who do marriage counseling for a living shouldn't be paid of course. They should that's fine I don't even promise that Personally, I don't and that's just because I don't do it full-time, and you know I'm here I am but I'm just saying the thing is if you start have to asking for money This is what your main thing is a give me a break this this. It's it's a joke have your friend. Call me well I Tell you fleece me every month, though, but I really enjoy the fleecing Please what do you mean?

That's a negative charge? I love your ministry. Okay. Thank you for taking my call and Again you're one program that I listen to Religiously if I can use that term I really appreciate what you do Thank you, sir. Well that just means you're highly intelligent and humble and spiritually aware. That's all that means So it's always good Well Okay, buddy. All right, man. God bless okay? All right, hey, let's let's get to Tiberius cool From New Jersey hey Tiberius welcome you're on the air Hey, man.

How are you? Thanks for taking my call long time But a long time listener, but I appreciate all the work you do um a quick question for you Um I had a conversation with an atheist recently who went into The idea that they have now used gases and isotopes that are found in glaciers That suggests that the earth is much older than what the Bible states that it is and you know they're trying to use it as A way of discrediting the Bible just curious if you ever heard anything like that. Oh, yeah, this is the first time I came across it Really?

Oh, yeah, well ask them. I love this I say okay, so it's older than what the Bible says, okay? Can you show me in the Bible where the Bible says how old the earth is? Well they say you know it's only 6,000 years old show me that show me the Bible where it says that It doesn't say that And I say to them, I'm not saying it's older than that. I'm not saying it's not older than that I'm just saying that you know if God wants to create everything in six seconds That's fine, or six days six thousand years ago is fine or more I mean, I don't have the end all information about when it was done well then what they'll do is They'll say well the genealogies show this I say well You know maybe but we don't know how long the earth was there before Adam and Eve were made and some people come back and say well it means seven days well it most probably does But I don't have a problem with that and I'd say so but but you said that the earth said it's sixth out I mean the Bible says it's 6,000 years old Can you back it up?

And they can't right Right they can't yeah, so a little bit of experience Okay, I'm sorry go ahead. No no no it's okay. So here's something you might want to consider all right Carbon 12 has a half-life of five thousand seven hundred thirty years, okay? Right me yeah, all right, and it means that every five thousand seven hundred thirty years half of the mass of the carbon 12 disappears it just disappears on its own because the the it's called a half-life problem with a The elements decay, and they emit particles all right Now this means then that after a hundred thousand years there will be no carbon 12 left in anything that used to be alive After the break I'll tell you know the more case a hold on okay, buddy Hey folks we write back. I say give me a call, but we don't have the open lines I'll be right back after these messages. Please stay tuned It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six here's Matt slick Welcome back everyone. Let's get back on the line with Tiberius.

Are you still there? I'm still here Matt all right, so as I was saying carbon 12 isotope has a half-life of five thousand seven hundred and thirty years that's significant because Carbon 12 is introduced into living creatures by eating Respiration and things like that It's replenished through this process when a creature dies automatically The carbon 12 starts to decay because there's no new carbon 12 coming into the system Which means that any organism that was once alive at roughly for ninety three thousand? I just say a hundred thousand years there should be no carbon 12 left in that Organism you know Caught under and it's frozen in my eyes are caught. You know buried under mud whatever it is hundred thousand years later Well what they're finding is that there are carbon 12? lots of carbon 12 in diamonds and coal shales diamonds are carbon which comes from life and Material that's compressed over as they say millions of years well then why is your carbon 12 in them? Why is there carbon 12 in the coal shales? Which is just another form of compression of things over a long period of this is a problem Wow Furthermore when it gets into the issue of Dating I always like the dating stuff. I should should release this on my website soon, but they're uranium isotope Let's see that the time of half of the unstable or uranium 238 to decay to the stable led 206 is 4.4 7 billion years uranium 235 half-life is 0.704 billion years thorium 232 has a half-life of 14.1 billion years etcetera etcetera now I'm gonna read this slowly this is a lot of these words.

Well. You know don't worry about it, but Place to scene which is a an ancient geological time period to recent lava dated as less than 1.6 million years old from its position in the rock layers It means they they look at it. They know that this is how the rock layers work So it's 1.6. Million years old which has been dated as 773 million years old using the rubidium strontium dating method, though. This is dealing with isotopes The upper myosin to please Pliocene lava was dated at 5 to 9 million years old by the potassium Argon dating method and dated 31 to 39 million by the rubidium strontium dating method in another case lava dated strip a strategy Stratigraphically as Pliocene to Holocene that is less than five point three million years old Gave rubidium strontium dated ages of five hundred seventy million years old fit of five It's five hundred seventy million and eight hundred seventy million years Also another Pliocene to Holocene rock was dated as being between Between being a 1.5 billion years old by the rubidium strontium method and in myosin to Holocene assigned rock that is less than 24 million years old the it was dated as 1.5 and 1.2 billion years old And there's more so what accounts for being so far off like that what's the main differences between those two dating methods? I don't know. I would assume could I have a study this I read books.

I find people on both sides I get quotes from the experts and under this I have like for example. I read you is from G Fowery principles of isotope geology second edition, New York John Wiley and Sons 1986 pages 145 to 147 cited in evolution impossible Kindle edition so I would do is I read books and these guys they do all the research and I go look at the Documentation to see if the documentation is accurate and if it is in another source Then I will I buy the book I go through and I find well there it is I'll copy it and say yep here it is and then I say this is where I originally found it and so Gotcha, that's what I do So why are they different because I would say it has to do with a different nature radio and energetic levels of different isotopes And they decay at different rates and different effects under different testing methods and so you get these different dates So what I've done is I've read these two Atheists who say the earth is billions of years old. They'll say isotope this and dating that I'll read them to him Say why is that?

I mean, you know, what are you gonna do? Why is it they find trees fossilized through a rock strata vertical rock strata? 600 million years of rock strata they're called poly straight fossil tree fossils Why why yeah, you know Why is it it is all but there's all kind of stuff and then there's what's called genetic entropy The genetic entropy is it's like a you know entropy Genetics is copied copied copied copied passed out from child to child to child goes on Well, it's like taking as a picture and Xeroxing it then taking a picture of that picture Then a picture of that picture to picture that picture after a while.

It's gonna be Untenable as a picture. This is one of the issues called genetic entropy and it's something like 200 more generations or 230 more generations. The human genome will be no longer viable because of genetic entropy Okay, and So if the DNA is so great from billions of years ago Then it's been a genetic entropy issue as watching something on on TV when they you know This crab it hasn't changed in 200 million years, you know, and I'm like, well, why isn't it changed? Why is it still there?

I Don't get it and welcome. There's so very very very few Fossils that are just that are transitional forms and basically none of them are But I should say this way all of them are disputed among the scientists I mean there's yeah, and then there's information fit theory and formation. Yeah, I got all kind of stuff Okay, and there's the big bang I could talk about that too. There's problems with it with a big bang model The with the current evidence and information they have you've heard of dark matter and dark energy Yes, I have they are thrown into the mix They are thrown into the mix undetected unproven just as a theoretical answer to explain a very big problem I'll tell you what it is. We'll get going big but If the universe was absolutely equal in all of its matter equally distributed everywhere Then no galaxies could form and no Earth's could form those Suns could form But they do form.

Okay, which means that everything is not exactly uniform Well that gets to be expected but what they find is that the amount of gravity that is for that Is exerted by material in the initial? cosmic bang is not enough to cause the Callick galaxies to form where they are now and There's a problem called super clusters where galaxies are in clusters and then those clusters are in clusters which are called super clusters and the amount of time needed for all of them to form and coalesce is in the hundreds of billions of years and the scientists know this because of the calculations of mass and And how an attraction in time? So they invented dark matter That's out in the universe 98% of the universe of dark matter. We haven't detected it We haven't been able to measure it But that can explain we throw it in there that can explain why the galaxies are formed And there's another problem understood the galaxy. The universe is expanding. It's increasing It's increasing. Yes in its rate of expansion. It's not like it's slowing down from a blank bank It's actually getting faster and faster as it expands. And so they added dark energy to explain that but why? and If that's the case of space-time is being stretched What does that do if a light beam is coming from one side of the galaxy coming towards us and it's stretched out?

Further away that means it effectively slows down in reference to us which makes it appear older and what it is All kinds of issues. All right, gotta go buddy. There's a break. Thanks. Oh, man. All right, man. Talk to you later Thanks, man.

All right. Hey folks. We'll be right back after these messages, please. Take care It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six. Here's Matt slick All right. Hey, welcome back to the show everybody. Let's get to Jacob from Wisconsin Jacob.

Welcome. You're on the air So does the Treaty of Tripoli did that prove that America hasn't ever really been a Christian country What do you mean by Christian country? You mean we're eighty percent of people were Christians or fifty percent or ten percent where the government was established on Christianity well, the the Treaty of Tripoli 1796 was between America and some Muslim countries and the reason the trip the treaty was signed and stated that ways because the Muslims were attacking American vessels and other vessels and So the people in the government wanted to officially say that they weren't just a Christian nation So they signed it. So the Muslims would allow people to go through because of Islam's hatred of Christianity So, are you familiar at all just curious with the founding documents and the founding fathers of this country and what they said Well, I know that like Thomas Jefferson made his own Bible where he took down all the miracles And you know, that's not actually the unitarian now. Have you ever looked at that to see if it's true? Well, do you know about the Jefferson Bible Okay, I asked you have you looked at that to see if it's true?

Yes, okay, and so you actually have looked at the Jefferson Bible I've looked at articles about it. Okay, so you've not researched that you read articles about it You've not looked at it to see I'm a Christian just say no So I just believe that America is under judgment because it didn't kiss the Sun. That's what I'm getting at I agree that America is under judgment But here's some things that you have to know know that John Quincy Adams a sixth president United States on July 4th 1821 for example So the highest glory the American Revolution was this is connected in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity Samuel Adams in 1772 the right to freedom being a gift of Almighty God is not in the power of man to alienate this gift There's lots of quotes like this So was the Christian was the the American government founded on Christian principles absolutely yes, it was the Puritans were Calvinists came over from Europe and they established their colonies based upon biblical principles the biblical principles were Right of representation right of property ownership the right of self-protection And things like this which are put into the governmental system the Treaty of Tripoli doesn't prove that we weren't Christian in the at that point because the leaders as well as the presidents and vice presidents and a lot of members in Congress and the This you're not gonna ever hear about this the Supreme Court often passed legislation and approved of things supporting the preaching of the gospel in public schools and So, you know, I agree with you we're under judgment now Because our nation has turned its back on God and I believe part of the judgment is Biden and in office I've heard about you, but that's what I believe so basically they were just lying in the Treaty of Tripoli No compromise with Muslims Have you read the the the Treaty of Tripoli? I haven't Well that article 11 as the government of the United States is not in any sense founded on the Christian religion It has in itself no character of enmity against the laws of religion or tranquility of Muslims and as the said states never entered into any War Act facility Against any Muhammadan nation it is declared by the parties that no pretext arising from religious opinions shall ever produce any interruption Of the harmony existing between the two countries, okay Well, thanks for reading that but it's inaccurate to say that this country was not found on Christian principles in any way That's just not accurate, but it's just not wouldn't you say that that was a really bad treaty that they did?

Yeah. Oh, yeah America has to bad treaties. Yes, it has Because that was basically just denying Jesus I Would say that they didn't have a problem with the laws of Muslims. I would say you're correct and they compromised absolutely Yep And we're seeing the the consequences of such calm compromise Absolutely and then the the other thing is The Constitution why why did they always reject the Christian amendment to explicitly acknowledge Jesus Christ? That's the other thing because his concern because from what I understand It was because they had come out of oppression of a state religion and they didn't want to repeat that issue And they understood that not all people were Christians. And so they though they had Christian principles They wanted the freedom that people would have in religious expression. They didn't want to have a national religious state like they did in Europe in different countries, which was very oppressive. I assume that's why I'm not an expert on this, but that's what I was so Okay, because I know that there was a lot of Christians that they wanted to have the Constitution amended to acknowledge Jesus But they didn't have success Yeah, I think it's a good idea myself Because the countries that I think that Go ahead if America was really Christian Country they would acknowledge Jesus as the king in the box in the Constitution and acknowledge God's law as the Supreme law Well, here's something else. You might want to look at also in regards to this are some issues dealing with The 13 states I'm trying to find some of the information here.

Let's see on car. I know that the They had things where you had to be a Christian and all that. Yes, they did. Yeah, a lot of it would have been You know better if they would have put that into the US Constitution. I don't know I don't know if it would have been better because I don't I'm not a guy who knows history very well. It's not my forte But I do know that the early many of the early founders were very dedicated Christians and There's a lot of Christian principles read woven into our Constitution and the Bill of Rights Okay Well, I I don't understand how it wouldn't have been better to put in the Constitution so that you wouldn't have atheists and Muslims and all these other people in the government Well, that's another issue and I'm not an expert on this, but they didn't do it I think I told you I told you why I think they didn't because of the oppression that Well, let me put this way The Puritans are the ones in their governmental examination who came up with a three-tier system of the government Because they understood the depravity of man and I believe that or I suspect very strongly They understood that as people's tendency is to move away from God that they had to put checks and balances in the Constitution So that when the unbelievers were there that they would be checked by the principles that were written into the system now what's happening today is these people are breaking the laws who are in control and Going against the constitutional checks and imposing their will upon others and this takes its form in many different ways So this is what I think is happening. That's that's what I know.

I do know an expert on this stuff We can get them on some time. We can talk about it Okay All right, yeah I just think it's what they did with the Constitution kind of set us up for judgment well, maybe But I there are quotes can't find them off the top of my head here where? One of the challenge founding fathers said we have given you a nation Let's see if you can keep it and there's another one that says the Constitution is can only work under a Christian system with Christians in place Because only the Christians will go into these offices Seeking to benefit people Instead of themselves, which is what we see with these put the these people in government do I mean look at Biden and his son and the stupidity that's going on here or with him So yeah, we're under judgment of God. Absolutely, and I believe it's gonna get worse because the Christians are not doing they need to do in country in this country Okay, okay, buddy. Yeah the Way that the Constitution they Also, just other things in it that are kind of contrary to the Bible.

So So what I listen to sermons about it and stuff So I know Christians they are pretty idolatrous of the US Constitution a lot of them, but I'm not sure I'm not sure what it means idolatrous, you know, I served my lord But I think the Constitution is a brilliant document and I think it needs to be enforced I think it needs to be it amended Term limits for one thing and I also think they should say that pass a law that whoever Passes a law is subject to twice that law for a period of ten years after they leave office this is what I think should happen and then that would cause people to think twice about passing laws and Exempting themselves from things and then making a career out of manipulation in the government like we see But you know, they weren't perfect these guys weren't perfect, but it was certainly a lot better than anything else I've been up to that time Okay, we got a break buddy. Okay Look at work, man. Okay. Thank you. All right, Jacob.

Hey folks. We right back after these messages, please. Stay tuned You It's Matt slick live taking your calls at eight seven seven two zero seven two two seven six.

Here's Matt slick Everybody welcome back to the show. Let's get on the air with Chris from Indiana Chris welcome you're on the air Well, thank you Matt for I guess like my question kind of like like the woman taught an adult who bites But he's just on earth And he didn't condemn her ghost in the morgue then came after offering his Offering and God told him that since creeping at your door. You must master it Now neither one of them who had been born again Neither one of them had received the spirit of God, but yet God told them to go And sin no more or master their sin And neither one of them even argued or said well you haven't been Crucified I haven't got spirit, you know, like what's your question? What's your question? Well, it was like they could not Not know The sin they they had the ability not to sin because if Okay, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

I just need you to ask a question. You're you're talking a lot It's like you want to preach But I just need a question Okay, so He told them Then no more Jesus told who the woman a woman that the woman caught in adulthood. Okay.

What about that? Yeah Well people I'm gonna have to question it's like they had the ability not to sin Okay, wait, wait wait you're you're asking if people have the ability not to sin is that your questions I Well, if God told them not to go sin they didn't argue back like they couldn't Okay, yeah So God command everyone everyone to repent but he doesn't grant everybody repentance the right thing to do is not sin So God, I'll say don't go sin anymore. It doesn't mean that they can absolutely live without sin Well people who are safe they say the same thing they have to sin but these people Okay, wait, hold on.

Are you a sinless perfectionist? No, I don't know Okay. Yeah. Well, I'm just I'm trying to answer your question But then you keep talking much different. I think we have ability.

We have an ability not to sin for how long right? I don't know. I Don't know. I mean, but so you're okay. That's what you think you think that okay. Do you have another question or anything?

No, that's Basically, yes. I mean I just was always curious why God would ask them to go it Masters or stand like they had an ability to do so Well, he why others No, no, don't assume Don't assume the idea that if God commands you to do something that you can actually do it. Don't don't assume that Because what you're doing is you're saying that the standard of righteousness and truth is me what I can do Therefore God would not ask me to think I can't do Therefore God would not ask me to think I can't do so that this is humanistic thought God commands everyone everywhere to repent act 1730 This is something I ought to do everywhere But not everybody has the ability to repent because they're slaves of sin and their unrighteousness and they're not redeemed But it doesn't mean they should It does not mean they sure are not obligated to obey God. They just refuse to that's that's what's going on That's what's going on. Well, not all of us go and commit murder Right.

I did. We're not talking about specific. We're not talking about one specific thing. We're talking about generically sin Okay, and repentance so I talk generically you say everybody murders.

That's correct Except not in actuality, but you do in your heart when you hate someone unrighteously, right? So right, okay. I was just curious why he would say something to somebody like that whose heart was Didn't really not not do that he couldn't go not commit adultery I told you I'd like to the answer God will require something of people even if they can't do it because God is the standard He'll say to people you should not sin. It doesn't mean they won't But he's the standard if he says don't go sin folks.

Don't do it It doesn't mean that they're automatically enabled to not sin He's simply telling them what is the right thing to do is informing them Okay, okay Normally have an ability Getting that if they don't go since much people say must be able not be well not necessarily Right. Yeah, okay. Okay, not That's what I was trying to get up. All right, Chris. Well good. Thank you. All right Okay, God bless. All right.

Let's get to David from California Dave. Welcome. You're on the air Hey, man, long time listener Followed a lot anyway, I Have my four-year-old in a Juana and we're working on our memory verse three thirty six which was He who believes in the Sun will have eternal life and so she asked me Who's his mommy when I explained son is Jesus and I know? how do I explain to a four-year-old the idea of Of what three existence of Jesus I'll just say he's he's God and God's always existed and he he became one of us He became a little baby just like you this four years old just like you That's why he took I'm just trying to think of how I should how much I should go into The Trinity or no, no, no, it's age-appropriate Just say he was God and he loved us so much He became one of us and he was the same age as you just like you, you know And and and that he grew up into a you know, a daddy Oh, no, you may have a dad grew up into a big man, and he loved us and he died for our sins And that's that's all that's all you got to do.

No big deal. And then later you can introduce the Hypothetic Union in the communicati with your motto Maybe when you're five Yeah, I thought I was ready for a lot of stuff and if I was dealing with you know older age I'd Probably ready to address it. I had no idea how to address it at that age level Right That's right. Well good.

Yeah, I've had four-year-olds. So that's that's it You just you just give them as simple as answer as you can with you know, and that's it and don't worry about it That's age-appropriate and and as they grow they they get more stuff Okay Okay, all right. I'll work with that. I just got a go and ask you Okay. All right. Okay. Well god bless Okay. Thanks.

All right. Let's get to Paul from Virginia. Hey Paul.

Welcome. You're on the air Hello, are you there Paul? I don't think you can hear me here. We're gonna give you another few seconds Come on Paul, we're trying we're holding on cuz you wait for a long time. Are you there Paul? Hello five four three, are you there? All right, let's get to Ryan from Pennsylvania. Hey Ryan. Welcome.

You're on the air Um, thank you Matt for taking my call. I was listening a couple weeks ago and you were talking about whether not God loves all equally and you were, if I understood you correctly, you were justifying the idea that God does not love all equally and I was wondering how you justify that in light of John 3.16 and John 3.17. Well, it just says God's love the world the word world means all nation groups and people groups because Jesus was covenantally sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel Matthew 15 24. So he's not sent to other nation groups, but Israel broke the covenant.

So the other nation groups are included. That's why he's the savior of the whole world or is he? He loved the whole world, not just Israel.

That's all. No, that's, that's, that's impossible because the Ninevites and the Old Testament were included in the covenant and they were redeemed, not only the Ninevites, but also their cattle. Also Ruth was a Moabites, so it was not specifically to the Jews, so it was not addressed to just the Jews. When it goes for God to love the world. Jesus said in Matthew 15 24, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

That's what he said. Well, well, apparently you haven't, um, understood that Matthew was written by a different writer than John and John. Matthew was written by Matthew. Matthew was written by Matthew and John written by John. I've known that for a long time, but what Jesus said in the book of Matthew is that he was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

So he was sent only to Israel. That's what it says. Do you agree with what Jesus said? Well, that's not what John says.

Tell me what John says. Well, what the book of John says is that God still loved the world and that includes everything that fell. What does the word world mean? The world means everything that Christ created according to John North. So it's talking about birds and rocks and stuff like that? Everything that fell, all of the cosmos. And so how do you know that, that he loved the world, that that's what it means?

Just curious. Because that's what it tells us. He created all things in John chapter one. And that is the context of it. Also tells us in John 1 29, the old lamb of God would come to take away the sin of the world. Yeah. Have you ever done a study on the word world in the Bible? I've done, um, I've done my own translation.

I've done my own study for the last 45 years on the book of, on the Gospel of John. Yes. So you know Greek? Yes, I've taken two years of Greek. Can you parse the verb Amy?

Can you parse the verb Amy? Um, not off the top of my head. Okay. Two years. Two years.

Two years. One of the first things you learn is the verb to be, I am, and you go Amy. And it's present, active, indicative, first person, singular. This is one of the first things you learn in Greek. Anyway, I'm just testing you. But, uh, so the word world can have different meanings and different contexts.

And, uh, I've done the research on that. It can mean every individual, limited area, all nations, secular realm. It could mean the earth in different contexts. You have not been able to establish it. So what does it mean in John 3 16 and 17? I was just going to say that you have not established in John 3 16 that the word world means the rocks and the plants.

You just haven't established it. That is the case. It is, um, established in the, um, when it says all things were made by him without him was not anything made that was made. That's what it's referred to throughout the entire Gospel. That's Colossians 1 16 and 17.

But that's a different book, different author, different context. That's John 1. He created all things.

All things were made by him. Oh, okay. So you go to John 1. It's not Colossians 1.

It's John 1. Okay. So everything is created by Jesus, which I agree with.

Okay. But, uh, it says in John 3 16, God so loved the world that whoever would believe. Do you think he's talking about people there? Um, everything that fell with Adam is in need of redemption. He came to redeem all that was lost in the fall.

And he came to redeem all that was lost in the fall. Okay. So your complaint was you brought it up originally about me saying that God didn't love everybody equally. Then you bring up John 3 16 and you're saying John 3 16 deals with plants and rocks and water and people and stuff. So that doesn't refute what I've said. And John 3 17.

Yeah. And John 3 17 says he came not to condemn. And if your view is correct, then, uh, either by omission or commission, he came to condemn.

And that is, that is egalitarian love from beginning to end. Wow. Um, I think you need to study theology. You're making some mistakes here.

You don't understand what the terms mean or the usages or the theological perspective. I'm sorry, but you don't. We're out of time. Sorry, Chris. Um, call back tomorrow about women teaching men because we, and reading books, uh, written by women. Call back tomorrow. That's a great topic. We can talk about it. The Lord bless you all. And by his grace, look back on here tomorrow. We'll talk to that. Have a great one. Everybody. God bless. Bye. This is a program powered by the truth network.
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