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October 12, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 12, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How does God think---2- Is there a connection between 1 John 1-6 and 1 John 3-4---3- A caller is struggling with their hope of salvation because of continuing sin.--4- What does predestination mean---5- Was there a pre-existence---6- Are there Scriptures dealing with how to depend on God instead of myself---7- Can you take the mark of the beast in ignorance-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max what why Grimes's goals are responding to your questions and look hope you have a good day and let's see there's a problem with the Facebook with Facebook or dispute which is down and we of feed to Facebook.

So on the big you are special with Dr. Otto system so will let you know we still have a YouTube thing going on for a while you may have heard, YouTube is cracking down on conservative stuff dealing with anything encoded in vaccinations. There century people trying to be fair stuff, but with weirdest were we can downloading a lot of files downloading and downloading downloading and all of a sudden I just checked two minutes ago and most of the files I just downloaded disappeared off my computer, click site if I got more to figure out so much so much to do they look so supportive you call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 and you want to hear from you okay all you do is to style that all right. We have wide-open lines right now and as many of you know the doing research on coated and will continue to do that. Also, did you know that I do a petri on thing to talk with a little bit.

Normally, don't we talk about it because I just don't like do petri on and petri on is a way you can support what I do. So I've not had a written grazing on his house life and we hope things are in like seven years and the cost living is going up that I use patriotic help make up the difference and regular petri on is by producing videos and only patron members can see them and I've been doing a series on the Trinity and on other topics and things like that that sounds interesting to you and if you are curious about it.

You want to check things out petri on/Matt slick should build to find out don't think there do use it to help you collect on stuff like that so well all you do is check that out all right.

Let's see petri on the CPT RTO and I have no callers waiting to hear from you if you are a new listener. This is a Christian apologetics show little bit different than a lot of shows after talk with Bible stuff like that.

We got to just take life call him shows scholars of all kinds of stuff all kinds of stuff we talk about astronomy, mathematics, transcendental's universals and of course biblical theology Mormonism Joe's witnesses criticize unity behind Islam always on little kind of of isms in the sticks and answer questions. We do this for 41 years and regular formal 17 and the website climbed aboard CA has had over 227 million page views 147 million visitors, 80 million coming back visitors that they get that returning visitors checking things out and are such a big site and got a lot of stuff going on, and the thought is that if you want to give me a call to talk 877-207-2276 you so anyway so they do a lot of research to sit on the covert thing and you and I have a disclaimer on the website are not qualified as a doctor, but I am a good researcher when I do as a research and research and research and I try and find patterns in any way that is all research something until I start seeing the same thing coming up all the time. It just fine until you do that and so that's one of things I do a been doing this for decades and then I start seeing the patterns that are making note of the patterns and so the patterns are in a cult.

They teach this doctrine or whatever it is that procedure that's a practice that Herzing was regularly that I know that that's a predominant issue within that group, annexing the same thing in covert and there are some other concerns, though, that I've got because the issue of covert enter government and information.

There are some issues with our with tomatoes coming forth, and an elected take a lot to wade through and get to the bottom of a lot of things, but I am doing a lot of research on that.

Okay so there you go. We have to open lines. You may call 877-207-2276 was good to Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome you on your body sure hello Matt, yes you hear me not yes I do I hear you fine okay I thought that you think of going on all how does God think that vertically my big dumb question, yes I dumb question?

Because you're just asking. How does God think now when asked the question how does God think you mean by how does he think you mean visiting Lally in sequence or does he think at all. If he knows all things is her thought process and that on writing that final well there's a seekers of the issues that we we have to face in this kind of a thing that if were to say that that God thinks. Then we have to understand what what was it mean for God to think because when we think we think sequentially we we look at something and I might like I'm talking to you to make statements in a logical, hopefully logical, sequential order does God. If God knows all things eternally. Can he then think in a systematic way and that's a question we can answer. We don't know how God thinks there must be something going on is in his own mind that we just are completely unaware of because cogitation is there something going on in his mind. Okay. How does that happen don't know and we just can't help it just we don't know, like when the upper figure out about 20 of the blood of the marker. Depending on what they do. The thinking in a way I'm not yes. Not knocking out the millwright and out. I know you and it is rightfully so, we know that God reveals himself in such ways that it looks like he is thinking and he he what he does as he speaks to us anthropomorphic like he lowers himself. Stress in such a way that we can relate to what he says and God is completely different than what we are.

He is holy, completely different and yet he is community to us to the person work of Jesus Christ and so Jesus thought and so I think God thinks I don't know how that worked in right to life. Well okay just leaving your guards or other type of okay you want I will get Nevin one that thank you but it was all right to folks like Elijah going to give me a call 877-207-2276 Lesko to Nelson from Bakersfield, California Nelson. Welcome you are on your Matt, God bless my questions about one click?

Okay, sorry about that.

Okay if we say we have fellowship with him you walk in the darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth is, all of them will couple weeks ago on this earth on them like you now go to verse four of the sun. Now that the connection about what John thing. I have practices in also practices law substance and Islamicist yes yeah okay my question is this referring to people that are based in literally living in the dark pipe right in the NTSB report says he who practices sin. Now with the Greek here is some for the Greek word political and its deals with Celia deals with doing and it's a participle, the one who it let me put this way to present participle in the present participle Skype is a really interesting construction. And since it's equivalent to I am practicing I am is present and practicing is a participle ING words are participants, walking, talking, eating, so everyone who practices they can almost say it could be just the present tense.

If you practice present tense, but is it's a present participle. So what is really saying is the one who is practicing who is in the present of continually practicing sin and that's what's going on is not talking about a question who may fall Christian who may mess you up for the Christian who knows better and do something wrong I didn't see his other issues with me to practice in does it mean that is this it seems to imply here. He continued present tense practicing what you do, let's say there's a guy who has a whatever Senate is and he stumbles into it once every two or three months and he yelled and he repents is he practicing Zen, not a court of this because it has me at present practicing. This is an and that's not excusing any sin at all but absent intermittent struggle. They fail it's different.

In first John 16 we say we have fellowship with him yet walk in darkness, and so they were not look at their chemical go to the Greek here and so every knows I have tools not had 4 1/2 years Greek in college and seminary.

I forgot a lot of it. So what I do is I have a really nice Bible program logons and I can look at stuff, and I can see it's parsing you from doing right now is with present active subjunctive if you walk it's possibility of this in the practicing of it so we say we have fellowship with him and walk in darkness so you that's going on there is it's the hints of the same can't get a thing. Yes and out real quick that were practical Greek word all that they know I think the new American Bible in chapter 7 of the Roman seven cigarettes 18 benefits would practice her excitement yet. I got the look. It is the Greek word Russell Ford the different Greek words Roman 719 Mrs. I practice everything I do want to do and is for you press so it means to him to do to make perform in general, especially in action is continued or not yet completed what one does repeatedly continually habitually exploit Apple which we talked about earlier. Okay so you talk my PC practicing it doesn't want to do it.

Ruggles surely there must be folks for wide-open line called all 72072276 max Y call 770-777-2276 of you have a question on theology, the Bible apologetics cults UFOs. They are called science all kind of stuff we can talk about all you do is give a call if you want overture to do the right thing to good sermon is having hearings people preach lately and the diggers preached moralism likely to moralistic the deer historical redemptive Christo centric methodology. That's how it should be in the Bible but nevertheless, let's get to David from Winston-Salem North Carolina. Dave welcome. I love you Barney learned a lot and let you how I was professing. Probably nine years old, probably a lot of school for fast I probably hundred nine. I like for me to stand back and laugh as going I'd say I'm worried that there is no hope for me are ever get the harm backslider like I search the Scriptures for how then I'll hear a message based off of the Hebrew buyer.

The apostasy I'm just looking for help if there's any for a devastated.

I guess I'll try Mrs. questions okay just short and quickly okay okay okay you believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh. Yes, you believe that he died the crossroads the dead the same body died absolutely okay.

Do you believe that justification be declared legally righteous is by faith alone in Christ alone. Yet okay have you trusted in the Lord and you trust him even enough perfect you the best of your ability what you know you trust the Lord for the forgiveness of your sins yeah okay so you have the sins that you're working on or you're falling into right yeah okay and are you going to church yet okay and so without getting into with those sins are. We see the really serious you're out as a serial killer into your finally talking or use have some struggles and some issues like my 40 year wall.

But if it had an adult I lived with a woman and I don't do that more I did like and how could I done at the end that I will say hello to her six-year face and keep coming up in my mind and I will try to qualify myself when I hear a message about committing 1/2 okay it scared me to death glad I'm glad it scares you and want you to tell you substance here so hear me out. You have been incredibly blessed by God. And the reason you have this because he didn't kill you for your euro sinful deliberate rebellion against him like this will he could kill you because of your great sin against fornication. Lastly, my good one.

Glad it's on your mind because it should scare you because sin is a serious thing. He takes it seriously. No, here's a question we can talk about why zines did not kill you when you deserve it.

Nothing but the grace of God. Nothing but the mercy of God is like. He's let you live. Furthermore you is this woman a Christian I yeah supposedly alright so you have led her into sin in an and as professing Christian so your sin is great. It is absolutely tremendously great. You have betrayed God, you betrayed your relationship with him, and you've led woman into sin in a very bad way. And yet God let you live to tell you why nothing but God's.

Collier okay nothing but God's grace is why you're here and what he is lower. That's right what he wants you to do is to confess your sins and repent now to go to church you go to the elders you talking about this, you and your wife and you need to confess the sin before him, and before your elders and just acknowledge that you see. It is sin. You knew it was sin. He did it anyway. And here you are nothing but God's grace is let you live and you need to praise God for his great mercy and the need to trust and completely rest in his forgiveness because he has not. There is no sin but you can commit etc. blasted the Holy Spirit. That's not it. You can commit a sin that he can't and won't forgive and he was 64 through six and Hebrews 1026 where it talks about falling away no more atonement can never be again brought back to repentance is not talk about individual Christians talk with the Jews at the time who knew who Christ was an and rejected them a set Messiah in the atoning sacrifice is no place repentance for them to fall tremendously had to begin with. Don doesn't apply to you if you cannot lose your salvation because Jesus is all that gives them will come to him and he will he will raise them all off you will lose none. John 635 to 40 so you can understand this God is been very merciful to let you live in the reader know about this is because he's been very merciful to let me live there been things I've done in my past that you will not get in a private conversation.

Talk about and we go yeah why did God let me live nothing but his grace and it's all not file but is grace there things I've done, even as a Christian, but I should have been killed for and yet God in his incredible mercies allowed me to live and look where I am now speaking to people. This is nothing but his grace you need to take care of all of this. If you haven't already done this, you confess it as soon go to your elders of the church and just talked to have a sit down you know what and confess I okay and and is a good elders will say okay it's forgiven and you move on and you can talk to your wife and you ask her for forgiveness for leaving her into sin. Don't worry about her asking you because you're responsible, that's right, will she just was overheard on but you need to talk to her about that and just no excuses. I did this wrong disaster forgiveness Lord merciful were moving on from here you're married, you stay married you stay faithful to pray with her leader towards Christ and you move on from here and God will use you because he uses filthy vile sinners like us for his purpose and those of us who have experienced the stupidity and sinfulness of rebellion have more appreciation for his kindness.

That's what I think you cannot write that was Dave for my calling 77207 direct that both you call that I call 77077 charismatic God no foundation will let's talk about that before you go on those who will get say, does not mean that he knows who will freely choose him because it's in their nature to do so.

It's not what it means. A lot of people think that's what it means that God just knows what people are going to just freely choose them because it's in their free will do it. That's not what that predestination means even the logical think this will we will go home hello yes what we wait in the preexistence. No personal preexistence accurate.

Mormons teach another's teacher is no preexistence right. It's been a long time to cook this verse. That's the first hundred 15 is 56. Let me see, that's right one. Nope, that's not it. 45 does not hit so first let's get Harry to 46.

This is version 5046. However, the spiritual is not first what the natural then the spiritual context, but the order, the resurrection in the physical body here. That's the natural body, and after that comes the spiritual body, but it says specifically the spiritual is first and not the special, not the spirit spiritual but the physical. So the resurrected body now could be limited only to the talk of this here this earth here and that could be the case but it talks the talk with resurrection and so we have a spiritual body waiting for us. This is a physical body is first it doesn't necessitate that there is no preexistence in that strictly logical sense but there's nothing in Scripture that says that we preexisted. Now some people go to Jeremiah 15 it says I knew you before you were made with that means is that God only knows believers only knows the elect are chosen for the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 14, he only has eight knowing of them is not knowledge of them. It's knowing which the Bible teaches has to do with being say machine for my voice and I know that John 1027 Jesus says in Matthew 723 he says of this people are doing bad stuff good with me.

I never knew you. And so when he says he knows he was doing with the salvation which is why said in Romans 829 those who before knew he also predestined the foreknown ones are also the predestined one, so the foreknown doesn't mean that he knew them beforehand in a in an actual existing weight, but has to predestination election and so this is what's going on and he never find a thing. Scripture says we preexisted is just not there in the Bible. Okay, okay, what got me was that if the debt somehow answering your questions. Thank you. A lot of people to see this again.

It's a mistake for people to say that God looks into the future to see who will pick him and then he predestines them that is faulty. It's on biblical and it's actually heretical. The reason it's heretical is because it means that God is basing his decisions on a good quality in us, and there is nothing good in us.

Romans 310, 11, 12, and that would also mean the guy was showing favoritism by saving people who have a good quality in themselves that violates James 2234 and so there are lots of problems with most Christians don't think these things through and theology associated with it but can't help them out all right. Okay.

All right. Okay God bless. All right, that was Kim from rural Hall North Carolina three open lines.

What you give me a call 877-207-2276 we just lost Troy and the Romans 1126 is what Israel lacks sleep and the all Israel disabled what that question was can be.

Call back if he wants. Let's get to Monique and the number out your folks for the lines you recall, 877-207-2276 Monique Rainier on here like my heart gather real connection with and everything in my life but my needs. I outline that I'm not.

My question here on drink.

I think God for the possibility of my life are one clear thing very I not know what I'm doing now committed by like I love you work. My question to you and I don't consciously what I know.

But I fear that's not enough. That's good. Think like my question to you, they'll complete it. There picture in particular that you get on your years of birth.

Very cute, meditating on make sure it's like you can reach you are in it on strength and and let me flee qualify that lanyard for day to day thing and naturally, your completely on your own.

All the situations where there is no way to really not only know if you but being on dialysis.

Our total away every other day by yourself each the pressure of yes but you have to make some kind of why you don't make it hard on yourself ethically, though one hiking hearing comes up. If anything from brother about being on straight and how Paul opens with grace and peace be to you mostly all the time before he says anything newsletter.

I want to make every evening that I agree with no question. But like I me ill be going with that and I truly don't know what for lack of a better term. What you what change what you sure what you're asking, though I know why everything I thought. But what I'm saying and I don't think I called you but what that's like, no, but I'm thinking Scripture reference the kind go just like your worry you go to Bianca for nothing Like it.

At the very clear why you worry all the time but if you are in your own strength more than you ought before and all and get you don't do that because your arrogant think you know something you don't know why you're doing what what's requested so okay okay again I'm there. Great standby gave the example of worry. I worry what Scripture what is called you look at what God all I need to depend on God more than yourself away. Clearly I have no choice but but I think like making you likely or do I got you I like you. I made her feel like… I'm praying you know you I communicate if you would do I leave here you I you know people think that you do not eat if they're not, you know you make the when they are compounding very don't make it odd think like you doubled over in pain that you grant or do you like that go. Take care, or do you think I know I got no name in vain is not now, but I don't do what just as if you had to write down set that's what your sentence is a question okay okay I probably got is there a great rent. If you look back on and go back.

You are currently or competently ugly with operating and angry God. But in your all in with and again I have to add not like you're doing some verses about attendance on God and working in his strength yet yeah that's a little force scriptures a deal with dependence on God and a very not like your whole life without me and Map have to be done when you have no choice but to move throughout. Naturally your spell no hunting, no friend know how you live, you will never go right. It why left but because of a little artistic I was like the short sweet if you're not there that I've enjoyed was that's all well. Although if you get a break will be right there fault if you would like to call 8772077657707776 okay Monique are you there yet yet. All right, so basically it is correct.

Scriptures doing with the idea of depending on God instead of yourself and I want to throw you back into that. Not like what that more master your own hardware are like I don't not, but I don't know if I have verses that talk about how to measure yourself in relationship your dependence on God. Okay that's number as we would like yeah I got that out. Maybe that's all I need to remember which one. Stop well in our there are verses that talk about just depending on God like Proverbs 3, five and six trust in the Lord your hardening on your own understanding only way to submit to him. He'll make your paths straight and say how to do it just has to do the other nurse. James 46 through eight gives grace is more grace, more you resist the proud history of the humble. I particularly like versus like Philippians 16 says God's faithfulness to me that confidence very thing, that he who began a good work and you will perfect yet to I like that. First, it speaks to me because God is working to perfect in spite of me. I like oh there's not everything that I think I barely okay then then actually and then also Romans 828 we know that God causes all things work together for good. Those who love God, to those recalled the court's purpose. No slippage 16 and Romans 828 speak to me as my mind the way I am on the need to know be reminded of God's work. God's doing things that I'm always at work and I'm always doing things in my pride and my stupidity and selfishness are always in my independence and elect another godly course. Even my sinful things for him for the ultimate good. And so I can rest in those things and they minister to me that God's perfect love that that and I don't know where I am in court that lap trial.anything like it that you really get caught. I've been called smart so I but I feel like I struggle with that I not getting reminded on right but it apparently Gary and Brent great because I do not yet got anyway or whatever God not I don't know that why you you are following in your strength as well as your weakness. As you know, you have the ability to sink to move forward to going to do you can react quickly and think with think things will how much that it is you and how much with dependence on God to get a figure those out. I'll tell you that's a real struggle. I feel like I can be airing on the side of me but I know what you do that would work. Then I would've thought I'm glad that with Bill, thank you so much for fighting.

I probably don't know how to again but I think for her.

I job and remind your wife really and thank you so much and God bless. Let's pray that something you it's all right but God bless Laurent that are easy all right thank you and I okay will enjoy this call actually. All right, that's get to Roger from North Carolina.

Roger welcome you are on the year. Well, I'll have all that government will shortly okay that monolithic or synergistic right.

Without that yellowing for organ and I went through that right size and elevation are minor. Just ask six education we are involved with it and we seek to be more sanctified weekly actually pick an effort at such synergistic yes right like out and about dying back and debate yeah and I need that documentation to take a look at anything of that lot. I know I'm always just got a plate 800 and the fire so I out often that they about it, quite an afternoon, at no question that what what if somebody believe when the market before the handgun matters. I answer and or what that if they truly came to faith and they would be paid for. The only unforgivable lap.

But then he went on that they later that we believe there is a hard one and the faith. But that was not what was on now. I could see them.

It's a question that the Bible to get into what you have a true believer and in ignorance takes that Mark just doesn't know was a person saved, I would still say yes and that's it situation.

It just depends on the level of awareness and in parts as part of the conversation so if you know you know it's the mark of the beast you believe it's the antichrist you take that Mark, you're in trouble. I would say that person saved but I got I could see that there could be Christians who just don't know any better and they they do stuff in Florida.

Christians who don't know a lot of stuff this truth, scriptures, and so I think you situation it is possible yeah and in equity it with a water question and and I think he went on to say that you think that you might take the mark to harden the blinded about a boy there and he will bully thing thing they they would like the blind thing where you know I direct that no blood not been updated about five when referring to you the path die patently at the dive for in your flight and I think that is right. It's not just the shed blood. It's the shed blood of God who also took our sins upon him, and that death in concert with all of the Binkley's.

That's what made the atonement work is not just a lot of your people think about a contact like yeah like that that spanned the bloodlust by the blood, but better that mean you're paid in full Ambien port.

It's about Christ dying in your life in Europe is the right thing to have to die not right.

I said the same.

A similar thing years. Years ago I said stuff like this, but I thought it through understand what he saying that people can take this out of context.

So let me cut to just get through it is not just that shed blood of Jesus as it is in the sense that that it's independent of the imputation of our sin to him and it's also independent of him being God in flesh, but the sky was a non sequitur because the blood of Christ is due to the incarnation and also is due to a part of the imputation.

It's all of that comes together and is not wise to separate one aspect from the other. So what he is simply saying is that, and I agree with this.

It's the whole is what makes the atonement work that he bore our sin as well bearing our sin.

There is no atonement that the bar said in his body the cross. First Peter 224 that's what it means. So that is a little long with the fact is God in flesh on 11 verse 14 that that's part of it and that he died which voices in his detriment.

623 is a sacrifice Hebrews 656 or seven talks about all of this is the atoning work.

Take one thing only and talk about it and we have problems and so what he might be doing to say, look, this is one aspect is what makes atonement and I understand what he is doing a people can take this to get a context and not understand you and it is a problem so I would also fight. Even the work of God, of living the perfect life and being the perfect sacrifice when you had that in less apps you know what, I'm glad you said it because you are absolutely correct. He refers to 222 he never send any demonstrated loving under the law. Galatians 4 for the perfection of his work, so I was sick all of this combines into the efficacy deficiency superior and sufficiency of that cross and atoning sacrifice is that too if if we had just a man who never send that's not going to be insufficient for the atoning sacrifice because it has to be imputation of sender also needs to be at a divine presence, so that the sacrifices of divine value. Consider it all of this come together make sense of what about YouTube God blessed all right interesting question. Very interesting theological question. Let's get to Logan from Burlington, North Carolina. Welcome around here are you I'm doing all right hanging in there. We got buddy, you thought him and cauldron output of my employer talking about mandate and the Mac back pain.

I'm just kinda wondering what I could do Abdul Marie for automaker want to get what I could recommend that you do get a car and go to continent/coded look for the religious exemption article 1 of the things that a lot of will don't know was that the development and testing of the vaccines. Not all of them are or you could use a bit human aborted fetal tactician. Not all them in a development that all of them in their testing and it's I don't want to benefit from the sacrifice of of human babies. That's that's and I don't trust the vaccine that had seen too many deleterious effects and heard too many stories and what problem you what I've been told by my order. The Christian thing to be obedient and understood. Take it and not really the question is your clear theologian, but I'd be glad to talk to your care as a theologian you have like a cry of I can talk to them.

I'm not sure I can talk to you to make contact with me will go through a big issue for me because I don't want to lose my job when I'm trying to get a good solid using your model, here's here's a thing.

What if you would offer them you say look, I don't trust the vaccine violates ethics about baby tissue and I want to get tested and you have the facts that you have the antibodies that means you because the natural communities 13 times better than vaccination. If I can demonstrate that I been blue that have immunity is not good enough that I will because it used to be reasonable as a Christian, tell him we had. You have this guy who look at talk to about glad to talk to them about that.

The Christian value and this is also the issue of self protection is one of the reasons I additional reason. I don't want to take it for self protection self-defense trusted while they blindly throw everything that your all the new trainer without any topic Federation Romans 13 is on government does necessitate us in this issue because it violates other areas of Scripture to go to the car/code.

Also read the disclaimer. All right, we don't have all right hey folks ready, the Lord blessed by his grace will back on there tomorrow and waiting.

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