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September 1, 2021 8:52 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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September 1, 2021 8:52 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Could someone be ignorant of Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy and be saved---2- What does it mean to deny Jesus---3- Does globalization mean that Christ will be returning soon---4- Does everyone want to be God---5- Matt discusses the need for Christians to stand up to what is happening in the government.--6- Are you obligated to tithe- Is that what Acts 5 is about---7- Is it ok for Christians to drink---8- When is it ok to -shake the dust off your feet----9- What do you say when people say you're -putting down- their religion-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics and research what is found online on board you have questions about Bible doctrine why France is called to respond to your questions and real names. What you know. If you have further questions on the Lord, the Bible, Christianity from Mormonism, jewels, witnesses of Islam UFOs the call to originally talk about calling 772072276 remind me to be doing a lot of research on covert vaccines and masks.

I found some really interesting information on masks today and let more research to do books. I'm researching it because people are calling me up and asked me questions about it so I may or may not have it as a section on karma, or it may just put is one single long file created a downloadable for people to have a look at any rate have decided that yet, but working on stuff along with other stuff like something Adventism and Eastern Orthodox seals look like that last night Bible study with the Galatians 3 last half and laid out the issue of justification, the dictation propitiation and do various things like that so hope for those of you who watch that you enjoyed that, things about us. We have open lines to give me a call 877-207-2276 Anthony from Oklahoma. Welcome your on the air so you not document Members of the nomination might make it okay is nothing but a month ago like church that they don't know much. I can make it a habit.

So let's see those groups officially teach and to be good for a few months and doesn't pass away like that, who knows things possible official Roman Catholic theology and official Eastern Orthodox theology regarding salvation is is antichrist.

Okay not believe in eternal security got out what love could that be part of them. They still be played by the grace of God would be by grace of the grace of God, of course, for those who teach, you can lose your salvation doesn't mean or not Christians displease of the teacher can, but a lot of times people don't connect the dots. They don't know how to really think through these things very well and so if we can win if someone says they can lose your salvation, and the corollary question is will the what must you do to keep it and that becomes the critical issue that they simply gotta be good to get yourself right with God will then it's a false gospel in their false convert. So you know you have to ask more questions in those situations.

Okay, the concrete mean that it what you find. The theology of what looked like radio more about you theology without make their false Congress because the Bible clearly teaches us that justification is by faith alone in Christ alone and our works are not necessary for salvation.

Even though those other groups claim that the works are that you obtain salvation through various means of your obedience and assist just the false gospel. It is okay like it very much. Figure hello Jim and God bless our right was Anthony from Oklahoma if you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 87720722764 lines give me a call right let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield Nelson welcome your on here you praise God you like. My question is everything you can in context of the section. I think it begins in verse 11, 13, and there because the election and Jesus regaled just to make sure my understanding is rated as expanding of it correct. For this reason I endure all things for the sake of Christ, who are chosen for the of those who are chosen so that they may obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus, and with an eternal glory of the trust her trustworthy statement if we died with him. We shall also live with him.

If we endure, we shall also reign with him. If we deny him is also.he will also deny us of her faith as he remains faithful he can't deny himself. Okay you go, you know, we did not with my writing to like my my thought was my father about it much thought amount or in about luck. Don't be. I'm a big well you just get the kind they just says that you plugged in and actually verse nine, you know, if I suffer hardship even a prison is criminal.

But the word of God is not present. For this reason, he says he goes on because of who Christ is, but it's interesting rickety because we have died with him. We shall also live with him and that's I talked about that regularly. What it means to have died with Christ because a lot of verses a talk about that if we endure will also reign with him. Or does it mean if you don't endure.

You won't reign with him. Listening to reign with him just like these a lot of questions here, and if we deny him, he'll deny us okay you I think is just what what Paul is doing just being generic you're talking to largely subpoena you know we deny them and deny us for faithful you know he's there. It just wisdom the statements and truth generic statements and you'll notice as if we deny him, he'll deny us if we are faithless plates of faith that right until the last big part of 12 in the first and in verse three.

Almost seem contradictory, but they're not. So what's he saying and then there's different ways of of kind of dealing with it, but the three main ideas, and so we died with him to live with them how that's elect the collection and federal headship we endure. It's a manifestation of having lived with them and die with them. If we deny him, which is a manifestation of your youth not died with them. You're not truly Christian and if we are faithless remains faithful.

Now there's a difference between the denying and not being faithful because he remains faithful if were not faithful and it is a difference between not being faithful to God and denying him not being faithful is something that we can do in a casual way or might forget that we also do something right. Whatever but denials and flat out a I don't believe in him.

I don't. I don't trust about you that's a denial that's not what is talking with Christians because we can become faithless, not the fact we don't believe in him anymore talking about their talking butter are slipping as we do as he remains faithful can't deny himself, and faithful to us can lose your salvation. Okay, much better. Okay, now that Douglas O'Reillys get the clay from rolling Durham, North Carolina. Welcome your on here your brother Matt like to be able to go to Uganda. It's been a while took the quality and I wanted that I'm very thankful to the Lord for you because you know you bring out a lot that you don't expect to hear in you know I like it that what you talk about it. What you share the good you know people are are really afraid and scared near the tree and when you do stuff like that. I think it brings people into are somewhat talk area of what they think that what you're saying is the gospel truth. And of course I like to hear that because only I like that blackout will be Bob like to get digested with. Okay what I'm leaving to our conversation and I would listen to radio Nalco little over 5 1/2 years and I'm very thankful for. And so yesterday are this conversation between a wonderful brother Lord that I've known for about five years. You getting to hear him on the radio on church radio and getting to meet him. He had the pastor on yesterday and they were talking about certain things in the course. This pastor is they're doing.

The church that he pastor is doing a study in the book Revelation. Okay he brought out some stuff that you know I did this. I've done a study to 3004 and you know like people say that's one of the hard part is book in the Bible to study because people don't really look here to hear about it. I didn't because I know it has been good because it lining up with the book of Daniel, so they were talking about certain things and they were saying that that this pastor use the word globalization and how coke the first letter to your total causation in regards to what is going on all the stuff that is happening like Lakota 19, all stuff like Afghanistan Afghanistan, which usually said to me because you know there is no good good you do you know the meaning of globalization I heard that yesterday is alert is that lining up with what the Bible is saying that God the father is going to send his son back.

Wilson globalization is is he is is when the world in his trade and its commerce, its technology, all becomes unified and borders are lessons. And so that's what that's what it is when the problems with it is that those who are in control of that kind of a system aren't arch altruistic. They're usually selfish because they in order to get to a place of globalization power you have to be in a corporation or governmental system with a lot of technological capability and movements like that become self preserving and they guard themselves with that power.

They oppress others. This is what were seeing with Google with Twitter and with others where they censor what can be said what cannot be said and things like this that also is a side note, I need to start studying the issue of how technological advancements and the ease of acquiring what you need breeds of apathy and self-centeredness and with that comfort becomes the main goal and then how much will we give up in order to be comfortable because resisting oppression and totalitarianism means becoming uncomfortable taking risks but in an instant gratification system.

We have become accustomed to the instantly gratifying this or that effect today on my couch. I needed to order a I remember I was up with our lives for our cooking cookware broke. I ordered another one took me two minutes and elsewhere.

This is so easy and will hold on the right backbone for the month to mass Y. Call 77077 charismatic slave seven to practically play back on the word you brought in the Carbonite can greatly that there's been confusion and people have been deceived about Indo hearing certain things about you know wearing America not wearing American people just like well what he what you do and of course you never talk about all the stuff that's going on in Afghanistan so I'm just it. I wonder what your thoughts are about that because only I am a follower of Jesus and I know that it some point God the father going to turn his back in order take it home, but I mean I've been hearing from several people that we are probably getting closer and closer. Especially all the denying Albert going a little with people so were getting closer will, of course, we are if you don't we get closer is definitely good and closer is getting closer, so it's a meaningless statement I got closer I did know that course. We are now the question is, is a preacher of rapture post rib rapture.

Most people hold a pretrip rapture. I don't see it as being biblical little post rib rapture seems matter since at least what I've seen. I believe we go through stuff and I believe that we need to keep her eyes on the Lord. Be prepared and know that the room was a 28 God works all things for good for those who are called we had to be careful like the Temple of Jerusalem now… Would call the great you are you aware of something like that know the reset. I am in college being used, to trample our rights and shift our I want to write thank you brother for everything that you're doing everything that you share stuff that you bring out and opening the doors.

People can get more reality shot at life because it's very helpful object. I'm very thinking to the Lord for you it out to give thanks that I will situation felt God bless you brother had a happy Friday and everything else and thank you for the job that you do. It is much, much appreciated. Please, God, you welcome and got all the glory is trying to Isaiah Bible says they may submit all things to the Lordship of Jesus. All things that includes masks we wear clothes we wear who we vote for where to go to church movies everything Jesus is Lord of all, not just most arriving African lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Chuck from Burlington, North Carolina. Welcome here. Thank you that Matt Holland that I believe that that everybody want God's unsexy harassment on that yet.

It's true there's a busy finding will have to do. We have defined are different levels of what that means. So an atheist would sooner try to be God because they don't believe in God. Well, what it means to be God is an ontological essence exchange Mormons teach that there cannot become God's actual gods of planets will biblical and ungodly just say that but yeah and so that they teach that, but was agreement that you know I saved to an atheist. Also, will you taking the place of God because you want to decide what is right what is morally good, bad, and your taking the place of the one who is that Lord and so they want to be God in that sense and that they want to decide for themselves which good for their own selves. It was for themselves what is true moral and so to the extent that Christians do this they are trying to usurp that authority and position it comes is for God alone to the different levels we can understand and it's something that is real in this world, and Mike, you might have a great marriage. The one thing we need good elbow. Breakout that won a narrow really appreciate it. They would not want. I'm glad to hear the original kind of surprise and not near as long as I have because I say difficult things and home and so I know that a lot of Christians don't want to hear about it. And I I get that because I can be kind of a downer. A lot of people because I do with heresies on an optical latest concern not downer about when you tell the group you tell the truth will not downer doing what God like you, God, that's the idea of saying spell teaching the truth is just that. Do people want the truth and I'm telling people and because we present talk of this is because you really kinda struck a nerve with without realizing it.

When I sleep like my get a better praying and talk to the Lord another day and remember things. I always want to do my job better and in the public eye and radio and debates always trying to improve and I want to make sure that Christians understand the severity and necessity of the situation of your necessity to stand up and dance for righteousness but yet so many people just there to try to make a living and surviving have much energy to do much arriving at families and stuff and and mood perfectly fine for those of us who can speak and do hope you have those voices of the work to speak to because talk to my wife got us a week or so ago and I just was talking I said hi night I said I'm I'm willing to be arrested. I can't not say the things that are true and I know that when I speak about covert vaccines and the harmful effects of masks which I researched today's claustrophobia, oxygen deprivation, nausea, dizziness, headaches, skin problems, increased stress hormone psychological stress and increased depression and I talked about stuff like that. I have documentation for that.

Do people want to hear what we do with our Navy. Erica and I have documentation were the CDC is is since this is the quote. If you are not fully vaccinated, and age to, or older, you should wear a mask in indoor public place to live it. It's ridiculous and so get his letter quote didn't read this and that is the cost of the get will get in trouble. I'm just reading this would assist from and it's a research organization and article writing is at the outset of the pandemic wave show X. Experts advise that use of face maxes masks is not recommended as potential benefits are rather limited and there's a potential risk of self contamination if used improperly and goes on, another research shows that mastic is a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant bacteria and fungi, which can undermine mucosal viral immunity. This research, as in cases of medical masks so I'm finding out masks to become actually more harmful to a very clear break so sorry about that would break that these messages call 877-0776 mass Y call 770776 charismatic slave. Call 877-207-2276 give a call back to Chuck are still there a bon mot okay appreciate that. So now I thank you for this at night I found something that was very concerning and I did. I stumbled on it and read a quote this is from science and I have the article stored in case they altered to take it down. The longer these periods of viral or bacterial low exposure to remark that means you have these massed on all the time as villagers effects to that in a do to some degree, they do reduce transmission of what droplets but never less so for these longer these periods of viral or bacterial low exposure are, the greater the likelihood of future epidemics due to the didn't decrease the spread of RSV respiratory syndicate deal virus so it's due the didn't see a decrease rate of RSV this year as a result of ethical measures the natural protection of the pipe would relation against RSV at the end of the winter will be lower than usual, raising fears of a more important RSV epidemic in the future. In other words, you have to be exposed to all kinds of stuff in the world to keep your immune system active and working. And the less you're exposed to stuff the weaker your ears is to because it's it's not exercising. And so the mass wearing and the distancing is keeping everything apart and of course it is an old bubonic plague or some like I of course make sense will kill you quickly, but not this in writing so the thing is, at this they're worried about this the epidemics are to be a pleasure to come because people's immune systems are weakened and I'm finding out that the other recommending it to be masked if you're fully vaccinated, and that the vaccines about every six months dropped about 10% in the efficacy of the ethical back and get more and more, so this is still finding the stuff out and it's concerning me. Now you can handle it on my all he is as a correct guy.

He's got a lot to say.

The couple logic problems. I've I've seen him make the minor but the this thing is that the Ephesians 612. We wrestle not against flesh and blood of the goods powers imprints private resort with us. Think of that is not mine, always. So what going on with the enemy wants control. So ultimately the gospel will be preached. So looking at what's happening in the measures of church closures around the world.

Persecution of ministers and pastors and Bible study leaders don't suck okay what's going on here. I think going into people's homes, arresting people in their own homes because they want amateur service.

It's it's insane and so I see this as being consistent with the demonic movement and lot of people don't read recognize you as Jesus says when you see the storm, we see that the red cloud, or however it is you know the storm is approaching well. I've always been able to. I believe see things in the sense of the one plus one plus one equals a prompt and so I've always is why Mike understand with what theology is necessary. What you got is seated in believe in order to refute this and that. When cold start to sue how they go the same kind of stuff I'm seeing in the. The coded response from people and the government reminds me of cold control and it has started back to my go to three months ago when a minute. This is the same, so they do with cults. The cult groups more mistral's witnesses subject to US is like a call little people for only what they thought right and that's it. It's a form of brainwashing and so you have to submit to the authority above you independent thinking is restricted and this is what leads to totalitarianism of having to study out as well, and that totalitarianism is is really interesting because think about this.

This is what you think is happening around us.

And here's a more sophisticated definition, a system of government where the state has all authority and power and the people have none of them were not in that state were moving towards power can rest in a single individual or small group of people opposition parties are not allowed individual opposition is not allowed state issued identification is needed for travel, political oppression is practiced along with censorship of contrary ideas, confiscation of weapons mass surveillance in secret police.

There's estate planning indoctrination and median schools along with severe restrictions on religious freedom. In fact, Tucker the other night. Had a quote from some woman in charge of the largest stuff and erect.

She said yeah.

People simply was arrested for not wearing masks or not getting the shot. It was for not getting a shot not being inoculated like what you anything you stuck in a mascot and silly sleeves with no one was around, and thereafter him to his tyranny force in enforcing vaccinations, requiring vaccination passports pressuring the populace to submit to authoritarian rule. Restriction of gun rights working with private sector to sensor opposition party is the Facebook twitter doing forcing of state sanctioned agendas in school CRT mass wearing mandates. This is tyranny, but the seat when people don't study these gradually just a school okay it sounds good and I can respect us a giving up my rights to have safety so is called thesis, antithesis, and what happens is it the, the, where your ad is a normal level of living, and there's a crisis and then with the crisis in order to have the crisis of the reduced you to give up certain rights you do that becomes your new norm and after a while have another crisis and the process moves as you move further and further towards totalitarianism, communism and socialism.

Things like this so urgent I'm having to study the stuffing before emailing and writing on the their asking questions on the radio and chat rooms. I go in Tucson. I force to study the stuff in the Lord, all you I thought I knew I won't, I didn't go in the Marine year and going to Vietnam and my dad let me go Megan go a long story. The local guy. It's just, we need to wake questions.

Wake up screaming and assist with the color. I think it will be should the elves have a national organization that we contribute say five or $10 a month to the monies will be used for lawsuits and that everyone who signs up has to have passed an agreement and then you don't do such things as runner state C.

We can't do that might calculate army people know I'm being. That's what I was treated at there's a way to do stuff you are at scale okay but you Lord and a lot of not all, of the Lord. Remember major work in your brain well. There is a gap that is not a lot that you are doing is good work for him in the Lord glory to God. I'm not right.

Chuck so I was gonna say that with international kind of an organizational position of people conservatives could join where they contribute little money and have the people that we trust you are in control of this cc should be careful, make sure there are trustworthy and then we organize groups. I think a good idea would be we sign up and on a certain day everybody with last name a goes to the capital of the respective states or their Merrill office whatever with signs we want our country back and we want this or knowing that whatever might be and they have a email and do things like this and if everybody would do this on say a certainty on the first of the month than this, that people's lasting be on the second day the month, etc. there for three weeks at Jefferson, a off I think these kind of things over the country. We just bring awareness to the issues of what's going on. We would need a crowd controlling the protection because the NT foot and help BLM mobsters go in and they do all kind of stuff and cause problems.

But this is what happens when you stand up for righteousness is the enemy wants to thwart it and let me tell you, I've set up for righteousness.

So many times it is cost me just the nature of what it is we need. I wish we had some national figure, organize and do something like I was nine, against the onslaught voted right back after that I call 77077 charismatic slave Roger what you law the church and I noted think about you know you know really legalistic like drink candidate in the camp and got and I played and shared by A sermon where it had like another big southern rabbit out the Dave bandit now if you don't tie God might kill you like and I find that I contacted a push that. What's the danger that legalism, self-righteousness, arrogance, pride, false teaching direction so you not obligated to tighten the test with your free to try to tie and that's between you and God and niceness of fire in chapter 5 is not about not.

I think it's about lying. They sold part. Most of the property and then cut the portion back in and lied saying that they had sold everything and so they were judgment that that's what the issue was so whoever use that. That way the false winter units is shameful. So you and if you can drink alcohol then wanted Jesus to his first miracle is making real wine and if you can drink alcohol. What is proper saying 30 of Proverbs 31 six and was a clue that the check should make sure it's the right one. I'm pretty sure I was positive is 31 six says give strong drink to him was perishing, and wanting to him. His life is better, let them drink forget his poverty, and remember, trouble normal so you let Lisa I asking that question the like will more than alcohol. I it was a great deep dark. I like okay. Now I wasn't yet. It's his ridiculous statement is great you snow it was wine because it was called wine and wine was not very alcoholic, but the wine steward he knew what wine was in John two and he called it wine. It was in great Jews. These are people who hold this.

They have the right to not drink. They don't have the right to impose it on others and Julia drink drink is the responsible yeah that advocating a drug universe wide area there drink. That's fine, you might even gain the strength people that you know they caught you know that. He called in the wind ever so he's with drunkards so in light of this, I have the resume of Jesus is on on carving the karma type in resume for Joe Jesus and he's applying to work in a church and its little dialogue between some people have done you know how people are legalistic and self-righteousness of the ways in realizing the truth really is okay, I like that. I thank you, God bless. Okay, let's get to kick from Arizona could welcome it matter that another debate on this book about the years ago about learning Greek towards the current line with the different yard they would you like that's right I could have you called. I'm okay. I know this guy, we talk every known leader with that I feel guilty about something and I don't. I'm not can use people. Many of the net. You might even know the person I'm talking about, but there's somebody on discord that I preach to the like six months like 10 hours a day. I've given him the gospel thousands of time and then he he started being a drunk and reprobate no other way to say it it with posting sexually explicit things about Jesus and all of that and so I cut them off and I used the verse where Jesus said you know if you go to town and they don't expect you they don't give you.

Now….doc of your feet then go to the next. And yes, this happened a couple of months ago and now I'm feeling really guilty about it when I'm just I'm just wondering how you deal with things like that. This person is absolutely an atheist. They call them something negative.

Don't call themselves a Christian or anything like that and I know we've been throwing a temper tantrum that is not like out of I'm just wondering how you deal with that or if you feel guilty about that on the gospel give the gospel and and I know you are quite capable of doing and they reject it's okay they rejected that's on them you done your part. You've gone way above the writing is necessary, complaining to speak you've been so gracious and you tell people stuff in your long-suffering with them.

If they reject that that's not on you.

This is not on.

You need to pray that God would deal with them because you know their imprecatory Psalms God get him and so maybe pray God get discipline so that he can come to you, but why worry about it. She wanted think I have an advantage of a lot of people in and then I move 36 or 26 times before I was 12 and so I learned not to put my hopes and friends and people. So if they turn on me okay was nice knowing you. Nothing to do something else and solicit advantage and I think it's helpful particularly to apologetics, knowing that certain people will become obstreperous and vindictive and that's on them as long as you've done what you are no yearly. Usually they go away when there like that you know they don't beg to be with you after after they get mean and nasty about this guy is being mean and at the command line extended family.

I don't know that not sound like a stable person. One of the things I have done in certain situations in an Internet's history as I've kept records on people, not for malicious intent. But when I find that someone is like that.

Then when I do is I start taking notes. They said this here this time. Here's what they said.

Here's this not because you find that it becomes very useful later was a no no no no no no you said this, here's the exact quote and I'll ask him to type that out to meet.

I can copy it and is things like that so that I can get exactly what is her saying I don't do it very often but when you meet people who are difficult then using their own words against them can be sometimes very helpful. It means to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. So, but for the most part just ignore them, block him, who cares okay. When we presented the gospel that I don't want to go play. I mean, I don't know what that means but that of the golf somebody thoroughly many many times and they rejected and they reject Jesus in their very clear about the rejection of perfectly okay. No bond of the next person and not go back to that, especially when there throwing a temper tantrum and and being as rebellious as they can. Okay how you treat me, but I do care how we treat Jesus on the gospel. Well, you know you been in a lot of rooms and I've been in discussions you know how I I require of people I have discussions I said one at a time.

The patient, be polite, don't be insulting and and then if they they become insulting is a look. I already asked. Don't be insulting if you're not can it comply with school someplace else to talk to somebody else you know I've done it countless times and I've left. And what happens is after a while people get it. That will leave a donor can enhance asked questions and so is setting an example of the Trinity polite Colossus for five and success. That's the idea. They will learn when you find people who work basically kind of stockers we know you just his bandgap disbanded him. Whatever you currently something you don't look people are not not something that I've I could tell you stories about being stalked by people online and where attacks have been made personal attacks been made threats of been made like I got stories I get a lot of stories about Satanists. I wacko women.

But for some reason more women than men who are after me and there's a guy who's produced a five hour video on why me personally why I'm not a Christian, five hours so you is just what it is when your public figure you take this kind of stuff and so the more public you become, the more that's going to happen.

Use of the deal with Nessus life you pray for them and you move on. Okay I like that on the trying to make sure I am on you, and now I hear satellites and give your polite.

I like the glory don't want to be guilty before my Lord and and and and I know that you know something to tell you I've had many conversations and you have a good heart before the Lord to honor him.

That comes out in in different ways. It is quite obvious and I think your not unlike us overly sensitive because that's not it's a good sensitive I think you also need to be aware that you've done your part and theirs is an appropriate time to move on and maybe the devil is trying to use this person to distract you from preaching the gospel to others you think about that.

Make a decision to your best move on and if you don't think you did a right to pray, talk to God about it and move on again. Okay, yeah, and for the other things I can update your family on the go. Whatever cover not I may get on tonight is perfect clinical stuff that I'm glad I live you continue on with the show your great even if you're like to think the extra six arrived at the celebrity will talk you later. All right it was Katia. He's a good guy for a while.

The schedule Berchtold from Georgia, a welcome here.

Yeah Gordon and Matt slick back and people of faith when you want to put down the religions, even though you attended always that Harry E.

Seeking a teaching at me putting them down into the light for the so I would recommend capturing no and so owes me nothing of a giggle went on to note that the guy adding know anything about you at 9 o'clock. It was my question. It is not being putting down slightly and then she conjoined a tool for exposing their fault.

Teaching the dominant political argument will not show interesting, but it is okay to point out people's theological errors. Like when I say more resinous falls and Catholicism is a false gospel is perfectly okay signal stinks right up My daddy was a Catholic. With that doing Christmas time mold and all that and secular music. I know any better, I was lost on Carla my bike in the Catholic Church. So I'm getting about 80. My daddy got that when I left Catholic Church but eventually come to the Lord before he passed away and I knew my mom to know that, but it would yield the web work as he would later become the one cat you know nothing pecan blamed everyone Feel the life of the Catholic so that enough. I told him that the Scriptures so but I think you know a JD from Idaho call back next week so you never let the Lord bless you have a great another program powered by the Truth Network

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