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August 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 20, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses aspects of Eastern Orthodoxy, including icons and patron saints.--2- Why isn't the story of David's fight with Goliath's relative talked about---3- Does regeneration come before faith---4- Can you explain the -now and not yet-- concept---5- What is the difference between predestination and election---6- How did Matthew and Luke know about the dialogue between Satan and Jesus---7- Could global warming be a sign of the end times-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive at the car.

The more you have questions of our Bible doctrine maps like why branches are called and responded to your questions at 877207276. Here is Matt slick day great weekend God's grace we are again Nicole Starling 772-072-2761 of the lots. What you call go. Let's see. Usually something happened here there but nothing I could think of except I think check this out on the homepage of Carly redirected the feed for the show so they could watch it. I think that's what we did and so we'll see how that shows up if it does or doesn't find out. So what you because YouTube suspended the streaming ability what we do YouTube I think it's because it's something about COBIT and they don't like it because they know better than anybody else. What the truth is about coveted the leftist agenda stuff like that of the research on it as well get a long way to go, but you have been researching where the statistics of varying issues of sickness and health.

Things like that from different perspectives and you not only releasing in the wild Lichtblau Tigers is so much to cover August a great deal to cover have been doing is researching the rates of sickness from various things like, and one each one trying to find information the Spanish flu and also drug overdoses and things like that.

Finding out codes about twice as is so deadly as the common cold.

So far, but went to research next is on is the methodology used for categorization because there's a lot of to say issues with how things are categorized so if somebody was in a motorcycle accident and you don't dies because of a motorcycle accident, but what they were doing is if they would test him if he had been exposed to cope with a color-coded death in this kind of thing was happening. So it really skewed the numbers I find documentation on that to get a more accurate representation and cannot be kicked off again this out works, but he right so if you want to watch the show. Watch me sitting here doing this you can go to Matt slick Facebook and go there until they pay you if you don't have Matt slick Facebook but that's like on YouTube Kelly giving me their and on Facebook discarding Facebook so you can go there and check things out, think that there is well have one of the lines you call folks 877-207-2276 and have spent some time today that all data actually today working on a dictionary for the Eastern Orthodox church and religion, and it is on the homepage is a lot of information I got. And terms and definitions eat Eastern Orthodox theology and you a lot of stuff.

There's a lot of problems. There's stuff in the short doctor. I can't believe you actually can I been so exposed to stuff white people trust their churches over Scripture. Why do they trust there.

There denominations over Scripture widely trust or tradition over Scripture. I can never understand that because all you gotta do what you trust the word of God. You go to the word of God you you check authority got you read the word of God you dislike of the Paris and stay with with the apostle Paul and Barnabas to check what they said against Scripture and you know they say were no the binder for doing what why is it that the people are doing that now I do not know. I don't understand… We had. I don't understand why people will follow the crowd just never did that. You know I don't vote for certain way because the crowd goes that way and believe something is really because the crowd goes that way you look at facts and research.

I just don't understand the people attitude that people have just go forward with whatever somebody tells us I don't do that, you know, I want to want to go through and find things out. I don't be misled I think is important that we we learn things that stresses me right so I've been studying like a said Eastern Orthodox stuff like even read a few things that they say and out of it. It's pretty bad as you guys know I teach that decent assuming that Roman Catholicism is non-Christian and it's not. It's a false religion as a full stock of salvation and that's what makes it false. Every thing else good in a lot of ways, except for Mary, all the tree praying to saints and transubstantiation in purgatory. What else they have veteran is problematic. Lotta stuff and in the eastern Orthodox tradition been looking at stuff, and that baptism is necessary for salvation and done that's how you get born again is is in baptism and I found out that what happens is when you get baptized get a new name. These orthodoxy you get a new name and so it your spiritual name or whatever it is and I just don't get why you don't get it. I just okay, I'm certain I guy just hefted I'm I'm amazed still at the issue of people's ability to just submit to what I call lunacy when they do it in politics. They do in in the religion they do it and all kind just off. I so let's see what else they say they get a whole bunch of extra books of the old testament and then christen is in the oil is a special oil that's been prepared so that they could be called Chris nation Chris nation is a sacraments which is a means of grace to them. That's completing a baptism so you receive the gift of the Holy Spirit to the anointing with Prince Chrysostom so you get baptized.

That means all of your sin is removed, but then you have to have oil applied to you. This is a Chris nation and this is what fully guarantee shipment and guarantee anything, it would probably get you right with God and then if you continue to send any you have to go to confession. Take the Eucharist and and go.

Confess your sins, just like the Roman Catholic Church and the widows of this. A confession is is called the second baptism and the man and let's see prayers for the dead to do that. Just like Roman Catholics and deification. This is an interesting thing deification what they say and deification is by virtue of this distinction with the divine essence of the divine energies get this energy strength. We are able to affirm the possibility of a direct or mystical union between God and humanity got with the Greek fathers term the fields was a man his deification, a mystical union.

That's what scares me right there when you have a mystical union that we needed to be careful.

A because it's it's similar to mystical union stuff.

This is New Age and when you use these kind of term for what they mean by that mystical union likely to sort research on that. But what it looks like the research I've done it says with meditation. Being quiet and thing your mind focusing on things of the church, not on Scripture but on on ideas of that mystical arrangements in connection with God and this is a pathway to demonic oppression that is exactly what I should do in the occult back in the day and it's a practice in Eastern mysticism. It's a practice and some growing heretical areas in the Christian church and also the Salute folks with you a call 877-207-2276. You have no callers but that's okay. It comes and goes. The Eucharist is so, becomes a body and blood of Christ, just like they said here's the big thing filioque. This is something that happens in 54 is a split between Roman Catholics and eastern Orthodox filioque which is a Latin term means and the sun, and so the issue does that was really necessary with our thought about debated was does the Holy Spirit perceive the father alone, or the father and the son. And so the Western church went with and the sun and added it to the Nicene Creed where the Eastern Church said no. So in the father and there's some debates on it quite a bit and that's with the schism occurred there, and free will. I was understand what they would say, free will is it's a human centered choice given to humanist and to choose between good and evil and so is not God centered, not God centered definitions are right 877-207-2276 when I get into the issue.

There icons. This was interest in the reach of the stuff, but the icons are teaching about icons because of some problems there and an icon is a painting on wood or other material representing our Lord or the verge of the all holy Virgin saints or events in their lives. And let's see let's see it's it's a transliteration of the insert wording which icons of Christ and his Saints depict the reality of the incarnation.

We keep icons of patron saints in our homes and invoke their assistance, which means they prayed to dead people prayed and prayed to Christ. They do but to me they prayed to the site that the icons themselves with the icons represent people of represent so appealing it's to represent her Lord, all delivered. Saints note their lives.

Yet it's been bad news, bad news.

Let's see, and intercession.

Patron saints are our intercessors, helpers and guides who understand our earthly sorrows the real members of the church icons of the saints show that they have already been glorified by God and are praying with us and for us at all times we may call upon them for family support beseeching intercession in and through Christ.

Now what they'll say is they don't pray to the saints. They say that specifically they do not pray to them. They asked them for help and I was thought that was kind of interesting because a C the sink and everything praying to them were just to you know for talking to them and asking for help will and will is that what you do with Jesus you pray to the Lord Jesus. Would you please help me.

Blah blah blah, and W stated saints.

Also, would you please help a level about the same exact things to your dressing and so to me it's a double top, prayed of them were just talking to them and addressing them and asking them for help and I was thought that that was interesting because why would you want to go to a creature when you go to straight to God himself. Jesus Christ know with thing to do is take have you take your eyes off of awful thought Christ and put on them in their sacraments and things like this is a lot more there and I want what you may call 877-207-2276 schedule from High Point, North Carolina. Joe welcome here.

Hello are you there, yes I can have a question Goliath. We've all been taught.

The story will minister the other day talking about the second fight that David had with David's Goliath manual Is, why is that boring. Not much is the David Goliath and seeing Goliath. Good to have the break going to break up that he folks forming lines.

You may call 877-0776 max Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg. No, you may call on you to do is dilate heaven 7201 cubicle. Let's get back on the line with Joe from High Point. You're welcome here again, so I was headed for the question again question yeah because people came in listening to brick, I'm sure.

So go ahead, David and Goliath. We all know the story very well. The store that we haven't been told are called about the story about the second fight that David had and that's what Goliath is on and it might mistake it come out comes out of Samuel second Samuel off the ground. Chapter 20. My question is why are we not told that story and under no because because this David killed Goliath's is still acculturated. The test will be here when I think is interesting is that when David went to go fight Goliath to pick up five stones and you only needed one to five, and this because he had four sisters of the debate. A monitor for sons or four brothers and so I he went after all of and then it turns out that there were others who joined David and went killed the rest of them so I know I don't get all that but I think it should he pick up five stones that meant he was going he was going to tackle Goliath and his family because in that culture. There was something called blood revenge and the apathetic law was given to reduce or stop blood revenge the blood revenge was you killed one guy his whole family, and killed your family, your whole tribe that kills her tribe. It escalates the apathetic law and I for nitro tooth for tooth was meant to stop it at that. It was that the same level you quit. That was the idea was because of the hardness of people's hearts. Nevertheless, with the he knew that if he were to kill Goliath at Goliath family members are good have to come over here to avenge him.

It's come over kill David. He's ready ghost all five so I know how every knew we had five but the word got out yet five stones, which meant let's go for the rest of so it was an intimidating thing as well as a thick office and forgot what you explain it, but the way that it was served up in a revival week. This happened 34 years down the road I David is having an adult and then I don't know. See the documentation because a lot of stuff in there in the Bible sometimes will say you don't and generations later, a little sake that he moved here that he thought them to be a timeframe between might be the case.

I don't know, but he was ready to fight his brothers and is is of having started up that was fighting, fighting Goliath, and there was what it was yet reached and all my life but never heard of the second fight like business. But why you I've heard about it.

It's right there in Scripture and everything done on car. Why think of five stones and his matter-of-fact Sikh arm. David was a bit, 40, 50 years later when I let her know I do know that I don't know so. But let's see the sort armor and he went in and §21 2222 and and we need to fight Israel. Jonathan, the son of female David's brother struck down. These four were born to the giants of in Goss and they felt by the hand of David and by the hand of his servant second signal 21 2222 so it is a different second battle I've known about it either. Like preachers, don't mention it, but that's what happened five stones picked them up his giver to go to the whole family. He had to find you look very much God bless you.

Okay I thought you finally lines he may call 877-207-2276 and the a lot of people don't realize that if you give the youth of God.

We David was he was ready to go all the way was ready to do what was ever necessary to accomplish the will of God. Let me ask you, are you willing to do the same thing. This is important because a lot of times we Christians are taught in different areas is how to be comfortable and how to be safe.

And that's not what Scripture is teaching us to be safe, it says got into the world.

This is by a sword man that advocating violence in the sickness with the gospel message is when you want out there and you preach the gospel got to realize that the gospel offends nobody is not the gospel. The Bible we don't seek to be offensive. We seek to speak the truth and the truth is Jesus Christ is God in flesh who died in the cross and rose from the dead three days later and he is the only way of salvation.

If you don't trust in Jesus Christ, then you can be going to hell. And this is a method that needs to be taught and the fires of hell. The eternal damnation that is waiting for people who rejected Christ without hope they're not to be annihilated to going to experience the actual the actual punishment of God without end and we need to warn people about this.

If you believe the fires of hell you believe this is where the wicked are going to go then I would hope that many of you would be concerned about your brothers and sisters and friends and family who are not believers that you be praying for them and occasionally when you can appropriate times preach the gospel to be receiving my wife. I regularly tightly intercede for others in our prayer time is what we do and it's what you're supposed to be doing so anyway it's a serious thing and we need to be praying for them. Just as David was ready to do all that was necessary in relationship to what God had called him to do was wait really to do all that. Pick up the five stones, not just one. Let's go all the way was take care of all of it. This is what David did.

It's a lesson for us as well that we need to be like David in that sense, who was defending the Lord, trusting in the Lord and moving forward and willing to go as far as needed in order to accomplish the will of God. That'll be there till I write for lines. He may call 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Roger from New Bern, North Carolina.

Welcome around here how to map doing all right. Hang in there, but we got my questionnaire is is regenerate and proceed fight or flight itinerary. Well, that's a good can a person you know come to faith without being born again or that will. The issue here has to do with logical priority and temporal priority and we have to understand also that it's not possible for an unbeliever to come to faith in Christ sublessor drawn because son Jesus says you cannot come to me unless the father draws you. John 644 and John 665.

He says you cannot come to be elicited granted to the father. Now people will say that free will just means that the will all have to have his right information. If that was the case then Jesus would not say you can't come to me unless and this has to be the work of God. We can talk about priority 100. Please hold on hey folks, we have for lines when you give a call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way and let's get to Roger. Roger Stiller. All right, so regeneration precedes faith logically, not temporally. We can't have it be that someone would be regenerate and then afterwards becomes a believer because that would mean that someone was regenerate for a while while not being a believer. That's a logical problem if were to reverse it and say that someone has to be a believer for a period of time. However, long one second. Five seconds was me. Then we would have some as a believer who is also not regenerate and that's a problem. So we have is was called logical priority, logical priority means is how each is illustrated. So when you flip the light switch on electricity enters the lightbulb and when electricity is in the lightbulb light is present so light and electricity are simultaneous, but we would say that that electricity is the cause of the light, not light being the cause of the electricity so we would say electricity is logically prior. It must be there in order for like to be there so. But though they are simultaneous, one is logically necessary for the other to exist simultaneously. So the position that I hold to is that regeneration precedes faith in the logical priority since God regenerates us and we believe in. It's at simultaneous things aggressively flip is 129 accents, though you would say that the regeneration is pretty much anything. It being being redundant and born-again you that is like one math but in that yes regenerate impact slightly before faith don't stamp well and is slightly before not one thing all of will.

Yes. And so we know that the Bible grants of the gods is a grassroots repentance 2nd to 25 aggressively believe that the 129 were caused to be born-again.

First Peter one, three, or born-again, not of our own will. John 113 of that verse right. There is interesting because if or born-again because of our well then that would imply faith precedes regeneration temporally, we believe, and then God responds by making us born-again will what is born-again will born-again seems to be what we call regeneration which seems to be God indwelling us, made new creatures and that segment is 517 John 33 through eight, John 1423 were these verses a talk about God indwelling us. This seems to be what is born-again is up some people and some theological circles go too far with stuff I think.

But try to explain all the stuff the Bible doesn't tell us and I think is a reason for it because he doesn't want us to know snow all the meticulous things. However, since when do know the Bible says were born into the context of the born-again, not of your own will.

John 113 that it cannot be that our will or decision is will is what brings us to being born again see born-again is an action of God is a thought. If we can lose our salvation then does God make us unborn again because it's his hand that forces act that forces the right word that effects the born-again of reality upon us. If so to speak some illusory salvation. Then, does God reach into them and unborn again them. You know what is it mean and this is where the difficulty comes in. We don't have sufficient definitions but there knows of the issues doesn't diminish right that company. Oh that we got a biathlon and persuade the go ahead if you got a question or so write this stuff down but he got I my question is with that being said, a little bit off topic when I hear you talk about Colossians 214, about you know didn't pay them off of the believer. Yes you know the elect and I know that if the two Timothy or maybe I better if that that God has saved us before time began our before they began with on see how it goes us in him is Ephesians 14, before the foundation of the world yet but again and there is that enough if that that he saved us before time began.

I don't know you know that part of the I don't know perspective well without being fed. Can you explain a little bit better. They met in the now and not yet how that will work together 6-3 is a verse you see the universe next ceiling that comes to mind is second Timothy 1986 he saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according or works, but according to his own purpose and grace which he granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity to get money we are talking about him and I save in the salvation is not before eternity because we can't be saved until we are justified. This gets in the now and the not yet we can't be justified until we exist, but we can be called before we exist in the calling has to do with the choosing. And God chose us in Christ before the foundation of the world. Witness officials went forth exactly what it says and so when we understand from thinking You try make sense of this. Not I understand. But make it so that people can understand it a bit easier with understand that in the Trinity, God is existed from eternity in a Trinitarian concept and he's always known, all things eternally was never a place for a time when he did not know something. This also means that all of the elect. The ones chosen for salvation. Second Thessalonians 213 Ephesians 14 that these were done this.

This reality occurred before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 14 and so that's why says he chose us in him, and Christ which means the Trinitarian existence had to already exist in order for that to occur in election cannot occur without a redemptive work without the guarantee of that redemptive work. So it's just flawlessly ordained from God from all eternity is going to happen. So the now for God.

Back then when it was now for him before the universe was made was our not yet, so he existed and he had called us in him and this means that all the people who would exist work ordained by God to exist he didn't just come into existence and God said, I wonder who's going to be here today in verse and all that kind of thing is open theism would imply nope. God has ordained everything that shall occur.

Ephesians 111 along with all people who were born. That's what the Bible teaches us in the election of those people into salvation by God happen before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 14 and so what we have is this broad eternal now and not yet is eternal in the sense that it's always been in God's mind and heart from eternity past is like. I like to say from from forever ago. That's how long ago it was but that was always the eternal now for God. It was also the not yet for us in that sense and also the sense not yet for God because it could universe at a certain point times when he did in the manifestation of his divine work had begun in the creative work and that as people get born than those who ordained ordained to eternal life, accepting 48 says as many as had been ordained to eternal life believed will then they were manifested in so we could have someone to say that 50 who's an unbeliever.

Up to that time and so he's been elected for the foundation of the world to be saved and that is so he's living so in a sense for him now is he's in a state of damnation. Functional damnation, functional judgment, but not yet saved because he is one of the elect and so this is the the strain or stress with the state of essay sometime between the issue of the now.

The not yet from eternity past, as it manifests in different ways at different times. As we look at it theologically, that helps because it would, but would you say that would be God that planet God came up with the people he chosen with that be of foreknowledge of plan not really look in the future, but I thing it like come up with so that life planet. Yeah, it's like that foreknowledge. Sometimes people think it means he knows the future, he knows what's going to happen because he knows ahead of time.

That's not the word that what it means in the context if I don't know what I'm saying is foreknowledge that that is that what he came up with email is not looking theme he made in I guess that's about ordination, the foreknowledge issue is related to those who are called for salvation.

Predestination that set of Romans chapter 8 2930. Those whom he foreknew he also predestined that nobody will miss that word.

Also, the foreknown ones and the predestined ones are the same group as efficiently as I may. Romans 829 if what I'm saying is that if I had a friend of mine is for both good conversation to a call 772 max Y call 770-7276 charismatic slave Roger Wright.

I have one more thing a grin asked what was that with pretty much how I figure out how to put together make it like that. If prices guide people not born yet and then and how to work together. You know God has a plan.

They people from you know from from the beginning of time to figure out that it planned out the thingy and were working through this, like the now but not yet, but it can happen because of the plan. I was trying to put all this together.

Slick your close. You need to add federal headship into the next okay okay please explain that I write so this is when you get these he understand them fall in place and then you go, I get it.

So election is God's choosing and predestination is God's acting upon the elect propitiation is a sacrifice of Christ that removes the sin debt. It doesn't make it possible.

This is not people know that, but it's a sacrifice in active removes Colossians 214 is descriptive, the proficient Tory issue. Federal headship means that the male represented the sentence so in Adam all die, and Christ also made a life for script is 1522, so when Adam was in the garden. Should Eve send first, but sin entered the world through Adam because he was the federal head. He was the representative so the win Ephesians 14 when it says that he that's the father chose us the elect in him. That's the son in him is a term of federal headship and you find this phrase in Romans 518 you find will find federal headship to go to my website Carmen look up federal headship and you did a study that and you'll see in there was called representation that the male represented descendents.the female and the phrase in Christ. In him in Adam is a designation of federal headship.

This is why it says were crucified with Christ.

Romans 66 Reimer died with Christ. Romans 618. Colossians 31 through five. We have died our life is hidden with Christ. He died for all, therefore all died. That's Colossians or it's a good despite 14 and the all who died in the context is only the elect and it has to do with federal headship of the noun. The not yet somehow it comes together. Is this God in the Trinity elected in the sun existed always as the one who would become the Redeemer, who was the representative of his those who are in him whom the father chose in Christ for salvation they were given by the father to the son is John 637 through 40. And Jesus came to redeem his sheep. He says I lay down my life for the sheep and he says you're not my sheep.

John 10 of the nonbelievers, and so he is the proficient Tory sacrifice that removes the wrath and that's why says those whom he foreknew he also predestined the foreknown ones are the ones known ahead of time by God because God only knows believers. Of course, he knows all things for John 320 but he says good with me.

I never knew you jump 9722 and 23 and in Galatians 489. We did not know Scott you serve by nature, those which are not God. But now that you come to serve God you wouldn't have come to know God rather are known by God and he says that now that you come to know God or rather are known by him. Jesus says in John 10 2720 my sheep hear my voice and I know them. So to say. I know you is good.

No scope and for no is Pro no scope so he says also he foreknew he also predestined. It's a salvation knowing ahead of time.

That's why they're the same group so the group is represented by Christ on the cross. They died with him in the manifestation of that death with him is is is manifested in different points of time for different people. When God grants they believe is 129 and this is how it works. ARI got the market like that, you know, put the puzzle.

Yeah, wrap my mind around your ears there and not many people really get it because putting a buddy down because they don't study these issues and see how they interconnect but I can tell you're getting there. And if you wants you can call me sometime at the office we go over it or you call back again and we go over it again, but is there and those of the topics you got a study election predestination federal headship propitiation and now the not yet and after Biddle Google oh I see how they interrelate because they make a perfect tapestry of God's sovereign work is only one that that makes it all work together when you do that other would normally people do is redefine election predestination and say God looks in the future to see who's going to pick him and then he picks them, but that means God would show favoritism based on the quality good quality of them. Plus, it violates doctrine of total property. People cannot choose it first enters 214 inaudible traverses so it takes a bit of practice little click current. I think if they think you're being regular time a new problem. I got blessed.

I'll write three open lines 877-207-2276 Daphne Carolina welcome euro near doing fine doing fine.

So when you quit thinking about warming warming Greendale and Mark but the what freezer I lost you and Mark 13 about the what hello yeah okay transmission worked on build connection problem is I can't hear you now. She said reading in Mark 13 a Daphne can you call back or I can call back right may be Rachel put on hold maybe talk to you get a call back or something. Okay, let's get to Kathy from Virginia Kathy welcome euro near Route and thinking now how you knew that you might think greatly and they know they know you probably Jesus told his disciplines that he was a disciple for years and he was their disciple while his or her good heresy.

They were his disciple for years and I'm sure that for three years. He just conveyed varying things to teach them because God Jesus Christ God in flesh knew that he wanted that in the Scriptures, so he would've told him told Matthew and Matthew it down okay great all right hope Rob Coblentz are right, let's get to Daphne again.

Daphne, are you still there okay I think is older connection so let's give it a try again how he had a comment about global warming, warming and what about our own. It was breathing in Mark 13 what a Bad end of a coming of the Son of Man. In the parable of the meek. Admit it out like it did it well.

Going through and out the neck and back on go out fires and earthquakes, things like that. What you think about.

I'm not a woman.

I'm not convinced global warming is real thing back in the fourth grade very very clearly. I was on the playground in the fourth grade and was worried because of global cooling and I was afraid that the place ears when he comes in and out of the north in Southern California where I was and am going to freeze us over and the reason I was worried about is because they were talking the news about global cooling.

Some of it very clearly and so in my opinion, this is just my opinion I think that the left seeks to use whatever means it can to get control and that they use crises. It's one of the ways that Socialists gain power communist gain power leftist gain power is to have a major problem that they can control is global warming is called a global change. What is that mean that is changing the end of read articles about cycles of heating and cooling that have been hundreds of years were inwardly normal cycles and if apparently have been shown through archaeology and icecaps and things like this, so I'm not convinced the baby is occurring, but I'm not convinced.

And what I've read. I like to read science stuff done, click okay just counter evidence, but the counter evidence is never brought up. It's only the evidence that could be used to justify the imposition of reducing our fossil fuel so that, for example, we become more dependent on other nations overthrew. Why is that when we can reduce our Kyra are her own carbon footprint and emissions because of global warming well with the rest of the world now and they are doing. It's an irregular at you just I just don't trust our government to write I'm trusting Western media epicenter for long time to trust him so that I would note a commercial well that they been showing down the collapse of young people talk about global warming. She thought it would have because there just didn't know any better. They, in my opinion, the youth don't know how to research the been dumbed down. They don't teach math and science much anymore and that are just to their teachers are YouTube and MTV and Instagram and and things like this leftist news and the leftist wackos were teachers and schools you negative opinion about a lot of I'm 64 and see a lot of it go south and in all animals can happen, but if we don't stand up and and resist then I'm going to be to be bulldozed into servitude to the state that's that's what happened 10 in China and we need to resist and is done through voting and petitioning, and lawsuits and things like that and the mama bear and keep going.

The mama bears were standing up and saying enough of the CRT crap and schools brainwashing the children and this is what I read, the Communist manifesto and I recommend people read it because you see, the theory was cause division between two groups to cause dissension by which you can then green power. It's what they're doing back against white haves and have-nots, which is important. All right, I say folks have of every some on tomorrow get away another program powered by the Truth Network

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