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August 20, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 20, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- CARM videos are no longer on YouTube because his account has been blocked due to -medical misinformation.---2- Is denying Christ the unforgivable sin---3- Will I have a sin nature in heaven---3- What are some ways that Christians can deepen their faith---4- Does the Bible say anything about dragons---5- How did you come to the understanding of limited atonement---6- What do you think of Eastern Orthodoxy---7- Are there any validity to theories about when Christ will return---8- Where do we go after death-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines.

There is a max likewise glances goals of responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick. What will I why were the theories behind what part of 13th is a spooky day you if you're interested in the call. We hope follow several lines 877-207-2276 and the Ricoh stock is so well what you recall and don't we having a slight problem.

YouTube has prohibited me from doing some stuff with the streaming on YouTube for the show here because of medical misinformation that were submission coated in vaccines and so they said don't you like to have every speech that we can't do that. Also, what with the government couldn't do the private sectors doing eccentric, which motivated me to do a great deal of study so I'm doing that finding some addressing stuff and let's see Melinda sluicing on the car radio at me, she's out driving someplace and I praise God, what a nice day I get a little bit of sun and decided not to because it's over hundred scopes. Oh man was warm so that's about it. What's good to call 877-207-2276 left not have much Bible study and I went through Galatians chapter 2 and acts 15 because a related and some good stuff there.

Hope you guys. I watched some of it and enjoyed it and we do this on every Thursday night at my house. All right, let's get to John. John goes back four lines 877-207-2276 and from Iowa welcome you on here. Sure, when you get there you are permanent you are your family at that price.

If you can't and clean your mind you that that here at work at the one thing that's not forgivable.

I know no and that's the assuming the position that you can lose your salvation. I don't hold that position but delete unforgivable sin is spoken of the Matthew 12 2232 and it is saying that Jesus does miracles with the power of the enemy, and that's with the unforgivable sin is. It's not just mere unbelief because people have varying degrees of unbelief and become believers I just talked with Guy today as a matter fact whose diagnostic become a Christian in the earlier this year, so there's that. But some people tease you can lose your salvation like teacher can't because of what Jesus my position okay you want to set us there now and on and am I correct in knowing Christ died for our fellow make an impact on red time and it that when you go to have been that your nature is gone on you getting that just curious. My life all kinds it and then you think early with quick versus arrogant on anything. John after re-writing lumbar though I get you thinking about that and you follow him where then there when I have you know if I'm not that I let's talk with a little bit because were some unknowns they're talking about a silver jewelry to blue.

But now we are children of God, and it is not. It appears what we will be. We know that when he appears to be will be like him, because we'll see him just as he is so is that the verse are talking about, I read when I don't need a Bible I don't or I go down if I still don't panic going down low on terror translates as well.

And feel free to call anytime for clarification construing directions with good resources and things like that. A googling announcer is the best thing to do is a lot of wackos out there so on. We don't know what exact condition will be in heaven so people say we will have a sin nature, and some say we will not enter glorified bodies doesn't say that we won't have a simple tendency know I'm not saying we will mustn't. We won't say the Bible doesn't tell us.

That's all.

When it says will be like him conference glorified body is more of me to say about this but just because when I had to remember how I guide my being a born-again creek. Then we talk about point first through three and if you're a commie and I feel that okay to call on the error or not he can't mark I'll okay Conrail conversation conversation. Yeah yeah thing you talked about the moral you know that daddy died follow and I moral close and think that I eat that and thought about what kind of faith in you begin to do some thinking different way.

A lot of times when I start going that way.

No, I think you and you back Here and talk very well, praise the Lord on will tell them novella called atheistic suspects an awful fiction novel good on Amazon atheistic call IKA atheist IKA don't know if he might be disagreements official accounts and so my tackle submissions of weaknesses of atheism and their inmate in lawful form fiction story like you have a great weekend. Okay, good. I got all right but if you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 your frontline so you recall, let's go to Brad from Ohio Brad welcome your on here hello are you doing I'm doing alright brother so we got all right, so I've been Christian for nearly all my pictures my life?

In a and I know a lot of person is. Once we believe we are saved, we know that you will know that God is in doubt about her thing.

What are some ways that Christians can not to think that the baseline but continue to improve on that and will re-update his or refresh. Sure, it's easy sports of any kind or played sports book alright so in other words, you had to get out there on the field at the practice, and more you practice the better you got right was difficult and the coach would yell at you and call you names and you go out there and run laps and Dougal get crunched by the bigger guys and don't you got better because you are using the skills you were developing the same thing goes with Christians a lot of time with they do go to church of the church doesn't teach them how to be equipped for the work of ministry tends to babysit and when people just get babysit they get apathetic and they often gets weak and so not sure why is this not happening. How, feeling like that. I don't feel this or that this is one of the areas the causes of atrophy. The Christian faith. People like to do is tell people if it were up to this kind of thing is to witness go do something, go feed the homeless go mow some of your neighbors yard and you're doing it for the glory of God do something, go to church take a study you ask expressor Christianity get on your knees and ask God to use you and get ready to be prepared because a lot of people when they want Christianity with they want is God make me feel good and make me feel close, and I watched TV until it happens. Would God often does, as he says, equipped called you glumly to prepare you in the preparation is often quite difficult sometimes not the preparation of preparation and then he puts you where he wants you to be willing to go through the preparation. To be used by God and a lot of times preparation is done by just doing so I say to people to I got of the spiritual rock, so to speak until closer than first of all ask God to be used.

Second, get ready to be prepared to be used in third.

Get ready take risks and with risks come successes and failures in both are very valuable when you make a mistake you learn from when you do something right.

You give glory to God. This is one of the ways and there's up issues of sin in your life you take an assessment of your own life for you and send someplace or bigger the bed church and are teaching a crowd who knows a lot of factors. There's some stuff I think you are very much the opening you, I delete the round and manipulating you on your lap when you called out to do something so I suggested people pray for a while. Lord you sleep but I warn people you're asking for trouble. God use me he was okay on the take this the rusty tool off-the-shelf and use it as cause of stress and strain on the tool but that's how we get used and is one of the ways and I'll tell you I love it when people call me up at the office and tell me that they preferred me regularly took some risks made a mistake so the stakes they hold on his messages, Matt Y. Call 770-7276 charismatic all right, no big deal to open lines give me a call 727-2276 Kathy from Iowa. Welcome and yes I can, Kathy. Welcome back.

You little hard to hear in our break up your breaking up a lot. Sorry, but the little bit I think it is trying.

I wanted to outline what I think Google is not a good source of information for stuff like that, that's for sure. My heart good at helping people to understand the word of God. You know I'm on that journey myself and I went to a church for 17 years and never occurred to me to read the Bible and I get down and I found a new charge. I you know and I learned more in the last year that I ever did everything you're going to want another praise God, thank you for what praying to God and asking him a guy with other people. I praise God welcome them and he gets the glory is God all right good one.

All right, Kathy, for much God loves. Oops.

Okay, let's get to mate from California named welcome you on your home while you may have.

I woke a while effectively. I can do before I asked the question I want to know are you girl out on to the Masters of Divinity. I want to do a doctorate just to have a time of money to live all right will thank you you like about three for all of the apologetic girls love them thousands of hours of itself know some stuff I want to know the Bible and how the definition of or description of all the way of words you know Dragon looks like I have so many cart school is Dragon in on them last for Dragon, and I know that and one in the Bible. Well, there's a lot a lot to comment on their so dragons all right. Well, it just turns out that if you go to. Let's see, let's try this well slept on this couple thing with Joe. That, but there different kinds of dragons through history, mainly in the Asian area I dragons have this ability to fly and breathe fire and don't know why where that came from the Bible to Dragon is is spoken of the seven heads and things like that so there's the different uses of the book of Revelation contract and so is not just using the term in a very figurative context. Now here's an interesting file actually finding a DNA and nerve tissue in fossils, which tells me that the fossils are not as old millions and millions and millions of years old and the sanitizer fossils will and there's other issues I could talk about evolution stuff like that. But if you go to Job, chapter 41 talks about this creature and Leviathan and the it goes down it says silence it wears its talk about this.

There you go, I will not keep silent concerning his limbs. Mighty strength of this frame who can strip out his office outer armor is double mail when he who can open the doors of his face around his teeth. There is terror. His strong skills are his pride showed up with is a tight seal you.

Let's see sooner know one is so near the other that no air can come between them and their joined one to another class, each other and cannot be separated. He sneezes flash forth light and his eyes like the eyelids of the morning out of his mouth were burning torches. Sparks of liar liar, a fire feet I leap forth out of his nostril smoke goes forth and down. This creature Leviathan and Joe 41.

The question I have. This will what would you describe. It looks like there's a description of the land-based creature and a water-based creature, but the very least a water-based one is able to have something the fire to his mouth. Could it be I'm just throwing this out could be that the Dragon is actually from the ancient observations of an ancient creature and it just became myth mythologized a lot mythologized I think is the right word list is that of thoughts about it and the reason I brought this about evolution is because is because there are standard MO is that the earth is millions and billions of years old.

There is a big problem with the carbon carbon 12 carbon-14 which is a half-life of 5730 years and after hundred thousand years or should be no carbon left in any creature that is been alive because once they die.

The increase of the balance of carbon into their systems of breathing and eating respiration on the cost of stops so fossils that are anything is biologically based.

That's over hundred thousand years old. Efforts died without hundred thousand result cannot have any carbon in it, and yet there finding diamonds and coal shells with a carbon 12 in them and this is a very big problem because it suggests very strongly that these creatures are not nearly as old as was said, and is also stuff about to get my notes out dating methods. There are some serious problems with dating methods I can read stuff here got quotes were different. Make dating methods about ancient rocks are getting millions and billions of years in different stages and it was called a poly Street fossils were they fine single vertical trees. Fossilized vertically through 600 million years of rock strata consist of the carbon 12 issues a huge problem.

The poly Street fossils are then there's the DNA problem.

Human DNA deterioration called genetic entropy. There's a lot of problems that are not talk about the harm, serious problem so maybe the joke creature was seen by that were dragged from.

Please hold on one of the line 877-207-2276 mass Y770776 charismatic slave like everyone will back show. Let's make their older you let it in front of lot more to say but anyway 30 go out in your error well right you for doing that but I'm so when I have what I do… Say is I developed outlines and I have a bunch of outlines on different topics I have for on reformed theology Mormonism evolution philosophy Catholicism the canon slavery.

The one in many issue baptism government. Islam goes on and on and on and one of them evolution and so I gyrate this periodically. I'll add information to the outline and then what I plan to do is probably produce a section on car were just to have a bunch of outlines of stuff and what will be in PDF documents as well as just right there on the web that anybody could just go look at it.there is and my outline on Catholicism, however, is like 180 pages so I think might be too big so will now one more well I've gone my daughter more drama like cartoon from someone I like talking about Dragon and I'll sign if it's all right for you know for little kids to watch something with the Dragon on, you know, I don't see any harm with morning watching Santa Claus and his lungs are not believing in and it all in and is at certain ages watch certain Leslie I have you known to suspect it's a sponge is okay sure we don't teach crap with the older I got up a permit you my one more question, which you belittle which which of the NIV, K what that have to do with them that look like I don't know what it sure Monica something will have to know the first thing you're talking about vendors and for single 28 Marcus exec versus hard thing to make a comment I have to know what it is to look so witchcraft is bad, right and I would let my kids watch witchcraft stuff and I went to visit often from watching Sesame Street because I started teaching crap, but I did wish it were done, and so I was a we would then we had a sponge Bob Saturdays we would watch SpongeBob for a couple hours as a family that was a lot of fun.

So right LOL thank you for the for the info, right ankle got less rent. He appreciated a gobbler and not a happy happy 13.

Dragon tell you why that is. 13th is what it is a photo taken. We have the truth.

Lines 877-207-2276.

John well, you'll hear that dog about experimental vaccines and so forth. Because I will plot the same info I've seen it looking right now it might be sent in such a way that I don't recognize what is but so I'm looking and I did this a search for the word constitution and my email and didn't find anything. I don't know maybe did and I and I can look around looks more can I do want to get that as I am researching coded I'm not anti-vaccination person to believe in vaccinations is more know if this was a safe one and done by believe that the government is using its present. The left is using it as a control thing to give more control and power. I believe anyone so I Made my internist Raymond got less all right. Let's see how about Brian from Texas running welcome here by brother Matt.

I once heard you say that you came to the realization of God's sovereignty. When you were witnessing to Mormons – Robin Moore. It was a limited atonement lungs with the subject of a limited, you can you describe in more detail what part of that conversation are what led you that only and I'll take the answer out there because I have kids now about them a lot. Stay on everything is fine, it would happen with those in Escondido, California, graduated from seminary with my M.Div. about this a few months later as I was always did.

I was stopped in missionaries and talk to them and I did not affirm the doctrine at the time that Jesus only legally for the sins of the elect not of but relived and so the Mormons were telling me that Jesus died for everybody for lift and just to do it. I took the other position to to see just ask questions to see if you find any weaknesses in argumentation and within 20 minutes of going back and forth. I convinced myself that limited atonement was correct because it answered the questions flawlessly were the other sty didn't did not and that's how I followed up with the that point, oh no, I don't know because it also made time to talk to Mormons over the years I've had people tell me Mormons come back later and say that I destroyed their faith. One guy probably committed suicide. Afterwards, I was told another. That's what I was going for, but did you witness and was a Mormon. If you tell me that did happen. I don't know if it's true or not of had Mormons leave the Mormon church ever talking to me just casually just talking to them never want to hurt them. Never wanted don't injure them really like that but going to hell, Mormons, and so well I've had over the years many Mormons have left the faith. When I would show them the facts were used to do in Southern California. I was so frequently meeting Mormons that that she had a meeting with her were told not to talk to me.

The Southern California people.

Mormons don't talk to this guy and it is made of everywhere and I used to carry then two things at the Greek New Testament and 3913 changes the book of Mormon.

You can get from syndicators ministry like Utah lighthouse ministry, which I absolutely recommended for to get that book 3913 changes in the book of Mormon. I carry these the them together.

That would show the Greek New Testament. I would say looking three Greek.

Here's the textual variants that's in English it's at the bottom of each page. I said look, there are here. This paycheck one Beatles fan over this but don't to peers who have three over here we have one here who have not do this with the New Testament because explaining to them that this was what it was new Greek New Testament with the textual apparatus that had every variant of textual manuscripts ever discovered. Right there and it's a great book that they had never seen thing like you said yes. He considers it thinkest and they would say well, that shows you that I was been corrupted as a know a very athletic corruption. I would then get the 3113 changes the book of Mormon and just fan through it and and stop and basically would always be you don't 1015 changes in book of Mormon and the one or two on the on the potential variance of the New Testament do this over and over and over again and ask him.

I say look.

The New Testament is 2000 years old. Your book of Mormon's 200 years old. Every page return to in the book of Mormon has 510 times more variant changes.

So why is it you say that the theory of Bible is not trustworthy, you know, it's a first quickly translated and I've had Mormons just be destroyed by his are things I would do to buy the book of Mormon that it's was developed solely for this purpose. Hardcover book of Mormon and then I would take tabs and I would put them in the book of Mormon.

For example, one God, God is unchanging. There is a perpetual version saved by grace of various things okay that Mormonism doesn't teach in underscelestial exaltation and things like this praying took to Jesus and up with these tabs all in a row so that all you look at intake of a horizontal and looking at the pages. We put your thumb and you know you flip the pages but I put horizontal so he could read the tabs so the tabs will be in line when God got the Trinity and all the stuff in the book of Mormon.

Many many times. I did walk up to Mormon missionary would even say anything is holding the book and they would grab it politely. It was hard for him coming through it tell you what happened.

They voted right back after these messages, please say two lines 877207226. We Matt slick live call 770-7276 charismatic slave.

My back. Texas is still there under direct with your bank. I saw with Harry to tell people what Mormons would do sorry you were negligently making. When I handed the book of Mormon. With all these tabs that does not have Mormonism that has information contradictory to Mormonism, they would sit there both of the corrosion in pairs of twos pairs of 20 it always in pairs, and I would just wait, sometimes 3 to 5 minutes. While they were just looking to the book. I didn't do anything didn't say a thing that they would handed back to me and that you could see that they were they were flustered, I'd say and how I quoted you know in the history of the church, volume 4, page 461. Joseph Smith said the book of Mormon was most quick book of any book on earth was a Bible and a man could closer the precepts of God. Following a thing like any other book I sent.

Why is it doesn't have Mormonism and and they they were flummoxed so a lot of stuff like that. Anyway, go ahead of us and I'll start your recent debate thing Mr. Shimon Sam Simone look like one of the God who organized it yet. She was with it.

He's going forward like the Orthodox Church yourself like that.

I've heard that I talked to him a few months ago about her.

He said he's not that a few months ago. I know where he is now, but the one thing that concerned me when Sam introduced both of us. He said that my opponent was a member correctly electronically misquote him at all, but basically said that he was a good brother in Christ, and I can't call me all about your brother right right he could spend being polite but I would never have called the EO guy Seraphim for conveying. He likes to be called.

I never called him a brother in Christ, nothing draping me to judge mental assist his doctrine of salvation was just whacked and all of you are going to vacate the wash today and I have talked to people and there is just mean like most people in life, yet they like two years catechism in their church for you to get baptized or union in every three delegate a lot of worksites. It needs documentation stuff like that you like you got to go through for two years of this are that if it's true, because when I write about on the besetting EO a lot more will hundred is compared to the Scriptures and immediately they were baptized. Why is it the DEL was a big biblical into stuff like this. I need all kinds of documentation so people will anything you find this lot.

He will do this will save all met list of this three hour videos got good info in it on EO like you know I could do that you have to tell me where it is because Michael spent three hours. I've done this before. People said I look this video and I don't find anything and so I did that exact time flirting with very this one guided meeting i.e. seems like you to going towards Orthodox or of the Catholic Church you got this YouTube channel called gospel with the he's interviewed like 20 or 30 minutes.

People and you lot information. Just watching it either. July 20 or 30 minutes and that he interviewed God out. One of the young priest and that's what that priest said one of the video and yet we withhold that because the chalice because that's that's how we protect our body needs to get access to the child that's pretty whacked young to be doing more debates with the EO people so the representatives of things like that. I am I'm not impressed by EO. I think that they failed miserably in a big able to defend some essential doctrines of the faith, namely justification by faith on Christ something. Righteousness.

That's the big one and then there the means of grace icons being one of them in the maintenance of salvation through the participation and divinization process. So as far as I'm concerned.

From what I've seen and spent confirmed over and over is just a non-Christian religion so yeah I was I was all ejected out quite dark. I did feel like when a paragraph, you won't leave on anyone but when he was in the hospital with cancer and everything actually set up like several icons by any I am when I was younger I went to India and that that's reminiscent many of like Aldi in the light statute and stuff that they have like a people's homes in the distance.

It was very weird. We'll see if this is how it works.

It's either you trust Christ completely for your salvation or it's not the case that you trust him completely. If you trust him completely. No works of yours are needed. But if you don't trust him completely, then you have to add and that's Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity the high Islam and its Roman Catholicism.

You see it's Eastern orthodoxy, Jesus says few people will find salvation because they're not trusting in him being in Eastern Orthodox and had them lost the relationship with God, we inherited the broken relationship, not a sin nature, as are all born innocent you become a center by sending and you become fallen life by sitting so you have to have this relationship restored Christus Victor is the methodology that of the atonement that they adhere to is not a legal thing, but any rate, so what you do is through the energies of God the things that God works in you sanctification, grace, mercy, various things that get work through you through the Eastern Orthodox church is how you get into this place of salvation and you maintain it.

That's that's Eastern Orthodox it's it's it's of the devil.

So the devil sorry but it is is not biblical theology. It salvation by works, so you know okay it brought it all right. YouTube and God bless and a Friday the 13th. The just so you know on the 14th of Nisan is when the angel of death came over the people of Israel and Egypt when the firstborn were killed while at sundown, it changed to the 14th of Nisan for the Jews for the Egyptians.

It was still Friday the 13th.

That's work. I think the badness of this whole thing came from Rich from Des Moines, Iowa.

Welcome your on here. Thanks are not clarification. I started Bible quite a good evening when I was a Christian regular lanai where Bill and they were unaware of the Bible that they were talking about a generation shall not pass before Christ returns and what they were saying was on May 14, 1948 when Israel became a nation again and they said that the generation of summer between 8920 years or it's your 73 Natalie that no man will know the time of the hour when he come back and that again he validated that because I'm trying to find work, you medically force. We are talking about.

17. Generally speaking generation not pass away till all these things passed out when they say that May 14 548.

That is the date that Israel became a nationthere to go. That means there's a generation not pass away, so generally speaking generation is 40 years. But some have interpreted to mean the, the flow of the person is born on that day and lives the person born that day lives. That's the generation pass took a deep love with the person must be hundred years old.

Okay, so that's one of the theories and I don't think it's got much merit to it. Now there's a view called pre-terrorism which says that all of this occurred by 70 A.D. there's a view called partial plagiarism which says that what was spoken of as a dual fulfillment at the time of Christ, and shortly afterwards as well as it will be fulfilled again incompletion at the return of Christ is called Paul partial plagiarism.

I hold to that and what you are doing is okay with this is another view, and that when the good of the issue, the rapture, you got a good point. There are no mangosteen of the owner of the reason it says that it is not because Jesus did not know, but because it was a cultural comment made in a wedding party where the groom did not know the day nor the arm that the father would say that the Google get your bright and had was an allusion to the to the wedding feast and they knew the day and the hour actually. But it was a phrase in idiomatic phrase expression.

No man knows good with the father and it was in relationship to the to the wedding furthermore and I don't typically go to Matthew 24 Luke 17 this was a days of Noah social would be the days of the coming Son of Man for they were eating they were drinking they were giving in marriage to the day that Noah entered the ark the flood came and took them all away to middle Benefield was taken on his left and I'll see that's the rapture through the context it's not the rapture. It's the wicked who were taken to do is verify that by going to look 17 and asked Jesus where with a stake and he says with a body as the vultures gather and fullness up really fast, they were near the end the show.

Matthew 13 Jesus has with the tears this what really is funny and so allow both to go together to lick end of the age and I'll say the reverse first gather the tears of the first ones gathered in the return of Christ. Apparently are the wicked. Also, there you go stuff and she weird.

I'm on the radio. It will bit around here will I actually listen both on the radio, ministers and pastors, and renter community, ministers, pastors say that they would not have said this before but they're saying it now that they think rapture or were closed during our lifetime, or soon and love are thin out I would never have said that. But what I'm seeing and believing they love her. Thinking that you know you hated him anytime now. Yet he could not believe community time when rife is connected to its cell potentials in our lifetimes when he promised that, but I'm definitely post-tribulation rapture label to go through what nothing in Scripture that ever seen such work. We can escape gripe. Okay that was my a lot of the signs that lead up coming of Christ know the hires and the evilness in the flood, not a temple nuisance can be built is not done yet right that I have corrected that there is downtime. Thank you very much right. May God bless out on the bottom solely so you would like Bobby want to know when we go if we die bank. I think sparking no legal Christians go to be with the Lord and the unbelievers go to a place of destruction of eternal destruction and judgment and conscious eternal torment until the final day of judgment when they are cast into outer darkness, but the Christian goes with alerts and critiques 58 I got up to prep the body and the home to be with the Lords of the Bible says so. We Christians because we passed at a condemnation.

Romans 81 when we die we get to go be with Jesus. I'm so looking forward to that. Be with my Lord. I'm looking forward by faith trusting in him hey folks, there's another show and I hope you have a great weekend.

Go go to church in tithe and praying and interceding for people and ask God by God's grace on the air on Monday will talk to them, every week, another program powered by the Truth Network

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