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August 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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August 4, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- My sister is caught up in the belief of generational curses and needing an exorcism. What should I do---2- Is T.D. Jakes ok to listen to---3- Is it ok to wear a cross---4- What is critical race theory---5- Do works factor into salvation---6- How can I better understand the Trinity-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a map slick. Why glances calls and responding to your questions at 87707276 Matt slick everybody. Welcome to the show. It Matt slick. Hope you are a good time and if you are interested you to do was violate 772072276 statements as usual and let's see we have prayer ministries when what you guys know about that author. If you want to have prayer people pray for you, even maybe if you're interested in joining in helping us pray.

You can contact us at jokes

It should be initially fine in that area could see why is that that's weird. Okay, hold on a second okay don't fixing the hearing.

There we go right now. Initially think to do I sometimes miss my you like you.

So let look aesthetically McCall 877-207-2276.

So what we do is watch the locker so you can if you're interested you can watch your score. The website the right hand side of the homepage you'll see any kind of domestic life, then click that takes another page and you watch the videos that deal. But what is cool is that there are people who have become if you could say acquaintances with the people from Wales in Europe, England, Australia, all over the place who participates in the chat.

Even people from the United States so that that's how much fun want to be to people and sees good Christian folks to do is check that out right now to debate coming up. Let's see debate coming up the next week on oneness. All give for this verse of the trend of you more information about that later. And in a debate on justification versus 12 modernism versus synergism in the noted it with another one.

This will give more dates, stuff like that information to check it out.

So there you go through open lines 877-207-2276 just get to Germany from Wyoming and journey welcome here.

Hi have elapsed time and he got another nap in her hand that where she thinks that generational curse and high I don't think that question I can't find for reporting that so you can help me let that we could say that's is 20 regional curse in the Old Testament the old covenant in Exodus 20 because it says there that got a jealous God and he visit the iniquity of the fathers on the children. The third and fourth generation of those who hate me, and so we see that there are verses like that and that's in the Old Testament other. Because of this because of the covenant aspect is also goes in numbers, I think so.

Here's a thing in the old covenant because the people of Israel were under that requirement to keep covenant boundaries. Those who did not. Would face out curses not explain this because Lottie will not be confused about the covenant pattern in the Old Testament is called the suzerain vassal treaty pattern of the third millennium BC. It sounds complicated but what it is.

This is the big King of suzerain would make a Packard agreement with the vassal, a lesser King and it the introduction of that would be.

This is who I am. This is what I've done and this is exactly what we have in Exodus 20 on the Lord your God who brought you out of the land of Egypt etc. and so we have that introduction.

We also have the pattern of blessings and curses given under the covenant, and so if you read the 10 Commandments annexes 20 and if you pay attention to the cursing and the blessing you'll see that there was occur inside of that pattern in the 10 Commandments. Likewise, I would like to say this is that each party of the covenant would receive a full copy of the document. Hence that's what we have two tablets.

It's not five, and five or six and forks 10 and 10 and getting more about the affidavit that's under the Old Testament covenant system the New Testament with understand that with difficult right to coordinate Hebrews 813 and he was 952 16. The old covenant is done away with.

So we are no longer under that old covenant system or generational kind of curses could be practiced. But if were to step back a Old Testament civil what is it mean to have a curses of in God's cursing them and it would be better off if it could be meant that it also could mean that the effects of the sins of the father would follow. For generations God would not bless them, because the father who represents the descendents was going against God covenantal. He is more complicate it from there. But, but in the New Testament we don't have anything like that. We don't have any hints of generational ramifications and cursing and things like that. So in the New Testament now and the reason is because we are indwelt by God in all things that were they had passed away. He canceled all of her sins were seen as being in Christ and that's first first 2015 22 and so having been raised from the dead in Christ Roman 64 through eight were talked about the crucified and dying with Christ and everything we have is in Christ, and the ones who died are free from the law. Roman 74 so there is no curse. According to law that can be held to a Christian because he died of the law of this is the foundation of the old New Testament system so you can understand that if I didn't give it too much information too fast now if someone says that there under generational curse. Now they might be in the sense if they're not a Christian, they could be under some sort of of fog cursing that people have put upon them and there can be a demonic effect and is still going and are not cleansed in Christ and freed in Christ so they can be affected.

That way that you mentioned the term and and I wanted it through that term was, you mentioned that spirit something.

What was that term you said that she was into soul ties.

Thank you very much and the soul ties as a new age kind of the concept and it deals with the issue of one's soul affected by another soul.

Sometimes it comes out with the issue of pre-incarnate reincarnation preexistence and things like this. It's all bunk.

It just doesn't work so your sister is obviously unregenerate and deceived by demonic doctrines and false teachings. So what you have to do is understand that you have to pray for hair for you to specifically pray with specifics against the demonic forces that are binding and blinding her and you pray that Jesus would open her heart to mind to the truth.

Assist X 1614, God opened the the heart ability to receive the things of Paul, Jesus opens the mind to receive the Scriptures. The truth of what he was saying in Luke 2445 and so can you pray that you also have to be ready to battle against the enemy. When you step into the spiritual realm for that kind of prayer. There's often a pushback and so there's that and end up actually Helen is right in the chat room. The NAR does the soul tie thing. Great sucking and some other things, NAR's new apostolic Reformation. So this kind of fraud is around I hate it when it appears to be apostolic Pentecostal mouth, and they are the people generally who could exegete their way out of a wet paper gray Eric for where anything and then eat at that at the hated generational curse and then my fifth Eric F graphite but now why he be punished for our father then that David Wyrick and Matt direction if not we can do anything on our own Bethel fellow that's not true you will you be confusing for me. It wasn't truth because truth is not based upon your opinion and review conditioning to get you in the habit of saying truth and thinking these terms. Truth is based on the revelation of God's word, and so his word, and so in that you're correct in the word of God. It is not there New Testament for the Christians okay. You're welcome and I did a lot of info that I want to lay the foundation down so your next JW. Do you affirm the doctrine of Trinity now I feel like a understand at that I have accepted that and I in that character cannot help our good and you affirm that Jesus Christ is God in flesh two natures in human okay and that salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone and up anything you do right right because the juvenile disorganization denies all of those and you affirm I also have different gospel absolutely so you also from a Jesus is a man right now. Right now you yes good and because he is.

He has two natures is both divine and human. Right now the same time. At the same time he forever will be a high priest of the portable catalytic in the human form, but in the glorified body. Okay so good. Good for you. Good for you.

You're welcome. Thanks for calling out.

All right.

Thank you God bless all rights have enjoyed that, nice colors with the writ from High Point, North Carolina, and Rick will communally you got cut off the other day how you doing all right so would you okay I'm have everything written that this will be quick. I will know. Have you brought Junior 40 Bachmann is good Greg. I explanation on you to get home of Dresden. God knows what he talking about what is my okay stop on your mention of that. I think I'm right about Jake was against the Trinity, yet he's not affirming the doctor the Trinity and at that time I will never do. Yet effect is its video on yeah yeah he's oneness. There was a video meal at his website identify couple years so I've everything different but you wouldn't website the definition of who God is, treachery context, whatever it is is not clear was also a video I watched were people had him in a room politely perspective and they asked about the nature of God and it was as though he was affirm the Trinity. Their questions were very good and I was so frustrated they didn't know how to even ask the right questions about this, but I posted right at Geffen's mistake to mass Y. Call 770776 charismatic slave 72072276.

All right the writ from High Point Rick welcome around here again with somebody okay okay secondly Dr. Yamagata people who were a cross I get some utilized their that I don't particularly like it, but it's really him a corner crawl symbolizes their wouldn't come out of the come out of the tone so as not allowing a person want to cause representative G. You agree to disagree. No, I disagree.

I want to. I sometimes wear a cross and it's the symbol of the place of my redemption by grace through faith in the sacrifice of God in flesh seek house to get a look at it, you can look at don't you don't wear them during a gun.

The Jacob sake we were gone. If your mom was murdered with a guy with a gun stuck the same thing and so he wants to say that that's his opinion but to drive across in my house, and the problem penal.

So what you do that again… Yamagata always good absolutely agree with him on that one Boca is good now… From okay I will been married twice. Okay, I'm not in my nimble and I am 66 now I want it to be about a lady again. I'm currently not qualified because it was a long one pack a day month. No you well, but not all wrong courses with a woman married to sister, your daughter, things like that you can share the same house, but not with you know, now it's the parents of the rocket doesn't like what it's the appearance of evil little you want to get married again. I what I would do if I were you, God, let them: longtime okay what I would do if I were you was talk to the elders of your church. You do go to church right and hopefully the good godly men were elders right hopefully. Okay. I do know you okay so there are conditions that they should be aware of in this issue and in regard to me to say this, there are debates about the extent of certain aspects of remarriage within the Christian circles are Zuberi. Some will say that once you have been divorced for any reason you can't get married again for any reason I don't buy that at all. God divorced Israel and your spiritual adultery need to be a wedding feast regarding the bride, the church, things like that. Correct.

So the building if to hear you if two unbelievers get divorced and then on the vocal reasons and then one of them becomes a Christian want to get remarried to somebody else later. Is that permissible. That's what the elders to be involved because we can. It's good to see but for the most part, the answer is yes, because all things are new in Christ and the old sin is done away with. But what if the person for a couple hurtful for Christians get divorced and it's on the divorce they didn't like each other anymore and they get a divorce. Can I get remarried. Generally, the answer is no because the the of marriage was an un-biblical divorce, and they knew this as a false walk with Christ. But what if to say have a man a woman and she commits adultery and does not repent, and he divorces her because of that, then he's free to remarry and vice versa. What if he is married to a woman is a Christian and she abandons him or vice versa and leaves. While that case, he or she is free to remarry. The one who gets abandoned because the other person is breaking the marriage covenant is not your fault everybody to fall to some degree, but in every marriage. But the thing is if this is that the model that we want to go by, and so these are the issues that need to be addressed by your elders at church into two to go through and talk about that and yeah I get several opinions, but I would.

I would suggest that the air on the side of grace than law.

So that's generally what I want you what you say. When we got married two years and I'm the one who committed him.I agree so unscrewed they will not hold that where grace will allow me because I met a lady Judaism of the state. I can hear you before that you should get married to divorced twice. What's the other divorce reason Christians were you Chris of the time. Actually yeah so I okay so then you have a serious problem and you talk to the elders.

I do I get you do so about elder you know there's a say.

Here's the thing. Discussions like this get rather involves the don't have time on the radio and the subject matter that would be hydrologist should be on the air live so that's why I would suggest Dr. elders and spend some time with them all go through okay okay you have inspired me when I looked out quite a bit about you and because we can do great not get mad and yell and scream and come out, you know she'll find me want to start a nonprofit blog about how to do it all. Critical race theory. All I'm doing research of that nation is a big Republican thing now the definition of critical race theory.

It's now eight slot with definitions of what it is, is the idea that the race that culture, generational issues, social issues, all play a role in how a race is perceived and how you work as black-white brown, green, blue, purple it within that culture and it would it does is it divides people causes rip more racism and cause more problems. Critical race theory is one of because of what because it because it brings up the issue of race and sex white against black and white and white against Brown and God against Brown and white and all the bricks back after I think the folks will be right back of the messages.

Give me a call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg will come back to the show. Let's get right on the phone here with filter alright so critical her theories so I have written on it it's on, the main products want to say with with critical race theory theory is it says racism is everywhere all the time and it presupposes that white people are inherently racist views people as groups and not individuals and that a free society only supports the racist paradigm and actually encourages the racism that seeks to prevent like so many people are against it.

Okay, so what you said is true, though, you're right, it doesn't cover everybody out of the at all right but not moved 40 times in late May I been all over. I live in Idaho now okay well I the southeast. I've never been inside Texas okay to go out and I grew up in the middle of the clan segregation is going so that Israel they go absolutely and I agree with you, and that stuff was real, and it and I'm glad it was hopefully gone and needs to be made. These be destroyed and are the white racist absolutely.

There, but I've come to his black and together are as Mexican ones, and etc. etc. but the thing is when countries come so far from moving away from that what CRT is doing is actually bringing up the old past and causing more division.

Let it go at the of the Bible says to forgive and to move forward not remember sin suffered against you to go forward because when you live in the past you have the anger and the failure and the resentment of the fast drive past and that's it doesn't it doesn't help anybody you divert just black slaves. There were also white slaves in America people don't know why you know it's just it's ridiculous.

I am not properly documented and I'm black. I'm not properly mock you know and if you don't, slavery is what you have the day got you good to know yesterday but we would also do identify with slavery or you identify with being an American. Moving forward we would genocide with people who identify with those things in the past lives in the past and can't escape the past… Much like I let him talk. I let you know what that meant you were Don Martin live and it to find that you can compare the two and and and and and and you know not, don't you think about your after NASA now. I don't know about back about a map of my so and now I'm not popular at all but on the same way as my visit to Germany. So what you kindly German-American you know and and come instead ready to stop it and do what you can write here and move forward.

That's what has to happen. The Marxist socialist the Marxist socialist system uses race as well as economic diversity and non-parity in order to be able to cause division to bring down a coach to enslave the entire culture in its Marxist ideology. So this racist CRT thing is actually a form of service of undermining the entire system.

They think a lot of CRT people think that will does make it better, really, how are you making it now. Right right or how would you not talk about debate Acura but it a lot, but thank you man well you know which were neighbors conspirators a few you guys with my neighbors. We have the conversations so would attract I will digress okay all right like Rick is a good guide. Let's get to Albert from Georgia of their luck on your on your Mac clinic Hospital.

He is my great faith. Practical think that by holding Navy so making quite by lectins of thinking or not like the guy do that because they don't understand the theology they say one thing and do another is called cognitive dissonance. You're either saved by grace alone and faith alone in Christ alone or you're not. It's either the case and talking to your it's not the case.

In talking to you. There is no mid thing it's either the thing or the negation of the thing. When you have an logic is cultural dichotomy when you have something in the negation of that something. There is no third option you have either a or not a ureter saved by grace. We are is not the case are saved by grace is either saved by grace through faith in Christ alone or it's not the case are saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. That's how it works and when people hold the they hold the both positions will say well you're saved by grace through faith in Christ alone.

But it's also not the case that you are saved by grace of people to Chrysler because you get baptized. So there's doing is they're holding contradictory and mutually exclusive positions is both invalid the same time and this is called cognitive dissonance here preacher got no one that God told him the night I work on another creature he will get these numbers in the book of direct to me right next after the book of second Chronicles were to get these numbers I just gets me you know 80% of this what you know. If you don't like a Barna research thing and they've done questions and they – they collated information okay you guzzled legitimacy to those numbers. If a pattern is 70%. That was he talking about it all stated that me 70% of all the people he spoken to in the church aren't saber have a problem when wisely doing something about it but you can that would not like to go to heaven because we all welcome at my fate. Based on that got a look at what they want and I'm sorry you got what happened then you know if he felt no need to get the profession, owning it neatly 24 hours a day's argument other than I'm starving, but… It right that they not going to heaven will export the parcel with the idea that you have to live in a holy way in order to go to heaven they'll say well if you're saved it to be holy because you can lose your salvation for not holy enough and this is works righteousness is a false gospel teaches so simple you're saved by grace through faith in Christ alone. I quote the references all show that Jesus is the one who atone for the people and canceled the sin that the cross you justified when you believe in God granted you believe that's it. Jesus is will never lose any so this is some.

But now people have to make a difficult and the reason they do it because they put themselves at the center.

You know, if you don't keep your the commandments of your holy enough. It's about you that you're not to make it is not Jesus centered its man centered his humanism, humanism, and Christian form and it just takes theological understanding of listening recognition when bond and thing while you currently running a circle I can let enough level agreed to give myself knowing that certain category of faith, category, no, no thought, if I still kept living standards is right cycle. If my salvation depended anyway on my goodness, my faithfulness, my ability, my, whatever, I'm lost. As I know me and tell you in the radio I can procure nice and holy. But I'll tell you down deep all their sin, rebellion, stupidity, idiocy, foolishness, pride and arrogance, you name it, it's all lurking at different levels and intensities in different areas. I'm not good enough at all. That's how it is so were saved by God's grace and kept by God's grace. That's how it is. You know the right of elderly nobody. Dr. F love hey folks form an logic going to give me a call 877207 right back after these messages that I call 77077 charismatic slave lines 877-207-2276 Tim from North Carolina to welcome you here at our grand maps are for the next 40 year life and I should just recently rededicated my field to the Lord and archer earlier talk about the holy Trinity and God's flash and I read the Bible. I God is flesh there.

I think I heard the creature that God was a human can't remember your first call.

Okay, not Dr. Shores are currently courting your altar may not, but my question is I read the Bible. The King James Bible and and honestly as a person who's just getting back rededicated myself. I get confused in the King James Bible sometimes than when you spoke of the holy Trinity hours really confused about that water reference and how do you go about learning more stage reading the Bible and to teach about the holy Trinity. And thank you for got will use one recommendation would have if you're having trouble picking James. I would suggest getting the Bible. The NASB new American Standard Bible. It's more it's uses better manuscripts and doesn't have the decent valves and so that you can understand it better. And it's it's if you would want to study.

It's a better Bible to go with. But if you want to that's okay.

I would recommend. Also, if you want of the Trinity is to go to my website CAR M.O left inside you see a menu and under there you will see Christian theology. Click on that and you'll see something called doctrine and theology. If you go to that website and you look there you will see, if you scroll down you'll see several articles written on the Trinity maybe 20 articles for 30 and usually articles I've written on the Trinity. Over the years so I've been defending the Christian faith for 41 years and I debate the Trinity.

I'm for it etc. now and I think they look go with whatever I tell you what I'm saying is there are some verse some stuff that I've written, but you need to study the Trinity you go to James White's book the forgotten Trinity and that's a very good book, but what I do is I write very succinctly very quickly and show you how it's derived from Scripture and what it is and what it's not.

In fact I'm probably gonna be probably will start next week or the week after depends starting a series on patriot on dealing with the Trinity out of a almost 400 word long paragraph just dealing with the Trinity. Different aspects of it so if you want to learn what it is.

I would suggest what you do is just go to the current website and startled you to go to the Christian theology, section, click on the menu item and the only thing you'll see doctrine and theology. Click on that you'll see in a couple hundred articles written there and you can about Jesus and Trinity other things in the ontological Trinity economic Trinity with the main Trinity is in the Old Testament and New Testament subsets of call. Teresa's there's stuff okay so you have to look all read all of it memorized it all at once, but that's what it's a lot of auditor okay okay you have a question about the Trinity at all. Everything else window. I really can't a rat do not understand when we're talking about the current will help you okay God always waiting salt week we got time so the Trinity doctrine is not arrived at by looking at a single verse it's arrived at by looking at the whole of Scripture the whole Bible. And I'll show you how that's done.1st, the Trinity is the teaching that the one God, there is neither a God for before before know God formed after God is just one thing he is God and he exists eternally in a Trinitarian state. That's what we say there is of the Trinity is three simultaneous and distinct persons. The father-son Holy Spirit. When we use the word person were not saying like a person like you and me because you and I have a body flesh and bones, and so we don't. That's not the theological term word person carries their what it means is that a center of consciousness, you can save you and yours and me and mine. And so the father speaks to the sun. The sun speaks to the father.

The Holy Spirit speaks as well. The father sent the son. The father and the son send the Holy Spirit. They all have will stay at all involving creation.

They are all called God and yet they show distinction because I speak to each other and relate to each other.

So if if there were three martial artists LeSabre karate experts and they were the ones in this team.

It's one team comprised of three persons in that sense they each have their specialty something like that so I could do is reference the Trinity is using something called time and time is past present future time has this one. The nature and will is redundant to say but time is just this thing called time it's a justice. This procedure is this time and defining it is another topic, but you never know, but we would say that the past is also is time because it's what… Pension it's time is what happened the past is an aspect of time in the present is also would save time in the future is also what we would say time we would consider three separate times is only one thing called time but has three I don't like using wood parts of these word aspects I just for this analogy and say that the three aspects to what time really is but they're not all identical because time the pass is separate and different in the future, which is different than the present because events within them are different, yet all of the nature, what time is is one thing that was not the best analogy, but it's analogy we can relate to. So God is one single thing with three persons, three centers of consciousness awareness. I will send you the father sent me as Jesus says in John 639 and the father sent by the sun or the sun's sent by the father and the Holy Spirit is sent by the sun's woozy differentiation. Wiest would also say that there's a doctrine called the ontological Trinity.

That's from the Greek on toss, which means nature, essence were being so, the essence of each of the members of the Godhead is the same it's divine.

There's this quality called divinity which God alone possesses is not shared by anybody at this belongs to him, and each of the persons possesses divinity. This nature but it's not like each one for this is part of the nature because that would violate a doctrine called divine simplicity to think of a sphere of carbon. It's just a sphere. This matter how big it is just nothing or has a sphere of carbon pure carbon is one simple thing is one thing carbon God is one thing divine with that divine nature has three persons in it. We call this the divine simplicity of God as a manifests in real time what we would call three distinctive simultaneous person so we would say that because Jesus says father, glorify me with the glory I had with you before the foundation of the world so that would mean then that that Jesus is identifying himself as preexistent with the father before the foundation of the world and for his other verses like this theologians early on when you're coming with you.

Scripture's going well we do with this. What they would do as they would read the Scriptures and they had to come up with conclusions so Kate wouldn't. It won't what they did was they understood the Bible clearly teaches there's only one God and in good Isaiah 43, 44, 45, but they also recognize that the father is called God and the sun is called God and the Holy Spirit is also called God but is only one God. Okay, so that all three the one God. But how are they the one God will. It turns out that the father has a will. And Jesus has a will or the son has will because Jesus hasn't Luke 2242 is his father… Capacity. Nevertheless, not my will but your will be done if they're the one person there only to have one will and so there super slick is by definition a person has a will and the Holy Spirit. It says, but one of the same spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually. Just as he wills those little Holy Spirit has a witless first 20 1211 well, the father speaks the sun speaks the Holy Spirit speaks the father loves the son loves the Holy Spirit loves the father and the son and the Holy Spirit. Each serve you and sorry. Each search of the heart and we see the father and the son. Each judge would also say I give all the references that the father-son Holy Spirit are each all-knowing and they ought each sanctify these give life we have fellowship with each one. Now here's a question.

Fellowship means intimacy and so you and I can be need to be shivering during degrees of fellowship at you and I can become friends and have real fellowship who spent time together and we communicate and talk with each other you have fellowship with somebody and spend time with and so you have fellowship with the father and you have fellowship with the sun and you have fellowship with the Holy Spirit but yet they speak to each other. So what we do with all this we say well they should exhibit attributes of personhood. They speak to have a will. We can have fellowship with them. There will if themselves, as well as their aware of others. This is will be called personhood.

That's why they use the word person in theology, to say the three persons of the Trinity. And so we can put this all together. We simply say there's one God in all existence, and he exists is three simultaneous persons.

The three simultaneous persons of father-son Holy Spirit are each defined Internet nature. They each and well will each resurrect each our creator. Each called God the each speak. They each have a will nature lovelies have fellowship with each one of them, but we see differentiation because the father sent the son and the father the sons and the Holy Spirit, and Holy Spirit convicts the world but not the father the son was a differentiation between them and the function and so we have the Trinity that make sense more and I look forward to R rating the article well I hope it helps in with my blessing that Jerry Clark thank you very much okay and one last thing you got it. Like less than a minute of the show, you gotta be careful, don't trust a guy the radio whose last name is slick you trust what this says okay so the you you make sure you you go through and you read and you check those scriptures he said is that what is being said all right okay brother very much less. All right, that was Tim from North Carolina involves we are out of time in the Lord bless you that the left was at a flying and by his grace, and oh by the way teaching on the Bible study tonight at 9 PM Eastern time on my 30 justification another program powered by the Truth Network

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