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July 19, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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July 19, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the cost of following Christ.--2- Is Strong's concordance a good source for Greek---3- What does it mean that those who don't see Jesus but believe are blessed- What kind of blessed---4- What saved Noah from the flood- Was it obedience or from God- -appears to be a caller who believes in baptism for salvation-.--5- Did Jesus actually become sin on the cross---6- Can you lose the Holy Spirit-

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a max Y branches called responding to your questions at 877207276 employee McCall your wide open lines records running last minute or two before the show number is 877207227 show to watch the show or go to school the current site.

See ARM ORG and I can check it out right. Okay now choke last night. There's a chat system called me. Not you tickets so stream yard and so little do often is maybe to three times a week. I might go in there and I look around because they want to do is find unbelievers to witness to.

Well, I got a bit of a reputation, and in a good way, you know. And so what happens is people asked me to do is: AMA ask me anything and sex and surely I'll do those things that you want and also last night. Also, people asked me if you have no one set up for next week and in all debate people in various things done so I just couldn't praise report because last night you have a new way of doing things in the new way of doing it is 100 people in a room all at once you have like five or 10 people in a room and then there's a waiting room where everybody can hear what's going on and I really liked that. I thought that was really good because it enables enables people to not be so obstreperous so difficult because I'll tell you there is other people get in that they immature people like they mock and they do various things. You know they make problems and is really well-maintained to fix the camera here and it will really mail well-maintained and we had over hundred people listening and maybe hundred 20 people total. At one point they hundred and 30 round that range of people who were listening in the league listening room and I was able to answer questions of all kinds, and it was really productive.

I thought so I'm hoping to do that. I was hoping it was merely the gospel out and preach and teach the truth of the words of Jesus Christ, because without Jesus to say this without Jesus, you have no hope of salvation and care how sincere you are.

I don't care how many good works. You think you've accomplished none of it will matter. On the day of judgment, absolutely not.

Your sincerity is not a bridge the gap between God and you. All people have sinned and fall short for the glory of God. Romans 328 and so we have a problem.

The problem of course is our sin which separates us from God. Isaiah 59 two cents which is his death. Romans 623 and so all of us who have sinned, have a natural opposition of being separated from God. So the solution is for Jesus God in flesh to bear our sands pay the price of our sin and then week and he died across with no sins and rose from the dead three days later and if you believe in you trust in Christ, if you put your trust in your faith in Jesus not in Jesus and your sincerity not in Jesus and your sacraments, not in Jesus and your priest not in Jesus and your works.

Not in Jesus and your baptism but in Jesus.

Jesus is sufficient.

Jesus alone is sufficient to save us and our faith in him is what justifies us, and that the faith that comes from God. Romans Scooby Outlook is 129 that we have everything we need from God and to the person of Christ. While a lot of times when I'm talking to people about this kind of thing. I just got given the gospel lottery known. The first thing that I wanted to tell people is that we both send when people talk about salvation. They talk about two points I talked about three. The first pointed a talk about his law. I talk about the law also the law is the codification of the right things to do the wrong things to and you know if you lie you send new sinned against God, because it's his law when you break his law. There's a judgment to come, that is separation and its eternal damnation because you've offended an infinitely holy God. So the cost is related to the one who is offended not based upon you solely it's based upon what you have done in who you got it against and since your sins aggressively holy God is in consequence Knollwood of escape that judgment. The righteous judgment of God. Knollwood escaped out is through the sacrifice of God in flesh is Jesus Christ. That's the gospel going galea the teaching the position.

The truth of Jesus Christ God in flesh, never send first Peter 222 and he went to the cross and bore sins in his body on that cross. And that is 1st to 24 and so if you put your faith or trust in him and then the righteousness of God is imputed to you Mrs. by faith. Romans 51 Romans 328 Romans 45 Galatians 216. Galatians 221 flipping three 930s varying verses that speak of this will these the first two things that most people talk about likes what I talk about three things. The first thing of course is a law.

The second one is the gospel law shows you your problem. The gospel rest rescues you from that problem. The third thing is the cost and Jesus is for which one of you when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he is not the complete MOC will not use this when asked in the context of evangelist, but I do and the reason I do is because I want people to understand something if you're out there driving or listening or whatever it is you're thinking about seriously committing your life to Christ, you better take it very seriously. You better understand three things one you have is have sinned against Italy, holy God is a judgment upon you. But in his great love provided God the son, and in that sacrifice our sins can be removed to be justified by faith, which means that the righteousness of God given to us. Let's look at 39 this by faith in faith only faith.

Only Christ know what you're getting into better know what you're getting into. Because of Kristi being a Christian is not easy going Christian to be very difficult. Jesus says in Luke 923 if anyone wishes to come after me, you must deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me, means that he's the number one person in your life above your spouse, but your children about your family doesn't mean you hate your your your family and you disregard them now now now it just means that ultimately it's him follow and you by following him you'll treat your family better things like that and so he wants you to take up your cross and it's interesting because the cross was the place of his own death. This is what he wants of us death to ourselves in life to him just as Jesus didn't have a place to lay down his head just as Jesus went from place to place and he was persecuted just as he lay down his life for others.

This is what he says take up your cross daily means you guide yourself every day. Who can I serve. How can I serve someone else. How can I love someone else not this you have to first love yourself stupidity you love others you love God first and you love your neighbor second. That's the order was supposed to be in love. This other centered gospel the world he gave his only begotten son. This would mean to take up the cross and sometimes because I have the cross to bear. And then Jesus is Luke 1428 account, the cost of what it is you're going to undertake and I tell people this if you want to become a Christian, you better know you're getting into. God will take you as you are, but he will not leave you as you are. All I know, I know about. I don't know yet when I first got savedů Save my lifestyle, my vocabulary, my attitudes were incredibly ungodly and after 50 years of being a Christian almost 50 years I'm gone through so many changes so many things that God has worked out of me and good things to work in all sometimes been exceedingly difficult and that's the truth it's just absolute truth and sometimes been incredibly pleasant and wonderful. I wouldn't give any of it up as God has made me and shaped me this is he will make you and shape you help take you the way you are going won't leave you the way you he will shape you to be more like Jesus who picks up his cross and follow's that's what he wants of us to love people before we love ourselves to love God is the ultimate source of truth and moral righteousness that we stand on him and not on the conveniences of our life. This is what it means to be a Christian we trust in Christ not in Christ and anything like your baptism that this doesn't save us sacraments don't save us your good works. Don't save us is only Christ, their faith in Christ soaking. If you are out there and you want to commit yourself to Christ, then just ask Jesus to forgive you of all your sins this idea. We hear this think Jesus commends my heart that's not in the Bible.

Okay, ask Jesus to forgive you of all of your sins.

Tell Jesus you want to trust him with everything that you have that you are that you confess before him that you have sinned against him and that you are worthy of judgment you trust and what he's done only what he's done and that he can do with you as he desires and that thought might be difficult on your part. You want to follow him wherever that will take you that is Christianity. I'm going to a church to see who's drawing is you might win $1000 TV or go to a church where the pastor says your words have more power in your life than the words of Jesus heresies work. Jesus went to hell and suffered there finished he told McDaris Joyce Meyer says, or the man be pending. Milquetoast gospel preaching of Joel O'Steen in the week preachers that are out there don't know truth in a lot of areas know you to follow Jesus and he will lead you out on you to warn you, it's difficult sometimes not every time not. Sometimes it is. I could tell you stories I've had to make some very difficult decisions that cost me a great deal, but maybe what I am. I'll tell you it's worth it. So remember law gospel cost law reveals your sin and the consequences understand the gospel is the remedy of your sin in the remedy to the consequences of your sin and the cost that's what it takes to commit to Christ to be want to follow him to pick up your cross and follow after him to Get the cost of being a disciple of Jesus that with you to do so. Amen to that.

And the Lord bless you in the hearing of his gospel word Matt from North Carolina. Welcome Ronnie about it. I mind off right and there's a there's always a vote to have a couple of lines a 707 Matt Y. Call 770727 pairs Matt Slade, Matt from north Carolina, my 40 I will hold all starting with all the web I don't fight that came the exalted stall concordance and all real allowable source one a great is that her well. I never had a problem with the Strong's concordance and I will use concordances all use the Strong's the Lou Anita concordances well theological workbook of New Testament words folders that use a numeric ascent of Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek dictionaries of amino Law Review source is used, but I never had a problem with the strong notice of any issue is a King James only person saying this well all I can write it only I got on my duty. King James, but I bet it is using that bottle out Audi stall concordance as a look would favor in the meaning of war. Will you shouldn't do that with that is it.

What I would do if I were you, is get you get to others can remember names topical Bible know there's a there's a heart cannot believe I can't member name of this but there's a word studies maybe some in the text chattel type it in. There's a an old book that actually goes through and takes words and go suitors their semantic domains and after the title of it. I remember an old colt decided I met use it for long time but it's very useful.

You can find a theological dictionaries as well dictionaries you can go to commentaries you lexicons Greek dictionaries.

There's all kinds of stuff in between all of the go get a good understanding of what's going on okay okay thanks Matt and I wouldn't go with just one thing like I would use the King James the NASB, the ESV and if you have a different sub of translation sufficiently. Then you want to go to an interlinear interlinear shows a Greek underneath the English and Hebrew shows the original languages plus the literal translation underneath and their different books that will take these literal translations and analyze the words in different context. And so there's a lot of tools out there.

Lots of tools to go to blue letter Bible. For example, the letter and you can start going there checking out some of the tools of health's reply so you go to E and mostly free and really good stuff there as well download program for static okay right but you have a good future. God bless. Right let's get to Brian from Charleston, South Carolina Brian, welcome you are on the year they met psychopathic Michael sure this week that you okay so I just started by saying so it's about being blessed so like I'm blessed or I'm blessed with, you know, nice family, a beautiful family there healthy and blessed with a career I'm blessed with success.

The night thing the life right so in when Jesus spoke the comet and told him to not retouch them to believe he was there and see me and believe it now. Blessed are they believe that have not that the same kind of blessed that they blessed to see and to believe that the kind of blessed like what the same way I cannot describe it.

I'm blessed 01 of the context is because you see me you believe Blessed are they who don't see and believe and he's just in its it's a Makarios increased in three blessed and singing your sink to a Thomas. He says luck you seen because Thomas undoubtably the second touch of NCN and Jesus appears to Mrs. put your hand in my side, etc., and Thomas is my Lord my God and Jesus is because you have seen me, you have believed.

Blessed are those who do not see. And yet believe 60 Thomas had it so to speak, unfair advantage.

There's Jesus resurrected holes in his wrists and his feet and sighed and plucked out of his face right before Thomas and he believed in seek Jesus then says blessed are those who do not see yet believe we do, singer, blessed, and blessed in salvation blessed in the presence of God less than God's favor on you because of the work of Christ in you believe and trust in him is going on. Okay, I get more more on a clear night. My question, are we blessed are we blessed to be able to believe in God just Jesus because he grants to become the slippage 129.

That's a blessing from God that makes sense to bending the question in my mind that I thought I had it bad that ask you go not remember every good and perfect gift comes from God. James 17 your faith in him is a gift from God, because it's something that he grants to you looking for 129 is what it says to you is been granted to and so he's blessed you so much. The most important blessing you have another family but your salvation. And then God is further blessed you with a family, your blessed man right you got a live is that I am. I'm a blessing and my wife's daughter blessed when she married me.

You know that so may God bless. All right hey folks rip in lines 877-207-2276 Jason from welcome earlier. Hey I my I hug you what, no limited gradient gospel or good father is gone and still played no amoebae saved will defeated by the father and is directed or correct so saved in what sense saved from the water destruction from the world from bonded the plug the flood now is obedience.

I visited him from the flood waters Go back to not what we commit youth. According 1st to 321 is is actually referencing 320 but it is 320 about salvation is about being delivered through the water okay in the world.

Okay okay hold on to focus when I'm asking you because often people with your position and I don't mean this respect, but they don't listen they react right now financing is first 20 about salvation from sin. What you is about no say in three open lines 8777 mass Y call 77077 is Matt's leg back what you give me a call 877-207-2276 with back injuries. There are yes what your answer about the Lord would flood the earth. He would so, but that is not a lot you do the will of God, or do the will of the father vetted the build art with recent Williard and that's my question is first Peter 320 about salvation from sin. When Noah built the ark was at about salvation from sin no you don't know about it, but the wind into the art absent. So I'm asking I got there and has every right right asking. I'm asking the question what is 20 about self Noah salvation from sin. Is that what is about a no no no right To the guys named Jason.

Jason it I'm using you as an example on public radio so that people can see and or I should say here what it's like to dialogue with someone who has an agenda above Scripture, I'm asking a specific question your helping me train people to see brainwashing because you can't answer a simple question is first Peter 320 about Noah being saved from sin is my question. No no good at all you had to do was say learn about all right now about my part believe. Okay, do you believe baptism.

Water baptism by immersion is necessary for salvation by the caller is not based on how bother you so you believe that water baptism by immersion is necessary for salvation right don't have a good Therapeutic results of the mask. The Bible says having therefore been justified by faith. Romans 51. Do you believe are justified by faith. There are we justified by faith. When we have faith if there then baptism is not necessary for salvation. Is it because were justifiably have for not only get baptized will know that you know you work okay. Why don't therefore that if we are justified by faith, then I mask are we justified by faith. When we have faith that's my question is for the marriage breaking up.

I think Jason, Jason, so what's your answer is yes were justified by faith we have faith or none at this qualitative authority so that his bath water baptism by immersion necessary if were justified by faith, so that is necessary for salvation to be water baptized you any good going back to racing. Jason Corbett, Jason Jason if Amanda believes Christ end and obeys Christ in the act of believing and trusting in him and dies before he is baptized in water, does he go to heaven or hell. Located off the Lord is okay so years know then that he goes to hell. And yet you also said that a person is justified when they believe, how can both of those be true if your justified when you have faith. How can you be justified would have faith and yet go to hell for not baptized will gobble baptized. You have a habitat or uniting of a city God began to be gleaned, Jason.

Jason chasing Jason. Jason the person I'm asking a question you to focus on the question you've said you said that a person is justified when they believe then you said that jet fuel get baptized, you're going to hell. How is it that I'm going to have Jason, how can you be justified before God and then also go to hell because your ration of 18 have faith in God that I said hello. So what cult taught using a standardized right, it is suggested Jason Jason if so let me ask you, what do you have to do to keep yourself right with God. When you do something that that was not well thought that it was nothing.

I do the Bible don't bother leaving right wing God is not in the big list that is anything else we formatively conflict there is anything else that you have to do in order to stay safe. Just curious whether nothing that I needed to determine an individual God. That evening God and I know people meaning might not building. Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason recent change in, I ask you simple questions you give me complex answers. I know that though okay so all in all Jason. Jason simply asking you is there list of things you do to keep yourself right with God sense you say goodbye about that. It just keep your faith right you think so and okay okay but you say though that if you have faith, your justified right okay that is a justified person right before God and if a justified person the threat before God dies before he's baptized. Does he go to heaven or hell does he go to heaven or hell is going to heaven or hell is he go dies he will go to heaven or hell. It's to answer the Klingon pig is going to heaven or hell. Jason worked out a great job Jason. Jason does he go to heaven or hell you go okay so you're then contradicting yourself because you're saying that he's past of because you're saying he's justified by faith with me. She's right before God and he doesn't get baptized and you say go to help, but yet he goes to hell while Jason figures that he goes to hell. Even though he's justified before God. That said, let's go contrary back and neck looking for good interest rate Jason urinate cult right telling you you have a false gospel. You believe in the church of Christ idiocy and if some Church of Christ person out there to listen to me.

Once a child with no debate on this. Let's do it right. Let's do it. I've defined what others let's do it again but I'm a tell you you have a church that is teaching a false gospel because what is teaching you is that it's it's faith plus something you have to do in order to be saved.

The human ceremony even though it's ordained by God, you're saying you can't be saved unless you go get dumped in water and incidentally Jesus was sprinkled he wasn't immersed just so you know, that's another topic that you guys in the Church of Christ don't study these things very deeply because you have an agenda and you put the agenda for Scripture and yeah I know but act 230 8X 2216 first Peter 21, asked Avina Galatians 327 Romans six for I know that all this stuff not doing okay I just say that you guys at work and you teach, you can lose your salvation because your goodness is what depends what is what keeps your salvation back of your neck of right about what faith is what act of right back to pick me baptized on all yet. What is he going back exactly what was he fulfilling the Old Testament, the war, but it bothered him him to do to deserve what a joy. Jason what was it that he was fulfilling the Old Testament. What wasn't all you don't know him well what okay what was he fulfilling in the law. What was he specifically doing the fulfilling for what reason was he get baptized do you love of the father gently let me help you out. Let me help you out he was getting a baptized which was sprinkled and I can show that the Scriptures wouldn't look to our numbers 86. The person who had to enter into the priesthood had to be 30 years of age. Jesus was 30 yet have pointed anointing upon him to the Holy Spirit which is oil in the Old Testament a verbal blessing given my son, whom I will pleased and had to be sprinkled with water. Jesus is the high priest at the order of Melchizedek. He entered into the priesthood after work because of his baptism, which is what it was to fulfill all righteousness was a baptism requirement to make an Old Testament requirement for entering into the priesthood to fulfill the law requirements there, and so according to that you had to be sprinkled with water so it is right to call him Isaac 777276 max Y call 770727 charismatic stand that the big challenge anybody in the Church of Christ poker well I do if you're just doesn't know much about disrespectful but I want to build a big sum is competent knows the issues you know that he won't to meet your best apologist for the Church of Christ to debate the issue of his back to water baptism by immersion necessary for salvation. That's what I want to debate because I will call you a heretic and preach a false gospel in a polite way. Also, just a false gospel and her and that if you die believing this false gospel you go to hell and some of the people at your teaching in this, I say to people is not mean informing the understand not being mean I'm just being informative because that's the truth. Folks were justified by faith justified by faith, not by faith, in a ceremony, not by faith is something we do.

It's faith in Christ. If you can say they get to the baptizer to complete faith in the sacrifice of Christ is not sufficient.

It's that simple. Let's get to Emmaus from Florida. Welcome around here we are happy to speak up a little bit of help every yes I can work permit correct my friend getting right with me and not care if I became yes actually harm second Corinthians 521. Read it to you. Okay, he made him who knew no sin who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him. So he the father made him Jesus, who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf that sinking is 521 so that is correct I can experiment active. So let me explain what this is talking about okay because it'll help you. Okay were not saying that Jesus became sinful, that's not what was being said.

So sin is breaking the law of God. First John 34. Sin is lawlessness and sin because breaking the law of God is a legal debt. Now we have two accounts in the gospels of the prayer our father who art in heaven, hallowed be the name in Matthew 612 it says Jesus is forgive us our's are debts forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.

In Luke 11, for it says we forgive and forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us. So what is happening is Jesus. He is equating legal debt with sin legal debt with sin is the legal debt figures are debts is the Greek word for file Mark and the Greek word for sin is for Martina for different words of Jesus is equating sin with legal debt with me so far. Okay now so Jesus never send first Peter 224 but he bore our sins by the cross. First Peter 2 to 24 says that but for Scripture. 22 so he never said okay.

So how's that possible well it's possible because legal debts can be transferred because there legal there was called an abstraction of love is an abstraction occurs in the mind. Hate is something in thinking and will also legal debt and legal debts can be transferred. So if you have a debt to a restaurant if I'm with you I can pay it. There's a there's a card or cash pay for the legal debts to be transferred and this is what happened is that our sin debt legal debt was imputed to Christ to impute means a legal reckoning, so if I were to write you a check for $10. I am legally imputing to your account. $10 that's what it means to impute our legal sin that was imputed to Christ. It was reckoned to his account, so to speak, and so this is why Jesus said the cross to tell a sty to John 1930, which translated into the English is it is finished to tell a sty has been found handwritten on some ancient tax receipts used to signify that illegal debt have been paid. So Jesus had become under the law. Galatians 44 in order to he was baptized in order to enter into the priesthood to be a high priest sacrifice after the order because it Hebrews 620 Hebrews 725 he equating sin with legal debt.

Matthew 612, Luke 11 for so we have our sins imputed to Christ on the cross, imputed reckoned to him. He then died with them. That's the way to sin is death. Romans 623 were justified when they believe this is the imputation of the righteousness of God himself given to us to our account justification is legally being declared righteous wretches. According to the law, you and I have both send. If we trust in Christ, the righteousness that is not ours that belongs to God is imputed to our account is reckoned to our account that's flicking 39 this is what the Bible says were justified by faith. So this would called double imputation to imagine that I do this if you see the cameraman but in your left hand out in front of you.

Your right hands next your chest and that's Jesus out there away from you and your sin is next to your here there and you swap positions with your hands.

Your sin became his.

His righteousness becomes yours. Double imputation the invitation of our right of sin goes to him as righteousness imputed to us. He did this he bore our sin is body and the cross.

First Peter 222.

That's why it says in second Corinthians 521 he who knew no sin became sin on our behalf was made to be sent our sin was imputed to him and that's what it means. Okay go.

I already got got.

Could you repeat that I didn't quite understand one work ahead correct. There always gets a lower electric that Arctic cat that we are God because it where they affect the law and will you do additional to the Uppsala and I to be single, but sin is lawlessness.

All sin is lawlessness and we have since with all legal debt against God because it's his lobby broken so he recognizes okay okay I got really that hard to find a good character. I don't know how you did the right thing. You know I'm missing you call the guy needs like on the radio what you want except you know you want to check that's a good thing the verse is second Corinthians 521 right.

Go check it out right context. Any more questions you call me up right okay good for you checking good for you are complex. Okay are this get to Tim from California.

Tim welcome you on the air I die about the holy spirit.

I know and I like to dampen lot. Daniel, I think I can't stop it. And I don't think David thought it not your Holy Spirit got me and I think I can get rid of that chapter, guilt, and partakers of the Holy Spirit and it warning about it being impossible to renew them again to repent and Emma questioned about cannot stop by today and a white bear.

People are they like the Holy Spirit on the audit like and you white bear what you been born again. Everything Holy Spirit. No okay now the Old Testament stuff was in the old covenant. There's debate within Christian theological circles about the extent of the work of the Holy Spirit because he is there in the Old Testament, for example, in Job 33 for the spirit who made me and things like that. So some people wonder because the atonement of Christ had not yet occurred.

Could the Holy Spirit be taken that would imply the idea of losing one's salvation, which doesn't make sense because Jesus retroactively aboard our sin is bought in the cross and he canceled the sin that at the cross. First Peter of new classes to 14, and since he was 10, five says now that he will never leave us research per se because it doesn't make sense to say that we can lose the Holy Spirit.

So what it looks like is happening in the old testament is that the Spirit's presence in a blessing way upon them in an anointing is what was removed. Another they would lose your salvation. I love people might disagree with and that would mean that Jesus Christ failed to do with the father wanted him to do.

Jesus said in John 637 through 40. All the father give me will come to me and when it comes to me. I certainly will not cast out for this is the will of my father sent me that although he's given me.

I lose none the will of the father that Jesus was none. Jesus can ever fail to do the will of the father can't lose anybody as far as Hebrews.well they're different work. The word apostasy currently replaces the second Thessalonians 2 talks about the church of falls away, but we would talk about Hebrews 64 through six and he was 1026 youth understand that the book of Hebrews is written to the Hebrews is not talking about those who were saved because if it were, for example, in Hebrews 1026 if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth of no longer make a sacrifice percent while all of us as Christians have sinned willfully even after receiving all of the truth.

We've all blown it and there is no qualification in their well if you send wants you lied once you fibbed once did it willingly, what is no more sacrifice percent right at me delusional so they should know is not what's going on. The knowledge of the atoning work of Christ in the Messiah of the covenant requirements a God had instituted Israel was manifested and was given and the Jews and partake in a lot in the Holy Spirit the same way Judas had, but he was never saved to begin with. John 663 through 67. He was never saved to begin with Jesus Essa Cape so he is someone who tasted the heavenly gift of a particular Holy Spirit doesn't say they were saved and if someone says partake of the Holy Spirit means your save show me in the Scripture work says that and then it says it's impossible to bring them again.

Repentance will fax if there be to say that someone loses her salvation. Then the canopy were due to get a repentance can is flexing have one chance you believe if you lose it you can never be repented of never come back within felt the same people that will get you can and if you believe, again to their inconsistent.

They don't understand what Hebrews is very not about it's for the Jewish community.

The genome is not a believer that what you know I didn't say that you get that, but I pulled on the book of Hebrews is written to the Cuban community because the book Hebrews within that community.

There were a lot of people have become believers when someone can write a letter to correction of the church like Galatia and have the book of Galatians we have a Judaizers there there believers and nonbelievers. How do you write a letter where you distinguish between which ones you write to the whole group is a look if you do this, you're given a mess up. This was going on with the book of Hebrews is telling the zero people look you have to understand that if you confess and believe the Lord Jesus are to be saved.

Hebrews 10 9 to 10 talks about this saying to the visa covenant where people if you reject the only atonement there's no more sacrifice percent. He's giving them an instruction manual and then comes the call back tomorrow. Thought okay all right hey folks will get back tomorrow may only on coming back. The Lord bless you all. By his grace tomorrow, but it involved another program powered by the Truth Network

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