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July 16, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 16, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A fellow Christian says that I sinned against him but I have no idea what I did. What should I do---2- What is the difference between firstborn and first created and how does that impact discussions with JWs---3- How do you deal with the LDS argument that the verses where God is saying He is the only one are just talking about this planet---4- A caller wanted to know if his analogy of the Trinity was correct and accurate.--5- Will people recognize each other in heaven---6- Matt further discusses the Trinity.

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a Matt Slick Live branches goals are responding to your questions at 87707276 pairs. Matt slick right anyone will call all your 27720722765 open lines when open cubicle is often the open calls at the beginning and then fluttered at the end so-and-so works out significantly. Talk about kind of stuff and a nice Friday. You know, been busy already working on stuff are working on the schools let people know a lot of people have signed up the schools and we have the school of theology of school apologetics school of critical thinking and I discussed make a confession here. It's difficult to edit your own stuff and subtlety schools like 10 years ago and going through them home and see some spelling errors. You don't call me as conversing and over got three or four people working on them and on.

We are having to go through such one of things you're doing is we have a spreadsheet going to the questions and answers in the spreadsheet. 1700 lines long. Just one of the schools for the year for the logical arrangement of things in the questions and answers and options in true false. Whatever it is that we can be doing all those kind of things in the home. That's a lot of stuff a lot of stuff working on so were were were doing. Cantu get that going in, and the.

The store will be done pretty soon were working on the nuances of the site were actually looking at the see the likelihood of the tunnel working on this for Goodyear done. I got so many projects to work on.

Afterwards I got to one idea I'm working on his atheist account number two.

Think about that, but there's a more pressing issue. I think with the present state of the Christian church in our society of what's going on a lot of things to know about that are happening on to be documenting some stuff and I sharing some information later so well what I'm hoping is that we get people to have the ability to not to share more and do more and equip more people for the truth of God's word and along with doubts I'm curious. I'm curious about something every now and then I teach something called the theology of marriage and was teaching a friend of mine last night about is going over some of the material just from memory than the soul or in Bible studies and he he said because had to be a seminar. He said you got insights the theology the whole bit is similar in the I thought about that. I thought about this before doing seminars like this. Marriage seminars reteach biblical theology and biblical marriage theology, which a lot of people are unaware of. There is biblical marriage theology. To start with the doctrine of the Trinity. So just curious if other people out there who would love to have a coursework of some sort for a marriage where you sign up and you sign up and can you learn learn about marriage at the biblical theological perspective so something about curious about that is not now let's see what else therefore guidelines you may call 877-207-2276 and the newbies they can recall anything but anything you want theological biblical Mormonism. False religions like Mormonism. Jehovah's Witnesses criticize unity behind Islam, Roman Catholicism, Eastern orthodoxy, we can talk about UFOs, aliens, theological presentations of aliens believe after that I don't sound weird, but it's true and the Colts séances the New Age movement with Oscar talk about are so many things in politics and all kind of stuff because everything everything is under the purview and the Lordship of Jesus Christ is how a Christian should perceive it.

And I believe that pastors ought to be speaking politically from the pulpit from a good biblical position and say the truth. Things like I would say five of the pulpit. I'd say you in good Christian conscience cannot vote for any candidate who would be supporting abortion as a Christian you should not do that. I would tell flat out that he will in thinking of leaving the Québec you go, go find a church that makes you feel better. I'm sticking with the word of God, and thou shalt not murder. And so you get people to say things like this need to say with authority capacity to speak with authority and not worried about the congregation might or might do or think or feel. It's another thing I do not get it when someone says something negative about you on Facebook or whatever it might be what's the big deal. People take the associate so-and-so's people say this about me all the time horrible things just like good friends. So what is get you totally fact of the word, but it right.

Charlie has not right yet that he's not in contract on the watch the show to all you do is go to car networks. See and watch me sitting here making for myself and let's see one more thing. Hey I do Petri on are you guys watching the patriots we are supporting what I do it's not related to Carmen it's just personal, but since I haven't had a raise in Carmen six years hits, one at the way site I use to a comic of the difference. So there you go right through open lines 877-207-2276.

Let's get to Clay from Raleigh Durham Carolina area walking on brother Matt at happy Friday.

Brother YouTube rather appreciated. Well I'll tell you what you been there for a year and have a beer that you're there, you're going to get the raise your date. I could use it to go to that tell me I could use it.

I know what I asked how I command you on the job that you do the good.

You know to be able to hear people talk about you like to get this one Delco treat radio now that there that God thing. I love the year you good bait atheist and I get I get a kick out of it at Brink Iqbal about the Goodyear nursing it out. I know you're laughing at it now and it but anyway the reason I'm calling like a year now that I would not driving at the time and I would public nation, and I would come about from Raleigh both your wallet back to Durham and my phone got stolen and of course there were I can place the contact number and contact information of the email that I get it out. Well – forward to the day will that we can have a go. I sent a text to somebody Christian man and recently he has come out and said that I need to have a face-to-face to him because I I like Knoxville and he said Scripture today. You know when out somebody against you think what Matthew chapter 18, or for any team. You know that you think about yourself and he would and not out. Talk to like small I have but I would think mega anecdote of the more people even talk to a pastor that I know I'm really comfortable with. You know from other people and they had fed David shared with me what their thoughts are, but I don't know… Good for and against the got and so all because he said that I somebody I used to be involved with are not documented okay and I tried to explain that the brother Matt that what happened with the following type of situation, and when I was done he should will be administered any good fit. Click the image well I know that what my phobia: it happened. Okay, several people contacted and all come to find out somebody one of the people that listen you.

They said that that there never had been conquered by you so 888 I was allowed to be part of the leadership that he got.

And so he said I could not be part of the minister anymore because he and I needed at a face-to-face and talk about their when your brother sins against you, you know you got. I don't believe that any point that I have done so.

I think you would like me all his desire to meet with you is a good one. He wants to meet. He thinks you sinned against him. And so what he's doing is biblical.

Matthew 1815 to 20. Good stuff. All right, no problem there. So when you talk you find out what the issue is you just listen and you'll have to decide whether or not you think it's really is a sin like this essay is your phone got stolen and people were sending bad texts in your name and he got offended that kind of a thing. Whatever could be and I used to know it was stolen and is not my fault if you refuses to believe that then you've done your parts and you can't work together anymore because he's basically not believing it before the Lord, what you gonna do what you can't force his hand on that and if he hears this he says okay well I did know about that okay was all taken care of water under the bridge and you move on. So this is basically what was can happen you to find out what the exact issue is sometimes though, what happens is you say something like, like I said something to recently, I'd apologize to somebody where people can this information I should I mention something but I didn't mean it in any non-trustworthy way or anything like that and he said he was taken aback by that I want so frightening that I didn't know when it is a quickly because he was offended and is not an issue than of sin is just an issue if we have something to make mistakes. We go for somebody micro see something different than we intended and you just move through that.

So, I didn't mean it that way and I apologize go forward and a gracious brother. The Lord will say okay good in any move forward that's out supposed to be because this can happen both ways and that's how you do it right right on a percolator follower of Christ.

You know when your college they are expecting it, and that makes all the big more better, but if you're not willing to accept it, then that all mail not you. You done your part. Lord, if you have any further questions and issues then you take it to an elder elder of the church, and you can write as I present something and he just go with what that person says he may not may agree or may not agree with in a gray area, but if you admitted you go with what the person decides and you do that make sense well economically care you that I did have a talk with somebody other that the pastor or church and act like children. Actually, there were private their and I shared with them and they said most of the stuff along the lines that they also told me that they watched me grow up in the Lord and you know that they they should let me what what's being presented as being legalistic and childish other person by you is like a china and Jesse first take the first right side up or down. I'm thankful that you are very tight to the Lord for you brother, because that you would not be doing this at the Lord had not called you feel that you were God gives a great deal break so quickly that when we get together right good. They function right back at the business as the mass like my call 770-7276. Here is Matt's like everyone we have all 877-207-2276 skip to Micah Colorado. Micah welcome you on your little right by God's grace we have good, good question. I have trouble with it that has rightly called, or church, and I don't know why Marcus turned the logical timecard, but he started. He just seems like you want to talk about the grammar of the Bible that it is ongoing statement and then been read and would go on to explain how were not falling onto the grammar of the Bible because we believe the Trinity I going to explain how would you said in John 316 that that begotten means created the Centennial Eagles are non-so I don't know. I like to hear your thoughts on you he just was talking about Greeks project costs and protocols for firstborn first created and now firstborn is transferable title and he sees very ignorance of what goes on to explain something go to Carmine look at the jobs with the section and you can look up for handling and giving information with the firstborn title is transferred and out and waited. But this is not only begotten okay suburban focus on only begotten means created. It can and it cannot, it depending on the context. Okay. And so that this is something a lot of my Telus.

The Jehovah's Witnesses think they are clueless because they have a study Greek and I have sort of thing we learned in the Greek class in seminary was it's been a while, you call the salmon and asked refresh my memory. But a diphthong is formed when you have two vowels that are joined together so in Greek Mondo is MO and oh and did not owe his is begets so only the get okay so meant a mono only and not owe his get the money to make it to past tense good not owe you putting epsilon which is an easy on the front of the word, we put ED on the ends of words walked target, but they do it on the front so the epsilon goes in the front of the word, and that signifies this past tense will that would mean MO and OEG okay now right so the O and the E form. They have a rule in Greek and the O and the E come together they form a something else and and and and they should a short and I was told this is only begotten because Greek sitting here look at this, resisting pressure that there we go. Just this week, so we have the word only begotten which is for Monday nights and there's could be a pun in here because we have only and begotten, and it comes together you get Monaghan ice and that's only begotten that it also is the word for unique is is a play on words here and that's the thing that looking in the Greek, but unique day here we go, and personal, so this one issue in John 316 right to say, the only begotten means only traded here what you do it's real simple. Here's the easiest thing to do is say can you show me work were only begotten means created this task just ask say well that's what it means and what you do say that is what it really means so just ask him show me that only got because if the Trinity's true and if Jesus is the word made flesh, then he would be called the only begotten, but it wouldn't mean that he was, so there's no logic problem here within my doctor. The trim month so you have to establish that the word begotten means created came into existence by Micah Bacchus is a statement to come back on that typically was John 118, and anything we see honey… Oh, I got 1/2.

I love it when they do that no one is seeing God at any time, the only begotten God is in the lives of the father. He's explained to him. No one seen God at any time. What you do is you go to Exodus 6 verses two and three, God spoke further to Moses and said to him, I am Jehovah, and I appeared to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name Jehovah I did not make myself known to them when they say I John 118.

I can answer why John at 118 says what it says wait says they struck about that unit Exodus 62 and three is other verses you go to as well write Genesis 17, 118, one Exodus 24, nine, 211, number 12, six through eight. These are varying verses that show that God is see with this one right here is really easy to remember. Exodus 6213 because I asked him God spoke through Moses, who, speaking with the text say if you will. It was God, and said I am Yahweh.

Okay, that's God identifying him by him to see his name Yahweh or Jehovah is an angel. As they say, guess you mean an angel can say I am Yahweh, in particular the text as it was God who speaking who said this so who's who is it because they do not already have a problem because I do know I John 118 the money to go to John 537 and a figure. John 646 in a minute. So we'll see you have a problem here. What you do is you are putting the bear traps out understaffing in him is little Stephanie stinks what you see can have contradiction. You're right, we can have a contradiction so hot, so I asked did he appears God Almighty is in Jehovah's Witness theology, the mighty God is Jesus, the Almighty God is God the father this way to refute that Isaiah 10 but so says that God says my name is I am Yahweh or Jehovah and I appeared a room, Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty by his name, he did make it known to them because they were there before and all Exodus, Moses said that the English what your name is my name is Yahweh I am that I am so you get them to say this and you can to admit it was God who appeared to him him Isaac and Jacob, as God Almighty and then you say can you now harmonize. I John 118 with this please any sake I can show you how. But how do you do it and be stuck. What you do is you taking to John 646 it says this, Jesus is not that anyone has seen the father except the one who is from God. He has seen the father asked him they were seeing God Almighty in the Old Testament right you have to say yes, but whose God Almighty who's not the father because Jesus says in John 646 of anyone to see the father to the one talk about himself. So who's got Almighty that's not the father you say is a Trinitarian. I have no problem with this, but you have a problem please explain it to me and there you go is one of many things you like II appreciate it. Thank you so much deftly been learning a lot listening to your show.

Okay glad the body is another thing go to Carmen Rowley have this information also studied article on first Corinthians 1: the name of the Lord between those two will have an okay I think you get it all right they both be right back of his best mats like why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg. I met you. Good review.

I sorry, Nokia. When I brought up Isaiah 4443 and Isaiah 40.8 referent and believing they become God. They put back on that by saying that those that are only talking about all I will not get there got general. How do you think that okay so what you do is you go to those verses and I'll do that right now.

Isaiah 4310 and share the screen to screen. You can see this see their glow again. There we go right alright so you my witnesses declares no tell him this tells Jehovah. This is what it says. Isaiah 4310 because you understand something in Mormon theology. Jehovah is Jesus and Elohim is God the father. So Elohim is simply the Hebrew word for God in the name of God is Jehovah and you go to first Kings 860 for that Jehovah is Elohim. For example, the latest, they get to get way wrong. It's what you do is use you point out your weaknesses word Lord LORD there is just were Jehovah, that's fine.

You and witnesses declares Jehovah my servant whom I've chosen so that you may know and believe me understand that I am he. Before me.

There was no God was no Elohim formed the ring on after me. That's good obviously than it is an expense from their perspective because how could there be no Elohim form before Jehovah since Jehovah is a product of Elohim from God in Mormonism and his goddess wife. There's a strip show them that big of these puzzled okay and that any would Isaiah 44 six says this this is Jehovah, the king of Israel as Redeemer, Jehovah posts on the first I'm the last of their is no Elohim besides me just ask the state is all talk about idols which he saying here because they they get to tell.

I understand that God hear the word of God in Hebrew is Elohim.

What you say is God the father and Jehovah is a name of Jesus in the pre-incarnate situation before became a man here born in Bethlehem.

So as I do this with the suit. Thus says Jehovah, the king of Israel and his Redeemer, Jehovah posts, I am the first and nine the last. There is no Elohim besides me. Don't stick to talk about idols to quell. There's no way is talk about idols. It makes no sense. In verse eight. Do not trouble and do not be afraid. Have I not long since announced it to you and declared it witnesses. Is there any Elohim besides me or any other rock.

I know of none who's talking is Jehovah from verse six is there any Elohim besides me, thanked me. Obviously this could be a huge problem for them. You see, there yeah okay yeah I know I you think you thinking and also don't forget this with Isaiah 45, five I am Jehovah and there is no other besides me there is no Elohim won't fit our theology, they could be confused, he just politely show them this and you got a good first Kings 860 which is Jehovah is okay all right naturalist let us write that health right yet.

Thank you alright man okay got us a fellowship for Polonsky McCall 877-207-2276 John from Virginia. Welcome back eight show errors and thank you. Every God. I would like to know all respect a dark matter maps right. The dark matter issue within the black information on the and requesters.

What a map that you get out of familiar with the dark matter and dark energy they put them out to explain the problems of of star clusters or galaxy clusters, and for me right now you know how that that picture looks at a picture of what it looks like a girl that you like and it doesn't mean that sin is a phenomenon where you see things that really aren't there for humankind characteristic in her brain, but but to yell right so 90% of the matter yell out this most notably dark matter, so maybe it's when you might be taking a look at what is elevated God and obviously Jesus is God incarnate, brought an a. The Holy Spirit is back connection between us and God played that path that allows us to a new way to have our prayers. No go beyond I know the way off.

They started with your Sony to teach you some doctrines of about God. So get the truth of who and what he is then certain other aspects will fall into place, and said other things will fall away, so we have to understand that God is the eternal being in the Trinitarian sense and he is existed eternally in complete self-sufficiency without the universe ever existing lease. He's independent of the universe, and not dependent on it in any way is not restricted to it nor buy it and he's independent of it, but he can be in it as well. Right will find him in a physical sense. Unless it's in the person of Jesus Christ. That's the physical manifestation. So God has a quality call to see unity, which is non-contingency. It doesn't depend on anything anyway and this also goes with his future decisions are not based upon things he foresees people to do than he reacts to that, that violates the acidity of God and is his contingency and his attribute of all knowledge.

You can have that God is immutable. He is unchangeable. That's in Malachi 3, six, and then he's always been next Psalm 90% by two God is not changed any from everlasting to everlasting is God, so that means that from the beginning.

He is always been, and the universe is something he created and he had to be there to create first because of this, then other universe is subject to him and he is sovereign over it and everything in it, and because he is all knowledge and all power in every event in the universe is foreseen by God because it's what he desires to come to past and what it is he works all things after the counsel of his will in Ephesians 111 says this means even the death of my son. When that happened for my wife's birth defect that's manifesting now or might ask workers various things work according God's will doesn't mean he's directly causing them this gets another side topic is the direct, indirect causation, and then political ultimate, proximate and efficient causation marketing that the nature of God is all the result is a negotiating stance called divine simplicity. God is one thing, he's not something with three parts father-son Holy Spirit. That is a false teaching that is only one thing that God is God and that one thing that God is his Trinitarian and is a doctrine called the paracrine recess. Paresis says that each of the members of the Godhead in dwell the others permeated into all the others is no separation, and then you also have to understand that neither one of the persons derives the essence from the other one or two there complete and total in the sense for ever, that we have that we have is called the economic Trinity and that means that the father-son Holy Spirit have difference different roles. The father sent the son and the father the son send the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit convicts and only the sun became incarnate sluice differences in roles that we have is called the ontological Trinity and that means that by the Entente is the essence of the nature of agreement all share the same divine essence and so this is what we would say whether Trinity and then we get covenant out of that we get all kind of stuff on the nature Dr. Trinity entering the one bidding particularities and essence of it is more complicated and so click Trinity answers basically everything we have is the philosophical logical foundation, so pay what think of another question question relates great great faithful to break God for open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770776 is Matt's leg back lines give McCall 7276 Johnny still there. Okay yes, you and the reason is because it hints towards was called pantheism and and then theism. Pantheism is the teaching that God is part of the universe and then theism says that God is within that universe is part of it will pick pantheism miraculous is God and universe are one of the same thing and then theism says that God is in it and entered Wells and discover him because he's part of it now. Kind of a thing and so we start relating the creation of God like that you will end up in further error. Okay, they apply all your idea of your your intent to to relate it to creation because there is another way in which the Trinity does relate to creation logical. Haven't thought of this but God's Trinity father-son Holy Spirit, which is the minimal necessary logical essence that can manifest personhood without in person impersonal attribution in in there the fullness of personality that's that's more complicated.

I can back it up, but that's another issue.

Time is past present future spaces, height, width and depth matter is solid, liquid, gas, so we have a Trinity of Trinity's that we live in times past present future spaces, height, width and depth and matter solid, liquid and gas and so these are the things that we live in an understanding, experience, and the fingerprint of God are made known in creation and that sense okay I can hear you what holographic that occur over and over and over. Yeah, yeah, but I would be reticent to say holographic because then you had to explain how does it mean that in holographic and what he talked about holographic area and just the word causes people do not understand the nuances of how that is.

I discovered over the years. At the simplest thing is the best say it directly. Don't go beyond what Scripture is.

If you can possibly help it. Sometimes you have to answer questions and go beyond what the Scripture directly revealed the are questions or issues must be related directly to the Scripture best we can. Okay go our software is there a lot of good. Three things out there for Bible stuff. One of them is the sword ESWORD and there's a lot of great stuff there. So they can try that. If someone wants to call out the say yeah I have peach trees grades in MP3 software for Bible great. I use logoff's and this is the best in the world. My opinion in the winter. Very good, but you don't need what I do most of the community to search whenever there's an aorist active indicative I need to find all those no all use logoff for that and some other ones have that kind of thing to put the actual okay so it does cost initially so Mrs. Bill writing process in the Texas as his word is great but it does cost initially but not very much. I know that is not hundred dollars and eastward my peak I get. And remember, you know $50 $100 range.

I think for some of the modules I remember, but you get the basic stuff he could check it out and then there's blue letter and so there you go blue letter very good. There's all kinds of sources out there.

I just like having logoff so that I can. The uppity that's my friends that's my fence guy posterior was at yeah yeah answers my friends know that I would get them home and insult them somehow Métis and somehow Indo brother. I better wants to go see Jody DeVries's fist in the air to clutches his teeth. He was your get close to me one and the select I placed my friends my bike break brothers just for fun and that they enjoy it with the dog in front okay I thanks appreciate it. Douglas. All rights will you folks. Let's see political coming in. Let's get to that. And if we run because the rest of the show. I can read a really interesting paragraph I been working on for months, off and on on its defining goddesses jump on the scholar don't know who it is and where you're from. Hello, you're on the year and the hello my doing all right.

You got a question you. I went with people recognize each other in heaven right probably now see why not. Where people raise the same body died and Jesus was a recognized him.

In Luke 24 after their eyes were let loose because her eyes were big hello from seeing him, recognizing him, but you were to be raised in the same bodies that were dying and so you should build recognize each other.

My wife would void me recognize her because she's done her attendance here on earth with bring her to me so should be a high level of heaven.

She might remember me. Trinity will see okay. Thank you, write you welcome so much God bless. It looks good about their TurboTax all right let me.

You guys something out there in radial land.

I'm going to read something the work in this definition of God. The reason I'm doing this is because when I debate atheists, and they want to check the Christian God as a units in the Christian God. So I started working on something exotic here, here you go study this and to take a bit me to go through it. So here we go.

I'm still perfecting. I'm still polishing it.

There is only one God. The Christian God who is the one and only necessary trinitarian being eternally consisting of three simultaneous and distinct persons. The father-son Holy Spirit, not just that statement right there removes Mormonism Jehovah's Witnesses oneness Pentecostal. It invalidates all of those egg angles on the three persons are co-substantial research, their essence is one of the same. Neither person derives his substance from either or both of the others don't, are not dependent upon each other for their existence. They just are the three persons are the Trinity is spiritual in nature is noncontingent is unchanging and is transcendent transcendence means it is not dependent upon the physical universe for its existence. The Trinity does not depend on the physical universe or our time for reference or our physical reference for truth values or God's existence or anything. He's not limited to the physical realm or the realm of time he transcends them all to these transcendent and he sovereign.

This means that he has the right and capability of doing whatever he desires with his creation goes on. God has nothing against which he can be compared and defined this certain important statement because there's no other standard ocean because it was would gotta be like what is with God not to be like because there's no standard by which you can raise to the level of God to save harassment to compare them to its impossibility. So God has nothing against which he can be compared and defined. There is no condition in which the Christian God might exist or could not exist, since that would not be the God of the Bible sometimes atheist legitimate. Imagine that your God doesn't exist. I think I can't do that that would not be the Christian God is like, think, imagine the circles, not a circle.

You're being ridiculous now imagine that the Christian God doesn't exist. Not that it wouldn't be the Christian God because the Christian God by necessity exists and is always existed and cannot not exist dyslexic so imagine a Christian God is near Christian God that were sang to God's self revealed right does this and that.

It was noted that God's incommunicable attributes stresses transcendence and his communicable attributes trespass and stresses eminence so the incommunicable attributes mean those things that belong to God alone.

Like his all-knowing as ever presence. We cannot experience those of the cannot be communicated to us.

Will those attributes demonstrate and stresses transcendence in the communicable attributes demonstrate report stresses eminence so communicable attributes is he thinks we can think he loves we could love and so the things that we possess.

We possess as persons personhood which is in a communicable attribute of God's essence is a creationist, but this stress these communicable attributes stresses eminence which means his relationship in and with and through in his providence within creation. God is neither included in space nor absent from it.

The Trinitarian God is the ultimate source of all truths all actualities and all potentialities in the Trinity are unity and diversity which are equally basic and mutually depend upon one another that would take some explaining to do so. I want to get to the end of this paragraph, God created the universe as well as people he does whatever he pleases and ordains all that occurs he possesses infinite knowledge, wisdom, presence and power that manifest out of his good and holy nature that which is good is revealed by God's nature, which is consistent with his holiness, he has revealed himself in creation. Scripture and Jesus for this is the paragraph I'm working on and will continue to to polish it and rearrange couple things are more coherent in their flow link back to one thing here I said in the Trinity are unity and diversity which are equally basic and mutually depend upon one another.

What the heck does that mean well. If you have 10 shares in your house, you recognize that they're all chairs. Their particular instances of chairing this is a quality and essence of what a chair is and we see particular instances. So we have the mini which is 10 shares we have the one which is chairing this, how does the one relate to the mini that is the essence of one chairing this essence is one thing relate to and exemplify inside of the particulars called individual chairs. Furthermore, how those particular particularities interrelate with one another. These are the questions that philosophers get into in the Trinity. However, we have unity as well as diversity we have the one in the many inside the nature of the Trinity, because God is one being with the diversity of persons in three persons, so this is the Trinity is the necessary background the necessary foundation for intelligibility by which we can then explain this issue of which is a huge philosophical issue of the nature and essence of reality around us and the Trinity explain to relate the particulars visual aspects of the Lord bless you. I hope you'll have a great and by his grateful back on the air on Monday. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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