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July 16, 2021 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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July 16, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses how our view of God affects our lives.--2- Can you lose your salvation---3- When were angels created---4- Do you think we're in the mess we're in because of God's jealousy---5- How does polygamy in the Old Testament fit with Matthew 19-5---6- Where did God come from---7- A man from the Sacred Name movement called again to debate the true name of Jesus.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877 and we have one open lines of you guys want to give me a call.

All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276.

If your newbie to the show we just tell you that what we do here is apologetics with defense of the Christian faith if that's what I do for a living, so to speak around large websites and we have filed people in the supported turkey sill Columbia in Utah and Africa and so will we meet we would get a nice outreach and were trying to expand the kingdom of God is much as possible for the glory of God and as we do so if you have questions about almost anything, you know we talk here about a lot of stuff we can do so and Matt slick is my real name. Just ice is about once every two weeks or so. I just get your new listener to think Matt slick is a radio name is cools it is not my real name is what you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 nobody's online right now, which often happens, a first fiber too much of the show the kind of do monologues and then we have fun just more we can handle. But in the show Georgia call in early. In fact, I hope my wife sent it to me an email or text or something. Let's see if you did send it to me because maybe she's listening on the radio is from a woman who made a comment about salvation and is on a particular website and that we have to give Jesus permission to save us and things like that and I stated that that was heresy is a false teaching of Jesus permission to give God permission to work in our lives and so that with the discussion. One of the things that unfortunately is a reality in the Christian world today is a very low view of God a very low and it's it's pretty sad how that is working out in Christian circuit circles you don't want to. I think it would do this thinking and read something in working on to describe the Christian God working often on for a few months is good to me a full minute to read it and is a little complicated in some areas but not some others and I used it last night and the discussion in a room discussion were among on the Internet's talk about the Christian God's critics of Christianity. Of course, and read this to them and it was interesting.

People reacted in and Christian is really good, so they just read this on the nature of the Christian God because of me. When I read this I'll explain a couple of things on the way but is this what your view of God in secure Christian is this what your view of God is so here you go there's only one God. The Christian God who is the one and only necessary Trinitarian being eternally consisting of three simultaneous and distinct persons. The father the son and the Holy Spirit. The three persons are co-substantial. This means that they all share that same essence. Neither person derives his substance from either or both of the others. That means that the Trinity is eternally complete as it is and one is not one aspect of the person who does not give rise to another.

Okay for the three persons are co-substantial. Neither person derives his substance from either or both of the others. The Trinity is spiritual in nature is noncontingent, unchanging, transcendent and sovereign God has nothing against which he can be compared and defined.

He is self revealed God's incommunicable attributes, filters, communicable and incommunicable so incommunicable attributes are like God's omniscience God's omnipresence is everywhere all the time knows everything all week. We can experience that Abbott the communicable attributes are he loves. We can love.

He thinks we can think so.

The communicant electrolytic to be communicated to us. God's incommunicable attributes stresses transcendence and is communicable attributes stresses immanence now that I got from Cornelius Van Til was reading recently. It was great great statement, but nevertheless God is neither included in absent from it. The Trinitarian God is the ultimate source of all truths all actualities and all potentialities in the Trinity are unity and diversity which are equally basic and mutually dependent upon one another. That's a philosophically significant statement and will get into why, but that's that's a necessary for putting God create the universe as well as people he does whatever he pleases and ordains all that occurs he possesses infinite knowledge, wisdom, presence and power that manifest out of his good and holy nature that which is good is revealed by God's nature, which is consistent with his holiness, he has revealed himself in creation, Scripture and Jesus. There is no condition in which the Christian God might exist or could not exist, since that would not be the God of the Bible, so I have a I have is with the Scripture references as well and so I find it very important to define who God is and over the years. I really thought about the nature of the Trinity and defending it because I believe that the Trinitarian nature that we really think about it logically, spiritually, biblically of the nature is the Trinity is the minimal efficient essence of what God must be in his reasons for that cocaine into right now and by him the issue of the one of the many is answered. For those of her in the philosophy know what that means, and other the nature, particulars are connectivity between them things like this and so you are just defining who God is and from biblical stuff from other theologians and the stuff I keep working on but nevertheless when we understand the majesty of God. We don't say things like you go to give God permission to save you is don't do that, God opens the heart of the mind, the King of Lydia out to believe the work of Paul.

That's acts 1613 God cause us to be born again. First Peter 13 were born again, not everyone will John 113 this ideal is humanistic philosophy that you have to give God permission to work in your life is ludicrous idiocy on biblical and it needs to be denounced for the heresy that it is, but unfortunately Scott predominate in some word of faith places. That's the mode God and elevate man his creative ability and an New Age philosophy that it's a connected with so there you go about that for opening salvo and we have several of Elijah going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to know a welcome back, but he would gonna yeah it up north and abandoned it may lack the Medina daddy what did you know about the look of God my Jerry but they eat that on it, and will not build your salvation if they make a clear bubble of Google any other Than a method of any of those dates, but that may fade in a rut. They all stayed awake all man pain like all believe internal security. They think that we can get in no and that's natural but didn't understand what you have. A cloud of loving a dog's name only thing question about valuing John Lambright on will look to them is cut, Glenda why why why do they will make you don't commit a remote know that if you make a well get economic at that bug well. I believe that people believe that they can lose your salvation because they don't understand Scripture underneath understand the nature and extent of the power of the atoning work understand what propitiation is and they don't understand that if they can lose their salvation. What they do, then they maintain it and what they do and that they don't understand the sovereignty of God. The difference between reformed theology and all other theological perspectives with her to be Colts Arminianism Wesleyan is, and whatever it is is can be described or summarized in the relationship between God and man in reformed theology. There's a huge difference between God and man. He is a sovereign King. We are sinners by nature condemned. We belong condemn the reason we condemned and we could do nothing good. Of our own. Absolutely nothing and and other groups that relationship to God and man is lessened in the sense that they bring God down a little bit and then he exults man a little so that God is superior and God is holy but were not so bad that we can't figure out salvation around all we need is the right information and sincerity of heart and that is a denial of scriptural revelation and usually those people who hold to the idea that you can lose your salvation. Usually okay not always also teach that salvation is maintained through your sincerity, your work of faith, your obedience to various things and so it's a pride thing and then when I say that eternal security is a license to sin their doing is misrepresenting salvation because were many new creatures, languages five, 17, were born again. First Peter 13 John 33 through eight and we have the Lord living in us. John 1423 and because of that we don't want to go out and do those things for John 38 10 we we war against that and so were different with what they do is they assume that it is okay to grant sin if you believe in eternal security because they don't understand the regenerative work of God in a person they say all you want to sin that means you can do all the bad stuff as though that's what this saved people want to do. They are ignorant and they need to be corrected politely, politely and and put on the on the right path us of from two electric skulls to religion, voice material, logical monitor, just and in anything they want to debate me on this. You know, let's have the debates on eternal security.

I'll be glad to do that is with you guys are interested but he wants to yeah right of the Scriptures we go to the scripters and yeah I know but the stuff in Hebrews things so I thought were asked about him, but they shout down by guarding the congregation young delegates father… They yelling and screaming that shout him down so here try that and I went to try this okay there is a verse, Colossians 214 concluded many many times on the radio and will do with people who teach this is all good. Tell the classes to actually verse 13 and 14. I want to read them show you how to use them when we you were dead in your transgressions and the un-circumcision on your flesh, he made you alive together with him, having forgiven us all our transgressions and him and ask how many of our transgressions were forgiven. Verse 13 it says, having forgiven us all our transgressions. It has to be all that of the Texas in verse 14 having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us to take it out of the way.

Having those across the certificate of debt is the Greek word carotid refund and it needs a handwritten IOU legal indebtedness has come. So what debt what's in it what what is certificate of debt. What is is. Other translations will save the ESV will say canceling the record of debt the King James says a blotting out the handwriting of ordinances I soup what is it that's blotted out this remove this canceled a note 910 is about to sin. I agree. So where does it say it's canceled and Windows assays can't get this show you what happened.

They see this if you are listening. Colossians show you something in their life will be right back after these messages give a copy of several lines 87707 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave 7220, yes, you still there but it yeah can't only throw it. It told me that he believed Satan and Gina brother Eric that's this morning is only one time was now let's focus on Alberto let's focus on one thing at a time that convincingly because you good of aggression is Mormonism with dictation Jesus and the devil are brothers born through relations and gotten on his wife from another planet in the preexistence is what he says in verse 14, Colossians 214 having canceled out the certificate of death of Jesus canceled the sin debt, having nailed to the cross is not canceled when you believe this is what people don't understand is not canceled when you have faith is not canceled when you get baptized is not can't cancel into sacraments. This is having canceled out the certificate of debt consisting of decrees against us, which was hostile to us, he took it out of the way, having nailed to the cross. That's when the certificate that we at the cross he got to get them to understand that to admit that I once had spent 20 minutes talking to a guy about this particular verse. I kept saying when his escape ascended canceled and he said when you believe I said with a text that was a text took 20 minutes.

20 before he finds it okay was at the cross and this because it is theology was something he was bowing to more than the Scriptures tell people that the sin that's canceled the cross but were justified when we believe in. So that's the Bible says, and therefore justified by faith. Romans 512.

It does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's face is credited as righteousness of the righteousness of God is reckoned to our accounts when we believe and so we have a practice is not our own.

Justification is being declared legally righteous of before God and ask justification righteousness earned by Christ by God in Christ is is reckoned to our account. And so here's the thing about this if you cancel the certificate of that the cross to things who do canceled for is it for everybody because of his for everybody that how can anybody go to hell if the sin debts canceled that causes a huge problem with people huge problem they don't understand the nature and extent of you Tony and furthermore say if the canceled then they needed to cancel all of your sense, they say, not Alderson, but it says before, all of our sense if you cancel all of your sins and how many go to hell. You see, you lose your salvation he cancel at the cross and that means us 2000 years ago. Those who are redeemed are sin that was cattle of the cross and then were granted the act of believing clippings 129 and then at that time were justified okay go to the church patient and the lame veteran security that everything is not fighting left the church. I can balance the falcon bump and run a Baptist Church added to the true what you are to have learned that I would gladly debate if it's heresy to the Scriptures and and I would have to ask people who say that you could.

That is a heresy talk to many of them over the years us and canceled due to future salvation. Give me a list because you write it down when you do a list of things are going to do a handsomely doing it and they said well and trying not doing it. If you're not doing it, then your it by your own words or conduct the standard of God's perfection.

You don't you want to get into that, but what I teach is biblical theology is why I referenced the Scriptures so much.

This is what it says and this is where it says go check it out for yourself and I would gladly have been a debate on eternal security with people to want to do the right okay but it but I think it a great job of the grace of Confucius are then okay. All right. We have open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to carry on the Craig from Cary, North Carolina hey Craig welcome Tanya… A question about the creativity of angels out one Genesis chapter 2 verse one that it mentioned creation of angular victors was invented in the they were internal or what you would says the heavens and the earth were completed and all their hosts and so it doesn't really say when the Angels were created that we don't know exactly when.

Because others debate or discussion about it. Some say that the Angels were formed before the universe was created because of the spiritual existence, but the sublets of people say some say after universe was created got treated in angelic realm and then people fell off that's the case when the default some say Satan fell when he tempted Adam and Eve. Some say fell before them and Bible doesn't tell us exactly as I can tell you I thought that help I don't recommend that. I don't mind nonelectronic bond that will give us is right. I read okay Douglas yes you will think has as much in the text. Hope Ellis host heavens also speak of planets and stars in it most certainly can include that. But it might mean. Also, angelic realms as they move in the heaven specter.

We don't know for exact sure okay for the lines. Give me a call 877-207-2276 Pearl from Virginia welcoming on the year. I would like to ask your okay no thank God the Almighty is Almighty and everything is under his control. Before I ask this in Mach 1230 and 31 you know that God cares now that we are to love him with all of that hot all around. So all about man elements drink that posted what it said in in the synoptic Gospels, but I like that because it brings in that other thing but anyway do you I'm asking your opinion, do you think they IK called in think the quote unquote mass and degradation and anything out you want to call it in.

This ended in these United States, that we in with Satan.

I believe ruling in Washington. You believe that the Lord God Almighty is allowing this course because he is on next to the word holy. He is a jealous God and we are like little children when he calls us to his sweet breast. We turn around and run down the and he launched a lot want to love him born Brad to love the bridegroom like we would love and husband on a honeymoon night and he wants legal death band and break down hot. It is taught and bottomless well that's build up with nothing but God says I am concealing file with nothing like being since I was supposed to have a break so get your questions ready right back folks at the double-blind 207 mass Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg right. You would think that we now United States and around the world that is due to the fact of his jealousy. I would say he's he's disciplining the tip of the church for its ineffectiveness and enemies in America because of persecution. It is going to come more and more an increase against the Christian community will purify the church and God wants a pure church and if they get so comfortable and lazy that the become apathetic and dull. The great commission pick up your cross and follow Christ think I will let the Christians have what they want, which is apathy and democratic God will find he saw nothing abandoned them. But soon he was 10. Five but the thing is that he disciplines those whom he loves us in Hebrews 12 success for those whom the Lord loves he disciplines, he loves his people he loves, redeemed, doesn't mean that were not fix his discipline and so he is doing that for the whom the Lord loves a discipline that he scorches every son son whom he receives is for discipline that you endure God's deals with US sons for what son is there. The father does not discipline. And so this would Hebrews 12 is talking and this was coming to the Christian church and going with you greatly may it be John Garrett greatly may chose us from before the foundation of the world to be his own. Oh, I know he's apt to live God is uncreated. He is sovereign Almighty.

All of that. But when he says in Deuteronomy 424 the Lord thy God is a consuming even a jealous God we don't hear that from ample pitch stuff the pulpits that Sally slicing a lot of what I do for the radio because Christians need to hear the whole counsel of God's word, not just what I'm thinking is true, it depends, and how the word jealousy is is used God jealously desires the Spirit which is made well and us. Okay James 45 he's made it did spur to dwell in us. He desires that so is a jealous desire. Yes, you know, I wouldn't agree with her step statement because I don't agree with statements if I have a dentist word study and how that is used by God. According to Scriptures in relation to the top use, but speaking since I haven't done that I can't comment can say yes or no, I understand your sentiment but God jealously desires we serve him in the sense that he wants that for us and if we don't, and if we become lackadaisical go after other gods and other comforts beside in Fairhope and other things besides God, then the consequence of doubts will be our weakness and the weakness of the world around us. And so God is his disciplining beginning to discipline. I believe more and more the Christian church and I got mad about is that we should love him likely loving husband and a husband should love us like Christ loved the church. Yet that's marriage… The Holy Spirit does not do that. The roommate to him. For God's glory alone would likely that I think that it may, it dares with him his job stirs a lot. This is where you give it you would not.

You wouldn't agree with what I said I would agree or disagree say it has to do with how God uses the terms right.

I like to see I very very scripturally based on adding you out loud and that's why I said when I quoted Mark 1231 and 32,000 a lot.God with all my heart all die, so all my mind all thy strength and then of course Alan Nabel – sales, but to maybe once all of me that there is and then what left all the data used it to love my brother and to pray for my enemies. And I feel like everything that in my flesh that is not of him is his enemy. Even though I'm here.

You do you do you agree that you read Romans chapter 7 on Sunday for sites you would not say that we in this world that due to his jealousy of us turning outdated charts I wouldn't get back on. I would use the word jealousy in that context until I've done a study on how the word is used by Christ Bible okay in the context when I was doing when can I call you back on a mortar work and 56 younger weeks and tell my writers behind them projects so I am hello all well and there I do I my usual parent to the word of the living God and I just wanted to ask your opinion on it. I know you said you didn't JUST conversation. I don't think I mean I think that's what you said and I did not. Just wanted you to know your opinion. That's my opinion. Okay that is wrong to you that you just said you you can agree, disagree, yes, and I gave the reason why the learning phase we got a full cup. We got a lot of callers like the paper there. I love you and I like it is because you're my brother that's writing that I knew my sister). I got back okay all right helpless but all right she is precious. Let's get to Matt from San Francisco, North Carolina, was one there they met and I are so my question is in Matthew 19, five were talks about a man leaving his mother and his father during woman in marriage and become one flesh thing the union other than a bit of a conundrum with citrus Christians dealing with the eighth is for the skeptic naysayers when they present that the Old Testament man could marry multiple wives and concubines and something I'm puzzled and tries to wrestle with that yeah will how to make that the one being becoming one flesh name was like Solomon considered of one flesh with all of his wives and concubine. So with the verses quoting Jesus is quoting Genesis 224 for this reason.

Naturally, his father's mother is talking about, there's the created order that God has instituted in marriage and this is before the fall. Okay this is how it has to be and met. This is for this reason a man shall leave his father and mother be joined with wife shall become one flesh. This is how God created things and then Jesus. I love talking atheist about this because I say to them is to look when Adam and Eve were in the garden. They decided to act like atheists. That's when things went bad because they decided to determine truth for themselves and morality for themselves and so sin and the world. And here we have people like you denying God as he put it understand that God allows sin in the world. He allows people to him.

He allows people to be married to more than one wife at a time this house. He allows atheists to deny him nothing but his grace is keeping you alive right now. That's how I speak to them in a state so we can say one flesh. The idea here is that become one flesh because as to becomes one how that works with 100 women and one man. I can't tell you because the Bible doesn't address that extent of things and so writers tell them the Bible doesn't address and II can't comment and that's it.

Next question is pretty much on what they're doing well but now maybe somebody you know some some other little tidbit there just a bit of information that can be inserted that Isaac remember this atheists are trying to do since Scripture against itself and the dues understand that the fall is work after the fall got a lot a lot of sin in the world and we were a lot of these answers lie in the issue.

God's permission of evil and disobedience. I said, but this is how it is in the world why atheists exist with regards to multiple. I think I can find fellow there was no explicit law of forbidding right multiple wives are guidelines that I can't tell you because I can't. I don't know the whole Scripture memorized the Seder is to be served okay okay that is all right open lines of a call 877207 after mass, like why call 770776 charismatic slave back everybody in line 877206 Michelle from Virginia. Welcome your on here that evening I come from knowing training in creating he's he's always existed. He is uncreated.

That's it either. Hello there Bible says in Psalm 90, verse two, from everlasting to everlasting you are God. So it is. The Bible says that that's who he is and that God has always existed always sets his natures in this essence we don't understand how that's possible but it is I give you logical reasons why we cannot have an infinite regression of causes. Weather must be a single uncaused cause I do this on in different venues where I teach about this kind of thing. But God is revealed in this his self revelation. He tells us he always has been okay. Are you there okay I tried to keep right now. Had that crack will God tells us he's always been to think about this if God was created and something had to create him will and concluded that thing and then who clear that one and he goes back and back and back so what came first, what's the first cause.

So think of the line of dominoes you know you and I are standing on this super big area, a white area like table that's a billion miles in every direction and there's a flight of dominoes at her feet and all standing there and we want to know where the beginning of the end. There is no beginning, we could never find the beginning because there is no beginning, but if we say will there's a beginning more than okay then there's a beginning but what caused the beginning.

This is the kind of things we talk about what caused the beginning of the Bible says in the beginning God so God is what he created the beginning because he is always been and he is the initial cause of the universe and we can't have the credit God that greeted God, thinking to God because it be like an infinite light of dominoes. There's never a beginning because is always one that is the fourth one before one before but if not possible because that would mean we could. First of all it means without initial cause of things you can't have put initial regression infinite is called actual potential infinite softening of that right now so this this is the thing the Bible to simply tells us that God is always existed, but here's another thing to think about. We relate to time, we think, well, okay, God is in time. But Izzy's. He's neither in space or in time nor absent from space or time. He's different from creation is different from space is different from time and so when he says he's always existed that's speaking into our time, reference about something that he himself is doesn't relate to the same way we do so we naturally cannot possibly understand it because it's like mixing apples and oranges. They don't mix. Not the same thing we are in time, so to speak.

God is outside of time, so to speak, like saying that, but for now this used to and was it mean to be outside of time. We don't know.

But as were God was had has been in so when he says he is eternal. We do say what is something about how he is. That always is that we can't understand and that's it okay I got a greater exact same way I was studying the stuff for over four decades and I believe it. I don't understand it but we don't have to understand everything to him or to believe it understand how gravity works. I don't but I know it works.

So there you go, you know, there's just something that's without something to the accept on faith because God is revealed himself to us and her are going to be think about him. We can't comprehend. If we could comprehend everything about God and he will be a creation of our minds like Mormonism. Okay right okay mature hope that helps accomplice all right listing the phone with Peter Raleigh question of salvation, we should call back and ask about salvation, love talking about that for the lines 877-207-2276 is good to Brent from North Carolina, Brent, walking on their you don't do the right thing, but he got what I have a quick question for you all about Christian problem all over the world. Real grown and an umbrella quote the Bible. How do you know when you're walking through so many of the boat that altered his name.

Is that altered you the you call about this kind of thing you from the sacred name movement you want to have the right name of Jesus and all regular God discuss it issue understand all the stuff we've gone over this. Why do you keep going: what you keep doing this for object calling for note, we configured the lot rent rent rent okay with the start with a few things that you said okay to the Bible's been tampered with what you think the word Tampa means what it means to be to tamper with it.

Was it mean altered alter our lives.

All the kind of hold on a whole lot hold on hold on, I'm asking questions okay what it is jump off and going to think that you don't know about you doing repeatedly. So I ask a specific question out of these be tampered. You said altered all right. Have you start doing words are you familiar with the area of theological study called historicity historicity.

Are you familiar with what worked for July. Ask a question I asked you a question on the knowledge and I asked you because I'm not. I asked you is not familiar with thinking terms about that's all you gotta say. So here's the thing.

Historicity is the study of the biblical manuscripts. The reliability of the distribution. When the written and things like that and if you had studied historicity, then you would know that the Bible not been tampered with their coffees to errors. Of course, the Bible, New Testament documents, for example, are 99.8% textually identical. You're not aware of this. Are you I am well aware Bible altered his walking along the way you could you tell me can you show me a verse additionally what was been altered. Show me and how you know it's been a commuter at at 112 for travel Expo 12 is ever know the name I'm around what he wait a minute, wait a minute. Okay so you said the text is been has been altered. What's the evidence you have that the text has been altered that the Greek manuscript of an alternate literacy evidence or multivalent, but you Ever get along okay excuse me, I asked you about the textual issue of the alteration of the text. What evidence you have for the text when talking with the English J were talking about the text of the of the New Testament documents here to book of asked where's the evidence that the text is been altered want, where there was no other known under heaven brought with Mahnke. They original name will show up, she worked. Working at Dagley where his lack where is that that in the New Testament you getting your bookstore because your reading, audit, pitbull originally had excuse of being Brent Brent okay are you really are you familiar with the fact that the New Testament is written in Greek originally written in Greek, you familiar with that I am well aware of that. I went and took the blueprints for the kind of strength perhaps (Brent I want you to stop reciting from your brainwashed cult mentality. Every time I ask this, but I thought you were #rent. Every time I asked you a question you have trouble answering it and you go off to some recent recitation of something which demonstrates you don't know what you're talking about in these areas. Now the fact is, the New Testament was written in Greek. Do you have any evidence to the contrary evidence, not opinion evidence do you have any. To the contrary actor combines the factual evidence. Where is that factual evidence that there is additional where is it where is it going to article Bible diaper phobic article by hate hate hate hate what you promoting of your your heresy here. I asked you for, the evidence would you let me speak Brent on my own show. I'm asking you a question. Where's the evidence, I want you to send me the evidence on the karma website the email to bottom contact info send me the evidence sent to me.

If you don't send it to me. Don't call back anymore and waste my time in the time of the listeners because you keep making you stay on and you can't back him up. Your brainwashed in a cult travel to tell you about it. No I'm not tired of the Holy Spirit. I'm talking to somebody talk interest to summarize any claim journey: it was hard not bad for the world and not got you just may not use me excuse rely excuse me I have to hang up on because this this is a good example of what it means. Brainwashed folks. When you ask specific questions and they can answer the question directly, but it's an easy question. What is the text say what's the word what's that word right there. You see, you understand what they won't answer the question and this is to pretty typical manifestation of those were pretty much brainwashed. They don't look at the evidence, they don't look at the facts, they just proclaim and make excuses, and so I'm hoping that this guy will send me the documentation to demonstrate that the New Testament was not written in Greek, but in people who were aromatic or whatever else he wants.

I would love to see that no one provided for me is 41 years, the folks there's the Lord bless you and by his grace back on here tomorrow and the great by the way, no Bible study online tonight with the flesh.

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