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June 14, 2021 7:59 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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June 14, 2021 7:59 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Are we saved by faith or by grace---2- A repeat caller returned wanting to know what was Jesus' or the Father's real name.--3- What do you think about the argument that you're being selfish if and don't care about people if you're not wearing a mask---4- Was Job written before Genesis---5- How do I know if I'm doing enough for the Lord---6- If a Christian has tried reorientation therapy-ministry but is still struggling with same-sex attraction, what should they do---7- Are any of the Covid vaccines ethical to take---8- Can you give context to how Nero and the destruction of the temple in 70 AD are related-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of Christian apologetics. Research was found alive on board you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max likewise glances called responded to your questions at 87707276 pairs.

Matt slick so for couple of days and daughters Wednesday at Wyndham Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, and have a great time dear Mitchell Mark some great people… Whatever the best to let you know we have five open line to give me a call 772-072-2765 lunch podcast usually do.

So let's see June 9, 2021 so you know that I'm live in Durham Caesar window Saturday and we had to dinner a bunch of us a lot of fun good time at Rudy Rodriguez/Lori Anderson are husband was Bill McKeever and Tammy Johnson and Terry Terry way with you. Then that so yesterday we got to where the abortions in solid city and met a bunch of great guys out there, got some pictures and let's say you think their names are christen Kelly and James Brian Adam Mark… He match those of Josh. There also found the radio for this fund are listening to guys your great out there.

Good stuff.

And of the Lord bless you. So there you go see good time and to preach and teach and the church on Sunday night when church mission fellowship. I think it is cold that was really good was great news. Great time to grow back yesterday and here we are, and so I'm a do now is help to fix audio thing here a few days like was in wasn't in and now I got it back good.

All right so well what you may call three open lines 877-207-2276 let's go to John from Washington state. John welcome around here. John year from all well okay it was a good show for a while yet. What is so went down. We got the guy so I been. I will squabble on Facebook and I called one guy say that we are not saved by faith that we are say by great.

So the question remains, are we say by faith or are we saved by grace always define terms first and so in this Grace is the unmerited favor found in the sacrifice of Christ and faith is that which is granted to us by God. So were saved by the grace of God but also by the faith that God grants to us. Clippings 129 so savers with what we like to say for saved by grace through faith right okay great that in verse so I grown up all the time saying that thinking that it it's my faith that they can Christ see God is by God's great grants that like me will seek all this is interrelated. We could also say you're saved by God's eternal election. Ephesians 14 because they are saved by God's eternal predestination. Ephesians 15 you say are saved by the sacrifice of Christ. A clock enough for contents, 15, one, two, four, or you could say you're saved by the canceling of the sin that Colossians 214. There's different ways of saying different things. And when people get on the hobbyhorse about this one word estimated this one way is this not sufficiently to proceed with the blood of Christ, also for John for John 179 the blood of Christ cleanses us will be like to say is that faith faces. His music is because if the instrument of the means people have the voice of saying it but it's that saying that God grants to us that were justified by but what were saved from salvation and what were saved from is the righteous judgment of God were safe from God himself and his righteousness, and the means of salvation is God's graciousness, which is begun in the eternal covenant. He was 1320 and then when we are born the grants of the belief of his 129 so both of them were instrumental in that sense of how power saved but we just like to say, faith is how were justified in God's grace is where he grants his face and he died on the cross for us and he loves us. It's all by his grace. So it is not really a you know there's no need to take sides on this because it's is not that narrows more of the broader encompassing ideal idea okay right okay you're right. Okay. And he's right.

It just but we can't say you're not saved by faith because it's not true. We are saved from the rapid wrath of God by faith. But that's not the only thing the blood of Christ and subtly thing is the resurrection of Christ.

But that's not the only thing you see. It's a whole picture, the thing so get back and backwards and look at it at the whole the whole picture. I can guide you. I was squabbling with Universalist that we are not saved by faith, that it is only by his great and out of a thing now that as founder i.e. systems point just SAP.

Please explain more precisely what you mean by not saved by faith and saved by grace. Because faith is not in one sense. Another thing that saves us.

You know, faith is a part of God's grace to so it is just hard to be so narrow.

But if these are unique then tell him there's kind of report/Universalist tone to the real okay that think a lot of time and energy that a guy like John but the ride was good the phones with Kent from Rome to Carolina can't welcome you. Hello, you are what the Bible, for they think that will be in the Holy Spirit. One of the problem thing wrong question you don't understand the issue just shows that you don't understand what the text is saying what is teaching you make a mistake you want to know the truth is, are you continuing your error problem. What the true go there you go. Because each time you call.

You do the same thing you insert your understanding into a text and then demand an answer based on your understanding. You understand something yourself in the name of means by the power and or the authority of good actually work. I think 45447 for that 49 and it talks about the issue is that the name of the father-son Holy Spirit. It's of the single name the name of God is Yahweh.

The name of the incarnate Word is Jesu or Cook Jesus Yahweh.

No know the name of God, the Trinity is Yahweh God, the Trinity name of the Trinity is Yahweh. That's who God is he to Trinity's name is Yahweh okay it's not there's not a name of the father and another name of the Holy Spirit and have each had different names Bob Frank George doesn't work like that is only one name of God name is Yahweh.

The name of the word that became flesh it was made under the law. Galatians 44 according to Matthew 121.

His name was Jesus.

Okay like that name Hebrew. It's Greek origin. It's called it's Greek name and that's what I that's what the Greek manuscripts tell us to call him says you shall call his name Jesus Jesu's okay. Guess how many times all right have word that Greek word is found in the New Testament with a guess to guess and all New Testament the not they have about 1904 is not to 900 06 of the what you're telling me is that all of the New Testament writers got it wrong.

Okay, that's right. So what cult do you believe in that you get this false information from that you don't even understand how to ask the right question about the baptismal formula you don't understand who Jesus probably name is you don't even understand that that's the Greek may not have that as a name and you're saying they all got it wrong. Who are you who are you, what cult you want to talk a lot.

Look is there's another.

Logic that you going to false dichotomy. Are you this or that. Not a good look what you have called me. So me time trying tell you you're not a good thinker you are not a sound logical thinker and what you do is you apply bad thinking to the Scriptures, you're probably under the influence of occult are you listening, listening, telling you you give me a false dichotomy. My a Gnostic or a philosopher, as I think the use to beat your wife now. Have you ever what would you beat your wife last. I never bought Peter see you give a false dichotomy. Your illogical each time you call up I correct you, and each time I correct you, you ignore the correction.

This is the behavior of the cultist know you not listening listening your neck cult you can walk in the wrong stuff to tell you this is over and over and over with which church to go to which I usually go to church you go to put out what what church do you go to all okay. So you see I should not have to ask you the same question over and over again. You have been brainwashed. You brainwashed your actual work you're actually saying that all of the New Testament writers and all the New Testament documents have all been corrupted in the got the name of Jesus wrong where did you get that bit of information about what I have. I know where you want the jailer.

I asked you where did you get that information.

Where did you get it you keep it out later about Holy Spirit led by the Holy Spirit. Okay, I know you're not the doctor led by demonic force. Okay, you are led by something demonic and you deceived you don't know who the true Jesus really is tell you this though, okay so I'm just telling Megan I know it's not a pagan name is the name of Jesus. You call Jesus a pagan you, you're so mixed up go to study some logic read the and we can talk again.

I just saw somebody in the chat room Linda Parshall and I met her this week, for they will hear a photo if you politely call 877207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave six with Chris from Thomasville, North Carolina hello but it opened about four and when the weather going on the recommendation. If they get fed. You know where Matt your confirmed goblet of meth problem. But when they say if you don't wear a mask, don't care about other people. Is that not all are Christian because obviously care about stupid is stupidity and you can just tell them looking at you meet to see I don't care about so many were mask. Are you saying then that if I've had the antibodies because I had coded that I should wear a mask even though I'm I'm immune. And if I've had a vaccination on the muniment and the virus can't live in me does that mean then it hunts it will likely have to do that if why would you want me to wear something if I'm immune to it can transmit, let's talk about or or or were merely one work… COBIT think what about your try try this with the backcheck. It's a little bit you say, do you care about people.

Could you are messing say yes and site is in an and 95 mask the cloth mask and 95 because only a 95 and up. It is sufficient to stop the coded virus. If you were cloth mask is not sufficient. I guess you don't care about people because you're not bringing a 95 mask so you going around pretending that you have a sufficient covering and yet actually is kind of deceptive because you don't have an and 95 you must hate people. Let's reconcile the virus interest will write up my all all but like at that. It's almost like a very very rare. There are, you know that you know that's what's parked right if you don't care about yourself. If you doubt I don't eat stupidity agree that it is stupidity. It's it's part of the totalitarian movement the fascist stuff.

The social stuff to gain control intercountry now. I spoke Sunday night and I think that I can say I spoke tonight in place and it came up and out the persecutions coming and personally I believe in window when Cody first came out, wear a mask. Okay, they don't do too much about it getting will take precautions. I can see that.

But once the information came out that it wasn't necessary and that's knowledge is been out for a long time, and once it was it came out that the the seventh that the statistic did not support the panic and you can go to Amazon which they would get Amazon did not want these two books published in the guy published them. And if you got taken off I prevented from being published in Elon musk found out about it and made a tweet or something and then Amazon allowed it to be punished. A published Amazon sheesh unreported truth about Tobit 19 and lockdowns to small booklets. I would really recommend every but the read them and you get the statistics documentation all kinds of stuff and what it basically comes down to is, in my opinion that now the information is been out sufficiently disclosed now is just a bunch of people following the leftist agenda and we do not have to wear masks and precursor of what looked like absolutely no bill McKeever friend of mine told about a book to read and I started reading it that night. Just a few days ago and I've really been impressed with this one book and I really recommend everybody read this book and it is in my my.

It went. I read 30 pages or so live not by lies by Rod jury her DRE HDR. It has a red figure on it. The cross marching uphill live not by lies. It is brilliant and a lot of what it is saying and his kingdom is motivated me to write some other articles and some of her stuff but you know I believe that what we need to do is be ready for persecution. Be ready for and with the rise of liberalism comes a reduction in our leftist liberalism of the comes a reduction in our ability to worship our ability to hold weapons to have freedom of speech you think about it I have to do this now when I want to talk freely. I take my phone. I turned in all the way off because I want to be listening and trust the government.

During one public airwaves, and I don't trust the government. I don't know how you will do if you can't trust the government government, which is why think people should read the Declaration of Independence we shouldn't. I recommend everybody go find your card type and car Declaration of Independence.

Read it you'll be surprised what it says so well in this book you not talk about little bit is talking about soft totalitarianism which Hollywood totalitarianism is.

I did some research on it today so I have a working definition, a system of government where the state has all authority and power and the people have none.

That's not here in America. Okay. Soft totalitarianism is different, but nevertheless those in power can be a single individual or small group of people opposition parked parties are not allowed once the left doing right now the left is trying to destroy Republicans and demonize them. Try to get rid of certain laws trying to change voting law so that there is no power and anybody else other than their own party. As part of totalitarianism individual opposition is not allowed and if you do that you could be jailed or punished political oppression is practiced along with censorship. The censorship is all over the place on the social media and also there censorship by the left news media groups that do not present both sides of an argument fairly. So they censor various facts in a totalitarian it's groups.

They want the confiscation of weapons they have mass surveillance.

They even have secret police state led indoctrination that's moving and religious persecution. Academia is is designed and required to only push leftist ideology consistent with the state and they that ideology is is there to replace prior traditions and institutions so Christianity for existing existence is a prior tradition and institution here in America is being replaced with liberalism and if you hold to yours your guns about Christianity to be fired from your job.

So this is soft totalitarianism or fascism that is being promoted here in America and will and I'm write an article on what we do as Christians it's motor set on equipment, persecutions, government, I'm telling people it's gone. When you put that article out there. What type I don't know yet. I'm still researching I couldn't find another article that connections in Africa that have a do research on the issue of self-defense. How far can go to defend himself with weapons.

What you do a lot of research like that do have smart website will hold or get a break home… Good laissez folks River lines 87707 mass Y call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg.

720-7227 60 Michael Depaul from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Paul welcome around here: Mark Raleigh the whole thing about God? Think of that ludicrous to me but hired a church back of the night. It's all still in the military and I'm not sure I like that you're not there at the airport go, but I got to the pearly gates by Peter asked. But you're smart enough to get to heaven. If God hadn't made what would it be at and as he thought about it for a few minutes think that that's really anti-anti-goes from a song in the dark. He walks with me and beat nonslip baked so I just… Be kind of funny about that guy was talking about that.will you go that that works. You, but I do appreciate your shown I was through all, problems.

You love your brother will and try my God's grace since all candy so thanks for that muddy you two already folks we have for the lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Christian from Salt Lake City. Welcome around here. Hey Matt, I do and I really thought that the book of Job is the oldest book about very Gay because it talks about rain leased to place it talks about rain and falling from the sky and rain their rain RA I and and I know it started about rain coming from the sky or what you think you you think that this was written before Pharaoh part of the oldest book is debates actually some debate disagreement about the book of Job's authorship, as well as the date of his writing, and so this has admitted her to break a little bit of research on his assigned question ahead of time and with two different commenters just to look at dates and are suggesting 500 600 BC and yet there's some other issues because the Hebrew is very old.

I remember this very specifically, my professor in seminary, said that it was old Hebrew and you could tell was very old when it becomes an issue because of its old Hebrew.

It seems to be an older Hebrew style in the Pentateuch is not that is so different it's like an old English and and normal English is different style and a few things and so still Hebrew course and anybody can understand but this he said it was a simple simple kind of fighting, of the Hebrew text, and so therefore they thought it was so over so was it copied from something older or was it written in a purposely simple style to reflect the older style of Hebrew. That was the case of Henry Simmons educated and knowledgeable about that. Back then, so what is it. There is debates about go you know that question and the answer is really no God but no talk about rain coming from the sky and in the Bible clearly doesn't get that that rain didn't happen until now it you have it make sense to say that it was written after Noah's time there I have said I would think you would seem to be that it couldn't be any earlier than no accents. I got another question it yet time. Sure, I feel like 63 and and I do want that I can't do much anymore, but the only thing I have an apartment and I live with my mom to and the building. She's 84 and I can help her with distractions.

It should not the Lord sees that's an action is a good question because the answer is subject. I so you need to do what God wants you to do and you need to do what you can do so.

There's nothing wrong with taking care of your mom helping people with as we get older, you're older than you and I hate doing the yard. It wipes me off it.

Lord I ran for retirement. As you can account but the thing is that either that I can't okay yeah well you know now I broken my yardwork to two days get longer iMac so you know what you do, you do what you can do you ask God to direct you in your steps each day and you asked to be used by him, and sometimes being used as being on the radio.

Sometimes being used is mowing your neighbor's lawn and no it just went me to do enough for the Lord. That's only God knows that. So I type you never good enough for Dr. it out right is that even after vandalizing all the time to write. So I would say just trust God and go forward and don't worry about it.

Okay, lazy. But you know me taken few days off. That's fine. You know, I mean exist helping someone doing this and doing that not looking for opportunities to serve and to help you know yesterday was in Salt Lake City live here in Idaho and Salt Lake was down there for a few days and stood out and held up some signs with a group of great guys and and a girl, and at the plant. Planned Parenthood she's sick and been longer. Yes, I've been there earlier. Yet how much I doing enough. Well, you can always become say what-ifs you know what if I done this more than what it will kill you. So you just do what you can and you go do something else that you can ask God to bless everything and sometimes no messing sometimes. And a lot of times you messed up in the process. And when you do, just look up smile and say thank you for using me anyway and you go forward somewhere.

I got back here. Trust me got a lot of experience in that messing up and keep going lose out of the creditor here.

Let it air out and you know I mess up that I think your man no man that you love the Lord you saying we should call my wife and tell her how great I am okay at the office of functionalist, but the only hope I can get well good luck to your life and yourself and by God's grace told us that great Jack got Grace to you and and think about this to Paul and website radio books lecture teach now.

Don't compare yourself to that because God doesn't compare years you to that God has a standard for you. Center for me are you doing what God wants you to do. That's all that's important and you know what you want to do. By the place you're at and where he has you. He wants you to work area that you're there don't trying to something and I supposed to do you ask God for blessing and you get up each day. Lord, use me today. This ask that that's what he wants.

That's what it is I don't is not a horizontal measurement. It's a vertical one, because God's kingdom is the one you sent your standard he's the one we were not just a will that person over there didn't do as much as I did with that person over there did more than I did.

It's irrelevant (or the right track. Okay okay thank you my brother, God bless.

Okay right as Chris and I met him this week and degenerates in the solitary, it's all right. Let's see we can get to call from Virginia Paul welcome you on the air. Hello I Paul you I'm good thank you, yourself doing well by God's grace. So we got yet. My question is about to burst into tears except to cry and as a Christian and all his same-sex attracted and they tried the note, the reorientation type therapies and/or reorientation type ministries and they were unsuccessful in and reorient it reorienting their their same-sex attractions. What is the all the close solution for that person if that person be celibate that listing the effect of this is stay home and talk about both the right back after these messages we have lines 7 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave still there so what is a homosexual person. He has homosexual same-sex attraction tendencies can't seem to be overcome, and wants to serve a Christian when you do right yet Philip my basic question. You can add accepted Christ as a Christian and I tried reorientation therapy at reorientation ministry and they still are same-sex attracted what is the quote unquote solution for that person. Would it be celibate if they are what put the solution that person celibacy absolutely so that's just how it is. It's a sinful thing. Just as fornication between heterosexuals is a sinful thing so stick a man whose very attracted to women and he would've a reason can't find a wife.

Let's just say will what is he do the germane settlement absolutely and the circumstances and are tendencies don't decide what is morally right. God does and he's revealed that it was character homosexuality is a sin, as is fornication and adultery and lying and that we have a tendency to lie just because of one of these tendencies doesn't mean they're okay Internet natural good.

So in that situation, a homosexual person would just have to commit to being so and continually walk with God as best he could and there is a bright side on this. Even though it may not seem like a person who has a sinful tendency that he or she he's warring against on a regular basis because he knows what the truth is he's going to honor the Lord, then he is bringing great glory to God in that process and his reward in heaven might be very great because of and if a person knows it sinful and settlement. I just I know it sinful I can get rid of these desires and yet Lord I'm in your hands, and I will abstain and please change my heart over period of time.

Change my heart, if possible and if you don't, Lord, give me the grace to endure any move forward. That way that's what has to be a website again CA I got a thank you for the answer. Just so you know I got to talk to him. People in that exact situation and they were in a private conversation very distraught, struggling, and I understand the struggle and not that I mean in that sense. I understand it's the same formula, different variables, you know, there's the struggles that we have those kinds of areas very much a male heterosexual, and etc. we have to just asked to do which right and and so I'm quite familiar with, and other aspects of it as well, but that that's the answer. Okay okay great thank you very much RMS, I let's get to Enrico from North Carolina. Welcome you running here all of them are available only on funding but God's great grace. So what's up you are in Florida look thoughtful equal didn't know back of the chief little I know Mark I was wondering if it's right you know you people been asked me this phenomena through some research on the different kinds that there are just find out to see what their ethical parameters. So for the moment, to say that anything this is not easy is not easy question to answer because I've heard some of the vaccine beginnings were were human fetal tissues and but even that has sickness as difficult issues to deal with and then another one of her doesn't have that that has something else on the find out I'm just gonna have to do some research them so backed up with stuff and I've heard it Africa you know what I I don't even know what is good to say I have to do some step study in which one is which and find out I was a better answer for one month. Sure your problem. I own, I do like I like I'm playing but in the bottom of my, my whole Garden so I will have little I'm fond of trying to work my 50 you know to call the fall, know what position are you in the same position is time like kneeling or sitting. Okay so then I would try just kneeling without praying and seeing if it happens because it can be a physiological reaction can also be these Al Qaeda possibilities one could be just in that position your back has a nerve pinched in your hands and your feet can hurt it could happen that it could be that it's a spiritual thing could be that they can be just a mental thing is not really real except in your mind. These are all possibilities we just don't know where it shouldn't and I wouldn't think too much about it right yet.

I would just do some experimenting talk to some your friends what you think of this and thought your pastor about it if I would try getting in that position into staying there reading a book for a bit and see if your answer to burn, and then if they don't in the same position. Start praying and if they do these contactor elders. I would say and and just talk and see with going all off unless you follow okay all right let's get to Rob from Utah hey Rob, welcome you are here. I did hit the button so you're on Rob there. Maybe he's panicking right now trying to get the phone to work so think I will just model. Next, let's get to voice he's gone and this could back to Rob we have for the life of the McCall folks 877-207-2276 Rob from Utah either.

I guess not. But this question is dropping. And then I will miss we are having problems subject to problems in Scripture so I'll do is I'll answer that question anyway. Once ingredients from a 13 five what's the meaning of it. So with that verse is, is this tester so the secret of faith examine yourselves or do not recognize this about yourself that Jesus Christ is in you and is indeed fail the test.

What you always do agree the context and the boys talk about their second Corinthians 13 is that he has previously worked in writing to them and talking to them and that he was crucified. Cry cry. She was crucified and that he lives in us and we have the power of God in us and is living in us the power of Christ in us and things like that and impulses that tester celibacy for the faith, because a lot of times people would believe that they were in the faith, but they weren't because they thought their sincerity with her baptism or something else meant that they were saved and in the faith and to test of faith is tested when you believe what you firm by the word of God and so the space we what's going on is tested secret. Examine your heart examine what it is, examine things and see if this can consist of the Scripture. And so I would tell you that if any of you author wanted to do that very thing. The examination would be something like this idea for the doctrine of the Trinity do firm Jesus Christ is God in flesh you firm that he physically died on the cross and physically rose about the debt in the same body guided you ferment your justified enemies declared legally righteous are saved by faith alone in Christ alone, not by faith and baptism, not by faith and sacraments, not by faith and being good and keeping her salvation, and so these are the kind of things that I was so you need to check and also moral behavior because intimacy is okay to struggle against your sin, and still have sent we should never have sent. I mean if you are struggling get to sit in your resisting it in your even feeling occasionally it's a sign of being saved because dead people don't resist sin.

So you want to know if you have a war against unrighteousness and you compare what your war is what you understand about from the word of God. Don't lie.

Don't steal. Don't commit adultery, etc. and so these are the things that you want to look at morally as well not have a document of an article written on Carmen might be of interest to some people and regarding this is called on the doctrine grid or you can look at the doctrine table and is very succinct and has a primary, secondary essentials, primary and secondary. Other issues they do with morality and things to look at some might be helpful to all right, let's get to get to a Kenneth from Charlotte Mr. Lana Kenneth or Kent welcome your on your I knew I very much enjoy your program if you could provide information about narrow and in context of the first century humanity. I am particularly surrounding the 70 A.D. the instruction of Jerusalem I come from a very different facial background with thought in the pre-tribulation rapture theory, followed by a literal thousand year millennial reign.

I now view the book of Revelation very differently.

I view the event in the book primarily as all past event other than the effects coming with his future and perhaps other events which have not yet occurred, and I just want a few good kind of sure touch on that subject. Okay are you doing partial sleep. Plagiarism is ideal. I think I falling for what's called partial plagiarism good. I do have some experience will plagiarism and got misled in that direction. I can't find but I'm no longer there will good, I'm glad to hear we said because full plagiarism is not true. Partial plagiarism is fine. In fact, I hold the person printers and with that is for those who don't know is to say that those events of Matthew 24 Luke 17 that Jesus talked about fleet in the hills of this destruction. Here in this and that that they were fulfilled. Mostly, then partially, then, depending on the view of partial and also again in the future and that's the view that there partially the fulfilled. Then partially will be fulfilled in the future. Partial plagiarism because these people the time of Nero did flee to the hills. The Christians did fleet just like a Jesus warned him to do because of persecution did, and the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed box full plagiarism says a Jesus return and the armies in 70 A.D. and that's not true because of act 19 through 11th.

Of the return of Christ is clearly taught as the same way he left his and in the heavens, and coming in that format through the armies so long you within orthodoxy go back tomorrow, then I 0616 you're interested. Okay, now for a way to cause God blessed the folks are but that we are out of time of the Lord bless you and by his grace back on their moral another program powered by the Truth Network

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