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May 4, 2021 6:59 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 4, 2021 6:59 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Can God speak outside of Scripture---2- A caller asked for help in preparing for a debate dealing with the charismatic gifts.--3- What did Jesus do after the cross and before the resurrection---4- Where do Catholics get the idea of purgatory---5- What are good denominations---6- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 9-14- What does the word proclaim mean- Who is allowed to make their living from proclaiming the gospel---7- Why would a Christian today identify with a denomination---8- Do you know about the group the first Christian church-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a map slick. Why glances calls and responding to your questions at 877072276, charismatic, slick, walking the library, not original ruling to run as it could go to my last name slick [my friends are more slick than they are going to call all you do is dial 87720722764 open lines for blinds and let you know that when Israel and today within the month. So let's see if today's last day of getting hundred dollars off the trip and if you are so inclined is you want to go go check out Carmen Israel Carr and you can know you can look let us know about it and it is last.

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Sign up now you have to pay until the end of the year as a vaccination is still required at that time and you don't want to get the vaccine. You have the opportunity to cancel your trip in December and not lose any money.

So like I was like so out. Really there is no risk of setting up now recommend it because the trip is 60% sold out and we only have a limited number of seats left.

Answer today's lasting $200 bonus trip is $5100.75 out of new work and all-inclusive or to have a great time going out and also archaeologist Joel Kramer will be with the group.

Now you may not think that's a big deal but it is Joel Kramer is a fantastic archaeologist and he will say things you don't even know about it as we did when we were on the trip before what really and maybe will take us up to Kumon cave one with the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

I want it to a Jericho and stood on the walls of Jericho that felt I was showing us he was right and it was really great is really entertaining. Really insightful. So go to website Carmen and you can register their cheesy to do and even at this, so this is what Eric said was even I could figure it out.

So if I can figure it out as you talk about him or me something a shot at it, which I think is probably apropos and evaluate today's elastic. This would give a heads up on that. Let's get to the calls of regular number at 877-207-2276 disc at the Gabriel from Georgia gave you welcome your on here don't get alright man hanging by God's grace we got buddy caught like boat on Theta 20 last night talking about the debate that I have coming up Sunday and I just wanted to bring on paying closer want dinner with first Corinthians chapter 12 number but I'm, from the perspective that you know that that the debate that God is, what would you still got my gun, holding the doctor okay let me ask a question about that because can God's question putting unction or a premonition in your hearts about doing something or can he speak via the charismatic gifts to people we think now you say I would say make up at all. I would say yeah. Yes I'm I agree. I think God can put impressions on or hardly to be very careful about that and nothing fits in Scripture and that can God cause someone to speak a language seen a missionary context. I would say yes because the Bible says in verse 20 is 17 that were not like any charisma you charismatic gift while waiting for the return of Christ, so in first which is 14 there's the issue of the charismatic gifts that are being used in the church and here's the defense yet because I've debated this publicly and formally that's the charismatic gifts are for today but they do not violate the sufficiency of Scripture because there are certain kinds of things that come from God. Prophecy to rotation of tongues times and things like that in first with his 14 that were right there and yet were not in Scripture. Rated so it does not need to enjoy it to Violet because a lot of times the sensations with her to say is that if you have any idea any any opinion or any view that the charismatic gifts are for today than it violates the sufficiency of Scripture will know it doesn't because first contents 14 is where the gifts will be manifested and it didn't Violet Scripture there at all sufficiency of seeing his point getting prepared for all the angles we do a debate right right right yeah yeah not. I am a PowerPoint like right now cleverly built note make Word document reputation and good at nature right leg bent at what one other thing on the problem might have on it right so when I was the approach to now thinking that I probably shouldn't take the route that make them heretical. But did you know that Violet is a want to grab on to the idea they guide the speak out by the word and with that it Bible is the word and fill out with think you may get to have my bloatware by the Scripture report right – the right to have that communicate and alleviate right in the word and I was dating and I was looking at all look with Dragon. So yeah, yeah, I talked about how you know you being a word, no week that I urge online is in John. He also right. John check that they get Scripture bear with me though namaste that you say that you know John and Luke of compartment date know John had Revelation 8 genes with God and that you always immediately knew of no commit demand for God and communication and at the Scripture right and it didn't believe in life. God help you if the reason I got the descriptions of the final authority in everything that addresses if you hold depositional which is what I hope to which is the biblical view that it is the final authority. Nothing is equal to if not words of wisdom the word of knowledge, not prophecy, not sicker tradition. Nothing. The Scriptures are the only thing is said to be inspired.

The written word.

The graphic is to have new stuffs security in second Timothy 503 16th so that's what's I would go with and infrequent is 17 says the charismatic gifts are for the day. It is my position. So, in light of that, what I would suggest is that you formulate out articulation of what your position that's demonstrates that you still hold to Pacific sufficiency and authority of Scripture. While it is that you are also affirming that the user for today if that's your position. Yeah okay I got back and I was going to make sure that you all cried being glorified in you, not at this debate about what I've been researching, I believe that you know that making stated, you know know you will properly handle things that emanate. Like man I truly want you don't cry like you are mediator and you know that they know it. One line that you know in the past that you know God spoke to the father property, but none spoke with Christ enough to do this debate on this you to write out your topic and then questions that you ask. And then, yes and no responses of those questions are an responses to those yeses and those when I do debate is a topic like is the Bible the word of because it is the Bible the final authority in this.

Might you do the affirmative. Yes, and the write up my reasons. I often do it in an outline form and expand on those reasons as I'm going through my opening statement limited do is look on the web for people who have counter arguments on the go through those counter arguments and list them out and give quick responses to them by phone at work to address those kind of counter arguments. I would already have a counter argument for that and so this is a part of what it means to be prepared, okay my to do member than letting God really helps outlines our great okay I think a five arrive at a God bless you, and how it goes all right hey folks forth allegedly give me a call 877-207-2276 and little interested if anybody watched the my Bible study last night second online. It took quite a bit of doing that online if you like and if you thought it was interesting.

His connectors for some feedback. Let's get you Peggy from Raleigh, North Carolina Peggy, welcome here. How are you I'm good how are you doing well. Thinking that my client and the other that well. I like them now. Let thinking after the cry and before the resurrection and will get confused about how he did let anything daring and I didn't think he did, but then that Eric like it cannot open the question of there's different views and on to what he did not do. He did not go to hell and suffer in hell and finished the atonement in hell. This is a damnable heresy. This taught by you. Joyce Meyer is taught by Kenneth Copeland and others.

It's a false doctrine. Anyone who teaches it can not be considered to be a Christian it is that bad of a doctor because it denies the sufficiency of the atoning work on the cross where Jesus says in John 1930. It is finished.

He didn't go to hell and finish the atonement in hell. Some people say and that's damnable heresy, which means it is if you hold it it it deals with the issue of of forfeiting not you can lose your salvation, but you don't have salvation is damnable results in this is that serious. All right, so aside from that, what did he do different theories about it and give the one that I hold to is not a blessing. It is the right one of things that I mainly hold to, but I wouldn't debate this and dine on the hill for this. It appears to be that what Christ did is during that time when before his death and resurrection.

There simply literally went and made proclamation of the spirits in prison says in first Peter 318 that Christ also died for sins once for all. And I having been put to the death of put to death in the flesh made alive in the spirit in which also he went and made proclamation to the spirits now in prison and so proclamation does not mean preaching the gospel because of the Greek word of Caruso to proclaim. So it looks like this is something he did. Now also in Titus together and the bridge coming up here in the first print and relocate Luke 1619 to 31 Jesus talks about the rich man and Lazarus pleasures enrichment and they both died and went to Abraham's bosom. This is before the crucifixion and resurrection.

After the break they folks we write back after these messages. Therefore, open lines, I want to hear from you.

Please give me a call 72072. Mats like why call 770776 pairs mats like welcome to the show lines 87720776 and see. Let's get back to Peggy from Raleigh. I picked is still there are so as I was saying before the break. There's a passage in Luke 1619 to 31 where Jesus talks about Lazarus and the rich man die they go to Abram's bosom and well actually Lazarus with Abram's bosom and the rich man, which tradition says is diving such as name, whatever went to Hades and went to a place of judgment, and he withdrew her life and conscience conscious effort are so it looks like that was a place that people went to before the crucifixion and that they went to a holding place there. The reason I bring this up is because of what it says in Ephesians chapter 4 it says in verse eight. Therefore, it says when he ascended on high led captive a host of captives, and he gave gifts to men.

So some commentators I can lean this way to relate this to Jesus descending in the lower parts of the earth… But an explanation he ascended, what is it mean except that he has also descended in the lower part of the earth and then is talking about that he ascended to heaven, but he led captive a host of captives so they think that would Jesus might've done during the time of his crucifixion and his resurrection is to have gone down into the place, which some people think might literally be inside the earth and something down is a metaphor.

But in the grave in the place of of of of pain and suffering and also in the in the apartment of the good so heat he proclaimed to the spirits in prison at a first Peter 318 19 this is who I am. This is what I've done doesn't mean her to get saved is just a proclamation of why they're in this place of judgment, and then he ascended into heaven with those who died in the faith before the crucifixion of Christ had occurred because it couldn't go into heaven until the blood of the offering had been offered on the altar and so then after the been offered.

He went to two talk to them and bring them up into heaven and then came back and then an end and was resurrected his physical body that's that's that's where I got I hope to find a wire that, like maybe get purgatory I think I've heard them use that phrase is that at logic, but but know they do different. You know they get burned by fire these things. Where does the job they get purgatory out of basically thin air and little tradition mixed with some un-biblical teachings and ideas in the put it in their and they they do stuff like that so that's what I get that they don't get on Scripture's not alarm and I didn't believe in purgatory, but I want to know that we not know how and where you and in the Roman Catholic Church when it is done to divide up is it has introduced so many false doctrines into the what they call the true Christian corpus of talk of the doctrine teachings. They have brought so much and because of one error. They have not held the word of God in the final place of authority.

Because of that alone then there opening themselves up to all kinds of other deceptions, and any group that says that the Bible is not the final word with the Bible's been corrupted. Whatever they always are opening themselves up to demonic teach us just how it goes and this is the case with Mormonism of the Jehovah's Witnesses with Eastern Orthodox with Roman Catholicism with Christian science, with this loan because the essay that God's word is not trustworthy in of itself to be the final authority is think about of God came down as a bunch of people in a room. Talk about theology and God himself open up the heaven inside this is what this doctrine is right there. Nobody could argue against it has the final authority. But if that were to be the case and 50 people out of 100 wrote down exactly what the Lord said, and it was authentic. It was right there in 500 years later a church says well our tradition about what happened is equal to what they wrote.

That would be the foolishness of man's tradition which is humanistic philosophy. Well when I do have one doctrine.

It was gray Roman Catholic and for some reason he walked into our church. Five or six years ago and fell in after hi are you saying they've grown a lot and it started her her walk into learning about God being and being that it gets it. That's a really neat story that I have noticed it's so revelatory we just said she goes in the Christian church and the answer you sent, say from what she didn't get the information from the Catholic Church is a Catholicism salvation is dependent upon your commitment to the church.

Your participation in the church rituals.

It is a false religion absolutely false religion, will, and that he knows that now good, so hopefully she found salvation in Jesus, salvation, and some churning out kicking it was just really wonderful to scarecrow it expects. Praise God, thank you so much for talking to me. I'm sure you know it the full thing about David today that it opened the door where I can start looking for more words, I should look like that in my I think I have that's called a strong Doris recommended it or something where they could look at that link help me get a broader view will not really because because I can give you words but then you have to go through all kinds of stuff when I would direct me to do is go to Carmen and look up what a Jesus and within the three days and are under that and I've been there before. I haven't been there long but I checking outline here.

It was on the Raven that I can look at it that are shaping their looking for the article. I don't see an article I thought I written something like that three days and see three days. Jesus is the click on over the summer times and their different views look at see coming up. Wow will that's an issue and have written on its own to see about that, but the word of Jesus go after he died before the resurrection. That's the court notice and Charlie found really helps out and he off my thinking Charlie so where did Jesus go after he died. That was the case of sky. Evidently you two thinking around eight, okay right folks. It will give me a call we have for wide-open lines 877-207-2276. Alright I know who's calling and what about but if you guys have questionable Roman Catholicism can only tell you something I do not like Roman Catholicism because of doctrine because of the next catheter.

I wasn't because I didn't beautify Nothing like that ever shortly.lines 87720776 man's leg. Why call 77207276. Here is Matt's leg show all rights to open lines 877-207-2276 that's good to somebody from somewhere. Hey you on the air are either hello jetliners, let me just put it on hold ups or something. Are you there hello no okay let's go over here Nancy from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Nancy welcome around here okay on a related one. I Like it. Now I see error and I thank right now I am I going to church evangelical crap. I not really out after really trying to follow biblical one that you allow women out there and I Bible it that women the elder you correct the elders and then the other thing is out of you mention all the related really our fault. When you find that you think follow will I would say I'm presbyterian so I hold. I think that materialism is most biblical but I got friends who would say no. The southern Baptist would be the most biblical and enter like really close except for just a couple of very know you guys like like the charismatic gifts worker, kind of not her infant baptism.

For some, not for salvation but for covenant these variations so it would just dependent on a few things. What some people would think would be the best of you and so you know better friend Andrew Rappaport and he would say that that his Baptist perspective is the more accurate than my presbyterian. One might know. I would say I was in law minds a little more perspective.

But you see it is a debatable issue, but I we both would that reformed theology represents Christian theology better with then there are those who say no it doesn't.

So, I would begin to argue with them about it in a polite way.

In looking at me and said no let's go you know. Let's see if it it which is biblical but in and I do have these debates… Say that that the other side doesn't know do that well because of the Scriptures is what it says here so that's my opinion also but you know okay so there are variations in not try to say what I believe is always the best of them.

If you wanted some areas but generally pretty Arianism is good and Baptist theology looks to succeeding on confession. That's confession is good, and select counsel okay and I find that my path think that he's rightly on light outgoing but biblically waited to see the one is your existing pastoral and holds when pastors women elders is either satellite have some elder that are have been out there asking why I yeah you should not do that. He's blowing it now. He flat out is and you can go to Carmen and you can look up should with the pastors and elders and you can print out the article and you can take it to and in my opinion this is my opinion. Okay. My opinion that anybody who attends a church where the pastor affirms when pastors and elders. My opinion is you shouldn't go because they can't get that right when the clear teaching of Scripture is right there.

What else are they gonna get wrong and that's my opinion.

If you stay in the church okay between you and God. That's my opinion. I believe infidelity description and I don't want to support industry that doesn't hold to the same biblical position is, and is clearly talking pulses I don't allow this to occur, he says, and elders must be on their musical like us. A man of one woman.

That's what he says. So how is it that they can get to the contrary, it just blows me away what Deborah was, you know, she's an authority in the Old Testament is the Old Testament and New Testament. No. Is Deborah a judge or was she an elder of the judgment is not an elder doesn't apply. Does it they can't think these down because because they don't have because they submit the word of God to their opinions and ideas, and this is why they are in error and I would gladly say if your pastor you're out there and you're an elder you believe that women can be pastors and elders.

You are wrong and I dig glad to debate you wanted publicly from Scripture to repent and it repent and to hold to the truth of God's word. I would tell people that's what's on right now and again.

It was again offered again baby want to debate me on this publicly a public debate with the moderator time, we can arrange a public debate.

Does the Bible support women pastors and elders yes or no and the that would be the debate and I and I thought for this many times over the years I never get to anyone except because I know it's going Scriptures negative okay okay thank you you well and a lot less you to thank you very much. Give me some time to do a one I Bible I was again on Thursday night might I might go in the gaps of why this is a critical issue because it is it with us get to Tracy from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Tracy welcome you on air.

Yes, I can on this. I can't for you to squint. Yes I can, then 14, it says so in the same with the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel to get their living by the gospel will claim that the right is cut it's cutting dental and that means there to proclaim and Rousseau can also need to come to proclaim and to do that as well is when Delia the gospel message can get low just means to announce proclaim to sense of allowed to celebrate, to declare to declare paint plainly openly makes it so. Other similar words to it. I will.

I will will those who proclaim the gospel it's talking about those who make the their living because it's in context, their living from the gospel that these if that's what they're doing the whole time is not talking about you know a mom who's at home changing diapers and on the get another that's awesome responsibility, ministry, and she goes for my mom's group is unbelievers there, and once a month or so and I never should she tell people gospel that's not the same thing as those who get their living from the gospel who go out and do that because the context says if other sugar right over you hunt, do we not more nebulous. We did not use this right is talking about the context actually back up even further.

He says in verse nine it is written, the oldest, you shall not muzzle the ox while he's thrashing, God is not concerned but auction is Garcia's orgy speaking together alternate for our sake just for our sake as written because the plowman ought to plow in hope, in the thresher to thresh and hope of sharing the crops. If we sold spiritual thing you want yes and if everyone will yes but the context here got the living from what you do if you are a carpenter you make a living from carpentry if you're proclaiming the gospel soaking for me as an example of the next pastor seminary graduate, will I make my living from proclaiming the gospel defending the gospel on the Internet and so it is perfectly fine to build a do that at first, it is not 14 knows that everyone you want because not everyone is doing this full time lexicon. Okay you folks right back after this event. Three open line mats like why call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg back to the show with Québec elder. Right now I want to do earlier was yes. Again, I want to read the context and I did get to the final verse would be before 14, which is verse 13. As Paul says, do you not know that those who perform sacred service eat the food. The temple and those who attend regularly to the altar have their share from the altar context is that those who work at that ministry or at that service are to get their living from what it is they do okay is the context well it's what it says right there is the context right now. Okay you two things all right. Let's get to Adam from Utah Adam welcome around here hi Matt, thank you very much.

I like likely read by the laptop and it had to do with and nominate I think he figured I never realized that you and a lot give me a call today. I guess my question is why what a born-again Christian today claimant denomination and I get that context would be even Paul Blackie, I believe, and I met Yannick do, but it was also a preacher and all man really become the Roman what they need. Big bear the thought browser like why didn't I wanted to know you well. It's a short you know what church you go to a good turn church all you hold this determinism yes and then we know what to teach know that for the rest of your Baptist all you did.

Dispensationalism yes okay now I know where you are where you're at and that's all it is just tools and no doctors) I get to go ahead like Floyd Bennett at me. I've even gone as far as to claim being a messianic Jew based on comment that I'm in adopted air, so it really can't depend on mom talking to them on trying to reach her share the gospel with that I and I don't know why I get them focused on a denomination. I don't really feel like we have examples of that in the Bible either. I know what then-President you're either a believer or not, and I proud not to be going and I'm proud not to be part of the world, but I'm in adopted air you have anything like it. If there any bombard you have any opinion that might deter me from claiming being a met Yannick do say that it just is just helpful to shorthand term. It's like a cherry in the Trinitarian you should be Trinitarian okay but the word charity is not in the Bible will not. There's nothing wrong with having words that describe where were from because her shortly. That's what we do. Some people say no.

Not supposed to have any denominations of all. For the most part I can see the argument, but what we do realize is that Romans chapter 14 one through 12 says we have differences of opinion debatable issues in those differences of opinion debatable issues. We have denominations and that's fair.

We should not judge one another when we should understand that that is something I was young I met, very young and it I went to Pentecostal church happy jumping, clapping thing, you know that Pentecostal and it was actually Emily that God and I would lay to have God to speak out and tell me about the I got there was legalism and think that black eye. I don't claim that religion, even though I was baptized the Pentecostal I like being a happy jumping, clapping Christian. I love things. My got away by what you like Pentagon I preach like that. Don't embed it and I and I mean is rounded and I will not about about benefits Xanax thanks very much. I'm looking forward to you writing your second book I I love the movie Atlas your novel that you have written three novels and its velocity to write a second with my sci-fi novel wasn't right and a second one, two, atheistic, and in the course table of the second from you. I just ate. I met one a minute by and you have to let sci-fi sit on my sci-fi novel called, but I thank you very much I appreciate that. Welcome very much goblins all right okay let's see this waiting is Greg from North Carolina.

Greg welcome you on the air about what your knowledge of Christ Church like first church… Yes I don't know of anything heretical in the group. It's not something that's come up. I don't know that you can lose your salvation or not. This is one of things that I would be interested in knowing what the Trinitarian believing in baptism and the literature.

Let's see, I'm looking at the looking at a certain thing. I don't see a thing on Trinity being First Christian Church Disciples of Christ has no creed. People say that is just ridiculous. They have no creed. Yes, you do the same and have a treat is a creed we have no clear creed is no creed because it wanted to create within a list of belief which is a creed in a rate of something going. I don't see is is a statement on the Trinity and that's a warning flag for me so I just don't know what it is to teach on that when I look at other see yeah's back door if they teach that that will be. But I don't see them us and see him looking at her stuff on their sites and things like that and is more I look at it all signifies a cleansing of sin, the individual responsible except the face of their not saying it is necessary for salvation and they should. It doesn't mention the doctrine of the Trinity, and it should it should mention justification salvation. It does not sell the Trinity. Here we go. A disciples of Christ profess God the father the son and the Holy Spirit in a confession to baptize name of the fathers and whispered, let's good numbers are love the freedom to of opinion on this and other doctrines left that's bad. Church members are lot of opinion on this note, there should be no freedom opinion, the document Trinity. The Trinity is true, and usually baptizing the father-son Holy Spirit something to say that that's that's a sign of weakness on her part and so yeah that's what you there's a few minor warning flags coming up and I like to find it official church of Christ church sofa, Disciples of Christ pastor and call me if we have a discussion on what they have to teach some very critical issues unfortunately and go to some denominational webpages on their doctrinal statements are not very clear.

The written in such a way that there's seem sometimes a person purposeful ambiguity don't offend anybody with a widow, a good statement of faith should contain as affirmations and denials reaffirmed the document Trinity we deny his multimodal or whatever we do from Jesus Christ is God in flesh we denies a created thing they should have affirmations and denials for for clarity because this is very important and they should on salvation it though. I don't see anything on salvation, and it doesn't say how salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone…… Disciples of Christ Church… I'll talk to I tried to discuss with them about that and I said was an argument goes like what you would like, wow, I can't yet be back at what you what what what that is yet to go to the pastor to find out what to be baptized. It's a problem and needed more for more coherent and one Sigma dishonest one lives is looking over talking assist faith in Christ is the only requirement for salvation so that's good. But yeah, I'd like to know if you need they need to do for affirmation the denials keep my skin and if they can't harm is very clear and it should be should be very clear website and what okay thanks RMF goblins.

All right, let's get to Brittany from Salt Lake city, Utah. Bring the welcome here will hello how are you fine fine so we got. I would like the clearing here only okay couple three-minute so stranded briefly into the points of so I was you I was, not razor as a Christian mom and dad to go to church you know and they can assembly Sunday school and then in high school I was an agnostic, mixed up in your cult, and other various sinful things that young men get into at that age and when I went to church only because someone invited me about a film and a wind warning and the pastor said.

Who wouldn't mind knowing more about Jesus will raise my hand and on the researcher, even back then I liked all the tough classes in high school and everything. And when my knowing more and there's a good come forward and looked up and we do that with a bunch of people razor hands so I would forward an arsenal, never looking at the exit.

I wanted to leave, but the certificate entities what and some guy with a big Bible stood in front of me and we knelt down the gutters or talk to me. I never thinking I just any data here, and that this ridiculous and bunch of people electing other suckers would raise her hands went forward and as I go might elicit this guy could suck her for a few minutes Acer talk to me and I really wasn't listening and then people started trying to my right.

The far end of this line will hello no and then the general so he said you and receive Christ as your Savior and I thought, this will give him a try.

Michael be sincere will have a minute left something rush through it right and I can tell you is the Holy Spirit himself came over me with such power that I installed instantly was reduced to solving massive tears in the presence of incredible holiness.

I thrust my face to the ground. The carpet wailing and agony of the sea fills. That was my heart in the light of incredible purity and without a doubt, I knew I was a sinner and that God was there is purity and it was just a fact. And then to my left.

I sensed the how but I just sensed the awareness of Christ himself. There and I was nervous. Presence was aware of his attention is aware of his concern and he that lack of better term stepped into me. I felt my sin and that government may flow sorry about that. Michael from Utah Monday for six the Lord bless you all. By his grace every week. Another program powered by the Truth Network

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