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April 29, 2021 4:00 am

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April 29, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- If you accept Paul's teaching on women pastors, why don't you accept Paul's teaching on head coverings---2- Can women be deacons---3- What were the Canaanite gods like Molech and Ashtaroth- Are they demons---4- What are your thoughts on mask mandates---5- Has the Roman Catholic Church recently moved toward agreement with biblical Christianity---6- Does 1 Thessalonians 4-11 imply a right to privacy---7- Is the handling of the corona virus situation a social experiment-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on board you have questions of our Bible doctrine is a Matt Slick Live branches called and responded to your questions at 87707276, charismatic, slick. What are you doing out there to be met. Slick day and hope you'll have a good a good weekend going to give me a call hold you to do was dial 8772072276120 shut out to Lisa and Candace had a good conversation police down there in Salt Lake City. Open questions so as to but not enough contenders in a while and that reminds me that there was so little lady called last week or select talk about me coming down or be no ladies group so I refute or email me. I don't call seeing an email about that but want to give me a call.

That's fine. Or you can email me talk to if this could happen or not but some that's it. Hey folks for lines 87772276 the sea would also you try to let you know that the Israel trip is still going on. This is the last week $400 gift discount if you want to check it out go to harm CAR M.

Israel harm to check it out right there, hopefully go with what got to love about having fulfilled up now so it's going well there you go. So if you're new to the show.

It's a Christian apologetic showing what I do is enter questions on theology, the Bible and do different topics and all kinds of stuff and you want to talk 87720722761. Let's just jump on the line to get to Brandon from Wisconsin Brandon welcome you earlier hi Matt was going to go hunting in her leg up at night. You have got your phone. I have my white character I wanted to talk, you become problematic on that all right from okay great so I know the work that is been thoroughly network to repeat, not all, but I want to cover a little bit more I like and I are currently trying to refute them. Error in a local church that while we were there the other day, a female speaker was there.

He introduced herself as part of the weekend speaking and we have been friends let's go there and were trying to get in conversation and typically why women pastors and elders are not biblical. Basically what it comes down to. I got I think Rohan will think of what we have a question on his about the head cover and how they think they it's kind about you how to network and find some consulting with my wife to do it. Why don't you have women wear head coverings because there is instruction. Americans do so that there there correlating and I know that female pastors and elders there. There's no question about a dozen in first Timothy that there's the authority there because without a boot.

Then he thought it not a cultural thing other thing that had pirates asking why head covering the cultural things like that. I question you cling to different by his mom cultural. The other one is not the first 212 13 jerk ties in the created order of God's light in the recent debates on this issue with authority.

So if you first convince 11 every woman who has her head uncovered, will praying or prophesying, disgraces your head for.

She's one of the same as a woman whose head is shaved with that means is the prostitute because prostitutes and women of great shame and disgrace would have her head shaved and it was a public humiliation in that culture. If a woman of a married woman would let her hair down in public. Husband could divorce her for that and we might say, are you Stupid, but no, it was a sign of sensuality and something that was reserved only for the husband. So for a woman to do that in public was a declaration of licentiousness and sexual immorality, impurity because it is an invitation because a lot of times the prostitute to let her hair down further business so this is the relationship so the cutting off of the hair is due with that that took punishments or the judgment upon those who were in that that business of ill repute. So the headship issue because in the Trinitarian communion. The father's ahead of Christ. Christ, the head of the man man and woman and another children does not mean that once inferior into stills with positional issues, the symbol of covering is a symbol of authority.

And so when a woman in a marriage context in that culture was saying she had a head covering she was saying she was under the headship of her husband and so therefore to walk into place without it was a disgrace because she was sitting on hundred headship and we didn't want that. They didn't want that. And this is what's going on in that battle contextis verse 10 enforcement is love and will not have a symbol of authority on her head, because now this was is because of the Angels and we don't know what that means. Social and Michael to say well in first Timothy 212 and 13 is because Adam was first created. And so it's not cultural here because of the Angels will say well it's an angelic thing. Because of the Angels, therefore, is not cultural. We have two things one is we don't know what it means. And we don't read commentaries on it and there's just theories so we don't notice we can't say what is to be done, but on the other hand, if the people want to say, well, then we ought to cover heads without a cover heads are not many pastors and elders then cover your hats are the problem with that balloon want to cover her head in church, then cover head in church. If you think that's what she's going to do then do it.

If you edit some of the civil women, pastors and elders, but it's okay to have her head uncovered, but to try to draw a distinction between the two are accountable to Scripture, then they are said in Scripture. Can Scripture now the Bible clearly tells us infertility to 12 and 13 because that is first created in the next chapter.

First Timothy 315, Paul is saying he's getting instruction on how to behave in the household of God, but here in first Corinthians. He's not doesn't make that statement. He's talking about the issue of the culture of disgrace and that's why you should cutting your hair often had covering how to do the prostitution and things like that. And so it comes out of because of angels I use as an escape. Just we don't know but we don't know okay yeah oh yeah and I got five.

I understand that I don't know what at it that it really can't get it to the writer and Corinthian thing that you know woman ought to have her head cover conducted obligated cute Dalton and I get out without knowing the three and having that that background that you do limited that that the reading over the chapter, it looks like women are obligated to have her head cover that I get you know when were talking about were talking to it hard to distinguish it in a clean that you it is this the only thing that gives us any pauses.

The issue of the Angels that she wasn't a good deposit as we know that is not cultural stuff here for. I think because the shaded ahead. That is absolutely cultural norm status and is not a cultural norm about preaching and teaching. It's it's a function of the church and then later you write him a note, Paul says in first of the three and Titus chapter 1, the elder is to be under me is when I cuss a man and one woman. And so the elders pass right or the passion elder and so there it is clear this is not so clear.

So I'm looking at a commentary and is going to give four views of what it means because of the Angels one evil angels lusted after the. The women in the Corinthian congregation be angels are messengers. That is, pastors see good angels learn from women.

D. Good angels are an example of subordination that that once interest in any good angels would be tempted by woman's subordination and in idea near interesting. What I think these is a really when the connectors wait because the Angels running the headship of for the Lord God, and even say they don't mess around with authority, but it was appear, it appeared, though, that a lot of women were messing around with the authority issue which is why it also says and I love speaking church and in the first one is live in context and keep quiet know ask your husband and in first Timothy 212 and 13. It says on the computer quiet and be silent were to say got schemas has Kia which means they can keep it even more quiet. It does mean absolute silence.

But Sadako does and it's used here and so the woman is not to be missing the context of authority. They are not to be exercising anything that would then set the authority structure that is established because what was happening. Women were unfortunately back then. A lot of times considered property and woman could go out in public without the company of the mail because then she could be considered the advertising for company. If you get my drift.

And so they want to do that and so they would be accompanied and had a point to point's gonna be getting older. I guess anyway so so enforcement is also got quiet so when the when they were set free and in Christ, will they go to the congregation is what we have freedom and so there was there was disorder was coming and so in the churches generally for understand. The males sat in the front and the woman said in the back in the new allowance of of of things that shall try to figure how to work things out. You know, and so would say what you say no when you say you don't to the husband and they keep quiet last year has been at home. Your disruptive is it a very very tight idea about authority and headship which we don't have here in this culture soliciting so foreign.

With this in the context of what's going on so I have a really quick related, but I think that okay sure you thought.

And were going through the hall. You know what though… The fish upward over clear the man one woman in a medical got a deacon think that in verse eight no light like white deacon between managing the better there and then 11. At that like women much like white be dignified and it goes back into deacon cycle back into talking about there to convert Bobby conducted thousands of line there that little it looked like little interjection.

I don't.

I mean, can women be deacon deacon at that are not telling me that a woman I thought maybe the hot the wise of the deacon but also carried the things in the not arrogant what is that mean? This is Nikon's in the Greek, which was for women. There and it's just been so woman, or wife, generally speaking, with possible I could talk you talk about why some commuter deacons wiser deaconesses so the Argonauts means to serve and suite it were deacon in the church authority structure.

Deacons are to be males only, not females to the says diggers must be husbands of one wife only one white right and good manners of their children and household soft. I've had this discussion before over the years. What if you have this is the problem would have a deacon.

S. Just as a helper.

This is in the title and so the idea of a deacon is someone who would have access to money of the church access to counseling access to various things and would help people and they were to be people of authority and people males were doing their job properly. Women were to be the supportive role back with talk supportable okay good stuff we write back folks after these messages, please see Matt's leg why call 770776 charismatic sling by looking back to the show lie. Let's get back to Brandon from Wisconsin. Are you still there I am yeah all right only for a particular verse so Jason only went to a misnomer thought it was to find it going to chew something where where is it I need to show it and see you real okay I was just too versatile. All right now so little theology, a spoonful of theology makes the heresy go away. Okay, so I could stuff the kids to go to see. I like that would put on a T-shirt, a spoonful of theology another hers know where the good.

What I would wear that shirt is a good one that I like that all the people see the last laugh in the chat repair takes a few seconds.

All right women as support of the male Naumann to say something to Barca like me for saying this. Probably I don't care if you don't like Atty. Gen. I promise your reach you with the group, where God says, I'd love to come down to churches with churches and teach on the theology of marriage, it needs to be taught and, do a really low version of this talk this before, but the woman's job is to help her husband that her job is and in with this means is to go to Genesis chapter 3, God created Adam and there was not a astute helpmate help make suitable for him. And so what he did was God put Adam to sleep and made a woman suitable helpmate, but he did that after Adam named all the animals and by naming the animals. He was designating his authority. He then named Eve and Eve's creation was to help him do what he supposed to do in ministry and work which is to expand the kingdom of God subdue the earth, etc. so the woman's job is to help in that area. It doesn't mean that there's a super strict whatever it is because her variables to know someone in a bad man.

Some of the remarriage of two ungodly men some good men are married to ungodly women sometimes are divorcing all kinds of variables, but this is the norm. This is what Christian women need to understand when I talk to them about this that usually bristle in the recently bristle and my pain is because they've been listening to the wisdom of the world. They've not listened to the truth of God. When a woman supports her man and helps her man I'll tell you something women much choice motor structure. It really encourages men to do more and most men know what we call is the the look so a guy does something and the wife gives him the look because she's upset with him and I would generally happens is he doesn't really want to something again. Could you make it the look again and up his consequence to go along with that you don't know good sandwiches and no smoking in conflict when a woman is supporting her man is a helpmate. It encourages him even through his errors as mistakes take more chances and risks as you learn and grow as good as we men are good at. Now I'm skipping something I'm trying to shake people up to listen to this and I got a question for the ladies I've assess my Bible studies.

Would you call your husband, Lord. Because remember, the husband is the head of the wife and he represents Christ in the home. Would you call your husband, Lord, whimsical course not. It is not Jesus but he represents Jesus in the home.

A lot of men don't like this not talk about it, but it's true.

So the man represents Christ in the home when I never say this I make myself feel really bad. I beat myself up because I said I immediately think of how I'm not that good with my wife compared to Jesus. If I compare myself to the guy across the street. I am doing great but Camaro myself with Jesus problem to really shape up here when I asked the ladies. Would you call your husband, Lord, you say you comes home and she's really being nice and she sits on the river down them a call you, Lord, not for joke, but because of stupid going to rigorously convicted Mama Satan and in the decoy that is assigned to sign a symbol of your authority in the home. Women will say what they'd never do that well. First Peter 36 just as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him Lord and you have become her children. If you do what is right without being frightened by any fear and he's addressing the women who were to be submissive to their husbands. This is in the Scriptures.

First Peter chapter 3. This does not mean that a manager takes his wife and drag around the house by the Harrises make the sandwich woman is not what that means submission. It is a submission to his godly leadership in the home, and I should know a couple where this is the case where she is not worried. He's responsible for for feeding the family and paying the rent and everything else and she is right, but just bother him that his concern that things don't work out well. Let's develop your denials, she takes care of the house and they have a great relationship and so I told women. Would you call your husband, Lord, to say no then Sarah didn't.

And Peter says it's a good thing. Why won't you do it and I'm in the can feel guilty and they say will be don't want to and I asked what's in your heart. Then then I ask amiss. Think about this when you watch the husbands or husbands are there also husband what would you do if your wife came home you can when there whatever she could moment days would look up and think about it.

Bring first Peter three on the call you every now and then as a sign of respect and honor.

What would you think of that and without a debtor, though this men built me 800 don't know we don't like that and I asked women why do you think that is clueless. The men, because if limits are doing that the men got a live up to it and wouldn't mount are expected to live like that and treated like that, they become like that, but the Lordship of Christ was one of service and healing and this is the Lordship we are to exemplify them when men try and they fail and they will because were humans woman's job is to uplift him in that and help him not tell you if both are doing this kind of thing UPM maze.

What can be accomplished. So this is the brief idea of of marriage that I love teaching on a call, the theology of marriage, and I I'm skipping a lot to Jennifer in our skin. The very very basics. I know a lot of people are bristling and logical going on never heard this before. Never thought about this for anyone. It's been never been taught the before right and units in Scripture so I took a tentative recite are likely worth it but I can't breath so limited support in end-user patients with a woman use usurps takes the position of the husband and the home as the leader she's in sin that in people who but what if he is not a good leader. Well, it was other topics or financials questions and so the woman's job is to be a helper like that and this is why she is not to be in spiritual authority for Adam was first created and hurt the and also is tied to the order of Christ because Christ the first is 5056 at least 45 he's called the last Adam near me and Monica so contact Paul here in North Carolina. The big hunky area and I'm in my fit that I actually didn't start hunting until about four or five years ago and I kinda got into it because I've always appreciated healthy organic food. The idea harvesting an animal forest.

All of that was just feeling the daughters that hard for vegetarian.

We have jewelry she is a friend about her, but she respect what I feel but I always this got me thinking a few months ago about what matters.

Like why call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's run currently.

I don't how long it was, but that we lost connection again on why that with that great stuff, though, so apparently is out there for when it was just how does sometimes and the guys want to call and ask questions that might pertain to what I was saying. Who knows any rate, let's get on the air with Benjamin from Charlotte North Carolina. Benjamin welcoming Ron the year. He liked out clear. Not clear enough with somebody. I'm your favorite guy from the Northwest; the lobbying member I well I said I got kinda not physical allotted and I'm from. I got relative in Portland, Oregon to solidified love all my life.

Well, love your God.

You know I have a picture my wife and it says it has your name phonetically pronounced and then it says kiss her. Nobody else on it. That's I've never heard so okay I did close because I was as a drug you know in the top I got a question for you, and in a basically a mini rant that look like, no great okay okay I'm writing a book called warfare bar you want. I just started about Brubeck going to talk about warfare, ball of bacon to Revelation, though in a month all the right on the following basically dumped by Bunkley. Worship other gods that he won both, and I researched and found out I love it correctly thirtyfold binder book in at carafe extra status of accurately the Ghanaian and Malik. Another got don't want to tell me about the God we don't actually even or very definitely working there ultimate access.

I don't know don't know too much about Molokai.

I know more about pagans, gods and you know it's it's just Otago Solomon her little bit that's I learned from somebody but yet he would not of false gods. Moloch was a human torso with the 80 bull's head and horns yeah thought Emmett would break right yes I have it on Carmen actually have an image of that guy xeroxed out of the book I have from a printed 1722 and is the image of their so they would take their babies and put them on the the arms of of Moloch is Moloch. The thing would be lit with fire, and so it would do check my children with those very once it is a think about him so Solomon is so when God asked Solomon what he wanted. He said wisdom and use the wisest man in the world went, but David said there's one thing I want us to dwell in the house of the Lord forever. And Solomon is spoken of in this respect manner.

In the New Testament United. It's almost was called as well as lilies, etc. so the most important thing is not wisdom but it's fellowship with God. That's just little to good information, but that that's all I know about Moloch and the Canaanites. It was an evil is evil and sin entered God five white correct one or more yeah yeah forgot about as he had 700 wives which I like to say but let you which gift do not smell still doesn't focus mutual assent. Let's see, Ashtoreth pagan mother goddess widely worshiped with the ancient near East also known as start today to unite deities in religion so the others there's information out there on it and whole bunch now while stuff okay, but they can obviously okay real quick. I left my pocket argument over that and I don't believe in the back pain and I don't believe it coded. I believe it diet depopulation Oaks agenda, but all nobody could. My feeling ever get the lockdown feel more darker in this mortal I would like to put my finger on it being lot control lot of people being really need to each other a lot of people did the people for no reason being it clock for you to know I knew and I hope you agree with me that they think they need darker the luck that my wife told me a story she has so friends each coast and they were walking in Central Park in New York.

I think it was at work and she and her husband did not have masks on and women walked by with her child and said please and then as they pass the test, but they must be trump supporters, which is insanely's dupe behavior on her part of you, I suspect, because out of my cult. Study background under different ways cults keep control of people and one of them is just today want control but want to see the results of the control to they know they have people conforming in Mormonism. It's generally a style of dress start and as it is new Job's witnesses and style of dress and style of of of the wear beards or you wear beards or things like that with a man undergarments you dress a certain way and you say certain things certain ways at certain times and these are manifestations of the control control testing control litmus test I I'm sorry to suspect that the mask wearing now is the and evidence of of of control test the population. The greatest to see how many because you know of God had told and got me in about it. My wife had it right when wear masks. I would have to transfer to anybody else, and went to Costco yesterday and the required that we had met the liniment asking is with a friend and getting some electronic stuff and three people came over. You had wear a mask after a basket or mask.

The mask police, and in no that's all right is private company do they want, but it is just like this is ludicrous. You know everything where mask children that were mask one. And literally when I were a mess. I got a breath because I can bring them early. Yeah it's I'm constantly sucking it's going in and out in a and I had to breathe even harder. I find myself touching the mass constantly and becoming annoyed because this ridiculous you know I'm not doing brain surgery and then there's this issue.

I have a concern of what all the mask fibers that are getting into her lungs. That's a concern… What can happen in a few years and I'm just whining now with moms wear masks to the infant children, the infant children can't see the facial expressions of the of the parent and is going to cause problems because the children need to go to see the expressions to become more acclimated to emotional health, any right so I'm think about writing an article dealing with similarities between the control affect and markers control market is was looking for control markers for society and the masks become the control market. I can see how many people are submitting to whatever the so to speak.

Government says that is more people do this, the more control they know they can have over them as people to submit to it and I'm not saying don't wear masks, foes are invited to the disclaimer because you I do believe that masked arch are smart and uncertain circumstances and the problem with you know where mask if you if you got a cold and got the public at Republic at let's it to see if the overboard ludicrous. In fact, did you see the CNN interview picture about the debtor can't be a bright red. Believe me Robert looked even looked even further.

But it was insane. There was there morons like what you said 10 feet and it was like 15 being conservative it just ridiculous since that and and I called stupid defecation you noticed a big fat stupid to find everything you 20 feet apart for an interview for easy all okay okay see you started abject also called back. I doctored I got to go. I knew it would be a written that's right via the map and also called back. Ammonia know that I did know that that agreement was great. Yes, that's what I want to say is more sicknesses to luckily I to go out very much. I stay at home and the groceries up at the ornaments don't Beta test it debated with them.

The gorilla neck that everybody basically look like Nick again, I'm not going to end with the car at the church. I don't think we have leadership I'll think you have leadership with me back to the critically think on the trajectory that the government have on Beta test measured with the back and everything Napoleon unscriptural the biblical and demonic, and not be at the foot of the fate of the frogs along with the weekly 501(c)(3) nonprofit because that's all I got right back up already felt right that His budget is one open line 87720 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt slick back to the Fonte from Illinois welcoming on here it's going when you got what you and like what you wit me generalized Roman Catholic faith. Though I bet that if the coal based upon the information I gather dollars from that they got rid but he actually stated that they have something that I get writing by the attic.

They think they have now that would they think that they would agree with the Christian faith. God wanted to hear my did you have like Nathan regarding that lookup. You have lots of information on that and know the catechism teaches. Flat out. I will continue to say the Roman Catholic Church is not Christian.

It is a pseudo-Christian apostate religious system in the guise of Christianity. And that's just the way it is and I will dial that hill. The only way that will change that is of Roman Catholicism repents of its many theological evils and it is a bad group that promotes false doctrines of salvation and promotes a merry harlotry for just two things that submitting so I have lots of documentation on karma about about this so all you do is to calm the Lord/Roman Catholicism and Roman--Catholicism and you'll find Robert probably hundred articles or more on Catholicism and you can see the documentation you can see the stuff and is also Roman.

If you go to convert/cut because as a cut and paste section and I you write what I did take a lot of the big information I have a condense it down to very brief stuff so that people can cut and pasted into chat rooms into emails and things like that and I have this for Roman Catholicism and that's a very good place to go.

It's outlined go through with the teacher on various topics such as document from your own places and the Roman Catholic Church is in my opinion the greatest gate of hell of damnation of any religion on the entire planet because it's the largest, so to speak.

Religion on the planet and outside of Islam is on the second people to damnation is that bad yet about that with price. I want to hear your thoughts on though they regarded as I get that I completely would agree with you the difficult he actually was stating that no writing I don't know, but in their newer writings, they would agree with the case about faith alone has not heard that they did not. I'm having do not.

This is paragraph 2068 in the Catholic catechism redo the whole paragraph okay.

The Council of Trent teaches that the 10 Commandments are obligatory for Christians and that the justified man is still bound to keep them.

The second Vatican Council confirms the bishop's successors of the apostles received the Lord.

The mission of teaching all peoples and of preaching the gospel to every creature so that all men may attain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments.

So you attain salvation through faith, baptism, and the observers of the commandments in direct contradiction of Scripture is good karma toward our great.

I appreciate it.

Okay good karma run/see UT cut and you'll see that the link there for different ones. You go to the Roman Catholic section and you just read through on salvation. You can read through the catechism says look at paragraph 2068 just to assert for 2068 and you'll find it it's it's it's it's his blasphemy right yet nothing and Eric out and it also threatened to bring it up will bite it within their newer writings on and that's allowed by our United understand the Council about how they written and add that if any man claim that a manic death of Bob by faith that all our work, let him be anathema right found by word that they then they have to be occult by definite and false as 10 and nine and Canon 14 of the Council of Trent Kate. It says like Canon 14 and and Council of Trent cannot be undone is declared as being inerrant basically inspired you can't find anything.

It is the Country just shot themselves in the foot and was hesitant Canon 14 on Dundalk as a justification. If anyone sayeth that man is truly absolved from his sins and justified because you surely believe himself and just absolving justified or that no one is truly justified, but he who believes himself and justified, and that by this faith alone.

Absolution and justification are effective B anathema the word anathema means cursed.

This process took the curse the gospel have no idea how bad Catholicism is they have no idea how bad it is, is so corrupt is so corrupt and this is just scratching the surface. Maybe one day I'll just won't take any calls of us do a whole thing on Roman Catholicism and Otis are going through a list of stuff out there vote of the field, it will do that sometime but it is that okay. It's all right thank God blessed for getting this collards when liberty know that we are going to Israel next year and if you're interested in checking out all you gotta do is go to karma see ARM and this week is the last week that you'll be able to sign up, get hundred dollars off and so that's if you do that now the time and there you go.


Please check it out for Dallas get to Mark from Florida. Mark welcoming on the air. I met Mike call before the past on the guy that actually had a situation at work where they did a wanted to do a survey that wasn't there. What will it they want to do survey on okay your memory, I want guy neighbor okay yeah yeah think I appreciate that I monitor. I had a question about that first one, 11 and ended read. This is an inspired to live quietly in mind your own affairs, and to do work with your hands, as we instructed you would this be grounds or sanctioning to rights to privacy. Well I say attend your own business now I have to do some research in the Old Testament to see if you can find some things there that talk about. You have the right to join property have the right to security your own home because this is an inherent idea price of privacy. You have the right for that someone have to go check his mind on something there, but I think that I estimate this idea here for Sicilies 411 is so right track.

Okay, in fact, the rates are. I know I know you're really busy. If you want me to start doing research and not okay because this is something that's you know it's one step closer. I want to thank you actually drew a good analogy between the vaccine and having a medical procedure done like nerve your appendix taken out now and that course appendix removal and I use that at work with the guys when they went and came to me and I look would you have your appendix removed and they said no like that, why should you take a vaccine course, but I'm trying to get to the privacy decided this with these questions that they were asking that I was I was okay to some research and in fact I'm I'm thinking about starting a section on Corinth basically called on current events, or that the demise of America American decline but so I want to deal with the issue of the moral decline of the increase in violence, racial violence, all these kind of things would get statistics together and start showing that there's a manipulation going on. There's a manipulation of information is a manipulation stuff and others in my protector and with the brakes literally at work all the time. Colts lose control devices and control markers and set us on the when the callers there and I were talking think about this and I want to start drawing up a comparison between Copenhaver and what the leftist government is doing now. So it's a current there's control market.

I I heard a discussion with the previous caller. I think it was true. Callers and I I have to add the question, are you are you saying that see the way that coronavirus is been handled with the math that vaccinations the social distancing the whole is one big social experiment. I can't say it is a can't say it is not just something we don't have direct receipt. I know it's the crazy think about it that way. It seems that life what's left want.

They want control trying to create prostate hood of DC Puerto Rico try and get rid of the filibusters are opening up the border. They want control.

This is a power grab. If they can keep people under control. Maybe one of the ways I don't know maybe one of the ways is to see you filled the state could continue wearing masks if the population will do whatever the the people in power. Tell them to do.

It emboldens the people in power to continue to be powerful and to rest more power to themselves.

This is not the concern I have is I see this in Colts. I've actually read whole different thing conditioning conditioning and then out control markers and markers are those things that you can tell if a group is submitting to you by the various things what you require certain kind address or certain kind of speech and are usually Mark verse markers have those that's why I can tell you a salute very easily. I walked on the street I could see how your Mormon your Jehovah's Witness by the way, they would look the way they would dress and I was very accurate without because they have these these tanks and stuff so you know it it's a concern and the Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. Because powers and principalities of darkness. Ephesians 612.

So the thing is, I want to see there is a control, and since the Bible says is a spiritual issue going on. I want to know are the people who are not serving God. Who were they survey you either serve God or Mammon you don't serve them both and so for not serving God, who only serving and we have to realize, as Christians, this is a very very serious thing and this is why preachers and teachers need to be on radio need to be off of the pulpits preaching and teaching about the stuff. Not that it didn't turn it into a political thing every time, but it needs to be taught over the years about our responsibilities.

Christians are right and need to fight back fight back in a proper way, not in the violent labor the proper way and this would be dealing with that issue as well. What we do know for resistance is it you know if the good men do nothing. The wicked prosper. It's why I have always been like this voice been like this. I believe in fighting back and doing it for the sake of Christ in righteousness is why do radial swipe working on videos to I write books. It's why go into cult rooms is why going to secular rooms to discuss and talk because one the more the Lord Jesus Christ. Every Christian should have that attitude live for him and I modified okay sorry cannot I call that a folk sorry about that. For those who are waiting call back Fran Buckley risen tomorrow. We'll talk about the Lord bless you all.

By his grace back on there tomorrow another program powered by the Truth Network

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