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March 29, 2021 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 29, 2021 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions his latest article detailing how to contact state and federal government officials.--2- How can I best talk with my pastor about re-opening our church and not requiring masks---3- How can I best deal with objections like -you're making everything political, just focus on the gospel- or -evil's only going to get worse, so why worry about this specific situation-- or -just respect people by wearing a mask.---4- Do you think there will be a one-world government and antichrist---5- A caller wanted more information regarding books that Matt mentioned earlier in the episode.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics. Research what is found alive that morning you have questions of our Bible doctrines a max Y branches called responding to your questions at 87707276 is Matt slick what are you doing out there. We met slick is.

Let's see March 18, 2021 20 McCall and we can blab it all kind of topics and things. If you're interested in right now was just rushing a little bit out of breath, or just for a moment.

I released an article today literally 15 minutes ago and yet there is so that's why okay yeah it's a joke it's a kind of work/government/contact government so we talked on the radio yesterday some politics stuff that are working on the page so well, let's see what would happen if we just this should just come up to test on the site testing of the article. So anyway, I believe that as Christians what were supposed to be doing is to be involved in politics doesn't mean you know chanting and writing on the people of Ashley on the radio how to contact people and so I started in the research today and what to do is the outline feature on the site is hosed. We got that web guy working on. We don't about that.

But if you're interested, just go to. I believe the URLs of the on a different browser contact-government so/contact-government and hopefully bring you to get it done and will bring you to this article, I release election officials in federal, state, contact information, and so I have four articles about Christianity, government, and then federal elected officials others links they open up a new Windows search phone numbers. Locate your skewer senators your US representatives website got different ways of doing things and linking them in there and also an acute continue to do this but I think it's worth it to go down to every state of Alabama and then I got Alaska where we find the website for each of the state representatives is in the Alabama state website and the governor is and contact information how to find your stuff, and senators to find elected officials and what relative information I could find.

I spent time going through those websites and putting them up there and so was hoping this might be helpful. As I said yesterday, this is important all areas of our life, our lives. All areas are under the Lordship of Jesus Christ is me politics. As we discovered, it means the media means newspapers. It means schools, it means everything church is not just something we do on Sunday and then we got in the world and hope the people don't frown at us.

Nope, that's the opposite attitude which was 1/2 we go to church to be equipped we go to church to fellowship to be corrected and to be equipped for the work of ministry. Ephesians 2 from achieving Ephesians 482 11 talks about this and so our job is to make disciples of all nations, of all people at her job as a Christian is.

As Jesus says, I think it's Luke 1428. You pick up your cross. That's right, versatile, find it, pick up your cross daily and come after me, and if you don't pick up your cross, you're not worthy of him and that's what it says in Luke 923 sorry Luke 923 is what Jesus says if you if anyone wishes to come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me. This is what the Bible says this would Jesus says, and so as Christians, were not called to be namby-pamby pew sitters were called to be lights in the world. Spokesman of the truth were called to be forthright, to be honest, to be examples of integrity this what were called subject and of course there's any persecution that is how it is.

We've been blessed here in America, and this is common in Albany not only an anomaly is an exception and that our Christianity here has been tolerated and even promoted through most of the country's history. Now it's the opposite is flipped, but now it's becoming normative, like the rest of the world throughout history were Christians are persecuted for specific and Christian. So what is our duty as Christians well.

Our duty is to obey government Romans 413 but also disobey government whenever the government contradicts Scripture and this is the obligation of every Christian.

So if you go to convert org/contact-government. You'll see that as the article there is collected officials in federal and state contact information and will be expanding this and if you guys have a suggestions have any information that might be worth putting in America, but these links and their reason of doing this is because innocent called yesterday and said all what we do could recontact me contact I thought you know what I would do the research acidic and find out where, who, what, when, and all that stuff so I believe in doing. I believe in reacting and doing and also being preemptive in our walk with Christ in all areas of life.

I'm unusual when there's a Jehovah's Witness convention.

I will go out there with signs when there's a Mormon gathering all go out there with signs we don't do the website of the radio that's just me.

You don't compare yourself to me what you need to do is ask God what is he want you to do what is he want you to do and then check things out because if you can contact your elected officials. I was talking my wife. I have an idea. This can make people mad but what if we all Christians you know where to mail a little bit. You rock and not the biggest announcer so to are left with officials say hey this is Obi wan's little box will rock whatever and is meant to save this my vote for whatever you know it would take notice. Federal doing the kind of thing you know objects that we would mail something you know. But you gotta check things out, and it would be annoying.

Hey you know what the left does stuff that's annoying all the time. I do believe that we as Christians can act and should act and should be politely biblically aggressive in our pushing forth of the kingdom of God and that we should resist evil and resist what's happening in our country. This is unfortunate, but it's a necessity and only to say that if things continue with AR will lose more and more of our freedoms we are going to lose more and more freedoms.

It's already happening, there's a process of change called thesis antithesis to visit a body of intellect culture as a society, and they have certain amount of freedoms and rights, then a crisis comes up in the use the crisis to strip away your rights and give them more power.

This is how it works. The music any and all crisis to two increase their own power while stripping away yours. This is what totalitarianism is. This is what it means is run by an oligarchy, and this is what's happening so you know when there's a shooting what ticket where gun rights and will remove our rights and they want to increase the federal government's rights and power. There's a study that was done and I've got to find an article I know where it was.

I read it a while back a few months ago. Maybe last year two years ago where people in power. There's an actual physiological change that occurs in in the brain is a physical change in the brain, and they become little empowered with the idea of power which I've been thinking for a long time. The DSM, the rest of the manual that data defines mental illnesses that there should be a category and therefore a lot of people I know what government you know hello a man and so there should be I think about my essays and stuff but I don't have a high opinion of because I know what righteousness is under the Bible says I know what things used to be like, and I know what the government is doing. I know what state officials are doing with your power. I know that this idea of wearing masks even though the mask mandate doesn't isn't necessary in the more at all is not and I get now they're saying oh you wear it out of respect that the words as I mentioned yesterday, there's a cult mentality that goes along with this Lee back up and explain when you buy cult mentality. I studied cults often offered 40 years, a 41 years and some of the characteristics of culture mind control and behavior control the way they get to your behavior control is to change your attitude about certain things and so in a cult like Mormonism or Jehovah's Witnesses what you have is a central place of authority centralized authoritative structure that from on high will disseminate to the adherence what they ought to believe and how they ought to act.

Cults, they will. They want you to have freedom to some degree because if you're to slaves regular notes and go with it what they try and do is carefully control your thinking and your behavior how they do this through inculcation to inculcate means to teach a repetition and so in these great that is great, but in these these cult groups and groups like them and they didn't use the same mentality for herd behavior in a society where a government can be the power on high that then disseminates what ought to be believed, and then your behavior has to follow what they tell you to believe now just good in that it is bad in that you know should pay taxes when you should pay taxes, the Bible talks about that and we should. We need the government to maintain roads and provide protection with the military and and infrastructure. It is no problem. Okay.

And when we ought to, and we should not rebel against this is exorbitant… You know it is not well that's another opinion and so the covert thing will the initial idea was to stop this virus from spreading and so they used well this idea of masks where masks stand 6 feet apart and quickly.

Everybody submitted to this everybody did. Why, because what we didn't know what the the level of the infectious rate was of the covert and so after just a few weeks after couple of months and I was doing research I start finding out. Wait a minute. Basically, the masks really don't do much of anything, but yet were still told to wear them and still told to abuse at certain distances, social distancing, now is a common term where your mask do the stuff and now that the evidence is coming out that the masks aren't really that helpful if they are to a degree, but not really that helpful, as with a comparison between Florida. What was it under state was New York. I think Florida basically very loose mask rules and interstate very heavy and was no difference in the amount of coded Acacia between them per per capita just there's evidence like this out there so you think they say oh well, okay, now we've learned stuff we don't need to wear the mask anymore and in the social distancing thing is ridiculous. We don't do it anymore. They say now where amount of respect that was a want you to continue to up to wear them and be submitted to the authority at large limit tell you, folks, as Christians, our submission is the Lord Jesus Christ.

We are to obey the civil government when necessary to disobey this of the government necessary Carmen you can look up the article, which will they disobey civil Medicaid when they promote that which is ungodly were not obligated to follow the think of herself not be led around like people, five lines 877207 mass Y call 77077 back to the show we have.

Why don't you upset you.

Maybe you went with the direction you're going who know this is part of biblical theology to deal with these kind of topics and the I prefer theology, but sometimes necessary good notaries as well. Since all areas of life are under the purview of the Lord Jesus Christ. We Christians do start acting like it for open lines give me call 877-207-2276 does get 2K from California K. Welcome Rainier.

I hit the button okay K okay on her. Okay there you go.

Now I hear you. Okay so we got there, they become a problem all right renting another call coming in. You want to give me call folks 877-207-2276 we have for open lines which would remind you that we are planning a trip to Israel next year, a year from this month and if you're interested in attending all your dues go to Carmen Israel see ARM Israel one word you can you can check it out. I would be going up now. Looking forward to it. It could be a lot of fun and so well if you want to go check it out okay for open lines 877-207-2276 listed K are you there I I'm okay how are you I'm getting around iconic bar knowledge really get down for now just making people trying at each other and how to refresh my passerby in the church are trying to eat how to go about giving you my pastor and it's Sure that you know what you think of her tears how to combat an IBM and attacking people not having the church well make me think about writing an article on that. Okay so anyway what you should be doing first is praying and asking God to give you wisdom at the right time and go to talk about things like that and nothing I do and then get some documentation or something ready you can have, which I recommend you go to Amazon and get unreported truths about covert, 19, and locked downstairs part one and part two. Incidentally, these two books. Books are really small band by Amazon and the author poster.

Something about it and twitter and then Elon musk found out about it and complains or did something and then Amazon put it back up, delivered be released so I read both of them and it goes in documents documents of some of the issues about the lack of the information of receiving from the general news media is not accurate and so is documentation there.

That's one of things you can do is have ready here.

These two documents missing you've read them or not to say here's this writer that but they both write a summation on them. You know it's always easier for mankind is a gorgeous article written extracted information, etc. but so go to him and ask about that. Ask him if he's afraid or is he willing to or was he think about the idea speaking about politics from the pulpit and if he says mentioned that all separation of church and state is a very serious problem because it separates of church and state originally meant that the state could not create a religion state religion. That's what it meant. It's not does not mean that we can't influence the government based on religious principles. So if you in any way says state separates of church and state stuff is not comfortable enough. The pulpit then you pray that the Lord would would speak to his heart about that and correct him on his error because every single pastor should be willing to speak on racial politics and name names from the pulpit and if a solution 501(c)(3) than what you're saying is if you lose 501(c)(3) than the money issue before the government is controlling what you preach out of the word of God, that would be of course a very serious problem. So I say that it's explicit is dutiful to do and preach and teach this of meaning can make it a political thing all the time.

Not at all is just that if it comes up in Scripture that we should talk. The preacher should talk about that issue should not gloss over things and if there is a political thing going on like socialism of the pastors should study socialism and study biblical forms of government and then do a sermon on a folks, as was happening in our country bliss good with the Bible says because our times to deal with political without current events from the pulpit. What if, hypothetically, you know, we well said 9/11 when the twin towers were attacked would be appropriate for a pastor at that point, the next Sunday, would be appropriate for him to preach a sermon related to this kind of thing about Islam and terror in her trust in Christ. Of course it would be. It's also appropriate to deal with the issue of life Christian should not be voting for people who are pro-homosexual pro-abortion and pro-pornography.

These things are ungodly and are very much against Scripture and so we should be standing strong particular yes-man enforcement in 1613.

The strong act like men this with the Bible says to do this and not be so worried about what the government can essay our neighbor can essay because the brownshirts are always going to be there.

Brownshirts worry Nazi group. I turn people in and were always good to have this kind of thing and also tell you this of the reading through a book on Nazi Germany, comparing it with what's happening now. There are similarities and the socialist Nazis was a socialist party and it gained power and then restrict the power of others so that dissenting opinions were not allowed anymore and they sought to undermine and to quiet or censor conservative views.

This would Nazi Germany did as it was rising to power in which a god in power.

It jailed and punished those people who were conservatives who dared speak up now they would they kill people, not something that would happen here, but I think that the leftists could use all kinds of other forms of persecution the tickly sense. So many of them are saying that white conservatives in particular white males and white supremacy are guilty of of disliked terrorism despite because her white. This kind of stuff is going on in his the leftist media is talking about ways to get rid of Fox News and other conservative groups and have people kicked off the air because a conservative. This is the same kind of stuff that in some similar fashion was occurring in Nazi Germany and so we knew we need to stand up Christians, we can just wait for the via blonde hair, black occasion server Jesus coming back before the tribulation's role in comfort and we could go to heaven.

Everything's fine. That's not look to look to our Lord. God is the sovereign King over all things, and then stand up inside the kingdom where we are now because Jesus is King he has three offices, prophet, priest and king. And so the evil ones were taken out of his kingdom with Seth.

Sergey would have a hold on right back after these messages that Y call 77077 charismatic slave lines in a call 877-0776 there are okay. All right.

So you called about something and then I went on a bit of a rant which I am very aware about turning down and actually church here and down at the back correct actually work like my bank at really bad because like a family prematurely pretend that in an instant and intricate impact. Knowing very worst thing for me is not only are people that are ignorant on the matter of the lines that are knowledgeable and yet they do make you think he can do it and get the main objection I minimum click that you can expect an answer for each one often) I get it. Bible fanfic intervening at work anyway. So why are we making such a big deal out of a situation right now the manager that one first.

The Bible says it's getting worse. So why resist evil. In other words, let evil prosper. Christians who were told to fight against evil then use that as an excuse to do nothing which is sinful for using what God has ordained as a means for their own sin and rebel against God that are doing okay. The Bible says I want to make disciples of all nations. Are they doing that even though things are to be getting worse. Does it mean we don't blot make disciples. Now that's what it means they disobey God. Christians are disobeying him with this excuse stuck to anything you think you know to get worse anyway so I try now you know the floods coming towards my house may, why bother to solidify the house and the incident right now. The popular line and on political and when you talk about the gospel everything out now will, theoretically, that makes sense. Are they focusing on the gospel was mean to focus on the gospel.

What is it mean, are they the going out door-to-door with the gospel.

Are they buying time on radio shows preach the gospel are they putting ads in newspapers for the gospel or the tithing for missionaries for the gospel or are they just sitting there in their armchairs and sing the gospel work itself out and they go watch a football game as it did not excuse to do nothing, just focus on the gospel but don't do anything I hear this kind of thing a lot Christians are unfortunately were sinners and we like to be comfortable to care for families and I get that minimum for the but we have to realize you know that we supposed to pick up the cross and follow after Jesus. That's what he commanded us to do and thus were obligated to, and so that means preaching the gospel and he says pick up your cross and follow after me daily. Luke 923 well if that's you know they say live at the gospel just go forward. Then then pack up your words, if that's your thing, but what does it mean for that individual person says it sit and do nothing or preach that gospel.

I went to the dentist today have my teeth cleaned and I always look for an opportunity to speak about the Lord.

I always do and I did today and the hygienist copied some information down when I go to the gym.

I will sometimes wear a shirt that says the truth as a cross next to it. I've had people approach me about this I go to the grocery store. I listen not by eavesdropping gossipy by listen for people's conversations to see if I can have a conversation about the Lord with them. In fact we went out. My wife and I went out a couple of days ago three days ago daughters thing and she was waiting for me to park the car and she overheard a good guy on the phone talking about the Lord and when I got to her.

She goes to think outside my ministry and we talked about 10 minutes because what if she's listening I'm listening. What is it mean to live and preach the gospel as a Christian. It doesn't mean just going on Sunday mornings and then you're safe anyway. Serve at a restaurant. No means that you look for opportunities and if you don't have the means of looking for opportunities. Maybe you're just not very good at speaking up and then you have the gift of being annoying like I do in your does not so sure will then what you do is you taught anything support ministries, that do it and you pray for the ministries. This is what it means to do something and not just us, although about politics will take care of itself is just the gospel as an excuse because the Bible tells us to be involved in politics and to obey government Romans 13 but also disobey. When it does when it conducts Scripture so people say that are just know I mean this in a kind wife is not real knowledgeable about the issue biblically. Okay well I'm on yesterday that not everyone extremely erotic and respectful and make them feel that right now and I think Frank let Lennon that ran on your interest like that they're weak and strong diligently. That alone will like it is a theological term I would use for that Wang Wang so what you're saying is don't disrespect me only if the defendant thinks of them. Look, you know, the cross is heavy.

The cross has splinters. The cross is bloodied. The thing were to pick up and take in a people to say was disrespectful to to actually say things about the Masterson and actually required to do something when you get so sick and tired of the Christians who look for excuses not to do anything in the world don't look for excuses not to do.

Look for excuses to do. In fact, I'm not.

Nothing spiritual, but up to 64 years old was for 41 years I went to bed praying last night and woke up praying in the middle of night and woke up I was praying and asking God use me more use even more and more let me preach. Let me teach Lord of the failure in so many ways but usually this is what should begin our hearts of all Christians Lord Jesus to save me. You saved me from my sins send me if it means mom being at home.

Staying home raising children for the glory of God.

And that's what it's called to do that mean something else to do whatever it is, being a mechanic for Jesus or being a doctor for Jesus or radio or write books or donating supporting ministries so this is the idea and this thing about don't be respectful about the thing on the could be responding were must wear a mask go-ahead were not to go to music, don't wear a mask you want to work when I work, don't complain when the governments are taken more more of your rights away in the Christian start having less and less rights because people will just comply with ever big brother says for them to do this is what something of the careful about if you really believe masks stop coded, then you should wear your obligated to do that not being I've had COBIT I had it Whitehead. It will need a worse Lincoln mask cough on me with go, but I don't find whatever ago I do my own business so we need to be strong in the Lord not weak and I'm tired of the weekly week Christians not want to do much of anything: I know we can do with Jesus Christ as our Lord for 30 go on the rent family and thing today thinking and thinking and thinking hungry and I plan on outfront. I think you and I thank you for it and direct any property as was okay.

I stumbled on right. Douglas K okay alright let's get this guy from Utah Scott from Utah welcoming on here I are you doing well.

I'm writing today? Not agreeing with the pre-tribulation tribulation what what do you actually happen. You believe there will be antichrist among the New World Government, and how to how to use the railing to Christ. Well Give my opinion. Just my opinion and hopefully I'm wrong but Jesus is when he returns, will he find faith on the on the Earth's thickest Matthew 1822 Are Located Way to have forgot the implication is that there's W apostasy and it's the same second Thessalonians to three. There's an apostasy coming and for special for Timothy for talked with apostasy was to happen is that the Christian church will become apostate. Now I believe that's means the visible church, not the invisible church. The visible church is comprised of the people who go to church, not the runs were really necessarily regenerate best invisible church.

So the visible church will become apostate Roman Catholic church is already apostate and the Protestants are moving away as they adopt more more heresies.

This is just waiting to okay so because they do get so bad. Christians are to become persecuted all of the world of the antichrist must arise new world government basically that of Europe. Some think it might be antichrist out of the Middle East who knows Christianly persecuted more and more, and in my opinion, the wicked will be to first for the good right now. They voted right back out his messages to open lines 87776 max Y call 770776 charismatic sling right welcome everybody back to Scott from Scott back on your right. In a minute time there, but I can list if you want the things that can happen you out.

Website I heard you speak of, like you, you think that Christians will be killed. Yes, for not taking the market be known that what you see happening to yes there's an article on Carmen. What are some of the signs of the end times. What are some of the signs of the end times and so the presence of false Christ and false prophets to be war, persecution of the faithful apostasy lawlessness will increase. Love go cold. Earthquakes, famines, plagues, increase in selfishness, lovers of self, money, pleasure, arrogant, disobedient mocking of Christ, an increase in knowledge the rise of spiritism. The decay of marriage. The increase of false teaching the gospel will be preached to the whole world. Praise God signs in the heavens suddenly dark and the sun signs of the men will appear in the sky of use and destruction of the earth and its resources. All the nations of the earth will be gathered against Israel to be the rebuilding of the Temple arrival of the antichrist enforcement of the mark of the beast of repentance of Israel and the Jews concerning faith in Christ. So these are the things I discovered or found. Whatever.

More great in the Bible with references to set you believe Christians will will know who the antichrist is that we will both very all the Bible talk yes when yes now people say with that. You Bush was the antichrist that it was Clinton and then it was whoever. Whatever the antichrist most probably will be can have a wound to his head. It looks like and maybe die resurrected, so to speak, and he will unite people and then force a mark that Mark is to buy inside when these kind of things happen. Christians are to know at that point because all say so-and-so's antichrist. Well the spirit of antichrist is alive and well is manifested in the fantasy. For example, were in the hierarchy, the Mormon church shorthair of the Jehovah's Witness organization.

The spirit of antichrist with teachers antichrist with the documents so people are damned well it can have different levels in different ways, but the antichrist will be an individual. Most probably will be homosexual, you probably have the wound was had withered arm withered, right, I and he will have a restricted power shall be indwelt by the enemy, Satan, and the great communicator and highly intelligent able to unite people and force stuff together. Great big thank you very much for running. God bless. Alright, let's get to Julian from North Carolina, Julie, will you on the air. Julian, are you there I speak a little because it's it's hard to understand you about it know how to go oh okay I know how Opal the information. The web information that could harm harm and thus, still see ARM Carmen's Christian apologetics research ministries.

My website Carmen is see ARM Israel ISR I and see ARM Israel IAS are a and so you just go for that and all the information you need is there. Eric Johnson is one heading it up you can answer your questions and contact them all right. You're welcome very much had come on y'all on your order no more crime and really appreciate it. Just my heart. More about Jesus. That's right.

All right.

Didn't want my heart I just love that more about Jesus. That's great, let's get to Clarice from North Carolina kook Clarice how are you so hello how is I'm fine just a little bit of Lance on the radio today. Well on the book that you start the girl earlier is gone. Sure they have a lower yes they're not very big either, which I liked but one of them is called unreported truth about October 19 and lockdowns students unreported truths and is very well documented. The both the jury see how big is this one is not very good so 21 pages. The first one and I think the second was out about the same size and has had information from different countries. It's full of links naval links to links I was looking through This guy did a lot of research and not much same. Ignore all this covert stuff. No no no, you don't want to be careful.

But how far is too far, and this book helps answer the question so well, there's a good grade a website called world which I learned about from their world. Oh check and ask a lot of really neat stuff on Col. population deaths, government, economics, expenditures, society statistics statistics and information is 80% of this is the six wrong hundred percent of the time joke. Okay, I think a lot of people are all I want to make sure that I'm not good information. All right not be wrong. That's right it's it's tough to know there's a lot of disinformation out there. In fact, you can go to that site I just said what world,.info, squeeze me in a click on the coronavirus link and it has graphs of of the daily and daily deaths. Daily new cases and are going down legacy units called herd mentality.

Here's a question I have, why is it that we had chickenpox or polio pandemic it and shut the economies down. They didn't do that probably do it for this and aren't statistically that it's that the coronavirus is slightly more dangerous than the flu and not not as it is negligible. Don't worry about it. No sisters think it's just that it is more dangerous, but not that much more.

So why is it that is shut everything down what's going on. I asked questions why they shut everything down for AL corn. The battleship's will know when my wife had Cova Jennifer, not a fever for nine days.

I do favor for one day. It affects different people different both in her 60s. We just took hydrochloric when we took vitamin C and megadoses of vitamin C I have a bag of extra vitamin C, mix it with a little bit of of baking soda equal parts of Dracut do something to the vitamin C helps get your systems drink sink tablets and iron tablets and you know what we we did stuff, and when I get a flu or think of getting something flu.

I do the same thing hydrochloric what is new thing but but I do the same kind of stuff and I must to make light of all this is a serious thing but it seems to me what's happening is a lot of power has been exercised to control societies governments wreath shape them and violate our rights based on a virus which the government here in America never did before.

What I just have to question what's going on, all about control. It's about control. The Dems want control. I know that I'm a Democrat and Republican. Most of the Dems want control over the bar order so they get people in so they can have more than relieved they want to keep their power permanently. It would be an absolute control our government and so is what I believe is when the reasons when open borders should have immigrants we should just have it be their legally corner laws.

That's all not open the borders and the biggest flood in week our country cannot sustain that I saved people think of the analogy of of her home.

You know the government says open up the borders and then who's gonna pay for it is them. Now they get tax money and the two will promote themselves and get raises sing and vote them.

Don't themselves raises and its people on the border with the deal with drug cartels and the flood of immigrants and vandalism is definitely the most were just people want to just eat a better life and blame, but I think I say compared to your home. How many people would you just open the door for to come on and before your home. No longer is your home and your home. No longer can be viable as a safe place, or even function so just use an analogy. All right, so much stupidity so little to. That's right. All right Okay will just look at the last time. Okay you write Clarice out for what you're going well.

Thank you miss at least two people in my life appreciate you little bit. So let's good does another bottle some of Obama's all right, Clarice, God bless.

Okay, let's get to Jared from Indiana Jared welcome you on the year.

Yeah I was one I wasn't. I read a lot of scripture I would know what you out background.

I understand are the prompt and I do agree with a lot of the most like 95% of what I say but am and what I like to listen to. I listened to most of the time when I was in a bridge and got a big a lot of very shallow started in and out like that expansion on the Scripture. But how to wanted your cues. How do you get to one day-to-day arc out by five so was because I don't know as I do in the 55 solicitor Five Points can you call back tomorrow to talk about your heart that is a good topic for a vote. We got a time in the Lord bless you greatly.

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