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March 26, 2021 4:00 am

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March 26, 2021 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt asks for prayers and support to pay for men in Africa to start radio programs.--2- How do modern Jews believe they can be saved with there being no temple---3- How can I use Charles Taze Russel's book to witness to those in the JW religion---4- Why is blood required to cleanse sin---5- Is Revelation 13-3 in reference to Nero---6- Other than to display his power and authority, was there another purpose in Job's suffering---7- Is there a difference between a Christian and an elect person---8- Aren't their unbelievers who demonstrate the fruit of the spirit---9- Have you ever heard of a belief about a category of people who are called half-saved and punished for a thousand years and then released into the kingdom of God---10- If we die as Christians, are we with the Lord or in some holding-waiting place-


The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the Christian apologetics and research what is found you have questions of our Bible doctrines maps what why branches called to respond to your questions at 877 somewhat argument 15th will be where we have stunk cool beware the Ides of March, 80 1B McCall. All you have to do is dial 877207227630450 old all the lines are open so if you want to give me a call. We can talk if your newbie is a Christian apologetics show and that we talk about all kinds of stuff here from politics mainly theological issues atheism evolution UFO still do whatever we can talk about we do teach theology for people trying to Christian belief, biblical theology, because I don't think a lot of believe in biblical theology or think a lot of them believe in namby-pamby theology this thing taught by a lot of people from a lot of pulpits and things like that and so because we do we go through this kind of stuff.

If you're interested in dialoguing with me soon eight 772-072-2760 McCall by just to remind you that that Brian Mason says hi, Lori Anderson says hello in the chat room have a chat room to if you're interested in participating in chat.

You can do that to score the website. See and check it out. There on the homepage truck there and let it go. There is nice little family fellowship kind of a thing that's happening. People get to know each other more and more enjoying it. I like you to meet people there and look for some of us become friends over it about that.

So if you want to come and join in and see what's going on there.

You can look as if I lines you call 877-207-2276. This will tell you that I'm working on getting video production going and I want to start converting lengthy articles to video and audio also and developing a repository of audio stuff and things were doing lessons for people and having a PowerPoint presentation slides join in. So you know we got some stuff working on and we want to just glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

That's my goal glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.

I want him glorified in the body of Christ edified, so that sounds like something you want to participate and you can pray for us because we would love that. Please pray for us. We need your prayers.

We need the grace of God working upon us and through us reckless was going on five open lines Laconia that's very unusual. Give me a call 772072276 we have the trip to Israel coming up next year. If you are interested in checking it out. You want to go with us. All you do is go to karma Israel's see ARM Israel one word, and the it will forward you to a webpage with information got to think happened or people that we can go yourself. And it's really on the tell you it is awesome because what happens is people come from all over and get to be friends on the bus tours and hotels until you eat with and and friendships are made. It is a great experience.

I've done it before and so by God's grace will go again you to join us. Just check out karma and you can check the costs. You can check out all that's involved there and we have the schools that the media, which at the schools because I was told that they were down but it looks like they are back up, good and okay will be working on those, getting those in the new format as well.

I'm interested in hearing what you think about that the US cites any continued problems or issues with the new sites.

If you have anything is good that will give you all the information you need right well since we have no new callers wedding which is very unusual. I was thinking about you know asking for prayer and a few issues of one of them is on restarting a Bible study on Thursday nights my house on the book of Jude go through. There's a lot of information in their usual prayers for that we are reaching out more and more into Africa and we are trying to work it so that we can develop the funds to be able to host or pay for radio shows there in different countries Tanzania and also believe Nigeria and maybe Malawi where were hoping to raise that the funds to be able to get Christians whom I vetted pretty well about their theology.

There really good. And these are godly men who are willing and able to do radial. So were still in the process of of thought checking them out and vetting them theologically. I just had a conversation with one of them today.

Great guy and the Board of Directors with prayer and with time. We hope to be able to possibly by God's grace August radio programs going out there in Africa and they will man them godly men so well yeah I grilled been growing them on theology and pretty good but neither can say that this will say that and they are to be reaching out by God's grace.

If you cancel stores people there who are being brainwashed by gospel that is synergistic.

In other words, you can cooperate with God and be safe and keep yourself saved and a lot of people go to church to have a problem solved not to be forgiven of sins and so this kind of of bad theology is being taught from a lot of churches out there a lot of pastors out there don't even know the gospel, really. They just don't know the people who are in villages, even small small towns and they never had any theological training that are trying to preach the word of God so hoping will work with to get going on unless and to pray about Lauren right so let's let's do this is with them. Overweight first for his wake forest that is North Carolina my welcome your on the air. Matt okay how are you doing that lived there and really show that animate question in a Christian faith through it right but now you feel that there say I've been reading through the out at the Met and I'm looking at you do on all different types of sacrifice. I know that I not doing that now, though they feel that their day will and they there are different Jewish sects. Some believe that you that they need the Temple rebuilt in the meantime, the offering varying sacrifices of varying styles and types you get to talk to different want to see the thing is they can't be saved without Jesus. It has to be that the thing to be going to heaven.

They need to have Jesus as her Savior would put her faith and trust in the Messiah by rejecting the Messiah as he was. 1026.

As of the consuming willfully to receive the knowledge of the truth are no longer make a sacrifice for sin. And this is profitable to the Jews who had been told about Christ and the fulfillment of Christ in the Old Testament, they rejected that and so therefore there is no sacrifice left for them because the old sacrificial system was done away with. With the death of of the Messiah. This is Hebrews 913, 813 and he was 952 16 so they don't realize that the government requirements of God. They broke and they rejected the covenant supplied Messiah. And so therefore they are lost and they need Jesus.

That's it. What I would think, and that they cannot that's what it is you can't compromise the gospel because the Jews are God's chosen people, but you can be God's chosen people and still be in a lot of trouble and they are if they don't believe and trust in Jesus, they have to because he is Messiah. He is the fulfillment of the Old Testament Scriptures. Even though so many of them deny that refuse to believe that great, thank you very much, Matt appreciated the welcome God bless our thanks and welcome okay alright let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, North Carolina, Bakersfield, California. Vet. As I was thinking I was that I was okay about geography them a hard time remembering about yeah I know that you have spent so much information in your web about yeah reading lecture last night and today I been reading the finished mystery by Charles pays Russell I'm just laughing right through the Bible through the book so much faith so much every little time all you stand. My question is the have you read the floods unschooled here and there. You have several concepts but his first real whole thing so man I'm ready to throw it against the walls got so much heresy and it just my question with that is that how can I use it book to witness to Joe's when this is because I have a family friend of the family. The JW called out. Basically, also called as you column JW and they use this to witness to them to show them that their foundation is false because they built their bills from this this man Russell you well. One of things as far as that particular book goes this a long time really gone through it that I couldn't tell you specifics about that book but it would doesn't take long, you know, all I would need would be a electronic copy of how we do everything else and I do searches for topics for words and then analyzing and things like that but one of the things is useful to Jehovah's Witnesses is a false pride witnessing is false prophecies because there are a lot of false prophecies that they've made and when someone can I forget who it was but came out with a list of the false prophecies and documented Joe's in his writings out thousands understand, maybe hundreds but probably thousands just left Jehovah's Witnesses, they found out that it was false in the watchtower to come up with makeup something so it's really difficult to witness to Jehovah's Witnesses connoting the familiar theology and what they teach but I do have ways of witnessing to them that they can't get around except to say what will come back later and you don't see many more. So this is a tough okay the book talk about the book of Revelation is the health system was recently a photo be right back after these messages, please why call 770776\after the show Nelson you still there alright so you're saying something.

What was that you are referring about the that the book talk about how your saying that saying that Russell is the labeled layout in church in the book of Revelation that I was well enough a bucket back about that later in the Chapter 11 at all, but I heard that Michael the Archangel Oak. Here's the thing with Phil say is when you start putting these things out like Chelsea's Russell is a faithful and discreet slave.

Let's say 1919 in the watchtower magazine you see will hold that now because the lights getting brighter and brighter public support that will also use payments would like us brighter.

Right now, so does that mean hundred years ago.

You guys were in darkness wasn't made no so I well my darling you might like to know for me I have a friend in a relationship with him and you know that that I showed him things that he cannot answer and so and I'm sitting on Spurgeon devotionals and I just I just hope and pray that he's doing for us if you can think of home with them will probably do a zoom okay. Then I got her my card are getting with what's good like that. But if they do go back go with them and you can sit through for a few services, you'll know what you're up against mortal see the brainwashing techniques.

Okay you okay I am a great working okay vocabulary.okay, alright, let's get to William for Milo labeling welcome here. Hello, we got to get well.

I question about sacrifice that have a blood sacrifice.

When sent because of the incarnation. Jesus Christ is God in flesh would die in the cross and his blood is most as that cleansing thing for John 19 twice prophesied and you'll test Leviticus 1711, such as how God arranged thinks it's a symbol of the death and that thing that cleansing.

Okay not included when you do that by the land. Yes, so that's what the Old Testament sacrifices were about the appointed to head to the true sacrifice of Christ when he was sacrifice is no longer any necessity of sacrificing its.he's the one in the true and final sacrifice. Jesus Christ okay make sense and wanted to quit being a loving Lord takes away the blood represent his life in the Jewish Scott Youngblood represents a life in the blood drains out. The life is gone, so blood in the life of animals that blood leaving the body symbolizes the death it's the death of Christ.

That is our atonement where our sins were placed upon him. First Peter 224 and he died with our sins and so our sins died with him.

And so it is said that his blood which are businesses.

Life cleanses us, the blood is that is just a metaphor in a sense it's real, but it needs is a symbol for the total sacrifice of everything the Christ is not the blood of Christ cleanses that sacrificing the cross where he bore our sins in his body in the cross and suffered in his blood left his body drained out is called that sacrifice and this is representative in the Old Testament, which prophesied the blood sacrifices to come to life right yet.

Then I thought okay God bless you. Leviticus 1711 says the life of the flesh is in the blood and this is why the blood is is said to be that the life of the flesh is in the blood. Alright so let's get to Michael from Tennessee Michael welcome your on here. I'm not are you find anybody.

When he got good deal with them. So for quite a few years. The order website, then an incredible health research and witnessing hopefully a quick question, trying to get better at ecology have a question in reference to Revelation 13, three now that the antichrist is his slain fatal wound was a beast to step the beast and I'm reformed in my theology and I know a lot reformed theologian believes that I the antichrist were to be it in reference to Emperor Nero, but I was wondering is likely about that passage aimed at all. One of the head and that this had been laying in the fatal wound was healed.

Is that also in reference Nero something separate, something separate, partial, prearrest, and what you're saying is that Nero fulfilled the technological representation of the antichrist at that time I kinda suspect that there's a beginning and an end to take a piece of paper goes Rorschach blots you know they think that you just take Ankeny fold paper nickel back of escapist is bilaterally symmetrical thing.

What is that whatever is kind like that with the Old Testament we see the creation of the heavens and in the earth and the Newton Genesis, but we can see the creation of the new heavens and new earth. In Revelation, and as you fold the pages back towards the center crisis at center when you see that others persecution coming now. Nero was a type of persecution of the time of Christ because he murdered countless Christians use them right from upon logical notice, but he would have his orgies in his is food a gluttony fasts, and it would take Christians strip them they could put tar on them raising up on posts light them on fire to two like there are banquets and they would do so.

The Bible talks about the beheading of Christians in the great's massacre to come and we think that's probably Islam.

Islam is aggressive, evil, dangerous and indirect so the antichrist here. The fatal wound I believe is he's to come because it says in Zechariah 1117 Michael Hennessey a boat ride that got mad, like why call 77077 alright now, in Zechariah 1117 whoa to the worthless shepherd who leaves the flock. A sword will be on his arm and on his right. His arm will be totally withered and is right I will be blind.

So some believe in.

I am one of them leave that that's one of the descriptions of the antichrist to be injured, and he will, so to speak, rise from the dead, and as he imitates the true Christ. The wound and resurrection, but notice what it says is right. I and his arm so it probably is the right arm, but his right I the right has a symbol of authority.

And so it's kind of interesting.

What that means but that there is also Dan 1137 he shall show no regard for the gods of his fathers or for the desire women, nor will he show regard for any other Godfrey will magnify himself above all, is consistent with the antichrist as well. So looks like it might be homosexual and boastful.

Daniel 78 and 21 I was kinda putting the horns will hold another horn, a little horn came up among them, and through the first horns were pulled out by the roots before to behold his long possessed eyes like the eyes of a man and a mouth uttering great boasts. I kept looking in that horn was waging war with the saints and overpowering them so there's more but also always talked about there with Revelation 13 three so you are right that that pretty helpful read like the left behind area stucco and father very entertaining obviously not something. Actually got a lot of theology from correct. Thank you very much.

If I were you I'd go to Carmen check out an article you want to agree with that but it will definitely cause you do some more thinking in the article is titled the two ages two ages in support of a millennialism take a look at that and sidled you will be scratching your head a few times and go to Carmen look up issues on the antichrist see some of the articles and stuff like that.

Okay, that right right now will get less but okay, that was Michael from Tennessee and let's get to Hunter from Arkansas hi Hunter, welcome you are on the year eight. Reconnect so been writing a book on emotional intelligence. I wrote on David: Job and so my question is other than where God way ability and power without purpose behind your suffering already. Well you know it's God who initiates the issue when he says Satan see Joe my servants and seal ability as wonderfully as this challenge goes on. And of course God is vindicated before the evil one, but also it looks like Job which liquids are some of trivial treaty annoys me trivia information that the book of Job is the oldest book in the Bible was written first psychologically first and that you Genesis it was beginning but it was actually the oldest book in the Hebrew met another Hebrew. So anyway, it looks like the C4 challengers to his sanctification before God represent different philosophical views and I forgot the name of the guy told me this and get I've got a book I get a read on its pathway recently and the economy later and so it was very interesting.

He did the analysis on and I think would also Job is about is God owes us nothing blessing comes from God. He can take and he couldn't give in their eyes are to be on him and we should never blame him for any wrongdoing I think is pretty much a solid thing in that book. My wife has a great deal of medical problems and she I'm certain she really does so much so that I've asked her to consider writing an article on Carmen and listing the problems of listing stuff.

What it means to be in a place were so many things are wrong and you are trusting in God and she's kind like Job in that sense, because she is doing that and she's a trooper so sometimes those of us who go through sickness can better minister to others and I'm sure that Job seeing what he did know really what he did and in such is helpful to us as well.

So it's a benefit to us and ultimately it points to Christ as the one who will ultimately take away all of our suffering because this is the result of sin, Job's Josephson Rocky, but else in the enemy of the gospel so others like there is okay. Good. I think I bluff my way through that one pretty well. We think of a country: "I believe, why do a lot of people.

And plus I have an arrogant kind of a left eyebrow. I can raise one saying it and that usually adds a few points to believability and, how believable that I have it on the phone but in part as true as joke with my can overcompensate my last name so that that's why I goblets on all right okay the folks we have the three of the lines I would recommend you give me a call if you have a question 8772072276J from New York, J thank you wait so long.

You're on the year that you think you go you been buddy great great great crack Mark Mike right with the right lower that you really really struck by the way, the last and a lot of other quick you had a guy who needs to have a lot of questions answered.

My wife taught you learn about video, you know what you will hate me and email me email me will exchange phone numbers of him talking well because you get a great sense of humor. You laugh at all my stupid jokes images a lot of laughing I got married life wife and my wife to get together and stare each other but before that's probably my husband. I could be that this would happen if we could just sit and watch you know while Nikki sandwiches right quick. My think would be rather that I heard the end of the universe with black Quaker bit of other people. They were arguing with a friend of mine about the depth of the creek and before quite how I have my I want to hear your take on it like an Christian. I think particularly attacking was in a topic on the nation, but they were trying to take Christian and those who are not what I would like your response and whether doing is kind of working with definition of Christian in a different way different contexts. One way we can save a Christian is someone who is elected and has been redeemed been regenerated less a true Christian. Then there's the loose Christian definition someone who professes Christ was a similarity to is called the invisible and the visible church, the visible church you go to church cc.

Let's say you see 200 people there. That's the visible church.

Now how many of them are really saved. Let's say hundred 90. Let's say that means is 190 true Christians was a true Christian someone is regenerated and blocked by God and what we do is we define Christianity doctrinally.

That's different than defining what a Christian is a Christian has to abide by the doctrines of Christianity, Jesus Christ, God in flesh to Trinity virgin birth, justification by faith alone in Christ alone and things like that but a true Christian is someone regenerated indwelt by God.

That's what we would say true Christians. The other thing would be yeah you find hold on everybody email me the right folks, we write that we have three lines you call 87720776577077 charismatic sling back to J. J. Right.

So yeah you another question regarding the five talk about.

And it gives you a little thing not have evidence of Beltway in right field. But currently, one could argue, okay, well great in a nonbeliever outright deny Christ love to hear your out spot.

You are to get the incident with the fruits. There's singularly Greek and so it's it's like saying the one for the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness. So the spirit of God, can a nonbeliever show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness.

They feel as yet they can they can do such things, but but he says now those who belong to Christ, have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. They do that well now they don't because they may use those nine things listed there as a benefit in their lives, and partly because a lot of gutters on the heart and being the image of God, there still suppressing it. The truth of God in their in righteousness Romans 118 talks about this so they are not living by the spirits. They are being moral and moralism is death moralism says be good because being good is good for love because love is good. Be joyful, be peaceful because peace is good and be patient, etc., not because the blood of Christ is cleansed us from our sins we belong to another. We belong to God, who bought us acts 2020, so they can manifest these kind of things, but it doesn't mean that in any way shape or form their redeemed because the fruit of the spirit, the Holy Spirit is with the believers, the true manifestation.

The true act of love because how would an unbeliever know what love is. We do we see that manifested on the cross within what true joy is will because God loves us and died for us and for gave us. We can have joy in any situation and circumstance and could have peace knowing what's coming is by God's grace etc. but what might a nonbeliever have they might have well I love myself and I love somebody if it makes me get something they might have joy. You know, through alcohol to something else so they can have these false manifestations of those things are not truly biblically based in Christ to write one last thing you repeat that email like that you affect to score the bottom of the current website because I know your IQ is not real high. But you can never carve and so that the bottom it's at the bottom of the page should be coming to get it right. Maybe I got it wrong. There's no there's no we don't know you will know of things the contact list contact contact Matt slick you get this and haven't clicked on the bottom is good in the right was good. Every other day heretic also drunk I got collective WSJ all right, something that was J talk to just Jay's great we just get along with two we both have things that are mentally wrong with us but we in your recovery. Okay, let's get to Elijah from Winston-Salem Carolina Elijah from North Carolina all right. I don't think Brad Lyons yes, quick question, I would speak English which I was speaking with people the other day and they had a funky technology that I had never heard of before, and they couldn't give me any information on where they learned from other than that they the Bible. They said a lot of things that made me think they are in some sort of scope but anyway the eschatology that they believed was their story said that people they on a and then halfway say there's to say but during the 1000 year millennial reign. I know that you know predispositional thing, but that those people would be punished for a thousand years. Then they get to be the only thing I could find online relating to this person called watchman Nee Wiseman Lee called the local church ministers of the age I'd never heard anything about it but have you heard of anything.

The type of methodology offered variations of it is Mormonism. Some forms of Christianity in Christian circles TP don't teach that there punished for thousand years. Though I can and all that. The problem with being punished for thousand years and then being released into the kingdom of God means that you can your suffering. According to the law and your earning your salvation based upon your own works of suffering a court of law which is condemned all over Scripture and witness Lee watchman Nee. I guess they way from the ice to live in Southern California and went to their headquarters and the first one headquarters and one in and had a very pleasant conversation with someone of their elders, and I thought I was doing, interviewing, researching, and things like that. Very helpful, very polite and I got some books and things like that and I said I'm an apologist and this is what I do write about things and stuff like that. Thank you very much.

Shook hands and went home. I got a letter a few days later thanking me for thanking me for the visit. Like I said get your your newsletter. This letter was really interesting because it talked about how people would write bad things about them and how they would sue them and said we know you're not like that but we just don't think you for your arrival etc. etc. it was a flip failed very veiled threat was so yet in their aberrant in several areas and has been so long as it had to deal with them.

It's been 20 years, probably second to much about but dog I would recommend you know anybody want witness Lee watchman needs to stay away. What would you say to someone who you talk to supported technic outs regarding the no thousand year basically will either doing good work. They told me is not for the glory of God. But for their own glory that they will reign with Christ during a millennial reign. That's just us laming heresy. Flaming is that their own in the Scripture Romans three Romans 45 justification but have long decreased Christ alone.

Things like that show children that they don't know the issue of justification. Salvation. And then I happen to know they teach premillennialism and I happen to know some verses that will mess them up and show that the millennium is now.

That's usually not prepared for and you know Matthew 24 Luke 1713 to wage model, which is what Jesus and Paul the apostle thought the stuff is not taught in very many churches today.

The reason is because the Scofield reference Bible back in return. The 1900s became popular and it became. It had that dispensational premillennialism it and that's what became dominant in America just because of that was taught you what I will do with those heavy premillennialists. I don't care if every female I don't care I can argue with them but with its occult or cultic stuff, and I will bring up the mill stuff and use it took to really know but from a chronic prybar in their theological cracks, thinking that listen to your show for a long time for some of the recalled and appreciate thanks appreciate that people listen, bless you sir.

Take care right. Let's get on the phones with Robert from salt lake city Robert you are on the air just found you on the radio and I'm sure glad I really like today just tell me just today and I thought I got a call and I got a question okay.

We got Matt.

Here's my question. There are churches today" organization that belief system, all you fellows that when we die we go to some holding place for a period of time, but to me as a Christian who believes every word in the holy Bible that goes against the teaching of the Bible because the thief on the cross was told by Christ, but today they later next week. Today you will be with me in paradise. Moreover, Paul the apostle to be absent from the body present Christ.

So where are they coming up with this holding place in all this math tradition and false teachers because when we die for Christians to go to the Lord.

What you did what you quoted. Second Corinthians 58 that's what we go and the unbelievers go to a place of torment Mark 329 2546 there's currently torments and the pain and suffering for those who rejected the only offering of salvation so the Mormons for example teach a thousand year purity where they can go to holding place and they can be perfected and come up into into the terrestrial have been so stupid anyway and the Roman Catholics teach daringly that the purgatory or limbo of these places that they go to in order to be purified made ready to be with the Lord so their own sufferings kind of earned something the leader false doctrines from false churches is what oh what about the brothers. Some people believe in Christian Circle the chosen people will will have another opportunity to throw it away. Bible says in Hebrews 927. It is appointed men to die once. After this is judgment so the Jews they still are.

The covenant people of God. Romans chapter 1124 to 26 talks about this guy is not done with Israel. But if someone is as Israeli organs is a full-blown Jew dies without trusting in the Messiah there lost a person's lost. The only way is through Jesus Christ. So anyone who would say that the Jews can be saved a different way other than Jesus is teaching heresy.

It's really bad okay so the Jews need Jesus like anybody else does Jesus as the way the truth and the life and nobody come to the father but through him. That's John's 14. Six. The Jews are necessarily condemned if they don't I trust in Christ all so appreciate you wearing this, I get it will praise God when you keep listening okay people inside here will all right goblins all right as you begin to John from Florida will have not less than a minute we got 40 back about rough regarding public quickly went to comfort her father on an epic talk about her father about the birth father yes grapple the paper work, with her father, Jan, just jumping really fast. Yes, the church fathers as they used to guy over Scripture.

So tomorrow bless you time and by God's grace. Another program by the Truth Network

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