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March 2, 2021 3:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 2, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include----1- Matt discusses social justice, secularism, and the increasing power of the US government.--2- Is the sabbath on Saturday- I have to work. Is that a violation---3- What verses do Catholics use to support apostolic succession---4- If you're praying for something for so long, how do you know if God is saying -no- or -wait----5- If there were aliens, like bodies found at Roswel, what would that mean to the Christian faith---6- Is Jesus in heaven with a physical body-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a map what Y rises called to respond 77207276 Matt slick all right what were born. All all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276. As always, when using that number for long time, years and years. All right, so we have no new colors waiting right now so full-time a little bit centrally with the Israel trip are still doing it.

If you are interested in checking out the Israel trip you want to go to Carmen Israel.calm and a lot of information there to check it out. I'll be going on.

My wife probably be going and devotionals have an archaeologist going with herself for three out of the 13 days as can be great. I got before me just tell you the bus ride is great and the hotels are great the food straight seriously, does not make it up. It is a lot of fun lately do a good job and not really enjoy.

So that sounds interesting if it sounds like a good time going to go to museums inside of the Jerusalem you want to walk through Hezekiah's tunnel.

You want to go to the Dead Sea of Masada ride a camel. What see the real Jesus walked on the Mount of olives go to different places of going to Bethlehem drink on the well that Jesus drank John for the woman was there I Jacob's well where Abraham and Isaac were when I met Isaac's wife to be all that kind of stuff. There's a lot of great stuff if you're interested. Carmen Check it out all right so we have noted waiting so I've been doing a lot of research and writing on on social justice and as often is the case I'll work on a topic of research on the topic and a lot of capital do is all study a certain aspect of a topic in all right and that narrow aspect go to another narrow aspect and right on that log another one in red on that and so this way productive through my studying methodology, but what often happens when I do, that is, as I study the particulars of targeting a broad picture of something that I start seeing this overall we could say is the framework and that so that's happened with the social justice issues, and I see the overall framework was going on. I see how it blends together.

I see the problems it has. It is a dangerous thing.

I'm writing an article called the new society is not a term referring to, but use but it deals with the new construct of social engineering that's going on in our society day to be moving it towards a secularist society. Let me just tell you that invariably that whenever I see this the more powerful government becomes the more secularized becomes the more secularized it becomes more oppressive that it becomes.

And those who stand in opposition to its secular monopoly must be silenced so that means a Christian will have to be dealt with. The state cannot retain his power and we have the populace's submission so social engineering has to occur at an exact worker and I'm seeing this with the issue of woke cancel culture intersection analogy to the promotion of racism. All these topics that are just so prevalent all the time they are used as a prybar to a separate people and then to insert solutions into the gaps that they cost so you have nothing to say there aren't real problems in our society.

There certainly are, but the solution is not found in secularist ideologies found in regeneration found in the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Lord God, who died on the cross and three days later physically rose from a debt that is the proof of the truth of who Christ is and what he's done on that cross. And if you don't trust in Jesus, you don't put your faith and hope and what he did and that cross for the forgiveness of your sins and you will face God on that day of judgment to face him without an advocate is like facing a bad lawyer and you can defend yourself and that you don't know the rules.

You don't know how to do it is was going to happen the day of judgment and I just want everybody to believe and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ because he is the way the truth and life that becomes a father but by him. Ultimately, in my opinion all of this secularization is a demonic work in the spiritual realm to war against the people of God and the truth of God's word.

Just as Jesus says those days we not cut short. No flesh should be left and Matthew 24.

Read about this in 17 builders a lot of fun stuff coming and eschatology is the teaching study of end times and I know a lot of people teach a real bright future. Sorry I don't do that, pessimistic on the linear list. I teach something called depressed cryptology and I teach that things are good, better things would get worse overall. And I know that because the Bible says that you must be an apostasy before the Antichrist comes.

So that means that basically the Christian church to fall away, moving to apostasy. We are already seeing this happening now we have four teachers on TV like Joel O'Steen, Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Meyer of Beth Moore are teachers who don't know what talk about a lot of areas and teach heresies and because Christians are largely ignorant about biblical theology, exegesis and issues. They just get her tickled and they believe and unfortunately, this is the way this people like myself who speak the truth and stand against the opposition of heresies are not looked upon with favor, but often with malice because who are we to judge who are we to say who's right and wrong and then the judge could buy her own feelings of sentimentality, not submitting to God. This is the case. This is how it's always been. Go to Genesis 3 see the first words of Satan. Did God really say so they don't really want to submit in totality to the word of God. It must be supplanted in place of it, not only in the secular rule realm, but also the sacred is happening more and more that feelings and desires sentimentality become the means by which Scripture is to be weighed and judged, accepted or rejected.

This is a problem within Christianity. I don't teach like that. I teach the truth of God's word and I'll say things like this if you don't like I'm saying turn the channel.

I don't care if you want to hear someone who believes the word of God and trust the word of God and will tell you the word of God continue to listen if you want to find some little tickled your ears a two-handed Kenneth Copeland and Benny and Mickey feel good weather asking you for money. All right hey folks, I have three open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Sean from North Carolina, Sean. Welcome you on the good evening that I like. I'm fine how are you good I have a question regarding the Sabbath day. The Saturday and I've been pondering over that while I work on Saturdays am wondering whether I highly thought that you not now you Christian yet okay so according to Christians due to biblical theology. Romans 66 and Romans six, eight, that if you are in Christ you have died with Christ was crucified with Christ.

Romans 66 as you crucified with Christ. Romans six, eight, so your crucified you died with Christ is what it says is called the federal headship that Jesus represents you on the cross so if you died with Christ. The Bible says in Romans 712 for the particular verse four.

He was died from the law.died is freed from the phone. The law, so if you died with Christ, you're under no obligation to follow the law because he was died all alone so the Sabbath is Saturday with the Lord's day is Sunday and the Lord's day is used in the Scriptures as a day of worship and infinite revelation also says in Colossians 216. Do not let anyone acting as your judge in regard to festival days which are purely or new moons which are monthly or Sabbath switch weekly leasing or shadowing things come. Romans 14 one through 1230 particular verse five says one man. Regards, one they love another, another regards everyday alike. Let each man be fully convinced of his own mind.

So what the Bible is teaching us is that you're not under the obligation to follow the Sabbath law you're free to follow it. If you want your free to worship on Sunday if you want your free you consider everyday alike or you can hold one they love. Another because you have died in Christ therefore you died along our satisfaction.

Pleasing God is not due to our keeping the Sabbath, but because what Christ has done because we love God we then want to love our neighbors. Well, that's were called to do the love God with 2237 and love our neighbor. 2239 and this are these two things a summation of the law.

So if you love God and love your neighbor you will accidentally fulfill the rest of the law, you're free. Okay, you're free. Else, if you were not Saturday cutting today date. You begin the day.

What if somebody works you know if this stylist lets us a little, five days a week to have Tuesdays and Thursdays and he is to be Wednesdays and Thursdays off and I can't go to church during on Sunday and so they find a church that on Wednesday night Bible study and that's with a go to church is a fine of course it is a big deal, right okay you know I did that with wondering… Life you love them so much.

But God bless our right to bless the result is a good idea to have a day of rest that God knows we talked about. So on Sundays I try rest line because it's just wise if I don't rest of that particular day, do I feel guilty really free to be able to work or not work, just rest because when he to do is get a Mike from Connecticut, Mike welcome you were on the air. Hey Matt, just wondering do you know any of the liver that Roman Catholics used to support apostolic you go to Matthew six on optative that started it for you. Matthew 1618. For example, upon your part. You are sitting at your Peter upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not overpower it. So this I see there you go apostolic succession.

It doesn't say apostolic okay yeah so the user versus things like that and the laying on of hands and forgot what that verse is and by the presbyterian things like that of Titus chapter 1 and furtively timber three the try and use those as well. And the reason they did was because the Roman Catholic Church wants you to find salvation in its doors inside its buildings. Along with its authority with its church history with its tradition with its sacraments, with its proclamation of whatever gospel message of Mike teach so the church functionally takes the place of Christ in Roman Catholicism, which is why they want apostolic succession so they can claim authority to be able to tell you what you need to do and believe in order to be saved can Roger and the quick add on that I got like an invite.

Obviously not exit, and even obviously, the church in Galatia. They are already adhering to a false gospel but obviously her church must've been started by one of the apostles. So how can I a leader that's appointed by the apostles at night on them. I guess if you copy out with the cart both to be infallible and the only thing a false gospel know they don't see that the church itself is infallible unless the Pope is speaking ex cathedra, which means from the chair so popes can make mistakes bishops and cardinals can all make mistakes. It doesn't mean that the church is invalid on that logic, I agree with a singer true practicing the logic, I understand and that's correct, but they are apostate. It's a false religion and is all that said, because of rose again.

Anyone who believes in official Roman Catholic theology regarding salvation. Mary, you have more want to ask every now off that matter.

Thank you God bless the folks for the lines.

Give me a call 877-2072 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg back in one we have C4 open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 chemical let's get to Kelly from Los Angeles Kelly welcome running really quick question currently spelled wrong. No English out late and I know everything wait yet I know is to be $20 I can tell you. You see, that's what I have a 50 get you a really good answer not come on wow let's go put my place. Okay, so that's a good question know or wait are often the same and so sometimes with a no is pretty obvious and sometimes with the weights. This is the thing I remember you remind me of something I remember as a certain instance right. I had an answer I was praying very very very very very hard about a job and I could get a job admittedly got a notice in the get to offers in one unit, with a wink and a couple of days. I decide which one is to go with one job was lower pay, but permanent, and the other one was higher pay, but not permanent, and for some reason I decide which one because a higher pay.

One might lead to permanent but did you know remember making decisions and asking God and it was no definitive answer. And I remember praying and praying and and really wrestling everywhere. I was in my car at a certain parking lot of a grocery store to certain corner just praying and asking God, waiting for the answer and no answer, just kind of came you know some indecision. I'm going to make a decision and pray I'm going to make a decision and get one of those jobs and I did I pick the one nth of all weird things happening. I just never felt good about it and handed it to continue the job that was temporary with more pay and that turned out to be the better choice. So sometimes a God is he wants us to trust him and his so to speak, not blindly walk forward because her praying, trusting, or asking for conviction in our heart.

Some celestial sign opening up you know the neon thing in the middle of the sky take this job and on and close of you think is when needed this now. I so what we had to do is is by faith move forward because sometimes the will of God is not to know the will of God, which forces us to trust him because think about this. If we had an answer. Every time to print you know about a first look at this card would not get the card I moved it would not move there. Whatever it might be we get this all got deaf. I do this do that do this well not this to negate that whole possibility, but where's the issue of faith where's the faith that comes in when we are trusting God beyond our ability to understand and were trusting his providence through situations. He really does want us to use our wisdom to use our gifting's and make choices and monotonically trying do them make wrong choices.

But God is sovereign through the lifetimes of choices are good choices. We don't even know it from. So either way, we can move forward and have faith and trust in him that the right outcome will manifest. And if we don't have a direct answer it tutoring know or wait there were not sure which it is what I say is move forward at the doors close. Stop if the open continue to move in. If you don't know, left or right. Pick one and then trust God through it as well, that's that. I do get my wife does a man thank you and I wanted the same thing. It obviously didn't work for her.

Okay, it's you not all yeah you know me at work to get her but for her didn't work. She got me so this 50-50 chance okay. I remember that okay I Harare lab I okay all right folks for open lines on the love this next call Oscar the great affordable lives 877-207-2276 call okay, let's talk. Adam from the morning I would welcome your on the good. I'm fine how you we got man fire not not to bad output, but I have I have been concerned.

I've been listening to you ever heard of it.

The astonishing legend podcast on modified and I really like it I like I like to hear a lot of the things they talk about that talk about unsolved crimes and that I think that the big thing but but I came across the line where they had found that the family had found that spiky metal ball that was like a bowling ball when it it almost came to be.

Then send can't and they had and as far as I know that this story is true.

I thought far as I can tell because one of the family members on honest podcast seminary are talking with the guy and she had brought up that she was with the scientist that this one time he was talking about the crash at at rot in Roswell, New Mexico.

I think that's where it is right you anyway that a scientist that said something about it. The truth came out, it would take a lot of people state and then it would ruin their dark view of religion and whatnot made me a Christian that kind of scared me a little bit because I mean, what if they did actually find somebody if they did find bodies, what would that mean you know it and and and all that stuff and I was kind of believe that aliens were not really real.

I suppose I mean I guided think that they work but I just want to know what you think about all this stuff and and if it's true what it does mean that but not you know well.

Just so you know, I've been studying UFOs alien stuff for a few decades. Not super in-depth. This is something like I just have interest in 1947.

Roswell occurred. There have been far more significant UFO alien encounter occurrences you phone counters and stuff than that, far and their real they happen. There are plenty of instances recorded on radar film from jet pilots objects moving the cancer I've explained, there are instances where eyewitnesses very reliable eyewitnesses on multiple witnesses have seen craft over military bases that happen in England and I think 1987 in Japan. It happened in Russia. It happened in most major countries.

These kind of things are there are number of early on I was to talk with us for a while.

Okay, because this is interesting stuff to put something together here before we can move into some more particulars. I remember seeing a photograph. I can still see my minds eye of an 1880s, I think it was. There was a crash of some sort, and these these two men were holding up a body and is a photograph taken was on a hill with the tree and his body between them was obviously alien. Ask him his proportions and how we speak. A standard see things long skinny things and it was just a photograph that I never forgot that photograph well. Years later I was just podcast about books if open lines 87720776. Be right back after this message is mats like why call 770727.

Here is Matt's way back to the show sound effectual music is all right with Québec and phones with Adam are you still there on there so I was listening to podcasts and I would often get 10 or 20 together and take a drive took a trip in this live lesson and this one guy was talking about how he had seen a picture and he described exact same picture that I saw I knew was the same one, and if the date and location of this picture. He said that your prior to that time with him. He found this picture and announce on a radio show. Prior to that, that he was going to go and go dig it up and see because it was buried on that hill that this creature, they vary right there and he got there and just been dug up and was signed was obvious. Some those listening to them.

They got this thing up whatever you know you hear things like this a lot people don't know that that suit the abductees for mailing objectives.

Doctors report not every type of report that they teach theology and the theology is we are all divine reincarnations. True, Jesus is not God.

There are physical evidences of of crash sites of material being found and the reports of UFO type things are centuries old. Even Alexander the great reported seeing flaming shields flying in formation in the sky apparently no Christians are ever abducted except for I've never got this from Chuck Mishler before he passed away. One woman who was a Christian was subducted but had good permission in order to be abducted and apparently there's a lot of evidence anecdotal evidence to say that when people cry out to Jesus during abduction for the abduction and so also that there are very interested you so that these say that the aliens whatever our very interested and sexual things. So this is the kind of stuff and there's more stuff I've heard in Montecito truth hereto for four different sources from different people stay the same thing. Propulsion systems have been proposed about the photons being placed sent in between plates that are Ångströms apart causing certain physical reactions and things like this, propulsion systems, you know, I've heard all kinds of stuff.

I've also talk or listen to tapes from new wagers who say they're in contact with aliens on a regular basis and then a list of the theology that they teach at the aliens at seven. I listen to so many things over so many years sober different angles that I've developed a theory and the theory is correct, but if the only theory I know that Mick explains everything. It is certainly possible because is enough.

Lehman Genesis 6 were the offspring between the fallen angels and women. Christian church always held the position to the 1500s. When I got ridiculed in a changed little bit to other Jews always held that position as well and inkjet and Genesis 69 it says no it was perfect in all his generations and ethylene were wiped out at the flood, but the service big breeding program seem to continue after the flood as well. Could it be that that is going on today and that's with the aliens arc is one of the theories has been proposed that maybe there is doing this and that they have longer lifespans and so they been working technologically and are more advanced and have this this so this ability to do UFO stuff who know know this is one of the theories it's out there and it goes on to say that because it says are great signs and wonders to be shown in the heavens, someone some Christian commentators have wondered if the UFO phenomenon will come to play and that will UFOs just come out of the skies. They were the ones who started everything, and they'll be an increase credible falling away of the faith. People say oh no, we understand will have great wisdom great abilities great technology to look alien all the stuff we don't know if that's the case, is just this is one of the theories postulated around Christian circles where these topics are our are discussed. So you have to understand something that even if that's not true with and ethylene thing.

The daemonic manifestations are are there. We know that angels angels could appear as people and we couldn't tell the difference.

The Bible says why can't the fallen angels do the same thing. Why can they take different forms. Is it possible that they can take different forms and produce technological equipment for a great deception. It's really possible is that what's happening. I don't know I'm just saying these are some of the possibilities that we need to be aware of. Within the Christian church and be admonished from the pulpit. These possibilities so that if somehow something like this comes to fruition, that we will be deceived and people will fall away and say all whirling this whole time. You see this worried me not know what I wanted that body about it.

Why, when I noticed at 5 o'clock and just that kind of statement scared me. I do believe in Jesus right and that he died broke again very direct again for my and the Bible should be more my foundation but is my foundation working on that bike will then but it just the thought of at that dock, Israel. How do I had like put those two together you know that you not just just so you know is understand Jesus did rise from the dead. What he said is true.

He said great deception is coming in the last days, we see that the great deception is already upon us, Roman Catholicism is a deception has is Eastern orthodoxy as is Islam as a secularism great deceptions. The sections of the now.

The truth is ultimately the denial of the word of God. These things are alive and well in a world, and the more deception is allowed to grading the daemonic doors open to more demonic activity can occur is not coprincipal, so who knows, your faith is via Jesus Christ, not in alien manifestations, which we may or may not know what the real authorship and origins are good I'll tell you magnetically.

It's not possible for life to form by chance a place in the universe any place in the entire universe to mathematics don't allow it. There's articles a deal with it. For example, the mathematical challenges of the neo-Darwinian theory of evolution. Then he issued mathematical probability or possibility of abiogenesis information structures based in mathematical premium permeability demonstrates that genetic structures cannot arise by chance and work that information structures embedded into them. It just cannot happen in life forms. By chance, so anything this manifested out there is is either created by God or demonic manifestation.

Thank you much RMM complex I posting a call for bloodlines 877-207-2276 we had one guy waiting on he went on with Matthew seven 2223 hung up.

You have nobody waiting right now I got a break in two minutes watching McCall 772072276.

Limited talk with the salient stuff little more now the only one whose postulated ideas like this, their books about this and that there's actually go to alien I haven't seen it yet that I've heard about it seems a pretty good alien to watch it cost a little just fine and will check it out, but literally I have listened to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours of tapes podcasts I should say on this topic. I've read many articles over the years on the stuff I dislike alien stuff you like the movie aliens I've seen 58 times.

You don't do stuff like that ugly And so this got aliens and it always automatically good movie even if it's not so appointed faceted by the kind of thing. And so, over the years I've had long discussions with two people on it and I had the opportunity wants to discuss in private with the top Christian you will follow. Just and we talked about various theories and some things like that and I offered some ideas. Some theories and pieces after they come up with two they don't.

We don't know they don't. If the ideas postulated about daemonic manifestations in imitating aliens know that that's true or not. We don't know what's going on. It might be willing to do if, hypothetically, live the Christian church to if suddenly there were these aliens that just landed in big ships. What would you do if you are a Christian and you saw this with this destroyer thing with Otis again.

We came from the planet. Whatever it is from the galaxy. Whatever. And here's our technology and we're the ones who have been here for hundreds and thousands of years and we're the ones who started Christianity and Judaism thought of miracles were the ones who did this and that all the stuff to all my goodness, look there it is.

I can see let would be judging. Truth by site by experience, not by the revelation of God's word. God understands Bible is God's word. Hey, we have five open lines, what to give a call to break the number is 877207 mass Y call 770776 here's Matt's way back everyone get on the phone with Otis from Ohio is welcoming on your lawn everything going good on man you know what a privilege it is Bill yes be to God's people give answers and stuff like that. You have great yesterday only had like 32nd to get the answer is there quietly question because when you expand that the one called Jesus in heaven with blackball or letter and all that in Corinthians 5 and fixing them.

Therefore, from now on we regard no one according to the unit don't get no flesh, yet now we know him thus no longer an Jesus phase in Revelation 211. Let listen to what the spirit that the church is because we know the one at the will keep their children that God is God's spirit know how it is there. He would be in enhancing with flash when Scripture clearly the Bible says that he is a man right now. Colossians 29 for in him dwells all the fullness of deity in bodily form Timothy 25 says there is one mediator between men and got the man Christ Jesus. Jesus Rosemond in the same body died and that was prophesied by himself and John 219 through 21 and also was prophesied in perspectives 1535 to 45 and the glorified body. Now when he Rosemond that he appeared to Thomas. John 25 to 28 and said put your hand into my side and your finger into my hands. This is not belief. So, the resurrection of Christ in his physical body is is clearly taught in Scripture.

The Bible says in verse 20, 1550 flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God but and John. John 539 65 it says so much.

I comforted nine men. Where is it I just had it.

Let's see flesh and bones. Luke 2439 okay so Luke 20 2439. This is after the resurrection, Jesus says touch me see my head to my feet touch me and see for spirit does not have flesh and bones that you see I have which interesting is Jesus not say flesh and blood, but flesh and bones of the term flesh and blood is an idiomatic phrase discussing just the basic flesh and it could be a good thing generally, but a bad thing. Also, I know I did not consult with flesh and blood, but is is flesh and blood cannot hurt to him of God.

Now I can understand also that Jesus sacrifice was a sacrifice of his blood right. This is prophesied in Leviticus 1711 1714 and also typified and spoke about the Hebrews to be first John 1739 the blood of Christ is what cleanses us of our sense is a propitiation in the blood sacrifice. So Jesus at his resurrection had open wounds in his body.

No scars, open wounds while you say put your hand into my side and the blood was drained out.

Blood is what cleanses us from our sins.

So I would like to say that Jesus has no functioning blood, no functioning circulatory system in his body. Now this is a little bit of a good lecture but he retained his crucifixion wounds. Therefore, at his death.

His heart had ruptured because it was speared and the area indicates he probably retained that there be no functioning circulatory blood system in his body and so he right now is in heaven as a man with flesh and bones and this is an essential doctrine.

You cannot deny this. Okay, this is one of the will to the will to fight for Plato in Revelation 1000. No one John was described in one like the Son of Man, got about the chest with a golden band. It is now white like wool, as wide as notifying that the Bank of David Daniel seven is people like fine brass and they got it find you white out what, if you look at Ezekiel 43 into you see that he will talk about the God of Israel, and how that he shown the earth showing with his glory and the and his voice with the sound of many waters, so his brain define person being described right here in the book of Revelation 115. This is the father. The father give the speech as the thought of God which I question I don't know. Are you denying that Jesus Christ is his God in flesh right now. You deny that he's not yet. He's not flesh. Okay, so it's not okay you claim to be Christian. I'll get you from a dock of the Trinity unclaimed and I am do you know there's no such thing.

Okay, do you believe Jesus Christ is God in flesh that he began dabbling the father became flesh, and the fact that flesh. He called it, that's a great one, not a Christian you, just tell you that you're not a Christian. Matthew can't think that because I can as I can.

Then I'll say: below is my shot hours. You're not a Christian. It will talk to you this challenge of informing you. I want your blood in my hands. You are not a Christian, you deny the true God to do the true Christ is what you've done now. We can talk about various issues without the Trinity. We can talk about who Jesus Christ is. We talk with his physical resurrection, which one would like to talk about and I'll show you the truth from the Scriptures, is a what about him God in flesh or his physical resurrection spirit that was in the body when you want you want to talk about which we went on.

In the flesh.

In the flesh nominal.

I said we will talk about his physical resurrection or his deity, being both God and man.

Which one you want to talk about the deity. Do you Christ okay for there's a phrase in the Old Testament. It says call upon the name of Yahweh. It occurs all over the. The Old Testament to its reference to prayer adoration and worship the Lord God himself.

Okay you familiar with this phrasal familiar with the call upon the name of Yahweh that well it's a phrase you can go check it out you let my website look up call upon the name of the Lord just type it in and you'll find the article that a great deal of research on you know the Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew of the Jews took this phrase call upon the name of Yahweh.

The Jews did, they translated into the Greek call upon the name of the Lord. That's what they did. So whenever the phrase call upon the name of the Lord occurred in the Septuagint in reference to Yahweh with me.

Yes, in first Corinthians 12 it says this to the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who been sanctified in Christ Jesus saved by calling with all who in every place call upon the name of the Lord Jesus.

Why would Paul the apostle use a phrase only of Yahweh God Almighty himself in and apply to Jesus and for continuing to. If he's not gotten as much. Why would he do that this is what I believe the author nobody called God that you can't do that you can't back that they reason you can't say he's the father. Because after harassing because of this we go to John 639 or John six 3839 for I Jesus speaking I've come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. Okay you Scriptures are written so the will of him sent me so who sent Jesus felt that God is really that for that business.

I that he's in it.

John 1244, 45, does not say we go that aren't excuse me out. It does not say you sent himself five canals in heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me was the him who sent Jesus. John 1240 answer my question plan includes the him who sent Jesus felt he said himself so that that's what he says at the will of him who sent me really means that he sent himself. Let John 1244 and 45 Jesus says he who believes a million does not believe in me, but in him who sent me. He who sees me sees the one who sent me right so what Jesus is saying John 1224 4445 is that he was sent and Hebrews 13 he's the express representation, executive visitation, the nature of the father.

That's why it says you see me singling sent me his representation of an exact way you have to understand the problem is a problem you can't answer. John 638 go to John 1244 and 45 which I can respond to me ask you something went in Luke 2242 Jesus is speaking says the father but he doesn't want or the cross is not my will but your will be done. Who was he talking to, not my will but your mind. Hebrews 512 that speaking at the whose will. Who was he not listening. You know you don't you don't listen to me you don't listen you will never live universe and I give you a verse to go someplace else you don't flow because you don't I listen look at the father spoke. I asked John Wesley and I asked you a question.

Luke 2242 boy father.

If you are willing, remove this cup from me. Yet not my will but yours be done to Jesus is praying to the father.

Is that not correct.

He is praying that up is Who's Who praying to father.

If you are willing to do this for me. Who's Who praying to as the depraved as the sunny spring. The father the fathers himself right there you go you cynically yesterday so you're saying to father Donovan's mask. So what you're telling me is that Jesus is in the garden spring.

The father wears the father in heaven and that the father that inhabited father the network. Also there's nobody in heaven. The father than athletic nobodies and back that up so nobodies in heaven right he feels Hallinan will in a minute.

You said he's in the flesh, but Jesus is our father who art in heaven, so where is where's the father is a father in heaven or solider neglect is the father told him he doesn't soak if commitment is the father in heaven know he's on or by why does Jesus say our father who art in heaven. Matthew six goggle is an example of how someone should pray, leaving the example of how should pray as our father who art in heaven, the father is not in heaven about John three when they think that even the Son of Man that kicked that came down from heaven was started Son of Man with you in John 300 sheet or something I'll I will ask you questions and because are difficult for you.

If the parent feels what and what I do is you ignore the Scriptures you ignore the Scriptures in unison. I do not know if you do ignore the Scripture I gave you the answer to.

You didn't hear a non-Christian cultist your one. This pen is not as you are not what you are, you would likely you are not a Christian.

I'm not a Pentecostal never been in my life. Okay.

Alright. I would non-Christian world. I am telling you this I am telling you this is not your show. I read the Bible with Alan.

Can we say: anybody look look like teaching.

Apparently what Otis would you like to have a little public debate with me on that. I'm sure will okay contact me at that kind of let's set up a debate will have a public that is set it up and running. I like okay hey sorry Randall, Virginia and North Carolina and Salt Lake City.

So Lord bless you guys some pictures. The Lord bless you is great hundred

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