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February 27, 2021 3:00 am

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February 27, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A brief discussion with Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries--2- What is your take on the Equality Act---3- To what extent am I responsible for what I do as opposed to the devil or God's decree---4- How does our understanding of free will affect our prayers---5- How would you respond to the Roman Catholic claim that Jesus left us the church, not the Bible---6- What is your view of popular TV preachers like Joel Osteen---7- Why do Christians seem to hold Jesus in higher regard than God the Father-

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A previously recorded mats like show wrestling. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive as hard as I more you have questions of our Bible doctrine Virgil Maxwell why Grimes is called 21 will be to signature with two 2226. It would hey, look at what you call all you have to do was dial 877-207-2276 and I want to hear from you if you're new to the show in Christian apologetics like to show something to be of theology and the try get down get people to understand the basics of the Christian faith is or why should not follow such false teachers out there more.

You know, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer see Joel O'Steen I name names and people don't like it but slick. That's what it was. So I stick with the Scriptures were to God. I don't believe in this relational knowledge stuff that they get on stage and the teacher Jesus went to hell and suffered and held onto their settlement. There is blasphemy stuff like this letter better teachers out there and also talk about Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian science unity behind Islam. We talk about all kinds of stuff love talk about atheism and I think that is it. We got to before the line to going to McCall 877-207-2276.

Also, it's what to say thanks to the people who were filling out the forms for the Israel trip to go on by God's grace next year in March and if you are interested in checking it out with more detail than all you gotta do is go to Carmen to forward you the right website and will be different website. Go Carmen or Carmen Israel one word and it'll just forward you to the website that Eric Johnson from MRM Mormonism research ministries. He is heading it up and arranging everything he's done it many times before would have a really good archaeologist on trip and I bides my winter but five years ago. He was with us and I'm telling you it is really worth it to have a full-fledged real excellent world-class archaeologist for three days with us at various sites pointing things out.

It's pretty incredible. I love it. So maybe maybe we'll get to go to Qumran cave one without a Dead Sea Scrolls, and over that last time will to do it again if you want to go check it out. Carmen is all kind of info there are three open lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Andrew from Pennsylvania and you're welcome here yet yet another show. I figured your the middle of a live show will happen to me like I hear you Mary usually nine point why I call you a jerk so people don't know. I would opportunity to gloat.

I got called in your program.

Very few I owe it to you. That is right ashamed you saw it and what is it into rapid port and he run striving for eternity ministries a good guy would consider for years, Andrew, jerk and because he had repeat for he's just outsmarted be buying lodges and debtors. We also place I get line ahead of head of the paper. Something is Artie paid for and others did all kinds of stories were he's just gotten big and so will you. I I've been threatening him for years, to find a way to get you back on the bike. So Thursday night you had your 100. So show on the apologetics life right Dragon 100 show and somebody had food delivered while you're on the air to your house. I wonder who that could have been what so is that with that while you were on this note, you can be my faith when I realized that I've been door – I write and other people and what was great about the show was I was on just to help you out and what you do you even know I did what he bought. The food was on its way in your city would hey Matt, tell everybody hi but you food all the time and you call me a jerk and so I'd like to play the parts I do play the part they had to buy called the sky to do is come forth.

It's about 1/2 hour later Shernoff. It got delivered and you had to accept it and the people who work there. In the video knew the story and they were on YouTube. It was glorious, so it would it would it would collect like it was very quiet of my client during the doorbell ring like there's no one name Matthew here yet throwing out the way and and so and you knew were smart enough to get to see what you know my wife doesn't eat that only leaves me to eat it. It would I admit I need some point you are going to win and I did highly if it took you nine years and I think that's right ever felt don't understand you actually went through the training truck on. You thought you were there, like in our book or can you make sure that you get the bill and I read it several still built beeping and then there was a time when you weren't feeling well and where McDonald's Utah and so I was able to lose muscle my way through and by my own lunch and the for dinner that night and then walk over the company cotton you and then lady goes paying card and go through and you're right there you just zip your thing and so well you got me there, but the guy took nine years, but I gotcha. So there you go, but at NII we said you know if you actually when I will allow you to gloat because I'm rubbing it in years that I get I could say one thing that Bill McKeever can't start the letter*because this all started years ago Bill McKeever for Mormonism research ministries.

Both live in San Diego back in 1/5, 20 years ago. I say Bill, I hope you don't, you lunch and so I drove down to pick them optimally.

We went to lunch and no and it happens you know we've all done it and so he kinda laughed and he paid no that we all haven't done that yet we have. You have it. So later might later: Bill, I said look, I owe you lunch.

Now you too much is basically soma. Can I buy you lunch it was okay and so I go down and when I reach my wallet. I realize I forgot it for the second time, I can still see his face, because I knew as soon as he realized about for the second time I'm there, you live it down. Sure enough, you so that's it, it's a running joke. What Matt was whenever people got together with Bill McKeever you and you would like.

Calvin hate help Bill me a lot.

That's why Bill had sent a bill that you own that slick alliance with the left so you worry, nobody took nine years that I got you and you is right was a sushi good. It was actually out of the young family. Where was from.

After after your affair, but the good in you, you got the numbers down is really good at beginning at show you.

You clearly know what that date.

You know what year it is numbers or are your thing to that's right numbers. My thing that is right. You have to get old. I'm getting old I'm getting a little older you are well thought II do. Thank you for the meal and I owed it to you since I called up making you if they explain the story I had. I owed it to you to let you gloat and admit it and I admit defeat you one month that finally gets is that it can't be that epic can't be epic so like that was so there you go. I got I got epic one so that you get well. There were there. What methods one in Home Depot over grill if you remember that when we notice the slight lighting tell you but there's another one I could tell you about a guy with a battery.

But anyway, we got college weight but with the stories well then, I encourage you keep soap if you know that is a thing that you could help combat or go to combat organ and help donate court there. Keep that radio program on the air. Good thing to be doing you if you get any value out of meth but live way to keep it on the airway is go to and support monthly that right. Thanks. Appreciate that all right. Have a good night.

I've been blessed. Right was Andrew hello nine years, nine years, but I got it all right 877-207-2276. Let's get to Jonathan North Carolina. John well, how did you hear about the real find of past and what he called it a quality and obey that Honda made it illegal to donate again and again there is in the bed in her thought that my granddaughter, Jan, Ruth, you can. Let's look out the fact discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Things like that happen right now. You learn about that right yet in it.

It's generally it sounds than the surface and then what happens is people like Christians and normal people get penalized for not affirming what they have.

I'm in have to do some more research on it I'm I'm doing an article now called gender equality and the pronoun wars so you engendered gently: no, I don't know all the other hand, there will far-reaching implications only job right Hotmail could identify the and maybe nude women, locker rooms and showers. This is very bad, I notice, and the this can cause problems in the these are the kinds of things you do if you want to destroy our country and on the dissenting a little. I mean if you want to destroy our country. This is what you do you get them moral walls breakdown gender walls you and you increase homosexuality and abortion, you open up the border so that the illegals can come flooding in. You destroy our economy without a virus that may or may not be necessary to shut everything down like that. You do all this to pass laws getting control the leftist media you have an election is not trustworthy and this is what you do and you start attacking the people who believe in the first Second Amendment and penalizing people.

This is the kind of thing you do to destroy the country. They want to do a great reset.

Why change us into a socialist Marxist platform with secular identity is secular morality. That's what they want to do their way. Is there any way I wanted to let everybody that's concerned about this and ask you how we didn't wait for an email to our center me I'm okay with. I wish someone would put that if they would do it if someone would collect the email addresses and you where you contact your Sprint senators and congressmen. I would put the entire thing up on the clan website and say here's we go that presently right we can. I don't have all the information I mean I got this essay I I've only had this a little bit of rest today been going and going and just a long time.

I know no one on the same a lot to do. I would do that research have somebody else do it so you hold vibrate is done and I'll be done. They filed for three of the mind to give us a call 77207 mass like why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg back for lines going to give me a call 772072276.

So are you still there John yeah so little more." Quality act will force employers to conform to people sexual identification perversions of various things and affirm them and be fired for not using the proper pronouns. For example, if someone's identified newborn males of the present stable yet the satiety if you don't need to be five I'm okay that I want our end to pray pray pray and how to get that to contact your Sen. because going to pass the house and it's going to be close in the Senate, and if it I come (skip to the deciding vote.

So I did this once happened though the population doesn't do their sinking and so they both these wackos in and get to come after us is not in stock thanks. I have no idea whose thing about this, let's just say I was at a job and someone said to me, want you to call this guy who's rudely named Bob to calm Susan down satiety and if I would've if I were to kneel down on one knee and say this is my protest against you. One of the people protest right is my free speech contest. Why not write you after I have the right and get out. No one woke about okay well I appreciate appreciate the platform. I bless you were in trouble or if you have a ready folks are going to be called forth in lines 877-207-2276 you know the show here talking talking more more about this kind of gender identity. The quality act intersection. Allie white privilege woke reproductive justice. The social gospel in 1619. Project Lincoln project of written on the Caesar on the current website uses social reengineering going on in our culture and let me just tell you which can happen folks. If it continues, Christianity will be attacked. Christians will be attacked. It will not be known that after being attacked very much because the leftist media won't raise the issue of the unfairness treatment that's happening to the Christians and Jews and others who hold religious convictions that were by the First Amendment guaranteed to be able to practice and that the Congress to pass no law infringing on the free exercise of our religion, so I believe God made man and woman Adam and Eve, male and female. Genesis 126 to 28. I believe that's how God did it. I believe that when someone goes against that by saying no you call me girl is a goat boy or whatever it might be. I believe they are going against the word of God against God's created order and furthermore they want me to participate in their denial of the truth of God's word so they're asking me to participate in their sinfulness and rebellion against God. I can't do that but yet I would be forced to comply to those words forced to comply to if I don't agree with them on religious basis. It doesn't matter.

There feelings are more important than the First Amendment rights of this is what happens when you get liberal wacko morons in power, then truth becomes shaded. Truth becomes no longer black and white, but it's kinda great and that gray area moves where they wanted to go and I'll tell you what will happen is at the end you will start saying something like I love big brother. I love big brother does you know what that means you get it all right. Let's get on the phones with Tom from Florida and eschatology to want call back, get your headline on the talk of eschatology. Let's get the order we will live abortion so you know for a call back about that was go there. The strike hit your friend what's I get you there.

Yeah, I'm here to kick your buddy, I'm a little confused on the safe side with you on this, but the Bible seems to say that that God decrees everything that happened so how much am I responsible for what I do.

How much of the devil responsible for what I do and how much is the degree of God responsible for this is to Fremont. This court yeah that's right okay how much that's it difficult to do because you can speak and say 40%, 30%, 20% to 10 this time that we can do is say that God is Ephesians 111 says God works all things after the counsel of his will. God works all things after the counsel of his will, talking to an open theist underscored last night and am treated like at first, but nevertheless, the idea is correct, they have to with understand that God is in control of all things, and nothing occurs without his permission, that with in causation. We have three different levels of causation have the ultimate proximate and efficient because the ultimate cause of all things as God decreed the universe created all the angelic realm is the ultimate cost. The proximate cause is the condition that precedes the efficient cause the efficient cause is me choosing to throw a ball in a wall that on the efficient cause of that action.

No one forced me. I did that I took the ball I stood against the wall and bounced back and caught it on the efficient cause of the barley thrown to the wall down and bouncing back and into my hand. The proximate cause would be that God allowed me to live, and builders built the house and things like that to the conditions that must be in place in order for the ultimate or the efficient cause of action to occur. The wall has to be there. I could be standing up the ball my hand and so will you get to the efficient cause. We understand that though God is one who created all things and he put things in motion.

We are the ones who bring about our free will choices and therefore were the ones who are responsible company, a government government decree or like a woman to get an abortion or like that article that she whoever can expect efficient with obviously the cause of the war we are accountable for student to create right will have to define our terms need to decree because her different understudy and I'm going to figure out yeah and so for example I would go to the Bible dictionary look up decree. Things like that. God God's eternal decree by which all creatures on 14th eternal life or death. That's an eternal decree and so when we look at some that would decree can just mean the fish I just had a disk backwards again so expressions of the will of God particularly describe the 17 century reform. Scholasticism or the ways by which God enacts the divine plan of salvation and history theological elements specific part of God decrees in the lecture hall of salvation is hold on the filter. The brake lines 87720777 max Y77077 charismatic sling back to the show is still there.

Brother Solomon would agree. God caused them to do that is used for good.

My my get all of that right right in different levels of decree want something permissive to Trina directed free, so a direct decree of God would be something he directly caused by his action. B. Light and it occurs in his permissive decree. Adam and Eve were created by God's direct decree, but is in its indirect career permissive decree, he allows them to send to us decreed that they sin by God's permission.

So some people want to say that ordination and decree mean that God causes them to sin, but he does not carry does not record the diktat would be responsible for my Mac try to get off the hook for any problem. I know I'm the one from a ghost.

In fact will be can go to is supporting Scriptures for this and for example acts four 2728 it says this for truly in the city there were gathered together against your holy servant Jesus, whom you anointed both Herod and Pontius Pilate along with the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel to do whatever your hand in your purpose predestined to occur. So God predestined that they do the bad things with such to do what your purpose. Your hand in your purpose predestined to occur. So Herod Pontius Pilate the Gentiles the peoples of Israel. Send in order to bring Christ to the cross and his answer the did what God's hand and purpose predestined to occur. Yet next to Luke 23. This man delivered over by the predetermined plan and foreknowledge of God, you nailed to a cross by the hands of godless men to put them to death. So the blame laying their feet because they were the efficient cause they were the ones who actually did it. They work for. They did because they freely chose to do it.

People then. So how is it we can be free. If God makes us do something. Give an example I use this example all the time is use it last night with her open theist, but he writes like this I can cause someone to do exactly what I want to do without violating the free will and is it is not possible for dissidents were at a table restaurant coffee place and having coffee and you're facing me here about 3 feet apart and I want you to look to my right, which is your left sliver moment I choose.

I point to my right look over to my right and explain what is that what you gonna do you look I've caused you to freely look to do exactly what I wanted to do but invite your free will. You freely chose to look so icy. There are levels like this with God, and even more so that he has the ability to be sovereign over so that we can be directed, and yet were still responsible. That's how it works for them about the devil… Anybody working now. I don't need any help from anybody for me to send.

I got that down what I'm thinking about me about you like, you know that you don't look like this court many many times.

But here's the thing is when they say that would make the statement. When I asked them if it means a God decrees maybe don't have free will, say show me the logical necessity of the work they say when God decrees something, it means he's responsible for sent ominously show me the logic necessity because there is not, they have to get to the point of what free will listed and defined what free will is you don't understand what free will is and then went define those terms and we define the terms they can see that there is no direct connection causation and and thereby culpability on God's part.

We are the ones held responsible, and if the Christians they have to accept. Acts 427 and X2 23 if not Christians. That's up to them to prove that God's decrees means that she's responsible for people send in heat and we aren't doesn't work.

I had many discussions like this with absolutely a lot nicer. Time God you look work great for your ministry closely. What thanks appreciate having to train young discord later tonight so it will just go Q&A going again will know enough red but keep the demo mode so I don't know I'll be there to hurt or not. Okay well sorry about that. I meant God bless. All right, I feel the lines 877-207-2276 is good to Monique from North Carolina. Luckily, Rainier given a 19 year I'm gonna crank and be clear that think the plan out my black fight had that conversation and not pose the question for you. You have thumping and extrapolated About free will and applications have it and you have a life which is relevant thing I think that someone who is actually enduring a long-standing affliction where we believe in God and where walking with an art enough noses carnival because I don't like like like that no tenable reason I'm on dial the habit from 11 years and I like my thinking on 41 never get married I got any help. Noted that McMorran possible.

The guy in the 20 year line to secretly God literally by myself and I'm getting on the word my client about the application of the free will of course back in the lead and guide.

I learned very early faith is not believing what they think outcome and then you're not great if you don't know what the fate outcome, it becomes that way but I'm having all the darkness the world in clear, dark, increasing even seeming building for craziness. The question of free will and how to direct my prayer might let my mind with great God has been a question for me that the work and you too willing to buy all in good thing like that.

If the grace of God is no good thing within me. But how to walk out immediate problem dialysis every other day even the date you don't effect if not there, affecting everything you're eating, sleeping whenever and if it all… Very impractical for the fact that I'm still actually bring greeting not possible to know how you like with direct my understanding of free will at all in my prayer at out they didn't qualify that. Honestly, even on the radio. They if I knew it would be pleasing to God. Either way, I meaning go back and get that you have a question and 11 like to get the light on every don't think they care.

I don't know what not probably articulate my question again and how what I buy my Andy free will of the proper understanding of free will to influence my prayer praying the will of God, not by oh and so then yeah what you do is you just pray I just say Lord I don't know what your perfect will is in this, but here's what I believe here's what I think. Here's what I sensors. I think I need and that it just pray those things and submit them all to you, but nevertheless not my will but your will be done.

I just pray the best of your knowledge and you ask God to direct you to guide you to answer the prayers and get affirmative that he wants to intrude affirmative and negative that he wants to answer negative your job is to spend time with him, praying and asking and seeking and he has a way his great mercy is great.

Grace is great knowledge to work things out and through us and through our situations need to be praying so if you don't know exactly what it is spring anyway and tell him I don't know exactly what is used, praying, and again the Year is not like I can hear God never heard before it get obviously more information, but because I know I've heard it dried out. What will really it out by giving eight and the fact quote who again I have no idea going beyond what you said but I do know that you probably dealt with nothing ongoing series sponsors issues yesterday does yeah but all that she had help… I meaning that I didn't want to at high demand truly want look at life would be the think Mark Beitler would abdicate the more credible person. I would think you even glean from any anything that they have some kind of credibility side living at night answering radically my wife. This is she's when Jeff and go through daily pain she's lost height because of scoliosis.

She's got osteoporosis. She's got she's had open heart surgery. She's got a pacemaker just got other things I throwing her stupidest husband. This all kinda stuff she's dealing with and she's so a godly woman a good woman and she is seeking to honor them. Okay big enough to break okay, Les voted for blind. If you want to give McCauley seven Van Slyke why call 770-7276 charismatic slave and area. Yes, I can bring your thought about the Roman Catholic day left of the church and not the Bible. He's simply working out of his idolatrous ideology because Catholicism the church is the means of salvation. Their official Roman Catholic Church with its magisterium and its bishop suits everything that church system is salvation, not Jesus.

Jesus is part of their church in the priesthood as part of their church, their church has the authority of the church there church to church so they say you know Jesus was the church not the Scriptures next just ignores first of all, of the church and have you heard that anything like that of the park. I feel like I've actually heard back from like Catholic answers like articles before the end of the month that it made the other day and it kind of reminded me I felt like a hurt or is with her doing is to say that he left us, the church, he met the mean the physical church their organization which they claim to be the true church descendents of that and says Jesus in the live assist me with the Scripture to want to see the church gave us a Scripture. So right take Jesus and then move them out of the way and put the Roman Catholic Church in place. That's how you understand Catholicism. It's oversimplified not entirely accurate but that's functionally very close. Is there church that has the authority there church that can dispense grace. The churches were salvationist there church is where you have to go notifying Jesus and salvation, so that's why they'll say things like he was the church that the Scriptures because we are doing this is submitting the Scriptures to their church. Its gigantic false religion okay to sister you not say cults but is now the definition of Coke was just an apostate false religion because of what it does and I was setting up for decades and I'm, I'm more and more convinced now than ever. What's that it's so great a state of damnation of any religion in the plan to restrict you. I know what it teaches. I noted teaches on those official documents and is not to say the Roman Catholics in the Christian in the Catholic Church were Christian is not to say that are true believers. There, but if they are true believers. It's in spite of official Roman Catholic theology which is antichrist.

I say that the boldness I say with confidence.

I say it with and I go to sleep just fine at night after having set is true so right.

That's what they mean by church. The church is about Jesus of those say it's not functionally it is as yet have the authority the church to interpret Scripture. The authority of the church to get forgiveness of sins authority.

The church Loblaw block. The church gave you the Scriptures are for you thinnest of the church is with the Scriptures. This is how it works okay right but it arrived got less money, arise out of. Let's get to Bernard from North Carolina. Bernard luck on the on the air but it got my how you doing all right, but one of those days busy and that's a good business phone equipment will are learned at the beginning of the show you whether the good ideal political like TV. After acquiring Joyce Meyer stay away from the she talked to Scott Harris and go hold me. Joel O'Steen teaches namby-pamby theology doesn't teach a depth at all and you know I would love to preach at his church course they would throw me out but he does not send mortgage Christians. He does know he's doing okay is Donald's and preach the issue of sin, the necessity of repentance coming to Christ with books like your best life now always doing is appealing to the sensibilities of people and tickling their ears.

I've been to his church.

I've sat through a service and I walked out feeling great because it was so positive and so uplifting. I felt great, but there was no depth in a window looking more like a motivational you will incur more of a motivational speaker and not a Christian theologian, not a proper prep pastor pastors are not supposedly motivational speakers. A lot of them want to be working people in the church because they think that they get more people in the church that are more successful in doing God's will and that's idolatry.

God while I know you think about Scarsdale leaving 5030 good stem is pretty good, now stem is pretty good.

Sorry. Good guys out there.

You know John MacArthur is good. TD Jakes can listen to because he's a mold list denies the Trinity, Kenneth Copeland said godly credit plan or some other planet out there that Jesus never claimed to be God Joyce Meyer subject to believe your to be true Christian irritably the Jesus paid the penalty for sins and hell is all blasphemy right this blasphemy, while very interesting, yet is right now. God bless. Okay I let's let's get to the will. Romans and free will. That would've been an interesting discussion with African lines going to give me a call 877-207-2276 coal from Louisiana you're on here that I let all right. Hang in there. We got the guy out okay so did you notice basically evoke the majority of a warrant out basically review of the limited in what they're confused all the lid they had announced that all religions are false except for Christianity and most Christians don't know what true Christianity is from Reiner Stansel pharmacy blocked right silver. That question. About their work with an acquittal of the note but no denial of alliterative or it will make leading a list.

If you have any truly fabulous. Then this may have misinterpreted scripted lot of people do that is called plan to get Jenna Paul Kraut stated that Hagan did that Benny handles at any hint couldn't find his way in the wet paper bag he so weak theologically does know he's doing is a con artist.

Your tickler now. And I and I had the answer I had the output to cuckoo to correct the religion the correct way to a Christian Bible through the cave. They voted best gift that the ordinary interpret any birds but I have a cane very very good with the majority of individuals look at the Christian religion that have health refers to the path than the level when you contract out if they make the kind enough to fit the cake out of the boat will jinx good Bible.

I don't use it, but is the new American Standard 95 version I make. On the 2020 or so no defense.

I like that doesn't have these in the house in it because of you.

Don't talk like that.

I want it to be relative to the people around me just as Jesus was. He spoke their language and speak something 500 years ago and then make people understand you sink your 500-year-old language so I want to. That's from today and visceral simple okay okay I hear, O daughter of the vertebrate. We got a couple other colors which we get get to the food industry. Okay buddy right call back tomorrow okay. All right.

Let's get to David from Virginia hey Dave, welcome you on here Dave. I don't like why yet politely give that great God and God, thank you and all of that whenever we talk about my grade given to data God.

What it cannot buy goods like the Trinity think God the father is God.

Any any candida or arts and I get that you will so my highly old likely hold is leading the church I got you theology and I regarding God.

The message you send the doctor the 22 for one God in three distinct I believe I've only done I'm a very young okay now rearing that's okay I would like you to do really have a couple of minutes and answer questions as briefly as I can, but I also want to tell you or ask you to go to my website see ARM okay and go to Christian doctrine section and start reading in Christian doctrine. Riker new Christian need to be grounded in the basics to learn the Trinity and who Jesus is and things like that. All right. The reason we focus on Jesus is because he is the one who walked with us.

She's the one who said come to me and I'll give you rest.

Matthew 11 2728 talked about this.

She's the way the truth and life. John 14 six were commanded by God the father to have fellowship with Jesus first contains 19 so we go to him and we pray to him as a church prayed to him for a first Corinthians 1 verses one into entire church. So it's okay to seek Jesus because he is God in flesh is to natures the divine nature and the human and he's both God and man. And so, as such is worthy of all praise, worship and honor and Jesus said in John five 2223. He talked about giving him the same honor that you give the father so this is why we can do you can pray the father and pray the something for the Holy Spirit because we are commanded to have fellowship with Jesus first print is 19 that's usually why most people will address Jesus as I do in my prayers. I have another reason for doing this well that help yet sure go to court website and and if you can look at those articles on the Christian doctrine section could have been doing this a very long time. I've literally had thousands of conversations on stuff like this. Over 41 years, so I must think I got it all down.

Hey, you know I write very simply, I get the answers right after go check it out and check everything I say good scripture because obviously you don't want to trust a guy in a radial with with slick unitrust of the careful okay trust the word of God. All right.


Alright man, bless okay don't member Tony got left. I think 34 seconds and from Durham welcoming on the air when he got fine. I got all the related doctrines that Christianity would all look bad because I will say it all on alt.Christianity. I have a cryptic book €40.09 call back tomorrow and we can proceed in a post by God's grace back on her long bless you

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