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February 26, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 26, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the right way to take communion- Who can give it and receive it- Where can you take it---2- I was baptized by a minister who later was found out to be in sexual sin. Does that invalidate my baptism---3- How does God use our circumstances- Can He use things such as difficulty in finding work---4- What is 1 Corinthians 11-29 referring to---5- Is presuppositionalism the only way to do apologetics---6- Is CARM part of a church---7- Regarding John 3-13, didn't Enoch and Elijah ascend to heaven---8- Is emotional or physical abuse grounds for divorce-

Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive are the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine versus a max what Y rises call to respond to your questions 072276 Matt slick wanted to give me a call please. Do we have five open lines 77072276 so I talked to the producer today at the show and ask if there are going to have a really big snowstorm coming tomorrow so I will not be live on the radio tomorrow and Friday. Don't know if it can be there another storm or not, or what. And people around anyway so long story short, I will not be on live tomorrow or Friday is not a big deal but just let you guys know that's the case, and for those of you who are hard-core termites and slick lights. Hope you can survive of four days without a really tough I know but so you can manage. My wife does when I go to the store. She barely gone is so if you want to give me a call. Try to fix the audio on this so you need to call folks five open lines 877-207-2276 and the I want you to call so I with the Israel trip. Elizabeth got more people signing up more people want to go. So if you are really seriously interested, please go to Carmen is a form to fill out and over disrupted registrations. So here are the new me that they have no and there's a good info on their ego love going and just found out that yesterday found out that we have for Joel Kramer.

He's a young an archaeologist and he knows stuff like goodness. The stuff that he says the stuff that he teaches. It is amazing he loves archaeology and I member this that when we went there.

He took us to a place where they have real old pottery and where there's an area of just junk pottery that they really don't do anything with. That's 2000 years old. He goes here take place go they can go and several.

It will take some samples and stuff like that and things I think school remember where a Jesus of these rocks would try out if it goeth he didn't proclaim the truth and we did. So what I did was last night I took a couple of pebbles so that I could say these are the rocks and did not try out. So if you can do that you to go there to come pebbles back from Israel as a Jesus Barraza did not cry out that Jesus is talking about right. We have nothing waiting on line which he may call 877-207-2276. You may have heard Rush Limbaugh passed away today and looking forward tonight to hearing stuff. Of the people had to say about them and I watched Hannity. I watch the Tucker Carlson and I think might want to listen in to see what they do it, how they spend it MSNBC and all those guys a syllabus with the other sides doing so actually like to do is is is I have like 10 to 15 new sources I go to some of them are leftist and some of the far right, and I like the ones in the middle and I like to get as much information as I can about things to find out what the truth really is about 12 I can find out and it reminds me what been doing for a while is sick as I couldn't. I've been the collecting articles you can go to Carmen and see this list of articles of media articles categorized by topic what you do is just going to navigation and just the news media articles.

Just type in news media articles in the navigation stripping and search engine, and though what I've done is suck categorized under the First Amendment second amendment cancel culture, censorship, and just articles where you can read articles titles are pretty good elects for example, you of Kamal Harris on one show resurfaces showing then Sen. joke about killing president truck you know it's important because Hank Trump was brought up on insurrection charges. So was Camilla hurst in front of an insurrection trying to sing that that your good luck killing the president.

Things like this and I got stuff on coronavirus on election stuff for heterosexuality even have a section called good news when on hypocrisy, immigration of the remote media of the police force persecution and religious persecution and social justice BLM critical research I've been categorizing these things even go there and check out the articles I keep adding to them.

I don't know this is good get back so them to do is eventually break it up somehow figured out then the big deal all right again.

It will give me a call 877-207-2276 we have four open lines of what you give me a call so we can talk. Remember the authoress of the week because of snowstorm stuff where the headquarters is for the readership and the back on Monday morning, willing, let's get to Mike from Raleigh, North Carolina might welcome you are on the air they pay out. I love the alert, but I'm glad I'm glad as long as you are also learning how to be irritating for your wife does. That's also… I can. I had a question about the communion the Lord in the upper in the past that they have a thing that happened for the protocol on the dump you make it, and all that.

I'm happy open light… What that means that if the parts yet. Moreover, it how Bob they advocate where community can only be done at like the authority of the church membership where you are communal, but that really out of… I will love that in that area. Sure. So what we do is go to the Bible for the standard, and we see that Jesus administered communion and easy to the disciples, nothing in Scripture that I have seen requires clergy being the only ones who can perform are administered communion seen on the requirement for that. If church says that they have to have 5C ordained elders to give communion with the city want to do it.

That's what they want to do if they say that's how supposed to be all churches are to show me that in Scripture because I don't see that in Scripture and so I am reticent about that, but could be called open open table enclosed table. This is a an interesting thing because so sissy do something here. Get this going and good got it so OpenTable is that anybody in the church can go and take communion. You don't have to be a member of the church or of that denomination.

Now that's fine. No problem except that it must be accompanied with a statement this is only for believers, those who trusted in Christ are not a believer.

No offense meant the right and that's okay and enclosed table means that you can't take it unless you are member that denomination or member of that church that kind of a thing. I remember back when little Lutheran college they had close communion yet to be Lutheran in good standing and so I went to the Dean, whose name was Dean so he called him Dean Dean and we talked I thought him. I said look, you know my Christianly civil gal said okay is communion for Christians. He said yeah nice it's what you're doing here it is free Lutheran college. I said, you're saying that I can't take communion because of my Lutheran is this biblical and you said you it's a good point. I said so you're stopping Christians from from the communion that you only want Lutherans that have recited better than us and you know, etc. so within thing a month or two.

They stopped at the closed communion thing they open it up positive for your believer and that's that was supposed to be your believer. If you're a believer you trust in Christ to communion and can of mom do it for their children at home. I don't see any reason why she could not see a reason why father couldn't do it at home. I just want I just don't see the Scripture you know me very biblically minded. Show me in Scripture, so I don't see any restrictions on this at all. As far as who can deliver here's a question okay let's say that there's an atheist who is a pastor and he's never told anybody that he is an atheist and this happens.

Our atheist pastors out there because they play the game but nothing right because it is wrong, but nevertheless, let's say the past.

The atheist pastor gives communion is the communion valid or invalid.

What would you say that I know the answer would you say this is quiz you want the court to get questions. So if an atheist of pastor would give communion is the communion valid or invalid. What you say I would probably not well answer is not. That's the go to options as is or isn't and that if it's just a guess and to go with. Yes, it's valid. The reason it's valid is because it's not dependent upon the man who gives it but on who would stand in the name and in the and what is done for and so that's all you see eligible hangout stuff like that is like his baptism valid. If an atheist doesn't help you know my product adequate.

I had another question about that found that what sure I would Thought long, and by minister of media hurt and eat with later found out that happier properly like it. Another one would that validate my communion would not invalidate the baptism of the building communion. The wording of the ceremony department at what you have to bet the baptism is valid. Valid. Okay the validity of the baptism is not in the individual who administers it, but in the ceremony itself that is in harmony with the teaching of Scripture. And that's it okay so I got itself is certainly valid.

All right. And if you try to be a pagan jerk your baptism is right yeah yeah what are up for rent but it is a big black YouTube God bless. All right, we have three open lines of you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Kelly Los Angeles County welcome here. You are quick about. I got thinking through and out.

That particular mat with the mind that I could say that, but it had in years. I've been praying and asking God to open up the door for me to have a permanent job. However, the only door never open like that minute I called at camp agency. Those doors open. I'm just wondering what you guys have been doing in my circumstances. Sovereignty improvident directly mold around and with working at all the different companies by that about me somewhere permanent job if I can be Wondering like what what is okay. I vote for the line 722 man sled. Why call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg. All right, sir.

Okay now I don't know that you think it's see all that right a big drink no drum roll rate Google thing is God speaks through circumstances. Sometimes what he does as he prepares us through things for something later on and you may be experiencing that you can find a job.

I know LA they're losing a lot of people in California, so you shall find a job you go to. That's right it.

I did the temp agencies for a while and that working for years and places, and I remember I tried to get permanent job in different areas effort after nose and ministry for a while and try to do a secular thing for debts and I learned how to do computers on how to do Excel. I learned how to do word and learn how to do security ever to do all kinds of things because I do these different jobs in computer security and then I found out later with money. This invention called the Internet came around I was well suited to tackle the Internet because I needed all of those things in place to build do the job and so sometimes we have to do is trust this hard part, but trust that God actually knows what he's doing now is stuff because he's prepping us a lot of times and in our memory. Once I signed a contract with God before I got married I still have it to blank piece of paper my name on the side of the bottom and put the date of the topic and is blank Lord you fill this in care what you put in this filament and I want to be used by you so I can remove my gut married and then moved a lot and I was praying in our first several years of said Lord is going on. I can't seem to find something and nail it down to build a surgical what's going on complaining a little bit politely whining morning. I heard a voice in my heart say that you sign the contract and yeah yeah yeah is phenomenon like this. This weird voice thing.

It was just like us impression it was strange and then would you sign that why you know I never printing a member is whole thing and I don't know I signed years ago. Where is it a long story short I went and found it took me long to find it and it was seven years to the day that I had signed was very significant seven years of the day I got back in my knees and I apologized to God for having any doubt that he was in control because he was just preparing me he's preparing you in your obligation. During this time is to trust him and do the best job you can at any and all of those jobs and you learn as much as you can volunteer for stuff and say I want to do this I will do that so people want to see the lessee ago getting attitude you learn. You go pretty soon. Something opens up and you're there and things usually make sense when you click back in and see that's that's what I would tell you that our tablet that I have been thinking because I take care of me certainly provide the is not like I never you know I like traffic hard times I have to break from claimant and Daniel get me right back working right again to get me provide anything I might like that you just let me know where permanent and fascinated by sovereignty, improvident. I learned it over the pandemic and young teacher out here in LA had ever taught me that I actually learned those words from apologist like yourself and you know about him that might help me with my depression because I would like now got it right over all of this providentially, you know, caring for me, and he knows everything going on in my lifestyle. Yeah, yeah, I just wanted track and thank you for that answer Holly thank you for your radio show Mac, you taught me a lot will by God's grace okay because if you person you really say about this today.

I like the people I trust the man name Matt Manningham site name on the radio never sounds good. It just doesn't sound that's right you take care and God bless you to go blue sky, but I write this up on the road to George in Virginia. The phone number eight 772-072-2764 open lines close to McCall's member will be off tomorrow and Friday because of storm stuff in the radial area out there, and so I'll be back on like Monday. George you there. My government, God bless. So we got the blessing well, by God's grace so I can say is so I listen to myself on the radial to a recording I would listen to that guy know it's people say it's alright though. My question regarding her current 1120 manual talk about, but for some and 29 028 and drink without discerning the body of Christ not eat and drink judgment upon themselves so what what is worth talking about and if this learning is he talking about when he to repent of anything to be holy and drink the well it's a controversial text. The Roman Catholics will stay the evenings. It is consubstantial. Transubstantiation and which I did not like to transubstantiation. The Catholic view was heretical so you can't mean that you would. So when it says this was in the context of cadences for whoever eats the bread and drink the cup into the Lord in an unworthy manner.

What is that mean so it would lead people back even further, I received the Lord delivered to you that Jesus was betrayed took the bread and broker took the cup, and gave it any assessing out to the swimmers of miso as often as you drink the cup, you proclaim the Lord's death until he comes. Therefore whoever eats the bread and drink the cup of the Lord in an unworthy manner, shall be guilty of the body and blood of Christ, so one of the things I read research on this decades ago that kind of stuck with me was the communion. Supper wasn't like what we do now. It's a little piece of bread and a little cup of wine or grape juice little bitty thing is to think you don't know they had meals and the, the, when Jesus broke the bread, it was a big piece of bread and they had common in one common glass of of wine or they drink the warning all separate cups this matter and so it looks like it's some of the people were going in during the communion time when there will be food, because that's what they would do and they were going to eat the food and drink the wine and have that bread during the communion for the purpose of just simply eating and so is one commentator that I read was echoed by others alluded to this kind of problem is unworthy folks for the month.

Call 77207 mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling, so would end if I want to know whether your customer is talking about.

My life where you drink my blood. I'm thinking alarm about what Debbie and I wore them out on unworthy manner with a mic might take that lady were the possibilities is that there's several I do an article on the sun, years ago.

Go check it out.

There are other possibilities that may be included because renting time, but the other one could be that you have to eat the take the communion it can't be an unworthy state now that that's very, very careful when you say that if, let's say that you know you've really got a problem with somebody they've wronged you.

You're just full of anger about it and you go to church and you want to communion will the Bible tells us to not do that to have come not to be angry and righteously with her brother but that will be reconciled and leave your offering. Matthew 522 talks about this so that's one of the considerations is so is that so sometimes I tell people is I don't like taking communion.

I don't like giving communion and what I mean by that is is like taking it because I have to make sure I get everything right. Academics from all confessed up and kept it up. I'm dealing with stuff in my life because it's a serious thing and that's what I mean, you know, I'm glad I always take it; thank you, and it's even more so when I'm preaching and teaching and giving communion. It it really sobers me up for days and days beforehand.

Knowing him to be doing that is just how it asked me because I want to be taking anything like that in an unworthy manner. I know that it's a memorial of Christ. What he did on the cross very seriously.

I'm not going there to eat to be gluttonous. I'm not going there with anger my court heart toward somebody or unconfessed sin or whatever it might be and so you the unworthy manner. I kind of putting in a lump sum and say is not a gluttonous thing.

I recognize a trip representing the sacrifice of Christ. I don't have any unconfessed sin or issues to deal with within myself before the Lord, or with somebody else.

So then I know is my snapshot whole thing.

There are number.

Thank you.

Hope that helps. Okay you okay go put little boy get a good job on one side with the folks Andrew from Ohio and to welcome you are on the air. Thanks Matt for taking my call. Welcome Michael being about a lot of pre-a lot a lot of presupposition with the apologist say that this is pretty much the only way to do it and I don't see any verses in the Bible that basically said that the default position to do. Please note the provisional apologetic on your opinion on that will presupposition list so II deftly hold to it being the better way. But you're right nothing. The Scripture says you have to do that. In fact, Jesus said to Thomas, John 2025 to 28. He said, look at my hands and my feet now believe you don't start over. The holes will start the holes so he presented the evidence is that believe based on the evidence in John assuming next 17 Paul recent with the people there and so he use reason and logic in order to show this is just the title to the unknown God. If you worship him in ignorance and he to use this in John four Jesus talking to the woman at the well is is you presuppose on injecting that were there that you worship God on this mountain, but I'll tell you that you worship on Intermountain's were supposed to be so he could just talk about the idea presuppositions and the Bible never defends God's existence is just presuppose it never defends the truth of God's word just presupposes so presupposition was him has a lot of power. If you know how to do it, but it could become very, very powerful and very good and so that's why I I use it more than the other thing I use the other areas to bolster the idea of presupposition apologetics and I can explain more if you want to know so there well I guess my question is, everybody I see any apologist, whether you having the burden of proof by let's say when I when I've argued with Megawati and I brought up his methodological naturalism you will change the subject so that's one of the 80th burden of proof. They have a lie is, of course, you have to have methodological naturalism that means there presuppose, in the validity of that argumentation system for epistemological reasons. What justifies that if the ground it got grounded one way or another is called a grounding problem. Here's the thing. The basics of presupposition was him not. That is just the simple, but it is a good basis is a good skeleton is that how many alternates are there in the world and the universe.

There's only one ultimate we mean by that, in the issue of truth determining truth what is and is not the can only be one ultimate source you can't have two ultimates.

Otherwise there is no single ultimate without a single ultimate you can't have any absolutes because if there's to ultimates with wooden doesn't make any sense. If there are equal and they would have.

How do you know that they are there, consistent with each other. For example, you can have an ultimate of God's existence and theistic evolution because one would say that God is the beginning, creator of all things theistic evolution would say that the ultimate truth about our our existence is that God used evolution to bring us to this place, those of the best example, but shows problems. So what I'll do with atheists when we talk about the issue of morality Elsik.

What is your I use the word terminus with your terminus for determining what standard by which we would use to judge whether something is right or wrong is what you're doing is looking for an ultimate and I'm using the word ultimate.

Sometimes things were terminus. I do the terminus thing ever for that because like to say in Christian theology. God is the terminus we can ask where we come from the universe over the universe come from God and God the terminus because you can go if further back than that with an atheist matter what topic it is also what were to come from, how do you justify that were the foundation for this where's the terminus the ultimate beginning, the ultimate source with a block beyond which there is nothing more beyond that because Annette would be the ultimate so were to get this when you you use these principles discussing things with anybody you find out that you don't need in a sense evidence. You don't need in a sense, rational thought of me. We are rational. Any rationalism is is in the sense of classical apologetic for use all kinds of logic. We certainly want to be logical. The thing is that if you can ask them for their ultimate standard by which to judge our existence, our ability to know, rationality, morality, things like that. They don't have a terminus, and it's and if they want to propose one it's always based in subjectivity or ignorance. And this is where you go it go in and you just trash from.

In fact, when I do I do this with atheist. Sometimes I literally have said that within the past week or two while I keep visualizing a barrel with some fish in it and all I could, AK is good.

I'm sending shooting fish in a barrel because they've got nothing because they can't defend anything and with all due the going to a different epistemological philosophical things. You know, go to nominalism will go to to objectivism foundationalism to try justifies that I'm just rambling but it would make sense of personal or any other colors you got to the waking, but the we got the point is the show to go ahead Belfast well. I am currently in stem five though when Paul in the draft we destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised the knowledge of God so the thing about presupposition only if it's not really good. Are we getting to because I think evolution is they've they've tried to present their evidence in there's been so many frauds over the years and what is your pendulum. What I guess how my addressing the line they have is visual argument as well. Of course they do. Everybody presupposes something you got understand that when you presuppose ability of God's existence and ceased the truth of the word of God, you are begging the question is important principle your assuming the same to be true the beginning with in order to validate that it is true. The Bible says is true. Therefore, truth begging the question is its invalid argumentation whenever an atheist brings us up to me I say you begged the question as well.

You presuppose the validity of the laws of logic by which you can then assert that I'm begging the question so you yourself is begging the question you're making assumptions. The laws of logic are absolute, eternal and universal.

Otherwise, you could not apprehend them and apply them to me and I my argumentation as you seek to invalidate my argument so you're presupposing those laws. So how do you justify that those laws exist and that the universal then with all due the Québec is able to just axioms it is true because her true because if you think God is true because God's get back to where they have no break coming up folks with my seven mass Y call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg show Andrew still there… Are you there end up lowering the look had on presupposition verse circular reasoning everybody.

Everybody is circular reasoning, you must presuppose certain things that are consistent with their worldview.

Otherwise, your sis simply inconsistent all people begged the question, all people presuppose certain values. You cannot intellectually evidentially rationally validate every belief that you have every fact and facts can only exist in the context of other facts and other truths she can't validate every fact in every way in every context. So every individual presupposes certain truths in order to operate in order to think when you realize that they want you realize that any unbeliever has made presuppositions.

Therefore, what justifies her presuppositions as being true, we do is presupposition lists as we presuppose ability, the Trinitarian God and that the Bible word of God is true. I tell atheists this on a regular basis.

I think of course are presuppose it was a can you prove it to prove it's all true message about by the possibility the contrary takes time. I said the thing is if I presuppose God to existence of the Trinitarian God. I can explain everything, but you can't figure that you can't do it that your worldview leads to intellectual bankruptcy means that both since your sales minds got you know sloths can work remotely to defend the Trinitarian God and from trinitarianism I can account for the one in the many issue I don't know what that manifestation of matter and and the essence the on toss of existence is one thing, with many representations work with one essence or different essences with with a one major appearance is a philosophical issue and how we can find a terminus for the ultimate source. The ultimate top stopping point regarding the justification of knowledge, rationality, morality, existence, etc. it becomes very effective very quickly and it's the easiest quickest way to teach a Christian how to undermine false worldviews because they presuppose God doesn't exist really why they do that and in the Québec with Y missing the convincing evidence so you're telling me then that all the evidence you've ever seen all the light.

All the sound all the colors on the ground.

The trees, the water cooling of dogs.

The first of babies the swimming to finish everything is not evidence for God. You saying that everything there is says there is no God.

How have you concluded that this is the case because all you're saying is a subjective experience by what it is you want to staff God prove to you, and yet he's provided everything because his fingerprints are made known in creation.

Romans chapter 1 verse 18 through 31. You gotta read you presuppose it and you are you from that perspective that's wishful to do as a Christian, this mean you don't use evidence doesn't mean you don't use logic okay so I will give everyone know that the triune God and if I'm using presupposition of the Bible say okay everyone else in front of everyone know that that the triune God exist.

I get my well that I was exceeds triune God of the Bible says that the evidence of God is made God's knowledge of knowledge of God is made evident within the they suppress the truth in unrighteousness. Romans 118 to 19, and you should actually you should very study Romans 118, 19 and and 2018, 19, 20, and that should be the base of your apologetics something great about that one time when I called in that the Christian can present the truth when the one right that applies to everyone.

Yes room down the wrath of God is being revealed against all ungodliness from heaven yet and that's pretty powerful about probably the most relevant profound thing I've ever not been a lot of great things well (I think my belly once a week. Those well yeah and I never read it like that says an awful argument not yes use those verses. Incidentally a lot when talking to to unbeliever the safe you accord the Scriptures you are suppressing the truth of your any rent in your sinfulness and righteousness Romans 118 I quoted to them all the time and I say that evidence of God is within you. You know that God's their use.

Just keeping your distrust suppressing it is you want your own God's your own desire asked a preach like that and then I go in the night that I try and disrupt their arguments and will use logic a lot when doing and then were the things I'm doing a lot lately is the simple shall be God exists us a the resurrection of Christ. There's the evidence Jesus applied appeal to that to Thomas look at my hands and my feet. See, I'm here believe so. I do the same thing I just told you Jesus. You need to have that resurrection you to understand proof of Christianity's in the resurrection. Okay right but arriving undergoing her weight. That's okay will this court go to discord and and find me on discord. I'm in there frequently in the evenings just discussing, debating and answering questions. I do this a lot.

There okay are all right.

God bless.

Let's get to Laura Lu's car part of the church.

No it is not. Let's get to Michael from Luther of Michael. Welcome you are on the air out of the going yes I can, and we go wow quick armada? John 313 okay you want to read it or should I read in the problem. John 313 says no one has ascended to heaven, but he was descended from heaven, the Son of Man, okay, we are not Bible study last night and I we brought up the do it here about Dr. Elijah's they did a think. Did they not yes they did want the answer yeah are you okay so the heaven that Jesus is talking about is the presence of the dwelling place of God, asked John 313. In Jewish cosmology.

There are three heavens. The first have an article on this unharmed. Look at three heavens put. So the first heaven is where the air is the birds and things like that. The clouds, the wind, the second heaven in Jewish cosmology is where the sun is the stars and the moon are the third heaven is doing place of God's will, says Elijah and Unicorp taken up into heaven is talking with the first level Ist detecting up in the air is mainly went to the dwelling place of God. Okay, because I couldn't yell because the sacrifice had not given offered. So when Jesus was sacrificed would make proclamation of the looks like you but he did make proclamation of the spirits in prison in first Peter 318 through 20.

And in Ephesians chapter 4 verses eight through 11 talk about living getting a Host leading To the host of captives as he ascended into heaven, so they think that after the atoning work that the people who had died and went to paradise. According to Luke 1619 to 31 Lazarus Richmond Paradise know that the holding place till after the sacrifice that Jesus proclaimed to the lost what was going on and rescued the rescue, but took the believers into heaven with him after the resurrection of the heaven heaven of God's dwelling place but elite allies and interact didn't go there.

Okay select output right okay well I have a question about that because it didn't invent Abraham's mother and she old or young ladies yeah it's a little even though it is that the rich man was in Hades but you know I do not below the earth that wouldn't be that have been the first heaven. If so, could you he went there and took people up when Syria's intake to the presence of God. After the sacrifice of Elijah and Enoch were way before the sacrifice of Christ.

So they went to paradise. Also, but not dwelling place of God because the blood of Christ had not been offered when it said to cut up in the heavens is talking about the error. The wind that area and they were good in that area. Intel the sacrifices made so they can go to heaven or know it. Most probably what happened was they went up into the air in the sky like that and then they ended up in paradise. Okay what okay okay okay will that make their okay God bless buddy have agreed Okay, let's get to Andrea in Raleigh, North Carolina, got about two Mattoon F minutes so we can quick question I had popped my head in regards I looking for somebody in radio station and a lending showering think that they were talking about Blake night when it like ground make the board like Diane at that range faith that it was like it a if that person, but that is like an employee or emotional E. Mike and I think I'm Leo deal with the time there two grounds for divorce in the in the Bible. One is abandonments in the other one is adultery.

Both are grounds for divorce, but in both cases, divorce is not necessary. Yet the opposite. You have the freedom to divorce, but not the obligation, so the issue of physical abuse. What we do when one spouse is beating up physically on another at that point, there needs to be a separation and the offender needs to be jailed or whatever necessary and that the question then comes up in the church and the elderly to be involved. Whether that's grounds under the category of abandonment because even though there physically still still there. There is an issue of them abandoning the covenantal requirements to love and protect etc. and be faithful to so there's a physical thing. So there needs to be approved. Separation the very least, and I think we could we could the right circumstances, grants, divorce under that circumstance, since it's a form of abandonment because the careful about needs to be a detail and write and with elders, but you quit about in your garden you like your company has very rare items that highlights being an architect or personality disorder when they think the way they all now might have emotional abuse at part yeah how that that's an and not in the issue of counseling and the elders of the church and to be involved because if your son was medically narcissistic. It's gonna be a real problem that person needs to go to counseling at the person is not willing to go to counseling the elderly to be involved things in the document or for long. Time but I don't see any grounds for divorce because your spouse is a narcissist and is in is a selfish little baby has grown up yet so were in diapers so yes how it is sometimes, you know, my wife, my Or Wi-Fi married to just get married to me and I got trust me. I got issues it off to see right now is no gallop that really got go. Andrea already folks look, I'm off Thursday, Friday, whether the Lord bless you my back on the on Monday

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