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February 25, 2021 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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February 25, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses issues with Catholicism.--2- Are you sure that Calvinism is the correct biblical understanding---3- What do you think we will be doing in heaven---4- Do you think near-death experiences are real---5- How can I best speak with someone who believes in modalism---6- When and how do you decide to leave a church---7- I don't understand the Trinity. Why do I have to believe that---8- Will the antichrist Jewish or Gentile-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick
Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a map slick Y rises called in responding to your questions at 877072276 Matt slick to show me Matt slick with the mess look like all right take. Let's see, it is the Ides of February, 15 February and want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 if you watch the show, homepage and thinking what reason big deal just sent her to the desk exam look like a pipe my face matches my voice which most people say doesn't know what it is they're expecting.

So let's see 20 people watching online usually goes up to 60 or 70 reading chat as well in there now we have five open lots will give me call 877-207-2276 and we have in Israel trip were trying to get going. If you are interested in checking out Israel trip. If you think you might want to go they will rescue to do is go to the karma is page and you can fly if form there it just let me know if you can go or not.

Things like that says were asking please go check it out. There's the issue. The covert stuff that's a stiff neck that is often your little bit but with some information on that page on the bottom so you can please take your interested in checking out all right now let's see no calls waiting 877-207-2276. Last night I watched the movie Fatima and what to say. Now it was so breathtakingly sad. So what Fatima is they don't let you 17 Portugal the three children Lucinda since said that they had a.m. I vision of the Virgin Mary and how the movie was.

I know how accurate the movie was. I don't know but they are at the end of the movie was was called a miracle of the sun a little bit of research on an apparently 70,000 people gathered there and a lot of people saw the sun, doing some weird things in the sky move some thoughts may come crashing to the earth some soggy back-and-forth and some didn't see anything, so who knows what really happened, but what I thought was interesting as I always think is interesting. Dealing with use of Catholicism and Mary is the idolatry that was there now you know what I say stuff like this and I think of him. You know how harsh I am against the Roman Catholic Church visibly was apostate Aleave it's false.

I really do and I believe that all Catholics who believe in official Catholic theology regarding salvation are damned or not you Christians and when I say stuff like this and say because I'm an ex Catholic and I got hurt.

Nothing happened. Now I just it's just Scripture is what the Scripture saying what is so Roman Catholic Church and reminded that I am not Martin Luther to there's no way I'm reminded of a of something in the movies where Luther was bringing being brought up charges by the Roman Catholic Church for heresy and I gave him.

I think a day to recapture whatever was to do what we consider everything because you Roman Catholic Church is a true church and it's what has all the truth and it's the true church of Jesus and all the stuff you know and so what. So he was allowed to Connecticut. We consider and he came back and said that he will exact wording, but he said as he looks to the Scriptures. He judged the truth by the Scriptures and he could do no other. And on that he was ready to die now. That's really interesting it's the Scriptures it's a Scriptures of the Catholic much of what your interpretation of Scripture not just read Scriptures folks get a book on the 50 priests who left the Roman Catholic Church, 50, who left the Catholic Church. Why because every the Bible so the idolatry that was there in that movie last night. It saddens me.

The reason it doesn't because I read the Scriptures. It forbids to do exactly what they were doing kneeling before statues and praying to Mary. She's a virtual goddess and the theory have a theory about something and I don't know not to talk about some experts and things like that but my theory is that demonic doors can be opened via superstition and paganism and so the superstition that was associated in the Fatima area is obviously shrines to marry everywhere. Newt said certain things and rituals and stuff like that and I can't help but wonder if father was a Sammarco connection there that open the door up to demonic activity and he had a spirit that imitated the Virgin Mary and taught ungodly stuff and the Catholic Church can tell the difference. So I like to tell the difference, read the Scriptures and you can too. You can read the Bible and you can study the Bible and you can say that something status praying to Mary never says that you know never, ever, ever does. So you do stuff like that but it movie was so disturbing was well done, well acted and all that kind of stuff but I just have to say that I find it to be disturbing because it was just paganism is paganism and they could tell the difference. It is believing whatever the Roman Catholic Church told him to believe that was it and and I don't remember hearing the Scripture except for the coded in the repetitive prayer in our Father in heaven, etc. anyway, it just bothered me to hold it all right so Matt's Ritz intolerances-Florida Terry made Johnson from Utah or Utah like to say, Lori Anderson, Cynthia Yarborough, Jimmy Smythe, Richard Neal, Chris, Dylan and Gil Kilgore arrest Miss Smith and the Andrew picture (Tommy told me his name was exam type and bill cannot but he's able to do this a question I got for that guy.

All right hey hey what is give the phones.

Let's get to John from New Jersey.

John welcome on the air that I have been busy at stuff like that. So how you been good. Okay, okay, what I am praying for you. Good three or why good my lovely, good though my question was about Calvinism. I know you defended you and I know you going to defend it for today or you know you passed away so do you think is more quick question. I have another one are you are you sure Calvinism is more biblical than Arminianism in my opinion, I believe so you know I'm going be sure, as I understand Scripture and you know I like to tell people I'm convinced I'm right, but I'm also convinced I could be wrong. I just need to be shown from Scripture that's all. So when you look Scripture at that our backyard which is quoted to me is Matthew 10 with a verse as of 1127 at Laguna.

No one knows comes up again. Only the father knows us on the son of the father and so reveal the father to live or the other of wells with sentences as no one can come to the father and no one knows much of the son and anyone to whom the son will reveal him at 1127, also Luke 1022 but yachts what it means reveals the father so that it was of me to reveal a lot reveal the father well probably because he was 13 easy executive presentation of the nature, the father and we can we can say that he is the express image of God and so he reveals the father in that sense of showing what God the father's like by looking at Christ and also revealing the will the father probably as well. That's a good question. Okay okay what you think regarding that question.

What you think you're going through and have forever. Under no, I don't know but I know one thing all the want to do is be in his presence to screen the presence of my Lord and Savior because remembering what happened to me when I was 17 my conversion. If that presence is what's is in heaven.

We tell you, you will never want to leave. It won't even give Michael to be basking in that that beauty connected incredible greatness is wonderful. So you know I don't know you know sometimes I'm looking at documentaries on the galaxy and things like that. I think one thing to visit a galaxy sometime you know if I could do that but I don't know if it ever want to do that you never does going to happen. Heaven, who notes the stone well so what you think about people who have you know I proposal eight came back. There's only people who have Lori do you think there licked yet or what I think some are the reason I think some hours because what the Bible says in second reduced 12 322-1324 exit that's as possible to be out of your body and and go places and it says that Jesus buddy Paul said I know a man 14 years ago with her in the body are the body do not know, but such amounts, for the third heaven and so that's were talked about so it's it's possible with convinces me that these things are legitimately some of them are is when you read about people born blind and they have an accident and operation. Whatever it is and then they are able to make make make up yeah I went and I saw so-and-so and so-and-so in these things in their allure recognized by their voices describe things, people were there. The rooms where they work, and so I could think of no possible way for them to know that kind of stuff unless something it happened to them in an NDE. That's the one that gets me though those of the want to Find any rational explanation for on the skin on the science level to speak just what the Bible says we can do that we can leave our souls moves in goes on okay well okay I think we probably don't know the answer to that but you think are going very good things in heaven like we do here like I can make it bandwidth or take a shower or learnedly like playback bollards.I have no idea what's probably not.

I just don't know. Okay does make. I don't know in heaven. This so you got me on that one. Okay, why don't I laterally think I mean I met calls yet call back in line with you.

I got more questions okay thank all right. God bless good questions. Lotta.

All right, let's get to Kevin from Tennessee Kevin welcome anything that my question is I'm trying to prepare for speaking to oneness Pentecostal otoliths and I was curious what your thoughts are on the way.


And they both arrived back after these messages please take to life 87720776 Matt's Y call 770-7276 pairs.

Matt's leg all right, chuckling. Think it in the chat room during the break, someone to love the caller us could make sandwiches and inhabited it just wrote it. Maybe the women of the big set which is a debit, so it'll be I'd like to dig my still whole get in trouble so corrected up over 80 right so either you go. Let's get back to Kevin from Tennessee Kevin welcome you on the right with remote finding way to what to watch out for when it comes to motivator what would you recommend I tell tell that guy order to try to help you the truth asked him if you believe the Trinity course not, and you ask him to find the Trinity, tell me what it is, don't help him don't help them. And if there's not a Christian's with you as it always have a teller Christians don't help him is critical. This is what it is that no negative wreck at the monthly rule and think no CCP understands what it is because a lot of times with will do is look at in the Trinity and they don't understand what it is and so it is three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons. The father the son and the Holy Spirit is what I'll do is I'll tell him to find the Trinity is so you is a father-son Holy Spirit. Let's not what it is. It's three distinct simultaneous coeternal persons not just father-son Holy Spirit, the jewels witnesses, the Mormons, Catholics believe that stuff but they've been so nondescript it doesn't do anything. Want to find out they don't know the Trinity is sometimes they do, then what I'll do is ask him a very difficult question and this is what really gets socially vital versus worth looking so Alaskan okay do you know how the Trinity is arrived at in the Bible and I'll get these answers.

Although I think you think that a contact by this and by that all the stupid answers no Satan knows not how it's done. Do you know how it's done because this is critical. The Trinity doctrine is arrived at systematically by looking at the whole of the Bible. So I tell him if the Trinity is wrong. It's because that system is wrong. So, do you know that system is can you tell me how the Trinity is arrived at in the Scriptures because you don't find it in a single verse you find it in the whole of Scripture.

So that's what we say by the Trinity house. It arrived at because in order for you to say it's wrong at the say that that the approach itself is wrong what is approach housing how to do that and they have never been able to answer the question right so the answer is found just go to

I think it is or what-is-the-Trinity okay if you go there you look you'll find a table and the table the Trinity chart there to see that happen on that one doesn't get funded Trinity chart so just go there. Type in let's see Trinity try Trinity chart angle to the table where it says a father-son Holy Spirit all there is Trinity chart and the, the, think on the bottom you'll see how it's done, the father is called God the son called God the Holy Spirit skulk on the corrective father and the son Holy Spirit all called creator all resurrect each one indwells. This is how the document Trinity is arrived at. And so you can put them on the spot say this this is it. Is it wrong to say these things is it wrong to say the father, skull, God the son called God those critical got course not.

Is it wrong to the father-son Holy Spirit each create and then you say each one has a will to 2242 of the father the son first 2012 1104 the Holy Spirit and that each one speaks negative verses and there is say so, we conclude that the Trinity is there now.

They may or may argue with with this out with you little bit about this so, but you need know that okay is one important thing all right with me so far after you also need to memorize this address.

John 638 John 638 right and also the government on John 1705 and I'll explain why.

John 638 Jesus is speaking. For I have come down from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me.

Wait a minute.

If the Intermodal is in the father and the son of the same person. And why would Jesus say I got from heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me, so he was in heaven who sent him from heaven, not my will but the will of him set make this their different different will different persons to whom sent the son that's a question right there, very quick, very slick. Okay with me. One was better you keep something out. John 17.

Five. You can parallel these father glorify me together with your self with the glory which I had with you before the world was when Jesus is saying he had glory with the father before the world was made as at work. Jesus came out of heaven to do his own will but the will of him sent me and Jesus says he had glory with the father before the world was made. Explain how that works with the going to have to do was separate the divine nature from the human nature negative mood move into the error called Nestorianism at this point until there's issues here.

Let me give you one more thing to think about. Okay, ready. There are like okay, ask him a question, say if you were to put up a person the bad guy in a jail with no light and the temperature was either hot nor cold is got a single bed, and he's fed three times a day and she's in darkness. And there's nothing around him is just exit and he's not allowed to ever come out and no one talks to him and that's how it is for his entire life for say 50 remaining years. With that the torture that person in intercourse with people. Yeah, every torture go crazy and ask him so in your theology where God is a single person. He existed for forever before the foundation of the world. Isn't that what was going on with him as a single person by himself forever. You call it torture with the person were made in God's image, so how does that work with God forever with nothing explained.

Okay have been trying to and want one last question is not unexpected into Brenda and I did look up on the noncombat bonnet on got question that I'm in the book of Isaiah. They say they will call Jesus the everlasting father I went to good come back to that one diverse just read the first okay that Isaiah 96 right childhood born to us, a son will be given to us in the government will the rest will rest on his shoulders ask him what is it mean when he says the government will rest on his shoulders and his name, and notice what it says hold on all dressed so please hold on a poster right back after these messages we have one open line, Inc. 770-7276 max Y call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg.

All right, folks back to the show. Kevin are you still there all right. Just so you know there is an article on Isaiah 96 units on Carmine if you go to the oneness Pentecostal section you will see it is listed there. Not even been written so many articles I forget which I've I've done it so Isaiah 96 is Jesus everlasting father okay so it's there. All right, now let me help you write you there. There, on the record in the background I authorized. Okay, no problem. So this would assess his name and notice the word name is singular.

His name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace. Ask them how many names are listed there and if they say force a wrong. This is name in the singular does not say names is what is saying there is in the singular name. The name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace I say to them, explain why it said one name and for things and why do you only focus on one thing if it's his name.

His name is called Prince of peace. His name is called mighty God's name is called wonderful Counselor, eternal father, why is it that the Jews you know Isaiah wrote this to the prophecy. Of course the single name of Jesus is all of these things while you only focus on one part of it understand something that's in Hebrew like American Indian names like was running bear know he's over there at the stream down there with the crying wolf names meant things like Methuselah means when he dies it will come. Abraham means the father of a multitude.

So his name is talk. What is name talk to the characteristics of his qualities you be called eternal father shall be called the mighty God, he'll be called the wonderful counselor right will show ask them this wears it saying the Bible and the New Testament that he was called these things. So what's going on.

If it's a prophecy. Why is it that the names aren't is not said of that with me. Yeah, okay, just asking questions.

If this is his name. Is that any of these names show up in the New Testament in reference to Jesus answers now will then what's going on. Will the answer is simple is describing characteristics of this quality to go to Hebrews 13 Jesus is the exact representation of the nature of God and that is going on there that is called God.

We can show her he's a counselor he's an advocate differently that's the case he's also God he's represents the father and he came to bring peace in some areas. Okay.

All right, all right, thank you so much Matt ivory rhyme and God bless what okay okay okay alright let's get to Kelly from Los Angeles we was really and let's get to Aaron from Des Moines hi Wayne Aaron luckily you are on the air that you question my wife and I attended a rather small church for little over 22 years intercourse with time there. We have just recently seen our fourth actor leave. They generally stay between three and seven years at a time. Small work, you know, and I just I guess I'm just wondering when deicide when do you decide to just keep going and doing the same thing you been doing or or potentially leave in and join a church that no stronger or more solid.

I guess as far as the enabled maintain stability will why is leaving. What is he wanted to, but for yeah the first couple both. They they can elect to take larger ministries.

He set out with with Schneider and their loser woman pastor there no one at all, would never know know okay church definitely wouldn't go for that good. The first hero date they like to take larger ministries. The third pastor actually stepped out of ministry. After three years and then the fourth after being there seven years decided to step out of ministry in and take back your job and though and I know ministry is hard.

My dad is 36 years. I've watched it and obviously in the year of COBIT ministry is hard so I understand pastors are stretched thin and everything but the you know I just I I've gone through the pastoral search process. You know with other guys, nurtured her yelled three times now an hour looking at orphan. I just I'm tired and just don't know if there's wisdom in you know moving to a stronger, more steady church last wife had to decide because it could be that God's call you to the church.

It could be the God call you to stay there and you don't discerning the will of God is a difficult thing and if you're looking and you're saying we need more stability than you and your wife to pray through that and and find out what the root of it is the stability itself. The issue is something else besides that you just questions when we self examine you know our motives and their it is just part of what it is and so you know, the issue of why your your concern. I think you used your good and kind discouraged that people stay for a while. Then they just leave and was at say about that church.

Maybe it's it's saying that the people were picking the pastors are doing a good job. It could be that statistically this can have churches where one person stays for 800 years another and in an eight years we have five pastors because statistically the bell curve is think it is going to happen.

So what you are to be doing through it is praying and I know you arty know this you pray Lord what's going on and why is this happening and what is on my heart. This is up.

It's a big mess because I hate these kind of messes occur because you can never really release in my life never get really solid clear answer and sometimes now knowing it, sometimes not knowing the will of God is the will of God. And that's what I don't like sometimes it's not because I'm not telling you very well. You just gotta get a trust you to go through this all you make the best decisions as you can you possibly can. So I recommend that you pray about this with your wife see what she says.

Women you know they have great insights that she could tell you things about yourself, you probably aren't even aware of, you know, and assuming are married and you don't trust these things in and my wife doesn't work with her because I don't trust her judgment the customer it makes.

I just forget that can trust her Path.

That's what it is but most women were are smart and don't work very guy like me less you you're like me know. Your wife. You don't trust your wife and see and pray and ask talk to people because it could be that God wants someone like you. There to be an anchor through the difficult times of finding new pastors and being that common thread of strength that others can lean on that you can propel provide it's a possibility.

So it's a tough find yeah I like that's where we've been the last three times that we've gone through this process and you know looking at the fourth time I'm just I feel personally tired and weary and find it hard to be the guy that everybody leaned on her.

That really stepped up and you know filled the whole you know that need to be filled in a transition like that. So now you know what ministries like a little bit. Oh yeah like is that I watched my dad do it for decades and I'd I know it did not thing in that they get for I am under and of exhausted and don't know if I should, you know, if they suck it up and keep going or try to transition to a ministry that already more sustainable and ended begin their company. People in this church currently in about 50 okay that the adults and children and are you in a rural area or city you are what now were in a suburb of the Des Moines area which had a great answer for you. Was I could just accidentally see something that's really profound. You know, and it gives you the answer, but was God doesn't that's not happening. So sometimes I just from my experiences. Not knowing sometimes what I've seen is you plod through it as you seek God and somehow it works out. That doesn't sound very comforting because that plodding through is so laborious, but it will be better do sometimes have so little they felt the right that we have two open lines 877207 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave will come back to the show area still there, and I wish I better words for you. A tough one to talk, so yeah nourishment is in the gutter work through. I think with your wife and I pushed through a little bit to help them transition and maybe leave because bulimia are you an elder chance. While that that's partially one of the things I think contribute to it when it where are learning all you have one.

I'm a deacon we just have one pastor and then several deacon okay so you functioning as an elder dispose of elders, even if 50 people normally speaking the church than around for a while there should be at least one will not put some that's okay so your functioning as an elder.

That means you need to carry out the responsibilities there until it's done and then consider moving on. If you that's you still thinking to do is enter Leslie as you SYS if you're an elder that you're committed to doing what you gotta do in the church to help the body Christ is as of the elder is for the elder should be able to preach and teach defendant of faith and things like that and so your deposition by appointment from God. And so if you are an elder elder that I would say you know I think you need to stay, make sure the transition works and then when it's time to go. You resign your eldership and you go if you're a deacon it's still a serious position with running the elders in your church, your functioning as an elder and if it is your pastor there right now is in an empty pulpit. If an empty fault but yeah who's preaching were having some different feeder retired guys retired pastors or some like seminary professors commit and preach as well. How can some of the men are preaching in the church should be preaching at night raise a people from inside the church. That doesn't mean that that you always have to do that but it sounds to me like the churches in functioning properly, it needs to have elders and the elder sickles be able to teach and they can do that for the public to be great communicators but take need to step up and if I were visiting pastor Nancy came in and asked me to preach and I knew the situation, civil gentlemen, let's have a talk. Gather the elders here and know what why not not not examining with a stern face but just how come what's up what's with the issues as lifetimes of the good had an elder.

Then he laughed and and you know and you to find out if it's been years since they've had elders then what's the reason is because the previous pastor wasn't doing his job or is it because the pool to draw from, is pretty bad your possibilities. So this needs to be looked at but generally speaking the elders. So let pulpit until they find proper pastor because that's what the Scriptures are glued to the top. In the meantime.

And also I don't know if you're able to preach. It's not hard to get up when you open the word of God. It I can help you develop sermons and you can preach, but the thing is that it is a serious thing. Getting in the pulpit presenting the truth of the word of God to God's people, but I think that we now need to it. It's it added preaching for decades and I still get intimidated when I go to the pulpit very seriously, but nevertheless we men need to stick it out in the church and do what's necessary and make sure that things are taken care of and I'm not trying to say you know you just jump in shipment leader that can a man that's not what was happening.

You're trying to figure things out, and that's good.

If we if you're deacon you're an officer in the church. I would recommend that you consider seeing the process through until that vacancy is taken care of and then see about the issue of leaving at that time, but also if you can be interviewing any pastors potential pastors.

You can ask him what's your your rate of commitment with your commitment like we had pastors leave after three for five years and we understand that you may have to effort through for five years as well.

As things. Life happens, things change. You know, but sure yeah commitment for you know and ask him those kind of things and if you need to know if you really are desperate.

You can call me if I can grumble the phone and that both probably just run at that point, but the mess things up. Yeah, I like your wisdom.

Thanks, Matt on about wisdom, but if you buy opinion. Okay the right man yeah it may okay or God bless our ride. Let's get to see Jason Boise, Idaho. CJ welcome on the air. Thank you so you want to be pretty great for the growth of the note nearing the end of the hour. Here but I've had a long battle with the idea of Trinity okay and it's only seems to get worse as I studied all and you know it.

I guess one of my biggest you know problem Trinity is not only leave the extreme, like dogmatism. I would almost think sometimes people want me to affirm the Trinity, more so than the actual deity of Christ, but also even greater than that is II put me finding it in father, who is an orthodox Trinitarian and it bothers me that people are so readily condemning confused brothers and sisters like myself when you know that light, like for example through deleting the coin toss. I mean, he Christ generated a Coltrane birthday and he called Christ created meat that he subordinate that only one God and that the father and think the schedule is not a Trinitarian doesn't sound like people are co-subordinate subordination is different and subordination is and the creation can refer to the person of Christ with two natures which occurred 2000 years ago does not necessitate any deny the Trinity just a matter of understanding the terms of the concept of the relate, although when he says that like Christ did it generate. They almost seem to be thinking of you and like eternity past that he generated using the real eternal generation yes what is taught out of an says that the sun proceeds from the father and so there are a lot of debates and discussions among theologians about what that means. The procession and so will eternal generation of the sun is one of the things that is is an issue, and so here's the thing. Imagine if you can just for a minute. The idea of God being a Trinity, three persons, but yet one being who exist eternally and inside of that we have Ephesians 14 which says he chose us in him before the foundation of the world.

He is the father who chose us. The elect in him, which is Christ, so he chose us in him before the foundation of the world will that means in order to be elected. We could only be elected if Christ. The word was good become Christ was there likely could not be elected in him. There has to be a simultaneity going on in the Trinitarian God in the Godhead for that to be.

Along with that is the issue of the eternally begotten son. How can he be truly begotten she's eternally begotten, in the sense that it was always in the mind of God always that the sun would become begotten in the human form, and hence, he did eternally begotten, because was always part of the decree of God that would occur. It was never decided on because God doesn't make decisions in the sense of putting information together than learning the making decision because all knowledge is instantaneous and eternal with him to talk with the procession. There's for the father and the son filioque way. There's this division issue that is happened in the intensity for the church split and all this kind of stuff.

The Holy Spirit proceed as a there's a son proceed and here's a good answer.

We don't really have a good answer for. We don't know what it is exactly what we do know that there's some way that the sun proceeds from the father but yet without being created and so these are things of the theologians to be the theologians of an argument about debating them and measuring for years. It does not disrupt the Trinity. It is not is not a challenging Trinity at all. If anything it supports a document Trinity. And if you were to abandon the doctrine of the Trinity.

Then Al Qaeda problems arise in your invoicing right there. One thing about having a Bible study here at the house and I do want to meet you in public to check you out and then maybe if you want me to get together at that point or some other point and I could just sit there and answer questions for you, go over stuff more quickly and with Russian time. If you want human Louis IL I actually die.

I've been trying to fill out most of my time with little study so I would actually be a pretty awesome thing online will tell you what you email me after the show. Whatever this email me info with combat organ to say CJ from voice even know and I'll check with enough a few minutes after the show and you don't have, how, whatever, I'll check and then maybe you set up a meeting.

All right, we can get together a big deal. Go have a cup of coffee, some quiet place that I have found hearing problems in loud noises areas. I don't do well. So some semi-quiet place by autism kicks in.

So if you want to do now is sounds good, I'll do it. We can talk email and write a couple.

Okay, sounds good. I'll email you back with Bert looking something up right break it nice when it's okay don't worry about it. I can answer a lot of questions and maybe I can answer them all.

Their satisfaction but to what will work through it okay so good you you give me a call when you email me okay you got less all right. Let's get the last caller Brad from Ohio. If Brett is still there Brad are you there I met Jan here. I know that I'm losing Daniel 1137 and thought about the local theme Yannick right, neither shall he regard the God of father expecting, but simply it is the future ethnicity of the antichrist Jewish authority and talent that it seems it's that's in any message that he be Jewish, but God of his own father's, but we don't know because it could be about, because a God who was father Janet Danko. All of the print sanctuary and go.

I believe that referring to the antichrist, looks like it being that revived is also says you have no desire for women to in verse 37 Brett so the ethnicity that there had been experts who said he could be anything from Jewish to Gentile to Muslim and I just haven't gotten the grip go-ahead. I know I argument that I got them logical segment have to break that didn't do it. Maybe if I were to preach on and say if I participate one view is this letter. This letter that we do.

I don't know yet you don't know. We can know this leader and we are out of time. If you have got less of the folks we are at a time of the Lord bless you. Hope you had a great time listening by his grace back on there tomorrow

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