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January 27, 2021 3:00 am

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January 27, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Who are the cowardly in Revelation 21-8---2- If my spouse wants a divorce and leaves me, am I free to remarry---3- Have you heard of Don K. Preston and his debate with Michael Brown regarding full preterism---4- If a person professes Christ and then starts living as a worldly person, what does that mean for them---5- I can't stop being angry. What should I do---6- What do you know about the National Chruch of Christ---7- Can a husband and wife team both be pastors-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines is a Matt Slick Live branches called responded to your questions. 770-7276 Matt slick libel to be met. Slick it is. Look through 21 January 2021 for broadcasters if you want to give a call. We have four open lines 772-072-2760 and if your newbie to the show.

What we do so to calls of all kinds on all condo topics but primarily in the Christian apologist of the from the Christian faith after Bible questions teach things like that you debates and not an interview tomorrow to be on.

Let's figure something else. The next week was on for about three hours last night answering questions from atheists and Muslims in the chat rooms I do stuff like that and audio chat room so this just work and I release an article today if you're interested in checking it out so what is the social gospel, and is it biblical so check it out if you want the social gospel, it's an invasion in the Christian church of the gospel message is nothing good and right. Check it out if he wants to talk about if you want to be. Call 877-207-2276 look at the bread from Iowa hey Brad, welcome are on the year they married and brother nor I men hang in there were young but good a so I got a question in regard to Revelation 21 verse eight. For some reason I just cannot start opposite mental struggles are good for some reason it kind of the first portion of Revelation 21 eight talking about the cowardly will not email will not be normal at the kingdom will assist us try to figure out you know who, like how to go about that pertains to how how to tell more let you know to determine whether not it more let somebody who would be leading a lifestyle that way or is it just I'm just gonna Morris is trying to figure out how to how to wrestle through that portion would talk about Carly the fearful will looking hats. His records a loss for the loss and it occurs 12344. Sometimes and it's just talking about to fear, to be timid to be fearful, possibly outwardly, the unbelieving, abominable of and I would say in the context of talking with unbelievers. Those who are just have no backbone.

They don't stand for anything, good or you just are cowards and in a state of righteousness is what I would understand it should be. The context process and unbelieving within your unbelievers know and abominable, murderers. So it's a it's looked at as a very negative thing in this context of of the I would say it's not standing up for righteousness or discomfort. Gotcha.

Okay that that make that dad noted as far as you know, you know, for being in a been a believer in step two summary… That always stuck out with aunt Bev and I noticed with my own weaknesses and everything like that just more just kind of always stuck out is trying to wrestle through that into not want to be that person now and it bars just kind of I guess just know the way back that talking about and where to kind of more life you know and I was honestly not trying to judge work then you know I'm doing no good or certain way and stuff which is for some reason it just always kind of just always kind of stuck that versus important that we kind of just jumped out at me and wrestle through that and and everything to them.

Let me ask you question do you teach, you believe you could lose your salvation. So then you just curious about how that would fit with that is you. That's how I would see it would make sense. I understand that the cowardly, the fearful they don't text that reminds me, sitting find this verse four first Corinthians 1314 let's see note. It actually says act like men. It's a 1613 be on the alert stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong, you know, I saw that verse, I was really confused now that confused or surprised that we will be told to act like men say how to act like men.

I think the way to discover what men act like in a good ways to go through an enemy to Jesus Christ and he was strong and he was courageous he stood up against unrighteousness.

He called out the Pharisees for the hypocrisy he mentioned that he named it he called them names like watch sepulchers hypocrites for your father's a devil and also Jesus provided fed 4000 and the 5000, and he was a healer and he obviously taught and he was gentle with the women and with children and so I think these are some of the aspects. If we can look at what it means to act like a man then we need to do that and and some of us think you know the stereotypical roles of man and wife husband wife in the home known woman. I will make the money you clean the house. This kind of a thing and what would Jesus do for Cayman to our house.

Well hell would he help clean up. Then again, we know that the ladies were around him at his feet.

One was cleaning was a signal being with him and he said that was a better thing.

It was not. He was announcing work. It was that he was God in flesh there to be with him the clean but I think the Jesus being the servant that he was would certainly have helped people as he did, and I think we do that as well so it has act like men and that's always kind of stuck with me and so I thought you just go through and just read how Jesus was seated there sustained right what it means to be a man you know and handling upstart. The last thing yet. I think the thing that I just kind of even just wrestle with. It was like you know if I'm going about like my weak person like that and now everything I think, to be my as far as you know know no one's, you know no one is persecuting me.

I'm just going about my work and stuff like that. Almost got it that if they don't feel like I'm quite my am I doing ultimately you know my not being bold enough for my not being know my not getting myself out there enough where you know I I can look and see that you know God's work. Good fruit in me and stuff but also to think I'm at for some reason, like okay it feels like you know it.

If I'm not, you know how long it is between until you know between Dutch you know that's where you know but are not a pipe just got somebody or whatnot in and out like they get good art on you being persecuted like that. Then a candidate like that part stuff and maybe just overanalyzing things we cannot do that and that we can phone her strengths as well as weaknesses. We would need to do analysis in light of Scripture and my doing this and how how God wants and that's the real issue because if we don't do that we can develop the loop and ourselves. We condemn ourselves.

The were not condemned because when Christ so it's a tough one. It is like to do this is pretty display all my supper for God sake you know if people really knew what I was like they would want to hang around you know and and yet Lord, you love me so well with understand that you self examine what we worry but this kind of things and can freak yourselves out.

Some things never had like Jesus loves us and excepts us exchanging us.

We just need to work with him as he changes us and what you feel on the way and so we can rest up longer working, so to speak, except that what I preach it yet. But the yeah and the it's it's tough to act like men, because he says little that you do be done in love. That's how to be as men and and say this because you got me thinking about because are some issues I've been dealing with lately personal issues you know life is tough sometimes send you, people, people, and I'm not perfect and you know that this life and I'm learning or being exposed to the idea more and more of what it means to be giving and to be more patient and and stuff and so the kids come around and mess up the kitchen okay so I clean it up and you don't like. I think I'm glad I have the kitchen and I'm glad I have children that can come over and feel free enough to mess up and it's okay, you know, and let things be done in love is a form of loving to be a servant. That way, take a look how great I am but a humble. I am now.

It's what is the main issue. How am I being what would Christ do. How is he in my living that in my heart and in the heart that's with the struggles going on because when you face yourself in light of these things you see those areas of your heart that you don't like any and a lot of people just dismissed and hide them with underage stubbornness and pride. But if we do that were doing ourselves a disservice were sitting against God. So don't act like men, be strong and behave in a loving way that's tough. You know that's right that's right anyway is a good thought you couldn't just touch the nerve in a good way to think about muscle that kind of always been on my mind that Dr. just started now never to try and play like that, but thought I might backing up because I never back out.

But I think I'm just like you know what I don't want to have to know that I just have to worry about that. I can just keep on looking to Christ to keep on having joy without having to say okay in my know I might not know my not being in my maker not being fair on my not find a know what you bang itself without looking back there but also been looking to him and just basically just going on. Enjoy you know, one of the things I've learned in my Christian walk is learning. I should say is to lean on the grace of God more and more not as an excuse to be bad, but I know what I am and nothing good in God except the Lord Jesus. That's it. And getting more confidence and at peace with with so I think it's okay that I'm a sinner and so I'm saying is just healing. He, his grace is so sufficient so good, so great. I'm resting in a more calm. It's okay, I messed up. Alright, I messed up. He's not hating me for, he's there and move forward.

And it's that that piece that is coming with that is interesting that kind of peace.

What happens allows you to examine yourself even more than you find out all man was off. I thought I was in an eagle on our brother encouragement and thank you for all that you do and God bless you. God bless you and thanks for calling because so the Lord to have you asked if he could help me conform to some ideas. My own head about something so good for you right there is a great perfect timing line 187777 Max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg back to the show good day and see.

Let's get online with Alan from Richmond, Virginia. Alan welcome you are on here okay so we got our all for now. I'm having a lot of trouble handing you sorry lecture but I okay I myself will okay look that cyclonic bar you will know okay okay young rider that my ability at having I'm sorry I'm having trouble understanding you speak a little bit louder and a little bit slower okay. It offers. Now with divorce. He read Mary until she had yesterday, but you know that Mary switch image on the adult. But I don't think there if I gave Mary and that I understand you but let me just talk about the conditions justified for divorce in the Bible to abandonments and sexual morality, or adultery. Those are the ones that are permitted in Scripture. So Matthew 19 nine Jesus and whoever divorces his wife except for morality and that sexual morality married another woman commits adultery so except for this reason so say a man and woman are married and she commits adultery. He's free to be able to divorce her, but is not obligated to, and if she said let's say she's unrepentant and he divorces her because of her adultery, then he's free to remarry because he's done nothing wrong and that context, the first question seven talks about when the unbeliever leaves let them go so entirely present situation that is right so that those are basically what it is right that have you. You go here's the thing if she committed adultery and the divorces therefore that you're free if she abandoned you, your free solicitors say that she's one who's leaving you didn't wanting to do with you, Lord, anymore, and made it difficult for the marriage to continue. She wasn't interested in participating in that marriage, covenant anymore then she's an event whose abandon you and then your free remarry all what you want okay there will will will okay. Did your wife leave you yesterday okay. Did she commit adultery to did she commit adultery before I will get okay so the next sentence. She's bending the marriage. So if she left you.

You tried to reconcile. She wanted nothing do with it and she's the one who initiated divorce you to sign the papers because that's what she's doing then you're free okay if we remarry okay. I will think about all all will okay understand, that's what's condition is okay so looks like you and I would talk to the church about this first okay okay I night at the gigantic drive and got everything it can't and you didn't like to do list now often wonder how many people are listening because I'm up and down the East Coast you live out here in the West in Idaho and I don't know honey people listening. That's okay and I pray every day before the show that people be blessed in God's grace will just shine on people through this foolish broken vessel on the radio. Nothing. Okay will call back in time. Okay okay okay thank you okay I met alright thanks a lot. Okay. All right.

Let's get to see Mike from Pennsylvania hey Mike, here going on that you find so required by questions I wanted my main question is giver guide me.

Don K. Preston assembly so I when you get time you should look them up.

You have a debate with Michael L.

Brown, you know, Michael L. Brown. This Michael Brown on the radio Michael Brown on the radio like so well I've never seen Michael so did nothing to debate before I really check this guy email me the link. What was was the topic it would it with about a couple parter of the bed, maybe 70, so is he is so which one is which was a full printer some siblings Preston Mike Michaels medical. Right yeah Don guide Don you have a lot of good points and is really swaying me at this point, but I can start and stop the real easy releasing idea that we spoke about this before. That act I know the answer and I don't believe that says the bleat of what is, of course, it is to bring back and tell me what you did very succinctly without the handle that would assess her folks to open lines going to call 877207 Max Y call 707 is Matt's 172072276 markers order. Okay, so how does he answer. How does he respond X1. So, in like manner, you Greek word hold critical now you that same Greek word in Matthew, I believe, wary of lethal Scripture actually maybe it is a medically, oh how I will real how I gathered you like a mother hen gathers her chicks that same word. What I did not. Yes, if there were not working. I'm the repeat lived at the same where cultural in like manner. Okay, I'm looking know you did it in the same way when it when it because that other like a mother hen gathers her chicks and that you really believe that stretching his arm out around believers are around around you that that's not there. That's pretty basically, you look this is what it says okay to be careful in the digital concept or equivocation illegitimate totality transfer ISA G sissies are all errors, equivocation means the word changes is meaning in the context we talk about illegitimate totality transfer means that there is a word that has a variety of meetings in different contexts to meekness by really fast. You know it says in Matthew 125 that the Joseph kept her a virgin until she gave birth to a son. That means that after she had Jesus eat you know they had relations and she lost her virginity. Okay, it's that's what's it's implying that right okay with the Catholics will typically do okay is they will take that think that word and they will find another place for example 1st print is 1525 okay so I'm saying is don't take the word until he kept her virgin until she gave birth to the to a son, and that's clearly kept her virgin until Jesus is born and in the say the word hell also occurs at first, it is 1525 each. Jesus must reign until he put all was under his feet and thenhe does he mean he does not rain anymore. The word until doesn't mean it has to be just at that it stops but can continue on after suing two different contacts. It has a slightly different meanings dictate the meaning in one context and transferred to another to make the text say something it doesn't say are you listening are you the guts of the doing. I called my daughter okay you want to comment on that. That would indeed even looked at Greek outside of the Bible. The whole stroke will never you and I this matter is identical. Madison, listen, listen, it doesn't matter.

The text says this and after he said these things, he was lifted up while they were looking on in a cloud received him either site. Where did Jesus go to court in that verse.

Where did he go to dude if you not to go to next caller okay okay with being that you going up and got good and we know that because it says in verse 10, and as they were gazing intently into the sky while he was going hold two men in white clear clothing stood behind him so we know is talking about Jesus ascending into heaven in the sky were the clouds are is a fact right right okay to get back sure you say wasn't like okay word bear taking up and you metaphorically with pride don't want this guy couldn't exegete his way out of a wet paper bag wet paper bag was leaning downhill there was any neon sign pointing had a little pulling him while he's got a compass okay all right make what you know. I don't know.

Let me explain something all this guy is doing is taking a single word saying over here to different places mean something different. So, therefore, doesn't mean what it means in this context he he is he's doing violence to the Scriptures. He does not know what he's doing and he's twisting the word of God to make it fit. It clearly says that he was taken up into the sky.

That's what it's saying if you were to deny that, and I was debating him I wouldn't go any further than this exit that you're not getting what it says I don't care how many times he denied as it could be what it says I go over and over and over because this refutes full plagiarism in the state.

The angel said what are you looking into the sky, the Angels in your looking up in the sky with clouds were the safe Jesus had been taken from you will come in just the same way, or the like manner as you have watched them going to heaven. That's how is good to come back for him to deny that is simple stupidity flat out don't listen to some of the Jehovah's Witnesses do they do the same thing to take a word, it means something over here.

Let's transfer the meeting over here to where would look at this me what it says. The cults always do this to get the text to say the opposite of what it really means that the disguise don't make what was Ashley let me go first John 32 different now we are children of God we will be not yet been made.

No, but we know that when Christ appeared, we shall be like him. We shall see him mad. You know you thing they don't know what what is what they're going to be right after they've already think right before you die and they think right after he died, but they still basically don't know. Seriously, that's what the guy is saying that seriously. He does not know what he's doing. Seriously. And Michael Brown should've tore him to shreds. You are children of God is not appeared as yet what we will be is not yet been manifested by the full resurrection. What were going to be. We know that when he appears, Jesus comes back will be like him in the resurrected and glorified body will be like him, because we will see him just as he is, his full glory. That's all that's being said there this guy is doing violence of the one God and he is he does not he is noted to seriously wonder you want because you are an intelligent guy look good until the man he's he's horrible at his interpretation, many are smarter than this.

Don't be swayed by all but brought up all I would debate them look do not make me come out that what you are and slap you upside the head, with okay all morning and I got up there I wanted I wanted to let you know I'm on your thigh will you know you coming back and you should now know it is challenging argument that it's not it's not it's only with the heat and he has to to what he's doing is taking parts of words from other places and saying over there. It means this is why just be what it says in this context we can reverse that as well because he doesn't realize that if you want to do it from right to left, with little left to right itself okay so that I all right, let's take it ready.

Okay. All right folks will you be calling 772072276. Let's get to Joseph from Iowa Joseph, welcome around here hello hello hey you today you looking for a long time on the program. Good grateful all income but that can get so long. One question, if you about.

I know we don't when the Lord noted, we made and we had not throughout 111. Can you hold on break.

Okay, come back come back for the break, then no hey folks will be right back after these messages that is why call 770776 charismatic slave, also from Iowa, Joseph, welcome back about Rand. I know we cannot. Good. Once we get. I know you lived by faith alone, and not throughout on what but someone someone Doc and I will go away for me. The one God and not behaving like I'm 111 even know but if that faith in Jesus and expect behaving like death in war, demand you that any hall. Meaning that buff on all you know how that's all baby manageable a phase CI going to get idea what you're talking about there. If people say their saved lives as it then we recants if they really are is not to say that someone who saved can't make a mistake or two or three or whatever, but if someone says or Christian rock doing pornography, committing adultery, fornicating, and things like that living with people should be become an American stuff like that I would consider Christian because the Bible says if you say you know him, don't keep his commandments truth is not in you when you're a liar so we can't lose our salvation, but those who are truly saving the regenerate right in war work against their sin if their pursuing sentence assigned it or not, regenerate, but is not to say that Christians can't slip in and even backslide.

But even in that case God may very well kill him to take amount for him is the topic okay so you mean the belief that God would terrify them. Yes, if a certain get into sin if you're not truly saved to 1200 or not, and the judgments upon them, but it's hard because we can't say a universal statement for everybody because different variables about how people know things, what they know what struggles they may have. I've known people who believe are saved who had struggles with self-righteousness and anger and pride. And it's hard for that person or persons to get through that and yet they could still be saved. We could be saving different levels of sanctification difference of degrees of freedom from sin.

So generally, if a person is struggling against their sin and to sign their saved if they're not struggling against her sin it's assigned it not safe generally. And so that's how it works okay so we can say that they if they they claim to be saved, but they don't show the pool of motivation that we need a been the regenerate. So we can say that they may be they need. They even encountered a load data. Yeah, I understand you little bit but I think so what you're saying Jonathan standing general principle is if there saved in a war against her sin for not saved or not to war against her sin. But there's variables within the and it's like counseling is sometimes needed and stuff like that.

Okay okay God so we got some other hunters waiting failed and defended him. Yes, just with other callers within the waiting flight 1/2 hours to get to them okay all right call back tomorrow came okay. All right. Okay.

Thank you God bless. All right, this get to Curtis from Richmond Virginia Curtis welcome you and I the long wait to get back to Arriaga and Carla Megan, her mother nicely help me. So we got having trouble with old habits that I wrote out with watching my mother, brothers, everybody going all that I've gotten being say got it. I know I know I got Christ in me now that my biggest problem is get rid of Warren and have it is she got me crazy and what you just talk to him about you.

Keep going, keep doing it and you're not saving you scheduling me because I can't stop castle now getting angry and I'm doing everything I can to stop it now I've screwed everything out cigars and drinking.

The women already gone, but I cannot get rid of that. So my spirit is telling the truth.

I asked something and I don't understand testing know that 40 days without food on the making of the human here. I can't get Adriano straight okay so add a nice sin but a sin by eating so fasting is the opposite of death, not that eating brings sin and not eating pure sin is not what I'm saying. Of course, but it is interesting that the feeding of the flesh. It was something that it was the means by which sin in the world. All right, so there different kinds of fasts summer 40 day summer 20 Summer 10 Summer one day. Some are depending on your diet. You know I would not want my wife to fast for example, got medical issues and I would sit know you would want to watch what if she were to say I'm only going to fast one meal a day, and that's that. How she does it well okay that's a type of fast there fasts were people do that one meal a day where you might do to me also be my only eat one meal or negative faster just one day and only have water or from sun up to sun down and consider different kinds and you think take into consideration your age, medical condition, so I'm gonna pretty good shape and I could fast for probably 40 days. Not not be injured by the 40 days is the average of an adult person can live without food, but in every United States. It is a 47 kill you here all the stuff about fasting seven days of diagnostic natural leisure anorexic but so it just depends so what if you think the Lord is calling you to fast and you need to obey that, but I would pray about what kind of fasting you want to do and talk to your friends and loved ones about it and not to say hey and probably spiritual commitment to fast but one or two people to talk about that they might have an intention or idea about what got medical and youth to do with your little comfortable that just pray and seek the Lord calls you to do and try something like a three day fast or you can try one meal a day for three days. See how that goes like that I am a very charismatic cut your show on this radio the other night and I just have to keep saying forgive Mary, do it, but it hurts just eat me alive. Just a quick good I'm glad you heard lateral good time to do it and find anybody think that's really got what I think I slept out in front of people and I work at a church I'm allowing plow one behind here and I'm an associate I work you and I don't want to do that now lost my temper this morning and cost in front of all the volunteer that was not good.

Did you ask forgiveness for that.

Yeah now instantly yeah okay okay okay good. So here's what you do okay in these new pray about this and agreed. Colossians chapter 3 Colossians chapter 12773 the Colossians 3 has some words for you. You'll find okay if I got there and there and memorize like the first address Colossians 3. Whatever the verses are several in there and when that speaks to you memorize and address you with the memorize the whole verse is a good idea and what you can do is rehearse in your mind, something happens that triggers you get you mad rehearse in your mind. Quoting that first to yourself first unit training on her mind to do that and it'll take a while but you can have success doing this with practices practice in Morag I really nonviable. I live and get in our you and guide you.

Let me understand and learn things as I read I read all day long and not good will build myself a deck to keep me from doing that will immediately call to get to but I went to Gibson words was the fact that you are failing but yet your warring against it is means of glorifying God not in your failure, but in your recognition of what needs to be corrected. Your recognition of your failure and your need for dependence on him as you go through it. This brings glory to him because you're judging these things as being wrong in your seeking to honor God through them for failing but you keep going back to Jesus and trusting in him, and that your bringing glory to him and so you praise him for his consistent mercy to you in his great love for you and you asking to strengthening the change you that you eventually have victory over this okay while I like that. Thank you so might your welcome presser right.

God bless, but all right. I think that is get a call from Florida Carl welcome you are on the air last call we got about my arm. My question is about within the national right Christ.

It's a basically coherent away from you. You are what our work work for your video and I have met so you watch the videos are more call and I like about them doctrine difficult but but is not about that. All new church and I'm aware that women are more than a woman cannot be part of the woman got deadly Baylor collector, but what about what about the church recently and the to have the church is not aware that the husband is the like, woman is not to be the place of teaching authority church. So a male pastor who allows that does not understand word of God and essentially is disqualifying himself in the past because he cannot discern truth from error in this critical issue that the Scriptures clearly teach on any church that had carbonate and then the light are not on the lease they would let stay with them trying to okay and I want to debate me on this publicly got your church letter televised.

Let the films debatable to Scriptures this with the Scripture says is a safe if there under the authority there husband. They can then be over other men in the church and 40 position it stupidity is rebelling against God's word. It is compromise of the where you even like that you about that lady never picked a woman should never be called a youth pastor or pastor of any kind is not a pastor is a job for mail and I don't know about thing that another thing that church is not available so they do to the end of prayer, where you come out there and thought I would say a prayer and then not that you are, what about time that I is potentially dangerous original sin is prayer like that in the Bible there is one in recorded in PT nine through 14, but they would like.

But will it depends, and how it's done. I could be a church. I can say look leave you without going so far good and bad. I had a call from Florida ragtime vote for the Lord bless you and by his grace on the morrow and

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