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January 25, 2021 3:00 pm

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January 25, 2021 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions his new article dealing with Romans 13 and when it is a Christian's duty to resist orders of government.--2- If women are on a pulpit committee as a church is choosing a pastor, doesn't that mean they are having authority over men---3- Are the SDA true Christians---4- Was Billy Graham a Mason---5- Is seminary essential for a man to be a minister or involved in ministry---6- How does God know what He knows- How does he justify His knowledge---7- A caller wanted to comment on her experience with Billy Graham, which quickly turned into a discussion regarding the support of certain political parties.--8- Matt and a caller discuss the failure of many pastors to preach on the issues of abortion and homosexuality.

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A previously recorded Nats like show mass like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrines max what why branches called responding to your questions 07276 Matt slick and no release does little to go local compulsion more recent article just about 20 minutes ago. The Christian's duty to resist ungodly civil authority is a lot of talk about the need to just obey whatever the government says other Christians are saying that Romans 13, 124 talks about the need to submit to what the government says Romans 13 says, what does the Bible also says some other things, as with a harmonized them and what I'm going is going through their related some issues in the old and New Testament as well, but demonstrate that yes were to obey the government governing authorities. However, when it contradicts the word of God, then we are to resist and to disobey and I got the documentation in the article to check it out. The Christian's duty to resist ungodly civil authorities and go to All you have to do is go to the homepage, which is loading slowly were working on that still and you can see the. The article listed there right with prayer ministry If you are in need of prayer. If you want to join to help us pray then you can just contact us there. We also have some forms of a lot of good discussions going on there. We still nearby your donations. Please consider donating to us that will be just be comfortable/donates things about it. Just a quick and slick getting in their oh more thing we do have a newsletter goes out once a week. If you're interested in keeping up on what were talking about doing things like that do a site that's on the Carn homepage as well.

Really easy to do. The bottom of the page to just join our newsletter stuff in there that's and no we don't sell it to anybody else. We don't know, don't do that kind of stuff like what you call forth in lines 877-207-2276 ADG how you doing I am doing good man. My wife noticed talk about you couple days or a few days ago actually in the know how she would see it as it was all that I was defending you so, but I think it probably other way around.

We lady she is. She's a good woman, except for taste in men. How are you doing how your wife I'm doing good.

The wife doing good and we're just now or just one data time right one data time when the deaths are ready to have a Bible study or my out here tonight so good. Watching the video I would send Carol Sinclair Ferguson on okay good news from legionnaire ministries is good stuff that's on the holiness of God is the topic the holiness of God because it really is the heart of ourselves as well as we can trust yourself to the holiness of God's stuff now and we got cover and we can hang out with. I got a question for you.

Sure we got okay concerns the church I attend, I have a friend who is a new Christian is very analytical quite intelligent. Actually okay and like say the baby Christian. So yes Mia questionings always make ask me questions make me think, and under what I thought okay I'm gonna call you is the situation we are selecting a new pastor of our church in a way it's going. They paid a guy a lot of money to cut out, bring in the number of candidate in all bringing candidates and ill it will interview him and then he'll let us know what maybe you know what fits the criteria that we presented with him and then there is a committee that goes through everybody and some of them may may come and go. Come to the church and everything in talking and then the elders have to okay and that membership don't get okay. The problem was that my friend was saying that if women are not supposed to be pastors which is which is Chris I have authority over men will are women having authority over men. If you put them on the pulpit committee you not to choose who's going to be there is not can it be there. There are clearly three women on that committee and that I I wasn't sure how to answer him. I mean, you know I'm I'm I want to answer him such a way that will and to get through to the question God, there is no clear answer to that kind of thing does save for Timothy to the woman is not to teach or exercise authority over men with silent talks about the authority in the teaching context seems to be that that's what it is and when you go to first Timothy five says that were to give for some of my 17th the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, specially those were part of preaching and teaching and the then it says in Titus one. First Timothy three talks about the qualifications of an elder Email right of the deacons webmail as well justify can it be on a committee to help select the pastor. That's a tough one, even really sure how to answer because because we don't want to have the being authority. That was a sense of authority. But on the other hand, we we want their input as well. I think that proper thing to do so would be have the males be on the committee and then they run it by the church as a whole, and they say here's what we've done because it is an exercise of some authority in the issue of selecting pastors and so I'm certain the lean towards the edges of talk about that they should not be on a pastor selection committee because it is acting as an authority structure over men in eldership and that's his tendency to be the place.

I think that they should not be on the committee.

Just my opinion and that men should decide this and then they should bring their recommendations to the church and see if anybody has any questions and issues because it is important everybody but ultimately still to make a decision and so right for you to do it yet made the point that the people in the committee should be people that are should should be able to be elders themselves and if you can. If you wouldn't.

If you run a committee and you can be an elder you didn't maybe you should be on the committee get your picking family to be kind of that lead elder you well. I think that sensitiveness consistent NASA question before it's a good question can sink my feet here, but I would lean towards the idea that women are not to be on pastor selection committee where they exercise a vote that authenticates or does not authenticate an elder because they would be in authority in that position, and in the church and a definite in a church context so I would say no and the so will you be glad to go to church there and talk to us are interested about that question wouldn't want to hear. I don't know, just something he brought up and I told him I got like a woman that they had a women's ministry. Not the pastor but she said women's ministry or a woman may have a woman some time to head out the Sunday school for children.

It would be a I would think Lamy is okay for them at least be able to have a review of the two referred to their situation and their problems and how with this new factor. Help them. It's an interesting question, yes it is we have to adapt what we know about Scripture in order to apply the best of our ability and thinking my feet. That's my position. Maybe I'll change it later, something new comes in but I don't see it because is going with what the Scripture says to the best of my ability to understand so super I appreciate your opinion and that I try to come up with a hard question in the future of the appreciate your ministry and you know how much is that the view that the court your light to the to the Christian community in the world. Well that's pretty high praise.

Appreciate that. The thing is, all the glory and stuff so praise God praise God so knowledgeable to call your house again mess up a study let me know all the people under study. Love you.

They really do know and I'll I can mess up. You know I'm good at what you did that you heading for one or two people last night but they got over it and they figured out seller's okay so you God bless you my friend and if they had any formal I will. God bless thanks thanks DG Russell McKay bye-bye Ryan is said to conclude he's a friend with a rifle and a call. We have three open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Anthony from Oklahoma Anthony do the right thing in their okay remember I called and let you call back again so I will move on the back of the opening report for your baby. A true Christian church. Well, that's a tough one to answer some of the official stuff of investigators is pretty bad.

However, they also do a from the dock of the Trinity, the firm that Jesus Christ is God in flesh and they affirm that Jesus that salvation is by grace, not by works, the Christ spirit. What is Christ sacrifice was victorious from the Trinity and the thing from baptism by immersion, which is fine they believe the return of Christ in the pre-millennial. So that's all good, however, they deny predestination. Next that's black because Bible teaches in on what he would say believe the Bible says a copy doesn't just I'll get out but they deny the immortality of the soul and the hellfire which which average about them. Is this this is where it gets into some serious issues where we could say they may or may not be Christian based on how this is taken and where it's taken how force taken would group which is subgroups inside of SDA.

Take it to one of things I teach is that our sense ultimately will be put placed on site that's not true for the people that that's heresy.

The Lord Jesus never send the sins of the elect and he did it go. Pharaoh got interrupted up with equipment. The doctor call his escape you wife in that area.

Lines 87707 max Y call 770727. Here's Matt's leg. Call all you do is dial 87720722763 open like all right Anthony you still there earlier but arrived so obviously, the issue for them plate their belief that Satan version since it is a heresy and the problem here is that it has potential of denying sufficiency. The 20 sacrifice of Christ on the cross reason I'm saying is potentials because not all SDA hold this. A lot of them don't so I'm not trying to do is not just sweep them all under one single rod if they would officially teach the believe this that will be a problem if someone were to say nor center place on signal. Ultimately, I would have to sit down with them, say, look, you realize what this at the damage at this is doing to the sufficiency of the cross and explain it.

If they were to not repent that I would maybe statement you may not be a Christian is probably not a Christian this point talk there's that's likely to say Jesus is Michael the Archangel, but they don't teach that Michael the Archangel is just an angel accreted being that he was the pre-incarnate Christ so they're wrong in that comparison.

But in it.

They're not denying the deity of Christ. They teach that get worship on Saturday. The creek day Saturday they just fail to understand New Testament revelation. At that point out many SDA I talked to do not affirm that you have to worship on Saturday to be a true Christian, but those who do the preaching a false gospel that wouldn't be saved okay and then there's the call. The investigative judgment that the fate of all people be decided based upon this event in the future and that's ridiculous because they you denied election predestination. They don't realize that things are to be decided by God before the foundation of the world, and I can make that case very strong from Scripture so it's it's an aberrant group at best difficult, at worst, and I think, hovers between those two ends. I would never recommend anybody go to what I'd recommend he leave it. Okay, not for what you find out that are there for people to go to bed about the top of it are afraid they don't believe in the apparent teaching of the church so the announcement that they believe that the document did not get that good night is like what I see my Catholicism. If anyone in the Catholic Church believes official Roman Catholic theology regarding salvation can't be a true Christian. So if anyone in SDA were to believe official Roman Catholic Lena ST theology regarding the investigative judgment which is not required of them.

That's what makes it difficult is not required of them to believe where in the Catholicism. It is so this why say the snow but nevertheless if they were to believe in the investigator judgment. The issue of Satan bearing our sins in the requirement would be to Christopher Saturday worship and Christian Sublette, but I should be back to you with that yet.

This is a problem. I got friends who actually believe it's a complete non-Christian cult and they do more study than I have the most interested in learning more about but from what I've seen what my studies are to be true to what I understand, and have seen they are aberrant to say the least. But I'll start. There's no official need statement I've seen an official stuff that they have to believe the biscuit of judgment and if they did that with that of looking at even more. Once it was going off five talk to SDA people say no we don't believe in that I knew and they find them safe. They were not required to believe it. So this is what makes it difficult if you sue them sent right. Mark all that you are providing. Those are on my karmic them figure of Lata Called Ct., Billy Graham.this kind of confusing to me are me. I guess he was known as a Christian preacher and all that but what I was 33 are just 34° make me that Maxim is the possible you will support you. I don't know if he was 1/33° Mason if he was, that would be a serious problem because at that level you supposed to swear allegiance to distract things inside of you and that that's that's bad so you honestly believe that you will make. I don't know if he was wasn't I just have documentation for I have written an article on him and it's on: Billy Graham. You can check it out yet and okay did say someone got us on difficult things he did okay and so he he could see what he said you can read used to play God that I can't do that anymore. I used to believe that pagans in far-off countries were lost for going to hell if he did not have the gospel of Jesus Christ preach of them are no longer believe that this Lisette. I believe that there are other ways of recognizing the existence of God through nature for existence and plenty of other opportunities before saying yes to God.

And so it's a very problematic statement that he said very problematic soda and he says this to. I think that everybody I think everybody that that loves Christ the lesson from the video or knows Christ, whether conscious of it or not there are members of the body of Christ to Robert Schuller, Robert, who was so maybe it was your going to the yeah yeah what Robert Schuller elderly. This program so who are, because I know enough south. There they think love him what you did a lot of good, but sex is whether the conscious of love in Christ are not members of the body Christ. I don't understand how that fit networks unless he's a covenantal list and we do this but you is is that's what God is doing today. He's calling people for four out of the world for his name, whether they come from the Muslim world of the Buddhist world of the Christian world or nonbelieving world. They are members of the body Christ because of the call of God.

That's heresy You get Circe so this is why you know it's really important that that evangelists and pastors and teachers have theological studies of excitement make mistakes like this. It's important what's happening in America is like churches know they just say no you don't need seminary is really called cemetery. Look what they do in a test. Yeah. I am there.

You have okay but allow me the talk you Matt, I think you're the best out that there's not a lot that your program is name of Walter Martin oh cult will that's a high compliment coming from you. I really appreciate that you have a modern-day Walter Martin and I hope that you yourself will fail. We need more people like you and Dr. talk badly about 1/2, and also even bother like-minded found preachers them. I hope that you know you you will be here for a while I thought that if they like you like you very much God bless and thanks appreciate that okay on the look.

That's what Tamara did have the privilege of meeting him several times and stuff but so yeah he was great.

He was awesome, more on him. Let's see you get to Amman from Florida him a welcome you on here.

Thank you. Yeah yeah right as her voice still yeah that's right yeah and we have some hold on both. We have the right, three open line 77 say that like why call 77207276 charismatic sling about the silver but with the bottom of the hour, 772072276 there is I can live, or quick, and on the Israel one of the primitive, paragraph seminary and got them in at one of the auditor may be in trouble today and I have noted that a lot of time primarily unfortunately and I'll meet you in any a lot of when I noticed that a lot in the black and black turkey with a lot of black as night where people got the idea seminary all in favor of them of a man's a fun outgoing and the leave the word over and over again how is they look goofy and official minutes of the reality that the minutes. Some men may be able to impacts the kingdom of God. But I had seminary really does help a man leave the theft of God's word and help us understand the deeper document that the Christian faith.

But thanks right unfortunate that people call seminary cemetery and think nothing but the nonmetals truly educate all of the work and at the thought of the contact number on one of the seminaries after nursing points right. Unfortunately rivals are the ones that get elevated often and then Vince, Chapel to: cemeteries and is only needed just to read that word and be moved by the Spirit be called by God. In some cases that it's true that in the other cases it's it's I'm sorry, but since efficient, there is a reason that that we have the education of history, theology, and with great people of God have derived on the Scriptures over the centuries, and to say what all I need is just to read the Bible and that's enough. In order to sufficiently represent God's word. That's a risky and semi-prideful thing to say and it is near you know you've heard me a lot on discord will know I got outlined.

I read books and I breathe Everett commentaries on five study. I learned so much from others. I just don't get all this from the Bible myself and Rideout has to be the sole your voice as he been there lately one when I go into the pagan rooms and just finding questions at me. That's unusual, sampling a lot so I'm praising God for that opportunity will tell you, you can sure ensure test my patience in space, that's for sure that is not a very good – look like a monitor or one hour, and that the thought one of the questions I was asked of me without 11 I got omniscient.

I think you know I'm going with that. Thereafter, out of God all God out of God by his knowledge on how not know what you know exactly how to close easy and identity with these guys. They want to submit God to the logic and God doesn't justify his rent was because his knowledge is his infinite knowledge as part and parcel of his infinite quality of being God he doesn't groan is not.

She knows all actualities as well as all potentialities and because his Michael's accident seeking knows all potentialities is brought into existence when actuality out of a you know. Who knows, maybe even an infinite set of potentialities.

I told them this. They continue to ignore can I say look youth understand the very nature of the Christian God is that he knows all things.

By nature there is no justification because God in order to justify his knowledge from what you're saying. I tell them he would have to have a system outside of himself to justify it. Which is ridiculous. It doesn't make any sense that all of what I am a fan of what the very nature of the triune God is right is exactly right.

And I tell him I said you can't argue get the Christian God from your perspective. If you misrepresent the Christian God and all Christians sometimes eating a fiscal stimulus. Imagine that your God is he will know doesn't work like that you only go back and you can do an imaginary think is it because you're asking me to say a square is actually round and is ridiculous of Dr. play this game at this work. When they asked me to tell us how does God know all things I dislike. I don't know the us and tell us how he knows all things I can say that as part of his nature is what he is is an attribute of his existence. He was us in all places and all time ended. We assume that out of that is the derivative necessity of his omniscience, but this is a a Scripture that they want so desperately.

They want so desperately to submit God to their logic and want to find reasons to deny I tell him that according Romans 118 a lot not gotten in unrighteousness. This would happen but I do appreciate what you know and you backed me up and get much backup in his room tribunal is basically a dog pile and fight my way out like a Krav Maga a lesson so my best and amazingly aisles on record but thereafter may also about God of creation and God's divine knowledge and fiber in it with what the doctor in a universe in which in which a new divine plan that we were going to thin off on doing that. It got very adamantly with them in a court that the phone I needed to know you and without, but he did get them he did with the potential of what the record to dictate that with the possibility or the option to defy the truth and then again that they could have the correct script. Good thing or not. Holy and I believe that holiness is a quality that belongs to God and inside of his holiness, his inability to sin and we take that directly with Christ. That means you could not have simply could have been tempted but so get in and see like what you've heard me say this over and over and over to the atheists that we have so many discussions with the city you don't do your homework you know I tell you guys you want me to study philosophy, epistemology, rationalization, Hume studied the Cardinal to study all these people all these different philosophical views and subdivisions of philosophical views articles in the wall of Huntsville respond to all of you and yet you guys wanted to take a toddler difficult theology.

What you should teach the secrets to be ashamed of yourself. You know then you go to some stupid website and think you got a good question that they can stub Christians and I said and you don't think that you cannot eat your amateurs supposed to do some serious studying in all so you gonna call it that went up on the other. When the telecast is not a well how would I put you on hold will get to the caller and come back to you okay you have good questions good enough put on hold. Okay thank you a photo three open lines. If you want to give me a call 877-207-2276 Julie from Charlotte, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Welcome here. Hi, I am Graham on earlier and I have my daughter and I thought it ran last toward exotic North Carolina. It was made by me.

It would like a rainy day and then went back to cloud that kind. Anyway, unless I am amazing experience.

I just got here for great Mike I love him and I have my one family that got the got project and I thank you for everything she can't hear great great and I love him and and and you want with love about that till a Democrat supports abortion and homosexuality said that the Democratic party does.

Why would you let everything you want to have you cryptically wear in a country that has people who don't believe the kind of faith and and we and we have to question where Christians and why would you support a political party that advocates homosexuality and killing of the unborn in the womb are part dark and you had testable rents have not been on. I don't support them and I'm not a Republican constitutionalist so so I Julie Julie, you said you get your Democrat. I don't have a problem with little time with people in the party that get you styling of the unborn problem with poverty is one of public poverty is originally Julie, where I agree with you. I agree with you but if you think of the party that was to kill people. God, it is very got old Donald on a break stays on the slides you write back after these messages match like why call 770776 charismatic slave, so I read some Scripture this is Ezekiel 22 verses 27, 30 and 31 her princes within her like wolves tearing the parade by shedding blood and destroying lives in order to get dishonest gain. I searched for Amanda Scott talking. I search for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before me for the land so that I would not destroy it, but I found no one.

This I poured out my indignation on them. I have consumed them with fire of my wrath there. We have brought upon their deeds. So this is what he sent God is saying is the land that does not protect the weak and the poor and the helpless and sheds innocent blood, which is what abortion is that God will destroy that nation. If someone is a come in and stand in the gap and turn this around this what God says and what I neglect her characters out there trying to change the art of women going theater level) whether La to the church. They help young women in crisis situation who helped him go today but the pregnancy define home and for them a lot of time with the family kicked them out of the house and it will help them get skill working skills were taken to provide for themselves and their child and is just awesome. That is not that that's what needs to be shot at hilltop and you announce is not can build it while not the guy.

And this is you need like it in the Bible like I decrement because Catholicism is a true church as apostate churches is a false gospel to his idolatry regard to Mary and teaches the infusion of grace as a means of obtaining salvation, retaining salvation by the amount of grace and fusing your soul with blasphemy. Now I ask a question I can actually been battling a limit to my Julie Julie Julie Mack around Julie, can you speak Haitian women okay I hang up on her. She unfortunately is not teachable and maybe the customer is not teachable, not reachable and when you asked difficult questions and they ignored them and then just go on and just talk incessantly, it means they don't want to face the issues and I've I've encountered so many times is unfortunate that she wouldn't just be quiet enough for me, asking the question, the radio show should we do that for open lines of you want to give a call 877-207-2276 Amani welcome back on the show here celebrity. Oh Lord, I will yeah it was unfortunate that she wouldn't know just answer a question not my questions and asked her what she refused to answer to why would she support a party.

She said she supported the Democratic party that advocates homosexuality and a killing the unborn. Why would I believe that any Christian who supports any candidate. I don't care what party any candidate that supports killing the unborn and promoting homosexuality. It is in direct violation of Scripture and is in sin and needs to repent, you face the discipline of God. This is a serious thing and preachers in the pulpit need to say what I just said they'd appoint the congregation's sake, this is it. In this and then have the documentation for the Democratic Party with a promote killing of the unborn. Yet what reason is that for because of the mom decides on her whim. If that baby has value were not what just I'd love to be in the national public debate on abortion. I have so many difficult questions they cannot answer the cannot answer the questions they refused to admit it but I made a feather of the black man and I got out on people caught up in my ethnic but that unfortunately I live in the consommé after day we people identify your body and leave primarily by your right 1° or another, but I'm putting in the black church.

It is unfortunate that many professing black minister primarily coming from more charismatic… I really don't feed it might diminish the five-minute log on or understand some biblical theology, though that is the general charismatic and I noticed that unfortunately in a lot of health and wealth. Name a lab in a graphic chart of the word of faith on the identical facing unfortunately payment due the callout that at the very least that the congregation on the phone so if you and and even a minute, but may have some kind of down beeping on some level and a lot of asthmatic day at the limit you to rebuke the congregation on. This is like a Boston because they know a lot of the congregation going out and back out of wedlock and then having babies out of wedlock that on having a boss is on for the neighbor on the congregation (orthodox biblical Christian featuring anything they know how. I think it'll back down number and billing IT then they are our clouds without the hidden reads briefs and that that's the case, the pastors job preachers job is to to the exaggerate is to make the point.

But to crawl on his knees up to the pulpit and bear the weight and the severe responsibility of preaching the word of God and his truth to the congregation and if he were to look out the windows to see what the secular realm was doing let that influence how he's good at present truth. You know, in a negative way or can be good. What you know but in a negative way with you will not present something that might offend them, because throughout their fornicating port being in porn or getting abortions, then, and he is is a false Shepherd and he needs to repent and that's the fact and you know we don't have enough men in the pulpits in America who hold to the severe Ruth of God's word and the power that it house. There are lots of mentor. There are, I know some personally who preached that word of truth, and I'm so grateful privileged Chad print more Randy Ream, Caesar guys and I know Josh Bales you guys I know in this area who preach and teach the truth and they didn't want to compromise and they will so you guys feel it. I know the type is far too many in the world. Compromise on, they are in a faceless direct judgment from God.

Strict you know you broke up with the thought of the farm got a knockoff of administrative hundred and a leaf out of building capital, calling about the law because they knew this and I don't want to. Bob and I do understand it on a lot of being with sound on.down generally found biblical teaching on breaking circuit stands on a lot of ball and damnable incoming non-completely lost cannot be that. Unfortunately, after their judgment and come up on a minute, and I do not doubt. School on very clear what of God. The only personnel I got through the use of appointment, homosexuality now may not be as I may not be as ready to go to bat. It is you LGBT people that understand the severity of mental health and emotional difficulties that will become lower than the master all the position that God created man man and woman to come together in that monogamous relationship that the only acceptable romantic, erotic sexual contact but Dr. thought like I do hold that every conviction. I know how difficult it is to bring that up at them conversation because of the real issue is a lot of the beepers that complement the one by one until I was dying on day and night is abortion.

I will not finance back down on that. That's when I'm ready tomorrow night is not about about this. You should see homosexuality saying this is an abomination before God, and you don't yet I didn't go to dinner last night is my family. I was on interview with the go with my daughter and something else and go meet their friend who's a homosexual old. After dinner I would have on what I would had a problem and the wouldn't of been mainly like that, but I certainly will not approve of that kind of behavior and lifestyle and this and we hate them differently would be violent. It means that that's all you need to pray for them and and at the right time you witnessed that's what needs to happen and so but I just wish just wish that the man of God in the pulpit. I wouldn't wish they would just go in Rick's just bought into the forest get alone stay there and just for a day or two of you know and just read their word and preach a sermon to the trees and and believe that God is the one hearing them and then come back and preach the same sermon how they can change a sermon, but is facing.

People were supposed to be preaching to please God and to equip the Christians not to compromise them, elevate ourselves with sound erudition and how I could memorize or whatever it is I've I've watched you know these preachers black-and-white what they want to do is use style to draw them in style how they connect talking and they do all the stuff. It just to me the sacrifice of the power of God's word and replacing it with unique you know or what drives me crazy is is a is to open up with stories you don't think it would do it a fight and tell your story, but the first thing to do is stories or the substance. Substance of the sermon is about a story to illustrate something, what's wrong with the power. The word of God. Go verse by verse and and exegete what it actually says and then called the people to believe it or to change her mind about something they've already failed to understand properly change their action. This is what is called the fact is that because the Christians aren't out there doing was mostly doing disciples of all nation means of the overall, the pastors are not teaching with this was rejected because we don't see the activity of the Christian church involved out there in the world, hardly at all. What's wrong with them what's wrong connect. How could I just don't get it just you love Jesus, you mean by Christ to carry the cross for you. Get off your lazy rears and preach and teach the truth of Christ work in the area. You're able to threatening our want to go back to.

I don't really go back 5000 when time all this we cannot disgorge but if I don't and Joseph my was starting to get you one time.

Anyway, the Lord bless you what folks might just have a great

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