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January 23, 2021 3:00 am

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January 23, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- What is the relationship between the law and the gospel---2- Should I get the covid vaccine- If I get it is that not trusting God---3- What do things look like for the born again believer in regards to the spiritual realm- What exactly does it mean that the Holy Spirit is in us---4- Where does our personality come from---5- Are we reading into Romans 14 since it doesn't use the word Sabbath- Is that what that verse is actually talking about---6- Who wrote Hebrews- What does the phrase -Sabbath rest- mean in Hebrews 4-9---7- Are those of the SDA faith following a different Jesus and a different gospel-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive born you have questions about Bible doctrine Max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877207276 Max Lake, 20, 21 for the video podcast read later on it will give me a call. We have five open lines all you do start leak 772072276 McCall, let's see. Couple things I guess you could say I want to say thank you again to all of you who are signed up for the end of year matching funds drive that we had really appreciated it was great and came through well and this could help us a great deal.

In fact, it's just a visit. We've been having a lot of trouble lately because of the Theo money issues with the missionaries we have people on staff and parts of the world and the way things are going lately with getting more and more difficult to to pay them because there's restrictions here, restrictions there is pretty more expensive even to send what so long story short because of the donation we were able to pay them a few months in advance that a whole bunch you know that that on the earth live on in the respective countries and it is cheaper the long run that's is one of the benefits that we been able to help because of your support as well as just keep in the website going. As you may know, we've a new version of the website and we are aware of how slow it is and the be having a meeting about that later tonight get an expert to be joining us and outlook on that insisted on one thing to do so.yes we know and if you have any issues with the site. Let's say that you're in there in your checking things out and you notice a bug. Whatever it is make a difference, broken links, whatever you can to submit an email to and you can just say hey this is what I saw on this page give us the page the article whatever it is and just give a detail of its and check it out, fix it because like 6000 articles on the site and understood stuff. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of links and it really existed a lot cover so that's one of the things there also remind you again that please give us a call.

Here we have five open lines 877-207-2276 we stay on the air by your support. Please consider supporting us. All you have to do is go to force a Carn/donate and you can help us out.

We asked for five $10 a month that helps us to establish a budget and a significant prayer ministry Prayer If you are interested in praying or having people pray for you have Simpson mount needs that you want to have covered. Pray about.

Well that's what you do, but we have so to take care of all that night, give the prayer request to others on the prayer team and you are lifted up new shoes lifted up so Rexall five open like you to call 877-207-2276. Hold on one second, there we go now.

Last night it was in a debate debate, discussion with Dr. Ron Garrett and he's an atheist and we discussed atheism, Christianity, morality, and about two hours. It was a fine discussion. We discredited an opening and he wasn't all that prepared because he had life issues that come to stop getting ready this to understand how that works is a good family discussion.

But if you saw that some of you have any comments about. I would like to hear what you thought about our discussion last night. No more and more people ask me to be on on interviews like I have to deal on one and one half hours discussing nature of covenant with someplace a group or whatever it is, and subdue more debates in doing more issues and things like that.

So if it sounds so lift up in prayer, which I love that.

Please remember me at all in your prayers because I can certainly use them as I debate reach out trying to get the gospel to everybody. I can still hey look with open lines give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get on the air here with what is what from Winston-Salem, Scott a Scott welcome you on the air. Great scholar like an opportunity to give it to God in the government and I like to read your your generator scale will you know the one Matthew 95 that you that encounter about the allow that to prevail lower grade with all of the profit 1516 verse 16. The prophets were until John that have guided free and Everyman print in.

And they started is needed for you who haven't heard that and boom until without avail.

The last I could tell 212 to 31 of the negative is that it like that. Maybe you can forget about the all know that within we hold that establish yet migrated like a part of the ground like understanding of that me darling I left Christian Gallagher like they were running array only get the prize, will do. You have to keep the laws of dressing would not benefit one or more good direct say that is grounds of Berkeley.

You know, and during that, I noticed that the question then switch question should I mean, should you want to know God got command with a relationship in between the law, the gospel, you should do in the law is that it yet another what Portnoy given the low okay help you around the now is a guide for the Christian X is 20. Don't lie. Don't steal.

Honor God. Things like that. These are moral guides for us. See, we are not obligated to follow the law in order to be saved to get saved to become saved or anything, but we follow the law accidentally.

When we love God and love our neighbors. So what were obligated to do is to love the Lord our God, and also to love our neighbor as ourselves, and in those you will accidentally fulfill all the law when Jesus said I didn't come to abolish law. Matthew 517 Q to fulfill it. The law talked about him and about his arrival and his duties as a sacrifice she could to fulfill what the law was about as he says in John 539 that the Scriptures are about him. So that's what he's talking about what we do with the law. We use the laws a guide for moral behavior. We don't have to keep the law is force priestly stuff goes, because Jesus did that and the issue of the law as it relates to the civil matters the civil matters are important, but that's under a theocratic system which we don't have right now because Israel is is not operating under a king or a theocracy where the law like that moral law was to be the civil law wasn't is instantiated. So what we have here is basically for us as Christians is a moral loss. What we do is read the New Testament find out that nine of the 10 Commandments are reiterated and the Sabbath is not to keep the Sabbath on a particular Sabbath day were free if you died with Christ from 66 from 68174.

So, in room 7124 actually so it is because a guide okay and it's a unique reflection the moral law is reflection of the character of God and so you should not lie because I was a delight. Okay, so you should not lie to Liza sent, but if you obey that law doesn't keep you saved.

It doesn't get you saved the law is a tutor that leads us to Christ ago to Galatians 324 to 28 it talks about this issue of the law so the law shows us our sin shows us our failures brings us to the cross shows us that we can't be saved by following the law, and that we need the Lord Jesus Christ and that that's the law does and so now that were in the aroused we look back at the law as a moral guide that codifies the moral behavior and we want to obey that law, not for the purpose of becoming a Christian or staying the Christian natural important okay great okay. Great in our heart.

Yes, those God's commandment are very pure and real but but here like you. Dad is a God he is God's approval.

That's what that will have guided will look at it. The God's approval that I mean I got have felt like blocking up a value right neck and time again we do as you read the word trendy, more like Jesus. You want approval read what Jesus was like imitate what Jesus was like, that's it. You want approval from God.

Yorty have salvation God begun approval, just ask. Ask the Lord to open up your heart of who Christ is to be more like him that sent study I read Jesus and the gospel see how he was learn about him to be like. If it's going to write operator okay from it all rights God will God bless out here later.

Alrighty, folks are going to make all three open lines 877-207-2276 is get the angel from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Welcome your on the yes I can well I got a little like a little catchy. I can never try to transfer God and the Lord wherever I don't understand and I just get down and so I'm torn about shot. I don't trust people I don't hold back at I don't know. I've prayed about it and what my feeling here is like fuzzy like that. Got messages we have to open my 776 max Y call 770727. Here is Matt's leg have to open line 20 McCall 877-207-2276. Let's angel from rolling North Carolina well builder okay so go ahead girl about whether I jot it easier for me to God on the go, to come back down so I guess I was just trying to get your take on you. I haven't done any research on the Lakota vaccines. A doctor called three weeks ago or so, and talking to Shona talked about how some of them using the stems cells stuff some has DNA alterations stuff in it and others are further defined their different approaches for giving the coven vaccine and for that reason. My personal opinion about just me. I'm not to take that's just me and I've I had covert I had my wife had it and that's it so I don't worry about it. They say yes you do it again later. Well, okay, but we take a vitamin D3 thousands of milligrams a day and other stuff that we take that we know that supposed to help so we do that, but in magnesium and potassium.

I take vitamin C at a big back. I recommend this for people. I get a big bag of pure vitamin C go online and look for is pure vitamin C and when you restart feel a little bad. You take don't make a quantity like 10, 15, 20,000 mg worth. Put into a glass of water and put a little bit of baking soda in it and it doesn't activation thing after fizzes you just drink it. Hold your nose and drink. Not a pleasant.

I've noticed when I've done that. I just barely start to feel little bit going on won't 910 it goes away within a couple hours after I drink that I believe in and holistic stuff but also please 10th in a cylinder and morphine, and operations and stuff like that you're not negating Silas and and this is all my life is literally been saved twice from my medicine. I them only once, and I died and I had gallbladder almost ruptured in me, and he took it out. Emergency surgery would kill that. So you know, a priest got in your right to be wise, but I just don't trust which I've heard that the covert thing and if people still doing don't that's fine. We just asked Christians to make sure the little bit of research to find out the kind that they're being given by any place doesn't have any bad stuff in it to me. I doesn't go for that and I'm not against vaccines for and if I had the doctor said look that we got this guy have my doctors grade got and if you said you this vaccine. He's check he's a Christian and this is all good. There's no problems and it helps with the threat, I'd say great. Go ahead take it right now. On the big deal. This depends on whether this I got back, bless you. Okay all right let's get to Michael from New York hey Michael, welcome your amen I don't start doing all right hanging in there.

We got great so what appears about as the concept of being born again filled with the spirit, God sent the Spirit of the sun in our hearts we joined the Lord one spirit so can you just elaborate on what it looks like a born-again believer in the unseen realm by where just transpired. Where is the spirit of God resided just as in the brain. Where is the Holy Spirit joining with our spirit out of the salt question. Don't know that that's just a fast John 12 2023 Jesus is a fathering and he center will come and make their abode in us. I don't know how it works. I just don't know.

I know that my spirit is in my body and I can see out my eyes but I also am aware that in there also is a presence of the Lord. How does that work don't know where exactly is it is it in my left hand.

I do know is in my heart don't know might remember I don't know the Bible doesn't tell us in so I can answer for you. That's the best I got that's that's why that's great.

You know I was a transparent but you have to think much look or where I'm coming up with. I don't will he says he is in our spirit I think is a verse for that. But even what is that mean so I do know is a good question and answer, don't you got it so much. You welcome, select goblins to okay. All right. We have three open lines. If you want to give me a call everybody all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 look at the Mike from Pennsylvania. Mike welcome going on that need not just a radioman legal egg in a bag.

I want you debate with AK and there was something out when he kept saying it. The condition would not be as weird what what could you tell me what what did he mean by that, is there any different.

To my knowledge is no different in between the two. My correct that he was confused and that and the reason he was confused is because he holds to false teaching. He's trying to make it makes sense, and he has woven himself into what he's backed himself into a corner and intellectual, spiritual corner because he requires baptism. This something that's necessary for salvation and among other things. I think what lasted and we debated baptism, but we did paper for total depravity was one which one did you watch that one. Frequently you get those get Calvinism debate that you try not yet and I did like the baptism on that yet a while I thought this out channel you yeah and in Romans nine if it was Romans nine debate generally not yet yeah and I remember that you know and I can open up the notes I have from that that debate when you deny the truth of God's word like this.

What which is what he does is get all kinds of whacked stuff. Remember that what is he saying he didn't say I was I was helping out like mat leave after what the difference between said now try to understand it, but how debates go some time to go to yeah you can move along and you forget you can ask is that but yeah and I got my notes of looking at because I do now as I keep notes my opening statement know something like that when they talk they say I have so yeah like they have to hold on what I vote for the right back after these messages you have 1-877-207-2771 call Matt Y call 770776 charismatic sling show. We have three open line McCall 772072276. Let's get back to Mike propensity to Mike welcome Erica yeah I get that out you about that I'll really open.

You have, you know what was a different maybe the next family you guys have the debate you can make and clarify the difference being that also another question I have, you know you know when and where the non-form people. They are teachable. They you know they have that requires it. That you have to be you know good and wiping up. She debate you need some type of quality know you have one. God tell me that he was smart enough to write. So what my question is, it could be an argument. What what you first in their personality. Well that's kind of God will know nothing in a careless God works in the Bible talks about informing us in the womb and things like that the rates I got distracted. Something popped up and maybe left. Sorry for something else at the vetting the co-executor to break about the site speed. Believe it or not in the base of his debater comment about chuckle so silly. I'm sorry I got distracted yet or repeat what you say about what all thing is you not I might tell me that there were smart enough, she cried but an empty boat. My question would be, it would be a good argument against that like what what make a first person personality the person personality outside of the realm of God will not how they get their personality will got his leg access informs us in the womb Bible says, until discussions about this issue of people being able to believe that one believes one does not list the Arminians hyper minions try and say that everything is all up to the individual will I see will then what is will come from Sue of God makes it that body that place at that time with those abilities. Those disabilities tendencies.

He says what God is within his net God who is then ordaining who believes and is not believed by the arrangement of the characteristics of an individual would have and they can't get out of an argument see their defense understand something, it doesn't matter what personality you have gentler meeting or good or bad or quicker, not what God is the one who grants repentance second Timothy 225 God is when you grants we believe liquids 129 this is what the Bible says this is Jesus in John 636 65 because no one can come to me this is been granted to him by the father. These are verses that says what it says and I have to believe it. So do not depend upon personality of one person will or whatever it depends on God. This would Romans nine talks about is nothing upon the man who run to the man who wills upon God was mercy, will you will send me the one who still find fault who resist his will. Who are you will man to stand up to God's. The thing multiple knots in the motor. Why did you make me like this will it is not God have a right to make from one lump the same love one vessel for honorable use in the event that the same level.

Another vessel forgiveness for red wrath for destruction at right is to say that God has a right to do this creation as he desires. This is a problem so people will say no I don't like that will then take Romans nine editor Bible is what it is. Yeah, you know, and with Rick BAK Richardson did in our debate was so failed to to deal with the issues of God's sovereignty over individuals because what all false religious systems do one way or another's, demote God and elevate man. That's how it works. We are we are by nature people who like to elevate ourselves, our egos are pride, our ability know and say yes I take credit for my believing in God that guy down the street. He was a smart enough or wise enough to believe in God, like I was what it ultimately comes down to people signal. I was humble when I believed in Christ was pride was humility also reflect a graduate is so humble you know you're saying is equality.

It was in you. It allowed you to come to Christ, you know, it just don't get this because the week need preachers that are out there teaching us about your free will because the blonde haired blue-eyed Caucasian surfer Jesus is asking from the cut in your heart you know and like all Selena understand that God is sovereign King and we need to get into his will, not him. Work to get into hours week near milquetoast stupid preaching that goes on out there just mixing minutes, but there are some good preachers out there and stuff like that so this is Melissa Owens says in our chat man tries to set himself upon the throne of God that is so right. And when I look at it is those people in my singing I say, put it in. I'm in this group to because I have my pride in my selfishness, but I know this though. The only reason I say that because of God's grace. That's it. But a lot of people with a duly single on the one who's chose ongoing got baptized. On the one who did this on the Windows go to the movies are bad. That's why I'm I'm in will you know they're on their knees before the throne in the region her finger out there touching that throne with just a little bit of that autonomy the glory for themselves and if you realize that's just not how it is I hate Dr. Mike today on Gannett so that probably get it that's right that's right so we are depraved in nature and is what it is especially Charlie here is on the screen with us.

He's really depressed so I know how bad he is very I got overly bit. What's up, before I go I heard you got the day I read it really broke my heart broke my heart as much of it did when I heard he passed away. I struggle, I struggle with sexual thing and I and I look forward if I look towards quite the amount.

I think you really need to relaxation yet today that I shouldn't put too much on human being and I may have been idolizing people like Ravi itself. William Ln., Craig people help me through my understanding of God's word put too much on the – and I do that.

Especially me how bad those guys are but I know how bad I am so I can testify that anyone you got that judgment rise was true. My wife right now is this is going. It is true I'm saved by God's grace.

I've kept by God's grace, it wasn't me in my wisdom that shows God, it was God in his grace to chose me and why did he choose me I don't know because there's nothing in me and in and that's it. And so I want to live for my Lord, and in all honesty I'm not trying to be humble here in public but I don't believe I've ever done anything good. I'm serious because every single thing that I do is touch my sin and one one way or another you know that every way about my health.

God just showed me how you will wear out sinful. I am this time who are like I am going in the right direction like bring you back down so many times that the main there's no way of making a lot of people say how can God thing people to hell and mathematical talking God letting you see only because of his grace being that we break I like the phrase that's a preacher say once and on God. God, I'm glad that God predestined before the foundation of the world because if you look at me now you wouldn't pick me back and I this is how it goes. Okay, let's plan frankly think here you can all right hey folks were almost time for break. Here you McCauley for open lines 877-207-2276 Liska to prove no floor and welcome your near hello Eric, yes I can… Go ahead okay. I'm talking about. Like you blabbed about Babbitt and you only get Romans 14 okay go. But when I read Robert working out the anywhere we worked. Babbitt like you like. We really into that talked about date night in Cyprus guides one person regards one day above another, another regards, every thing I like is the Sabbath. The broad scope of everything is everything you hold on you. All right hey folks. Therefore the lines you McCauley 772076 max Y7707276. Here is Matt's link to the show. By the way, Matt all right felt it for open lines.

If you want to give me a call. All you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 all right pruner back yet.


So my question is are you sure hundred percent like your heart. Maybe percent because this 300 that are regards every day so can you tell me what every day means every day lives right is the Sabbath included in every day. The category of every care by you? Have you day talk about who right so what would Davitt have to do a comment that he knows his secret noncollege stated talking about regarding Dale. The fact that you know of Eric that like the week went on required in the law. One year the maybe you think I could be a no no no. One person has faith that he may eat all things, but he was weak eats vegetables only. The one who eats is not to regard with contempt when he does not eat in the one who does not eat is not to judge the one who eats, for God is accepted him.

Who are you to judge the servant of another to his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand for the Lord is able to make him stand one person regards one day above another.

Regards, everything alike.

Each person must be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day observed for the Lord, and he who eats does so for the Lord, for he gives thanks to God and you eats, not etc. etc. so going into contact with food like what it is that like hearing God talking go pick the right up there were dietary laws are very big, clean and unclean, and one person is able to eat one thing and that another worse on this day, so it's just about legalism calls refuting legalism in Romans 14 51 person regards one day above another. Regards, everything alike every single day, every single day.

Let each person be fully convinced of his own mind will then be flick of the signal Mark so if you don't so all will be quick. Like changing the law are not. No, no, law is all the law does not mean that older music fulfilled in Christ. I could hear the end goal land of the law but not saved by the law by that does not mean that will abolish anything where you need anything regarding Kunkel abolish the law so you call in here the kindness because throughout the whole time. You get the Sabbath right and not a disciple.

Here Paul given the freedom they you know it done away with you. You think that would be that what he thinks Paul's teaching is that were not obligated to follow any law and don't judge your neighbor. If he wants to eat this or not eat that are worse when the stair not worship on that day.

That's what he sang for freedom in Christ for if you were to go to Romans six and seven. The verses Romans 66168 we have died with Christ, we been crucified with Christ in Romans 7124. She was died is free from the law. We died with Christ, were freed from being required to follow law. Those who require following along or to be saved.

Technically have not died with Christ, redeemed because if you died with Christ, the jurisdiction of the of the law occurs over person's lungs literally 71 when he dies he set free from law will be died in Christ were no longer needed to follow that law and in the context is a regard of salvation, the long you cannot Shabbos the tutelage of the Christ.

Galatians 324 so all we can do is just his is use it as a guide.

This would Romans 14 is talking about this wise giving us freedom. We have the freedom to blizzard when they are not. Another vessel is also not end up all kind of thing you like okay so we get to obey the law you want to know or own you want to like you think a good thing to do you not like like the feet that I'd OFFENDED it the holy right to say bad and evil you know it okay, but not without a thought agreement but in sanctification could be used by KM.

I want to keep the day know Babbitt order order number, my family and I will be fine if I correct you would agree that I absolutely have to let let me ask you one more question, the now one ought to think because I know that the split all my life. I think I think you all odds of the way was written so if you or nine and there also talked about, you know that you know entering direct lightning and the whole chapter of the fourth of my did not and it did not end the directors don't. But in or nine verse 49 any factually what you know Greek help me out with because you you you probably know, when more than a very rough Greek but but so much question about where their people right and they translated it as it as is the breath Sabbath rest right weight where you if you look at it in the Greek it's only use one time in the whole Bible, and you actually mean that keeping their therefore remain Babbitt keeping father then Sabbath rest but now I did not check this with a scholar and scholarly work.

You know some of the bigger you know were for word translation.

Actually that's what it is all used only one time so here he seems like that would therefore remain Babbitt thing you know I mean you can take no, I got switch yesterday and folded so sorry Rome is going to give you freedom like do whatever you want.

You know whatever day will be here contradiction.

You know it's not trying to figure out how to get verse seven he got in the background and begin six begin six is a certain day today saying to David after so long a time.

Just as he had just said before today if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts, for if Joshua had given them rest, he would have not have spoken of another day after that. So there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God for the one who was has entered into his rest has himself also rested from his work and so this is going on.

It is just talk about the issue of rest and so since the word only occurs there once. See Hebrews 49 and that Susie anda Sabbath rest ESV Sabbath rest. Therefore a rest for the people the King James changing the rest for the people RSV Sabbath rest Sabbath rest in the LED want to not think that the percent so Greek it not Only fabric, no no no no no no hold on you. Careful, there is Greek is not that easy to do, sometimes, to translate, you might take a word that has a range of meanings and you can begin to careful, because I know enough about this essay that there are rules of interpretation and translation and negative be pretty annoying because when the date of the means occurs after a genitive absolute.

You translate it this way, and it gets in the stuff like that. It's was not just hey let's looking near linear this with the word means less help how it means in English not always the case like that, that's a lot of times people make bad mistakes when they do that is a technique for translating so we have to be very practical okay that I just lightly. I also use only one time and I like like a little late again right, but I why is it that the NASB, ESV, King James RSV. Ellie, B, NIV, CSB and ramus essay rest Sabbath rest. Could it be wrong if possible document harassing Derek theology did it pass making bacon bait is possible. Great good. I have I got all are not. It's possible but now you're saying all of them are wrong and it means keeping the Sabbath in order to it was God. If you look at the con. Alex is not talking about not on it and deftly not talking about that right now to correct though those that would no longer unique.

However, expired our body can God created a which you talk about you not even know you created all graded out. You know what we need one day of now, so an argument in a stable work which I shall question is what will it basically take that day.

I feel of the year to keep paying day. You know, there remain fabric keeping spread that that does not say that common config you Babbitt thing okay… A little time to stop. Stop. It doesn't say that you want to argue that it does the scholars that they translated these Bible verses disagree with you the context disagrees with you today just kicking against the goats right that's it don't like it you can regularly work in a mental island. We can move along consumer just started.

Okay, we move on the next caller let's get to Anthony from Oklahoma and we have much time. Want to get you before the end of the show so we got Anthony, are you still there Anthony hearing a month of earnings clicked on correctly. Anthony I don't hear you. Maybe you're panicking right now trying to find work. Don't know is running on the phone diving in the air for its because he did something caring he has that, but the what's written here is Galatians 162740 last 30 go I hear you sure you're on here so we got what their late and will not yes and all lack yet get you on the air when he got yes I will okay? About what will I write about that the plaintiff to date, but at that.

If you believe that they are following a different and following a different gospel are different subgroups within STA theology if they require. Baptism means giving a seven seventh they worship as a crew is a true and necessary part of of coming and staying saved in their false.

Not all STA groups do that kind okay. Can you tell me about the other know that there are about 10 church I talked to multiple STA people over the years. Some hold to this error and some don't. I had gets Jerilyn tell me that no we don't hold that and the this would have been getting from different STA people in the truck. I have grilled people grilled STA people get three different thanks okay that's all confused about because you're really supposed to be only one STA movement. In fact, the STA publishing house is literally two to half miles from from all of the publishing area within the site builder books I want to call back tomorrow but okay because we ran out of time. God bless a folk.

Sorry about that one time of the Lord bless you and my is back on here then

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