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January 22, 2021 3:00 am

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January 22, 2021 3:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt says he will be releasing an article soon regarding how Christians should relate to and interact with the government.--2- Have you heard of a book called supplemental Bible---3- Is the prophecy in Daniel regarding the seven-horned beast the same as in Revelation---4- Is there a book of Jonathan---5- How do I know which Bible to study- Is the Living Bible ok---6- Does the covid vaccine relate to the mark of the beast---7- Should you vote based on your biblical beliefs---8- Can a Christian ever vote democrat---9- A caller wanted to challenge Matt's view of Mary. Was Isaiah 7 talking about a virgin or just a young woman---10- How can I argue with an atheist who says I'm using circular reasoning regarding the Bible and its authority---11- If the answer to racism is the gospel, what about predestination, doesn't that negate that statement- Is predestination based on race-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is found you have questions about Bible doctrine maps. What why Golda responded to your questions at 877 Matt slick reported are you doing out there. That's what going to be called as usual is dialing 772072276 if I would like right now make it for your call. I'm here waiting for you. All right a lot of stuff going on and go talk about it would do some research on some some stuff and go spend hours going through some Scriptures and on the issue of our relationship is Christian so the government and Old Testament and New Testament will be writing an article may be releasing it tonight or tomorrow never know what it's what we're supposed to do and how to do it I can get more on how to you and will be going through 13 little kind of stuff so just praise God right now. Why is it something it's interesting, I can't get my video stream to go to Facebook, something happened.

Maybe I didn't do set up right so it looks like looks like I didn't get going to suck. But so what. Lines 877-207-2276. All right, let's go to Georgia, Greensboro, North Carolina.

George welcome here, but one I and I brought Bible. It might bring online find anything really out about where my all you not sure what it is. Some Bible because he would look at it and see if you can title of supplemental Bible. It Bible on about it at all. I thought okay to the front page and look at seeking copyright see if it gives you any information like copyright or publisher like rainbow source or just simply that there William Barrett lard vibrate your five company you know so I'm looking at just a commentaries and things like that is in the Bible or alterations of the text or what they didn't want to like that.

Like I often think then talked about different paragraph four. Look for stuff on salvation and who Jesus is. Okay, so it has Scriptures John 11 and 14 Siva talks about Jesus says he is just an angel just burn it to me to look like look at stuff like that salvation secrets to salvation by grace through faith alone in Christ alone or through some work or ceremony like baptism or sacraments or or find out just gotten sick to tell you. Let us don't know.

But that particular with law books on. I know it good right on five over but I don't know one there out your topic you see on the apologists white. I don't memorize devotional verses I memorize verses the deal with all kinds topics in the field. I do 500s but does some of you might do devotional remarriage practice might memorize certain things related to that substance which one can consider a coupling that would do if I were you. You want memorize is take a piece of paper on enough by left paper and on the left-hand side little piece of paper. Grid is just type in whatever verse that comes to your mind reading to the word that this sticks with you for some reason you just know you think about it wouldn't write down the address and write down the entire verse in this just do that any particular order that occurs is God putting verses on heart.

You might end up talking to some Mormons need to know verses about the Mormonism refuting you might need to learn about Catholicism. You might need to learn about what it means anymore. Sanctify before God and so these verses is gonna stick with you what I would do with it stuck with me. I cannot insist is not going let you know that within three seconds of you know, maybe you think about a few times it sticks to write this down and memorize it or look at it release habit there and I had a piece of paper so got it someplace. I think my original one that's got holes in it right to keep it unfolded and had my back pocket of you in the line I pulled up to reading through whatever would be, but that's one option you welcome. Hope it helps all right okay alright let's get to feel from will from Canada lost him.

Let's get to Ron from Des Moines, Iowa.

Ron welcome you are unnaturally hello I sure one of those days already. We got all that will date all day until I got it I'm reading in the book of Daniel. I just finished it in the living Bible and it felt about how he is a vision of being like I can remember exactly what it is like seven or go then. Then one horn pops up and knocks brittle point out that corn has three eyes and that basically the same as revelations that John speaks up and only thing in a different form. Some think it might be a kind of lean towards it as well is that he was not gone through that to really compare but the courts generally mean a source of power, generally right and so in relation we see we see that you that what it was orange and the one horn grew up and knocked out through the horn thinking the power himself. I think that's probably what is that can remember it is been a long time. There a lot of people who just know this because a study of eschatology and prophecy and things like that but I see where was that I remember. It's the four beasts right to me today. Yeah, and ran with really long.

The goat appeared knocked the horns off the ram and right.

I think that was fulfilled. Let's see, you know, not sure. So look into the dating I could dump you. Believe me, it definitely happens. My wife has asked me questions I have answers to. So when you think about all the time bring up stuff like remember 30 years ago. What about Udo teasing, but my wife and I went to a went to Leslie for the Monday I got home I gave her list of things I didn't ask him. That's good. I didn't ask what will use what is good.

I didn't. She just looks at me to delete out like great. I think you will know it's right before that's about it directly ago will look I think this is about the status of the Christ on the earth is rain and so generally I think the horns mean power and the beasts mean kingdoms prophecy the coming kingdoms and might even be about Alexander the great. I think you know he was prophesied in one of things I do know is that what Alexander the great would do is go from city to city and destroy all the cities and just ransacked. Well, the right of the Jews went out to meet him when he was coming up to Jerusalem and it came out minimum with the scroll of Daniel and they said this is you right here and they've prophesied about him, and by the kingdom that will be divided into four etc. etc. and all came to pass a course. But God he he didn't destroy the city of Jerusalem was only didn't destroy because of that right.

So what about yeah I read the book of Jonathan and in the old book in this book it states that God cried rivers of hearers knowing that the judgment he had to pronounce on it.

People just like book of Jonathan was going to come true in the book of Jonathan Wentworth's stat.

It was in the living Bible makes all really all they were really trying to say was, what, when anything lately but I don't know the book of Jonathan we need the book of John in the Gospels notice of the Old Testament book of Jonathan.

I don't know of any book of Jonathan L. Yeah. So John send down to Jonathan is mentioned as an individual just doing research on him a little bit right before Ezekiel numbers the book of Jonathan in the Bible.

The closest I could come to us is a gospel of John. But others know book of Jonathan so know what you got there but I don't redlining to get up at summer camp at it even gelcoat your Bible, yet will look again is a state that is a book of Job. Jonathan, I'll have to look back at night I read it every night, all recheck it.

If I were you and I know I start JOA and a Jonah. Jonah you look up Jonah okay and not Jonathan would not.

I'm not a proud that's okay Wagoner was buying her that it became Wagner like old right Bureau is not I like it looks so Jonah's the story of the whale jointly swallowed all know know know know it wasn't that what no okay the properties prophesied in about God bringing judgment upon the people for saying in having idols in worshiping the idols over him and will you prophesy several times about judgment and the profit that out.

It makes God basically said, cried tears are rivers appeared because the technologies that have the punishment people because they won't and would not sent you that that Bible living Bible is very very loose paraphrase study of something like the ESV or the NASB English standard version or the new American Standard Bible.

These are modern translations and you will ultimately want to be as close to the original is possible, ESV and NASB are really good at in the living Bible.

If I had I gave your people my email address but they email that to me as I went to Barnes & Noble, holding you get up there with all these books I got on religion. It's just like, which was real which was fake but one of this course Latin email us. We can help you write you email us will tell you that's it with ideas and information on this and that we have people actually seriously that entering this kind of you to get some good info.

Okay okay you read the book I got up I third-grade from the Methodist Church, and I read through that they must with Methodist Church to which solo case to seatbelt as much is all right thank you very much for your nice night they voted right back after these messages, please man's leg.

Why call 770776 charismatic sling 772276 Jason from Texas. Welcome earlier I met his golden dinner we go big on new vaccine right talk about it yesterday name. Maybe, maybe not. How that relates to the mark. The beat Ethan off of the Old Testament where I talk about that that the fallen angels made with no human women. Please right so the ideas that somehow there is some weird spice of the evening, possibly going on there and I God only grace is only for humans, not for angels or are these angel human hybrids so would changing our DNA via weird vaccines that the market beast is doing that makes level not able to be forgiven and have a fit because also there's a people that will worship Satan, but they repent of that was every morning just worshiping thing right will the market beast is spoken of in Revelation 13 and it's the Antichrist who imposes this says this is the context in verse 14 he deceives those who dwell on the earth because of the signs which is given him to perform in the presence of the beast, telling those who dwell on the earth to make an image to the beast who had the wound of the sword and was come to life and was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, so that the image of the beast would even speak and cause as many as do not worship the image of these to be killed, and he causes all the small and the great the rich and the poor and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell except one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

666 so that's not in place yet because it beast has to create the image has been created and in the imposition to worship the enemy worship him. And if you don't, you can buy Can Do All Kind of Stuff That's Not in Place yet so the Mark of the Beast Is Not in Place yet. Okay Yeah I Agree Is Not Non-Place You so the Vaccine Is Not the Mark of the Beast. Now I'm My Unite Had Covert and I Got over It and Basically a Day. My Wife Had for a Bit Longer but so I Don't Know. I like I Don't Have Any Plans Take a Backseat Is to Do That Now. I've Heard That One Vaccine Has Some Genetic Information in It. That Is a Problem. I've Heard of the Ones Don't.

I Don't Have Any Problem Taking a Vaccine for Virus Got Hit Little Had for Polio and Measles, Stuff like That. The Problem, so We Do Have Become Paranoid That It's Not Good Beast Take This from the Covert Thing I Can Understand Why People Are so Paranoid You for Your Take It for Nothing That I Would Do Research to Make Sure That the One That Is Provided Is Not Using Any Illicit Content DNA Alteration Baby This or That Whatever You Hear All These Things on the Research on the Two, but I Have Done Research on There Is Basically Four Main Ones out There That There Is the Fires One in the Mill during One of These You the MRNA Technology and Thought That You Probably Don't Alter DNA Are Not 100% Certain, and There Is the AstraZeneca Version That Does Used To Being a Altering Technology Method of the MRNA Enter the Johnson & Johnson Version, and That That Uses the Aborted Baby Health Plan. This Is the Problem Is That Is a Her Just Take This Vaccine What's in It and Because of These Things I've Been Hearing but Just like with You · Call That like to Three Weeks Ago and Talked about Some Stuff and I've No Plans to Take None That's Just Me but If I Knew for a Fact That Some Doctors Write News Again.

We Researched and It's This Company Doesn't Do This with Her That with This Document Genetic Thing.

The Baby Stuff in It. It's Just a Vaccine Okay from Middle so Okay I Think Every Shipment of Accomplishment.

Thank You. All Right, Let's Get to Coral from Florida, Welcome Your Met with the Oh No Radial. You Have Any yet the Mark of the Product That Lie Out Of Politics Line with All You Believe You Know You Know All This Got Obama like to Know What I Would like When You Quote You Boldly on You. You, My Question It Might Majority My Family, a Democrat Selected That Line the Booklet Now Mowgli Conservative in All, Vote Majority Republican, but State Being Not Bad. We Have, on Why about Why They Shouldn't but What They Both Look at More about Person Glad like I like That Guy, but Brenda My Question Is How Can I Not Competitors That Might Show Them the Way They Voting Shouldn't Be Forwarding That Particular Body You Know like Christians Yeah Okay so They Can Vote for Anybody Lives in the Research Today on an Article on Prepping up Arranging Versus My Topic Release Is, but It's We Serve God, Not the States. God's True Ruler. God Is a Standard of Righteousness and Sins of the Nation to Bring Judgment of God. Going through This and I've Been Writing Articles on Six Subcategory Loss. There Is an Issue in Here of Disobeying the Unrighteous Orders of Superiors and so Christians Are Obligated to Not Obey Immoral and Ungodly Rules. So If They Say That We Are's to Approve of Homosexuality, We Are Not to Do That. They Simmer to Support Abortion.

We Are Not to Do That.

These Are Clear Teachings of Scripture Not Do This Kind of Thing and so If There's a Candidate Who Supports Either One. We Cannot Vote for Them in Good Conscience. Can't Do It.

You Can't Put Your Your Vote Towards an Individual Who Would Be Supporting and Advocating against the Revealed Word of God and Godliness. Christians Have the Obligation to Resist. They Have the Obligation Not Just That They Shouldn't Do Anything Other Supposed to Resist Some of the Store. Mom, so One Party Is One Party Opposed the Book That I Come Back so That We Modeling the Public Can Hardly Detect That One Party Opposed It and Another Party Basically Endorsed like a Democrat. They Basically Endorsed It so You Should Go See the Video. The Magna Carta Hillary. I Think It's on Netflix Listed Liberal Leftist Wackos Take It down Because They Don't Want Free Speech and There's a Segment Where You Guys Talking about Black and She's Talked with Democratic Party Got All Kinds Documentation What She's Talking about a Post.

Be Right Back after These Messages. Sorry Write Back Mats like Why Call 770776 Charismatic Slave Back to Show the Welcome Back on Their Boat and Then Vote Democrat Side Issue of One Party If Somehow Democrats Become Godly and the Convoke That Course Generally Been but I Got a Panic and Worry Democrat. I'm a Constitutionalist. I Believe the Constitution of the Constitution Is Correct. I Think It Ever Should Read It, As Well As the Declaration Of Independence Particular Declaration of Independence Than We Did the Collective Independence Would Only Take a Little While. Surprise the ACLU Hasn't Said That the Declaration Of Independence Is Unconstitutional Because It Mentions God but Nevertheless I Don't Think Christians Okay How Much One Would Say Don't Think Christians Are Numeric Are Doing What They Need to Do Is for Studying What the Political Issues Are, They Should Not Be Voting for Any Candidates Left Right up down Little Who Teach That Homosexuality Is Okay or or Abortions Okay or Taking, Where Weapons Because It's a Second Amendment Right and We Have the Right of Self-Defense in the Bible so Christians Need to Start Building a Court of the Word of God and People Say What That Means. Leftist Will Given Could Control. No, Not Necessarily Is It Were to Start Doing Were Supposed to Be Doing before God Will Bless the Nation I Got Scriptures Have Memorized yet Where God Will Bring Judgment upon the Nations for the Sins of Even A Few in the Leadership the Christians Need to Be Very, Very Vocal and Need to Stand up and and and Fight out Running Physically with Fists Immunity Don't Protest Peacefully Need to Vote Call up the Dual Because of These Be Done of the Christians Are Just Too Busy Waiting for the Future Bliss Fractured, and We Get Out Of Here That Were Invited to Know and That That's Not Good. So It's Okay If You Think It's Illegal, but Not All May Live out That Mark but I Don't Think My Luck with Hillbilly Right below. Should You Go Take a Little Minimart Family Democrat. I Have Friends in the Church of Christ like You.

They Said Democrat Billy Lembo Cyanide to Start If I Got Scriptures to God Must Not Godly to Sign That the Democratic Party Is the Leftist Socialist Party Which Is Unscriptural Supports Homosexuality That's on Biblical against the Word of God Is an Abomination.

According Supports Abortion Supposed to Defend the Weak and the Defenseless. No Event Democrat Party Supports Liberal Laws and Depression of the Conservatives, This Is Nick.

I Don't See How Anybody Who Believes in the Word of God. The Truth of God and for up Support the Democratic Party a Good Day Today.

They Don't like Oh Here's like Go You Physically Fond of the Guy, but He's a Good Businessman Just Sees a Genetic Fallacy. We Don't like Trump so Therefore Everything He Does Is Bad That That's It's His Illogic. I Mean You I Would Vote for an Atheist Is in Office If He Held to the Principal. Somehow, Someway I Don't Care What the Sources You Don't Girl Guy Doesn't Matter in All Black Light Green Blue Polkadotted. I Don't Care Need to Find Right Will Support People Who Argued the Whole of the Constitution and the Go with You. He Started to Resent a Great Job and A Lot Of Various but with Seeds. That Thing Is Just Ask Have You Ever Gone to Any Alternative News Sources Because All the Left Doesn't Spin Him a Negative Light Constantly Constant, so They're Just Buying into the Drinking the Kool-Aid so That's All It Is a District of the Kool-Aid and There's A Lot Of Other Sources out There like and I'll Do It Again. I Recommend People Go to. It Is Not Taken out by the All Seeing, Wise Google Thing, but the Conservativeness Pro and Just Demo the Applicant Your Phone and It It Hello's Revenue Sources and You Get a Free Version of the Papers Is like Three Bucks or Something like That before Dollars for the Call over the Conservativeness Pro and Arauca Yeah and in All Seats on My Phone Right Now Me to Look at It Here.

So What I Do Is Go to a Cheery Ground Right Now and It Has One American News on Genome Affects the Federalist the Blaze Breitbart Newsmax Townhall Daily Wire Daily Caller Red State the Way Pandit National Review. American Thinker and so I Get News There.

I Also Go Look Occasionally at CNN and USA Today and MSNBC to See What the Leftists Are Saying and Then Research.

I Compared Both Stories the Same Offense in the Leftists and the End of the Rightists. I'll Tell You All My Goodness What a Contrast and to Me It's It's Obvious That the Left Is Not Interested in Truth It's Incident Interested in Agenda and True Journalism Is Gone.

True Journalism Is Absolutely Gone and That's Bad News. So Because There's Think We Don't Believe in Truth, Then Doesn't Matter What Your Journalistic Abilities Lean Towards the Facts Aren't the Issue. The Agenda That You Have Will Cause You to Pick What Facts You Want to Support Your Presuppositions.

This Is a Huge Problem and It's Equivalent to the Gestapo and and the of Nazi Germany and the Propaganda Machine Effective for the Propaganda Machines Was Equivalent to a Nazi Germany and A Lot Of Nations Where the Media Is Controlled and Only Certain Politically Correct Views Are Allowed to Be Taught and Then Nazi Germany Would Hitler Did Was As He Silenced Opposing Viewpoints. This Is What Is What He Did What's Happening Now. You Don't Get It. Got List I Amazon We Got Google Shutting down Conservative People and Everything Civic. In Fact, Someone Just Said in the Chat Room Here That Back to the Farm YouTube Channel Shut down.

I Was in Shock Probably Is.

You Don't Come Conservative and I Teach about Jesus and I Went to Check As I Watched, Not Shut down but I Would Even Surprise I'm Waiting for It to Happen When the Quiet Because I Don't Agree with the Leftist Wacko Morons That Rewrite See If They Wanted No Holder Position, Which Is Ungodly That's Their Right to Do so on Will Inform Them That There There Are to Be Trouble in Their Judgment Will Inform Them. I Don't Throw Rocks at Him. I Don't Tell Them That They Can't Have a Job but That of the Left Us. If You're Conservative You Come after You. The Thing Is We Cannot Serve Two Masters.

We Serve God We Serve the State and You Ask Your Family Members Who Were They Serving a Serving God or to Serve the State's Regular Bow. There Needs to God Thing about Her Knees to the Liberalism of the State.

That's What It Comes down to. That's What It Comes down to.

So You like Any like a Good Grip on Anything Really like Pneumonia, Clear-Cut. I Will Be Releasing an Article in the Next Day or Two May Release This Tonight. I Got Just a Bunch of Scriptures on Topics without Any Real Narration and Putting It Together but like I Be Doing If I Topics and Submit to Rulership the Christian Moral Obligation before God and People in the Proper 319. Open Your Mouth, Judge Righteously Defend the Righteous of the If the Rights of the Afflicted and the Needy and Isaiah 177 Were to Do Good Suggestions Reprove the Ruthlessness Works What to Do. No. But You Know There with That Either Republican or Democrat. Crichton Anyway. So Why Did Light Work That You Know What the Deck When I Went in the Matter) Then Chris and All Their Own Courts Do Not Will Save so Are You Voting for Ungodly Antichrists. So What You're Saying You're Using Your God-Given Ability to Initiate Issue a Vote in Your Voting for Those Who Are Insulting God and Spitting at His Face As You Said Is You Vote for People Who Support Abortion and Homosexuality and Socialism. Is This What You're Doing.

Socialism Is against Scripture to Deadly Governor. They Say That Martha Voting Been a Part Girl.

I Guess I Don't the Rails on As so Incidental Cater to Support Someone Who Believes in Killing of the Unborn. Is That Okay with It If They Believe in Killing the Unborn, Pushing Homosexuality on the Nation. How Are They Can Be Trusted to Know What to Vote on for regarding Taxes. If You Have a Good Moral Statement. However, They Can Be Trusted for Anything Else and What's Wrong with the Christians Would Use That Stupid Lame Excuse and Say I Know That I Run a Pro-Abort Person Because He Lower Tax. I Would Rather Have Higher Taxes and No Abortion. The Killing of Our Other Children in the Womb. This Is the God to Judge Our Country over Brent and I You Write That out You Have That Might Not like the Individual and They Rather Go Will Lower Effective Thought I Would Then and Then Then These Other Things That You Don't, Here's a Break You Review and of Their Laziness and Their Value before the Title of Government Money without Affordable Jesus Christ or Would You Prefer to Break You Folks Right Back after the Mass, like Why Call 770776 Charismatic Slave Show Phil from Canada Feel Welcomed on Their Lips You Had a Topic I Guess We Could Do about That. 230 3:43 AM with Mary, a Very Good and Others Goes up the Biological Father and That and Then Stimulate Guy You Pointed out That There Is like to Place It in Luke Where It Says Mary Was a Virgin so We Should Just Start Skip over That. But Are You Still There yet. She Was Kept a Virgin until Jesus Was Born 25 but Is No You Said That We Should Just Skip over That Because Other Places It Would Know over Its MSN.

Luana You the Revised Standard Version Seems to Want to Make a Point of This That Mary Would Not Appear Again Because She Lost Illusion Takes the Prophecy in Isaiah 7 and As It Says the Second Sex. She Was a Virgin Mate. Look up Isaiah's I Know the Verses. She Was a Virgin When She Gave Birth. But Then She Had the Children.

As You Know, and Now I Know in Luke Seven Behold a Young Woman Shall Conceive and Bear a Son, Now That That's a Sign This Week about the Young Women Who Just so You Know Even Than the Answer That Even If They Hold the Other Named Children He Put Them on Hold Is Not Hearing Man Was Going on. So Just so You Guys Know What He Said Was a Young Maiden. The Greek Word Is Important Because When the Jews Set up Isaiah, Some 14 to Hold Virtual Childbirths on the Word of, Could Also Mean a Young Made and That's Fine, except That the Jews Themselves When They Translated Verse into the Greek New Testament Use the Greek Word for Virgin Parthenon and so They Said They Used Virgin Say They Understood It to Me Virgin so That's What the Jews Understood It to Mean.

Okay, so Phil Is Very Good to Let Me Get a Word in Edge Wise Buddy Okay so Did You Just Said I Did You Hear Is the Other Thing I Wanted to Say Is That I Was Shocked When I Open My German Bible Dimension.

Bible and Sure Enough There and Have Had the Same Things That I Have a Specific Question, I Live My Scope Either Is Known As That an Idol and I Found out That Right It Would Stink Just the Movable Jesus Did Not Have Magical Father. Is This Not with the Two Scriptures Teach Us Get on with Omar from New York, Omar, Welcome You on the Air Matter regarding Its Quality outside of the Laughing of the LabCorp Caller along with Anyone about the I Did I Do the Further I Do Want to Thank You Matt for Your Your Ministry and Not You Taught Me so Much for Your 030 Lawyer Debate.

I Follow You and Leslie When You Debate a Bill on Reform Number Form Christian and I Presupposition about That and Not a Debate. I Have Died.

I Engaged with Atheism and My Question Is If I Start with God and His Word Is Mild Authority. I Basically Said That He Couldn't Justify Defense Experience Unlike the Bible Is True. So the Problem with the DA Responded by Saying Well I Can You Justify That Your Sentence Are Valid. If You Need to Utilize Them in Order to Read the Bible. All That Will Would You Say That Situations Thought Is Eating Right Knee Accused Me of All Regular Reasoning and That You Get Out Of My Question I Wanted to. Here's the Thing Everybody Engages in Circular Reasoning and Atheist As to This As an Atheist, As, for Example, Your Engaging in Circular Reasoning or Begging the Question Is Invalid You Can Say Well You're Begging the Question by Assuming the Political Universality the Laws of Logic and Therefore Your Assuming Them without Them Asserting Their Validity. So You Beg the Question As Well and I Tell People I Tell Atheist Us a Regular Basis.

I Said We All That. The Question We All Have Certain Things We Have To Assume to Be True.

The Ultimate Question Is Which World You Can Make Sense of Our Assumptions When an Atheist Assumes the Validity of the Senses with the Atheist Is Assuming Certain Things. We Have To Get to an Atheist in the Same Lord Your Materialist Because of an Atheist Is Denying God's Existence, Then He Must Confess That He Believes That Everything Operates under the Laws of Physics, Motion, Matter, Chemistry, Etc. in the Neck. If That's the Case, and That Means a Physical Brain Does the Same Thing, Which Means That He Can Have a Not Justify Any Free Will, Because It Just Chemical Reactions Necessarily Having in His Brain and At Least That's the Case, and I Can't Justify the True Statements He Can Even Know If He's Begging the Question. He Can Even Know If Anybody Else Abutting the Question and He Certainly Can't Trust His Own Senses Because It Just Inputs and Chemical Reaction Making Them Think You Sing Something This Is This Is a Real Problem and That Atheistic Worldview. It's Huge and I Use It All the Time and I Have a Phrase I Use When I Get to the Point of Explained It for A Few Minutes and Then I Warned That Was It. From Now on. Whatever You Say in Response to Say Your Brain Made You Say That and I Just Do It for You to Get Really Irritated but That's the Issue You're Right They Can't Justify That the Senses Are Leading Them to Truth, and Even If They Won Was the Validity of Truth That Your Senses Can Come to It. How Would They Know Because They Would Have To Leave Their Worldview in Order to Learn If Something Was True Because What You Perceive by Your Senses and What I Perceive in My Senses Are the Identical, If We If I Perceive That This Does Two Blocks, Two Blocks Equals Five Blocks and You Perceive the Two Blocks for Two Blocks Equals Four Blocks and You See but If Truth Is a Product of Our Chemical Reaction Will Which Was True Which Was False Own in between Us. The Only Way to Determine That Is to Leave That Worldview and Presuppose the Validity of a Transcendental That There Is a Truth Value Independent of His Mind in My Mind and so Therefore Right in Order to Determine Truth Yes to Leave His Own Worldview and Believing Transcendental and He Can't Do That Justify It from the Atheistic Worldview Materialism or Physicalism That Makes Sense to Put That to Be Discussed of This That Come in a Debate Tomorrow Night Atheist on Ethics so That at the Issue of the Inc. at Going Back to That and I Got to the Point Where I Say Well You Know I Donate If You Can Even Justify That Argument.

You Can Even Justify the Laws of Logic That You're Appealing to in Order to Make the Argument, Let Alone the Argument against Begging the Question, and I Kept Going to That Pointing His Finger Back at That Wall Years and I Am Running Good Minute. All That the Question She Does to and I've Had to Say This so Many Times in a State and a Group of Atheists Want to Score Lots and I Talked a Bunch of Atheist or Else It Will Do This and Say, Four, Five, Six Times in Seven Hours. A Geyser to Listen What I'm Telling You We All Beg the Question in a State Here's the Second Part.

What Justifies You Begging the Question What Justifies They Brought This up about Tonight If I True Belief about That up Issue of Justified True Belief Okay Yeah Okay Have the Brunt of the Kind of Trust That up Okay If They Bring up Just Just Get Ready for the Because Still Are Trying to Be Good and They're Trying to Learn Stuff and and Get Everything in All the Stuff. At Any Rate, If They Believe or to Bring up Justified True Belief That There Saying That You Have To Have Certain Criteria That You Have To Affirm and Work through in Order to Justify That Your Belief in Something Is True or Has a Tendency to Be True in All Say to Them, How Then Do You Justify the Idea That Justified True Belief Is Necessary Because of Begging the Question. So Just Remember Everybody Begs the Question Okay Which Worldview Can Account for Him. We We Pre-Supposedly the Triune God. Everything Falls in Place When You Presuppose Atheism the House of Cards Comes Tumbling down. Okay Right Beg You so Much Matt.

I Know They Are All Events Anything Major. I Don't Goodbye by Now I Bet You Again for Your Input on That Challenge so Much Again. You Praise Analyze Outlet Recommend That You Get on and Sitting Find Me on Discord. I'm Debating a Mighty Milner Tonight and Maybe Not but Probably Tomorrow for Sure.

Okay, I'm Leaving Tomorrow Not Right Place or Event That Found a Job Last Thank You so Much. That's Why I Write This Get to Create You Long Time. How about Gabriel from Georgia, Gabriel Welcoming on Here and I Had a Quick Question on Real Though I'm Not like Oh No Christian or Whatever but I Wanted to Add Question I Hear A Lot Of Windows like Social Issues and Things of That Nature. Then the Church with a Bed after You Write Is If the Job What You Know How, but That the Bible Teaches.That the Nation I Will Wind during Lie Is That It Statement I Did and I Am Following Is Is What a True Statement Statement That That Got Bullied at a Rate's Racism Is Something That Occurs in the Hearts and It's a Wicked and the Gospel Is the Thing That Changes Some from the inside out from the Heart. And so It Is the Ultimate and the Best Defense against Racism Right I Get What like in I Get of the Unregenerate Because If It Were Predeath Right and That Means That They're Going to Dump People Don't Make so Right under the Good You Hear A Lot Of Kristin Said They They They and out. Lie Say What Will It Make It. They Have Been in the Euros That Will Come from Now with the Useless but God Does Predestines the Bible Teaches and Dots so Right, 145 Talks about It Right There Right I Go Question Is an Outlaw, Now Thinking about That. Not without Thinking about My Okay with That in Right. It Almost Kind of Thing That the Light I Get When You Get Third Being and Light the Body of Christ When People Try They All Will Pay You Know This Person You Know God or You Know You Look at the New Whatever It the Gospel to the Aunt. There Will Not Everybody Going to Make It so I Get I Get You You Still Still True Still True That the Gospel Is the What People Need, Whether or Not People to Make It or Not Is Not the Issue. God Is the One Who Elects Predestines Where the Want to Preach the Gospel and He Uses Us All Okay. Thank You. Gotta Go Get Our Alright Man Okay so Sorry about That. Gabriel from Nebraska Call Back Tomorrow and the Nature of God and Also Donna Mylan, the Lord Bless You All. By His Grace

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