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January 13, 2021 3:00 am

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January 13, 2021 3:00 am

1- Was the Holocaust punishment for what the Jews had done to Jesus---2- What is the difference between John's baptism of repentance and the baptism of the Holy Spirit- Why are those in the order that they are mentioned---3- What Bible translations would you suggest---4- Where is the ark of the covenant now---5- If God has no body, how did he write the ten commandments with his finger---6- Is Romans 9 just for the Jewish nation---7- Did the early church fathers believe in baptismal regeneration---8- What do Catholics mean by saying that grace is infused into you during baptism---9- How do you know if you're interpreting Scripture correctly---10- A caller followed up continuing a conversation about Jeremiah 17-9.--11- Are hell and hades the same thing-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick.

Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found you have questions of our Bible doctrine. There is a max likewise branches called in responding to your questions at 877-207-2276, charismatic, slick arrival and welcome the show we met slick match would live if you recall, we have five open lines 8772072276C.

So yesterday busy day yesterday was on the baby and satellite TV, ABN and also try to and we did we do this, I hosted the rococo and cost. I get the names of the 303 guys and I was the host. We talked about science and Christianity. That was after 3 PM Eastern time and then at 6 PM p.m. Eastern time.

I did a better hosting and we did. Does the Bible predict the coming of Mohammed, and I said yeah course at the house is false prophets and false Christ will rise and deceive many. 24. 24. We had a good time letter funding. Some of you saw that maybe not because I to Europe a lot. And over the network. The TV network and a lot of people will watch in Muslim countries who can't let it be known that are watching in Muslim countries because it might have satellite TV and they can let me know that you're watching some conflict, channel thing, but we do know what happens in weight goes out to you over the Middle East think Africa also Europe and the North America. Some other network so well that now. Hey by the way, if you want to go to and go to to get some furniture that you want. We hope you'll consider Carmen as a security setup and that when you check out this put and from everything and it'll go to charity and give it out quarters. It works really nicely.

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Source give me a call 877-207-2276 also looking at schools that we have online schools for three school school for theology school of apologetics.

Any school of critical thinking, and I will each one took me six months to write each one into the last one took four months and there is a lot of information in their if you file your curious about, you know theology how to witness to Mormons J dogs atheists think better, more critically, one of the Trinity. These lessons are arranged systematically by bit so that you can build it through the lessons and increase her knowledge of the of the things God, and those are schools are online is going to conduct or to the right hand side of the page you will see the link the schools. Click on that and we charge for them because we we use them to keep the lights on the missionaries. But if you cannot afford them. What you do is you just call me just email us and tell us that you can afford anyone for free will can do for free. As we do.we do use them to help keep the lights on things like that okay what's up Apple numbers: well maybe because it's getting close to Christmas is all often happens. About this time of the year so let's see 877-207-2276 or the people in the chat room when guy Craig says been reading this material been doing on Jehovah's Witnesses very helpful.

Thank you very much for saying that a lot of stuff there and Laura Anderson says the schools are great and calls coming in now so that's good and let's see him more gay says matched was that mean if you put in $50 before harm you just donate 50 then we have a donor will find that 50 and then he'll put in 50 to match it. It is accumulated at the end. My wife is what it is all the numbers gives a total to the gentleman who was behind the scenes the matching funds drive and he deposits a check for that and and is extremely helpful, so if you deposits refute help us out. It's matched it's doubled and that really does help us like the first couple, three, four months, depending how much it is for the first for the year.

It's great. And so if you want the three open lines 877-207-2276… Good to see Demos they will got to do with what happened with the Holocaust from God, but in doing that the media era counsel was that the Holocaust punishment for what the Jews did yellow borrow yet when you when I'm in a medical so when you would like to find it and Isaac. I final no fault in him are how to type correctly, and then and then he washed his hands and said I wash my hands, but I'm in the dirt of Israel cried out and led his blood be on our head and our children that will would and likely documents in the body because my heart like lightning.

Why didn't God stop it. Why didn't God will surely cry out to God and in and they're not a moment to get Holocaust was not part was because of that game 725 people said to his blood shall be on us and on our children so they represented their descendents as a biblical concept, and after that it's the nation of Israel was disbanded is called the hospital where Rome came in roughly 70 A.D. and destroyed the temple and just ransacked Jerusalem and a lot of people died lots lots of people died for the Jews and the Christians with them because the Christians were considered part of Judaism, a sect of Judaism Romans at that time it scattered, dispersion of the Oscar outlets for the gospel all over the place of that's one of the reasons God let it happen to the Jews how to help spread the gospel message because the Christians were supposed to get out there and evangelize and you're being very comfortable with AR which is a common problem with Christians that got evangelized but nevertheless that's one of the reasons is A combination thereof because it brought a curse upon themselves so down through history they been under great persecution and in the Holocaust. Why did God not intervene. No, I don't know, except to say that the plan was such that it enabled the gathering of Israel together again in their own land which no countries ever done that in all of history recorded history and only once I had just as prophesied in the Bible so there in the land and was because of the Holocaust that was done and so there you okay all right thank Irene.

I researched on why why didn't God answer why did God allow it and I'm like the sun sometime got answers prayers and sometimes he doesn't. But it doesn't mean you don't hear but that he had turned a deaf ear like my wife and I lost a son to a birth defect, why did he not answer prayers with wanted to don't know why does he heal one person and not another. Don't know why you provide for one don't know so we know that he did not did not deliver Jesus because Jesus is still not my will but your will be done as he waited for this to pass from the crucifixion and yet not my will but your will be done with 2242 and the father didn't hear that he heard a prayer but didn't respond the way Christ prayed to Jesus with the cross so that we could be redeemed. So God uses the sin of people to bring about greater good method he approves of the sin when they use when they are sinful. God can often use it often does use it for his greater good.

Okay, thank you so much right now I can't think of it when a bartender but you keep your particular violation like okay Dimas from Utah we have for open lines of call funks 877-207-2276 which you become like to stick to David for Massachusetts. David welcome you are on the air when you gave it to grab a quick is going to go to Mark today for the next month.

But you write in the beginning the young to baptize in the wilderness about the repentant and I know that there's a couple different baptism. So what is the difference between these baptisms of anything that goes for and why are they in the order that they are.

That's a good question? The order there because of the nature of the relation of the person and work of Christ as John the Baptist was a forerunner recorded Malachi 3, six, and so I think is a forthright document and so she was 36 something else nevertheless was a forerunner prophesied and became there and he was giving baptism for repentance.

What that meant was that he was allowing people to be. I believe sprinkled and is rambling or poured water poured on and that's how it was on the Old Testament and records that are topic and so it was for repentance. It wasn't to obtain repentance is baptism for repentance.

It was because of the repentance is a demonstration in their repentance and this is what was going little showing because baptism was not just practiced by John the Baptist was also practiced by other groups as it was a means of demonstrating a public commitment, and sometimes was by immersion subnets by sprinkling something by pouring and I believe all of those are demonstrated in Scriptures logical. Don't know that, but they're in there to show it. Nevertheless, we see that occurring with John the Baptist and Jesus baptism did not baptizing in Jesus name did not come about until after his resurrection, so that took a while to occur. So which is the right baptism well the right baptism is the one for the time the sin, then we have the issue. The baptism of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy Spirit is the issue.

The arrival of the charismatic gifts because in and asked to 38 yellow glow that went back to 30th. As you can you be baptized in the Jesus for the forgive us of your sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gift. The Holy Spirit is, as mentioned in acts 1044 to 48 where it says are speaking in tongues and exalting God so they had received the gift of the Holy Spirit is a curse not to get and the way that was received by the pouring of the Holy Spirit upon them and that's what was called the baptism point of his birth on eight we had a break, so hold on to what effect would be falsely right back after these messages we have for open lines which you may call 877-207-2276 max Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg all right, but will echo the show before get to the caller again day for Massachusetts and tell you that prayer ministry if you want prayer join your team. Just email us at CRM.RG if open lines want to give me a call 877-207-2276 David back on near so notify answer to question his account is think about teaching a baptism and a little bit anyway. But oh, the sketchy so you get a question you more, you'd be right now wondering if you would recommend other than you. Any other good Bible segregation that is an okay you studied the more I heard the NASB 95 version NASB new American Standard Bible. That's what I use all the time so I called promise when I memorized my preacher. I like it because I want is literal to the Greek English language as possible. It's not perfect I know Bible English translation is, but let's just say that one particular verse, that only occurs transmitted the way it is in Romans 518 and all the Bibles I checked Romans 518. The NASB gets it right and all the other Bibles in my opinion get wrong and teaches it's more advanced technology and so when I discovered that because of the NASB it open up the door to me in a whole new area of theological understanding because of the literalness and the ESV is very good, like a translation of that verse and the NIV is okay in the King James just messes it up badly but hey, not every Bible has a reverse perfect so I just use anyof the that versioning can be explained literally says in the Greek is that so as through one transgression condemnation to all men, so also through one active righteousness, justification of life to all men or two sentences joined by conjunction in the Greek so is no verb in the sentence letter sentence exercise sentence and sentence be joined by conjunction makes one long sentence to sentence a notice a pattern here in the Greek through one act. There, something happened. Okay this is that a and B, so a so then, as through one through one transgression condemnation to all men, so that Adam's transgression.

Adam sin condemnation to all men, so also do not want to righteousness that Jesus sacrifice justification of life to all men so that saying is we have the first Adam, the last Adam. For Jesus, left out of prescriptive 1545 and think it says here the first Adam's sin and is over condemnation to all that Jesus's sacrifice justification of life to all but the thing is that the is to be understood in light of a second part of the verses understood in light of a because this is so also.

So as through one transgression condemnation to all men, so also or in like manner when one active righteousness, justification of life to all men, so whatever goes in sentence they have to go and sentence be and so what happened with Adam's sin resulted in condemnation to all men, that of the NASB says but if you put the verb there you to put it in the second part of the verse two because the related, so the resulted justification of life to all men, but you can't have justification of life to all men because justification means are saved to all men within mean that your universalism but we know that's not true from Mark 329 2546 Revelation 4 1411 and relish 2010 so what the translators have done all explain what the answer is here with the translators have done other Bibles is let's be covered a set of a government be let the second part of the verse govern the interpretation of the first, because they say it can't be justification of life to all men, so therefore they can't put the word. The resulted in because would be a heresy, as far as I understand that they understand what was happening. So the NASB counseling Mike was going off the NASB says resulted condemnation to all men, so also through an active righteousness.

The resulted justification of life to all of the get to the point when you do a study to find out how God uses the word all in relationship to the saved you find out that there's two groups called the all one group represent a by Adam and one group represent by Jesus and it's right there in Romans 515 through 19 called the men either two groups called the many groups called the all good other verses like a first 2015 20 to which Paul also wrote says there through one trip in Adam all die in Christ all shall be made alive with her.

The same word that they have two different meanings in the same sentence. The first gnosis in Adam all die. That's everybody in Christ also made alive will be in Christ only means those who are in him because those were in him died with him. Romans 6668, and so the second. All is representative of Christ, and this goes into other verses that is 514 it goes into John 637 to 40. I know I'm not getting into a very deep, it takes a half-hour fit explain everything in detail to follow it. Well but I discovered this years and years and years ago and I discovered that God uses words differently than we do, and that we need to find a pattern of what he says a word means and so people mock me when I'm debating the idea of limited atonement. For example, Jesus only for the sins of the elect and say oh what is it mean all this mean all right, Matt, Nancy all means what it means in context is what it means all the world was taxed. The Bible says well that mean the people in New Zealand worked were taxed in Rome, of course not.

So the word all has different meanings, and sometimes it's local. Sometimes it's of the sport specific group and sometimes it's universal. And so people who mock are the ones who not starting to understand that God uses words differently than we do, because the NASB stuck to what the Scripture actually said in his translation that open the door to a whole bunch of new theological understanding ESV doesn't do that. The ESV. For example, therefore, as one trans trans, a trespass led to condemnation for all men. So when a correction. This leads to justification of life to see doesn't not a resulting action. It is can bring some to it that they soften the translation in order to make it work in the King James says this therefore as by one offense of civic therefore as by the offense of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation, so also by the transgression of the one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life. The free gift is not there in the Greek and added it in because what they're doing.

The transmitters were doing was letting their theology interpret the text in the translation.

You can't do that. Let it speak and when it speaks, we learn because we find that the think is a thin line. Scripture and Internet another opportunity to adjuster okay but thank you thank my day for Massachusetts.

We have five open lines give me a call 877072276 direct technical mats like why call 770727. Here is Matt's leg and show a reminder that were having end of your fundraising drive. So if you were to support us financially, then matched out of you give will be doubled.

So to give $10. It will be met with another $10 or 10 becomes 20 and so on and so forth, is go to CRM.O in the right hand side of any page you see the word donate or financial support. Whatever it is, and that would be rates which we had a programmer was if you pray for us to be doubled.

Also, now that would be good. I would like that to everything the great prayer now or good colors coming in and the phone number out because we got three open lines going to give me a call 87720776 right-slow wave everything all right. Hey, let's get to and from North Carolina and welcome your on here. Why don't think that art I like.

I I I want to know. We now have way because that could what I get back into L and now I will not cope me back when you get with your English is to make a note I did a good reading something in the sherbet with which the question I kept coming back to the covenant. Nobody knows well I don't know if nobody knows God knows but the enter might be some people were hiding.

It's as possible but for the most part don't know where it is okay.

Refer different things that there's a group of people say they have the ark in regarding it in a hidden place. I don't know if it's true or not they actually have it but John, that's when the members of the floated around the past few hundred years. We don't know jacket where it is. How about happening out thinking that they would standing and that they would be in the ark of the covenant to not the 10 Commandments, the covenant document and still be in the ark of the covenant because in the ark of the covenant was a 10 Commandments in a jar of manna and Aaron's rod that and then on top of the ark of the covenant is the mercy seat which the two angels gold Angels.the blood was sprout, salsa, footstool God.

We don't know where does all know I have never, I don't know.

I can't say no one ever has. Because I don't know all people's history and accounts of history, but we don't know where it is right now. At least the people I talked to all the theologians in America and Europe apparently don't know's Bible scholars don't know where is it spent will see maybe will be able to resurface the Jews of the Jews actually do know where it is and waiting for the rebuilding of the Temple of Jerusalem to bring her back in. I don't know will find out how not how you will, which is called by the finger of God, and it is not necessary for 11 God said you cannot see my face for the legacy me live Nexus 24 nine through 11 that you got a Puritan under his feet there. You sent us a clear path even intimate.

It's called anthropomorphism just the physical appearance of the physical manifestation of God. It doesn't mean he actually has fingers and feet in the face because God by definition is spirit. Jesus says John is spirit.

John 424 and John the rest at 55390.

Remember, he says that I don't touch the spirit is not have flesh and bones as you see I have and for sites included 100 times. So that's the New Testament, though credits Outlook 2439 was a John five and Luke 2439 so Jesus says spirit is not have flesh and bones.

He says in thin loop in John 4:4 the Jesus that God is spirit, so got it fired and have certain bone spirit is just a manifestation okay manifestation of God was what I don't on hydrocarbon telling know where they know probably not rebuild the ark and that the ashes of the red heifer they are training class yet so there's rumors that this stuff is ready.

They just need the Temple right now I have the ashes of you have the answers read we don't know yet. Okay Katie welcome Greg oblast.

All right, listen the phones with John from North Carolina, John, welcome your on the air. I met about the elect are logical moment, primarily for the US nation. I wanted to get your thoughts on. His room is nine just the Jewish nations no and the reason it's not is because we know that the Christians are those were saved and as well as who Jews of the become Christians. And it says that in 22 and 23 would've got a little willing to demonstrate his wrath, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction. He did so in order to make riches known upon the first vessels of mercy, which he prepared beforehand for glory, and so this is the Christians is all people, so cannot be just restricted to the people of Israel right there and then that are in the form of a quiet on the rhetorical.carpet… Right right and so with her trying to do. So the trick is not forceful with her trying to do is make it not say what it says because they have an idea about God. He's really nice is not good to anything like that is up to our free will up to our choice of tire wisdom. We just need the gospel message and is up to us, not God in his great incredible sovereignty. This is the faulty theology. People come to the text with his heresy in the they need to repent of that and so if that's the case, check this out as we know it says Jacob.

I love the knees.

I hated the older will serve the younger visitors as written, Jacob I love the knees.

I hated it wasn't because of anything they did well if it's just about nations, the Jew will say the Jews will Jacob was a nation and is Esau was a nation right well that just means that God had a group purpose for people.

If that's the case then why the objection. What shall we say then there is no injustice with God is there.

See the critics of this what they'll do is he'll raise the issue say it's not right for God to judge people and to do what he wants. Though they've done nothing and God just chooses one and not the other loves what it takes but is not fair. That's what they're saying here so we say that there is no injustice with God is big. That means they understand the text to say because Paul raises the objection. If you read the text in such a way that you don't have an objection you understand the text. What those people are doing is trying to get rid of the objections and even realize it or do the Scriptures that even realize you're demoting God and exalting themselves and try to make it palatable and make it soothing to the ear and make their proper giggling letter talking about acoustical in arrears forces. The Moses I will have mercy on whom I have mercy I have compassion on whom I have compassion so that it does not depend on the man who will support the man who runs the upon God was mercy. What does not depend on the mercy that God has the compassion he has on the depend on the man. The benefit among God for the Scripture says to Pharaoh for this very purpose.

I raise you up to demonstrate my power in you that my main name might be proclaimed. So his immersion whom he desires. He hardens whom he desires will sit within wouldn't like to still find fault through resistance will they blame God. That's the objection right that's talking about about. Let's not fair forgot so the new arrays in the same objection that Paul is not exact same words that you're thinking right lately to understand what is teaching someone to believe the blue that would write it out loud about what the like that I put out private, although they do you know why because you told okay but God love God bless you John from North Carolina back with one Chuck and Adam right after the mass Y call 770-7276 is Matt's leg on from Canada one welcome mat all right hanging in there, but we got there that would like them I like my card and read concerning the Catholic grade actually, I would agree that that really happen after had converted to the Catholic faith been very difficult for all on family church as well. After you know that the base for the arguments were mainly baptismal regeneration document adamantly. By the early church as his son. I don't believe it does not get documented like to know you thought about the Aga Khan documentation to the contrary sees a pastor. Someone call me were all arranged conversation talk to the pastor coaching on these issues, but no, the Roman Catholic Church of little say these things, but there is no uniformity among the church fathers about stuff about the baptism issue and the let's see so early church fathers quotes by topic in the website and baptism and salvation right so though with which he was told because he saying what they say the unanimous consensus of the early church fathers. Well I rename this origins are truly in embryos said was necessary.

Clement of Rome said this, he was.

He died in the year 110 and we tubing called by his will in Christ Jesus are not justified by ourselves nor by our wisdom or understanding or godliness or works which you wrought in holiness by heart. But that by faith Lisa is a baptism by faith Polycarp, the disciple of John by grace you are saved, not of works, he says, provided only we believe Polycarp said that she did like to go back to the early church, the early church you go back backs and go back in the New Testament, it wanted the church fathers because they can pick and choose among the fortunate fathers.

I need to get a T-shirt that says my church father can beat up your church father because they contradict each other, even themselves.

This would Marius the Carina said he was born roughly 280. They set up the Mistry was enacted at the time, for our sake and aimed at our resurrection and liberation.

Should we have faith in the ministry of Christ and in Christ for the patriarchs prefigured and foretold that Manley justified from faith. Therefore, just as it was reckoned as righteousness to Abraham that he had faith, so we too if we have faith in Christ in every mystery of his will be sons of Abraham, so there is no unanimous consensus. And since were going on its minor point. I like to make like go to Rome and not Romans I go to second Thessalonians 2. I talked about this and this is something you might look at and talk to Patrick that talked with but that he, Paul talks about holding fast to the traditions of the things that he taught them early this is what I was telling you this to remember these things. I taught you will. Here's the point they were getting it wrong right away just a few weeks after Paul had left them getting it wrong you to write a letter to correct them. There was misunderstanding from the very beginning, even when Paul the apostle is alive. What makes you think of the church father to get it all right if the.

The misunderstandings of the getting even the apostles were alive.

That is why got it was Scripture and what it's like a question. What I don't have time what what about that they when they state of the great state is given for the child the baptism toward like younger children face certified in the catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 1999 says that grace is infused into the soul. Grace is infused in soap to them.

Grace is a substance so without but the saying is that it baptism all of your original sin is washed away in your infused with grace, so that you are justified completely if you died right then you go to heaven if you went out and lusted after somebody then you've lost a little bit of your grace and then if you die, you have to go to purgatory be purified so you lose the quantity of grace.

It's like like having 100% of grace in you as a substance when you baptize your filled up 200% of grace. But if you sent a little bit you lose a little percent Little percent. Little percent go back to the church get sacraments to get that grace we put back into your soul.

That's what they mean by grace to flaming heresy that why the rhetoric of merit.

Treasury merit comes out of Jesus, Mary and the Saints Alder goodness. It's up in heaven, and the authority of the priest. They have the authority of Jesus. They say the priesthood and they can dispense that grace from heaven down in through the sacramental work that the penitent person does at the order of the priest is that grace re-infused into a soul.

The words, it's a works-based system of salvation that you get grace reinfused into you by the doing of something that you have to do under the authority Roman Catholic Church which is in charge of your salvation. It is a blasphemous apostate Satanic teaching career that only about the request of the Jericho with her character was one of the argument. Thank you. All you know if you end up with Scripture supported Scripture is now being you're not being wrong. Your personification Scripture independently of the of the magistrate, like when I can understand you not he was interested in understand you which question started out what I meant that they what about the argument concerning. Sometimes I quickly brought mainly like the argument that do not know your interpret the Scriptures, according to your own interpretation and make them better not be wrong like that. The problem applies the Catholic because they can trust the magisterium to give the youth for authoritative teaching of what the Bible really says him and ask him how to know the register and getting it right because they have the authority Christ. How do you know that you had with the Bible so finding the Bible works is that now they are interpreting the Bible so they don't realize that what they're doing is submitting the word of God to their own understanding because they submit it to the magisterium.

They believe the magisterium is telling them they might as well be the Mormon church have the woman 12 apostles in the 70s going tell them what to teach Tillman to believe when the Jehovah's Witness organization in the water Bible and tract Society will in New York. It tells them what to believe. The magisterium does the same thing. It tells people what to believe.

Don't look at the word of God yourself and go to Romans 14, 1 to 12. The particular verse five where Paul the apostle says that his men be fully convinced in his own mind. It is talk about worship days and eating habits will be a minute if were supposed to submit to magisterium authority on teaching and why does Paul not speak that what this I hate to be convincing your own mind, which means we can understand the Scriptures, and when Catholics talk to him and they say just a matter of up to interpretation. I love doing this to you just how you interpret that is how that's all it is no way to know you sister private interpretation and I'll send them how I didn't know you had a high opinion of me. Thank you, that's nice but I'm not like that neglect.

Yes, he said no I didn't say that I said no. My car is not green what we talked about Satan, we don't have that much money.

What no I don't like chocolate that that well why anything of crazy Isaac. Oh, you mean when I do supply your principal if it's just a matter of interpretation. It doesn't work doesn't it. If you say to me, says interpretation like interpret what you say then Kansai would this work like that. You know what doesn't work like that. We have common order and common understanding of how we interpret things the idea of setting is just a matter of interpretation is nothing more than an excuse for you not to study the word of God on your own and see what it says go to John 1135. I say this, Jesus wept.

As I believe it means he wept. He cried church authority to tell me that no immunity you so bad or correct figure regarding the all turning out. It doesn't say that Burkert not just say that yeah what people misunderstand that it does not say private interpretation is as primitive nation of prophecy. That's what is talking about her right now degree without. I wonder what they concerning the annotation, how do we know as part of we have the correct were not much because we don't have the time to get into it. That's a fantastic question. We Protestants know we have the truth. Observers are called that Kenya only. This is a very good question and we don't have enough time to get into it because of my talk about that from all how do we know we have it right will go through some of the stuff on right right think you're slightly later okay look forward to. Would you be calling around the phones with Chuck North Carolina just welcome wrong here. I got thinking about that you have put my question about what about the heart being with you to my CTL and break it yeah yeah and that incurably and I don't think in well me anything. But then they go to their or maybe you think you know well I guess I don't think that when they like you have slow Lord.

Well it does say sick and different words.

It's on the news in Hebrew and renew the interlinear and its it's translated incurable desperate this really wicked woeful sick week frail incur curable.

That's how it's transiting the conversions and remains okay yeah okay actually no Sam cheetah pronunciation will be negative work better for that is not spelled anyway. Okay yeah okay back that I didn't write that I got thinking that you're not bothered you like Billy given it by well then with that dictate your ethics are unavailing not okay.

Matt, I made a glass okay.

Well folks, we have got Adam waiting from London, England and I got them on here either you are, but we're about anytime you like 30 seconds or less one of Hades and held the same thing either. Yes. Sorry buddy were out but time Ansari could go back tomorrow because we got the seconds left of the show your talk with Hades and hell are they the same thing we can mark and yes and no.

There little bit of the differential between them all right and sometimes are used okay Eric I are going to go back, alright sounds good. Got a black eye. All right hey there you go out of time with the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on there tomorrow and then I'm off for the rest of the radio back on January time off to do a lot of other stuff with the Lord bless you by his grace. Folks will talk tomorrow

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