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November 19, 2020 3:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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November 19, 2020 3:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about Friday the 13th.--2- Are sovereignty and providence interchangeable terms---3- Can you explain the Trinity- Are the three persons separate- Does that mean the same as their being distinct- -caller believes oneness theology---4- Do you think that the churches being shut down because of Covid is a prelude to the end times---5- Did Jesus forgive the sins of the robber who believe in him on the cross---6- If dictators, such as Hitler or Stalin, had truly repented would they be forgiven by Christ---7- Can the devil repent-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found online at the time that morning. When you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max Y branches called in responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick so much for the 13th public talk before the 13th were Republican from the scary part and if you recall, all you have to do is dilute something 72072276 ball to one of those days so I got up and just the ground running the head and minute break. Okay, that's it so sweetly productive stuff. We're getting closer the site been released through a lot of stuff to do stuff though and notice details a lot of details so praise God for that. All right five lines 877-207-2276 people from all over asked that it will go into the chat. Tell me what state country you are in got to Robert from Slovenia. He's in like to see were people from sometimes come from to do that so that sounds like you want to do and enjoyed the company the chat room.

All you have to do is click harm Inside you will find links for watching the show participating in the chat. I'm just doing this: we got some from Scotland, so keep putting your friend limit Idaho we've had over the years you have everything country we had island groups and things like that.

So the only thing we haven't had is as you recall from the great question that we also writes out something from Missouri to go love yesterday's lecture and socialism. I have never heard anything he would do it as well. While glad you're out there Mr. slick good Hannah thank you for that's so much in how one the Illinois one in San Francisco, California FEMA region 10. The greatest West Northwest.

That's right right will Friday the 13th little better, but it probably really is getting a little background on couple things now in Hebrew and in Greek in the New Testament and the Old Testament. The languages are written one set of characters that are for both numbers and letters, numbers and letters.

We have numbers and letters. Alpha-beta have ABC in 123 different character sets, but in Greek and Hebrew Bible was written, they will have one set so one set of characters is also numbers as well as letters just so when they would write certain topics. Turns out that the rickety which is a section of Scripture and slip rickety on see the discussion Satan I've never verified this different from different sources over the years seems to the same thing people know the Hebrew and the Greek they will get the swing that we rickety on say the devil took all the words in that rickety and you add up the letters are always divisible by 13 so 13 is said to be the number of sin Friday the 13th, while supporting 13th spooky well it turns out facts on the heat, the Jewish calendar that during the day would switch at sundown so we could start.

Let's say for for illustration purposes that sundown on Friday 13th. Back then was at 6 PM local time was to say that for the after business associate well for the Jew asking for the Egyptians that was still fighting the 13th when it became the 14th for the Jew, so the 13th switched at sundown to the 14th for the Jews, but it stayed the 13th for the Egyptians until midnight. They would switch what happened.

Well the 14th of Nisan is the day that the angel of death went through Egypt and killed the firstborn so the 14th of Nisan for the Jews. It was the 13th Friday the 13th for the Egyptians.

Now, one more thing the 14th is the Sabbath day so it's interesting that it happened believe him correctly on the Sabbath day for the Jews. But the Hebrews had no rest, and so they suffered and hence down through the years became part of the 13th. That's right understand that since one of the sources of that issue: readily years I guess what we have for the lines.

What she did call 877-207-2276 we got more people from different countries of and whatever temperature we are from her from Utah that's a different country right there and Senso San Francisco, accessible countries, solutions are finding that the fruit of the right. All right, let's get to Carrie from Boise, Idaho) was Seattle. Welcome your little computer Bible Lane are God's sovereignty and confidence interchangeable terms or at a different thing. Sovereignty is his right to administer Providence right so okay since Dr. guided keep up with the things you see nine sovereignty and profits okay so sovereignty means that God has the right to do with his creation as he desires. He is sovereign. Whatever he wants to do he does. Providence is his means of providing providentially. He provides the rain outside my house right now.

Training I love rain left switch rating the sky provide for the land with rain and so you provides sunshine.

And so this Providence and also water for us to drink and animals for Institute plans for us to eat less. God's providence to provide.

Sovereignty is his right and ability within that right to do with creation as he desires is he is sovereign in the Potter were the client at the picture of his sovereign yet he's the Potter is sovereign, where the clay is in the broad sense the clay were the result of the sovereign act, but he providentially provides for those that he sovereignly creates didn't find this in Matthew 540 248, godless rainfall, the good the bad the sun and the good of the bed Providence that God has for people's sovereignty is empty, sends the rain when he wants to.

And you can block the sun out of he wants you to everyone clouds is no sunlight coming sovereign right, but providences is actually providing okay thank you you're welcome okay folks okay. Your answer should be taught before with people I know they know me in the late I go to church ago I met I got high preach and teach and things like that that happens to get you out. We have more than likely want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Give me give me a call. Sorry I did read some unsolicited Lane equals pain, no early notes good okay so I love my friend limit switch with Mary to me.

Rain is just a refreshing blessing like this. She's she like so all the heat sunshine all the time, yes, but I like rain and snow.

She is not how I want snow so we differ. We different several things and you know it's just tough for her to be wrong. Somebody think about how well this is how it is a look at for the line to be call 877-207-2276 for a better from Dallas, Texas.

Welcome you. I am doing right now when you are a question about okay yeah my question to you. You, you're not. I'm sorry, what other that I hear people today. People that and I even heard people say they have the body you don't have anybody that's flat out heresy. That's Mormonism and once a separate proper word is distinct July people say things about the Trinity. That's an accurate and they don't really have a good understanding so you know, I've been defending it for 40 year so Trinity is 31 God when God one being internal, one being one God who is eternal who has eternally existed in three distinct and simultaneous persons.

The father the son okay so distinct means that they have their own identity. Then we get into the doctrine of the ontological Trinity is the teaching that each of the members of the Godhead fathers of the spirit. Each share in the same divine essence, that's the ontological Trinity related to the ontological DS was called the para paresis that is where the father the son and the Holy Spirit each and well one another in their essence. Also, we would not say that God is comprised of parts this case it was called divine simplicity. God is only one thing is not parts that anyone who says God's reports is actually speaking heresy doesn't mean they're going to hell just me the right words and 50 parts. Now I have used that phrase to five-year-olds six-year-olds and seven-year-olds because they don't understand more than that, but got age-appropriate and so the para paresis deals with the answer and dwelling of each member of the Godhead within each other inside the ontological essence of the Trinity, yet their distinction is manifested in what we call the economic Trinity, the economic Trinity we get the Greek Wikimedia test within the relationship. We get the economy from what this is. Is it the father the son and the Holy Spirit have different functions to the father and the son send the Holy Spirit.

But the Holy Spirit does not send the father of the son over the son became incarnate Holy Spirit father so we see that the differentiation within the members of the hence their distinction. So we would not say separate because it implies three gods distinct persons is the proper definition of words to use the bricks hold on you call 87707276 Matt Flynn why call 77077 is Matt's leg. Welcome back to the show lines 877-207-2276.

All right, you know that on the 20th, a week from today you have on the air for the first half of the show Wayne. He works with us and will you be doing a show on King James only limit of an esoteric topic. So if you have questions on King James II month congenitally stuff to be on week from today is let people know about that and think about moving to on Fridays, having interviews with the fact that some to be trying to guess a lot of people and I know all countertop is critical when you have someone else and we can do that so the city will be arranging that periodically. On Fridays if you want to give a call three open lines 8772072276C Roberto from Dallas distiller all right, may I did a lot of info on the Trinity in the question, in order that answer it on John 25 you what you God.

You that what you do go to which you should go to dislike you. My interest will what your signature you want this person that I'm not a good. I don't believe okay are you Trinitarian just curious about your not going to do you believe in oneness theology okay alright so in John 17 three and a new low Matthew question of your oneness is.

I got us wound up know the answer to question first so so in oneness theology, Jesus is God in flesh right okay and so you believe is God in flesh right okay so is Jesus.

God will you say yes. So when Jesus says in John 17. Three. This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus, whom you have sent. Who's he talking about the only true God who is Jesus talking about when he says this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ. You have sent Sue's jeans about who he talking about himself. I know by father all okay so but you said your oneness, which means that there's only one person in the Godhead and the Jesus Christ use but you get used to Jesus is God again. Jesus speaking to someone.

Obviously the father who is not himself. Who's the true God house that can work in your oneness theology that's the question by lettuce John like that.

I 20 okay.

I'm asking you is asking you right there diverse this one is like to bring it up and Jehovah's Witnesses and others. I can respond this in several ways of knowing that I know where you're coming from because in your theology is only one person in the Godhead not father and the son and Holy Spirit. Three persons, but one person so that would mean Jesus and oneness theology is God the father, the same person.

There's only one being God three persons. So Jesus is.

This is eternal life, that they may know you, who's Jesus praying to the printer himself.

Father, so is Jesus God the father. So Jesus is praying to himself was just right… Hi was Jesus prayed to himself make it.

I was Jesus praying to himself answers yes or no, not is not so then when it says here Jesus spoke these things with his eyes to heaven, he said father, the hours come. Glorify your son and his things and they glorify you. Is he praying for losing praying to the father.

So if Jesus is not.

There is praying. The father is he praying to himself well because the father father the body of law like you said Jesus is the father so that the father and son will limit.

If Jesus is the father then when Jesus is praying to the father is praying to himself it's about the father a lot. I had so is Jeanette question asking the question, is he praying to himself that's the question. The answers yes or no. You print so you know so then he's not.

You said he's knows, not praying to himself, but if he's the father is praying to the father and housing, not praying to himself if he is the father. I sprinkle the flour listening. He's a mediator you don't get these praying to himself. There's a law of logic. The law of proper inference of a equals B and B equals C a equals C a equals B and B equals C then a equals C. If a equals B if Jesus is the father right and Jesus is praying to the father that he's praying to himself. The problem with Rob over for the whole mediation. I mediation does work from your perspective, you learn how to a says, even as you given him authority over all flesh.

You've given him for the father gave authority over all flesh who did the father give authority to overall the sun so is Jesus the son is the sun the same as the father.

So then, so they had been so ridiculous, so you're telling me that Jesus is the father is what is praying to the father is not praying to himself, even though he is the father is praying to so why did you buy that's easy because the fatherless under separate and distinct should be distinct individuals missing persons in the Godhead and Jesus would be lower than the angels.

Hebrews 29 and made under the law license for for soul being under the law. He was required to obey the law, the requirements of the law, and as a man, he would have to pray to God according the law has he pray to the father was afraid to himself and the authority will begin the authority was given to him because he was under the law, but he was enough same as a father is home on brick be right back folks and hopefully this guy can see the logic of his position is what happens when you have an average right back at mass Y call 770727 charismatic sling and 72072276 Roberto Stiller hello so I'm showing you that your position doesn't work, it's illogical for things illogical. It cannot be true. You can't. Go ahead and follow I'm sorry what quote bottom. Yet Jesus is the exact representation of the nature of God.

Hebrews 13 yes, you will want all know you look out and understand your understanding in raising in the logic that you're failing to understand Jesus as a representation of the nature of the father of the Bible talks about it. He was 13, in John 17 31 Jesus is talking about the issue is only true God, it's because he's under the law, he has to pray to someone he calls God. You also understand that the Jews spoke often in exaggeration and things like that. So for example you to Jude for for certain persons have crept in unnoticed. Those who were long beforehand marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord Jesus Christ. That would mean the father. I start Lord or the Holy Spirit is in our Lord, if only Jesus pointing to make his injured Jewish theology, Jewish thinking they would often say that the only true and the only Master and truly, truly, truly legal, wrote Revelation 1912.

It says that Jesus has a name written on him that no one knows just himself, let me the file is on the Holy Spirit is not, but is not exactly was going on I speak in exaggeration. As we were talking about this issue here when you're failing to understand is that Jesus was made under the law. Galatians 44 he had to fulfill the requirements of the law. He pray to the father wasn't praying to God.

He was not praying to himself. If Jesus is the father and he's praying to the father then he's praying to himself, saying, my, what I thought about you listen to me.

Going knows me, yet I have not seen the phone as well.

We can use.

It is God's got you got your logic. If he's the father if he is the father didn't. He's praying to the father then he's praying for themselves or die die. Robert from your perspective. If Jesus is the father. You say he's the father that if he's praying to the father that he's praying to himself locker across the bottom father also broke down he Robert Mellon agreed that Brandt is eminently look, Robert.

Yes, Jesus is the father and he's praying to the father that he's praying to himself that the logic he's if he is the father you saying he's the father you're saying Jesus is the also the father, he's the same person as a father. If these praying to the father that he's praying to himself because he's the father, your teaching? How do I 20 father may bother the parent recess.

Teresa is the father is in him. He's in the Fady right reasons.I was. I already answered and was as you see me using the father because he represent the father is a documentation of the father. That's why here's the thing… Whatever it under sticklike Robert cautions you, Bob Robert Robert who was just praying to in the garden of the garden from Who's Who praying to print himself. Nicholas, not my will but your will be done right into the father is he the father is Jesus, the father and Jesus is the range himself right. If Jesus is praying to the father, he's the father that he's praying to himself. You say no you contradict your theology. Other guys getting attacked where I write. Hello Robert can't you cannot think clearly because your not regenerate you believe in a false God, you don't understand about Artemis you don't understand the truth you don't understand what's going on when I show you that you say the five minute ride today when I say that I show you that you say Jesus is the father is the same person as the father. He is the father. If Jesus is the father then logically sprang to himself. You can't see this, you want to edit because your logic doesn't work because your theology doesn't work so you can't answer the question. All you can do is bounce around and never get to the question. This is what happens with people who have bad theology to serve false gods. This is what you do about lower so folks we move along 3 to 4th lines 877-207-2276 difficult oneness Pentecostal theology is false. Antichrist oneness Pentecostal people are not Christians. The reason you're not Christians is because they believe in a false God, the true God of Scripture is Trinitarian, the false God is not Trinitarian Jesus is second the second person of the Trinity, who became one of us. The word became flesh and dwelt among us. Jesus is both divine and human. At the same time and he would pray to the father. He was praying to himself. This is oneness people to stub their toes on logic can't handle logic have to go to other directions in the nonsensical statements. Now what normally what they'll do is that they will say that Jesus is praying to the father was actually the flesh praying to the spirit. This is the majority of the answers that I received from oneness Pentecostal people in Alaska then where was the spirit and will say in heaven, then what they are doing is denying the incarnation because if they want to say that Jesus is God and God in flesh has to be the one who dies in the cross with her saying that this the flesh is praying to the spirit and the spirits in heaven there denying the incarnation and they deny the incarnation there denying the sufficiency of the atoning sacrifice. Furthermore, they teach that you can lose your salvation on a daily basis in an out if you don't do things right. Keep things right and that's his works righteousness, and they teach that in order to be safe you have to be baptized in Jesus name, not in the name of the father-son Holy Spirit, but in Jesus name and could not baptized in Jesus name. Then you can be saved so they added a work on networks of salvation and a formula of words.

It has to be said the right way in order to be saved. Oneness Pentecostal theology is Antichrist and those who adhere to official oneness theology are not Christians. And when they die to face eternal judgment because of believing in a false God.

In a false Christ in a false gospel. Let's get to Jim from Raleigh, North Carolina Jim walking around near the right thing and we got anything joints along you welcome my pleasure so number one thrilled and excited that next Friday you dedicated show to Jane to me that the village of their like that you let Jim know. Jim James you said earlier that next Friday you have a show about Jane, Jane and I got get you to write no I hope okay okay so was glad I await my questions are maxed out to about the first one you think that with the government shutting down churches due to COBIT right part of notes or the bars show that you know. Yet every beer you know that's right, alcohol and and killing babies is okay we can go and absolutely is got the details I were the hearts of these evil people to break. Hold on you back after these messages, folks, please state to mass like why call 770776 charismatic sling on right so right right down the garlic in New York on your report. Our Christian energy. This time, do you think that this is a prelude to the end time will everything's a prelude to the end times. Everything is leading up to the end times, though technically were in the end times we been there since Pentecost, but you took the end of the end times and arrange leading up to, so we have a government that is becoming far more liberal and with that will come more persecution of the faithful that this was going to happen. That's what history tells us, are no pretrip rapture, the get out from the second half of you go through it and so this would have a precious coming question, the question on my mind for quite some time and I learned too many debates about it.

Okay, when he cheated putting on the cross with it to criminal criminal mocked him in the second one asked for forgiveness that I believe you correct some days he was what he said, which is essentially to me. People gave him anything and said here's the thing with Manson was remembering becoming a kingdom and Jesus says today will be with me in paradise. We deduce that forgiveness was offered to committed faith okay okay okay and I probably answered my second part of that question.

If Hitler and Mussolini and Stalin and all the other bad people who did horrible things to people right at asked Jesus for yet for forgiveness before they died not get a confession you think Jesus would have you know forgiveness anybody would have trusted in Christ.

This is your sense truly and honestly done that the blood of Christ is greater than Holocaust got people's it was not fair to write singing one person fair.

Jesus died on the cross to save anybody is not fair, but it's a loving sacrificial act and because Christ is God in flesh, his blood is of infinite value that we cannot way the infinitely valuable time. The blood of Christ to people, the Holocaust, or that the murderous actions of Stalin.

If he had. They had repented and come to Christ it would been forgiven and that repentance would been granted by God. Second Timothy 225 and obliquely been granted by God flip is 129 but it doesn't appear that was the case.

So probably was repented, which I like but it did her suffering in hell you damn okay we look we got any call.

I'm going to get so I called Gabriel right really really quick. I'm sorry on it probably.

Note that Satan works you ask for forgiveness was the ideal you can't see If you are not around squares around is nonsensical. He can't.

He's given over to evil. He can never repentance you never will want to repent and there is no sacrifice for him. So there is okay. Her brother Gates you are a big ugly riots. Let's get some math from Fort Worth, Texas. Not looking on their aim at my call either at a comment on that you call to go. The one guy thought I was made out of one of teaching and I think you really can't hit the nail met there were when you presented with that in John when when viewed with finding a father John 17 explain the father yeah right that's pretty much where a lot of 103B did you you look throughout the whole Gospel of John buying John 14 and onward that you clear a data distinction between unit in the father and when I was growing up in that movement. I almost never heard any kind of preaching on the asked you that all during any talk about it though it like a and I wasn't the Friday evening like shock almost went when you you presented not answer at all and I think the only place they really going. Donald, like Don, 354 you that you must be born of water in their courts interpret that to mean baptism by yet.

I really believe one of teaching is extremely deadly

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