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October 30, 2020 4:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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October 30, 2020 4:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses the state of our country and where things could be headed. He also discusses what we should do as Christians.--2- Doesn't John 20-23 prove in the need for priests to forgive sins---3- Matt continues the conversation with the Roman Catholic dealing with issues of Scripture, mass, faith, and works.--4- Does God love everyone-

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A previously recorded Netflix show mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive on the more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why prayerfully support the show even during the show Wharton fingerprint about Charlie not pretty ridiculous.

What happens when people don't know this was unrealistic. We help from a video of form of this as well in my office sent into this every day the same way Charlie comes in and put links into the chat area and so right away. We know we have 27 people 5060 7082 people come in the chapter he puts something okay.

When we do what we do is we pray everyday everyday before the show.

We always pray and always pray that God would use the show bring callers in and give me wisdom to answer court of the truth because as we want Bible truths of best of our ability and work were offering. Here is an attempt to bring glory to God.

But what we do anyway.

Hey folks look at you and you may call all you have to do is dial 877-207-2276 and let's see couple things to talk about so yesterday missing technical problems last quarter hour of the show and that happens and hopefully won't have anything like that today, but no big deal. We have five lines so what you give me a call or write 877-207-2276 and so will II get up before I get up I'll talk to the Lord, Lord, and often do is is put on the news you don't know my phone stopped returning my phone go to some conservative news things is not so conservative stuff and I ended up writing something today. I put up on the current Facebook page and wake up America and you know if you want to check it out. I believe their countries and in a lot of trouble. Suggestion on significant do an idea that's written in there if you're curious you guys can go and check things out. You can comment on what I wrote you will see it on Nestlé Facebook and/or other karma Facebook page is so well love you called talk about it and it's a big deal.

It's it's not the idea of what's happening in our culture out the political, social, moral, spiritual changes occurring to our nation and its degrading and our nation can survive for this. It cannot give you an illustration of something let's say there's a small Corporation, say 100 people. This corporation is three-story building and they get they sell widgets and presidents and you have vice presidents and you have a board of directors you have people who change rules in the corporation. You have all kinds of people do all kind of things. Let's just say that in this corporation is running very well and the reason is running very well as think a good product. Good thing, but the people are good and the people there believe in being honest in producing quality work and not stealing. They don't believe in having self interests above the interests of others. The patients are kind and they take their work very seriously because they know that they have to answer some namely the Lord. They know that the Bible says to whatever you do do for the glory of God due as of the Lord watching because he is, and so the company works well is not perfect.


Okay now so with this. Let's imagine that some people targeting hired who don't believe in honesty don't believe in integrity in your little self-seeking and they want to move up the command chain. Give more power and money. Let's imagine that that's the case… Is five people who do this to get hired in London knows that there like this in the circuiting of physicians and their they are in this corporation there doing some some shady deals in order to do that they have to kind of a cook the books a little bit here and there and when something looks like Mike discovered they blame somebody else which is what happens in politics okay just can't even analogy and this goes on is is this company good survival survivors. A lot of good stuff there was a five more people get hired the same kind of things occurring this just an illustration and a bit of an exaggeration. Some point, you understand something when a corporation like that were to be refilled with people who have self interest, not in the interest of the love doing a good job and they start telling everybody else what ought to be done there. The ones that are minority. What they do is say these 10 people out of 100 with a start doing is telling everybody else how things ought to be and when things don't go their way. The complainant filed grievances. So what happens is the harmony is lessened. The effectiveness is lessened, and no more energy needs to be spent in dealing with these kind of problems and as this increases things get worse pretty much as they break much to conclude that will happen is the company will do more and more badly and pretty soon if it continues like this more more people come in there who make demands and ions take bribes and do shady deals under the table stuff don't care about the original bylaws of the company and alter the bylaws reinterpret the bylaws as they gain more power. This is what would lead to downfall the structure the company if this analogy is easy for us to come to graphs and same kind of thing is going on here in America and it's it's it's a very bad thing and we have a dual is. As Christians we need to pray, we need to be praying really praying that God would be blessed and in our prayers and we need to to be asking God to work in our country really does need to eliminate reading what I wrote today and the people said they were elected okay so I'll read it despair, worry and fear raise their ugly heads, and the more I listen to the news. Worse it gets. I lament over the socialist politicians who have no character who lie who seek power and trampled Constitution underfoot there full of hypocrisy. They promote communism with euphemisms socialism with smiles and leftist agendas with kind words. They wanted increase of governmental power that they can only that can only be had at the expense of our freedoms they promote the promote that which is ungodly and penalize conservatives for not marching lockstep with the leftist propaganda once in power they seek their own interests their own power and their own wisdom.

They accuse others of being evil why they look while they themselves promote the doctrines of the devil.

Their enemies of the people of the Constitution. The news outlets promote the slightest offense against anything conservative and bury the damning truths against the Marxist thought puppet agenda there enemies of the people. The Constitution the social media outlets or servants of the far left.

They are biased and suppress everything not in harmony with the progressive agendas to them.

Lies are better passed off as truth, while ignoring the fact that contradictory critical candidates in socialist policies there enemies of the people of the Constitution because of these unpleasant truths. I'm growing more convinced that we need a revolution. I don't know how and I don't know when. I don't know what kind butter countries under attack, politically, socially, morally and spiritually. We Christians need to pray for God's merciful hand and the peaceful revival of our land, because if it doesn't happen. Darkness will descend on the souls of the people of our nation will fall. We must resist the evil that surrounds us. We must pray we must vote. We must protest. We must prepare. We must seek the Lord and be ready to do what is necessary to defeat his enemies and the enemies of the people. The Constitution that I was short and sweet and I have a suggestion afterwards and I believe Christian I believe that we are called by God himself to be involved in society and politics in the media in literature and movies not only the pulp, we should not allow ourselves to be relegated to a Sunday morning corn where they encroach our rights and demand that we not meet or demand that we hold certain ideas or threaten us with various penalties if we don't submit with they want. I have an idea worth of an organization that promoted in the event called something like wake up America. What if we could get people to read and or join online so they could prepare and organize on a particular day. All people whose last name started with the letter a would go to the state capital representative office building cities near them with signs and slogans that pointed to a common website, slogans, their website would promote our constitutional rights document the lies and socialist Marxist agenda people in government and urge a change among many other things, it will be a peaceful protest.

Not like leftist writers.

The next day the same thing happened with people whose last name starts with B. The next dates with people whose last name started C and someone some letters have to be combined course. Of course then no shows up on Sunday, the day of rest and when they leave the area. The protesters leave the area should be cleaner when they got there with his happen in every state and every capital for three weeks with the liberal left news ignoring representatives could be interviewed, etc. could be really something. Wake up America organization or something else to be called.

We take donations that we used to defend people who are arrested and falsely accused. The funds could also be used to bring lawsuits should go that far. Of course my ideas grassroots.

I don't think anything will come of it.

After all it would take a national figure with a lot of connections to pull something like this off. Nevertheless, small spark can light the forest on fire then then we do the same thing to the media outlets. I believe in doing something I'm not like a lot of other Christians when I see more missionaries on the side of the road going to someone's house and knock on and bring the false gospel and I have a right to do that, but I'll stop and wait for them to leave that house to go talk to the people I stood up for the Mormon churches with signs is Mormonism is for the Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Halls got I got in and in their assemblies set out in front with signs. I'm going door-to-door and preached and taught in prisons and want to do so more and more I ask God regularly to use me more and more on the kind of Christian who believes in doing what Jesus said, go out into the nations make disciples of everyone. I believe that what Paul the apostle talked about as he traveled and bringing everything in subjection to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. I believe it's obligated to do as Christians not just go on Sunday and be comforted by a nice sermon and then go get my believe we all wear anyway you call it. Do Valley 77207 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sling back. We have three open lines of wonderment.

Call 877-207-2276 is good to Matt from North Carolina. Welcome hello yes I can psyche. We got a lot of all right on their okay all the right, so we got I think you can have a cold sold and see what happened, so will call back if you can call right back and we'll get you on there. Let's get to David from New York. They welcome here. Hello Ron, there yet.

I think they'll okay yes you are so you got a question yet.

My part was pretty clear to me you look at gone after 20 verse 23 Althea Poppel forever and that you will be forgiven that Barbara did not get will not be forgiven that, like the Sacramento confession that you live God… They forget that and I'm wondering how you act like that of the Protestant well ask some questions because the root relevant to the text. Youth do you imply or do you believe that because a priest to forgive sins a God. Now it's obligated to do with the process of regular sent that I thoroughly obligated by believe that normatively way that God thought it out like a Catholic. So imagine a question you believe is obligated God's obligated to the priest does.

I only got obligated God is the answer is yes is no right believe it obligated okay she's not obligated then why does it say from your perspective. If you forgive the sins they been forgiven because God wouldn't forgive sins right kind of break so that so God that God does the priest and the priest forgive sins and God must forgive. Right is obligated to understand that the person talking to you talk yeah you about this text you brought it up you questions about the text find yet I would not blame every element of how that works but I'm not that the Buick that man can't forget that I can't hold on talk with the texture okay in my system. You bright brought this up, you know, he said how you Protestant signature Roman Catholic so you know I messy question of the text you see piercing, you believe that the priests have authority to say priests here is and say this is disciples okay talk about it as I about priests okay decide what the disciples into them. You forgive the sins are said to be forgiven to the Catholic Church. Miss applies this is as a block to their priest or priesthood, which is not in the text or what so ever.

But if we are to take this and say the priest goes in there and he forgives a sense of text as their sins have been forgiven. The question is, is necessary.

Are you then saying that God is obligated to follow through with the priest does because he's a month. Given the sense his authority.

So therefore they have to be forgiven right then you're in there that I believe God would do it.okay so if the person's generally repentant and got and the priest forgives and then God's obligated to forgiven because the priest doing the forgiving of it is generally better soprano because I promise to get what he promised to do that would draw slightly. Robert really forgiven. So it says there that God's obligated God promises to forgive their sins.

I think you know it doesn't say that this is what I deal with with the cults, Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholics they can't read a verse to save their life and actually would assess understand what it says may help you a little bit like it says on it says if you forgive the present tense. Okay, it's in the interest if you pass tense. Forgive errors tense in the Greek is the past tense air subjunctive if you forgive sin is done in the past there since have been forgiven in the perfect tense perfect tense me that's already accomplished in the past and amend if they forgive sins. They've already been forgiven. How is it possible that the priest does the forgiving than the sins of already been forgiven. I will be on it. I don't know Greek you know any English friendly frankly about that way of looking at numeric and standard Bible if you forgive the sins of any, their sins have been forgiven for 1/2 years of Greek and's college and seminary.

A perfect tense is different than the pluperfect tense. The perfect tenses I have been the pluperfect's I had been when you say I had been.

I had been walking. It means you are walking in the past you stopped walking the past I had been. I'm not doing it now to say I have been if you were walking the past and you still are right now. I have been walking for hours, which would you still doing that perfect tense means the aorist here means past tense is interesting tense in the Greek, but how is translated here because it's in the air subjunctive is that it says if there were three you expect the new American Standard act or not… I think I look at numeric data. Right now I think like what the hold use that you can do that. He wants just tell with the Greek says okay that the Greeks that there have been forgiven. Still trying the God back into the action of Poppel okay so your dissent does not obligated to do it and you dicier tied, but I'm saying to you asking this question is says if you forgive the sins they they have the flexing of already been forgiven. They have been forgiven so I'm asking the question if the disciples were to forgive their sins they have been forgiven. It's been done yet.

In the past and has a present effect.

So if that's the case, why then is it written like that. Why is that safe if you forgive the sins of any, their sins will be forgiven will be upon the declaration of their forgiveness that what you're implying. It's not what this Greek says if you forgive the sins of any, they have been forgiven. It's already done. I the disciples are doing nothing more than recognizing what God is already done your your argument basically adopted it. Your only you're not being any time between the Bible, forgiving, and what… Not insane. I say don't seek any time. I doubted that it doubted that way than what I did say that I am saying is that what we have in the text.

Here is where the disciples pronounce with God is already done. I said that there's been disabled no tie this to me not listening to what fire you clean what the Bible declaration and what was already done because theoretically based on your interpretation of the Bible that day. I forgive you and your and Dr. Devon will know what is the point of the sacramental you assuming what you folks going to call you for calling 7707 mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave, so that a break on your saying something can go.

I don't remember what I was saying four minutes ago but you gave me at 8 PM flight. The me that even if you stay that it could ever again have been forgiven that built like a very braying thing that day.

If you don't believe in any part of sacramental confession it and like it for good reason that the ancient target have applied that way will. Here's the problem that you have this problem that you and other Catholics make we save these the church fathers. The ancient church. What you do is you ignore Scripture and then you go to church fathers. You find what you want to. Then you raise them up the church father contradict each other all the time. One of the shirts I want to wear out in public is my church father could beat up your church father because it is not a unit uniformity of of opinion all over the place. There's all kinds of issues side. I did it, that they quit you copy your formal debate with you sometime if you would do it with me.

I did a debate with another product that after like a month ago hard on pocketbook conversation, but I don't feel that the contradiction really matter. I know where they bit but ultimately it bothered opinion that Catholics have different opinions today on different things, but I don't think fundamental you can find the product and framework anytime before Martin Luther that will be more if you can get exactly with promising framework is found 101 of you, you got it. Yeah sure Matthew Mark Luke John acts Romans printed Galatians, Ephesians, that's what number number one. I believe the Catholic argument. There are stronger and numbered like the big dog gap at line 100 and did not stronger. You hear me any uncle reverse with really quickly.

Okay, just a good month. Romans 45 parenchymal now it is here right so I can and Nancy and Nancy.

II could do the King James ESV RSV I am fine with it, but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness. Now it says here what it does not work, so no works at all, but believes so works and belief are contrasted when it does not work but believes in him justifies and godly, his faith is credited as righteousness.just so you know the word believes is from the Greek for verb for stool which is the verb form of the word for faith, which is pestis is from the same root okay so supply Yoda Sigma pestis for stool is probably PAI IST hi Yoda Sigma.

How is the root for the belief so we have has believe and faith as we do in English but is the same thing and in the Greek it's from the stool to belief in pestis faith, but does not work but believes in him justifies and godly, his faith is credited as righteousness know it says, but one who believes his faith is credited as righteousness believes so is his faith credited to write as righteousness when he believes the question to you. Oh yeah, I believe that so then if you answered yes that fate that your crew is credited righteousness when he believes that means is justified before God when he believes without works right will in the catechism of the Catholic Church, paragraph 2068, it says you obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments which, okay, I believe, I do believe you can reconcile anything if I view it. They correct about Dan Pepper 214 I got Susan today. I'm asking you out there. I'm asking you to reconcile it here right now.

James to something you can't.because I wonder why you believe that if you have genuine faith that you withhold love and charity. That alone can save you the you is I think really you very lately, yet you can't you can say that because the Council of Trent has said in the Council of Trent cannons justification Canon nine.

If anyone sayeth that by faith alone implies is justified to be cursed back and not running out everything.

If anyone sayeth that by faith alone. The pies is justified in such why does to me that nothing else is required to cooperate in order to obtaining the grace of justification and that it is not in any way necessary that he be prepared and disclose what was on will B it anathema the court relied like they got it right it basically saying that your bank basically what got a goodbye thought that it required without any actual operate from break, then you're not reading your one technical here's a prop to see cooperating with grace in Catholicism means that you do all kinds of things to obtain the grace of God which is infused into your soul. 1999. Grace is a substance that's a commodity in Catholicism is administered through the priesthood down to the people. That's what it means. I think there's a better night debate accurately that you would be the sacrament that work but you would be a sacrament kind of a white out work. We thoroughly get that way.

The sacrament that's great been given to true God there that night in your example.John.butter in my flesh and drink my blood will have a satellite in orbit is not you might like to. The problem with that is that yes if Jesus was saying. It is literally blood and body even violating his 1714 do not have any flesh. She says that's another issue with us what justification is. 2020.

According the catechism I brought up sure that you not the blood of an animal because the light within the blood. I think that is where product is a bit but really I found it very fascinating when I thought about it. We eat the body and blood of Christ in the light of it brought in front door again.

It is very literalistic understanding of the old ceremonial anyway right do you need a life of right on the body drink the blood, you take apart literally in John six and what it says here. Leviticus 1714 for as for the life of all flesh is blood his fight with his life there for us in the sons of Israel. You are not to eat the blood of any flesh any flesh for the life of all flesh is its blood. Whoever eats it shall be cut off. So you tell me that you switch on the disciples to drink his blood yet and I think yours is nothing in underway lately so you're telling me that Jesus was asking the disciples to violate Levitical law. I think will thing that I let you know when you eat white bread and wine are still there, but ultimately I think the point is that we don't need a great blood because the life degree.

In the blood. We partake of right body and blood because the life of right body Bob the text. The text as you not to eat the blood of any flesh any flesh any. So you you disobey that and you assert that the sacrifice of Jesus offered on the cross right.

That's what it is when he offered the bread and the wine was that his sacrifice body and blood in John six. But how could it be, since he wasn't yet sacrificed just like the back bring back the fight or find it all to bring that back, and I don't like the one that would look at.

I reluctantly but that don't show any Scripture show me Scripture and to extend the 16 to 17 which says is a couple blessed. Would you bless assuring the blood of Christ, the bread was to break assuring the body of Christ.

It was a me to share it on the bank to protect the patient and the blood of Christ, that is not the bread of the body of this night to participate in his blood was where partaking of his body and blood.

Like I said I'm delighted says not what it says is not what it says not what it says this is what you do you Catholics you read in the text. What is not there you choose us of you to be too little too figurative. Depending on whatever argument you regularly pulling on you… Hold on the run back okay to write back of his messages that I call 770727 charismatic slave alerted is not that's okay.

Try one more time. I assume they were not there. I am here I'm all here I was just going click off all right. All I know I know it took correct that happened to get a quarry of your… That great that you're talking about what you know you are saying something like we read our idea after you. You don' do a great deal. You read something to the text does not. There all time. And why not is not the cup of blessing which we bless assuring the blood of Christ. What is that mean as we were eating his blood yet.

I believe it that you're drinking it, but I get drinking does it say drinking no says sharing what is a me to share in the blood of Christ to the safe sharing month I sucked up during the beginning and birthday.

It's sharing the blood so that means eating okay to save me strict, so you're telling me then just be sure, is that when you take the Eucharist or drinking Christ's little blood right yeah so and and you're eating his little body yet and so that's a sacrifice body and blood of Christ which is it to do before you sacrifice yet.right… Is sacrifice. Another type I love it when Catholics tell me that it's outside of time and I laughed because I ask another question and then they they stumble. What is it mean to be outside get my best.good to me to be outside of time that I write don't want right were not going Christ every time that but that sacrifice offered to God the father came back provided think offer on our altered each week. When you have the mat. Okay, I asked and I guess I'm more about that but you didn't answer. I said what is need to be outside of time.

What does it mean outside of time. What is that even though I only died one that sacrifice the rock you not listening.

Whatever. What is it mean to be outside of time to have a condition of outside of time. What is it mean outside of time was the phrase given outside of time mean it created outside of five mean old… Exactly what we are inside of time and subject to time. It's a sequential series of events through which we progress. Time seems to be the fourth part of our existence with height with depth with those elements which space in the fourth dimension they say something is at this time we live inside of a time space time continuum of space-time realm.

So what is it mean to be outside of time it mean that sacrifice of Calvary yacht. During affect our offer original. What does it mean that I writing a journal for science class and you say outside of time means what is it mean to be outside of time.

I don't know how to okay so then you don't know what it means to be outside of time and that's your explanation for this, you something. I don't know what it means. That's to be my explanation. I love that that's why level graphics tell me that because they have no I do percent because our time is somebody who is what is it made little with an outside timing level.

Read the gravel best right body and what you get out the partake of… Early medieval you might hear exactly what out.I don't know it so you know what it means you should use it as an exclamation for this issue negative question for you another question here because you know you said earlier, when I record rooms for five.

You said that the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness, and I asked you. Are you justified when you have faith you said yes you stick by that still yet right okay so that's what nurse you say treat justified means you your peers right before God.

Your saved salvation will in paragraph 1257 it says the Lord himself affirms that baptism is necessary for salvation. So if baptism is necessary for supper, salvation, and you cannot be justified by faith because the work well yet because everything that in the Bible that talk about that claim that it that barely regenerate.

Now we find it all away. I believe that there is that thing is that the dire you have perfect open charity ball you don't have outside listening. I said you said that you justified when you have faith if you justified it, we just saved that me justification occurs by faith. How then could baptism also be necessary. If you've already obtained salvation by faith because normatively thinking painted you into the thought of the time about that is used by faith is and see what faith or grace and I misunderstand you.

What happens so grace is infused when you have faith or when you get baptized. I only what Paul getting by following the law that the broader spectrum issue of the book know it not at that barely a moment believe in Jesus that the exact moment that your doctor if I think that's what the technicality are trying get on that, but I believe that salvation is by grace alone, faith is not my work Mormons in the same thing. They typically believe is by grace, along with all my God father say the same thing and they define things differently. So that's what happens when some if you want to debate me on this, and I see the debates when we could do it on discord. I would love I would gladly formally yeah I got I got people stacking up to one of the big numbers things this email me or find me on discord if you're not on their and our email address. Not on the site okay alright all you all you know you absolutely alright sounds good thank you very much sir, thank you all right function for the life you want to give me a call while man almost 5 hours let's go to Joel from Tennessee Joel welcome here is a mad dog.

I am a born again Jim and I did not decide to start being obedient to God. In my daily life until about maybe 1 to 2 years ago and I'm living my life being obedient to God. The best I can now I have joined and vandalism school online and yesterday I just the calm school from really looking forward to doing that and my question for you is does God love everyone and if you can can I get the nutshell answer and then the explanation sure dancers in one sense, yes, and since no. There's a generic sense, which he loves everyone that's in Matthew 543 through 48… Sunshine, the good and the bad etc. so therefore love you know that that's the context 540 248. However, to go to some 55 Psalm 11 five you'll find that God says he hates those who do iniquity. He said he says thank you Tucson 55 says the boastful shall not stand before your eyes. You ate all who do iniquity what it says in Psalm 11. Five the Lord tests the righteous and the wicked and the one who loves violence his soul hates me for the Romans nine, roughly let's see, 11, 12, 13 for the twins were not yet born and had not done anything good or bad, is not based on their works okay with her to do anything. No work so that God's purpose according to his choice recorded God's purpose according to his choice would stand, not because of works but because of him calls. It was utterly older will serve the younger. Just as I've written, Jacob I love Denise I hated to have special specific areas were God says he hates these people and individuals in my name and yet we know that generically God loves everyone, so there's different senses in this right is different senses so one sense I guess God loves everyone equally generically provide for all of them is very grace is very kind and is another sense which he doesn't love everybody because he says on 55 Psalm 11 five Romans 911 through 13 mentions these kinds of things that was good for sites with harmonizer that will reduce was able God love someone, since not others. Another sense okay does that have to be absolute with daughter God he can have it both ways you can. People were good northern absolute will that is the answer that he loves some and hates others. That's, that's right there in Scripture know what I would like at reconciled again for God so loved the world that he spent the one and only begotten God because her then, some doctor to continue with that is what God sent.

This is the son father said the son under the covenantal requirements of the Old Testament, the Messiah was to come to redeem the people of Israel was sent to Israel is not sent everybody. Jesus said in Matthew 1524 I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. Jesus himself declares in Matthew 1524 that he was not sent to anybody else who's only sent to Israel. The Israelites would've understood that the Messiah is coming for Israel. The Messiah is coming. He's a Jewish person filling the law requirements. This is what the Jews would understood if solicit you to say the Egyptians to the left you laugh at you and you don't get away because that's their mindset that they understood and rightly so, because Jesus said he was only sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. However, Israel broke the covenant requirements stipulations that they were under in order to recognize the Messiah very Dave day of his arrival was predicted in and Daniel nine 2527 when it predicted the family. My thing is March 14 445 BC the command to rebuild the temple drew of the wool walls by Artaxerxes and that hundred 74 point hundred and 73,880 days later would just came in the site into this disinterest on regular cold. It's all there. Okay so I got a website everything on the supper It's all there. They should know about because they missed the Messiah. We, the Gentiles are now grafted in.

So the Gentile nations are now included that that's why says God love the world okay the world brings out a little early and I thank you for that. Thank you, let him fight is very insightful.

I think you're very smart person and I'm looking for during the karma school a lot.

You have a wealth of knowledge on and I'm looking forward to thank you very much will you welcome very much officials kind words so appreciated that you met on a couple of all right speak about the call the other schools if you're interested in those schools. The Lord bless you by his grace tomorrow and I hope you

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