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October 21, 2020 4:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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October 21, 2020 4:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How are Christians pleasing to God- Are some Christians more pleasing than others---2- Matt discusses what the will of God is for every believer.--3- Does Isaiah 9-6 support modalism since it calls the Son the everlasting Father---4- Can Mormonism be refuted by DNA evidence showing that the Native peoples of America were not Israelites---5- What are your concerns about the Assemblies of God denomination---6- How can we tell if someone is guilty of blasphemy of the Holy Spirit---7- How should Christians understand Roman Catholic accounts of apparitions of Mary---8- Can I still talk to a close friend who has died- Not idolatrously, but just casually---9- Is there an occasion for women to teach in a church-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of Christian apologetics.

Research what is written found you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max likewise branches called and responded to your questions at 877 Matt slick. And we can do church churches looked around checking things out real stuff like that in doing noise in the church, leave your memory Select out as I have a problem with sound because of much ability or before the lot is just what you do well with so with two disparate kinds of sounds and had a lot of children around there and I were to recover after church services, blessed kids, but I had a tough time and was my week and that's about it and is in discussions with them.

If you snooze, and teaching things like that and enjoy the praise God love people don't notice what was happening. Use on different teaching venues. I went to all people. Just ask questions and I will only do that if it's polite, and time dog piling jumping on and start asking questions of 80 miles not do that one person at time of the stock is working pretty well share the gospel periodically questions of the unbelievers and sharpen the skill sets on the air right books and all the stuff you go want to support us also toward CAR room.RG right hand side of any pages she would donate whatever is there and done/don't we just five or $10 a month that's swing. We don't eat lunch.

We just need and that was enough. Enough is to pay the missionaries keep the lights on and things like that. So if you want to help us out with your privilege. Don't feel obligated if you're already tight supplies don't look so we discussed five or $10 a month. If you're so inclined, so let's see the meals going to be called for open lines which give a call 877072276.

This is just one line to the James weight forced North Carolina James Locklear.

My question is how believers are pleasing to God. John chapter 3 verse 22 that we are to obey God and do what is pleasing so therefore are our some Christians more obedient and more pleasing to God than others will guess that the recognized and have been yes so testing is to be careful with me to be more obedient, you know myself as example big website on radio. Does that mean I'm more obedient then the guy next door. Maybe because obedience has to do one sentence with what God is calling a person to do what if I'm pushing forward in my own personal interests by obeying God. Well, in that sense Nelkin got blessed yeah. So that's just one factor generically means to obey God is to be holy and righteous honest people of integrity, raising children, for the Lord doing the work that's honest. Just things like this and that's what it basically is getting to so we are all held to the basic same standard. In that sense that each individual might have certain callings of God is is requiring on and on Wednesday May that are not depends on them with generically for the body of Christ we can go to places of the Bible talk about pursuing that which is good if we were to go. For example, is 406 and seven. Note says be anxious for nothing will.

That's one of things God says, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God and the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus finally bettered whatever's true.

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely is of good repute. Let your mind dwell on these things will talk about dwell on these things at once will be doing that we bring Christ and that will tell you, you know this is because, for nothing.

I'm almost 64 and that the ask for nothing. I think I might be getting a handle on it but I don't know. So my obeying Christ hello trying to lease in that area and in everything by prayer Everything is deftly not true for me but it is true, you know, whatever is honorable focus on these things members regular electric okay so this you this is an example so you might have a better success in an suffix. Maybe you not as anxious for things as I okay I think got better in that area.

But maybe I'm better than you in another area got to sort it all out we get to heaven he rewards loss rewards generically talk about helping Matt that thanks a lot when you worry about something that folks are going to be called holy dues dial 87720722765 open lines. You know what I just heard.

I had a dream whereas on the radio and nobody was calling for the entire how about this river that you know we we dream about her work with you about various things and I just remembered ever although please call so we don't make a nightmare come true. Give me a call 877-207-2276 okay okay so well and we talk with this issue of obeying God what averages do you obey God. In other areas that you're not obeying God. This is something that's really important. Christian now if you want to know the will of God. It has only Tell You Pl. in Scripture to go to that will be helpful for you to know the will of God. Unfortunately, this same place in Scripture is little tough to read because it's really it is is brilliant in its Colossians 312 17 mentioned this section of Scripture many times and like to say that is my least favorite part of the Bible. My least favorite reason. Is it because when I read it I realize how much of failing areas when it says all aside, anger, wrath, malice, slander, abusive speech your mouth. Don't lie to one another, since you laid aside, you'll solve this evil practice put on the new self thing renewed. You know, so those who have been chosen of God holy blood chronic heart of compassion and kindness and humility, gentleness and patience you read through this okay except pretty good about not getting angry slander people, but you know this this thing about being humble my humility so they can do okay there, we always have it all struggles in various areas I found that Colossians 3 is one of those areas that is difficult and you want to find out who do the will of God. We Colossians 312 70 is one of the places in Scripture. Colossians 312 17 see how you stack up because of you to call me and say that how you stack up against. Colossians 3 is not very well flat out tell you I get along, but that's the goal would emulate Jesus Christ and him crucified. Let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California.

Welcome you are on the air and brother got the blessing we got a question on Caldwell club and calling about that but I have a friend in the a model and I started I showed up in Scripture, there was started. John eight is the Thursday I bear with myself and my end of the father's when the meat is written in your law must be two witnesses and he was quoting from Deuteronomy. I showed him that he could not answer this is to two men and he showed me Isaiah 9 verse six the believer is son is been given to us and them if you can, because they had nine verse six the bully surfer child born to us, a son will be given to us will rest on his shoulders's name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal Father, Prince of peace there so I cannot answer him one long to look at Scripture collaterally. I know what it means, but because of the fact that he relies on eternal father meaning to him about Pete is the father.

So Houston and I am sure that without misinterpreting that Scripture is just read it in his name will be called counselor to ask. Are you calling Jesus your wonderful Counselor let out you calling him that I'm sure he doesn't at the mighty God call you my God, you might say well yeah okay you calm eternal father: Prince of peace. So when you calling him the calling names because if he's wonderful, Counselor exit, the title if it's a name is the mighty God title eternal father, you don't. Is this is this the same person as a father because talk about names that all this going on. His name will be called.

Why does it say his name, which is singular.

His name will be called dyslexic is one name will be wonderful Counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace I say to them explaining how that one name and what you say 11.

That's a lot of names. Licensing is not on their is because it is in the singular to his name will be called counselor, mighty God, eternal father, Prince of peace. So if you ask him what you will what is the name because he eternal father go know if mighty God. So it is easy to say his name is eternal father to let his name is not who he is right. My name is and can also just I just want my name's and so this is all this going on here he's he's representing the nature of Christ, the coming Messiah in by giving the name his name, one name will be called wonderful Counselor, mighty God father, Prince of peace is not saying he's the father is talking about the qualities of his essence. The qualities of his nature. If you want to say that he is the father. What you can do is go to Hebrews 1 and verse three and he is the radiance of his glory and the exact representation of his nature is a representation of the nature of Jesus is going on 13 representation of his nature. How is Jesus a representation of God the father. This is a fair question because if he is God the father that has a representation of the father. So if I'm sitting here and I'm saying on the representation of me does it make sense to say long lines it has with incarnation of the father right P talk about incarnation of the father is in the birth of Jesus, right you. John 638 for I says have come down to heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me.

So how many wills are there my own will, but will him recently coming wills have to say to you doesn't just don't let the pressure off again. Well will bring hold on right back after these messages, please why call 770-7276 charismatic slave was saying in John 638 very important for for I have come down 38 six. I've conducted heaven not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me. How many wills are there. If it's not my will will him and sent me, that is, to wills, you have to go with that if they don't agree. You just keep hammering the same thing over and over again on the verse you repeat the verse address in John 638 is not my will but your will. Okay will sent me is like Luke 2242 in the garden, Jesus says you must not my will but your will be done. Johnson, 530 use of Jesus.

I do not seek my own will but the will of him who sent me. John 530 and 638 there close to each other and you can see will who will who sent Jesus to just Saturday the will of him sending who sent Jesus asked the question who sent you sent himself. Nope.

See the will of him who sent me, so if if I were to know you were at my house and I said go to the store and grab a case of milk. I come back and I said yeah I sent me to the store back out of the house loading sickness of drama math.

Okay, so the same kind of thing right out 48 medically talking thing. And the Lord God said that oh or 83 people they person me yesterday but it wasn't that it would not answer so you believe that there's only one person in heaven if they do not me help you jump ahead a little bit because ultimately what you want to do is to admit what they actually teach actually teaches that the spirit of God sent the person of the flesh of God. So it's like saying that the spirit sent the human body. They won't say those ways basically with her saying so when Jesus is praying to the father that it's the flesh praying to the spirit missing with them many times say this from different levels of knowledge.

People who said this I get into that place and the issue here is that is ultimately deny the true incarnation because if the spirit sent the flesh house at work since the flesh didn't exist in the pre-incarnate sense, it doesn't make any sense at all when I say the spirit sent this. The flesh is talking to the spiritual words a spirit in heaven was not in the body inside of him.

Then there is no incarnation and no incarnation or no atonement with this whole area that it ultimately comes down to, which is why what one of the reasons why one is because it wasn't something okay what about anything that you can forget that you look up you work/oneness-100, oh, a little book with just ghost had to search it and you'll see lots of articles okay perfect argument. Thank you very much. Hey, let's get to Bradley from Salt Lake really will. And he's gone.

Let's get to Tom from Virginia Tom welcome you are on the want to thank you for your file joy. My question after doing Mormonism and possibly a way of reaching them.

Okay, so here's my question for you with all the breakthroughs in DNA research. You know if anyone enabled to establish the fact that Native Americans are not related to yes and where can I find that information go on the web and look for DNA in the book of Mormon DNA in the book of Mormon and you'll find several instances and stuff there to find some of them are done by the Mormons, but are trying to do is preempt a lot of problems. People don't know this but with the Mormon church that was it released a lot of documentation that we so to speak, anti-Mormons, Mormon American Mormonism with the weekly call center so we anti-Mormons of exciting the material for decades with the Mormon church finally release those documents, trying I believe trying to get people to be inoculated against criticisms by using these documents because like other people know the documents exist, we would use them in stumble them to give up being one of which is good. So I think that they're doing it so you can find some information about this for Mormon sources, but there are others videos on this DNA, the book of Mormon, the DNA versus the book of Mormon. You will find information and yes they have done the, the genetics and you are exactly correct. There isn't a connection there because the book of Mormon logical don't know is that the book of Mormon is supposed to be a story, the, the Hebrews came over here to America around 600 BC and the lead by guiding Lehigh.

These people developed into two groups.

The laminates and the neophytes and they are the ancestors 11 nights the ancestors of the American Indians will vest the case of genetic should show that relationship. And guess what just.

There so it's a good thing to check out what I appreciated and thank you again for your show or will God bless all rights you may call folks. We have three open lines 877-207-2276 the Scott talk to Doris from Utah Doris welcome you are on the air. I hang out a, 25 years but every time you hear and one day you had mentioned being aware about Emily And I anything out.

And I want all of this.

It was a God is moving towards liberalism and ordaining women of one thing and with 80% of the nominations groups interviewing women within two generations without homosexuality are not affirming the necessity of an perspicuity that these clarity sufficiency of the word of God not doing so well. I want people to stay with this enemies of God is not to say that they are Christians because they love the Lord is just a denomination is going bad. Slowly but surely, as is the Nazarene church Nazarenes further down the hill, slipping into the abyss and other water. A lot of fun for like Christians and churches. If you hold on him the story right back after these messages we have seven mass Y call 770727 charismatic slave still there right so during the break I went and more research on the summers of God.

Pastors and elders and I got this the document open and was getting through stuff. I know some of the verses that the call them egalitarians. I will use and they couldn't execute their way out of a look at back and they just to take for select contexts, make them say things I don't say in this kind of a thing is really badly good. One quick example is says of those who oppose women women to help us positions of spiritual leadership place contextual limitations on Galatians 328 there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male or female, for real one in Christ.

That verse is frequently used by the egalitarians egalitarians. Those who believe women to be pastors and elders is used by the egalitarians all time with the verse is not about the verses that salvation is simply not Jew nor Greek flavor for male or female. You are all one in Christ Jesus, salvation, big in Christ Jesus. That's always going on in the fact that they would quote that in such a way, I just demonstrates there just they don't overdo it flat out. They don't doing this is not hard but it's shameful that the they would you stuff like this and the many sets.

I can go through so I was mentioning the Nazarene group, step on toes here. I live just a 70 miles from the Nazarene Northwest Nazarene University. I consider the Nazarenes of the Sims got to be very similar, none of their origin.

Necessarily, but are similar in their doctoral kind of been through Arminianism women pastors and elders and things like that some issues will have to find out some stuff and about them. I could say something spoke go there now, but I have met people who were under theology studies from the Nazarene University and they don't even know when asked Jesus a man right now. They had no idea this is.

These are people who girls to studying this high theological courses.

There was a guy there. That is the first name on this, along with just a series of discussions in the local Christmas paper.

Go back and forth and on theology and things like that and he agreed to my face.

He agreed and later backed out. I believe because the staff told not to do this date and we use them as a guide is theologically weak. The triptych logically weak but having said that, there are deftly good Christians and are there deftly good Christians on both groups who love the Lord who preach the gospel, that's absolutely true. It's just that is like a sinking ship. There a lot of good people in a sinking ship. The ship is still sinking so that help any.

I thought I think about about their like me that we don't have a pot.

Enough how we get before and then prep it for her are panic.

Something in me Questioning the kind that in evening and I thought my hand and went back think something like that.

Not order the only hat that never had I never again for thank you pastors is something dangerous truth right I would be thinking you will consider which gobblers that okay and I would be willing to have a debate public with representative of the summers of God and representative of the Nazarene pastors and elders. I would be glad to have a debate recorded radio live for the people. The problem the challenges out there folks, crickets, crickets are the more Robert from California Robert welcome on the air hi Matt said that those who are worried about deftly go to a word about it. Not that they had to have Internet convicted. However, how do we know that that they know that they really are not just merely practical detonation. We can't read the hearts of other people say was how we know in someone else's heart and mind. They would have to do that don't meet, they would have to know that themselves especially would have subjective talk about yellow okay so well that makes sense though they would and what what what doubt with neglect of what how what rights go back through the lines of what you may call 877-207-2276 plus get to Sergio from Raleigh, North Carolina Sergio, welcome around here call until you show them I can think of the chemical model I wanted to hear about together.

I think they are in 100 years of the medical Batna in which they claim 70,000 people. Though the operation Virgin Mary and Don helping the guy and moving out in A click away. How do we Christians should not take what you be okay on those story but what should K medical looks like something really did happen, it does look like saw something that was really occurring. Looks like it was some sort of manifestation looks like that is the case, the question is was it of God or not. That's the issue. One of the unfortunate things about Roman Catholicism is through the centuries what it is done is not taught biblical theology, but it's taught in Catholic theology. One of the things it's done is gone into cultures and tried to adapt its theology to the culture around. And so it has allowed for varying forms of superstition to creep in. So the Catholicism of South America slightly different Germany so in some areas of the world there are more occult and pagan ideas woven into the Catholic practices. So as far as Fatima comes in my opinion it was a demonic manifestation simply demonic and the reason I say that is because of what the apparitions said if you want. You this Fatima occurred in Portugal in 1917. Three children sent to Michael Lucio Santos and Francisco McDowell said that the apparition of Mary appeared brighter than the sun. This is what the apparition syndrome reads three things.

The apparition said are you willing to offer yourselves to God to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you an act of reparation for the sins of which he is offended and for the conversion of sinners. Now that right there is heresy. Are you children willing to bear all the sufferings he wants to send you as an act of reparation for the sins that he is offended by you.

Children are to suffer and make your sins against God, right to the suffering for himself heresy because Jesus is the one who paid the price for our sins, not us.

We can't do it. This is demonic doctrine assayed again publicly demonic doctrine.

This Scripture is the second quote I will take a sentence Francisco shortly and a good guy but you will stay here for some time to come. Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart throughout the world. I promise salvation to whoever embraces for the apparition is now saying Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved other words, Jesus is going to use this child to make Mary known no Jesus is coming to me. I will give you rest. Mary is a this is about the subject. They felt the lines going to call 877207276 max Y call 770727 charismatic sling okay so the second quote one more read it again. Jesus wants to use you to make me known and loved wishes to establish the devotion to my immaculate heart throughout the world. I promise salvation. Whoever embraces it.

So this is what this is what this apparition says that Jesus did not apparition speaking for Jesus sake. Jesus wants you to make Mary known that I will read the scriptural references looking like Jesus Christ was himself. John 818 and 14 six okay I got lots of these like this, but if you want to read this you can go to my website, work, and just turning to do a search for 100 truths about Jesus see this list will turn this into a book, but this would excess earning 141 Jesus bears witness himself. Jesus works their witness of himself. The father bears witness of Jesus, the Holy Spirit bears witness of Jesus. The multitudes bear witness of Jesus. The prophets bear witness of Jesus. The Scriptures bear witness of Jesus, the father will honor us if we serve Jesus, the father wants us to fellowship with Jesus, the father tells us to listen to Jesus. Everyone who's heard and learned from the father comes to Jesus, we come to Jesus, the father draws us to Jesus the law leads us to Jesus. Now, the quote says Jesus wants to make me known, which is established devotion to my immaculate heart obviously does not against Scripture, the spirit, the father the son the Scriptures, the prophets of the risen Christ is supposed to be that the spirit of God among some suburban witness of Jesus.

The fact that the Roman Catholic Church can't tell its head from its tail and doesn't recognize that this is heresy proves that it is an apostate Falls Church teaching false doctrine because the Roman Catholic Church says that this misquotes artificial. They really were Mary, here's 1/3 one. Sacrifice yourselves for sinners and say often to Jesus, especially whenever you make a sacrifice of Jesus. It is for the love of the for the conversion of sinners and in reparation to repair reparation for the sins committed against the immaculate heart of Mary, now are sitting against Mary. So how it works is the kids have to make reparation for the sins that which God offended all that's Jesus job job and the spirit was where was a Jesus, but this this this apparition. What is this creature separately called Mary and then another sitting against the backlit heart of Mary if it's idolatry it's idolatry and become a church is a Falls Church of the lease. Some of the multitude is not of stuff people think Roman Catholic Church is that since I been studying this for over 20 years now when I see a black and white movies with the priest walks up and you know the 30s and 40s 50s and priestess of this great man of God while tell you I just get disgusted is a sacerdotal list you know someone who teaches you get grace infused in your soul by participating sacraments of the church itself has the authority to give you, and it's in control of your salvation to all cemetery sounds a little mild aloud, but I don't hear what you love, the amount that they have now obtained for the Internet you love the boy could clear the way God of the knock on he now 10 years later he did a miracle he healed kidding South America from maui to become the official out the saints of the subject and that's down. Did you pray this kid.

I'm not sure exactly how it looks but that is not my name. How do we deal with those who made a gaming noise like a documentation that you know they feel like coming up condition temporally dictate in but feel whatever what you like. The thing how to help you easy.

Jesus said, noticing things straight to Scripture.

Jesus said 722 and 23.

Many will say to me on that day, the day of judgment, Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name and your name cast out demons in your name perform many miracles declared and I never knew you depart from me, you practice lawlessness so the church Roman Catholic Church prophesies in the name of Christ. We visited proclaims to speak for Christ because they have the authority they cast out demons.

They performed many miracles of all kinds. So if someone is raising the dead is approved is from God disapproves from God.

Miracles can occur know this is not to say that everything that occurs is demonic. No no no inmate miracles can occur. But when people appeal to salvation based on what they've done as well as their faith, their lost Roman Catholics. When I talked to them by asking if you die right now to go face God. He shouldn't have I been a good person I been sincere. I believe in Jesus and you know I was a faithful attender. The church is this the same thing. Have faith in Christ of faith in the church with the church is about Christ.

This is the problem so miracles they do occur, but so is immune from God how we judge of God judge the truth of the teachings. For one thing, and so the the heretical teaching from the deal falls apparition of Fatima obviously come to Scripture but yet the Catholic Church doesn't have enough spiritual insights and knowledge that they may just turning to regenerate culture generate just people in the religious system and they were big robes and have lots of fun of people bowing before the enemy pontificated through the Christian leg. I go straight to hell and to the survival okay so the reason is because things in 19 they teach things that the Scriptures occurred at the Scriptures so I could judge the truth by the word of God. That's all I'm doing and it doesn't mean that I have the authority to read the word of God. Read when Jesus says that the Lord Lord is not prophesy in your name cast out demons in your name perform miracles and be a good way for me never to their appealing to salvation based on the workcenter faith. On that day the so don't miss with a 2068, the Catholic catechism says that you can obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments on the day of judgment to be saying we did. We believe in you and we did the contempt Roman Catholic Church is leaving millions upon millions upon millions of people to eternal damnation with us.

That's what happened, and rightfully so.

Unfortunately, even now the parts reformation Protestants are now courting the great war, that Catholic Church and started to side with the issue.

The Catholic Church and becoming partners in bed and fornicating with the false Catholic Church falls. Think about appreciate what you're doing your goblins, but all right yes folks, strong words. You see, the foundation is the word of God's not my opinion, read the word of God stand on the word of God and judge things by the word of God. That's what has to happen.

Jennifer California welcome you on the air.

I want it out all Landau might make it near will nothing in the Scripture says we can talk to the people passed on.

Just not there. So my wife and I lost her son shortly after he was born and he died in her arms, and I remember sometime afterwards when I was able to function again and wanted to wish I could've spoken to Jacob and so I did was his. I said Jesus if he's there in such a way condition that you can convey a message to then just tell him hello. I miss him, but if not, Lord.

That's okay, because you're you know what's best. That was as close as I have ever gotten anything and even then prayers addressed and to talk to people who passed on is essentially to pray to them, and I understand you know people are hurting and want to go to the gravesite and just talk to their loved one could throw our cultic damnable stuff, you know, I get it hurting her grief hopes and just kind of voice into the air. What's going on. We had to be careful even within those things that we don't somehow inadvertently start to believe they can hear our prayers. The prayers of others and then move into heresy. So it's a delicate and I understand so like any bond, how I like everything right.

I like Kmart. I remember people now who, what about believing in house trying to help them understand that I made got down I would just just talk to God that prayer because if you talk to your whoever is best on your printed minutes is not is gentle as it is possible but we have to stick the Scriptures which is not told doesn't account okay okay I will.

God bless you too, this get on the phone really fast with Denise from Raleigh, North Carolina Denise Rainier about one minute. Are you doing doing all right so we got. I love you Joe.

I live in my way from where every day. I know I'm at liberty University and I have a question for you about Scripture that I read from tall cabinet. Verse 28 and Danny from Luke. I think it would look talking and then again and again in bad faith and for women not be impacted. I don't agree with that but her dad paid for in a church, but when Pete if you look at it sure felt great service women ought to be in place of spiritual authority in official context of the church can missionary come in and give a message about what happened and teach about teach this with the missionary feels that look like yeah can they teach in seminary, I have no problem with that either. It it does say your sons or daughters will prophesy to prophesy New Testament contacts at first, but is 14 is very important.

If I were pastoring a church prophesy, no problem.

Time tomorrow, I okay to write down the faster Kelly will call back tomorrow about that. What the Lord bless you by his grace that better tomorrow and will document

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