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September 28, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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September 28, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How is Mary, according to Catholics, able to hear our prayers---2- Have you heard of something called carnal Christian doctrine---3- I am struggling with sin. What should I do- Where-what church should I go to---4- Is it okay, as a Christian, to be interested in politics---5- Is it right, for us as Gentile Christians, to apply the passages of God giving a heart of flesh to us when He is talking to the Israelites---6- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 14-34-35-

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A previously recorded Netflix show Matt slick. Why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive, The More You Have Questions of Our Bible Doctrine Is a Matter Why Grimes Is Called to Respond to Your Questions and Use Look through 16 September Blue Broadcasters and If You Want to Give Me a Call. We Have Four Open Lines 877-207-2276 and Let's See Let's See, You Don't Want to. Good News Here Is and the there is a beach in Southern California by North County were people go to baptize us that actually very beach I was baptized a life in her baptizer together by Chuck Smith, the founder cover travel and they said to have a thousand baptisms normally have 300 there's an increase looks like the spirit of God is moving.

At least there.

That is awesome to hear and just praise God you know God does work during difficult times only to do is keep her eyes on him. I love is given. Good news is definitely good news you for coming to Christ and of seeking to baptizer. Praise God for his great mercy. I if you want anyone you may call we can talk about all kinds of stuff that we do here on the show is so we do apologetics try to apologetics after difficult questions about the Bible about doctrine about UFOs of Roman Catholicism, Mormonism is with us is Islam all kinds of stuff we just talk, but all kinds of things governmental structures ordained in Scripture Bible difficulties so stuff so that the newbies are going to make all three open lines 877-207-2276. All right, so why don't we turn it down or get on the phones with bulimia from Greensboro, North Carolina bleeding welcome. You are on the year. I don't like about it. Braden Mary ran out my crack at it. How can Mary yeah but people right to collect Ray like that ball. I don't know I don't go… What they do a live I live in great bottle a bit out telephone you talk to you, and I yell what I'm asking that that's nice like that. And yet people break. Well I guess this is Roman Catholic, so they just say that she could do it because God gave her the ability to hear prayers or God gave her the ability to have prayers transmitted to her and II ask, can you show me this in Scripture, and of course it doesn't exist in Scripture, they just say it sacred tradition and that the church is revealed because the church is the true church, and whatever it says is true, basically, is called the effect ability of the Roman Catholic Church can't error in doctrine. So, for faith, morals, behavior, things like that.

They say it's not in the Scriptures is not taught the scriptures we should not believe it because it is not in the word of God. They are wrong for teaching that flat out wrong yet yet they think that I don't think the right my best Catholics who I believe in the basically virtual deity of Mary. I know she's a functional goddess to them. Little do is so ask that you know. Can she hear if she hear millions and millions of prayers simultaneously spoken and thought in different languages all at the same time. All of the world and I've had Catholics. I guess they don't understand what they're saying they're tripping that which belongs to God to marry his God is the what is everywhere could hear all thoughts and prayers. So to hear our thoughts and prayers just to be everywhere, or what they'll say is that somehow the prayers go into the celestial realm, and she has a bill to hear them all at the same time and understand him, and I've had them say and she can answer this is a goddess. It's a goddess and legacy American duets and when I call it the idolatry and rephrasing at the level of of a goddess's number not yes you are. That's exactly what a goddess is what they can do if I were to make up some of you don't go to like Susa. Whatever in the Zeus could hear the person will take the spread of knowledge of the idolatry. Why because Zeus within every descendent with Mary.

It's not idolatry. They can't think their way through wet paper bag and the reason is because they're given over to the Prather hearts and minds to believe the lies of the Roman Catholic Church that just one big one day. I have about Mary, and that's that you did pick out on it last night on the why people like Evans believe that you love. Marriage is ridiculous.

Yeah….But I don't think my auntie who thought it right. This was told to pray to not told to pray to a creature told to have fun St. Mary St. Joseph St. Bartholomew pray for us. Jesus has come to me all who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Luke 1128 that's what Jesus said, that's where you do.

Christ is God in flesh. She's the omnipotence on the on the present being these the true living God, who knows all our prayers. Why would we go to a creature, why would he pray to Mary in this two bit just to say it this stupid reason to get what she wanted, his mother and she had more influence with them. What this got a book of document Chronicles I let that go down Bob a bit by my black you know we cannot be a data ball like they out the 2000 feet right cannot yet what I'm talking what a great day all, but what Mike Bailey you don't know and that thousand feet… Be right out on the Big Ten see it on the God right… But eight. They debate that it popping up that that that that they had up to think right think a lot of people wanted it nearly help you out like Matt you looking so much bulimic you call a buddy all right I got back. God bless you to. All right, so folks look I was not Catholic I was somebody priest did something bad, and therefore I'm so negative.

Now it has nothing to do with it like that but this is not the case. It's simply the case of I fight for righteousness. I fight for the truth of God's word. The Roman Catholic Church opposes the word of God uses the word of God and twisted to make it fit what he wants. It claims to be the authority any claim to tell you the Bible really means. It's the one that has the authority it's the one that has the authority to forgive you of sins. It's the authority to tell you the Bible really means is just ridiculous and it teaches it violates the Scriptures regarding salvation and warned against idolatry. It promotes it and so if you Sorry all the site again. I mean this lovingly is not with anger. The Roman Catholic Church is not a true church, but a true Christian church its apostate anyone who believes in official Roman Catholic theology will go to hell when they die. Remember I said official Roman Catholic theology if they believe in official that's not to say there are Christians in the Catholic Church you really believe and trust in Christ but in their ignorance they don't know what was going on I do.

I've been studying it for years and years and years I've written. I think over hundred 40 articles on Catholicism and a great deal of research on it. So if you really want to ascertain that maybe if we get slow I'll read you the process. What the Catholic Church says you can do to get saved. It's ludicrous, but nevertheless, let's get on the phones with crew know from Florida crew no welcome your on the air cool name to the drilling crew. No a map though I have a question for you.

You ever heard of carnal Christian doctrine will not carnal Christian doctrine, but carnal Christians yes what doctrine that I feel like only have been Wendell called family that promoted anything to Christian like one is in the Savior but not as more and I have allocated their but I'm wondering even considered increased will list the finer terms Congolese and in the flesh, and I with the same carnal Christians.

They mean that someone who is claiming to be a Christian but is walking in sin and is what we call antinomian doesn't have to worry about keeping commandments of God, like don't lie. Don't steal, they can do bad things of the Christian. That's carnal Christianity that violates first John 24 which says if you so you know who do not keep his commandments of truth is not in you and your lyre. We get to the issue of Lordship salvation.

There's a debate that's going on in the Christian church that deals with the issue of Lordship is Christ the Lord. And some people say that you have to receive Christ as low as Savior and Lord. You can't just receive a Savior. But yet you perceive him as Lord and so if you don't do both you and will Christian will solicit me to still receive him as Lord, as the Lord of your life as he's the king of your life. Well you have to verbally say that I don't know and when I became a Christian I he was the Lord he would ease the Lord Jesus these the Lord, it wasn't an issue I had received mask as of the Lord of my life. I did that and have to make a decision for that and I'm not making doctrine of my experience of the things that relate to understand and he was just the Lord why because he's Jesus I didn't have to make a conscious decision for this and so talk to others who say the same thing a lot along those lines, and if you have to say there's a danger Lordship salvation yet to keep Jesus as Lord in order to be saved yesterday Lord of every area of your life, your spiritual life. Your eating life. Your walking to the mailbox life your work life or family life is not Lord happy. Really, the Christian lid that gets into legalism and causes problems and so this is not an easy thing just to get to it easily easily do what needs to happen is he believes define what they mean by a carnal Christian and not just a little. They really got explained and it would have to explain is what anybody Lordship to receive Christ as Lord and they had to be very, very specific in what they mean. And then we can analyze those statements because different people have different definitions of what those me as some have similar definitions so my view is this carnal Christianity simply as another excuse for people who are doctrine for people who Cedar Christian but don't live it and first John 24 a condemns that we don't have received Jesus as Lord he is Lord we receive Christ's arsenal – God in flesh and he is the Lord of our life by the nature of who he is and he works in our lives through signification to make that more and more of a reality, we will have a consciously sake your Lord of my life in this area matter in this area to do that. It is by his nature.

Cocoa hit by you at what you think you all that likely thought they depends."

You're breaking a little breaking up breaking up so ready just fine, but I do miss her.

I hear every word that there's a break you what now break easy to get a better position. Whatever it is in the regular shot. All right, hold on what everybody we have three open lines 87720776.

After these matters. Like why call 77077 charismatic slave. So, quit." So you would have wanted the concrete anchors canal chronology is the spiritual state, born-again Christian, knowing and persistently live please herself, rather than Christ. Okay what that's see that brought enough to unknot. Well here's the thing.

There are degrees I'm not justifying this to hear me out. Different Christians live in different levels of elders use the term sanctification now here are there Christians right now who are listening on who love the Lord but are abiding in a sin or to states that are struggling with it and they fall into it every few days.

Every few weeks to say well coordinate definition they would be called disqualified as being Christian seepage or tested. The definition has to be far more precise, it has to be something allowing the practice right so you practically right practice in it would be qualified right will you see the thing is that carnal Christianity would be. Is it possible then to have a Christian who loves the Lord was really redeem, but is also seeking to walk in in sin and is not convicted. See that's the thing, because they're not convicted. I don't believe the regenerate if they are convicted in there and rebellion – what I will and got to deal with it, doesn't mean that that's in that sense that are not a Christian. People can be Christians and walk in sin and God will deal with the bill discipline and he does and so doesn't mean Jeremiah Wright. Well yes, but consider different kinds of fruit. This is not an easy thing and people are too quick to judge on this one and I'm not saying it's you know you had to walk with the Lord of my so you should repent of your sins. Of course you should, of course, I just know what it means in my personal life and the lives of others that I've talked to people who have struggled with Stan who got tired of sin given up for a week or two or three I got back you know and repented and are the thing. When a Christian for two or three weeks know it's just not that simple and not that easy. God allows people different levels of rebellion, even as Christians and said he will discipline them will discipline the pitcher who Christians you could take care of so this carnal Christianity mean you're not saved or does mean you can be saved as a real Christian and not walk with the Lord in those areas are supposed to.

It's certainly possible. As we all do that to some degree. I know for a faculty horse there things in my heart that I I'm still struggling with, even it's it at my age in my 60s but this meaning that a Christian but you see the thing is not cortical but not one thing that you basically is two types of Christian Wyandotte struggling to live in. You know what right and I wanted did not use the Lord and you know making it was a big thing in the first century right to have Jesus Lord is Courier because that was stated like treason by because you were saying you were saying that it is not. These are Lord anymore by Jesus Lord and then you live it out as he is in charge of the light display doesn't get to choose what you want to do does with the math.of course we struggle we messed up but that is the proof of Christianity right the way he's gone out the wording to prove it's not. It's not like we were part of eighth grade by our work with this. I will have it to a degree right messaging to talk about any prove our faith to one another, but not to God, prove it to another buyer actually forgot to note that God knows so canopy people who actually regenerate tour living in a messy litigant sin, you know, the fact get this.

I actually talked yesterday. The day before to two different young men who both were not married who were living with her girlfriends and who both wanted to find a better church to go to because they want to close to God and sit there with my forehead like you realize what you're doing you need to stop this. You need to get married you need to separate you to do whatever it is to get right before God you can't be doing all the stuff. In fact, one of them told me that that this the church you go to baptized him and he's been with her with his girlfriend for seven years and will you go you in on the knock and the guy missing this is that the what I am kind of knocking like I did. I talk to nobody to repair it up lovingly the same as the church. He said the church elders knew about his situation and they baptized. I said I would never baptize you.

I would not of done but this isn't just not an easy topic you know in it's not. Should you be Lord of our life absolutely should repent of our sins.

Yes, we should we struggle against our sin, yes. Can a person be sliding yes. Can he still be saved, even while they seek 123 sins and are struggling with stuffiness as possible, but the norm yes and I don't agree with it. I totally agree. Yet it occurs in the struggle any time he can even in all the document. Paul talks about struggling in Romans you know they no longer oddly do if I have been more than those that he struggles and that the Christian life. You know, we struggle, we we, and him but we become more more like right, but the way these wording ain't gonna like you persistently live lives to please answer select L rather than cry. That's then that would mean that it is that will be in evidence are not set yeah okay and that's what I'm thinking that I would think not. RC Sproul that talk by own his doctor.

Now she talks about it and he said straight up Herrick and I would agree. He found wandering morals that is in Dr. Evan but not faint. If you speaking that easy easy licensing of Lori peters is a heretical stop. Here's the thing I've learned about stuff like this. You always has to ask more questions and find out what angles are coming from what they mean.

You always have to do that always. And that on an elder teaching and he just seems like he promoting this to type the Christian what that is only one and you know we struggle and will different levels right now everybody you know on this level but we all struggle and will become more more like right when the bacchanal I week if you can years and now Malaga and all kind of great stuff not getting better war. That's because the Holy Spirit and the word of God is working in me can change and change my mind and changing the way I live all the way he's promoting a likeness to cut the Christian want. It doesn't take much, Lord, please don't want to go to heaven to live his life. No, like you said we put a girlfriend all day ask you a problem with that.

Just like you do. If that's what I thought I would ask him and outputted yeah and and John is wondering if that you know and any will you be even considered a Christian doll like belief, teaching be okay will so I can't tell you because I don't know the circumstances, I don't know all the stuff I can't tell you. And so to say there is a grudgingly second-grade habitat hike is trust me a hug.

I got about 10 more me to catch up on what I gotta do. So I got that detriment, but okay. Maybe you can check into a little bit will yeah maybe don't forget to check out. You know, because the graveyard to calculate a break in all the time K will arrive in a five break right there. Be right back after these messages that I call 77077 charismatic/good welcome all. You group your life. One of those people who killed them all the time. Want to bring one of the doctrinal points of acute state where your position was okay. I am doing with Ezekiel chapter 11 and chapter 36, particularly the cottages that describe what the Lord looks like. I think he's going to have to call back somebody in your listed call back okay and though it's back in line. Sorry about that. Hey, I didn't know that was me. It was him on his his and Daniel from South Charlotte, North Carolina Daniel, welcome you on the year know that the Lord… That I don't want to go with it because I have gone through some personal problems through the radio and found you talk and it can.

It I would say it's funny but it's not fun. It's actually God talking because they think that the previous caller said and what you would do about previous calls before and it you know with talking to me is that basically what I'm going through with four you know I want to get closer to God. But I still find myself you know live in in Fannin, you know, I have a girlfriend I we did data and you know were not married and I then wanted to get married and don't want to problem with them, just them. Question. I do, I just wanted to know were the best place to I want to go to church but I just feel like church to talk to me like I like to lead. I like reading the Bible you know it and I I get a lot from the Bible is I want to keep going. You know in like you said earlier it's like you like a lot of us, you ask some questions you so do you believe that Jesus Christ is God in flesh across from absolutely, you know you are a sinner and me to point fingers at you but your center and the way to Henderson forgiveness by trusting in Jesus and him alone to acknowledge that I absolutely do are now to tell you something buddy man-to-man because you know we men like to have things just the truth through me just tell you if you say you know Christ you want to follow him in your living in disobedience.

There's going to be a difficult to manifest in your life difficulty is hardness of heart, the distance of God and the Bible assessments turned of this Psalm number 68, where's Amanda just had a trip method. Anyway, if you regard iniquity in your heart. The Lord will not hear.

So what God is saying is that you need to get your life right with God first and then other things need to get in place not telling you anything and wouldn't say your face and you know now what it means.

Look glares and pointing fingers right is the third person in four days. I've talked to her in three days, who want to serve God closer to God and living with a girlfriend three days in a row right and I say the same thing. What you have to do is make that right. You prove your repentance to God. Repentance and in the real world here so you know you need to not live with her.

You get out you find a place to stay. A friend the couch to live on. If you do that's what's what's right. If you want to get married will then if she has to be a Christian if she is, she should be living with you anyway I could get with you all over the place, but think is necessary. The thing is, then get married, then you just go get married, you make it right before God and you commit yourself to her and you demonstrate that you're guarding her by not taking from her which that which belongs inside marriage and you protector you got in. You know what I would do that.

I know your situation is with her but if marriage is an opportunity if you need to go to local church.

We can talk about that but you know what I would recommend this in your knees you talk to God first and just confess what you are no sooner, and confess the details in your struggles and your failures, your doubts he knows already is not cannot make the roof fallen on ask for the strength to do what is right and spend that time and in prayer with the Lord. Having spent some time talking to stay on your knees for a while. When you rise up.

You'll notice that there's a glow in your heart. From his presence and he will call you to repentance, to make things right. You can't live with your girlfriend and send either separate and still they hurt you work towards marriage you get married like tonight you take care of it.

You do what's right, and God will honor you if you do what is right is not cannot honor you if you say one thing and do another say no him and then you live in a fleshly way. Please understand I'm not mad at you. And if I was there with in the room with you meant brother. You see, that's not point fingers and accusing you know IIII fill it.

You know I like that put on thing like you know we always say God works in mysterious way. It did not mean it is.

It just, you know, absolutely the truth and it is now and the end.

That's why when I got to the station and I just heard I just heard you talk and it was just something that it stopped on you know to be doing when you when when I talk to myself, you know it's it it it kind a like you know like they think like you have the angel on one side and the devil on the Internet and you know it it's like I do. I know I know what I'm supposed to do and I know what it an idea and that's what I'm saying and and that's why when I die just when I got to the radio. I cited I just stopped and I like the God talking to me. I have, I can't. I can't do the just keep on flipping. They look for thought that out though. That's why I stopped by. I pray for the guidance and you know I don't go out though and I that's one thing I've always known and I always thank God for that would let me know I'd left that it bit by the mark with all my heart that he is letting you he's letting you have the consequences of your sin and the turmoil you experience is from.

It's a kind of a judgment it's a kind of discipline in its two week you will miss what he's doing and you listen to some wacko behind the radio. My last.

It was slick ever heard it before but come on guy in real name. Slick.

It's if it's a thing from God.

You get to do which right before God, you make it right with your girlfriend.

You make it right. You do what's necessary you trust God you love him first floor to go with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is the first commandment and love your neighbor as yourself is your second God first people second, you do a trap for God will honor you, but it may make it difficult because sometimes with the unraveled cage of sin. We've entangled ourselves in and sometimes getting out can be tiptop but it's good you will look back on it and be so thankful for God's loving discipline upon your part conviction. It's a movement of grace and kindness of him upon you need to do or my radio. I thank God for you and know I made it as well.

Throughout the reaper break is when you get this out. I want you to do what I'm saying okay to switch right now you a call back in a few days thank you very much for the right hey folks right back after the mass, like why call 77077 charismatic slave back in the shorter one with good to Carla from Los Angeles Carla welcome that never ever had an interest in politics and think that I hate politics lately add during the pandemic that have been delight myself in the Lord. A lot of my desire to have whole whole lot and I stumbled across conservative Christian and I began to lie On the lake at different I never knew my brilliant Democrat Iraq Republican. What I never ever care about politics but have really taken a liking to politics and I'm actually really interesting at any affect lately and I would like a rifle fire I think it's something I'm doing because it it's a rifle desire as you said to want to do something like that for the glory of God so that you can be a more biblical conservative representation of the truth of God's word in the political situation absolutely yes that's the one you it's a dirty business and I sat in the car with a guy who ran for think of Sen. Congress in Missouri and we got talk about what happened there some underhanded stuff that goes on. They accuse Dr. doing now on TV.

She was you falsely, they will say things about you that they can your past. If you get in the politics it can be bitterly nasty it. It's the same thing. What I do in the cults having to dig up stuff they make up stuff they do whatever they can you set hard heart heart. Six. Go and a desire to serve God and you maybe to make it but yeah I think that line for anything Matt Moore felt like that I advocate one desire that came from God my daddy life any time on it, but I did find myself watching the debate.

Now I see I like that never really looking at that never really cared. Yeah, you and rifle desire connected to anything anything I could be it. As I got there. Make sure you get the me to be more knowledgeable, absolutely. That way you can amend this I recommend since his laptop get something and start taking notes due to an outline form. Biden says this trumps is that Democrat look at the Democratic history to fight at the Democratic histories is when a supported slavery, anti-segregation Democrats*is really bad in both. I'm do this find more documentation on stuff like that so that if it's if I'm interested my habitus. I develop notes in and during the interest research. So I can use it later on because it's what I do for living stuff. But you could try something like that and you never now you can always tell you the last is not interested in rational discussion there interested in nothing more than pushing an agenda when you have facts.

They ignore the facts you have reasons they ignore the reasons they don't care. So for the most part that's what it is to keep plugging along a great deal and will become perhaps a greater passion in your life you never know to look warily to okay I'll go and when to say that no screening screen.

The collar of many family to question after I went out for particular desire I have anything left to desire that I know NFA keys and he's a great guy and I consulted times and he (along with it and the great guy loves the Lord had done so I joy when we talk and passable so he's a guy I have to wait because of the company off anytime cited conceptual please good okay I got there okay will see you Douglas all right will you get back to Derek from California Derek you back all right actually hung up when you talk about you. You're like Dr. raised. I keep getting on the wrong thing when all converted three years will God changes the heart of stone and replacing it with a heart of flesh. When I researched and saw the quote from couple spots in Ezekiel 1 spun Jeremiah. I don't think anyone else but what I'm talking about specifically Ezekiel 36 811 and in the context of Hebrew Israel.

It really seems like that's something that's correct, it's typically for Israel.

Maybe even Israel and go and so their opinion is in regards to his right. It sound for all us. You covenant Gentile Christian to be using that sort of terminology to describe our work very Derek I'm very impressed.

Not many people will do what you just did.

I'm dead serious. You looked at that and looked and noticed the distressed to Israel and most people were told there was also a whatever the verses seed applies to us.

No, not necessarily in so this very good. You might also want to do this and I'm good to continue to do my study have been so busy with other things, the new covenant spoken of in the New Testament. My first serious look into what it means. Looks like it's also only for the Jews and not for the Christians, so God is not done with the Jewish nation. Now some will say well it of course I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit within you won't yeah that happens to us as well.

As Christians, Gentiles, and I will remove the heart of stone of your flesh and give you heart a flow of of flesh of my spirit within you, cause you to walk in my statutes and you'll be careful to observe my ordinances I you will live in the land that I give to your forefathers, it's clearly God talking to the Israelites so if these in the the BHI Black Hebrews, like 20 use this first read the whole context and site your here in America.

Is this the land that is talking about the gift of the forefathers is over and Israel.

So please tell me how this applies to us now to do always read condo are you are you a proponent of the position that you know Christians were following Jesus Christ are not actually in the new covenant that I don't know. I don't know.

And the reason I'm saying I'm just being honest is that when I did a search last month for new covenant new covenant in my blood. Now that's talking with the believer's that's in Luke 2220 but I've had people tell me about the new covenant in Hebrews and I should've been more specific if it looks like the covenant aspect in Hebrews is not meant for the Gentiles in the context it is talking about. Not maybe wrong, so just telling you that's what I was looking at the book of Hebrews are some of the more specific start and so that is what is this new covenant of speaking about an Israel is it's the same as a new covenant that Jesus says, the blood of the new covenant because what is that new covenant and one of the covenant is a packing agreement between two more parties, so I need to know the stipulation and requirements of the covenant are and have been the study I you haven't got it right now just one last thing you think that there's any soundness to the argument that the old couple. It was the law and new covenant is justification by grace through faith alone will deal see that with defined by law. Because law is 613 commandments and have two for the just shall live by faith in Romans four, five, is quoted in Genesis 15, you know Abraham was believe God, it was clear to him as righteousness. Fourth reaction, and so we had the idea of justification by faith there because Abraham was justified before the law came so this becomes a more difficult issue. We do know that then. Hebrews 813 Hebrews 95 5260 that with the death of Christ, the new covenant is now in effect. The old covenant is done away with the old things are done away and so this is why I will get into a big study on this because it's I going to do it GC he's a mediator of a new covenant, and in verse 15 of Hebrews 9 is as so that since a death has taken place for the redemption of the transgressions that were committed under the first covenant. Those who have been called and received the promise of eternal inheritance for where a covenant is there is a necessity be the death of the one who made it for covenant is valid only when men are dead well so this is why I'm I'm not making any decisions yet because of his reading that I do something to get a study first and I just don't know when this is dishonest of this painting. I'm not sure what that means right now. I thought I did known as are looking at it not so sure anymore. So I set to normal.

I don't know what you listen what it is skews me that's what it is when it comes to biblical theology is that you read something in it because you go down the rabbit trail and sometimes it opens up into a whole new horizon of information and truth in God's word and cemented us up so it's one of those things I really want to study what I'm so busy with stuff right now.

Just haven't done it. Okay buddy thank you so much about the God bless you too all right. Let's get to Dan from Georgia again welcome you on the air. Hello Matt, great. I show no driving for our door to North Carolina and I was looking to get an idea on audio in one Corinthians, 34, 35 really stuck out for cutlery line doesn't quite fit where it is. Do it and I did know that research looks like it does nothing.

It is represented in other areas.

I think another version that I read, but also curious if it ended little, then what are your thoughts on that. Firstly, how you versus number two overview tactile cats will be just as people who don't know for My first Corinthians 1313 3514 35 right when the desire to learn anything that one now.

I think that one for 1434 and 35, 34 limiter to keep silent in the churches that are not permitted to speak, but are subject to themselves. This is the law also says if you desire to learn anything with the master and husbands at home for is improper for woman to speak in church.

This is a difficult area of Scripture of the study that first out what it seems to be honesty quickly go from time it seems to be from the historical context of the women would be in a church assembly that was allowed when they were allowed to come in the church that they would sit in the back and the men would sit in the front, the one who gave the word reading from the scrolls ready for the Scriptures would sit in every else would stand because the women were in the back lot of the can hear they would speak up and it was inappropriate for the do that because they were not submitting themselves to their husband wife relationship in that in trying to learn and circumvent the husband's role as a leader in the home.

By doing this, in that context so that it now it that context doesn't apply, but that's what is it seems to be because in the context of marriage, the husband was ahead of the wife in a very strict and very strong way and so for example the woman let her hair down in public should be divorced for that because it was something only the husband was to see that these different cultural norm. So in church. There'd be quiet and speak to the hazards of the spiritual things later because he was given authority to speak out like that was to circumvent that which was a disrespectful thing culture that sees view of the cases surrender speak so fast for the time call back again okay okay thank you God bless Thomas from Florida all called back about Sonny Fernandez talk with the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on there tomorrow

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